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Baby Boy names starting with C, baby Boy names starting with C of 2021, Modern baby Boy names starting with C of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With C

1. Coleson

Meaning: Variant Of Cole; The Name Means Dark Or Tanned-skin

2. Cash

Meaning: Case Maker

3. Colt

Meaning: Taking Care Of Horses

4. Colton

Meaning: From Colton

5. Cullen

Meaning: The Son Of The Holy One

6. Canaan

Meaning: Land Of Reeds

7. Cayden

Meaning: Son Of Cadan

8. Cillian

Meaning: War; Strife

9. Callahan

Meaning: Surname

10. Camilo

Meaning: Temple Servant Also Free-born Child; Noble Masculine Of Camille

11. Colter

Meaning: Horse Herdsmanyoung Horse; Frisky

12. Caden

Meaning: Son Of Cadan

13. Cairo

Meaning: One Who Is Victorious

14. Caleb

Meaning: To Be Faithful

15. Calvin

Meaning: Little Bald One

16. Camden

Meaning: Enclosed Valley

17. Carlos

Meaning: Free Man

18. Carson

Meaning: Unclear

19. Carter

Meaning: Cart Driver

20. Case

Meaning: Container

21. Caspian

Meaning: Caspian Sea

22. Cassius

Meaning: Castle

23. Cedric

Meaning: Generous And Friendly Character

24. Chance

Meaning: Good Fortune

25. Clay

Meaning: From Clay Place

26. Clyde

Meaning: From The River Clyde

27. Cody

Meaning: Descendent Of The Helpful One

28. Colby

Meaning: Town Of Darkness

29. Cole

Meaning: A Person Of Swarthy Appearance

30. Collin

Meaning: People' S Triumph

31. Colson

Meaning: People' S Triumph

32. Corey

Meaning: Unclear

33. Cyrus

Meaning: First King Of Iran

34. Cade

Meaning: Circular

35. Cain

Meaning: Brought In

36. Callan

Meaning: Slim

37. Callum

Meaning: White Dove

38. Cannon

Meaning: Clergyman

39. Carmelo

Meaning: Garden Of God

40. Cassian

Meaning: Castle

41. Cesar

Meaning: Head Full Of Hair

42. Charles

Meaning: Free Man

43. Chase

Meaning: Skilled Hunter

44. Christian

Meaning: Christian Man

45. Corbin

Meaning: Raven

46. Curtis

Meaning: A Refined Or Accomplished Person

47. Chaim

Meaning: Crooked

48. Charley

Meaning: From The OlD English 'ceorl' Meaning Man.

49. Christopher

Meaning: King RicharD III' Christopher Urswick, A Priest. 'The Taming Of The Shrew' Christopher Sly, A Tinker.

50. Clark

Meaning: Derived From A Surname Meaning Cleric Or Clerk Famous People: American Actor Clark Gable; Fictional Character Clark Kent; Alias Superman

51. Clayton

Meaning: From The Town On The Clay Bed

52. Cal

Meaning: Bald; Abbreviation Of Names Beginning With Cal-

53. Calum

Meaning: Dove. Can Also Be A 'Servant/Disciple Of Saint Columba'.

54. Colin

Meaning: Young Dog. A Translation Of The Gaelic 'Cailean' Also, 'victory Of The People'.

55. Collins

Meaning: Holly

56. Colten

Meaning: Coal Town

57. Conner

Meaning: Hound LoverFull Of Desire; Much Desire

58. Connor

Meaning: Strong WilleD Or Wise 'HounD-lover.' Also From The Irish 'Coachuhhar', Meaning High Desire. Famous Bearers: In Irish Mythology Connor Was An Early King Of Ulster.; 20th Century Irish Diplomat Conor Cruise O'Brien.

59. Conor

Meaning: Strong WilleD Or Wise 'HounD-lover.' Also From The Irish 'Coachuhhar', Meaning High Desire.

