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Baby Boy names starting with A, baby Boy names starting with A of 2021, Modern baby Boy names starting with A of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With A

1. Atlas

Meaning: Aik Qisam Ka Reshmi Kapra

2. Ahmed

Meaning: Much Praised; Bohot Tareef Wala;

3. Abram

Meaning: Need; Stong Grip

4. Adelynn

Meaning: Noble Kind

5. Ares

Meaning: Ares Means Fighter Ares Was The God Of War In Greek Mythology

6. Angelo

Meaning: Angelo Is A Alternative Of The Name Angel And Is Especially Popular In Italian; Greek And English The Name Itself Means Angel Or A Messenger Of God

7. Arthur

Meaning: Rock

8. Amaris

Meaning: Child Of The Moon

9. Austin

Meaning: Exalted

10. Aryan

Meaning: Noble; Civilized

11. Ali

Meaning: The High Exalted One; The Sublime

12. Ahmad

Meaning: Much Praised; Bohot Tareef Wala

13. Abdullah

Meaning: Servant Of God; Allah Ka Banda

14. Atreus

Meaning: " Fearless"

15. Alistair

Meaning: Copied From Scottish Origins Meaningdefender Of Men Anglicised From The Gaelic Alasdair; A Scottish Form Of Alexander

16. Allan

Meaning: Allan Means Stable And Solid

17. Ahmir

Meaning: Variant Of Aamir; Looks At The World From A Birds Eye View; Taking In The Whole Picture

18. Armando

Meaning: Variant Of Armand; The Name Means Fighter; Soldier

19. Anderson

Meaning: Anderson Was Formerly Used As A Surname It Means Son Of Andrew

20. Andre

Meaning: Copied From Greek Language; Meaning Manly And Brave A Pet Name For Andrew

21. Albert

Meaning: Aristocratic And Bright

22. Amir

Meaning: Imperial; Abundant; Inhabited Prosperous; Full Of Life; Substantial Commander; Ruler; Chief

23. Ameer

Meaning: Commander; Prince; Khalifah

24. Adan

Meaning: Earth; FireMan Of The Red Earth

25. Azael

Meaning: Made From God

26. Aron

Meaning: Copied From Hebrew Origin Meaning Enlightened; Mountain Of Strength A Alternative Of Aaron

27. Ander

Meaning: Ander Means Fighter; Going To Do Battle

28. Amos

Meaning: MeansBearer Of A BurdenAmos Was A Prophet In The Hebrew Bible

29. Aurelio

Meaning: Aurelio Means Golden In Color

30. Axl

Meaning: Variant Of Axel; Tries To Keep The Peace; A Mediator

31. Arturo

Meaning: Variant Of Arthur; The Name Means Stone

32. Arlo

Meaning: From Spanish Origin Meaning Bayberry; A Type Of Tree

33. Archer

Meaning: Archer Means Man With A Bow

34. Alejandro

Meaning: A Spanish Version Of The Name Alexander ; Meaning Defender Of Men

35. Adonis

Meaning: Handsome; A Lord Greek Mythology; A Youth Beloved Of Aphrodite

36. Azriel

Meaning: God Helps

37. Azariah

Meaning: He That Hears The Lord

38. Azaria

Meaning: God Helps

39. Aria

Meaning: Lioness; City In The Basque Country

40. Andres

Meaning: Virile; Manly

41. Anders

Meaning: Virile; Manly

42. Adam

Meaning: Dunya Kay Pehlay Insan; Pehlay Nabi Hazrat Adam AS

43. Ayan

Meaning: Long Night; Improvisation; Impulse; Instinct; Intuition

44. Avyaan

Meaning: Names Of Lord Ganesha

45. Alfonso

Meaning: Prepared And Waiting; Of Nobility And Royalty

46. Alden

Meaning: An Anglicized Version Of The Irish Name Aodh

47. Alvaro

Meaning: Sets Out To Defend The Weak; A Protector Of The People

48. Alonso

Meaning: Warrior; Battle-ready; Of Noble Heart And Mind

49. Alessandro

Meaning: A Alternative On The Name Alexander; Meaning Defender Of Men; In Spanish Speaking Countries This Name Is Often Shortened To Sandro

