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Baby Girl names starting with F, baby Girl names starting with F of 2021, Modern baby Girl names starting with F of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With F

1. Flora

Meaning: Flower - A Nature Name

2. Fatima

Meaning: Name Of Holy Prophet' S Youngest Daughter; Sacred; Pure

3. Fatima

Meaning: Accustom; Daughter Of The Prophet

4. Faith

Meaning: Trusting; Believing

5. Fernanda

Meaning: On A Daring Trip

6. Fiona

Meaning: Fair; White

7. Francesca

Meaning: Woman From France

8. Fallon

Meaning: Leader' S Daughter

9. Felicity

Meaning: Filled With Happiness

10. Frances

Meaning: Woman From France

11. Freya

Meaning: Beloved; Goddess Of Love

12. Faye

Meaning: Fairy Also A; Meaning: Confidence; Trust; Belief

13. Freyja

Meaning: Norse Goddess Of Love And Fertility

14. Fuensantea

Meaning: Holy Fount

15. Fyllis

Meaning: Foliage; Green Branch

16. Finkeev

Meaning: Beautiful; Fair

17. Fysha

Meaning: Victorious; Successful

18. Fusaylah

Meaning: Some Distance

19. Fanila

Meaning: Able; Worthy

20. Firouzeh

Meaning: Turquoise

21. Fullah

Meaning: A Baby That Has Been Weaned Off Breast Milk

22. Favour

Meaning: Faye; A Pet Form Of Favour Is Of Old English Origin Meaning Fay; Fairy

23. Feral

Meaning: Wild; Untameable;

24. Furaihaat

Meaning: Happy; Joyous

25. Faigel

Meaning: Bird

26. Forogh

Meaning: Brightness

27. Faiza

Meaning: Victorious; Winner

28. Fajyaz

Meaning: Artistic

29. Frankie Jean

Meaning: God Is Merciful

30. Flaca

Meaning: Adventure; Emotional; Highly Attractive

31. Faalguni

Meaning: The Day Of The Full Moon In The Hindu Month Of Phaalgun Which Falls Between February And March

32. Fuleshwari

Meaning: Garden Of Flowers

33. Fakeehah

Meaning: Cheerful

34. Falaknaz

Meaning: Sky

35. Faria

Meaning: Khush Haal Khatoon; Rehem-dil Aur Pyar Karnay Wali

36. Femida

Meaning: Wise

37. Fakhar

Meaning: Pride; Fame; Jewellery; Excellence; Nobility

38. Fiza

Meaning: Breeze

39. Fumnaya

Meaning: Give Me Love

40. Firouzah

Meaning: Turquoise

41. Farhannah

Meaning: Glad; Joyful

42. Fabea

Meaning: Grower Of Beans

43. Firdawsi

Meaning: Garden Of Paradise

44. Floramaria

Meaning: Flower; Blossom

45. Fracisca

Meaning: French

46. Fabeeha

Meaning: Fortunate; Good Deed

47. Feba

Meaning: Source Of Light

48. Fiyanshi

Meaning: A Beautiful Angle

49. Fanchea

Meaning: Free

50. Fionnabair

Meaning: White Ghost

51. Fadeelah

Meaning: Superiority

52. Faiqa

Meaning: Extraordinary; Superb; Excellent

53. Farha

Meaning: A Happy Occasion

54. Farizah

Meaning: Arch

55. Faryat

Meaning: Delightful Sun-shine

56. Fathiya

Meaning: Joy; Happiness; New Begining

57. Fatin

Meaning: Wisdom; Sagacity; Smart;

58. Fazia

Meaning: Successful; Victorious

59. Feerozah

Meaning: A Precious Stone Daughter Of Al-Mazfar; She Was A Scholar; Narrator Of Hadith And A Very Righteous Woman; She Wrote A Book Of HadithAl-Arbaeen Riwayat As-salihat An As-salhiheen

