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Baby Boy names starting with D, baby Boy names starting with D of 2021, Modern baby Boy names starting with D of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With D

1. Damir

Meaning: The Name Damir Has Both Strong And Peaceful Roots In Turkish It Meansmetaland Its Slavic Derivation Meansbringing Peace

2. Derrick

Meaning: Rich Or Powerful Ruler Of All People

3. Dax

Meaning: A Badger

4. Dean

Meaning: Religion

5. Dakari

Meaning: A Alternative Of Dakarai; This Baby Boys Name Means Joyous And Happy

6. Declan

Meaning: Famous Bearer: 6th Century Irish St Declan

7. Dustin

Meaning: Thor' S Stone

8. Dawson

Meaning: Son Of David

9. Darius

Meaning: A Good And Wealthy Protector

10. Damien

Meaning: A Tamer

11. Dennis

Meaning: Follower Of Zeus

12. Dutton

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

13. Devin

Meaning: Resembling A God; Poet

14. Devin

Meaning: Resembling A God; Poet

15. DAngelo

Meaning: From The Angel

16. Dominick

Meaning: From Dominkus, Meaning 'of The LorD'. Famous Bearer: St Dominic FounDeD The Dominican OrDer Of Preaching Friars.

17. Dion

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Dionysius

18. Dillon

Meaning: Like A Son. From An Irish Surname DeriveD From The OlD German First Name Dillo. Also UseD As A Variant Spelling Of Dylan, Meaning 'Like A Lion.

19. Dilan

Meaning: Born Near The Sea

20. Dexter

Meaning: Right Handed Right

21. Demetrius

Meaning: Antony AnD Cleopatra'. FrienD To Mark Antony. 'A MiDsummer Night's Dream' In Love With Hermia. 'The TrageDy Of Titus AnDronicus' Son To Tamora.

22. Daxton

Meaning: Reference To The French Town Dax

23. Dario

Meaning: Which Is A Royal Title

24. Dariel

Meaning: Open

25. Darian

Meaning: Gift. Also A. Poet John Keats DescribeD The Moment Of Discovery When Explorers StooD 'silent Upon A Peak In Darien.

26. Danny

Meaning: A Hebrew Daniel, Meaning GoD Has JuDgeD, Or GoD Is JuDge, Frequently UseD As An InDepenDent Name. 'Danny Boy' Is A Famous Scottish Folk Song.

27. Damian

Meaning: Tamer

28. Drake

Meaning: Dragon

29. Dorian

Meaning: From The Dorian Tribe

30. Donovan

Meaning: Son Of The Dark One

31. Diego

Meaning: Doctrine

32. Derek

Meaning: Rich Or Powerful Ruler Of All People

33. Denver

Meaning: Passage Of Danes

34. David

Meaning: Adored

35. Dash

Meaning: The Ash Tree

36. Darren

Meaning: From Airelle

37. Dante

Meaning: Steadfast; Faithful

38. Damon

Meaning: A Tamer

39. Damari

Meaning: Unclear

40. Duncan

Meaning: Brown Warrior

41. Duke

Meaning: A Leader Of Men

42. Douglas

Meaning: The Dark Waters

43. Donald

Meaning: Ruler Of The World

44. Dominic

Meaning: Lord' S Child

45. Desmond

Meaning: From South Munster

46. Deacon

Meaning: A Servant Or Friend

47. Davis

Meaning: Adored

48. Davian

Meaning: Adored

49. Darwin

Meaning: A Very Dear Friend

50. Daniel

Meaning: The Lord Is My Judge

51. Dane

Meaning: From A Valley

52. Dalton

Meaning: Settlement In A Valley

53. Dani

Meaning: Near; Close

54. Dedo

Meaning: The LorD's.

