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Baby Boy names starting with E, baby Boy names starting with E of 2021, Modern baby Boy names starting with E of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With E

1. Emiliano

Meaning: Industrious

2. Ellis

Meaning: Yahweh Is My God

3. Eren

Meaning: Holy

4. Ethan

Meaning: Enduring Or Long Lasting

5. Eugene

Meaning: Of Noble Descent

6. Emir

Meaning: To Command; Another Spelling For Amir

7. Emmitt

Meaning: Variant Of Emmett; The Name Means Worldly; The Entire Thing; All The Pieces Of The Puzzle

8. Elias

Meaning: Clothed; Enveloped In Garments; Or Dressed (in A Particular Way; Mudathir Fi Burdatun Sawdaa’ Un Means Dressed In A Black Garment)

9. Easton

Meaning: Settlement To The East

10. Edgar

Meaning: Prosperity From The Spear

11. Edison

Meaning: Adam' S Son

12. Edward

Meaning: Wealthy Guardian

13. Edwin

Meaning: A Rich Or Wealthy Friend

14. Eli

Meaning: All Powerful

15. Elian

Meaning: My Lord Responded

16. Emanuel

Meaning: God With Us

17. Emilio

Meaning: Rival; Challenger

18. Emmanuel

Meaning: God With Us

19. Emory

Meaning: Powerfully Courageous

20. Enzo

Meaning: Ruler Of The House

21. Ernesto

Meaning: Serious Minded

22. Evander

Meaning: Good Man

23. Everest

Meaning: Courageous Like A Boar

24. Ezekiel

Meaning: God Will Strengthen

25. Ezra

Meaning: God' S Help

26. Eduardo

Meaning: Wealthy Guard

27. Eliam

Meaning: The People Of God

28. Elliott

Meaning: Yahweh Is My God

29. Emmett

Meaning: Universal Man

30. Enoch

Meaning: Dedicated Or Faithful

31. Enrique

Meaning: Ruler Of The House

32. Eric

Meaning: King Forever

33. Esteban

Meaning: Man With Crown

34. Evan

Meaning: God Is Merciful

35. Everett

Meaning: Courageous Like A Boar

36. Eddie

Meaning: Rich In Friendship; Or Wealthy Friend From The Old English Name Eadwine; Meaning Rich Or Happy; And Friend Also A Diminutive Of Edward: Wealthy Guardian From The Old English Name Eadweard; Meaning Rich Or Happy; And Guardian

37. Egypt

Meaning: That Troubles Or Oppresses; Anguish

38. Elia

Meaning: My God Is JehovahElijah

39. Eliel

Meaning: God; My God

40. Eliseo

Meaning: Jehovah Is God

41. Elliot

Meaning: Old Welshman

42. Ember

Meaning: Hot Ashes

43. Erick

Meaning: Ever Kingly In Scandinavian Legend The Viking Sea Rover Ericson: (son Of Eric The Red) Landed On The Shores Of America 500 Years Before Christopher Columbus

44. Erik

Meaning: Ruler Of The People

45. Everleigh

Meaning: From Ever's MeaDow.

46. Ezequiel

Meaning: God Strengthens

47. Ezrah

Meaning: Help 5th Century BC Jewish Priest And Scholar Ezra Wrote Three Biblical Books And Began Compiling And Cataloging The Hebrew Scriptures That Later Formed The Old Testament

48. Eithan

Meaning: Variant Of Ethan; The Name Means Powerful & Firm

49. Elio

Meaning: Variant OfElliot; Which Is Derived From The Biblical Prophets Name Elijah; Meaning The Lord Is My God