60. Fiddah

Meaning: Silver

61. Fikriyah

Meaning: Intellectual

62. Firdaws

Meaning: Highest Garden In Paradise

63. Firdowsa

Meaning: Highest Garden Of Paradise

64. Firyal

Meaning: Old Arabic Name

65. Fahminda

Meaning: The Discernment

66. Fizza

Meaning: Silver; Ibn Abu Mawdood; A Narrator Of Hadith Had This Name

67. Furaiah

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabiyah; Her Second Name Was Faari‘ah

68. Fidelity

Meaning: Loyalty; Devotedness

69. Flower

Meaning: Like A Flower

70. Fanni

Meaning: Woman From France

71. Filomena

Meaning: Strong Love

72. Fleta

Meaning: Crying

73. Foolan

Meaning: Flowering; Blooming; Flower

74. Fawzah

Meaning: Success; Win

75. Firoza

Meaning: Turquoise (a Blue-green Precious Stone Used In Jewelry)

76. Fadyaa

Meaning: Sacrificing

77. Faekah

Meaning: Wise

78. Fakhta

Meaning: Dove

79. Famida

Meaning: Intelligent And Wise

80. Fareefta

Meaning: Devotee; Lover

81. Farhina

Meaning: Happiness

82. Fariba

Meaning: Charming; Enticing

83. Farishta

Meaning: Angel

84. Fides

Meaning: Faithful

85. Fardanah

Meaning: Unique

86. Fuadah

Meaning: Heart; Spirit; Conscience

87. Franchesca

Meaning: A Alternative Of The Name Frances MeaningFrenchwoman Or Free One

88. Frayer

Meaning: A Derivative Of The Name Freya; Which Means Mistress Or Lady Used In English; German And Scandinavian Languages

89. Fabel

Meaning: Story

90. Faide

Meaning: Usefulness

91. Falace

Meaning: A Delicate And Beautiful

92. Fanchette

Meaning: Frenchwoman; Free One

93. Farena

Meaning: Wanderer

94. Firenza

Meaning: From Florence; Italy

95. Freasea

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is Latin

96. Faiga

Meaning: Outstanding

97. Farasha

Meaning: Butterfly

98. Firoozah

Meaning: Turquoise

99. Farahath

Meaning: Liveliness

100. Fionee

Meaning: White; Fair

101. Farah

Meaning: Lovely; Pleasant; Beautiful; Good Looking;

102. Faraza

Meaning: Success; Height

103. Farhah

Meaning: Lively

104. Farhana

Meaning: Happy; Joyful; Cheerful

105. Farihah

Meaning: Brisk; Swift

106. Faseelah

Meaning: Some Distance

107. Fayha

Meaning: Fragrant

108. Fazzilet

Meaning: Blessings Of Allah

109. Fateenah

Meaning: Intelligent

110. Fakeeaha

Meaning: Happy; Khush Rahny Wali

111. Fehmeeda

Meaning: Keen; Knowledgeul; High Intelligence

112. Feza

Meaning: Silver

113. Franciszka

Meaning: Woman From France

114. Faajal

Meaning: AccomplisheD, Bountiful ' Meaning Having Grace' Grace

115. Faal

Meaning: Oracle; Fruit

116. Falguni

Meaning: The Day Of The Full Moon In The Hindu Month Of Phaalgun Which Falls Between February And March; Born In Falgun