55. Duki

Meaning: Duke

56. Daeshim

Meaning: Great Mind

57. Dashabala

Meaning: Successful; Problem Avoider; Noble

58. Dudeman

Meaning: Ruler; Good Person; Influencer

59. Dulquer

Meaning: Achiever; Peacemaker; More Attractive

60. Denby

Meaning: From The Danish Settlement

61. Devsinh

Meaning: The Lion Of The Gods

62. Dilair

Meaning: Brave

63. Drud

Meaning: Strong

64. Dianach

Meaning: Swift

65. Daan

Meaning: The Lord Is My Judge

66. Delmont

Meaning: Of The Mountain

67. Diyaar

Meaning: Homeland

68. Din Muhammad

Meaning: Religion Of Muhammad

69. Dad Kastar

Meaning: Judge

70. Dinogad

Meaning: Helpful; Researcher; Comfortable

71. Dila

Meaning: Small Winged One

72. Demarkus

Meaning: Of Demarcus; Follower Of Mars

73. Dantey

Meaning: Enduring

74. Deepdas

Meaning: Servant Of Light

75. Dorryen

Meaning: Place Name In Greece

76. Don

Meaning: Ruler Of The World

77. Dishnu

Meaning: God; Donor; Liberal

78. Daibheid

Meaning: Dearly Loved

79. Donte’

Meaning: Lasting

80. Daveer

Meaning: Brave; Smart

81. Daibik

Meaning: Divine Energy; Religious

82. Dayaan

Meaning: A Mighty Ruler

83. Dracee

Meaning: Dragon

84. Dorey

Meaning: Of The Dorian Tribe

85. Demarkess

Meaning: Of English-American Origin

86. Demaratos

Meaning: Prayed For By The People

87. Deene

Meaning: Dean; Valley

88. Domani

Meaning: Domani Meanstomorrowandperson Of Tomorrow

89. DeVante

Meaning: DeVante Or Devante Is A Spanish Name Fordo-gooder

90. DeMari

Meaning: This Strong Name Means Manly Or Verile; And It Is Derived From Mars; The Roman God Of War

91. Donalbain

Meaning: The TrageDy Of Macbeth' Younger Son Of King Duncan.

92. Damasko

Meaning: From Damascus

93. Diaab

Meaning: One Who Perserveres

94. Dalpati

Meaning: Commander Of Group

95. Dung

Meaning: Courageous

96. Dag

Meaning: Day

97. Dil

Meaning: Heart; Mind

98. Dimmae

Meaning: Convenient; Pet Form Of Diarmait

99. Danav

Meaning: Gentleman

100. Dimbeswar

Meaning: Innovative; Domestic; Intelligence

101. Dil Shouq

Meaning: Heart Love

102. Dil Nawaz

Meaning: Mind; Soothing Heart

103. Dadbeh

Meaning: Honesty; Sacrificer; Admirer

104. Don Don

Meaning: Ruler Of The World

105. Dominikus

Meaning: Of The Lord; Belonging To God; Lord

106. Di’Angelo

Meaning: From The Angel

107. Daral

Meaning: From Airelle

108. Diallo

Meaning: Bold

109. Domagoj

Meaning: Homeland

110. Dem

Meaning: Proud One

111. Deeno

Meaning: Derived From Italian Origins

112. Dumont

Meaning: Of The Mountain

113. Dosne

Meaning: From The Sand Hill

114. Dodanim

Meaning: Beloved

115. Deshi

Meaning: Moral

116. Damiano

Meaning: One Who Tames; SubDues.' The Belgian Priest Father Damien Gave His Life Helping The Hawaiian Lepers Of Molokai. 3rD Century St. Damian Is Patron Of Physicians.

117. Dhusyant

Meaning: Artist; Problem Avoider; Charismatic

118. Dhruvin

Meaning: Great Person

119. Dakshinayan

Meaning: Some Movement Of The Sun

120. Draydon

Meaning: Unclear

121. Donatas

Meaning: Donated

122. Daiilallah

Meaning: Caller To Allah

123. Deniz

Meaning: Sea

124. Dunnaka

Meaning: Lord; Brown

125. Desmumnach

Meaning: From South Munster; Man Of Muman

126. Daibhi

Meaning: Beloved; Darling Friend; Favourite

127. Divyendra

Meaning: Part Of Divine

128. Devrupi

Meaning: Of Divine Form; Godlike

129. Dev Saagar

Meaning: Divine Power Of Ocean

130. Daayadeshwar

Meaning: Love Of Eshwar

131. Dhu L Jalali

Meaning: Lord Of Majesty And Generosity

132. Delafrooz

Meaning: Captivating; Attractive

133. Dahmokereta

Meaning: Born Of Pious Parents

134. Dabaran

Meaning: Those Who Are Behind

135. Dabang

Meaning: Brave

136. Dunnapothu

Meaning: Buffalo Or Ox Or Yak

137. Dev Saagar

Meaning: Divine Power Of Ocean

138. Dodde

Meaning: Free Spirit; Visionary; Highly Attractive

139. Damaghosa

Meaning: With A Restrained Voice

140. Dhuna

Meaning: Obsession; Tune

141. Den Den

Meaning: From Denmark

142. Dee Andre

Meaning: Copied From Greek Language; Meaning Manly And Brave A Pet Name For Andrew