50. Ensley

Meaning: An Emotional Woman

51. Enza

Meaning: Pioneer; Sacrificer; Respectability

52. Easharpreet

Meaning: Lover Of God

53. Eeri

Meaning: Peaceful Island Ruler

54. Ed

Meaning: Wealthy Guard

55. Esmail

Meaning: God Hears

56. Earnest

Meaning: Serious Minded

57. Eoghann

Meaning: Young; Youth

58. Epifanio

Meaning: Manifestation Of God

59. Erdem

Meaning: Virtuous

60. Eldridge

Meaning: Aged Counselor

61. Endre

Meaning: One Who' S Riding Alone

62. Egidius

Meaning: Youthful

63. Elizeus

Meaning: Truely; Inventive; Beautiful

64. Ehsaan

Meaning: Favour; Good

65. Eid

Meaning: Festival; Day Of Celebration

66. Eshan

Meaning: In God Grace; WorthyBalance

67. Ephraim

Meaning: Bearing Fruit

68. Ever

Meaning: Unclear

69. Eban

Meaning: Ebony; Black

70. Ebal

Meaning: Bare; Stony

71. Eigil

Meaning: Inspires Fright

72. Elvio

Meaning: Blond

73. El Amin

Meaning: Trustworthy

74. Elja

Meaning: My God Is Yahweh

75. Eumenio

Meaning: Favorable

76. Ergin

Meaning: Ripe; Matured Or Seasoned;

77. Ehsan

Meaning: Kindness; Favour; Obligation; Compassion

78. Eemeli

Meaning: Rival; Challenger

79. Ellery

Meaning: Cheery; Humorous

80. Erlend

Meaning: Outsider Or Foreigner

81. Edan

Meaning: Like A Fire

82. Eder

Meaning: Flock

83. Eindride

Meaning: One Who' S Riding Alone

84. Eitan

Meaning: Cope With; Endure

85. Engelbert

Meaning: Brilliant Like An Angel

86. Eran

Meaning: Watchful

87. Ermolai

Meaning: Heap Of Stones

88. Esa

Meaning: God Delivers

89. Even

Meaning: Lucky; Happy

90. Ekamdeep

Meaning: Lightof Two Persons In Just One Baby

91. Ekodar

Meaning: Brother

92. Edrigu

Meaning: Famous Leader

93. Egann

Meaning: Fire

94. Eglah

Meaning: Heifer

95. Eliakim

Meaning: God Will Develop

96. Elihoreph

Meaning: God Of Harvest Time

97. Elihu

Meaning: My GoD Is He. Elihu Was A Young Man In The Biblical Book Of Job Who Gave Fiery Defense Of GoD's Righteousness.

98. Ephram

Meaning: Fruitful

99. Ethnan

Meaning: Hire; Reward

100. Eustis

Meaning: Fertile

101. Euston

Meaning: Heart

102. Evzenek

Meaning: Well Born

103. Eyfrod

Meaning: Farmed At Tongue

104. Eisun

Meaning: Competent; Capable

105. Ekaveer

Meaning: A King

106. Ehtiram

Meaning: Honour; Respect

107. Elián

Meaning: Fawn; Hind

108. Euryn

Meaning: Gold Trinket

109. Eusbio

Meaning: Pious

110. Extani

Meaning: One Who Is Not Like

111. Essra

Meaning: Helper

112. Eli El

Meaning: All Powerful

113. Eashar

Meaning: Good Person; Godly Person

114. Eli`Sha

Meaning: Noble

115. Eeshwak

Meaning: Lord Shiva

116. Evejeet

Meaning: Winning

117. Enakshit

Meaning: Eyes Of A Dear

118. Ehan

Meaning: Full Moon

119. Ezaan

Meaning: Obedient

120. Eckbert

Meaning: A Keen Edged Sword

121. Edmund

Meaning: Rich Guardian

122. Efrain

Meaning: Bearing Fruit

123. Ehud

Meaning: Allied

124. Eirik

Meaning: King Forever

125. Eldric

Meaning: Old And Rich Ruler

126. Emil

Meaning: Rival; Challenger

127. Eneas

Meaning: Praising

128. Erastus

Meaning: To Be Loving

129. Erol

Meaning: Man With Courage

130. Espen

Meaning: God Of Bears

131. Ewell

Meaning: Spring

132. Eagle

Meaning: Eagle

133. Eaton

Meaning: A Settlement Near A River

134. Eideard

Meaning: Wealthy Guard

135. Eiji

Meaning: The Second Born One

136. Ekewaka

Meaning: The Protector Or Guardian Of Riches Or Wealth

137. Eldred

Meaning: Aged Counselor

138. Elmer

Meaning: The Riverbank Where Elm Trees Grow

139. Eloi

Meaning: Chosen

140. Elroy

Meaning: The King

141. Eoin

Meaning: God Is Merciful

142. Ercole

Meaning: Hera' S Glory

143. Eustacio

Meaning: Bearing Fruit

144. Easharbir

Meaning: Brave AnD ' GoDly' GoDly Person

145. Ekagra

Meaning: Focused

146. Ekambaram

Meaning: Sky;

