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Baby Boy names starting with B, baby Boy names starting with B of 2021, Modern baby Boy names starting with B of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With B

1. Brodie

Meaning: Second Son

2. Brayden

Meaning: Broad Hillside

3. Bridger

Meaning: Lives Near A Bridge

4. Brecken

Meaning: Featuring Sweet Traits; Adorable Personality

5. Barrett

Meaning: Rule Like A Bear

6. Blake

Meaning: Dark Or Fair

7. Bryan

Meaning: Noble Man

8. Beau

Meaning: Beautiful Person

9. Braden

Meaning: Son Of Bradan

10. Bailee

Meaning: Steward; Bailiff

11. Blakely

Meaning: Nickname And Abbreviation Occasionally Used For Boys And For Girls

12. Bode

Meaning: This Baby Boys Name Is Of Germanic Origins And Means Messenger

13. Bear

Meaning: This Creative Name Has The Dual Meaning Of The Powerful; Furry Animal And The Concept Of Support Or Holding Up

14. Banks

Meaning: From A Hillside Or Riverbank

15. Beckham

Meaning: Mattock Maker

16. Benjamin

Meaning: Right Hand' S Son

17. Bjorn

Meaning: Bear

18. Boston

Meaning: From Boston

19. Bowen

Meaning: Owen' S Son

20. Brandon

Meaning: A Hillside Covered With Broom

21. Brayan

Meaning: Strong; Powerful

22. Brendan

Meaning: Living By The Beacon

23. Brennan

Meaning: Living By The Beacon

24. Brian

Meaning: Noble Man

25. Bryce

Meaning: Speckled

26. Bryson

Meaning: Brice' S Son

27. Byron

Meaning: From A Barn

28. Baker

Meaning: In Charge Of Royal Kitchen

29. Beckett

Meaning: Bee Cottage

30. Ben

Meaning: Right Hand' S Son

31. Benedict

Meaning: The Blessed One

32. Benicio

Meaning: The Blessed One

33. Bennett

Meaning: The Blessed One

34. Benson

Meaning: The Blessed One

35. Bentley

Meaning: Bent Grass Clearing

36. Blaze

Meaning: Flame; Conflagration

37. Boone

Meaning: A Good Person

38. Bradley

Meaning: Broad Clearing

39. Brady

Meaning: Descendent Of A Dishonest But Thriving Chief

40. Brantley

Meaning: Coming From A Land Cleared By Fire

41. Braxton

Meaning: From A Brown Farm

42. Braylen

Meaning: A Broad Valley

43. Brock

Meaning: Resembling A Badger

44. Brody

Meaning: Waterway

45. Bronson

Meaning: Son Of The Brown Skinned One

46. Brooks

Meaning: From A Stream

47. Bruce

Meaning: Town In France

48. Bruno

Meaning: Brown Skinned

49. Bryant

Meaning: A Hill

50. Boden

Meaning: He Who Delivers The News

51. Bodie

Meaning: A Shelter

52. Briggs

Meaning: From The Village Near A Bridge

53. Brinley

Meaning: Burnt Wood

54. Baylee

Meaning: Steward; Bailiff

55. Brycen

Meaning: Descendant Of Brice

56. Bellamy

Meaning: Good-looking Companion

57. Berkley

Meaning: The Birch Tree Meadow Also See Barclay And Burke

58. Braylon

Meaning: Variant Of Braylyn; The Name Means From The Lake & Brick Layer It Can Also Be Used For Girls

59. Brixton

Meaning: This English Name Relates To A Saxon Lord

60. Baani

Meaning: Earth; Goddess Saraswati; Maiden

61. Bhudera

Meaning: A Brahman

62. Bikrant

Meaning: Powerful

63. Bonnar

Meaning: Gentle

64. Beechy

Meaning: Close To Beech Trees

65. Baarr

Meaning: Just; Pious

66. Bharain

Meaning: Lives Near The Clear Stream

67. Basanth

Meaning: Season Of Spring; Happy

68. Bismil

Meaning: Victim; Anxious; Restless; Uneasy

69. Bhavjeet

Meaning: One Who Swims Across The DreaDful ' WorlD' WorlD ' Ocean' Ocean

70. Bazyaar

Meaning: A Falconer ; A Farmer

71. Bizhan

Meaning: A Character In Shahnameh

72. Bukran

Meaning: Early Morning; Dawn

73. Barinkar

Meaning: Creator Of Destiny

74. Banjit

Meaning: Winner Of Forest

75. Beth Meon

Meaning: House Of The Dwelling-place [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name]

