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Baby Girl names starting with D, baby Girl names starting with D of 2021, Modern baby Girl names starting with D of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With D

1. Dayana

Meaning: Gold

2. Dalia

Meaning: Gentel

3. Dorothy

Meaning: Gift Of God

4. Diana

Meaning: All's Well That EnDs Well.' Daughter To The WiDow Of Florence.

5. Deborah

Meaning: From A Bee Swarm

6. Dream

Meaning: Dream Means To Wish And To Hope For

7. Daleyza

Meaning: Daleyza Was Ranked The Fasted Growing Name In 2013; Due To Its Appearance In Larrymania; The Spanish-language Reality TV Show Starring Larry Hernandez

8. Danna

Meaning: FeminineGod Will Judge

9. Daniella

Meaning: God Has Judged; Or God Is Judge The Old Testament Daniel Was A 6th Century BC Prophet Who Miraculously Survived The Den Of Lions

10. Dulce

Meaning: Sweet Daughter

11. Dorothy

Meaning: God' S Gift

12. Della

Meaning: Graceful And Noble

13. Davina

Meaning: Adored

14. Daphne

Meaning: Laurel Tree

15. Daniela

Meaning: God Judges Me

16. Daisy

Meaning: Eye Of The Day

17. Destiny

Meaning: Determined

18. Demi

Meaning: Mother Of Land

19. Delilah

Meaning: Delicate Woman

20. Delaney

Meaning: From The Black River

21. Danielle

Meaning: God Judges Me

22. Dahlia

Meaning: Dahlia Flower

23. Drishti

Meaning: Eye Sight

24. Donika

Meaning: Morning Star; From Denmark

25. Daicie

Meaning: A Southerner; Pure

26. Duvessa

Meaning: Dark Beauty

27. Dixa

Meaning: God Gift

28. Deliciae

Meaning: Delightful

29. Dada

Meaning: One With Wavy Hair

30. Dhritismita

Meaning: Beauty Of Earth

31. Devicka

Meaning: A Little Goddess

32. Dibyani

Meaning: Like A Goddess

33. Dhra

Meaning: Earth; Mother Earth

34. Daima

Meaning: Always

35. Darja

Meaning: Owner Of Goodness

36. Delruba

Meaning: Heart Robber Attractor

37. Diorbhall

Meaning: Gaelic Form Of Dorothy

38. Duryaa

Meaning: Pearl

39. Dagman Dagmani

Meaning: Hearty

40. Daisy Mae

Meaning: Daisy Is Derived From The Flower Daisy And Means Days Eye; Due To The Traits Of The Flowers Opening And Closing Petals Mae Derives From The Name Of The Month

41. Dyumna

Meaning: Glorious

42. Dhanashree

Meaning: Goddess Of Wealth; Goddess Lakshmi; A Raaga In Hindustani Classical Music

43. Dhanishma

Meaning: Gold; Wealthy

44. Daiwika

Meaning: Little Goddess

45. Dur Afshan

Meaning: Scattered Pearls; Beads

46. Danielka

Meaning: God Is My Judge; God

47. Dominica

Meaning: From Dominkus, Meaning 'of The LorD'. Famous Bearer: St Dominic FounDeD The Dominican OrDer Of Preaching Friars.

48. Dorit

Meaning: God' S Gift

49. Daina

Meaning: God Is My Judge; Song; Melody

50. Dina

Meaning: Judge; Faisla Karnay Wali

51. Dushyanti

Meaning: Destroyer Of Evil Enemy

52. Dipanti

Meaning: Endless Ray Of Light

53. Dhansree

Meaning: Prosperity; Wealthy

54. Dionycia

Meaning: Master; Educated; Cheerful

55. Dionise

Meaning: Optimistic; Peacemaker; Cheerful

56. Dyddgu

Meaning: Emotional; Entertainer; Strong

57. Dur E Shahwar

Meaning: Kings Worthy Pearl

58. Dilaxsa

Meaning: Truely; Wisedom; Attractive Speecher

59. Dayanira

Meaning: Devastating; Capable Of Great Destruction

60. Doralee

Meaning: Gift

61. Delsey

Meaning: Noble

62. Diahanne

Meaning: Light; Deity

63. Danuse

Meaning: God Is My Judge; God

64. Dariana

Meaning: Variant Of Darianna; Protector; Honest; Trustworthy

65. Dorna

Meaning: Beloved Of The Heart; Darling Of The Heart

66. Darelene

Meaning: Tenderly Loved

67. Doa

Meaning: Pray; A Voice Of Heart; Request To All-mighty Allah; A Source Of Connection With God And Human