117. Fenna

Meaning: Guardian Of Peace

118. Fatema

Meaning: One Sucking Her Mother's Milk

119. Fauqiyah

Meaning: High Grade

120. Fayrooz

Meaning: Turquoise

121. Fazia

Meaning: Successful; Victorious

122. Feheema

Meaning: Intelligent; Judicious; Learned; Erudite Fem Of Faheem

123. Forhana

Meaning: Happy; Ecstatic

124. Forouzandah

Meaning: Radiant; Brilliant; Figuratively It Means Beautifier’ ; Adorner

125. Faatin

Meaning: Captivating

126. Fahada

Meaning: Leopardess

127. Falina

Meaning: Cat Like; Latin Origin

128. Farhi

Meaning: Happy; Joyous; Content

129. Farnaz

Meaning: Glorious Beauty

130. Farwa

Meaning: Aurat Ka Sarband; Taj; Maaldari; Tandurusti Lughvi Matlab (from Arabic Dictionary) Balon Kay Sath Sir Ki Khaal

131. Fainche

Meaning: Free

132. Fannie

Meaning: Free;

133. Fayth

Meaning: Faithful

134. Faythe

Meaning: Confidence; Trust; Belief

135. Filberta

Meaning: Brilliant

136. Findabair

Meaning: Mythical Daughter Of Medb

137. Francene

Meaning: Meaning 'From France' Or 'free One'.

138. Francine

Meaning: From France Or 'free One.' Feminine Of Francis. Famous Bearers: British Novelist Frances Burney AnD Actress Frances Kemble.

139. Farradah

Meaning: Jeweler; A Person Who Sells Jewelry

140. Furjah

Meaning: Relief; Rescue; Comfort; Literally Removal Of Sadness; End Of Worry

141. Farihat

Meaning: Happy; Joyful

142. Fikraat

Meaning: Thoughts; Ideas; Concepts

143. Fareen

Meaning: Blessed; Fortunate; Great; Glorious ( Zaberdast; Umda; Azeem )

144. Faranah

Meaning: Butterfly

145. Francessca

Meaning: Originated In The Italian Language; Francessca Means Free One Or Frenchwoman And Is A Derivative Of Frances

146. Fraya

Meaning: Fraya; Meaning Of Lady Or Mistress It Was Also The Name Of The Mythological Norse Goddess Of Love And Beauty

147. Faryl

Meaning: Copied From The Name Farrell; Faryl Means Superior Man Or Heroic

148. Fabah

Meaning: Grower Of Beans

149. Fabeea

Meaning: Grower Of Beans

150. Fabiah

Meaning: Grower Of Beans

151. Falac

Meaning: Resembling A Star

152. Falack

Meaning: Resembling A Star

153. Falean

Meaning: Cat-like

154. Fanaka

Meaning: Prosperity

155. Fateama

Meaning: Chaste (one Who Abstains)

156. Fayane

Meaning: Faith

157. Fenche

Meaning: Resembling The Bird

158. Feodoriya

Meaning: Gift Of God

159. Fieke

Meaning: Wisdom

160. Firea

Meaning: A Feisty And Passionate

161. Florazel

Meaning: A Young Woman In Bloom

162. Fradis

Meaning: Woman Of Freyr

163. Fradys

Meaning: Woman Of Freyr

164. Fraeda

Meaning: Joy; White; Fair; Blessed

165. Frodeene

Meaning: Wise Friend

166. Fiora

Meaning: " White; Fair"

167. Fancy

Meaning: French

168. Fion

Meaning: White Shoulder

169. Fional

Meaning: White Shoulder

170. Frederieke

Meaning: " Peaceful Ruler"