76. Berem

Meaning: Happy; Khush

77. Bayrd

Meaning: Bard; Travelling Musician Singer

78. Benci

Meaning: Blessed

79. Bern

Meaning: Strong As A Bear

80. Butlor

Meaning: Wine Steward

81. Beth Rapha

Meaning: House Of Health [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name]

82. Barakat

Meaning: Blessings; Abundance

83. Blayne

Meaning: Twin

84. Baldwynn

Meaning: Brave Friend

85. Beomann

Meaning: Beekeeper

86. Berezat

Meaning: Exalted (Mumtaz; Aali Maqam)

87. Bandak

Meaning: Slave; Servant

88. Bujra

Meaning: Son Of Dazgaraspa As Mentioned In The Farvardin Yasht

89. Buzurgmehr

Meaning: Very Kind; Also A Character In Shahnameh

90. Balfour

Meaning: Pasture Land In A Village

91. Bhuvanesh

Meaning: Lord Of The Worlds

92. Biral

Meaning: Precious; Rare

93. Bolli

Meaning: Son Of Thorleik

94. Borysko

Meaning: Fighter

95. Botulf

Meaning: DeriveD From The OlD German WorD For Wolf. Boston Was NameD After A 7th-century Saint, As 'Botulf's Stone'.

96. Bragi

Meaning: God Of Poetry

97. Barra

Meaning: Fair-haired; Fair Head

98. Brewster

Meaning: One Who Brews Ale See Also Webster

99. Bechor

Meaning: First Born

100. Berde

Meaning: Glacier

101. Bakarey

Meaning: Noble Promise

102. Baradine

Meaning: Small Kangaroo

103. Beachey

Meaning: Near The Beech Trees

104. Bibiano

Meaning: Small Man

105. Bobbea

Meaning: Bright Famous One; Famously Famous

106. Bradborn

Meaning: From The Broad Brook

107. Bartłomiej

Meaning: " Son Of The Furrow"

108. Bon

Meaning: Innovative; Domestic; Intelligence

109. Bubune

Meaning: Honor To Him

110. Bradain

Meaning: Descendant Of Bradan

111. Berkan

Meaning: Honesty; Sacrificer; Admirer

112. Bal Mukund

Meaning: Name Of Lord Krishna

113. Bahadurjot

Meaning: Light Of The Brave

114. Bakyt

Meaning: Luck; Fortune

115. Banamali

Meaning: An Epithet Of Krishna

116. Busr

Meaning: Unripened Dates; Star; Height

117. Baasim

Meaning: Smiling; Happy

118. Badi

Meaning: Marvelous

119. Bilal

Meaning: Water; Sahabi-e-Rasool (SAW); A Venerable Companion

120. Badee

Meaning: Novel; Strange; Rare; One Of The Attributes Of Almighty Allah

121. Bazaet

Meaning: Wealth; Savings

122. Behroz

Meaning: Good Fortune; Good Luck

123. Bartholomew

Meaning: Rich In Land

124. Bjarni

Meaning: Bear

125. Broos

Meaning: To Be Immortal

126. Balder

Meaning: Bearer Of Light

127. Behnam

Meaning: Izzat Wala

128. Balaj

Meaning: Glitter; Shine;

129. Bhaswar

Meaning: Shining

130. Bhaswath

Meaning: Never Ending; Eternal

131. Bhavarth

Meaning: Meaning

132. Bhavesh

Meaning: Lord Of The World; Lord Of The Universe; Lord Shiva

133. Bhevin

Meaning: Winner

134. Badir

Meaning: Moon; MoonLight

135. Barzin

Meaning: An Iranian Hero; A Character In Shahnameh

136. Behrang

Meaning: Good; Color

137. Bashiq

Meaning: Bird; Parinda

138. Bazaan

Meaning: The Old Emperor Of Yaman

139. Bamdad

Meaning: Dawn (early Morning); Morning Twilight; Which Is The Time At The End Of The Night; But Before Sunrise; When The Sky Starts To Lighten Up