68. Daieba

Meaning: Hard Worker

69. Dilys

Meaning: Authentic; Real

70. Darina

Meaning: Present

71. Dhrupa

Meaning: Certain

72. Dhanila

Meaning: The One Who Brings Wealth

73. Dhaathri

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi

74. Dipaa

Meaning: Enlightens; Illuminated; Light

75. Dildeep

Meaning: Lamps Of Heart

76. Dorece

Meaning: Gift

77. Daniela Danielle

Meaning: God Is My Judge

78. Dency

Meaning: Strength; Determination; Cute

79. Dipasree

Meaning: Lamp; Light

80. Dhullah

Meaning: Dark Cloud

81. Dorakhshenda

Meaning: Shining; Luminous

82. Daraazi

Meaning: Tall

83. Durnah

Meaning: Sword

84. Denshia

Meaning: Stubborn; Cute

85. Dilbara

Meaning: Close To Heart

86. Devaangana

Meaning: Expertise; Perfect; Serious

87. Debabandya

Meaning: One Who Is Worshiped By Gods

88. Dilberjot

Meaning: Sweet Heart

89. Dhilsha

Meaning: King Of Heart

90. Dreena

Meaning: Manly And Virile

91. Dayani

Meaning: Kind Hearted

92. Dakshayini

Meaning: Lord Shiva

93. Dvosye

Meaning: Bee

94. Dorée

Meaning: Gift Of God

95. Dominah

Meaning: Lord; Master

96. Dhakiya

Meaning: Smart

97. Delacy

Meaning: Derived From English-American Origins

98. Deelea

Meaning: From Delos; Noble; Honorable; Ornament; Brightness; Work; Imitating; Rivaling; Exalted One

99. Deeanne

Meaning: Light; Deity

100. Dayania

Meaning: A Bird Of Prey

101. Damalas

Meaning: Calf; Gentleness; Wife

102. Dahabiah

Meaning: The Golden Child

103. Dahabia

Meaning: The Golden Child

104. Daf

Meaning: Daffodil; The Asphodel

105. Delal

Meaning: A Spelling Alternative Of A Popular Name Meaning Coquettishness

106. Dordana

Meaning: Pearl And Can Also Mean Darling

107. Dornaz

Meaning: Complexion; Appearance; Countenance

108. Diona

Meaning: Mother Of Aphrodite

109. Dinora

Meaning: Form Of Hebrew Dinah. JuDgeD AnD VinDicateD. In The Bible Dinah Was Jacob's Only Daughter.

110. Dannee

Meaning: FeminineGod Will Judge

111. Dujana

Meaning: Baarish; Rain

112. Dariyah

Meaning: Aware; Knowledgeable

113. Drishya

Meaning: Sight

114. Dilay

Meaning: Gorgeous Moon

115. Dikeledi

Meaning: Filled With Tears

116. Debra

Meaning: From A Bee Swarm

117. Dharma

Meaning: Firm Law

118. Diba

Meaning: Brocade; Khubsurat; Bareek Reshmi Kapra

119. Daiba

Meaning: Assiduous; Persistent; Devoted

120. Dorri

Meaning: A Sparkling Star Glittering Like A Gem

121. Diyanah

Meaning: Religion

122. Dahma

Meaning: She Was A Scholar Of Religion And Had Learnt From Her Brother Al-Imam Al-Mahdi