60. Conrad

Meaning: Bo!d Speech

61. Cooper

Meaning: A Barrel Maker

62. Creed

Meaning: Belief; Guiding Principle

63. Cristian

Meaning: Follower Of Christ; The Annointed

64. Caiden

Meaning: Meaning Son Of Cadan And Is A Modification For The Name Caden; May Also Meanbattle

65. Cohen

Meaning: Copied From The HebrewKohenmeaningpriest ; A Kohen Is Believed A Direct Male Relation To Biblical Aaron Who Is Brother To Moses

66. Cason

Meaning: Variant Of Carson; The Name Means A Free Man

67. Cayson

Meaning: Courageous And Tough; Unrelenting

68. Casen

Meaning: Innocent And Pure; Untouched; Son Of The Warrior

69. Castiel

Meaning: Protected By God; Consistent Worshipper

70. Crew

Meaning: Variant Of Carew; Enjoys Traveling To Distance Places

71. Cartier

Meaning: Variant Of Carter; Love Traveling; Visiting Far Off Places

72. Crue

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

73. Carcas

Meaning: The Covering Of A Lamb

74. Chushanrishathaim

Meaning: Twice Wicked Cushan

75. Cetta

Meaning: Conception

76. Craigon

Meaning: Rock

77. Chotu

Meaning: Small

78. Chizkiya

Meaning: God Enriches

79. Clifford

Meaning: A Ford At The Base Of A Cliff

80. Celi

Meaning: Light; Moon; Heaven; Sky

81. Coirbre

Meaning: Charioteer

82. Corbyn

Meaning: Raven-haired

83. Chiraghdin

Meaning: The Lamp Of Religion

84. Cenwyn

Meaning: " Fair Head"

85. Chogla

Meaning: Flower

86. Cassair

Meaning: Variant Of Cass (Curly Haired)

87. Cardew

Meaning: From The Black Fort

88. Celestín

Meaning: " Belonging To Heaven"

89. Charanjeet

Meaning: One Who Has Won Over The Lord (Charanjeet)

90. Carlomagno

Meaning: Charles The Great

91. Callam

Meaning: Originated In Celtic Language; Meaning Disciple Of Saint Columba Or Dove And Is Primarily Used In English And Scottish It Is Growing In Popularity

92. Chogen

Meaning: Black Bird

93. Chonea

Meaning: Gracious

94. Chalmers

Meaning: Lord Of The Home

95. Chepe

Meaning: God Will Increase

96. Cadwallon

Meaning: Arranges The Battle

97. Curcio

Meaning: Friendly; Polite

98. Chernobog

Meaning: Black God

99. Colbourne

Meaning: Cold Stream

100. Chaiyo

Meaning: Hurrah

101. Cicero

Meaning: Farming Peas

102. Cornell

Meaning: Horn

103. Coriolanus

Meaning: From The City Of Corioli

104. Chadlai

Meaning: Stop

105. Chasin

Meaning: Strong

106. Chuminga

Meaning: Lord

107. Ceileachan

Meaning: Little Champion

108. Charlie James

Meaning: Charles Meaning Man; Free Man And James ; A Alternative Of The Hebrew Yakob Or Jacob ; Meaning Supplanter

109. Chogin

Meaning: Black Bird

110. Chogun

Meaning: Black Bird

111. Carlsen

Meaning: " Carl&#x; S Son"

112. Carah

Meaning: Beloved Or Friend

113. Coenbehrt

Meaning: Helpful; Knowledgeul; Shy

114. Cenberet

Meaning: Mankind; Great Lover; Optimistic

115. Chockalingam

Meaning: Lord Shiva

116. Cenk

Meaning: Struggle

117. Chang

Meaning: Thriving

118. Childers

Meaning: A House With A Child

119. Casimir

Meaning: Destroyer Of Peace

120. Cato

Meaning: Clever

121. Chandan

Meaning: Sandalwood

122. Chetan

Meaning: Full Of Spirit

123. Crosby

Meaning: Living Near A Cross Farm

124. Cestmir

Meaning: Fortress

125. Chayyim

Meaning: Life

126. Chenani

Meaning: My Pillar

127. Chenzira

Meaning: Born On A Journey

128. Cheslav

Meaning: Lives In A Strong Camp

129. Cirilio

Meaning: Lord

130. Clemente

Meaning: Gentle. Famous Bearer: Clement Moore, Writer Of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas'.