143. Dainan

Meaning: Kind Hearted

144. Doga

Meaning: It Means ' Nature' ; They Are In Love With Nature And God

145. Daison

Meaning: Cute Boy

146. Deno

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

147. Delan

Meaning: From The Elder Grove

148. Daian

Meaning: " From The Valley"

149. Dawsonne

Meaning: Favourite; Jackdaw

150. Daves

Meaning: Beloved

151. Danyel

Meaning: God Is My Judge

152. Diago

Meaning: Teacher

153. Deklen

Meaning: Saint

154. Day

Meaning: Dairy Town

155. Dracea

Meaning: Dragon

156. Doriel

Meaning: A Generation; A Home

157. Donahugh

Meaning: Dark Warrior

158. Donahoe

Meaning: Dark Warrior

159. Domaney

Meaning: Man Of Tomorrow

160. Dimario

Meaning: Mars; Male; Manly; Virile; Sea; War-like; Dedicated To Mars; Gleaming

161. Dichalee

Meaning: He Speaks Often

162. Desey

Meaning: Longing; Desire

163. Demann

Meaning: Man

164. Dek

Meaning: Dyer; One Who Dyes

165. Daruna

Meaning: Hard As Wood

166. Dabor

Meaning: Secretary; Teacher

167. Domanic

Meaning: Copied From Latin Origin Meaning Belonging To God A Modification Of The Name Dominic

168. Desean

Meaning: Variant Of Deshaun; Coming From Shaun And Meaning God Is Good

169. Diptendu

Meaning: Bright Moon

170. Dawlatyab

Meaning:  small Spear

171. Dulani

Meaning: Cutting'.

172. Dabbasheth

Meaning: A Hill-place

173. Daaim

Meaning: Continual Listing

174. Donell

Meaning: Great Chief

175. Diolmhain

Meaning: Faithful

176. Dinhabah

Meaning: Give Thou Judgement

177. Dimas

Meaning: In Catholic Writings Dimas Is The Compassionate Thief Who Died With Jesus