147. Eadig

Meaning: Blessed

148. Eairrsidh

Meaning: Truly Brave

149. Earwine

Meaning: White River

150. Ebo

Meaning: Born On Tuesday

151. Eckerd

Meaning: Sacred

152. Eddy

Meaning: Unresting

153. Edwyn

Meaning: Happy Friend

154. Efran

Meaning: Doubly Fruitful Form Of Hebrew Ephraim

155. Ekualo

Meaning: Wealthy Protector

156. Ellmelech

Meaning: God Is King

157. Elne

Meaning: Courage

158. Engres

Meaning: A Usurper

159. Enkoodabooaoo

Meaning: One Who Lives Alone

160. Erc

Meaning: Red

161. Erymanthus

Meaning: Son Of Apollo

162. Etan

Meaning: Steady; Strong

163. Ethbaal

Meaning: With Baal

164. Eubuleus

Meaning: Told Demeter About Her Daughter

165. Euryalus

Meaning: Taunted Odysseus

166. Everhardt

Meaning: Boar's Bravery.

167. Eyjolf

Meaning: Killed By Kari

168. Eiliar

Meaning: Friend Of The Tribe; Friend Of The People; One Who Is Beloved By The People ( Logo Ky Dost )

169. Eisuni

Meaning: Competent; Capable

170. Eghainathan

Meaning: God

171. Ekaant

Meaning: Solitary

172. Ekdant

Meaning: Another Name Of Lord Ganesha

173. Eijaz

Meaning: Blessings; Miracle

174. Eligh

Meaning: Variant Of Eli; The Name Means At The Top

175. Eyan

Meaning: Eyan Means God Is Kind

176. Ethyn

Meaning: A Alternative Of Ethan; This Name Is From The Old Testament And Meanslong Lasting And Solid

177. Eadbyrt

Meaning: A Wealthy Man

178. Elkana

Meaning: God Has Created; God

179. Engelberto

Meaning: Angle; Bright; Famous

180. Engjëlli

Meaning: Angel

181. Enion

Meaning: Anvil

182. Eriann

Meaning: One Who Ploughs

183. Errapol

Meaning: A Divine Healer

184. Euclydes

Meaning: Intelligent

185. Euryl

Meaning: Bright Gold

186. Eusebios

Meaning: Pious

187. Eusébio

Meaning: Pious

188. Evanus

Meaning: Born Of The Yew; Yahweh

189. Eze

Meaning: King

190. Emello

Meaning: Rival; Industrious

191. Ethon

Meaning: " Strong; Firm"

192. Esekial

Meaning: " God Strengthens"

193. Eliáš

Meaning: High

194. Ekow

Meaning: Born On Thursday

195. Eniola

Meaning: Wealthy; A Person Of Wealth

196. Elby

Meaning: Nobly Famous

197. Ehmad

Meaning: Admirable

198. Eli George

Meaning: Farming Man

199. Eli Xavier

Meaning: Bright; New House

200. Eliàn

Meaning: Sunbeam

201. Elona

Meaning: Oak Tree

202. Ecgwulf

Meaning: Smart; Enormous; Good Understanding

203. Eumir

Meaning: Genius; Good; Good Judger

204. Eashwera

Meaning: Successful; Joyful; Freedom Lover

205. Eekshith

Meaning: Lord Shiva

206. Elamurugu

Meaning: Young And Beautiful

207. Easah

Meaning: Prophet Name

208. Eadbald

Meaning: Affectionate; Inventive; Trustworthy

209. Ehrar

Meaning: Independent People

210. Ezath

Meaning: Respect

211. El Beth El

Meaning: The God Of Bethel [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name]