140. Baidar

Meaning: Attentive; Enlightened

141. Blayney

Meaning: Slender

142. Bodmod

Meaning: Son Of Oleif

143. Bachur

Meaning: Young Man

144. Baldemar

Meaning: Princely

145. Baniti

Meaning: Teacher

146. Bardo

Meaning: Often Used As A Surname

147. Bawdewyn

Meaning: Bold Friend

148. Baylen

Meaning: Auburn-haired

149. Bronislav

Meaning: Glorious Armor

150. Brynjolf

Meaning: Killed Atli

151. Bernd

Meaning: Brave As A Bear

152. Bifrost

Meaning: The Bridge From Earth To Asgard

153. Breon

Meaning: Breon Means Powerful And Virtuous

154. Bade

Meaning: Full Moon; Bather

155. Bardoe

Meaning: Son Of Talmai; Son Of The One Who Abounds In Furrows; Axe And Wolf

156. Beachee

Meaning: Near The Beech Trees

157. Beachem

Meaning: From The Beautiful Field

158. Bercan

Meaning: Little Spear

159. Birchall

Meaning: From The Birch Manor

160. Bonaro

Meaning: Friend

161. Bayani

Meaning: Hero

162. Barake

Meaning: Gods Blessing

163. Bitalo

Meaning: Finger Licking

164. Breki

Meaning: " Breaker"

165. Bufford

Meaning: Ford Near The Castle

166. Bikarma

Meaning: Leader; Visionary; Powerful

167. Brachtmar

Meaning: Expressive; Harmony; Cheerful

168. Bal Krishan

Meaning: Young Krishna

169. Bal Krishna

Meaning: Young Krishna

170. Banari

Meaning: Humanitarian; Healer; Intelligence

171. Bishanjot

Meaning: Light Of The Supreme God

172. Bartold

Meaning: Furrow

173. Bomma

Meaning: One Of The Doll

174. Bahadurjeet

Meaning: Victory Of The Brave

175. Buj

Meaning: Kind; Entertainer; Handsome

176. Balvindra Balvinder

Meaning: Strong

177. Bhubnesh

Meaning: The Lord Of The World Earth

178. Ben Ammi

Meaning: Son Of My People

179. Beth Car

Meaning: The House Of The Lamb [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name]