50. Alijah

Meaning: Variant Of Elijah; The Name Means My Lord Is My God

51. Allen

Meaning: Variant Of Alan; The Name Means Strong Like A Rock

52. Antonio

Meaning: Copied From Latin; Meaning Priceless

53. Axel

Meaning: Copied From The Name Absalom; Meaning God The Father Is Peace In Hebrew; And Defender Of Men In Greek

54. Ayden

Meaning: Used Largely In English Meaning Little Fire

55. Andrew

Meaning: This Name Means Manly And Brave

56. Anthony

Meaning: This Name Means Highly Praiseworthy Or Priceless

57. Abel

Meaning: Healthy; Vanity; Breath; Breathing; Child

58. Arthur

Meaning: Rock

59. Amaris

Meaning: Child Of The Moon

60. Abel

Meaning: Healthy; Vanity; Breath; Breathing; Child

61. Asaiah

Meaning: God Has Made

62. Amiri

Meaning: Leader

63. Ainsley

Meaning: Hermitage

64. Agustin

Meaning: Majestic Dignity; Grandeur

65. Adriel

Meaning: GoD's Flock; From GoD's Congregation.

66. Adley

Meaning: Judicious

67. Adler

Meaning: An Eagle

68. Addison

Meaning: Son Of Adam

69. Azrael

Meaning: GoD's Help.

70. Aziel

Meaning: God Is My Power

71. Asher

Meaning: Wise; Knowledgable

72. Ainsley

Meaning: Hermitage

73. Alan

Meaning: Handsome

74. Ayaan

Meaning: Someone Who Is Religiously Inclined; God Gift (Celebrity Name: Emraan Hashmi)

75. Avi

Meaning: The Sun And Air

76. Atharv

Meaning: Lord Ganesh

77. Arthur

Meaning: Arthur Was A Great King Lives In 6th Century

78. Arjun

Meaning: Fair; Open Minded; Pure; Brilliant; A Pandava Prince; Brilliant; Bright

79. Alvin

Meaning: Old English Name

80. Aiden

Meaning: Powerful

81. Aarav

Meaning: Peaceful (Celebrity Parents Name: Akshay Kumar & Twinkle Khanna)

82. Axton

Meaning: From A Stone Town

83. Augustus

Meaning: Exalted

84. Augustine

Meaning: Exalted

85. Atticus

Meaning: Coming From Attica

86. Apollo

Meaning: Virile; Manly

87. Anakin

Meaning: Soldier

88. Amias

Meaning: Beloved

89. Ambrose

Meaning: To Be Immortal

90. Alonzo

Meaning: Noble And Prepared

91. Alfredo

Meaning: Advice From Elves

92. Alfred

Meaning: Advice From Elves

93. Alexander

Meaning: Defender Of Man

94. Alec

Meaning: Defending Men

95. Aldo

Meaning: Very Old

96. Alberto

Meaning: Aristocratic And Bright

97. Alaric

Meaning: Emperor Of All

98. Adrian

Meaning: Person From Hadria (Northern Italy)

99. Ace

Meaning: The Best One

100. Abraham

Meaning: Father Of Many Nations

101. Abel

Meaning: Son; Breath

102. Abdiel

Meaning: Servant Of God

103. Aaron

Meaning: Mountain; Pahar

104. Arya

Meaning: Noble

105. Ada

Meaning: Grace; Expression

106. Al Aziz

Meaning: The Victorious

107. Anker

Meaning: Harvest Worker; Eagle

108. Azmir

Meaning: Resembling A Lion

109. Adriyel

Meaning: Of GoD's Flock.