212. Ermano

Meaning: Noble Soldier

213. Eudendro

Meaning: Forest Of Many Trees

214. Esaijas

Meaning: God Is My Salvation

215. Esajas

Meaning: God Is Salvation

216. Eliohim

Meaning: Divinities

217. Eogain

Meaning: Well Born

218. Eiman

Meaning: Faith; Religion; Belief; Confidence

219. Emaaz

Meaning: Please

220. Edelmar

Meaning: Noble And Famous

221. Eilam

Meaning: Immortal; Forever; Eternal

222. Eilwyn

Meaning: Whitish

223. Elonso

Meaning: Fit For Battle

224. Emberto

Meaning: Of Great Acclaim

225. Emin

Meaning: Self-assured

226. Ender

Meaning: Scarce

227. Enrico

Meaning: Ruler Of The House

228. Ervins

Meaning: Noble Or Boar Friend

229. Esben

Meaning: God Of Bears

230. Evin

Meaning: God Is Merciful

231. Evron

Meaning: Bearing Fruit

232. Earl

Meaning: A Noted Warrior

233. Edsel

Meaning: Small Father

234. Edu

Meaning: Wealthy Guard

235. Eelis

Meaning: Yahweh Is My God

236. Egemen

Meaning: Superior

237. Eleazar

Meaning: My Helper Is God

238. Eliezer

Meaning: My Helper Is God

239. Ellison

Meaning: Yahweh Is My God

240. Elrick

Meaning: Wise King

241. Eluf

Meaning: Eternal Heir

242. Emeric

Meaning: Powerful Ruler

243. Emre

Meaning: Mate

244. Erasmus

Meaning: Dear Or Dearest

245. Erel

Meaning: I Will See God

246. Erez

Meaning: Cedar Tree

247. Ernst

Meaning: Serious Minded

248. Eros

Meaning: Carnal Love

249. Easharveer

Meaning: GoDs ' Warrior' Warrior

250. Eeswar

Meaning: Powerful; The Supreme God

251. Ehit

Meaning: Always Smiling

252. Eklavya

Meaning: Student Who Learned Bow By Watching

253. Esmaaeel

Meaning: Name Of Prophet

254. Ejaaz

Meaning: Miracle Astonishment

255. Eadwyn

Meaning: Valued

256. Ealuvig

Meaning: Ruler Of The Home

257. Eames

Meaning: Prosperous Protector

258. Earm

Meaning: Wretched

259. Ebedmelech

Meaning: Servant Of The King

260. Eben

Meaning: Stone

261. Edoardo

Meaning: Rich GuarDian'.

262. Eginhardt

Meaning: Strong With A Sword

263. Eilwen

Meaning: White-browed

264. Eimhin

Meaning: Swift

265. Elazaro

Meaning: God Has Helped

266. Eldrick

Meaning: Old Wise Ruler

267. Eldrid

Meaning: Wise Advisor

268. Elishama

Meaning: God Hears

269. Eliyahu

Meaning: The Lord Is My God

270. Elkanah

Meaning: God Has Created Famous Bearer: Elkanah; The Old Testament Father Of The Prophet Samuel

271. Ellder

Meaning: From The Elder Tree

272. Elpenor

Meaning: One Of ODysseus's Men.

273. Elrad

Meaning: God Rules

274. Elyakum

Meaning: God Will Develop

275. Emest

Meaning: Serious

276. Emile

Meaning: Industrious From The Roman Family Name Aemilius Famous Bearer: French Writer Emile Zola