131. Carcer

Meaning: Prisoner

132. Carling

Meaning: Small Champion

133. Casimiro

Meaning: Bringer Of Peace; Announcing Peace

134. Cos

Meaning: Order

135. Celio

Meaning: Blind (from The Roman Clan Name Caecilius)Famous Bearers: The African State Of Rhodesia Is Named After British Statesman Cecil Rhodes; American Film Producer Director Cecil B De Mille

136. Cru

Meaning: Variant Of Cruze; The Name Means To Cross; To Go Over

137. Charlle

Meaning: An English Name Of Germanic Origin; Charlie Means Free Man And Is A Derivative Of Charles

138. Casare

Meaning: He Who Was Cut Out Of The Womb; He With A Head Of Hair; Blue-grey Color

139. Cuthbyrt

Meaning: Famous

140. Ceejay

Meaning: Letters C Plus J

141. Cha

Meaning: A Desire

142. Cheenu

Meaning: Small; Lovely; Sweet

143. Chinagorom

Meaning: God Is My Witness

144. Chaarudatt

Meaning: Born Of Beauty

145. Cobthaich

Meaning: Victorious

146. Cadoc

Meaning: War

147. Carlitos

Meaning: Free Man

148. Cesare

Meaning: Head Full Of Hair

149. Charleston

Meaning: Free Man

150. Chico

Meaning: French Man

151. Creighton

Meaning: A Settlement On A Ridge

152. Caz

Meaning: The Watchful One

153. Cees

Meaning: Horn

154. Cemil

Meaning: Kind-hearted

155. Charantej

Meaning: Light Of Lords Feet;

156. Chaturvedi

Meaning: The One Who Knows 4 Vedas

157. Chinkal

Meaning: Lord Shiva;

158. Chinmayananda

Meaning: Blissful; Supreme Consciousness

159. Chiranjib

Meaning: Man With Long-life

160. Cesario

Meaning: Hairy

161. Chagiya

Meaning: Festival

162. Chaise

Meaning: Hunter

163. Chayim

Meaning: Life

164. Chazaiah

Meaning: God Sees

165. Cherethites

Meaning: Who Cut Or Tear Away

166. Chesed

Meaning: As A Devil Or A Destroyer

167. Cheval

Meaning: Horseman; Knight An Abbreviation Of Chevalier Actor-comedian Chevy Chase