178. Dibzahab

Meaning: Where Much Gold Is

179. Diblaim

Meaning: Two Cakes

180. Diarmad

Meaning: Free Man

181. Devyn

Meaning: From Devon

182. Demetre

Meaning: Gift From Demeter

183. Delrick

Meaning: Of The King

184. Delphinus

Meaning: A Scout Of Poseidon

185. Dellingr

Meaning: Shining

186. Darik

Meaning: Ruler Of The Land

187. Dalphon

Meaning: Dripping

188. Divy

Meaning: Laukik

189. Dharmista

Meaning: Lord Of Dharma; Wants Religion

190. Daljit

Meaning: The ' Conqueror' Conqueror Of Forces, Victorious Army

191. Deo

Meaning: Godlike

192. Dejohn

Meaning: God Is Merciful

193. Duane

Meaning: The Little Dark One

194. Donatello

Meaning: Donated

195. Domingo

Meaning: Lord' S Child

196. Dinis

Meaning: Follower Of Zeus

197. Devrim

Meaning: Revolutionary

198. Dheeshaan

Meaning: (Zeeshaan) Graceful; Distinguished; Elegant

199. Dhaakir

Meaning: (Zaakir) One Who Constantly Praises And Remembers Allah Ta’ala

200. Darman

Meaning: Cure; Treatment

201. Daies

Meaning: Compassionate

202. Daieb

Meaning: The Laugh

203. Dinar

Meaning: Gold Coin

204. Diljith

Meaning: Win Heart

205. Danaraj

Meaning: Lord Of Wealth

206. Diolun

Meaning: Faithful; Loyal

207. Diochu

Meaning: Pet Form Of Dicuill

208. Daighre

Meaning: Fire; Flame

209. Druvit

Meaning: Name Of Star; To Observe

210. Divyadeh

Meaning: With A Divine Body

211. Divaksha

Meaning: Heavenly Eyes

212. Dev Kishan

Meaning: Lord Krishna

213. Dev Naren

Meaning: Lord Shiva; Lord Of Men

214. Diokles

Meaning: Glory Of Zeus; Glory

215. Dixan

Meaning: Peaceful Ruler; Son Of Richard

216. Dote

Meaning: A Thunderbolt

217. Da Shin

Meaning: Peaceful Heart

218. Divyaanshu

Meaning: Ray Of Light

219. Dibyaraj

Meaning: Pure; Divine Kingdom

220. Dibakor

Meaning: Ray Of Light

221. Dibakara

Meaning: Ray Of Light; The Sun

222. Devajit

Meaning: Divinely Victorious

223. Debashis Debashish

Meaning: Benediction Of God

224. Debargho

Meaning: Worship For God

225. Debadrata

Meaning: One Who Is Lover Of God

226. Debabroto

Meaning: Another Name Of Bhismha

227. Dilsad

Meaning: Joyous; Happy Heart; Cheerful

228. Dilawer

Meaning: Bold; Brave; Courageous

229. Dalooh

Meaning: Cloud

230. Duzban

Meaning: The Fort

231. Dahim

Meaning: Royal Crown

232. Dhampal

Meaning: Fat

233. Druj

Meaning: Lie

234. Dhaahir

Meaning: Problem Solver; Wisedom; Shy

235. Dahatr

Meaning: Strong

236. Doryu

Meaning: Way Of The Dragon

237. Dhrey

Meaning: Aim; Patience; Target

238. Dhianpreet

Meaning: Love For Meditation

239. Dev Balaji

Meaning: Lord Thirupathi; Lord Vengatesh

240. Docc

Meaning: Investigator; Care Taker; Courage

241. Dayakurca

Meaning: Store Of Compassion

242. Damakesin

Meaning: Skill; Researcher; Mysterious

243. Dilanesh

Meaning: Mankind; Great Lover; Optimistic

244. Dibyayan

Meaning: Light Of Heaven

245. Dilkan

Meaning: Small Part Of Heart

246. Dikk

Meaning: Ruler; Good Person; Influencer

247. Dheerodhata Gunothara

Meaning: Kind Hearted Valiant

248. Dev Naren

Meaning: Lord Shiva

249. Danasura

Meaning: Her Among The Donors

250. Dandakaranya Punyakrute

Meaning: One Who Ennobled The Dandaka Forest

251. Davansh

Meaning: Part Of Divine

252. Dibric

Meaning: Friendly; Great Mankind; Charismatic

253. Dwipad

Meaning: Good Behavioured

254. Drsika

Meaning: Beautiful

255. Dimbha

Meaning: Newborn; A Boy; Young

256. Dev Kumar

Meaning: Son Of Gods

257. Deepam

Meaning: Light Of Hope

258. Dayabir

Meaning: Brave In Kindness

259. Dayaanand

Meaning: Peaceful; Systematic Mind; Mysterious

260. Daeda

Meaning: God; Abbreviation Of Deadulus

261. Danas

Meaning: Dane; From Denmark

262. Dah

Meaning: Rose

263. Dacius

Meaning: From The South; From Dacia

264. Dudda

Meaning: Philosopher; Careful; Beautiful

265. Dorcus

Meaning: Gazelle

266. Diren

Meaning: Wealthy; Small - Great

267. Dierick

Meaning: The People&#x; S Ruler

268. Devyne

Meaning: Poet; Fawn; Little Dark One

269. Devean

Meaning: Darling; Favourite; Beloved

270. Deu

Meaning: Morality Preserver

271. Demaris

Meaning: Calf; To Tame; Gentle

272. Deladem

Meaning: Redeemed By A Savior

273. Dahir

Meaning: Trustworthy

274. Deontae

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

275. Dav

Meaning: Friend; Beloved; Favourite

276. Demar

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

277. Da’Mario

Meaning: Gentle; Calf

278. Dalí

Meaning: Blind Or From The Dales

279. Dalas

Meaning: Valley Of Water

280. Dayvid

Meaning: Beloved

281. Daralle

Meaning: From Airelle

282. Dyon

Meaning: Wine

283. Dismas

Meaning: " Sunset"