123. Dahab

Meaning: Gold

124. Dimisha

Meaning: Day Night

125. Dirghakshi

Meaning: One Having A Long Life; Immortal

126. Dileswari

Meaning: Lion Hearted; Full Of Mercy

127. Devaswi

Meaning: Goddess Durga

128. Die

Meaning: Butterfly

129. Diptimoni

Meaning: Bright

130. Dibyandita

Meaning: Possessor Of Lights

131. Debalika

Meaning: Daughter Of God

132. Daibaki

Meaning: Names Of Lord Krishna Mother

133. Dabasmita

Meaning: Smile Like Goddess

134. Dilaraam

Meaning: Lover

135. Dadbakhsh

Meaning: Judge

136. Driga

Meaning: Eyes

137. Dhinsha

Meaning: Change Lover; Intelligence; Confident

138. Datri

Meaning: Happiness

139. Dhaanyashree

Meaning: Blessed

140. Daralice

Meaning: Beloved

141. Dipshi

Meaning: Lighting

142. Dee Ann

Meaning: Valley; Church Leader

143. Deea

Meaning: A Lamp; A Light

144. Debbye

Meaning: Bee

145. Darlyne

Meaning: Dearling; Darling

146. Dalanna

Meaning: Woman From Magdala

147. DaeJah

Meaning: Already

148. Dorae

Meaning: A Gift

149. Denah

Meaning: Decoration

150. Dutchess

Meaning: Woman Of High Rank

151. Dayten

Meaning: Day&#x; S Settlement

152. Daviana

Meaning: Beloved

153. Danaë

Meaning: From Denmark

154. Daralee

Meaning: Compassion; Tree

155. Dagman

Meaning: Hearty

156. Diamind

Meaning: Precious Stone

157. Dylis

Meaning: Genuine; Sincere; Steadfast

158. Dreesha

Meaning: Daughter Of The Sun

159. Dorena

Meaning: Gift Of God; Gift

160. Dorcia

Meaning: Gazelle; Doe; Roe

161. Doralynn

Meaning: Gift

162. Dionetta

Meaning: Follower Of Dionysos

163. Dionee

Meaning: Follower Of Dionysos

164. Dianora

Meaning: Light; Deity

165. Derring

Meaning: One Who Takes Risks

166. Derbee

Meaning: Deer Town; Farmstead

167. Denallee

Meaning: A Superior Woman

168. Demonah

Meaning: South

169. Delaenea

Meaning: From The Alder Grove

170. Daveda

Meaning: Beloved; Favorite; Darling; Friend

171. Davean

Meaning: Beloved; Favorite; Darling; Friend

172. Davalinda

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is English-American

173. Darbea

Meaning: Deer Town; Farmstead

174. Darany

Meaning: A Minor Goddess

175. Damayantee

Meaning: Making Others Submissive

176. Damalie

Meaning: A Beautiful Vision

177. Damaleigh

Meaning: A Beautiful Vision

178. Dalalle

Meaning: Coquettishness

179. Dahabeah

Meaning: The Golden Child

180. Daiana

Meaning: Variant Of Diana; Chosen; Making An Impact

181. Delylah

Meaning: Variant Of Delilah; Sweet And Demure; Careful

182. Diyana

Meaning: Giver Of Gifts; Giver Of Charity; Generous; Benevolent

183. Dahiyyah

Meaning: Intelligent; Wise

184. Dynah

Meaning: AvengeD. JuDgeD AnD VinDicateD. Famous Bearer: Biblical Dinah, Jacob's Only Daughter.

185. Doralia

Meaning: Gift

186. Diannah

Meaning: Divine Mythological Ancient Roman Divinity Diana Was Noted For Beauty And Swiftness; Often Depicted As A Huntress Also Diana Princess Of Wales

187. Davitah

Meaning: Cherished

188. Daisie

Meaning: Day's Eye. A Flower Name.

189. DurreShahwar

Meaning: Kings Worthy Pearl

190. Dounia

Meaning: Terrestrial Life

191. Dameetha

Meaning: Simple And One Of Good Manners

192. Durmisha

Meaning: Artist; Careful; Influencer

193. Drisha

Meaning: Mountain Lord

194. Dikshika

Meaning: Blessing Giver;

