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Baby Boy names starting with F, baby Boy names starting with F of 2021, Modern baby Boy names starting with F of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With F

1. Francisco

Meaning: French Man

2. Finnley

Meaning: A Alternative Spelling Of The Name Finlay; Which Comes From The Surname Fionnlagh; Meaning White Or Fair Warrior

3. Finn

Meaning: Fair Or Light

4. Fisher

Meaning: Fisherman

5. Flynn

Meaning: Red Haired Or Red Complexioned

6. Forrest

Meaning: From The Woods

7. Francis

Meaning: French Man

8. Franco

Meaning: French Man

9. Felipe

Meaning: Friend Of Horses

10. Felix

Meaning: Happy

11. Fernando

Meaning: Brave Yet Peaceful

12. Finnegan

Meaning: A Descendent Of A Fair Haired Person

13. Fletcher

Meaning: One Who Feathers Arrows

14. Frank

Meaning: French Man

15. Franklin

Meaning: Free Owner Of Land

16. Frederick

Meaning: Calm Monarch

17. Fabian

Meaning: Bean Grower

18. Ford

Meaning: The Merry Wives Of WinDsor' A Gentleman Of WinDsor.

19. Forest

Meaning: Woods; Forest

20. Franky James

Meaning: Following After

21. Faberto

Meaning: Grower Of Beans

22. Floris

Meaning: Thriving

23. Faatih

Meaning: Shuro Krny Wala

24. Fumihiro

Meaning: Large Sentence

25. Faylak

Meaning: A Double-headed Arrow

26. Fabyen

Meaning: Bean Farmer

27. Fidèle

Meaning: Faithful

28. Frederic

Meaning: From The Old German Name Frithuric; Meaning Peaceful Ruler

29. Farajea

Meaning: Comfort

30. Feel

Meaning: Lucky; Happy; Successful

31. Forbe

Meaning: Prosperous One; Owner

32. Feradach

Meaning: Fair Fortunate

33. Fredan

Meaning: Peace

34. Farrugh

Meaning: Beautiful; Blessed

35. Finnian

Meaning: White Or Fair

36. Fiske

Meaning: Fish

37. Farbod

Meaning: Right

38. Faerwald

Meaning: Powerful Traveler

39. Franta

Meaning: Frenchman

40. Filadelfo

Meaning: Brotherly Love

41. Fileas

Meaning: He Who Loves Deeply

42. Farabi

Meaning: Attractive

43. Faragars

Meaning: Successful; Joyful; Freedom Lover

44. Faiad

Meaning: Charitable; Benevolent; Boon

45. Feelis

Meaning: Happy; Lucky

46. Fiacha

Meaning: Raven

47. Faqih

Meaning: Islamic; Legal Expert; Wise Man;

48. Fardeen

Meaning: Radiant

49. Fayaz

Meaning: Shah Kharch

50. Filippus

Meaning: Friend Of Horses

51. Franz

Meaning: Free

52. Fadlallah

Meaning: Favor Of Allah

53. Fischer

Meaning: Fischer Refers To A Person Who Fishes

54. Fabião

Meaning: Grower Of Beans

55. Farajy

Meaning: Comfort

56. Farald

Meaning: Mighty Traveler

57. Feeleep

Meaning: Lover Of Horses; Friend

58. Fiachre

Meaning: Resembling A Raven

59. Filademo

Meaning: Brotherly Love

60. Filat

Meaning: Guarded By God

61. Fyn

Meaning: Fair Haired Warrior

62. Faraday

Meaning: " Wood Man"

63. Firdus

Meaning: Paradise

64. Fio

Meaning: Of The Name " Fiore"

65. Fredderick

Meaning: A Peaceful Ruler

66. Fidaan

Meaning: Achiever; Peacemaker; More Attractive

67. Feraaz

Meaning: Sharpness

68. Fiaa

Meaning: Winner

69. Faradock

Meaning: Manly

70. Finloog

Meaning: The Name Of A Celtic God

71. Forannan

Meaning: Bishop Name

72. Faisal

Meaning: Decisive; Judge; Authority

73. Farees

Meaning: Braverer

74. Fariq Fareeq

Meaning: Lieutenant General

75. Fazal

Meaning: Excellence; Superiority; Reward; Grace;