110. Alrick

Meaning: " All Powerful Ruler"

111. Ateet

Meaning: Past

112. Aito

Meaning: Affection

113. Aberama

Meaning: He Who Has Many Children

114. Anvesh

Meaning: Investigation

115. Akkar

Meaning: Killer

116. Akono

Meaning: My Turn

117. Amman

Meaning: Most Loveable

118. Arulmoli

Meaning: Gospel

119. Affy

Meaning: Trustworthy; Brave Soul

120. Abu Talib

Meaning: Father Of Seeker

121. Andreu

Meaning: Masculine; Warrior

122. Abul Yusr

Meaning: A Great Sahabi Who Participa

123. Çinar

Meaning: One Warrior Or Battle Leader

124. Astik

Meaning: Who Has Faith In God

125. Ailef

Meaning: Honesty; Sacrificer; Admirer

126. Élan

Meaning: Orchid

127. Afram

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is African

128. Abdul Noor

Meaning: Slave Of The One Who Is Light

129. Aawut

Meaning: Weapon

130. Amadieu

Meaning: Loved By God

131. Atsa

Meaning: Peaceful Loving Mind; Eagle

132. Ayyoob

Meaning: A Biblical Prophet's Name. Job Is The English Language Equivalent.

133. Azarbod

Meaning: Fire; Aag

134. Anaximenes

Meaning: Name Of A Greek Philosopher

135. Abhish

Meaning: Sky; A Ray Of Light

136. Aponivi

Meaning: Where The Wind Blows Down The Gap

137. Adigun

Meaning: Righteous

138. Anacleto

Meaning: From Anacletus

139. Aanik

Meaning: Atom

140. AbouAli

Meaning: Name Of A Famous Iranian Scientist

141. Afshar

Meaning: Friend; Companion

142. Adolf

Meaning: OlD German 'ADalwolf' Meaning Noble Wolf. UseD By 17th AnD 18th Century German Royal Families, AnD IntroDuceD Into Britain By The Hanoverians.

143. Ake

Meaning: Forebear

144. Abdul Basir

Meaning: Servant Of The All Seeing

145. Apurn

Meaning: Incomplete

146. Anakausuen

Meaning: Worker

147. Arraf

Meaning: Heights

148. Adeagbo

Meaning: Brings Royal Honor

149. Aaiss

Meaning: Tiger; Lion

150. Abhaiveer

Meaning: Fearless And Courageous

151. Asfahan

Meaning: Beautiful

152. A’Mani

Meaning: Peace

153. Alizé

Meaning: Graceful; Noble; Sweet

154. Atley

Meaning: The Meadow

155. Ahron

Meaning: " High Mountain; Exalted; Enlightened"

156. Aizik

Meaning: He Who Laughs

157. Arnie

Meaning: Can Be A Pet Form Of The Name Arnold; Meaning Eagle Ruler; Or A Pet Form Of The Biblical Name Aaron; Meaning Enlightened Or Exhalted

158. Abdulahad

Meaning: Servant Of The One

159. AbdulQadeer

Meaning: Slave Of The Powerful (mighty)

160. Abdur Razaq

Meaning: Slave Of Allah; Slave Of Razaq; Slave Of Provider; Razaq Ka Banda;

161. Ardin

Meaning: Pure Man; Virtuous Man

162. Achaziah

Meaning: God Has Taken

163. Abydos

Meaning: From Abydos

164. Al Faiz

Meaning: Name Of A Fatimid Caliph

165. Arsel

Meaning: To Send; To Ship; Dispatch

166. Aseel

Meaning: Evening Time; Nighttime

167. Amardad

Meaning: Immorality

168. Abdul Raqib

Meaning: Slave Of The Vigilant

169. Arbaj

Meaning: Touching Sky Like Eagle

170. Ancenned

Meaning: Confesses

171. Aalem

Meaning: Learned; Learned Man; Scholar; Scientist

172. Abdul Manan

Meaning: Servant Of The Benefactor (God)