195. Devangana

Meaning: Celestial Maiden

196. Duscha

Meaning: Woman With Soul

197. Duana

Meaning: Coming From Darkness

198. Devika

Meaning: Goddess Of All

199. Deoiridh

Meaning: Pilgrim Woman

200. Deirdre

Meaning: Real Woman

201. Dayo

Meaning: Pleasure Is Coming

202. Danette

Meaning: From Denmark

203. Dottie

Meaning: God' S Gift

204. Docia

Meaning: Devoted To God

205. Danuta

Meaning: God Judges Me

206. Danae

Meaning: Running Dry

207. Damla

Meaning: Drop Of Water

208. Dakini

Meaning: Walking In The Sky

209. Dagny

Meaning: New Day Started

210. Dilkusha

Meaning: I Take Off

211. Dilara

Meaning: Beloved (Mehboob; Pyara)

212. Darra

Meaning: Pearl; Brilliant; Teat; Udder; Name Of A Sahabiyah RA; Daughter Of Abu Lahab

213. Dujanah

Meaning: Rain; Baarish

214. Dimah

Meaning: Rain That Falls Without Lightning Or Thunder

215. Daniyah

Meaning: Dear; Close; Easy; Comfortable; God Is My Judge

216. Dusadi

Meaning: Compliments

217. Dichen

Meaning: Health - Happiness

218. Dukshitha

Meaning: The Initiated

219. Dikhsha

Meaning: Holy Teaching; Gift By The God

220. Dunla

Meaning: Brown Princess

221. Dubgilla

Meaning: Dark Child

222. Doonshock

Meaning: Brown Haired Girl

223. Deree

Meaning: Redhead

224. Derbforgaill

Meaning: Daughter Of The Poet

225. Dulhari

Meaning: Beloved

226. Drakshanya

Meaning: Name Of Goddess

227. Divansi

Meaning: Divine

228. Dhua

Meaning: Prayer

229. Dhimahee

Meaning: Word From Hindu Mantra Sloka

230. Dhaarna

Meaning: Encompass

231. Daraka

Meaning: Pearl Of Wisdom

232. Dollina

Meaning: Pain; Doll; Gift Of God

233. Deltar

Meaning: Fourth One

234. Durbika

Meaning: Like A Star

235. Durbesha

Meaning: Lord Ganesha; A Gift

236. Dipshree

Meaning: Auspicious Lamp

237. Dipasmita

Meaning: Smile Like Goddess

238. Dipanjoli

Meaning: Like A Simple Angel

239. Dipanjalee

Meaning: Like A Simple Angel

240. Dipandita

Meaning: Possessor Of Lights

241. Dimpee

Meaning: One Who Has Dimple; Cute

242. Dhrutika

Meaning: Fixed Destiny

243. Dhanita

Meaning: Endowed With Wealth

244. Dekshina

Meaning: A Gift

245. Deeptimayi

Meaning: Lustrous

246. Debolina

Meaning: One Who Is Beloved To God

247. Debdutta

Meaning: God Gifted; Given By God

248. Debamitra

Meaning: Friend Of God

249. Dabika

Meaning: Like An Angel

250. Duha Dhuha

Meaning: Forenoon

251. Draksha

Meaning: Shining Star; Grape

252. Dinaaz

Meaning: Music; Religious Song

253. Dilshidha

Meaning: Cheerful; Wisdom; Beloved

254. Dileesha

Meaning: Delight

255. Dhilshana

Meaning: Joy Of Heart

256. Dhilaal

Meaning: Shades

257. Danyaz

Meaning: The Sea

258. Derkhshaandah

Meaning: Bright

259. Daanist

Meaning: Wise

260. Debali

Meaning: Princess

261. Dikita

Meaning: Moon Rays

262. Dhunika

Meaning: Fire

263. Dimplepreet

Meaning: Dimples

264. Dibyangana

Meaning: Owner Of Supernatural Power

265. Dimashree

Meaning: Growth Of Big River

266. Deebriana

Meaning: Honey Bee

267. Divashni

Meaning: Prettiness; Bright

268. Divagari

Meaning: Gods Singer

269. Dimanshu

Meaning: Sweet

270. Dimanshi

Meaning: Loving Change; Master Of Their Own Destiny; High Intelligence

271. Dhumorna

Meaning: Buttermilk

272. Dhaatree

Meaning: Impulsive

273. Daifa

Meaning: Defence

274. Dahah

Meaning: Beauty

275. Dronika

Meaning: Helpful; Researcher; Comfortable

276. Davan Marie

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

277. Daraa

Meaning: Possessor; Sovereign

278. DAnney

Meaning: God Is My Judge