180. Bobin

Meaning: Bright Fame

181. Barnabars

Meaning: Son Of Exhortation

182. Bhaavesh

Meaning: Lord Of The World

183. Becse

Meaning: The Kite

184. Beerappa

Meaning: Lord Shiva

185. Barakah

Meaning: Blessing

186. Barir

Meaning: Faithful

187. Basem

Meaning: Happiness; Laughter; Joy; Delight

188. Basir

Meaning: Bringer Of Glad Tidings

189. Butrus

Meaning: Arabic Form OfPeter

190. Babu

Meaning: A Gentleman; Child; Clerk

191. Bader

Meaning: Full Moon

192. Bakhat

Meaning: Blessed With Good Fortune; Lucky

193. Bazami

Meaning: Organizer Of Social Gathering

194. Baldrick

Meaning: Bold Ruler

195. Baptiste

Meaning: Dipping In Water

196. Baram

Meaning: Cheerful; Friendly; Happy; Charming; Pleasant

197. Bard

Meaning: Battle Against Peace

198. Barend

Meaning: As Brave As A Bear

199. Bastiaan

Meaning: From Sebastos

200. Berenger

Meaning: As Brave As A Bear

201. Biff

Meaning: Fighting Playfully

202. Borya

Meaning: Battle; War Or Fight

203. Braddock

Meaning: Living Near A Broad Oak Tree

204. Broderick

Meaning: Descendent Of Bruadar

205. Buddy

Meaning: Friend

206. Bassett

Meaning: From Bassett

207. Beaumont

Meaning: Coming From A Beautiful Hill

208. Berkant

Meaning: Strong Oath

209. Berkeley

Meaning: A Birch Wood

210. Biaggio

Meaning: Stammering; Stuttering

211. Bras

Meaning: Stammering; Stuttering

212. Bryden

Meaning: A Hill

213. Brynjar

Meaning: Warrior In Armor

214. Bahuleya

Meaning: Lord Kartikeya

215. Balaraj

Meaning: Strong; King

216. Baljit

Meaning: Victor

217. Balvinder

Meaning: ' Strong' Strong

218. Barun

Meaning: Lord Of The Sea

219. Bhaumik

Meaning: Attached To The Earth; Land Owner

220. Bhavanjot

Meaning: Soothinglight

221. Bheresh

Meaning: Sensitive; Leadership; Energetic

222. Brijraj

Meaning: The One Who Rules The Nature

223. Baariz

Meaning: Visible; Prominent

224. Bahr

Meaning: Sea; Ocean; River

225. Bambad

Meaning: Early Morning

226. Baleel

Meaning: Moisture; One Of The Prophet PBUH Compaions Had This Name

227. Baheen

Meaning: Cheerful; Happy

228. Badrud Duja

Meaning: Full Moon Of The Dark

229. Badeeh

Meaning: Wonderous

230. Bachir

Meaning: Advertiser

231. Bleecker

Meaning: Bleacher Of Cloth

232. Bodua

Meaning: Ghanian Name That Means 'animal Tail'.

233. Boid

Meaning: Blonde

234. Bonifacius

Meaning: Does Good

235. Bakari

Meaning: Noble Oath

236. Boryenka

Meaning: Fighter

237. Balak

Meaning: Who Lays Waste Or Destroys

238. Bosworth

Meaning: Lives At The Cattle Enclosure

239. Baldovino

Meaning: Brave Friend

240. Balfore

Meaning: From The Grazing Land

241. Balin

Meaning: Mighty Warrior

242. Bar

Meaning: Boar

243. Brandr

Meaning: Firebrand

244. Branwel

Meaning: Place Name In Britain

245. Breck

Meaning: Freckled

246. Briano

Meaning: Brave; VirtuousFamous Bearers:Canadian Singer Brian Adams And British Singer Bryan Ferry

247. Bartolome

Meaning: Ploughman

248. Beagan

Meaning: Little One

249. Bearnard

Meaning: Bear Strong

250. Bryne

Meaning: Surname

251. Burian

Meaning: Dwells Near The Weeds

252. Belteshazzar

Meaning: Who Lays Up Treasures In Secret

253. Benedicte

Meaning: Blessed

254. Byrn

Meaning: Brook

255. Benett

Meaning: Right-hand SonAlso A

256. Beor

Meaning: Lamp; Burning

257. Bernhard

Meaning: Brave As A Bear

258. Bertrando

Meaning: Brilliant Raven'.

259. Beval

Meaning: Like The Wind

260. Binah

Meaning: Understanding

261. Bjame

Meaning: Bear

262. Barizi

Meaning: Prominent; Visible

263. Banna

Meaning: Builder; Founder

264. Baheer

Meaning: Radiant; Skilled; Extremely Handsome

265. Baktash

Meaning: Chief; Master; Leader

266. Braxtyn

Meaning: Calm; Precise; Particular About Details

267. Baahee

Meaning: One Who Is Magnificent

268. Bazey

Meaning: One Who Is Generous

269. Beacán

Meaning: Little One; Small

270. Beacen

Meaning: Small

271. Beahta

Meaning: One Who Is Serious

272. Behar

Meaning: Summer

273. Ben Chorin

Meaning: Free Son

274. Benedik

Meaning: Blessed

275. Bizz

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is English-American

276. Bone

Meaning: Good

277. Bonfecio

Meaning: Good Fate; Well-doer

278. Bothey

Meaning: Small Enclosure

279. Bozli

Meaning: Grove Of Trees

280. Brackun

Meaning: Fern

281. Buzby

Meaning: From The Village Near

282. Bruin

Meaning: " Bear Or Brown"

283. Baingana

Meaning: People Are Equal

284. Bitan

Meaning: Spread

285. Bjarki

Meaning: " Birch Tree"