277. Enosa

Meaning: Man

278. Eochaidh

Meaning: Horseman

279. Epaphroditus

Meaning: Devoted To Aphrodite

280. Ephrain

Meaning: Fertile

281. Erchanhardt

Meaning: Sacred

282. Erichthonius

Meaning: King Of Athens

283. Eudav

Meaning: Legendary Son Of Caradawg

284. Everard

Meaning: Strong Boar

285. Everild

Meaning: Boar Battle

286. Evoy

Meaning: Blond

287. Eystein

Meaning: Lucky

288. Eyvind

Meaning: Son Of Lodin

289. Eyazi

Meaning: Replacement; Something That Takes The Place Of Another Thing

290. Ephai

Meaning: Bird Like

291. Eidi

Meaning: One Who Celebrates; A Gift Received During Eid

292. Edhatu

Meaning: Born Of Wood; Fire; Happiness

293. Evayavan

Meaning: Swift; Granting Wishes

294. Ehsun

Meaning: Best; Better

295. Essa

Meaning: Variant Transcription Of ISA

296. Eian

Meaning: Variant Of John; And Often Spelled Ian; The Name Means God Is Good

297. Efe

Meaning: A Pet Form Of The Name Euphemia; Meaning To Speak Well

298. Efan

Meaning: A Alternative Of The Welsh Name Evan; Which Is The Welsh Form Of The Name John; Efan Means God Is Gracious And God Has Shown Favour

299. Eadbirt

Meaning: A Wealthy Man

300. Edlef

Meaning: Heir

301. Edor

Meaning: Good-looking

302. Edree

Meaning: Rich And Powerful

303. Edrich

Meaning: Rich And Powerful

304. Eghirt

Meaning: An Intelligent Man

305. Ejner

Meaning: Warrior Chief

306. Elladan

Meaning: Elf Man

307. Ellarea

Meaning: Cheerful

308. Enez

Meaning: Friend

309. Epefano

Meaning: Manifestation Of God

310. Erose

Meaning: Sexual Love; Desire

311. Errapal

Meaning: A Divine Healer

312. Esmelyng

Meaning: Esteemed; Loved

313. Esopo

Meaning: He Who Brings Good Luck

314. Espartaco

Meaning: He Who Plants

315. Estanislau

Meaning: Glory

316. Ethanail

Meaning: God Has Given Me Strength

317. Eufrasio

Meaning: He Who Uses Words Well

318. Eupilo

Meaning: Warmly Welcomed

319. Eurig

Meaning: War-like

320. Evencio

Meaning: Successful

321. Evo

Meaning: Yew

322. Ezykiel

Meaning: " God Strengthens"

323. Erlantz

Meaning: " To Glow; Shine; Sparkle"