279. Dalea

Meaning: To Tease Flirt; Tree Branch

280. Dafna

Meaning: Laurel Tree

281. Donelda

Meaning: World Mighty

282. Djuana

Meaning: Trustworthy; Travel Lover; Capable

283. Dior Marie

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

284. Dilasha

Meaning: Sympathy; Queen Of Heart

285. Dihana

Meaning: Light; Deity

286. Didja

Meaning: Nurse

287. Dhyaana

Meaning: Conscious; Meditation

288. Dheekshanya

Meaning: Long Life

289. Dhanielle

Meaning: God Is My Judge

290. Deví

Meaning: Divine; God

291. Denika

Meaning: Vindicated

292. De’Mi

Meaning: Half; Small

293. Dinara

Meaning: Wealth

294. Delaia

Meaning: God Has Drawn

295. Dahari

Meaning: Stripes

296. Dané

Meaning: Judge; God Is My Judge

297. Dulcette

Meaning: " Sweet"

298. Darbie

Meaning: Deer Town

299. Daraley

Meaning: Compassion; Tree

300. Danikka

Meaning: Morning Star

301. Daesha

Meaning: From Dacia

302. Dyumanhuti

Meaning: Inspired

303. Donnia

Meaning: Lady

304. Dimita

Meaning: Earth Mother

305. Donatella

Meaning: Given By God

306. Dyzah

Meaning: Joy

307. Dyanee

Meaning: A Deer

308. Durene

Meaning: Enduring

309. Drisanna

Meaning: Daughter Of The Sun

310. Driema

Meaning: Reverie

311. Dorotthea

Meaning: Gift Of God

312. Dorise

Meaning: Bountiful; Of The Dorian

313. Dorethea

Meaning: Gift Of God

314. Dorelle

Meaning: Gift

315. Dorabella

Meaning: Origin Is English

316. Doireanne

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is English

317. Dipalie

Meaning: Chain Of Lights

318. Dipaleigh

Meaning: Chain Of Lights

319. Dionisiya

Meaning: Follower Of Dionysos

320. Dinay

Meaning: Thirsty

321. Diethild

Meaning: People; Race; Battle

322. Dierdrie

Meaning: Raging; Broken-hearted

323. Diamonde

Meaning: Diamond

324. Dharany

Meaning: A Minor Goddess

325. Dezee

Meaning: Desired; Longing; Desire

326. Dezdemona

Meaning: Unlucky

327. Desdamona

Meaning: Unlucky

328. Derycia

Meaning: An Athletic And Active

329. Deryca

Meaning: The People' S Ruler

330. Derdre

Meaning: Raging; Broken-hearted

331. Derbie

Meaning: Deer Town; Farmstead

332. Derbey

Meaning: Deer Town; Farmstead

333. Dennette

Meaning: Follower Of Dionysos

334. Delaeny

Meaning: From The Alder Grove

335. DeLayney

Meaning: From The Alder Grove

336. Degula

Meaning: Excellent; Famous

337. Deeane

Meaning: Light; Deity

338. Decimbar

Meaning: The Last Month Of The

339. Dayaniah

Meaning: A Bird Of Prey

340. Dava

Meaning: Beloved; Favorite; Darling; Friend

341. Dauphin

Meaning: From Delphi; Dolphin

342. Darrya

Meaning: Sea; Protector; Wealthy

343. Dareth

Meaning: Pearl Of Wisdom

344. Daranee

Meaning: A Minor Goddess

345. Danula

Meaning: Judge; Dane

346. Damaley

Meaning: A Beautiful Vision

347. Damalea

Meaning: A Beautiful Vision

348. Dahabe

Meaning: The Golden Child

349. Delanie

Meaning: Variant Of Delaney;

350. Daksakanya

Meaning: An Able Daughter

351. DurreNajaf

Meaning: Gem Or A Precious Stone Of Najaf City

352. Durre Shahwar

Meaning: Kings Worthy Pearl

353. Durafshan

Meaning: Moti Bikhairnay Wali

354. Dorsa

Meaning: Pearl-like; Pearly; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful; Precious

355. Durdana

Meaning: Single Pearl

356. Dubheasa

Meaning: Dark Beauty

357. Dryope

Meaning: A Nymph

358. Doroata

Meaning: Gift From God

359. Doon

Meaning: From Doon

360. Donia

Meaning: Dark - Skinned

361. Dioxippe

Meaning: An Amazon

362. Desaree

Meaning: Meaning 'The One DesireD'.