173. Abai

Meaning: Of The Nile River

174. Alhwald

Meaning: Analytical Mind; Peace; Attractive Speecher

175. Arul Kannan

Meaning: Gods Grace; Gods Blessing

176. Akaldharam

Meaning: Religion Of Eternal Truth

177. Abhairaaj

Meaning: Fearless Kingdom

178. Ast

Meaning: One Who Belongs

179. Arram

Meaning: High

180. Ari El

Meaning: Lion Of God

181. Arcadio

Meaning: One Born In Arcadia

182. Aishik

Meaning: Heavenly; Royal; Divine

183. Abdur Rauf

Meaning: Servant Of The Most Kind (Allah)

184. Alé

Meaning: Harmony

185. Aiko

Meaning: Little Loved One

186. Aaraf

Meaning: Teacher; Friendly; Confidence

187. Argider

Meaning: " Beautiful Light"

188. Aaru

Meaning: " Peaceful"

189. Ajil

Meaning: Jald Baaz; Tezi Karnay Wala

190. Albaric

Meaning: Blond Ruler

191. Agostino

Meaning: Deserving Of Respect

192. Achelous

Meaning: A River God

193. Acennan

Meaning: Brings

194. Abu Huzaifah

Meaning: A Famous Sahabi Of Rasoolullah (SAW)

195. Abu Moosa

Meaning: A Well-known Sahabi

196. Abul Mahasin

Meaning: Father Of Virtues; Merits

197. Ashaj

Meaning: Abu Ad-dunya Al-Maghrabi; Had This Name; He Was A Narrator Of Hadith

198. Ayaz

Meaning: Cool Breeze; Night Breeze

199. Arsham

Meaning: Very Powerful

200. Asnud

Meaning: Khalis; Pure

201. Arvand

Meaning: Majesty; Grandeur; A Character In Shahnameh

202. Arthit

Meaning: Man Of The Sun

203. Anq

Meaning: Be Happy

204. Aafeen

Meaning: Those Who Forgive; To Forgive Mistake

205. Ahmar

Meaning: Red-colored; Laal

206. Abdul Waali

Meaning: Slave Of The Governor

207. Andert Josef

Meaning: God Raises

208. Ajithan

Meaning: Victorious

209. Afin

Meaning: One Who Forgive Others

210. Asztrik

Meaning: Made From Ashenwood

211. Aneep

Meaning: Mediator

212. Ansku

Meaning: Spear Of The Gods

213. Arthur Arturo

Meaning: The Bear

214. Atemu

Meaning: Mythical Great God Of Annu

215. Ap Owen

Meaning: Son Of Owen

216. Adalardo

Meaning: Noble

217. Adhrish

Meaning: Lord Of Mountains; Not Visible

218. Abhinov

Meaning: An Act

219. Aans

Meaning: Part

220. Andettan

Meaning: Enemy

221. Asfakur

Meaning: Kind Hearten; Compassion

222. Abser

Meaning: Sight; Sight; Eye; Knowledge

223. Ashtak

Meaning: Prophet

224. Allahbakhsh

Meaning: Gift Of Allah

225. Avedh

Meaning: Which Can Not Break

226. Akhandanand

Meaning: Fully Happy; God

227. Ambarpreet

Meaning: Love For Sky

228. Akalapathi

Meaning: Lord Shiva

229. Arabhata

Meaning: Enterprising; Courageous

230. Atilano

Meaning: Father-like

231. A’Shon

Meaning: Seventh Born Son

232. Artiom

Meaning: Follower

233. Anna Leigh

Meaning: Gracious; Merciful

234. Aneas

Meaning: To Praise; Praiseworthy

235. Ando

Meaning: A Small Diamond

236. Amian

Meaning: Tamer

237. Alý

Meaning: Harmony

238. Akee

Meaning: Established; Wise

239. Aishan

Meaning: Belonging To Lord Shiva

240. Aheer

Meaning: A Raag

241. A’Drian

Meaning: From Hadria

242. Aaranyak

Meaning: Belongs To Forest

243. Aalyiah

Meaning: Ascent; Ornament; Noble

244. Atlee

Meaning: God Is Just Or The Meadow

245. Aizal

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

246. Atilla

Meaning: Beloved Father

247. Ant

Meaning: Ending

248. Agidius

Meaning: " Young Goat"