76. Fazil

Meaning: Excellent; Generous; Praiseworthy; Righteous; Superior; Virtuous

77. Firas

Meaning: Skilled Horseman; Skilled Rider

78. Firoz

Meaning: Gift

79. Fahkir

Meaning: Proud

80. Fakhruddin

Meaning: Pride Of The Faith; One Who Makes The Muslims Proud With His Achievements

81. Faqeelat

Meaning: Magnified; Knowledge; Goodness

82. Faraasat

Meaning: Perception; Discernment; Sagacity; Understanding; Insight

83. Fouz

Meaning: Victory; Success

84. Fitz

Meaning: Son Or Male Descendant

85. Flip

Meaning: Friend Of Horses

86. Frode

Meaning: Enlightened Or Wise

87. Fedor

Meaning: Powerful Ruler Of The People

88. Feng

Meaning: Peak; Summit

89. Feofan

Meaning: Epiphany Or Disclosure

90. Flavian

Meaning: Golden-haired

91. Freedman

Meaning: A Servant Who Has Been Freed

92. Frisco

Meaning: French Man

93. Frodo

Meaning: Enlightened By Life' S Experience

94. Farzaad

Meaning: €œhigh-born”; €œhigh-status”; €œexalted”

95. Faleen

Meaning: Fertile

96. Fayadh

Meaning: Generous Liberal

97. Ferdinando

Meaning: ADventurer'.

98. Fergal

Meaning: Brave

99. Fionn

Meaning: Small Blond Soldier

100. Fortinbras

Meaning: Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark' Prince Of Norway.

101. Fraine

Meaning: Foreigner

102. Fredek

Meaning: Merciful Leader

103. Freystein

Meaning: Rock Hard

104. Farood

Meaning: Unique; Peerless; Singular

105. Fabianno

Meaning: Grower Of Beans

106. Faerchyld

Meaning: A Fair-haired Child

107. Faniel

Meaning: Joyful; Glad

108. Farajey

Meaning: Comfort

109. Faramir

Meaning: Sufficient Jewel

110. Faulkes

Meaning: Falcon

111. Ferares

Meaning: A Blacksmith

112. Fidalio

Meaning: Faithful

113. Filelio

Meaning: He Who Is Trustworthy

114. Finchi

Meaning: Finch Bird

115. Fitzgibon

Meaning: The Son Of Gibson

116. Flabio

Meaning: Yellow-haired; Blond

117. Flynte

Meaning: A Stream

118. Frerik

Meaning: Peaceful Ruler

119. Fyrin

Meaning: A Wicked Man

120. Fidencio

Meaning: Trusting; Fearless

121. Faz

Meaning: Unusal Intelligent And Kind

122. Fazaan

Meaning: Ruler; Also Spelt As Fazan

123. Freawine

Meaning: Passionate; Extremely Sensitive; Intelligence

124. Fazlulhaq

Meaning: Bounty Of The Truth

125. Fairose

Meaning: Precious Stone; Turquoise

126. Fayas

Meaning: Extremely Generous

127. Fitah

Meaning: Right Direction

128. Filippu

Meaning: Horse Of Lover

129. Fahamni

Meaning: Mohammed

130. Fahimo

Meaning: Goldest

131. Famyato

Meaning: Epic

132. Feeak

Meaning: Eagle

133. Feidlim

Meaning: Ever Good

134. Fiacc

Meaning: Eagle

135. Fiachach

Meaning: Raven; Battle King

136. Fakhirah

Meaning: Splendid; Elegant

137. Falak

Meaning: The Sky; High; Sphere; The Heaven; Asman

138. Farkhandah

Meaning: Happy; Lucky

139. Fatim

Meaning: A Man Worthy Of Utmost Praise

140. Fida

Meaning: Be Devoted; Be Sacrifice; Love Passionately;