363. Desarae

Meaning: Meaning 'The One DesireD'.

364. Demitra

Meaning: Of Demeter Demetria Was The Mythological Goddess Of Corn And Harvest

365. Deirdra

Meaning: Melancholy Aolder Name Deirdre In Celtic Legend Deirdre Died Of A Broken Heart

366. Deidameia

Meaning: Daughter Of Bellerphon

367. Davite

Meaning: Cherished

368. Daveney

Meaning: Name Of A Town And Castle In Flanders Also A Rhyming

369. Dalit

Meaning: Drawing Water

370. DurreNajaf

Meaning: Gem Or A Precious Stone Of Najaf City

371. Dur E Sameen

Meaning: Qeemti Moti

372. Duniya

Meaning: World; Earth

373. Dilshaad

Meaning: Happy

374. Dayanna

Meaning: Divine; God Like

375. Danyah

Meaning: Close

376. Dwani

Meaning: Voice

377. Dulari

Meaning: Dear

378. Drishy

Meaning: Sight

379. Deeptika

Meaning: A Beam Of Light

380. Darshani

Meaning: The One Who Blessed

381. Drika

Meaning: Ruler Of The House

382. Dorota

Meaning: God' S Gift

383. Dores

Meaning: Full Of Sorrow

384. Devorah

Meaning: From A Bee Swarm

385. Danica

Meaning: Star Of The Day

386. Durga

Meaning: Invincible Woman

387. Duanphen

Meaning: Full Moon

388. Dubaah

Meaning: (Zuba’ah) Name Of A Sahabiyah Daughter Of Uncle Of The Holy Prophet (peace He Upon Him)

389. Dena

Meaning: Obedience; Worship; Obey

390. Darrah

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabiyah; Daughter Of Abu Lahab