171. Fritha

Meaning: Beloved

172. Fayah

Meaning: Fay; Fairy

173. Farangiz

Meaning: A Female Character In Shahnamah

174. Fateena

Meaning: Smart; Clever

175. Febbie

Meaning: One Who Shines

176. Fanaa

Meaning: Being Sacrificed

177. Faranaaz

Meaning: Leader; Loyal

178. Florika

Meaning: A Person Who Like To Be In A Group

179. Femal

Meaning: Young Beautiful

180. Felcitta

Meaning: Innovative; Domestic; Intelligence

181. Fereshtah

Meaning: Angel

182. Faarah

Meaning: Happiness; Cheerfulness; Glory

183. Fanaz

Meaning: Greatnesh; Highness In Status

184. Ferang

Meaning: Free Or From France

185. Frydryka

Meaning: Peaceful Ruler

186. Fadiyah

Meaning: Redeemer; Self Sacrificing

187. Faeezah

Meaning: Leader

188. Fahdah

Meaning: Leopardess

189. Fairuzah

Meaning: A Precious Gem

190. Faiza

Meaning: Victorious; Successful

191. Faizah

Meaning: Successful; Winner

192. Fakhriyah

Meaning: Honorary

193. Fakhtah

Meaning: A Dove

194. Fanan

Meaning: Tree Branch Or Twig

195. Fareess

Meaning: Life

196. Farhanah

Meaning: Happy

197. Farheen

Meaning: Jubiliant; Aqal O Fehem Wali

198. Fariah

Meaning: Fariah Or Furayah Was The Name Of A Female Companion; Daughter Of Maalik Bin Sanan Al-Ansari And Sister Of Abu Saeed Al-Khudri She Was Called By Either Name

199. Farida

Meaning: Unique; Alone

200. Fatimah

Meaning: Name Of Holy Prophet' S Youngest Daughter; Sacred; Pure;

201. Fawziyah

Meaning: Successful

202. Fayruz

Meaning: Turquoise

203. Firdaus

Meaning: Jannat; Highest Garden In Paradise

204. Firdous

Meaning: Firdous

205. Farrukh

Meaning: Beautiful; Happy; Fortunate;

206. Faaizah

Meaning: Successful; Prosperous; Victorious

207. Fahmeedah

Meaning: (Persian); Intelligent; Wise

208. Farakh

Meaning: Secure; Wide; Spacious

209. Farani

Meaning: Luminosity; Sunshine; Dawn Break; Light;

210. Fataha

Meaning: To Help

211. Fatira

Meaning: Regeneratrix

212. Fawzy

Meaning: Triumphant; Victorious; Successful

213. Fazilat

Meaning: Superiority; Height

214. Ferheen

Meaning: Pleasure; Joy; Cheerfulness; Glad

215. Feroza

Meaning: Prosperity; Turquoise Blue; Fortunate;

216. Firdousi

Meaning: The Firdous

217. Fitrat

Meaning: Nature; Creation

218. Fizzah

Meaning: Silver; Wealth; Profit; Chaandi

219. Fanny

Meaning: Woman From France

220. Feriha

Meaning: Joyous Woman

221. Firenze

Meaning: Thriving

222. Flavia

Meaning: Golden-haired Woman

223. Frida

Meaning: Woman Of Peace

224. Fryderyka

Meaning: Calm Monarch

225. Furaha

Meaning: Delight

226. Farrin

Meaning: Glorified

227. Fen

Meaning: Scent

228. Ferdinanda

Meaning: On A Daring Trip

229. Flo

Meaning: Like A Flower

230. Flossie

Meaning: Thriving

231. Feni

Meaning: Which Meaning Is Name

232. Fenny

Meaning: Cool

233. Firaki

Meaning: Fragrance

234. Forum

Meaning: Fragrance

235. Freyal

Meaning: Name;

236. Fasiya

Meaning: A Gentle Woman

237. Faten

Meaning: Tempting

238. Fathia

Meaning: Victory

239. Fayona

Meaning: Beautiful; Pretty

240. Fazeela

Meaning: High Degree Of Excellence; Eminent; Superiority; Merit; Perfection; Outstanding; Virtue; Excellence; Knowledge

241. Fikriya

Meaning: Wise

242. Fikriyyah

Meaning: Thoughtful; Intelligent

243. Fudayl

Meaning: Learned; Scholar

244. Funoon

Meaning: Variety; Art

245. Fuseelah

Meaning: Name Of A Narrator Of Hadith Who Transmitted From Her Father; Wasilah Bin Al-Asqa RA Who From The Prophet PBUH