324. Ebran

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

325. Elián

Meaning: Sunbeam

326. Enoc

Meaning: A Form Of Enoch

327. Exequiel

Meaning: God Is My Strength

328. Eilan

Meaning: Oak Tree

329. Efaz

Meaning: Best Amazing Neymar

330. Eliecer

Meaning: God Is His Constant Aid

331. Emeer

Meaning: Prince Or Treetop

332. Emon

Meaning: Starred

333. Eni

Meaning: A Der; A Flowing Stream

334. Ezriah

Meaning: Helper

335. Easton+

Meaning: East Settlement

336. Ebbie

Meaning: Father Of Light Or Stone Of Help

337. Ebby

Meaning: Father Of Light

338. Edam

Meaning: Man

339. Ederick

Meaning: Rich And Powerful

340. Edilberto

Meaning: Nobly Famous Bright

341. Elfred

Meaning: Elf Or Magical Counsel

342. Eli James

Meaning: Following After

343. Elisah

Meaning: God&#x; S Promise

344. Ellah

Meaning: True; Entire; Little Cinders

345. Ella Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

346. Elod

Meaning: Ancestor

347. Emmalia

Meaning: Rivalling; Imitating; Work

348. Enian

Meaning: Deep

349. Erdogan

Meaning: Brave; Warrior Hawk; Or Fighter

350. Eric Anthony

Meaning: This Name Means Highly Praiseworthy Or Priceless

351. Eric John

Meaning: God Is Merciful

352. Eri Oluwa

Meaning: Our God

353. Erran

Meaning: Eagle

354. Enelise

Meaning: Honesty; Sacrificer; Admirer

355. Eadbehrt

Meaning: Humanitarian; Healer; Intelligence

356. Eadberth

Meaning: Humanitarian; Healer; Intelligence

357. Eardnoth

Meaning: Music; Friendly; Dynamic

358. Ealdbehrt

Meaning: Optimistic; Peacemaker; Cheerful

359. Earconbert

Meaning: Hypersensitive; Strength; Highly Attractive

360. Ekacakra

Meaning: One Wheel; The Chariot Of The Sun

361. Ekaan

Meaning: Good

362. Enim

Meaning: Feeling; Adaptable; Noble

363. Earcna

Meaning: Sacrifice; Innovative; Powerful

364. Ewansiha

Meaning: Secrets Are Not For Sale

365. Ernard

Meaning: Strong; Brave As A Bear

366. El Elohe Israel

Meaning: God; The God Of Israel

367. Eerik

Meaning: Form Of Eric

368. Eikku

Meaning: Point Of A Sword

369. Eimel

Meaning: Foreigner; Stranger

370. Elkku

Meaning: Glory Place

371. Enne

Meaning: To Praise; One Who Is Praised

372. Ensi

Meaning: Perfect

373. Ervi

Meaning: Beautiful

374. Edenson

Meaning: Paradise; Delight

375. Easvan

Meaning: The Supreme Ruler

376. Eigneach

Meaning: Force

377. Einert

Meaning: Edge Of The Sword; Brave; Hardy

378. Ernhard

Meaning: Honourable; Brave

379. ElAmin

Meaning: Trustworthy

380. Emran

Meaning: Progress; Achievement

381. Ehtisham

Meaning: Modesty; Decency

382. Emad

Meaning: Confidence; Belief; Pillar

383. Ezaz

Meaning: Esteem; Title Of Honour; Award

384. Eanraig

Meaning: Ruler Of The House

385. Eberardo

Meaning: Courageous Like A Boar

386. Edson

Meaning: Son Of Eda

387. Eduard

Meaning: Wealthy Guard

388. Edvard

Meaning: Wealthy Guard

389. Efron

Meaning: A Singing Bird

390. Eggert

Meaning: As Strong As The Edge Of A Sword

391. Einhard

Meaning: The Hard Edge Of The Sword

392. Elek

Meaning: Defender Of Man

393. Elof

Meaning: Forever Inheritor

394. Enok

Meaning: Dedicated Or Faithful

395. Enos

Meaning: Mortal

396. Erardo

Meaning: Respectable And Courageous

397. Erroll

Meaning: Earl Or Nobleman

398. Essex

Meaning: From East Saxons

399. Estefan

Meaning: Man With Crown

400. Ethelbert

Meaning: Noble And Bright

401. Eton

Meaning: Coming From A River Settlement

402. Eugenio

Meaning: Of Noble Descent

403. Eckhart

Meaning: As Strong As A Keen Edged Sword

404. Edelhard

Meaning: Hardy But Noble

405. Edgardo

Meaning: Prosperity From The Spear

406. Edmundo

Meaning: Rich Guardian

407. Edvin

Meaning: Rich Or Wealthy Friend

408. Eetu

Meaning: Wealthy Guard

409. Einan

Meaning: Eyes

410. Eito

Meaning: A Very Wealthy Or Prosperous Person

411. Elmo

Meaning: A Helmet

412. Elon

Meaning: Oak Tree

413. Erland

Meaning: Outsider Or Foreigner

414. Erling

Meaning: Nobleman' S Offspring

415. Erving

Meaning: Noble Or Boar Friend

416. Erwin

Meaning: Noble Or Boar Friend

417. Evzen

Meaning: Of Noble Descent

418. Ewen

Meaning: Of The Yew Tree

419. Ezequias

Meaning: God Provides Strength

420. Eashav

Meaning: Special; Gifted;

421. Eckjeet

Meaning: The Onlyvictorious

422. Eha

Meaning: Lord Vishnu

423. Ekaagar

Meaning: One MinDeD, AbsorbeD In ' MeDitation' MeDitation Of One, One PointeD

424. Ekachakra

Meaning: (Son Of Kashyap)

425. Ekadant

Meaning: Single Tusked Lord; Lord Ganesh

426. Ekagar

Meaning: One MinDeD, AbsorbeD In ' MeDitation' MeDitation Of One, One PointeD

427. Ekamjot

Meaning: GoDs Light , ' Special' Special , One Light Of GoD

428. Ekamkar

Meaning: Only One ' Creator' Creator

429. Ekana

Meaning: Lord Vishnu

430. Ekanath

Meaning: King

431. Ekanga

Meaning: Bodyguard

432. Ekanjeet

Meaning: GoDs ' Triumph' Triumph

433. Ekanjot

Meaning: Onelightof God

434. Ekanpreet

Meaning: ' Love' Love For GoD

435. Ekantaraj

Meaning: Devoted Girl

436. Ekatma

Meaning: Oneself; Alone

437. Elavarasan

Meaning: Prince

438. Ernesh

Meaning: Sincere; Battle To The Death (1)