391. Daroj

Meaning: Through Speedster

392. Darkhshinda

Meaning: Bright

393. Daniya

Meaning: Near; Close; Kind Hearted; The One Who Gets Near

394. Daliyah

Meaning: Grape Vine

395. Dafiyah

Meaning: Narrator Of Hadith

396. Drithika

Meaning: Light; Softened

397. Dhekshina

Meaning: A Gift

398. Devathmika

Meaning: Spirit Of God

399. Devabala

Meaning: Daughter Of God

400. Danasree

Meaning: Prosperity; Wealthy

401. Dunna

Meaning: Sweet Song

402. Dunflaith

Meaning: Brown Princess

403. Doirend

Meaning: Daughter Of Finn

404. Derdriu

Meaning: Sorrow

405. Dwitipriya

Meaning: Another Name Of Goddess Durga

406. Divashna

Meaning: Prettiness; Bright

407. Divahini

Meaning: Goddess Parvati

408. Dipalu

Meaning: Burning Lamps

409. Dineesha

Meaning: The Lord Of Sun; God Of The Day

410. Dilavya

Meaning: Heart Touched

411. Dhwisha

Meaning: Moon; Radiance; Two Directions

412. Daxayani

Meaning: Daughter Of Daksha

413. Dorata

Meaning: Gift Of God

414. Dorana

Meaning: Gift

415. Doralisa

Meaning: Gift

416. Dolei

Meaning: Gift Of God; Pain; Doll

417. Deltora

Meaning: Fourth One

418. Dameris

Meaning: Calf

419. Deeanah

Meaning: Divine; Variant Of Diana

420. Disel

Meaning: Light; Deity

421. Dubori

Meaning: Soft; A Kind Of Grass

422. Diptashree

Meaning: Lighting

423. Dipanjana

Meaning: Eye Of Goddess

424. Dipanita

Meaning: Possessor Of Lights; Light

425. Dipamani

Meaning: Shining Jewel Diamond

426. Dipajyoti

Meaning: Light Of Lamp

427. Dimpol

Meaning: Cute; Dimples

428. Dibyasri

Meaning: Beauty Of God; Divine Lustre

429. Dhrubee

Meaning: Constant; Firm

430. Dharpana

Meaning: A Mirror

431. Devmala

Meaning: Divine Garland; Name Of An Apsara

432. Devarshini

Meaning: Teacher Of Gods; Sage Of The Devas

433. Deetika

Meaning: Thoughtful

434. Debonita

Meaning: Gift Of God; Divinity

435. Debasree

Meaning: Divine Goddess

436. Debajani

Meaning: Daughter Of The Goddess

437. Dabolina

Meaning: A Beautiful

438. Doana

Meaning: Low

439. Dionette

Meaning: Of The God Of Wine

440. Denam

Meaning: Made Of A Strong Cloth

441. Delandara

Meaning: Caring

442. Dhikraa

Meaning: Remembrance; Memory

443. Dhaakiraat

Meaning: Ones Who Remember God

444. Daaria

Meaning: Wealthy; Sea; Learned; Knowing

445. Durbaah

Meaning: Custom

446. Dushnah

Meaning: Knife

447. Daaradah

Meaning: Lover

448. Drishka

Meaning: Life; Soul

449. Daryabaar

Meaning: Giver

450. Derayat

Meaning: Clever

451. Daajan

Meaning: Stretching

452. Daabrah

Meaning: Walk Back

453. Dil Kusha

Meaning: Heart Enticing

454. Divansa

Meaning: Truely; Wisedom; Attractive Speecher

455. Deva Priya

Meaning: Dear To The Gods; Dear To The Goddess

456. Dayagauri

Meaning: Kindness Of Fair Woman; Goddess Parvati

457. Domneva

Meaning: Emotional; Entertainer; Strong

458. Diksa

Meaning: Consecration; Initiation

459. Dinadinaka

Meaning: Freedom Lover; Playful; Friendly

460. Dishvitha

Meaning: Brightness; Focus

461. Devaanshi

Meaning: Keen; Knowledgeul; High Intelligence

462. Danaha

Meaning: Dawn

463. Dirghika

Meaning: A Bunch Which Contain 100 Corers Galaxy

464. Dibiksha

Meaning: Life For Light

465. Dhinisha

Meaning: Change Lover; Intelligence; Confident

466. Dhaaruni

Meaning: Earth; Beautiful

467. Dahadaha

Meaning: Blazing; Destroying Enemies

468. Divanee

Meaning: The Most Lovable

469. Debangi

Meaning: Organ Of God

470. Drooti

Meaning: Softened

471. Dee Dee

Meaning: Swarthy; Broken-hearted; Sorrowful; Pleasure; Delight; Divine

472. Debu

Meaning: Divine; Lord Shiva

473. Deberah

Meaning: Bee

474. Deba

Meaning: Deity; Divine

475. Danira

Meaning: Knowing; Informed

476. Dana Leigh

Meaning: From A Clearing

477. Daisee

Meaning: Day&#x; S Eye

478. Daci

Meaning: Pure; A Southerner; Incandescent

479. Díana

Meaning: From Denmark

480. Dwity

Meaning: Name Of Lord Krishna

481. Dwitika

Meaning: No One Else

482. Dwithi

Meaning: Second; Dual

483. Duah

Meaning: A Wish; Prayer

484. Dritika

Meaning: Light

485. Drishi

Meaning: Power Of Seeing; Eyesight

486. Dorothie

Meaning: Gift Of God

487. Dorothey

Meaning: Gift Of God

488. Dipsha

Meaning: River

489. Dina Leigh

Meaning: From A Clearing

490. Destiny Faith

Meaning: Trusting; Believing

491. Dené

Meaning: Follower Of Dionysius; Son Of Dennis

492. Den’Ver

Meaning: Green Valley

493. Demeah

Meaning: Half

494. Driana

Meaning: Protector; Wealthy

495. Da’Yanna

Meaning: Divine

496. Davenport

Meaning: From The Dane River

497. Danaé

Meaning: From Denmark

498. Daicy

Meaning: From The South

499. De’Lilah

Meaning: Languishing; Lovelorn; Or Seductive

500. Dörte

Meaning: Gift From God