246. Faaiza

Meaning: Successful One; Winner

247. Fadheela

Meaning: Virtue

248. Fadhila

Meaning: Virtuous

249. Fadiya

Meaning: Savior; Sincere; Sacrificing

250. Fahmedah

Meaning: Intelligent; Wise

251. Faiha

Meaning: Vast Landscape; Open Expanse Of Land; Scenic Vista

252. Fakhriya

Meaning: Proud; Honorary; Glory; Pride (for Noble Cause); Fem Of Fakhri

253. Falahat

Meaning: Welfare; Benefit

254. Famya

Meaning: Good Fame

255. Farin

Meaning: Glorified

256. Farisha

Meaning: Light; Roshni; Noor

257. Farkhondah

Meaning: Happy; Joyous

258. Farzanah

Meaning: Wise

259. Farahnaz

Meaning: Joy

260. Faline

Meaning: In Charge

261. Farica

Meaning: Tranquil Leader

262. Felisha

Meaning: Happy Feminine Of Felix

263. Ferike

Meaning: Meaning Free

264. Ferryn

Meaning: Adventurous

265. Fidelia

Meaning: Meaning Faithful. From 'fiDelis'.

266. Fifine

Meaning: May Jehovah Add Addition (to The Family) A Feminine Form Of Joseph

267. Florinda

Meaning: The Mythological Roman GoDDess Of Flowers. From 'floris' Meaning Flower. Famous Bearers: Scottish Heroine Flora MacDonalD HelpeD Bonnie Prince Charlie.

268. Fotina

Meaning: Free

269. Frideborg

Meaning: Tranquil Aide

270. Fronda

Meaning: Leafy Branch

271. Fyfa

Meaning: From Fifeshire

272. Faahima

Meaning: Perceptive; Intelligent; Capable Of Understanding

273. Faridaa

Meaning: Unique; Peerless

274. Farhatah

Meaning: Happiness; Joy; Contentment

275. Fateemat

Meaning: A Baby That Has Been Weaned Off Breast Milk

276. Fadhiya

Meaning: Gorgeous

277. Florance

Meaning: Of Latin Origin Meaning Blossoming; Flourishing Also The Name Of A Famous Italian City