439. Eswaraditya

Meaning: Kind; Enormous; Dynamic

440. Eari

Meaning: Jung Karny Wala

441. Elaf

Meaning: Safety; Security

442. Eiwa

Meaning: Caring; Guardian

443. EIlis

Meaning: Jehovah Is God

444. Eadbard

Meaning: Rich Protector

445. Eadburt

Meaning: Wealthy

446. Eaden

Meaning: Delight

447. Early

Meaning: Noble Leader

448. Easau

Meaning: The Biblical Jesus Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet's Name.

449. Eburhard

Meaning: Boar HarD. OlD German, From 'ebur HarDu'.

450. Ecgfrith

Meaning: Name Of A King

451. Edlin

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Names Beginning With 'ED-'.

452. Edmon

Meaning: Prosperous Protector

453. Eferleah

Meaning: From Ever's MeaDow.

454. Efrat

Meaning: Honored

455. Eglon

Meaning: Calf-like

456. Eibhear

Meaning: Strong As A Boar

457. Eimar

Meaning: Swift

458. Ekekiela

Meaning: Powerful God

459. Eker

Meaning: Offspring

460. Ekhard

Meaning: Sacred

461. Ekron

Meaning: Emigration

462. Ekumena

Meaning: Wealthy Protector

463. Elbert

Meaning: Nobly Intelligent

464. Eldur

Meaning: From The Elder Tree

465. Elealeh

Meaning: God Has Ascended

466. Elmore

Meaning: Lives At The Elm Tree Moor

467. Elnaam

Meaning: God Is Delight

468. Elphin

Meaning: Legendary Son Of Gwyddno

469. Elwood

Meaning: From The Old Forest

470. Elyas

Meaning: The Biblical Elijah Is The English Language Equivalent

471. Emilian

Meaning: Excellent

472. Englbehrt

Meaning: Bright Angel

473. Eorl

Meaning: Chief

474. Ergyryad

Meaning: Legendary Son Of Caw

475. Ericson

Meaning: Son Of Eric 'ever Kingly.

476. Erwinek

Meaning: Boar-friend

477. Eryx

Meaning: In Ancient Greek Mythology; Eryx Was The Son Of Poseidon And Aphrodite

478. Esek

Meaning: Contention

479. Esmachiah

Meaning: Joined To The Lord

480. Estevan

Meaning: Crown

481. Ethelbald

Meaning: Name Of A King

482. Ethiopia

Meaning: Blackness; Heat

483. Eurypylus

Meaning: A Soldier Against Greece In The Trojan War

484. Eus

Meaning: Legendary Son Of Erim

485. Eusebio

Meaning: Worships Well

486. Eustatius

Meaning: Peaceful

487. Evelake

Meaning: Name Of A King

488. Evyn

Meaning: Variant Of A Gaelic Name Anglicized As John

489. Evza

Meaning: Well Born

490. Exton

Meaning: King RicharD The SeconD' Sir Pierce Of Exton.

491. Ezbon

Meaning: Working

492. Ezem

Meaning: Bone

493. Eihab

Meaning: To Bestow; To Give Freely; To Endow Someone With A Gift

494. Ewazi

Meaning: Substitute; Replacement; Something That Takes The Place Of Something Else

495. EleloheIsrael

Meaning: Mighty God Of Israel

496. Eilqar

Meaning: Oath; Promise; Treaty

497. Ekaatmaa

Meaning: Oneself; Alone

498. Ekatala

Meaning: Emperor; Single Beat

499. Elash

Meaning: Shining; A Horse Of The Sun

500. Ethan James

Meaning: Copied From Hebrew; Ethan From The Word Eitan Meaning Long-lived; And James Derived From Jacob; Meaningsupplanter