168. Chilion

Meaning: Pining

169. Chlodwig

Meaning: Famous Warrior

170. Chogan

Meaning: Blackbird

171. Ciro

Meaning: Throne; Sun

172. Claudios

Meaning: Lame

173. Cnute

Meaning: Knot

174. Cobhan

Meaning: Dwells By The Hillside Hollow

175. Cathair

Meaning: From The Broken Mossy Ground

176. Crispino

Meaning: Curly-haired

177. Cronan

Meaning: Dark Brown

178. Curr

Meaning: Hero

179. Cyrek

Meaning: Lordly

180. Calínico

Meaning: He Who Secures A Beautiful

181. Ceiro

Meaning: Love

182. Chadborn

Meaning: From The Warrior' S Stream

183. Cheltun

Meaning: Clay

184. Chibaile

Meaning: Kinship

185. Chogon

Meaning: Black Bird

186. Chogyn

Meaning: Black Bird

187. Christensen

Meaning: Christian; Follower

188. Coile

Meaning: Leader In Battle

189. Coine

Meaning: Modest

190. Constancio

Meaning: Perseverant One

191. Craemer

Meaning: Shopkeeper

192. Curiman

Meaning: Black Condor

193. Chale

Meaning: Strong And Manly

194. Camran

Meaning: Crooked Nose; Successful

195. Chea

Meaning: Healthy; Well-being; To Be Well

196. Chili

Meaning: Pretty

197. Cao

Meaning: Grasp

198. Chamani

Meaning: One Who Walks Gracefully

199. Charles Anthony

Meaning: This Name Means Highly Praiseworthy Or Priceless

200. Cirocco

Meaning: Warm Wind

201. Csaba

Meaning: Shepherd; Wanderer; From Mythology; Gift

202. Coeman

Meaning: Kind; Entertainer; Handsome

203. Casa

Meaning: The Blue Jay

204. Chaandak

Meaning: Explorer; Joyful; Expert

205. Cetana

Meaning: Concious; Animated; Visible; Elegant

206. Chaaruhaas

Meaning: With Beautiful Smile

207. Coineus

Meaning: Feeling; Adaptable; Noble

208. Chaini

Meaning: Gorgeous

209. Chamana

Meaning: One Of The 101 Names Of Ahura Mazda

210. Cheb

Meaning: Love

211. Celaig

Meaning: Bright Headed

212. Coemgen

Meaning: Gentle Birth; Handsome

213. Chaman

Meaning: Bagh; Phalwari

214. Chahal

Meaning: Loving

215. Charlesh

Meaning: Qaflay Ka Naqeeb

216. Caldwell

Meaning: Cold Water Source

217. Casmir

Meaning: Keeper Or Destroyer Of Peace

218. Cearney

Meaning: Triumphant

219. Cleary

Meaning: A Cleric Or Clerk

220. Collens

Meaning: A Young Hound

221. Columbus

Meaning: A Dove

222. Cristo

Meaning: Bearing Christ

223. Cyan

Meaning: A Greenish Blue Color

224. Calahan

Meaning: One Who Loves Churches

225. Cecil

Meaning: Blinded

226. Cephas

Meaning: Rock

227. Chaz

Meaning: Free Man

228. Cher

Meaning: Darling; Beloved

229. Chester

Meaning: A Legionary Camp

230. Cornett

Meaning: Dwelling In The Cornel Tree

231. Cort

Meaning: Bold Or Wise Counselor

232. Cowell

Meaning: A Hill Where Cows Grazed

233. Cumhur

Meaning: From The People

234. Chakradhar

Meaning: Lord Vishnu

235. Chetanaanand

Meaning: Supreme Joy

236. Chiraksh

Meaning: Beautiful Eyed

237. Chirtrang

Meaning: With Multi-colored Body

238. Carina

Meaning: Little Daring; Keel

239. Coman

Meaning: Noble; Bent

240. Cheekoo

Meaning: Name Of A Fruit

241. Changeez

Meaning: Chengiz Khan

242. Chahid

Meaning: Witness

243. Charly

Meaning: A Man

244. Chauncy

Meaning: Meaning; Fortune; A Gamble Famous Bearers: Charles Chauncy; An Early Harvard University President

245. Checha

Meaning: Hairy

246. Cheilem

Meaning: Power

247. Chemarims

Meaning: Black Ones

248. Chev

Meaning: Knight

249. Chevell

Meaning: Horseman; Knight An Abbreviation Of Chevalier Actor-comedian Chevy Chase

250. Cheyne

Meaning: Oak-hearted

251. Chinelo

Meaning: TalenteD'.

252. Chiraagh

Meaning: Lamp Light

253. Choni

Meaning: Gracious

254. Christiansen

Meaning: Son Of The Christian

255. Claas

Meaning: People's Victory.

256. Caezar

Meaning: Hairy

257. Caith

Meaning: From The Battlefield

258. Clunainach

Meaning: From The Meadow

259. Calcas

Meaning: Legendary Son Of Caw

260. Canning

Meaning: Church Official

261. Colvile

Meaning: Place Name In France

262. Colvill

Meaning: Place Name In France

263. Cartagh

Meaning: LovingA The Irish St Carthach; Also Known As St Carthage; Founded An Early 7th Century Monastery At Lismore; County Waterford

264. Carthach

Meaning: LovingA The Irish St Carthach; Also Known As St Carthage; Founded An Early 7th Century Monastery At Lismore; County Waterford

265. Casnar

Meaning: Legendary Nobleman

266. Cassio

Meaning: The TrageDy Of Othello, Moor Of Venice' Lieutenant To Othello.

267. Casswallawn

Meaning: Legendary Son Of Beli

268. Corney

Meaning: Strong Willed Or Wise Corneliusis Sometimes Used As A Translation Of The Name Conchubhar Meaning High Desire

269. Ceardach

Meaning: Smith

270. Cenchrea

Meaning: Millet

271. Criston

Meaning: Follower Of Christ; The Annointed

272. Crow Hreidar

Meaning: Son Of Ofeig Dangle Beard

273. Cruadhlaoich

Meaning: Hunch Backed

274. Curran

Meaning: Hero; Dagger

275. Cuthah

Meaning: Crushing

276. Chayse

Meaning: Variant Of Chase; Loves To Hunt; And The Outdoors

277. CaMari

Meaning: This Modification Of The NameCameron; Means Crooked Nose And Was Originally A Surname Borne By A Famous Scottish Clan Thought To Have A Common Ancestor Who Had A Crooked Nose