249. Aerricko

Meaning: " Eternal Ruler"

250. Abush

Meaning: Father Of Multitudes 

251. Archey

Meaning: " Truly Brave"

252. Azaia

Meaning: " Helped By God"

253. Anže

Meaning: " God Is Gracious"

254. Ayllmer

Meaning: Nobly Famous

255. Assaracus

Meaning: Origin Is Old Greek

256. Andar

Meaning: Priceless; Inestimable

257. Allain

Meaning: Little Rock; Harmony

258. Akeano

Meaning: From The Shining Field

259. Agerico

Meaning: Powerful Sword

260. Affeef

Meaning: Chaste

261. Abd Al Karim

Meaning: Servant Of The Generous

262. Andrzej

Meaning: Of Greek Origin And Derived From The Popular Name Andrew Meaning Manly

263. Aedan

Meaning: A Spelling Alternative Of The Name Aidan; Meaning Little Fire

264. Akino

Meaning: Helpful And A Nice Person

265. Alvand

Meaning: Powerful; Strong; Agile

266. AbdulMuhaymin

Meaning: Slave Of The Protector; Hifazat Karnay Valay Ka Banda

267. Aikin

Meaning: Oaken

268. Aibne

Meaning: River

269. Agiefan

Meaning: Gives

270. Abd Al Ala

Meaning: Slave Of The High

271. Abd Khayr

Meaning: Khayr Is All Kinds Of Goodness And Happiness This Was The Name Of Ibn-Yazid Al-Khaywani Who Fought With Sayyidina Ali RA

272. Abdul Khafiz

Meaning: Servant Of The Descender

273. Abu Yousuf

Meaning: Name Of A Great Jurist

274. Avasta

Meaning: Satoon

275. Asal

Meaning: Honey

276. Avanish

Meaning: God Of The Earth

277. Ashvind

Meaning: Lord Of Glory

278. Abhinit

Meaning: Perfect; Acted

279. Amit

Meaning: Endless

280. Akoni

Meaning: Worthy Of Admiration Or Praise

281. Akara

Meaning: Alphabet

282. Alhafeez

Meaning: Defender; To Protect

283. Aduz Zahir

Meaning: Slave Of The Manifest

284. Abdul Muzanni

Meaning: He Was A Narrator Of Hadith

285. Abdul Muhyee

Meaning: Slave Of The One Who Gives Life And Sustains It

286. Abdul Haq

Meaning: Servant Of The Truth (God)

287. Abdul Afuw

Meaning: Slave Of The One Who Pardons

288. Amyneddgar

Meaning: Patient

289. Asvald

Meaning: Son Of Ulf

290. Arvakl

Meaning: A Mythical Horse

291. Aveeth

Meaning: Star In A Full Moon Night

292. Ashtu

Meaning: Calm; Peacefully Finished

293. Aaiush

Meaning: Long Life

294. Aviner

Meaning: Father Of Light

295. Atsidi

Meaning: Hammer

296. Ammitai

Meaning: Truth

297. Abishal

Meaning: Gift Of God

298. Autolycus

Meaning: Son Of Hermes

299. Aste

Meaning: Revered; Sacred

300. Aristid

Meaning: Son Of A Great Man

301. Amphion

Meaning: Son Of Zeus In Ancient Greek Mythology

302. Allissandre

Meaning: Defender; Protector Of Mankind

303. Alistir

Meaning: Variant Of Alexander: Defender; Protector Of Mankind Famous Bearer: Alexander The Great