141. Faakhir

Meaning: Proud; Excellent

142. Fadil

Meaning: Generous; Honorable; Superior

143. Fahd

Meaning: Cheetah

144. Fahyim

Meaning: Very Clever

145. Faisal Faysal

Meaning: Decisive

146. Fajaruddin

Meaning: The First

147. Fakeeh

Meaning: Cheerful

148. Fakhir

Meaning: Proud; Esteemed; Honourable; Respectable

149. Fakhr

Meaning: Pride; Something To Feel Proud About

150. Fakhri

Meaning: Honorary; Glorious; Proud

151. Faraj Farraj

Meaning: Relief; Freedom From Grief

152. Fareed

Meaning: Unique; Alone;

153. Farid

Meaning: Unique

154. Farid Fareed

Meaning: Unique; Rare

155. Faris

Meaning: Horse Rider; Knight Man; Ghur Savar; Warrior; Hero

156. Farwah

Meaning: Name Of A Few Of The Companions

157. Fattah

Meaning: Conqueror; Victor

158. Fayaaz

Meaning: Kind & Generous; Gracious

159. Fayek

Meaning:  extraordinary; Sublime; Excellent

160. Faysal

Meaning: Decisive

161. Fayyad

Meaning: Overflowing; Generous

162. Ferran

Meaning: Baker

163. Fikri

Meaning: Thought; Ideas

164. Faaiq

Meaning: Superior; Excelling; Excellent; Surpassing

165. Faaris

Meaning: Horseman; Rider; Knight; Cavalier; Hero; Strong; Iron

166. Faheel

Meaning: Achi Kismat Wala

167. Fahmeed

Meaning: To Intellect

168. Fakher

Meaning: PRIDE

169. Fakhitah

Meaning: A Dove; A Ringed Turtledove; The Name Of A Sahabiyyah

170. Farahat

Meaning: Joys; Delights

171. Farakhsyed

Meaning: Advice

172. Farakhzad

Meaning: Best Beets

173. Fardan

Meaning: Bemisaal

174. Farht

Meaning: Wisdom

175. Farkhi

Meaning: Fortunate

176. Farooqe Azam

Meaning: GreatestIntending; Determining; Resolved On; Applying The Mind To An Undertaking

177. Farooqi

Meaning: Hazrat Umar Attributed To

178. Fatash

Meaning: Searcher

179. Fazlullah

Meaning: God’ S Bounty; God’ S Excellence; God’ S Generosity; Meaning That The Person Named Such Is A Gift From God

180. Fehmeed

Meaning: Wise; Intelligent; Understanding

181. Ferghan

Meaning: A Wave Of Spacious Vessels Music

182. Firasah

Meaning: Perspicacity; Acumen

183. Furqan

Meaning: Evidence; Proof; Distinction Between Truth And False; The Title Name Of Holy Quraan;

184. Fuzail

Meaning: Excellent; Praiseworthy; Generous

185. Fai

Meaning: Initial; Beginning

186. Farnham

Meaning: Meadow With Ferns

187. Faustino

Meaning: Fortunate

188. Faustus

Meaning: Fortunate

189. Federico

Meaning: Calm Monarch

190. Felipinho

Meaning: Friend Of Horses

191. Filibert

Meaning: Very Bright

192. Fitzhugh

Meaning: Son Of Hugh

193. Fredrick

Meaning: Calm Monarch

194. Fabio

Meaning: Bean Farmer

195. Falcon

Meaning: Falcon Keeper

196. Falit

Meaning: Productive

197. Faraji

Meaning: Solace

198. Fargo

Meaning: Cobbler Or Shoe Maker

199. Farley

Meaning: Fern Covered Clearing

200. Farouk

Meaning: Distinguishing Between Right And Wrong

201. Faulkner

Meaning: Keeper Of Falcons

202. Feisal

Meaning: Judge

203. Felman

Meaning: Living In The Mountains

204. Fife

Meaning: From Fife

205. Frang

Meaning: French Man

206. Fritz

Meaning: Calm Monarch

207. Fakeer

Meaning: A Saintly Person, ' Devotee' Devotee

208. Fairuz

Meaning: Variant Of Arabic Fayruz, Meaning 'turquoise.'

209. Fabek

Meaning: Bean Farmer. Famous Bearer: 50's Singer Fabian.