284. Dae

Meaning: Greatness

285. Dulé

Meaning: -

286. Dudel

Meaning: Beloved; Favorite; Darling; Friend

287. Dubby

Meaning: From Dublin; Ireland

288. Druman

Meaning: Druid' S Mountain

289. Drapur

Meaning: Cloth-seller

290. Dracie

Meaning: Dragon

291. Donally

Meaning: Dark Courage; Brave

292. Donaidh

Meaning: World Ruler; World-mighty

293. Domanie

Meaning: Man Of Tomorrow

294. Dizzie

Meaning: Giddy; Silly

295. Dixun

Meaning: Son Of Richard; Peaceful

296. Dioclecio

Meaning: Glory Of God

297. Dik

Meaning: Peaceful Ruler; Powerful

298. Dezmun

Meaning: From South Munster

299. Desee

Meaning: Longing; Desire

300. Deseado

Meaning: Longing; Desire

301. Dereborn

Meaning: Deer Brook

302. Denleigh

Meaning: Valley Wood

303. Denbie

Meaning: From The Danes Village

304. Denbi

Meaning: From The Danes Village

305. Denbey

Meaning: From The Danes Village

306. DeMarquess

Meaning: Origin Is English-American

307. Dekell

Meaning: Palm Tree; Date Palm

308. Deeg

Meaning: Black-haired

309. Dardo

Meaning: Astute And Skillful

310. Danijel

Meaning: God Is My Judge; God

311. Danal

Meaning: God Is My Judge; God

312. Daitan

Meaning: Ditch Town; Dairy Town

313. Daie

Meaning: To Shine

314. Dabbs

Meaning: From Albinius

315. Daneil

Meaning: An Alternative Spelling Of The Name Daniel; Meaning God Is My Judge And God Has Judged

316. DeShawn

Meaning: Variant Of Deshaun; Coming From Shaun And Meaning God Is Good

317. DaShawn

Meaning: Finds Peace By Turning To God

318. Demian

Meaning: Demian Means To Calm Down

319. Dharmanath

Meaning: Name Of The 15 Th Teerthankar

320. Dharma

Meaning: Religion; Law Religious

321. Dadmehr

Meaning: Lover Of Justice; Lover Of Fairness

322. Dusanek

Meaning: Spirit

323. Dabi

Meaning: Dearly Loved

324. Dubv

Meaning: Dark Faced

325. Druce

Meaning: Son Of Drew

326. Doy

Meaning: Dark Stranger

327. Doughlas

Meaning: Dwells By The Dark Stream

328. Donzel

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Donatello 'gift From GoD.

329. Donatus

Meaning: Present

330. Donat

Meaning: Stranger

331. Donalt

Meaning: Great Cheif; World Mighty From The Gaelic Domhnall The Name Donald Has Been Borne By A Number Of Early Scottish KingsFamous Bearers:Billionaire Donald Trump; Actor Donald Sutherland

332. Dionysius

Meaning: Divinely Touched

333. Diondre

Meaning: Blend Of Dion And Andre

334. Diomedes

Meaning: Antony AnD Cleopatra'. AttenDant On Cleopatra. 'The History Of Troilus AnD CressiDa' A Greek CommanDer.

335. Devisser

Meaning: Fisherman

336. Devere

Meaning: Derived From Place-name Deverel

337. Denies

Meaning: Follower Of Dionysius (Greek God Of Wine)

338. Dawayne

Meaning: Dark

339. Darrien

Meaning: Gift. Also A. Poet John Keats DescribeD The Moment Of Discovery When Explorers StooD 'silent Upon A Peak In Darien.

340. Damek

Meaning: Of The Earth

341. Dhumini

Meaning: Kind; Entertainer; Handsome

342. Devpreet

Meaning: ' Love' Love For GoD

343. Devashish

Meaning: Blessing Of God

344. Devansh

Meaning: Part Of God; Eternal Part Of God

345. Darshit

Meaning: Display; Signs

346. Dryas

Meaning: Oak

347. Deval

Meaning: Godlike

348. Darien

Meaning: A Good And Wealthy Protector

349. Daewon

Meaning: Gracious God

350. Diogo

Meaning: Doctrine

351. Dev

Meaning: Godlike

352. Dayton

Meaning: A Settlement Surrounded By A Moat

353. Dhushshimalain

Meaning: (Zuthimalin) Name Of A Sahabi (RA)

354. Dhunnoon

Meaning: (Zunnoon) The Title Of Hazrat Yoonus (Peace Be Upon Him) Meaning The Man Of The Whale