278. Cobie

Meaning: A Pet Form Of The Name Jacob; Meaning God May Protect; Supplanter A Alternative Spelling Of The Name Coby

279. Cadbee

Meaning: Warrior' S Settlement

280. Caibel

Meaning: Rope Maker

281. Caidell

Meaning: Battle

282. Caointean

Meaning: Fifth-born Son; Born

283. Capah

Meaning: Warlord

284. Caralampio

Meaning: To Shine With Happiness

285. Carolen

Meaning: The Little Champion

286. Cayth

Meaning: Of The Battlefield

287. Cesarión

Meaning: Caesar' S Follower

288. Chaad

Meaning: Battle; Warrior

289. Chacen

Meaning: Hunter

290. Chibail

Meaning: Kinship

291. Chrisander

Meaning: Golden

292. Cirano

Meaning: From Cyrene

293. Clack

Meaning: Large Man; Chatterer

294. Cleanthes

Meaning: A Philosopher

295. Cleanto

Meaning: A Philosopher

296. Cleofas

Meaning: He Is The Glory Of His Father; Seeing Fame

297. Clirey

Meaning: A Beloved Friend

298. Colte

Meaning: Of English Origin

299. Craeg

Meaning: Rock

300. Crofften

Meaning: Town With Cottages

301. Ceseare

Meaning: King

302. Chesare

Meaning: " Long Haired"

303. Chuckie

Meaning: Free

304. Chuckster

Meaning: Free

305. Conar

Meaning: Hunter

306. Cornelous

Meaning: Horn

307. Cheever

Meaning: " Female Goat"

