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Asher similer names & personality Ash Shahid, Ash Shakur, Ashè, Ashé, Ash’Ton, AShaad, Ashaan, Ashaaz,

What is the meaning of Asher

Origin: Jewish
Meaning: Wise; Knowledgable
Gender: Boy
Meaning By Origin سویرا ہونا۔ اجالاہونا
Pronunciation: Ash-er, As-her
How to be Write: اسحر
Lucky Number: Asher Lucky Number Is 6

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  • Asher meaning is: Wise; Knowledgable

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  • Elisha meaning is: Abbreviation Of Elisabeth


question-name What is the Name Meaning of Asher?

answer-name Asher name meaning is "Wise; Knowledgable".

question-name Is Asher a female name or male?

answer-name Asher name calling for "Boy".

question-name What is the origin of name Asher?

answer-name Asher origin is "Jewish ".

question-nameHow to pronounce name Asher?

answer-nameThe pronunciation for name Asher is "Ash-er, As-her".

question-name What is the Name Meaning of Asher in Urdu

answer-name Asher name meaning in urdu is "سویرا ہونا۔ اجالاہونا".