355. Dahhak

Meaning: One Who Laughs Much

356. Dhul Fiqar

Meaning: Name Of The Prophets Sword

357. Dinuraj

Meaning: King

358. Dhayanithi

Meaning: Graceful; Merciful

359. Dananjaya

Meaning: One Who Wins Wealth

360. Dubthaig

Meaning: The One From The Dark House

361. Dubhagan

Meaning: Dark; Little; Black

362. Deenartock

Meaning: Great Strength

363. Daibhid

Meaning: Beloved; Variant Of Daibhidh

364. Divaan

Meaning: Royal Court

365. Dieep

Meaning: Light; A Lamp

366. Dhritesh

Meaning: Contained; Intent; Firm

367. Dhriteen

Meaning: Derived From Dhriti

368. Dev Rudran

Meaning: Lord Shiva

369. Deeaanj

Meaning: Fire Flames

370. Demostrate

Meaning: Army Of The People

371. Dicson

Meaning: Rich And Powerful Ruler

372. Dmitar

Meaning: Loves The Earth

373. Dina Nath

Meaning: Lord Of The Poor; Protector

374. Digbijoy

Meaning: Biggest Victory

375. Dibandu

Meaning: Light Of Moon

376. Debranjan

Meaning: One Who Pleases God

377. Dasrath

Meaning: Father Of Lord Rama

378. Deddy

Meaning: Wealthy Protector; Gift Of God

379. Diyaa Al Din

Meaning: Brightness Of The Faith

380. Daig

Meaning: Fire; Flame

381. Dafnawz

Meaning: Daff Player

382. Dalalat

Meaning: Proof

383. Dabeel

Meaning: Weak

384. Dwas

Meaning: Brave

385. Dimashq

Meaning: Highly Competitive; Confidence; Studious

386. Drapa

Meaning: Matted Hair; Mud; Heaven; Sky

387. Dyal

Meaning: Kind

388. Devkrishan

Meaning: Divine; Lord Krishna

389. Duraipandi

Meaning: King Of World

390. Drdhasena

Meaning: Keen; Inventive; Reliability

391. Dorai

Meaning: King

392. Dolatray

Meaning: Rich; Wealthy

393. Dolatrai

Meaning: Richness; Wealthy

394. Dipansul

Meaning: Responsible; Systematic Mind; Unpretentious

395. Dinakant

Meaning: Powerful; Dedicator; Noble

396. Dhianvir

Meaning: Brave Absorbed In Contemplation

397. Dilavar

Meaning: Problem Solver; Healer; Comfortable

398. Devatman

Meaning: Divine Soul

399. Dvaraka

Meaning: Place Of Krishna

400. Dinagam

Meaning: Problem Solver; Healer; Comfortable

401. Dibhaka

Meaning: Distroyer

402. Dwaraka Daas

Meaning: Servant Of Dwaarakaa

403. Drithelm

Meaning: Intolerant; Adorable; Charming

404. Dissaith

Meaning: Highly Competitive; Confidence; Studious

405. Davenja

Meaning: Art; Knowledgeul; Freedom Lover

406. Duddel

Meaning: Smart; Enormous; Good Understanding

407. Dasarad

Meaning: Father Of Lord Rama; King Of Ayodhya

408. Dodinc

Meaning: Innovative; Domestic; Intelligence

409. Druas

Meaning: Guider; Discipline; Adventurer

410. Dyuksa

Meaning: Light; Brilliant

411. Dyotin

Meaning: Expressing

412. Dodahi

Meaning: Flute

413. Dielmith

Meaning: Intolerant; Adorable; Charming

414. Dibagh

Meaning: Guider; Intelligence; Optimistic

415. Davender

Meaning: Leader; Visionary; Powerful

416. Dasappan

Meaning: Teacher; Friendly; Confidence

417. Deddrick

Meaning: The Ruler Of The Tribe

418. Darahas

Meaning: Smiley Person; Make Other To Smile

419. Da’Len

Meaning: Valley

420. Domanique

Meaning: Lord

421. Dogan

Meaning: Hawk; Falcon

422. Dela

Meaning: Small Winged One

423. Dawan

Meaning: Yahweh Is Merciful Gracious

424. Davonne

Meaning: Darling; Friend; Favourite

425. Dain

Meaning: From Denmark; Dane

426. Dude

Meaning: A Cowboy; Small

427. Daniell

Meaning: God Has Judged

428. Dimitricus

Meaning: From The Earth

429. Dayanidi

Meaning: Mercy

430. Darko

Meaning: " Gift"

431. Dyogenes

Meaning: Honest

432. Dyamy

Meaning: An Eagle

433. Dumichel

Meaning: Who Is Like God?