286. Boogie

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

287. Boh

Meaning: Child Of Joy

288. Bri’Elle

Meaning: Heroine Of God

289. Behrend

Meaning: Brave As A Bear

290. Badarayan

Meaning: Rishi Ved Vyas

291. Badrudduja

Meaning: Full Moon Of The Dark

292. Bimalpreet

Meaning: Pure Love

293. Banayot

Meaning: Unique; Visionary; Different

294. Boddhidharma

Meaning: Follower Of Buddhist Doctrine

295. Behari

Meaning: Slave

296. Beac

Meaning: Energy; Helper; Stimulator

297. Beadda

Meaning: Master; Educated; Cheerful

298. Badaat

Meaning: Wonderful; Surprising

299. Bachram

Meaning: The Star Of Fifth Sky

300. Bwana Mkubwa

Meaning: Great Master

301. Banaah

Meaning: Tall And Attractive

302. Banajit

Meaning: Winner Of Forest

303. Ben Ami

Meaning: Son Of My People

304. Bikrom

Meaning: One Who Continue Progress

305. Biagino

Meaning: Talks With A Lisp

306. Beth Aven

Meaning: The House Of Vanity; Of Iniquity Of Trouble [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name]

307. Buzyges

Meaning: Three-fold Warrior

308. Baruka

Meaning: Blessed

309. Bahadoor

Meaning: Brave - Courageous

310. Berach

Meaning: Sharp; Pointed

311. Basappa

Meaning: Name Of Shiva

312. Bhavinesh

Meaning: Lord Shiva

313. Badiah

Meaning: Unprecedented; Amazing; Admirable; Unique

314. Baber

Meaning: Courageous; Lion

315. Bakr

Meaning: New; Innovative; Untouched

316. Bandar

Meaning: Port; Port City’ ; City By The Sea

317. Baqir

Meaning: Genius; Deeply Learned; Bohat Barra Aalim

318. Basharat

Meaning: Good Omen; Inspiration; Revelation

319. Bashshar

Meaning: Bringer Of Many Glad Tidings

320. Basim Bassam

Meaning: Smiling

321. Batal

Meaning: Hero; Brave Man

322. Bushr

Meaning: Joy; Happiness

323. Bahram

Meaning: A Star Of 5th Sky; A Character In Shahnameh; Also The Planet Mars

324. Bakhsh

Meaning: Ataa Karnay Wala; Hissa Bakhshnay Wala

325. Baqil

Meaning: Young; Handsome

326. Bari

Meaning: To Select

327. Baseer

Meaning: Vision; Wisdom; Wise

328. Basit

Meaning: Expander; Spreader; One Who Enlarges

329. Batish

Meaning: Mighty; Powerful; Strict

330. Behlole

Meaning: Noble; Venerable; A Name Of A Saint

331. Bustan

Meaning: Garden; Orchard

332. Bacchus

Meaning: Make A Loud Noise

333. Barlow

Meaning: Clearing Of Barley

334. Barrington

Meaning: A Troublesome Tribe Or Person

335. Bart

Meaning: Rich In Land

336. Bartosz

Meaning: Rich In Land

337. Bazyli

Meaning: Imperial; Monarchic Or Royal

338. Benedito

Meaning: The Blessed One

339. Benz

Meaning: The Blessed One

340. Bernt

Meaning: As Strong As A Bear

341. Biming

Meaning: As Clear As Jade

342. Booker

Meaning: Dealing With Books

343. Braam

Meaning: Father Of Many Nations

344. Bradshaw

Meaning: A Very Big Thicket

345. Brahma

Meaning: Prayer

346. Brand

Meaning: Living Beside Land Cleared By Fire

347. Barnabas

Meaning: The Son Of Encouragement

348. Barney

Meaning: The Son Of Encouragement

349. Bence

Meaning: The One Who Conquered

350. Bonavento

Meaning: Good Fortune

351. Boris

Meaning: Battle; Fight

352. Bal

Meaning: Young; Infant; Strong

353. Baljiwan

Meaning: Lifewith Strength

354. Balraj

Meaning: ' Strong' Strong , ' King' King

355. Balram

Meaning: Krishnas Brother

356. Bankebihari

Meaning: Lord Krishna

357. Bankim

Meaning: Curved; Lord Krishna

358. Barsaat

Meaning: Welcome Rain

359. Bhadrashree

Meaning: Sandalwood Tree

360. Bhagyaraj

Meaning: Lord Of Luck

361. Bharani

Meaning: Accomplished; High Achiever; Celestial Star

362. Bhaskaran

Meaning: The Sun

363. Bhasker

Meaning: Lord Surya (Sun)