308. Chu

Meaning: To Store; Save; Heir

309. Chinju

Meaning: Pearl; Faithful

310. Chong

Meaning: High; Sublime; Lofty

311. Cyon

Meaning: Greenish-blue

312. Capo

Meaning: Head; Chief

313. Capree

Meaning: Whimsical Or Playful

314. Chon

Meaning: Heaven

315. Chu Chu

Meaning: To Store; Save; Heir

316. Conaill

Meaning: High Mighty

317. Cornelle

Meaning: Horn

318. Cristen

Meaning: Follower Of Christ

319. Calapati

Meaning: Lord Of The Moving

320. Caraka

Meaning: Wanderer; A Wandering Religious Student

321. Cataka

Meaning: A Mythical Indian Bird Consisdered To Live On Rain Drops

322. Cirakari

Meaning: Making Slow Progress

323. Chaaruchandra

Meaning: Beautiful Moon

324. Coifi

Meaning: Honesty; Sacrificer; Admirer

325. Coelfrid

Meaning: Passionate; Extremely Sensitive; Intelligence

326. Coimagni

Meaning: Master; Educated; Cheerful

327. Chushan Rishathaim

Meaning: Blackness Of Iniquities

328. Charya

Meaning: Good Character

329. Csepel

Meaning: Young Forest

330. Cacht

Meaning: A Slave

331. Cesarn

Meaning: Excellent

332. Conaing

Meaning: A King

333. Conallan

Meaning: Strong As A Hound

334. Chuachai

Meaning: Victorious

335. Chohan

Meaning: A Caste Of Rajputs

336. Calder

Meaning: Harsh And Cold Waters

337. Can

Meaning: Man With Soul

338. Canute

Meaning: Knot

339. Cardwell

Meaning: From Cardwell

340. Carlisle

Meaning: Castle Owner

341. Carver

Meaning: Wood Carver

342. Caulton

Meaning: Cattle Farm

343. Chadrick

Meaning: War Or Warrior

344. Chaplin

Meaning: Priest; Minister

345. Chati

Meaning: Life

346. Chaucer

Meaning: Pants Maker

347. Cheng

Meaning: Journey

348. Chevy

Meaning: A Member Of The Nobility

349. Chip

Meaning: Someone Resembling His Father

350. Chul

Meaning: Iron

351. Cincinnatus

Meaning: A Person With Curly Hair

352. Clement

Meaning: Compassionate

353. Constant

Meaning: Constant And Steadfast

354. Cord

Meaning: Bold Or Wise Counselor

355. Cuitlahuatzin

Meaning: Unclear

356. Custer

Meaning: A Sexton; Sacristan

357. Carlton

Meaning: Town For Peasants

358. Cartwright

Meaning: Cart Maker

359. Carville

Meaning: Rock House

360. Castor

Meaning: Beaver

361. Catahecassa

Meaning: Dark Hoof

362. Ceylon

Meaning: Sri Lanka

363. Chad

Meaning: War Or Soldier

364. Chadwick

Meaning: Dairy Farm Of Chad

365. Chaos

Meaning: Space

366. Chapman

Meaning: Tradesman

367. Chidike

Meaning: The Strength Of God

368. Chisholm

Meaning: Coming From Chisholm

369. Cosmo

Meaning: Courtesy; Order

370. Coulter

Meaning: Back Country

371. Crandall

Meaning: Valley Of Cranes

372. Cristiano

Meaning: Christian Man

373. Crockett

Meaning: Wearing A Large Curl

374. Culkin

Meaning: A Very Learned Man

375. Chaanakya

Meaning: Son Of Chanak

376. Chaitanya

Meaning: Life; Knowledge; Sage

377. Chaitya

Meaning: Place Of Worship; Of The Mind

378. Chakesh

Meaning: Intelligent;

379. Chakrapani

Meaning: Name Of Lord Vishnu

380. Chakravartee

Meaning: A Sovereign King

381. Chakravarthi

Meaning: Emperor

382. Chanderjit

Meaning: One Who Has ConquereD The ' Moon' Moon

383. Chandrodaya

Meaning: Moonrise

384. Chandru

Meaning: Moon;

385. Charvikesh

Meaning: Intelligence; Great Lover; Strong

386. Chedi

Meaning: Which Cut And Break

387. Chetak

Meaning: Rana Prataps Horse; Thoughtful

388. Chetu

Meaning: Power Of Intellect;

389. Chinthanaichelvan

Meaning: Intelligent; Thoughtful

390. Chiranjeevi

Meaning: Immortal Person; Without Death; Eternal Being; Long Lived; Lord Vishnu

391. Chitransh

Meaning: Artist

392. Chitresh

Meaning: Moon; Wonderful Lord

393. Charagh

Meaning: Lamp; Light

394. Changez

Meaning: Firm; Solid

395. Chaker

Meaning: Thanking

396. Chafik

Meaning: Sympathizing

397. Cesareo

Meaning: Hairy

398. Cesaro

Meaning: Hairy

399. Cetewind

Meaning: From The Cottage On The Winding Path

400. Chagia

Meaning: Festival

401. Chai

Meaning: Life

402. Chalmar

Meaning: Lord Of The Home

403. Charybdis

Meaning: A Deadly Whirlpool

404. Chason

Meaning: Strong

405. Chasud

Meaning: Devout

406. Chatuluka

Meaning: Departs

407. Chatwyn

Meaning: Warring Friend

408. Chaucor

Meaning: Chancellor

409. Chay

Meaning: A , From The OlD English 'ceorl' Meaning Man. Sometimes UseD As An InDepenDent Name. Famous Bearers: British Long-Distance Yachtsman Chay Blyth.

410. Chaziel

Meaning: God Sees

411. Chelubai

Meaning: Capable

412. Chencho

Meaning: He Who Is Crowned With Laurel

413. Chetwyn

Meaning: From The Cottage On The Winding Path

414. Cheveyo

Meaning: Spirit Warrior

415. Chiragh

Meaning: Lamp Light

416. Chiram

Meaning: Exalted Brother; Noble

417. Chiumbo

Meaning: Small ChilD'.

418. Christiano

Meaning: Christian

419. Cid

Meaning: God; Rooster

420. Cace

Meaning: Observant; Alert; Vigorous

421. Cacey

Meaning: Observant; Alert; Vigorous

422. Clayten

Meaning: Town By A Clay Bed

423. Caecelius

Meaning: Blind

424. Clodoveo

Meaning: Famous Warrior

425. Caiseal

Meaning: From Cashel

426. Caithness

Meaning: The TrageDy Of Macbeth' A Nobleman Of ScotlanD.