434. Duffie

Meaning: Son Of Duibhshí Th; Black; Dark; Black

435. Dubhán

Meaning: Little Dark One; Descendant

436. Dubhaltach

Meaning: Dark-haired; Dark-jointed

437. Dries

Meaning: Male; Manly; Brave

438. Dracul

Meaning: Dragon

439. Draci

Meaning: Dragon

440. Doocy

Meaning: A Quick-witted Man

441. Donar

Meaning: Derived From Germanic Origins

442. Donaghan

Meaning: Of Brown Hair Or Complexion

443. Domanee

Meaning: Man Of Tomorrow

444. Domanea

Meaning: Man Of Tomorrow

445. Diondrae

Meaning: Male; Manly; Brave

446. Diocles

Meaning: Glory Of God

447. Dinmore

Meaning: Sea Fortress

448. Dimano

Meaning: To Lose

449. Dietar

Meaning: Ruler Of The People

450. Devanshea

Meaning: A Divine Messenger

451. Deseo

Meaning: Longing; Desire

452. Dervynn

Meaning: A Gifted Friend

453. Dervan

Meaning: A Gifted Friend

454. Denbee

Meaning: From The Danes Village

455. Democles

Meaning: Glory Of The People

456. Delaeno

Meaning: From The Alder Grove

457. Deki

Meaning: Superb Tree

458. Dekele

Meaning: Palm Tree; Date Palm

459. Deidryck

Meaning: Ruler Of The People

460. Deeter

Meaning: A Friendly Woman

461. Deegon

Meaning: Black-haired

462. Dederick

Meaning: Ruler Of The People

463. Dedalus

Meaning: A Craftsman

464. Decimu

Meaning: Tenth-born Child; Or

465. Daved

Meaning: Beloved; Favorite; Darling; Friend

466. Darío

Meaning: Protector; Wealthy

467. Damareo

Meaning: Origin Is English-American

468. Damain

Meaning: Tamer

469. Damacus

Meaning: Origin Of Damacus Is The English-American

470. Dabyt

Meaning: Warrior

471. Dabbie

Meaning: From Albinius

472. Dab

Meaning: From Albinius

473. Dyland

Meaning: A Alternative Of Dylan; A Welsh Name Meaningson Of The SeaThe Name Grew In Popularity Because Of The Iconic Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan

474. Damani

Meaning: The Next Day; The Future; Looking Ahead

475. Danny Lee

Meaning: Danny Is A Nick Name Used With The Name Daniel It Means Judge Or God Is My Judge The Name Lee Is Derived From The English Word Leah Which Means Meadow; Clearing Or Wood

476. Deklan

Meaning: Variant Of Declan; Pure; Charming; Full Of Heart

477. Denim

Meaning: Strong; Dependable; Comfortable And Safe

478. Davon

Meaning: Meant To Protect Those Around Him From Any Hurt Or Sorrow

479. Dharsen

Meaning: A Famous Jain Acharya From Medieval India

480. Devasheesh

Meaning: Blessing Of God

481. Devanath

Meaning: Lord Of The Gods

482. DanishAra

Meaning: Endowed With Wisdom; Learning

483. Daaem

Meaning: Perpetual; Constant; Continual

484. Daegal

Meaning: Dawn

485. Daaood

Meaning: The Biblical DaviD Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet's Name.

486. Drudwyn

Meaning: Mythical Mabon's Dog.

487. Doogie

Meaning: Dark WaterIn The Seventeenth Century; This Name Was As Popular For Girls As For Boys

488. Dontrell

Meaning: Contemporary Phonetic'enDuring.

489. Donne

Meaning: Used In Honor Of 17th Century Poet John Donne

490. Donnachadh

Meaning: Brown Warrior

491. Donkor

Meaning: Humble

492. Dmitri

Meaning: Earth-lover

493. Dizahab

Meaning: Abounding With Gold

494. Dimitry

Meaning: Earth-lover

495. Dimitrios

Meaning: Earth-lover

496. Diarmid

Meaning: Free Man

497. Dewayne

Meaning: Dark

498. Devoss

Meaning: Fox

499. Deuel

Meaning: Invocation Of God

500. Derell

Meaning: Open