304. Amalric

Meaning: Universal Power

305. Albanus

Meaning: Man From City Alba

306. August Augustin

Meaning: Great

307. Anchaly

Meaning: Hand

308. Abi Albon

Meaning: Most Intelligent Father

309. Ananyaratan

Meaning: Only One Ornament

310. Ampit

Meaning: Loyal; Giving

311. Amitkumar

Meaning: Unlimited; Unstoppable

312. Alomgir

Meaning: Conqueror Of The World

313. Alock

Meaning: Uncomparable; Brightness

314. Adreeto

Meaning: Adorable

315. Abneesh

Meaning: Master God Of The Earth

316. Abinas

Meaning: Indestructible

317. Aamit

Meaning: Without Limit; Unlimited

318. Aushmik

Meaning: Made Of Stone

319. Atyhtan

Meaning: From The Old Meadow

320. Attor

Meaning: Entice

321. Alwalda

Meaning: Defender

322. Abdul Malek

Meaning: Servant Of The Sovereign King (God)

323. Abidugun

Meaning: Born Before The War

324. Akinlawon

Meaning: Bravery Sustains Them

325. Abi Rafdi

Meaning: Help

326. Abi Sarwan

Meaning: Generous

327. Astovidatu

Meaning: Body Dissolution

328. Agravaine

Meaning: Unique; Visionary; Different

329. Aelbert

Meaning: Humanitarian; Healer; Intelligence

330. Agyans

Meaning: Bright Frame

331. Alca

Meaning: Beautiful

332. Ala Ud Din

Meaning: Glory Of Religion (Islam)

333. Al Zahar

Meaning: Music; Friendly; Dynamic

334. Asmit Patel

Meaning: Master; Educated; Cheerful

335. Akheil

Meaning: Pioneer; Sacrificer; Respectability

336. Atibala

Meaning: Excessive Power; Very Strong

337. Asvajit

Meaning: Leader; Visionary; Powerful

338. Acharpreet

Meaning: Inanimate Love

339. Achalapati

Meaning: Lord Of The Immovable; Lord Of Mountain

340. Alhafiz

Meaning: Humanitarian; Healer; Intelligence

341. Anviksh

Meaning: Logical Science

342. Aadarshnee

Meaning: One Who Gives Respect

343. Anudara

Meaning: Honesty; Sacrificer; Admirer

344. Anganalan

Meaning: Perfection At Glance; Lord Shiva Name

345. Atkinsone

Meaning: Son Of Aiken

346. Aticanda

Meaning: Successful; Joyful; Freedom Lover

347. Azmath

Meaning: Respect; Star

348. Atiba

Meaning: Loving; Dedicator; Respectability

349. Ashè

Meaning: Happy; Ash Tree

350. Asencion

Meaning: Assumption (of The Virgin Mary Into Heaven)

351. Arturs

Meaning: Noble Soldier

352. Antino

Meaning: Worthy Of Praise

353. Ana Clara

Meaning: Reaching Full Maturity; Time; Era; Epoch; Virtuous; Pious; God-Fearing And Devoted To God

354. Amaari

Meaning: Having Great Strength ; A Builder

355. Alíah

Meaning: Noble; Honorable; Ornament

356. Alkhattab

Meaning: Mankind; Friendly; Energetic

357. Alhaan

Meaning: One Who Shows Right Path

358. Adiah

Meaning: Noble

359. Adden

Meaning: One Who Is Fiery; Little Fire

360. Aaraadhya

Meaning: Blessings Of Lord Ganesha

361. Anaas

Meaning: Pleasant Companionship

362. Alí

Meaning: Harmony

363. Alvah

Meaning: Brightness

364. Arwin

Meaning: People&#x; S Friend

365. Aion

Meaning: God Gift; Path; Way

366. Ausar

Meaning: Another Name For Osiris

367. Ash’Ton

Meaning: Ash Tree Town

368. Ashanta

Meaning: Thank You

369. Akos

Meaning: Falcon

370. Airiel

Meaning: A Form Of Ariel

371. Adyah

Meaning: The First

372. Adhaan

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

373. Óli

Meaning: Pretty; Powerful

374. Andon

Meaning: Priceless Or Inestimable Worth

375. Atom

Meaning: Undivided

376. Arreck

Meaning: " Eternal Ruler"