210. Fadeyka

Meaning: Brave

211. Faegan

Meaning: Joyful

212. Faran

Meaning: Advances

213. Farmon

Meaning: Traveler

214. Felten

Meaning: Field Town

215. Fenuku

Meaning: Born Late

216. Feodras

Meaning: Stone

217. Festus

Meaning: Festive; Joyful

218. Fineen

Meaning: Fair Birth; Handsome

219. Fionnlagh

Meaning: Fair-haired Soldier

220. Firman

Meaning: Decree Edict

221. Fitz Gilbert

Meaning: Son Of Gilbert

222. Fjall

Meaning: From The Rough Hill

223. Florent

Meaning: Flower

224. Forseti

Meaning: Son Of Balder

225. Fortunatus

Meaning: Fortunate

226. Frasco

Meaning: Free

227. Frashegird

Meaning: Wonderful

228. Frederik

Meaning: Merciful Leader

229. Frewyn

Meaning: Noble Friend

230. Fulhert

Meaning: From The Old German Filibert; Meaning Very Bright

231. Fazlurrahman

Meaning: The Most Majestic; The Most Merciful

232. Faalan

Meaning: Productive; One Who Does Many Works

233. Falihi

Meaning: Successful; Winner

234. Foroud

Meaning: Arrival

235. Faizeen

Meaning: Honest

236. Fin

Meaning: Copied From The Irish Meaning White Or Fair Fin Is A Form Of The Name Finnley Meaning Fair Warrior

237. Finly

Meaning: The Meaning Of Finly Is Fair Warrior Or Fair Hero

238. Fabby

Meaning: Grower Of Beans

239. Fabe

Meaning: Grower Of Beans

240. Fabianus

Meaning: Grower Of Beans

241. Fabián

Meaning: Grower Of Beans

242. Fad

Meaning: Savior

243. Falakie

Meaning: An Astronomer

244. Farajee

Meaning: Comfort

245. Farajie

Meaning: Comfort

246. Faraman

Meaning: Family Man

247. Fayard

Meaning: Strong Magician

248. Fazeal

Meaning: Superior

249. Festis

Meaning: Holiday

250. Filander

Meaning: Lover Of Mankind

251. Filarete

Meaning: Fisherman

252. Flaide

Meaning: One Who Keeps To Himself

253. Flambeau

Meaning: Blazing Fire

254. Flen

Meaning: Red One; Son Of The

255. Forb

Meaning: Prosperous One; Owner

256. Fordan

Meaning: Ford; Shallow River

257. Fraen

Meaning: Stranger

258. Fralee

Meaning: A Friar

259. Fredd

Meaning: Peaceful Ruler

260. Furle

Meaning: Origin Is Italian

261. Fakruddin

Meaning: Pride Of Religion

262. Fernán

Meaning: Daring; Adventurous

263. Fionnan

Meaning: Fair; Bright White; Light-hued

264. Fira

Meaning: Fiery

265. Farajallah

Meaning: Philosopher; Careful; Beautiful

266. Fauja

Meaning: Army General

267. Feilding

Meaning: From The Field

268. Fitela

Meaning: Spiritual; Helper; Intuitive

269. Frashagar

Meaning: Resurrector

270. Farrkhi

Meaning: Happiness

271. Fazelrabi

Meaning: Bounty Of My Lord

272. Faian

Meaning: Trust; Belief

273. Faihaan

Meaning: Fragrant

274. Faijaan

Meaning: King

275. Fazamedo

Meaning: Army

276. Fiyaan

Meaning: Independent

277. Feeli

Meaning: Happy; Lucky

278. Feerti

Meaning: Peace; Boldness Journey

279. Feeti

Meaning: Peaceful Ruler

280. Fretu

Meaning: King Of Peace

281. Fatimo

Meaning: Based Of The True Storey

282. Furhan

Meaning: Cheerful

283. Fedacch

Meaning: Attempt; Try

284. Fedelmid

Meaning: Bright; Shiny; Evergood; Beauty

285. Fithel

Meaning: A Goblin; A Sprite

286. Firuz Or Piruz

Meaning: Victor; Successful

287. Faiqah

Meaning: Surpassing; Excellent

288. Farqad

Meaning: Name Of A Star

289. Fawz

Meaning: Success; Salvation

290. Fadi

Meaning: One Who Sacrifices Himself To Help Others; Gallant; Self-sacrificing; Heroic