364. Bhavalan

Meaning: Poet

365. Bhavan

Meaning: Creator; Solicitous; Charming; Brilliant; Another Name For Krishna; Palace

366. Bhavandeep

Meaning: Temple ' Lamp' Lamp

367. Bhavdeep

Meaning: ' Lamp' Lamp Of The ' WorlD' WorlD

368. Bhavik

Meaning: Gods Devotee

369. Bhavishya

Meaning: Future

370. Bhavmanyu

Meaning: Pride Of Lord Shiva

371. Bhavprem

Meaning: ' Love' Love For The ' WorlD' WorlD

372. Bheru

Meaning: Friend

373. Bhesaj

Meaning: Lord Vishnu

374. Bhibatsu

Meaning: Another Name Of Arjun

375. Bhudeva

Meaning: Lord Of The Earth

376. Bishanpal

Meaning: Raised By God

377. Bishwambhar

Meaning: The Supreme Spirit

378. Bahri

Meaning: Sea; Ocean; River

379. Birousk

Meaning: Light

380. Behrooz

Meaning: Lucky

381. Baleegh

Meaning: Khush Guftar

382. Bajram

Meaning: Festival; Eve; Khushi Ka Din

383. Buruj

Meaning: Star; Signs Of The Zodiac

384. Behlol

Meaning: Leader; A Famous Saint

385. Bazlur Rahman

Meaning: Generosity Of The All-mercif

386. Barhi

Meaning: Thanks

387. Balj

Meaning: Delighted; Al-Mahriyy Had This Name; He Was A Narrator Of Hadith

388. Bakir

Meaning: Early

389. Bahiyyal

Meaning: Magnificence Of The Faith

390. Bahiy Ud Din

Meaning: Radiant

391. Baha Ud Dawlah

Meaning: Magnificance Of The State

392. Badr E Alam

Meaning: Full Moon Of The World

393. Bobo

Meaning: Ghanian Name Given To A Child Born On Tuesday

394. Bodaway

Meaning: Fire Maker

395. Baalhamon

Meaning: Who Rules A Crowd

396. Body

Meaning: Blond

397. Bogdashha

Meaning: Gift From God

398. Baalzebub

Meaning: God Of The Fly

399. Bohuslav

Meaning: GoD's Glory.

400. Boice

Meaning: Forest

401. Boise

Meaning: Forest

402. Bonner

Meaning: Gentle

403. Bailintin

Meaning: Valiant

404. Bors

Meaning: Uncle Of Arthur

405. Borys

Meaning: WarriorFamous Bearers:monster Movie Actor Boris Karloff And Russian President Boris Yeltsin

406. Bothe

Meaning: Lives In A Hut

407. Boyn

Meaning: White Cow

408. Balldwin

Meaning: Brave Friend

409. Brad

Meaning: Treason

410. Braemwiella

Meaning: From The Bramble Bush Spring

411. Brandeis

Meaning: Dwells On A Burned Clearing

412. Bardolf

Meaning: Axe-wielding Wolf

413. Barnabe

Meaning: Son Of Prophecy

414. Braweigh

Meaning: From The Hillslope Meadow

415. Barnard

Meaning: Strong As A Bear Awhich Was In Common Usage In Medieval BritainVariant Of Bernard

416. Barnardel

Meaning: Brave

417. Barnie

Meaning: Comfort

418. Baron

Meaning: Derived From Phrase Bar Aaron Meaning Son Of Aaron

419. Bren

Meaning: Flame

420. Barrymore

Meaning: Pointed Object

421. Brewer

Meaning: Brewer

422. Brigbam

Meaning: Lives By The Bridge

423. Basirat

Meaning: Insight Perception

424. Brocleah

Meaning: From Tbe Badger Meadow

425. Bromly

Meaning: From The Broom Covered Meadow

426. Bron

Meaning: Son Of A Dark Man

427. Brondolf

Meaning: Son Of Naddodd

428. Beadurinc

Meaning: Warrior

429. Brown

Meaning: Brown (colour Name)

430. Beal

Meaning: Handsome

431. Brutus

Meaning: The TrageDy Of Coriolanus.' Junius Brutus, Tribune Of The People. 'The TrageDy Of Julius Caesar' Decius Brutus, A Conspirator Against Caesar.