377. Astaire

Meaning: " From Austerlitz; Moravia"

378. Arfryn

Meaning: " On A Hill"

379. Avner

Meaning: Father Of Light

380. Aindra

Meaning: Belonging To Sacred Indra

381. Avel

Meaning: Breath; Vapour

382. Attila

Meaning: " Little Father"

383. Atsushee

Meaning: Compassionate Warrior

384. Atlass

Meaning: Lifted

385. Assid

Meaning: Lion

386. Arjava

Meaning: Upright

387. Ardee

Meaning: Great Forest

388. Apiatan

Meaning: Wooden Lance

389. Amyt

Meaning: Limitless

390. Ambey

Meaning: Immortal; Divine

391. Alki

Meaning: Violent Force

392. Aimerey

Meaning: King Of Work

393. Ahlois

Meaning: Origin Is Old French

394. Adeev

Meaning: Pleasant; Gentle

395. Achatius

Meaning: God Is Holding

396. Aabhear

Meaning: Cowherd

397. Aleksandar

Meaning: This Is A Greek Spelling OfAlexander; Which Means Defender Of Mankind--particularly In The Greek Spelling; It Calls To Mind The Conqueror Alexander The Great

398. Adien

Meaning: This Attractive Name Means Beautiful

399. Aydenn

Meaning: Variant Of Aiden; The Name Means Small & Fiery And Warm

400. Abhaykumar

Meaning: Son Of King Shrenik

401. Abheeshtha

Meaning: Ones Desire

402. Azharuddin

Meaning: Most Visible; Ne Who Clarifies And Explains The Religion

403. Amaziah

Meaning: Strengthened By God

404. Acwel

Meaning: Kills

405. Azzai

Meaning: Strength

406. Azibo

Meaning: Earth

407. Azania

Meaning: God Is Listening; God Listens

408. Ayo

Meaning: Happiness'.