291. Fadl

Meaning: Favor; Surplus

292. Faeq

Meaning: Surpassing; Excellent

293. Faiz

Meaning: Victorious; Good Influence; Favour; Beneficence

294. Faizan

Meaning: Grace; Favour; Good Influence;

295. Fakhr Al Din

Meaning: Pride Of The Faith; Someone Whose Virtue And Accomplishments Make The Muslims Proud

296. Fakih

Meaning: Legal Expert; One Who Recites The Quran

297. Faraj

Meaning: Comfort; Ease; Happy Outcome; Relief

298. Farasat

Meaning: Wise; Sagacity; Intuition;

299. Faraz

Meaning: Wide; Open; Lofty; High;

300. Farhan

Meaning: Merry; Gay; Happy; Khushi;

301. Farooq

Meaning: One Who Can Tell About Right And Wrong;

302. Faruq Farooq

Meaning: One Who Distinguishes Truth From Falsehood

303. Fathi

Meaning: One Who Guides Others; One Who Begins

304. Fatik

Meaning: Crystal; Brave; Bold;

305. Fatin Fateen

Meaning: Clever; Smart

306. Fawwaz

Meaning: Most Successful

307. Fawzan

Meaning: Successful; Salvation

308. Feroz

Meaning: Lucky

309. Fouad Fuad

Meaning: Heart

310. Faakih

Meaning: Aik Sahabi Ka Naam

311. Faazil

Meaning: (Faadil); An Accomplished Person ; A Scholar

312. Faid

Meaning: Faida Dany Wala

313. Faizi

Meaning: Pious; Liberal

314. Faizullah

Meaning: Plenty And Bounty From God

315. Fakhruddawlah

Meaning: Glory Of Kingdom State

316. Fakir

Meaning: A Saintly Person; Saint

317. Faliq

Meaning: Creator; One That Divides Into Two

318. Fani

Meaning: Free

319. Faoz

Meaning: Success; Victory; Advantage; Gain; Salvation

320. Faqeer

Meaning: Poor Sufi Mendicant

321. Faraaz

Meaning: (Persian) Ascent; Height; Elevation Adj High; Aloft; Exalted; Lofty; Exalting; Elevating; Ascend

322. Farez

Meaning: Eloquent; Rhetoric; Achi Guftago Mein Kamal Hasil Hona;

323. Farhad

Meaning: Suitor; Paramour; A True And Pure Lover;

324. Farih

Meaning: Happy; Full Of Joy

325. Fariz

Meaning: Promising; Determined

326. Farjam

Meaning: Conclusion; End Result; Destiny

327. Farmanullah

Meaning: Order Of God

328. Farzad

Meaning: Splendid Birth

329. Farzam

Meaning: Befitting; Worthy; Top Most; Superior;

330. Fasikh

Meaning: Successful; Bounty; Bliss; Blessing

331. Fateh

Meaning: Conquest; Triumph

332. Fatir

Meaning: Maker; Creator; Bring Into Being;

333. Fazaal

Meaning: Bohat Deny Wala

334. Fazalah

Meaning: Name Of The Father Of Anas And Munis Whom The Prophet PBUH Sent As Scouts To Watch Quraysh Movements At Badr

335. Fazer

Meaning: Wide Path

336. Faziuddin

Meaning: Bounty Of Religion (Islam)

337. Ferman

Meaning: Command; Obedient; Superior;