432. Bearn

Meaning: Son

433. Beauvis

Meaning: HanDsome Face. Also 'from Beauvais'.

434. Buadhach

Meaning: Victory

435. Burgiss

Meaning: Citizen

436. Burhford

Meaning: Lives At The Castle Ford

437. Burly

Meaning: Lives At The Castle's MeaDow.

438. Bemossed

Meaning: Walker

439. Benayahu

Meaning: God Builds

440. Benes

Meaning: Czechoslovakian For Benedict

441. Beorn

Meaning: Warrior

442. Bergelmir

Meaning: A Mythical Giant

443. Bergen

Meaning: Mountain Dweller

444. Bergren

Meaning: From The Mountain Brook

445. Berith

Meaning: Covenant

446. Berowne

Meaning: Love's Labours Lost' LorD AttenDing On King FerDinanD.

447. Bertil

Meaning: Bright

448. Berwin

Meaning: Harvest-time Friend

449. Bethlehem

Meaning: House Of Bread

450. Betlic

Meaning: Splendid

451. Bevin

Meaning: Young Soldier

452. Bidkar

Meaning: In Compunction; Or Sharp Pain

453. Bilagaana

Meaning: White Person

454. Birde

Meaning: Bird

455. Birdhill

Meaning: From The Bird Hill

456. Birlie

Meaning: Cow Pasture

457. Birr

Meaning: From Birr

458. Blagden

Meaning: From The Dark Valley

459. Blane

Meaning: Thin

460. Barraz

Meaning: Prominent; Clear

461. Bazullah

Meaning: God’ S Hawk; Figuratively Meaning God’ S Warrior ( Khuda Ky Lia Larnay Waly )

462. Behtash

Meaning: Good Friend; Good Companion

463. Borzou

Meaning: High In Status; It Is The Name Of The Son Of Sohrab; Son Of Rustam E Zal In Persian Mythology

464. Bashash

Meaning: Cheerful; Friendly; Happy; Charming; Pleasant

465. Bakhtavar

Meaning: Lucky; Fortunate

466. Bhagwantjot

Meaning: Light Of God

467. Babyboy

Meaning: A Literal Way Of Naming A Baby Boy

468. Beaux

Meaning: Variant Of Beau; The Name Means Handsome

469. Bryar

Meaning: Variant Of Briar; Rough Around The Edges; But Has A Giving Spirit

470. Blayden

Meaning: People Choose This Unique Name Because Of Its Sound More Than Its Origin It Can Be A Sound Alternative Of Aiden Meaninglittle Fireor Jayden

471. Bart?omiej

Meaning: A Alternative Of The Name Bartholomew; Meaning Son Of Talmai (the Farmer)

472. Brandon Lee

Meaning: Brandon Is From Middle English Meaning Flaming Torch; Sword And Lee; MeaningMeadoworBroad Clearing

473. Baahie

Meaning: One Who Is Magnificent

474. Bakar

Meaning: Baker

475. Balakrishnan

Meaning: Young Krishna

476. Bambis

Meaning: House Owner; Lord Of

477. Bazea

Meaning: One Who Is Generous

478. Bazeelius

Meaning: Royal; Kingly

479. Beachea

Meaning: Near The Beech Trees

480. Ben Gurion

Meaning: Son Of The Lion

481. Bikendi

Meaning: Winning; Conquering

482. Bjarne

Meaning: Bear

483. Blackbourne

Meaning: Black Brook

484. Blackburne

Meaning: Black Brook

485. Bobb

Meaning: Bright Famous One; Famously Famous

486. Bogar

Meaning: Orchard

487. Boleslao

Meaning: Most Glorious Of The

488. Bonfilio

Meaning: Good Son

489. Borchard

Meaning: Protection; Fortress

490. Bord

Meaning: Boar Pasture

491. Boslea

Meaning: Grove Of Trees

492. Bothee

Meaning: Small Enclosure

493. Burbanck

Meaning: From The Castle On A Slope

494. Burcardo

Meaning: Daring Protector

495. Butchy

Meaning: Butcher; Manly

496. Buzbie

Meaning: From The Village Near

497. Buzze

Meaning: Humming Noise Or Quick

498. Boo

Meaning: Beautiful

499. Bae

Meaning: Inspiration

500. Baskara

Meaning: " Sun"