409. Abdut Tawwab

Meaning: Servant Of The Most Forgiving

410. Abul Barakat

Meaning: Father Of Blessings; Blissful

411. Al Abbas

Meaning: Description Of A Lion; Sahabi Name

412. Al Siddiq

Meaning: The Truthful

413. Amine

Meaning: Just

414. Asej

Meaning: Impericable; Undecaying

415. Ayar

Meaning: Helper; Friend

416. Anahid

Meaning: The Immaculate

417. Ardeshir

Meaning: Famous Sassanid King

418. Anoushiravan

Meaning: Iran Ka Aik Badshah

419. Ardashir

Meaning: Who Rules With Truth

420. Altin

Meaning: Golden

421. Avyukta

Meaning: Crystal Clear

422. Avanindra

Meaning: Angel Of God On Earth; King Of The Earth

423. Arvinder

Meaning: Of The God Of Heavens

424. Arivali

Meaning: Smart; Intelligent

425. Aprameya

Meaning: A Name Of Lord Krishna

426. Ahti

Meaning: Myth Name Of A God Of Magic

427. Alp

Meaning: Heroic

428. Africanus

Meaning: Free From Cold And Horror

429. Adon

Meaning: God Or Lord

430. Adolfo

Meaning: Distinguished Or Strong Wolf

431. Abrams

Meaning: Father Of Many Nations

432. Azal

Meaning: Near; Proximity

433. Askari

Meaning: Soldier

434. Aamil

Meaning: Doer; Work Man

435. Awatif

Meaning: Emotions; Nawazishat Karnay Wala

436. Asil

Meaning: Noble; Decent

437. Alfrothul

Meaning: Of The Sun

438. Anushankar

Meaning: Man Like A Lord Shiva

439. Amruthesh

Meaning: God Of Nectar; Name Of Lord Shiva

440. Abhishnav

Meaning: Good Luck

441. Avean

Meaning: Ruler

442. Antanukas

Meaning: Beyond Praise

443. Acheloe

Meaning: From Water

444. Anfudan

Meaning: Fiery Person; Turbulent

445. Ahura Mazda

Meaning: Divinity Of Wisdom

446. Avaar

Meaning: King Of King

447. Amblaoibh

Meaning: Relic

448. Adoeette

Meaning: Great Tree

449. Anadare

Meaning: Man

450. Amphiaraus

Meaning: One Of The Attackers Of Thehes

451. Alphaios

Meaning: Changing

452. Alcinoos

Meaning: Helps Odysseus Return Home

453. Adalgiso

Meaning: Noble Hostage

454. Amadour

Meaning: Lovable

455. Asseri

Meaning: Son Of Jacob

456. Ari Pekka

Meaning: Rock

457. Akusti

Meaning: Venerable

458. Aarto

Meaning: Bear; Stone

459. Aroun

Meaning: Exalted

460. Aithn

Meaning: Little Fire Flame

461. Agastin

Meaning: Worthy Of Respect; Great

462. Akashneel

Meaning: Blue Sky

463. Akashdip

Meaning: Beacon Light; A Lighted Candle

464. Ajad

Meaning: Independence

465. Ahillan

Meaning: Commanding; Knowledgeable

466. Agradeep

Meaning: The Sun; First Ray Of Sunlight

467. Advayu

Meaning: Unique; Not-two

468. Adipto

Meaning: Bright

469. Abnish

Meaning: Master God Of The Earth

470. Abhinab

Meaning: Rock Star; Innovative; Creative

471. Aumkara

Meaning: An Auspicious Beginning

472. Azmol

Meaning: Strong As Lion; Good

473. Ayidin

Meaning: Strength; Illuminated; Power

474. Ataulla

Meaning: God Gift; Gift Of Allah

475. Asfaan

Meaning: Merciful

476. Amaaz

Meaning: Kind; Gracious

477. Al Aahab

Meaning: The Greater; Lion

478. Al Muntaqim

Meaning: The Lord Of Retribution; The Avenger

479. Aaqel

Meaning: Wise; Intelligent

480. Abdul Hafez

Meaning: Servant Of Guardian (God)

481. Abdul Jawad

Meaning: Servant Of Most Bountiful (God)

482. Abdul Maalek

Meaning: Servant Of The Owner (God)

483. Ashequllah

Meaning: Adore Of God

484. Ayob

Meaning: A Prophet; The Biblical Job

485. Ajagbe

Meaning: He Carries Off The Prize

486. Aashar

Meaning: Fire

487. Aayid

Meaning: Trustable

488. Abi Nubli

Meaning: Intellect; Intelligence; Brainpower

489. Afoow

Meaning: Forgiver

490. Afraad

Meaning: Unique; Single

491. Ab Ul Hasan

Meaning: Hassan' S Father; Syedna Hazrat Ali' S Surname

492. Arang

Meaning: Color

493. Abacuck

Meaning: Trustworthy; Travel Lover; Capable

494. Aemele

Meaning: Skill; Researcher; Mysterious

495. Abdul Maajid

Meaning: Slave Of The Excellence

496. Abu Anas

Meaning: Intelligence; Great Lover; Strong

497. Ash Shahid

Meaning: The Witness

498. Aindhadi

Meaning: Adventure; Emotional; Highly Attractive

499. Asva

Meaning: Horse; Strong; Swift

500. Arjev

Meaning: Powerful