338. Fidvi

Meaning: Qurbaan Honay Wala

339. Fragh

Meaning: Relax

340. Frasat

Meaning: Knowledge

341. Furoogh

Meaning: Splendour; Light; Brightness

342. Falkner

Meaning: One Who Hunts With Falcons

343. Faramond

Meaning: Journey

344. Faridoon

Meaning: The Third Child

345. Farzin

Meaning: Wise; Intelligent

346. Faust

Meaning: Fortunate

347. Feliks

Meaning: Happy

348. Ferdinand

Meaning: Brave Yet Peaceful

349. Ferguson

Meaning: Vigorous Man

350. Fernao

Meaning: Brave Yet Peaceful

351. Ferris

Meaning: Man Of Vigor

352. Fielding

Meaning: Pasture Made By Clearing A Forest

353. Filipe

Meaning: Friend Of Horses

354. Finch

Meaning: Breeder Or Seller Of Finches

355. Firuz

Meaning: Fatah Karny Wala

356. Flemming

Meaning: From Flanders In Normandy

357. Frantisek

Meaning: French Man

358. Fraser

Meaning: From A Strawberry Growing Area

359. Frederico

Meaning: Calm Monarch

360. Fulbright

Meaning: Extremely Famous

361. Fabrizio

Meaning: Skilled Worker

362. Fairman

Meaning: A Good Looking Man

363. Fane

Meaning: Man With Crown

364. Fawcett

Meaning: From A Flowery Location

365. Fayyaad

Meaning: Generous

366. Feri

Meaning: French Man

367. Filib

Meaning: Friend Of Horses

368. Filip

Meaning: Friend Of Horses

369. Fitzgerald

Meaning: Son Of A Powerful Ruler

370. Fleetwood

Meaning: From An Insignificant Village Called Fleet

371. Forbes

Meaning: From A Field

372. Frans

Meaning: French Man

373. Fred

Meaning: Calm Monarch

374. Fredrik

Meaning: Calm Monarch

375. Free

Meaning: Born A Free Man

376. Freeman

Meaning: A Servant Who Has Been Freed

377. Friedrich

Meaning: Calm Monarch

378. Fanish

Meaning: Lord Shiva; The Cosmic Serpent Shesh

379. Fatehbir

Meaning: Thevictoriousbrave

380. Fatehpal

Meaning: Victoriousprotector

381. Fatehroop

Meaning: EmboDiment Of ' Victory' Victory

382. Fenil

Meaning: Foamy

383. Firdausi

Meaning: Heavenly

384. Farqalit

Meaning: One Who Distinguished Between Truth And False; Such Aur Jhoot Ka Farak Bataney Wala;

385. Ferdows

Meaning: Paradise

386. Fardis

Meaning: Paradise

387. Farjaad

Meaning: Excellent; Eminent In Learning

388. Farshad

Meaning: Happy

389. Farrokh

Meaning: Happy; Fortunate

390. Foroohar

Meaning: Essence

391. Farshid

Meaning: Happy

392. Farzeen

Meaning: Intelligent; Wise; Zaheen

393. Fabiyan

Meaning: Bean Farmer

394. Fadlullah

Meaning: The Excellence Of God

395. Faerrleah

Meaning: From The Bull's Pasture.

396. Fahrice

Meaning: Craftsman

397. Fardoragh

Meaning: Dark-skinned Man

398. Farhaan

Meaning: Merry Gay

399. Farnleigh

Meaning: Fern Field

400. Faroqh

Meaning: Truth

401. Farquar

Meaning: Dear One

402. Farquarson

Meaning: Dear One

403. Farquhar

Meaning: From The Gaelic Fearchar, Meaning 'frienDly Man' Or 'very Dear One'. Famous Bearer: An Early King Of ScotlanD.

404. Farrun

Meaning: English Surname

405. Fauiki

Meaning: Little Trees

406. Fayne

Meaning: Joyful

407. Fearghus

Meaning: Courageous Man

408. Fedele

Meaning: Faithful

409. Fehin

Meaning: Little Raven

410. Feichin

Meaning: Little Raven

411. Feliciano

Meaning: Happy

412. Ferke

Meaning: Free

413. Ferrill

Meaning: Brave Man

414. Fidele

Meaning: Faith; FaithfulFamous Bearer:Fidel Castro; Ruler Of Cuba

415. Finghin

Meaning: Fair Birth; Handsome

416. Fionnlaoch

Meaning: Small Blond Soldier

417. Firth

Meaning: Arm Of The Sea

418. Fitzadam

Meaning: Son Of Adam

419. Flin

Meaning: Son Of A Red-haired Man

420. Fluellen

Meaning: King Henry V' Officer In The King's Army.