427. Clyffton

Meaning: From The Farm Near The Cliff

428. Caley

Meaning: Slim; Slender

429. Cocles

Meaning: A Hero Who Saved Rome

430. CampbeIl

Meaning: Crooked Mouth

431. Canice

Meaning: Good-looking; Handsome

432. Caradawg

Meaning: Legendary Father Of Eudav

433. Connell

Meaning: High And Mighty

434. Carmichael

Meaning: Follower Of Michael; Friend Of Saint Michael

435. Connlaoth

Meaning: Pure Fire

436. Cooley

Meaning: Hound Of Ulster

437. Cornel

Meaning: Horn; Hornblower

438. Cortlandt

Meaning: Farm Land

439. Corybantes

Meaning: Priest Of Rhea

440. Ceapmann

Meaning: Merchant

441. Cedd

Meaning: Name Of A Bishop

442. Cowen

Meaning: Twin

443. Cretien

Meaning: Christian

444. Crisdean

Meaning: Follower Of Christ; Christ

445. Cristos

Meaning: Follower Of Christ; The Annointed

446. Cully

Meaning: Handsome Or Dwells At The Woodland

447. Cunningham

Meaning: From Cunningham

448. Cynbel

Meaning: Warrior Chief

449. Cyrill

Meaning: Master; Lord

450. Cyryl

Meaning: Lordly

451. Cystennin

Meaning: Constant

452. Chamangul

Meaning: Flower Of The Garden

453. Chamanara

Meaning: Gardener And Literally It Means One Who Beautifies Greenery; One Who Beautifies Lawns And Gardens

454. Coen

Meaning: The Name Coen Means Bold Counsel In The Old Testement It Referred To The Israelite Priests

455. Corban

Meaning: Predominately Used In English Meaning Raven A Alternative Of The Root Name Corbin

456. Cristopher

Meaning: Variant Of Christopher; One Who Follows And Proclaims Gods Word

457. Cane

Meaning: A Modification Of The Name Cain; Which Means Lance Or Spear Cain Was The Name Of Adam And Eves First Born Son

458. Coltyn

Meaning: A Spelling Alternative Of Colton; This English Name Has Two Meanings: A Town Where Colts Are Bred As Well As A Place Where Coal Is Mined

459. Christopher Joh

Meaning: Combined The Meanings BearingChristand God Has Given

460. Cobey

Meaning: The Name Cobey Means May Protect; Heel Or Supplanter; It Is A Pet Name For Jacob

461. Cackey

Meaning: Full Of Laughter

462. Cad

Meaning: Pattern Of Generosity

463. Caede

Meaning: Round

464. Calímaco

Meaning: Excellent Fighter

465. Canal

Meaning: Mighty

466. Caoidhean

Meaning: Fifth-born Son; Born

467. Caoimhghín

Meaning: Beautiful At Birth

468. Caradec

Meaning: Beloved

469. Caralipo

Meaning: Saddened Heart

470. Carísimo

Meaning: Loved

471. Cawli

Meaning: Cow Meadow

472. Cayndell

Meaning: From The Valley With

473. Cemi

Meaning: Primarily Used In The Albanian Language

474. Cesco

Meaning: Frenchman; Free One

475. Chakir

Meaning: Chosen One

476. Chaves

Meaning: A Last Name Now Used

477. Checo

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is Etrusk And It Is Used

478. Chimally

Meaning: Shield

479. Chonee

Meaning: Gracious

480. Chrestien

Meaning: Christian; Follower

481. Chucho

Meaning: Yahweh Is Salvation

482. Chucky

Meaning: Man; Free Man

483. Cibardo

Meaning: Strong Offering

484. Claero

Meaning: Clear; Bright; Famous

485. Cleandro

Meaning: Man Of Glory

486. Cleóbulo

Meaning: Glorious Counselor

487. Cleómenes

Meaning: Glorious Courage

488. Coileain

Meaning: Whelp; Puppy

489. Colas

Meaning: Victor Of The People

490. Conón

Meaning: Dust

491. Coxie

Meaning: A Coxswain

492. Coyl

Meaning: Leader In Battle

493. Coyt

Meaning: Son Of Aodh

494. Criag

Meaning: Rock

495. Curdin

Meaning: Origin; As Well As Its Use; Is In The

496. Curlea

Meaning: Curly-haired

497. Cut

Meaning: Tailor

498. Czernobog

Meaning: Black God

499. Clément

Meaning: Merciful

500. Cyrie

Meaning: Sun; Lord