421. Flyn

Meaning: Son Of A Red-haired Man

422. Foma

Meaning: Twin

423. Fonsie

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Alfonso

424. Frantik

Meaning: Frenchman

425. Fraomar

Meaning: Name Of A King

426. Frewin

Meaning: Free Friend; Noble Friend

427. Fyren

Meaning: Wicked

428. Fulaihan

Meaning: Successful

429. Furaij

Meaning: Relief; Removal Of Fear And Sadness

430. Fuzailan

Meaning: Excellent; Praiseworthy; Generous

431. Fuhaid

Meaning: Little Leopard

432. Faakhiree

Meaning: Honorary

433. Fintan

Meaning: From Irish Mythology; Meaning White Fire Or White Bull According To Legend Fintan Was The Only Man To Survive The Great Flood

434. Fredie

Meaning: Copied From The Name Frederick (English); Meaning Desiring Peace And Peaceful Ruler

435. Finnlay

Meaning: Varient Of The Name Finlay Meaning Fair Warrior

436. Faddis

Meaning: One Who Keeps To Himself

437. Faddiss

Meaning: One Who Keeps To Himself

438. Faddys

Meaning: One Who Keeps To Himself

439. Faebian

Meaning: Grower Of Beans

440. Faerbairn

Meaning: A Fair-haired Boy

441. Faigan

Meaning: Little Fiery One

442. Fakhrid Din

Meaning: Pride Of Religion

443. Falach

Meaning: Heaven

444. Falake

Meaning: An Astronomer

445. Falakea

Meaning: An Astronomer

446. Falaky

Meaning: An Astronomer

447. Fasel

Meaning: Judge; Arbiter

448. Fateek

Meaning: Crystal

449. Fathea

Meaning: Prosperity

450. Feodore

Meaning: Gift Of God

451. Feofil

Meaning: Friend Of God; Loved

452. Ferdenando

Meaning: Peace Through Bravery

453. Fidelo

Meaning: Faithful

454. Finchee

Meaning: Finch Bird

455. Finchie

Meaning: Finch Bird

456. Firdah

Meaning: A Brave Man

457. Fitzsymon

Meaning: The Son Of Simon

458. Fiyas

Meaning: An Artistic Man

459. Flaeda

Meaning: One Who Keeps To Himself

460. Flag

Meaning: A Patriotic Man

461. Fleuri

Meaning: Flower

462. Fluri

Meaning: Flourishing

463. Foli

Meaning: A Creative Man

464. Fonz

Meaning: Noble And Ready

465. Fordai

Meaning: Ford; Shallow River

466. Fraeleigh

Meaning: A Friar

467. Fraelie

Meaning: A Friar

468. Frean

Meaning: Stranger

469. Frecka

Meaning: One Who Is Bold

470. Frod

Meaning: Wise

471. Frost

Meaning: One Who Is Cold

472. Fry

Meaning: A Father' S Offspring

473. Fryderky

Meaning: Peaceful Ruler

474. Fudale

Meaning: Of High Moral Character

475. Fudayle

Meaning: Of High Moral Character

476. Furdah

Meaning: A Brave Man

477. Fyron

Meaning: A Wicked Man

478. Fyrth

Meaning: Woodland

479. Fiyaz

Meaning: Artistic

480. Floranus

Meaning: Flourishing; Flower

481. Fahri

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

482. Fanis

Meaning: Warrior Of Gold

483. Fatehveer

Meaning: Brave Winner

484. Fenn

Meaning: A Marsh; Fen

485. Froilan

Meaning: Rich And Beloved Young Master

486. Fenno

Meaning: Finnish Tribe

487. Fer Rell

Meaning: Hero Or Man Of Courage

488. Filomeno

Meaning: Loving

489. Fionntan

Meaning: White-haired

490. Fulan

Meaning: Fragrant Orchid

491. Fionnbhar

Meaning: Fair Headed

492. Fiam

Meaning: Comedy

493. Fudaili

Meaning: Achiever; Supreme; Good Judger

494. Fasih Ur Rahman

Meaning: Eloquent

495. Fannvci

Meaning: Caring; Master Of Their Own Destiny; Charisma

496. Feolomaer

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star

497. Faele

Meaning: Friendly; Dedicator; Elegant

498. Fakar

Meaning: Proud

499. Faulconer

Meaning: Falcon Trainer

500. Frealaf

Meaning: Creative; Educated; Confidence