278. Francesa

Meaning: Derives From The Italian Name Frances Meaing Frenchwoman Or Free One

279. Faan

Meaning: Fawn

280. Fabeah

Meaning: Grower Of Beans

281. Faede

Meaning: Usefulness

282. Fallace

Meaning: A Delicate And Beautiful

283. Fanah

Meaning: One Who Provides Light

284. Faunie

Meaning: One Who Loves Nature

285. Fawlk

Meaning: A Respected Woman

286. Fawsta

Meaning: Lucky; Auspicious

287. Fayana

Meaning: Faith; Fay; Fairy

288. Feechey

Meaning: A Woman Who Worships

289. Felícia

Meaning: Lucky; Happy; Successful

290. Fench

Meaning: Resembling The Bird

291. Fenne

Meaning: Peace; Protection; Safety

292. Ferelith

Meaning: Used Chiefly In The English Language

293. Feye

Meaning: Fay; Fairy

294. Fiena

Meaning: Small Fawn

295. Finah

Meaning: -

296. Finat

Meaning: Resembling A Deer

297. Findabaere

Meaning: Having Fair Eyebrows

298. Fire

Meaning: A Feisty And Passionate

299. Firee

Meaning: A Feisty And Passionate

300. Flameanah

Meaning: A Pious Woman

301. Fluffeah

Meaning: A Fun-loving Young Woman

302. Fluffy

Meaning: A Fun-loving Young Woman

303. Fraedys

Meaning: Woman Of Freyr

304. Fridda

Meaning: Peaceful Ruler

305. Fuensantah

Meaning: Holy Fount

306. Fuensantiya

Meaning: Holy Fount

307. Fuenta

Meaning: Holy Fount

308. Fukaina

Meaning: Knowledgeable

309. Fukana

Meaning: Knowledgeable

310. Furea

Meaning: An Enraged Woman

311. Fylla

Meaning: Has Its Origins In The Old Norse Language

312. Freia

Meaning: Lady

313. Fahari

Meaning: Magnificent

314. Fancey

Meaning: French

315. Fanika

Meaning: Tree

316. Firoja

Meaning: Stone

317. Frayda

Meaning: Joy 

318. Faya

Meaning: Fairy; Fay

319. Fiyona

Meaning: Pale; Fair; Beautiful; Lovely

320. Fridah

Meaning: Precious Pearl Or Gem; Matchless

321. Faraah

Meaning: Joy

322. Febie

Meaning: Shining; Radiant; Bright

323. Ferah

Meaning: Beautiful

324. Fiona Maria

Meaning: Bitter Or Sea Of Bitterness; Tamanna Aur Chaahat Karnay Wali

325. Fioni

Meaning: Fair; Pale

326. Fardina

Meaning: Justified Love; Love; Decorated; Justified

327. Fazeetha

Meaning: Moon

328. Floarea

Meaning: Flower

329. Fakhata

Meaning: A Good Sparkle Of Dust

330. Fiyanshu

Meaning: Great Angel

331. Faaeqa

Meaning: Awake; Outstanding

332. Fridaws

Meaning: Highly Competitive; Confidence; Studious

333. Fridiswid

Meaning: Feeling; Great Humanity; Hard Worker

334. Fridayweed

Meaning: Individualistic; Emotional; Powerful

335. Freadeyweed

Meaning: Emotional; Entertainer; Strong

336. Febriyani

Meaning: Spiritual; Helper; Intuitive

337. Franchesca Catalon

Meaning: Mankind; Great Lover; Optimistic

338. Ferwaa

Meaning: Interest

339. Farudah

Meaning: Stay

340. Fabayo

Meaning: A Lucky Birth Brings Joy

341. Faaeza

Meaning: Successful; Victorious

342. Faarisa

Meaning: Beautiful; Smart; Kind

343. Faizah Faiza

Meaning: Victorious; Winner

344. Famai

Meaning: Bliss; Princess; Blessed

345. Fazeelath

Meaning: Virtue; Excellence; Good Traits

346. Finaz

Meaning: Highness In Status; Winner

347. Firdusi

Meaning: Heavenly; Of Paradise

348. Frasha

Meaning: Beautiful; Butterfly

349. Frelashia

Meaning: Propspure And Clever

350. Fazaide

Meaning: Princess; Bliss

351. Filania

Meaning: Loving Mankind

352. Faranghis

Meaning: A Female Character From Shahnameh?

353. Fridegerd

Meaning: Woman Of Freyr

354. Fadilah

Meaning: Distinguished; Learned

355. Fadheela

Meaning: Virtuous; Outstanding; Superior; Cultured And Refined

356. Fadwa

Meaning: Self-sacrifice; Gallantry; Heroism

357. Faheemah

Meaning: Intelligent (Aqalmand; Zaheen)

358. Fakihah

Meaning: Fruit

359. Falisha

Meaning: Joy; Happiness

360. Faqirah

Meaning: Name Of A Beautiful Woman (wife Of Murrah Al-Asadi)

361. Fareedah

Meaning: Unique Precious Gem

362. Faridah

Meaning: Unique; Matchless; Precious Gem

363. Fareeda

Meaning: Unique; Matchless; Precious Pearl Or Gem

364. Farzana

Meaning: Intelligent; Wise; Wisdom

365. Faseehah

Meaning: Eloquent

366. Fatinah

Meaning: Captivating; Alluring; Enchanting

367. Fauzia

Meaning: Triumphant; Victory; Successful;

368. Fila

Meaning: Lover; Muhabbat Karny Wali

369. Fir

Meaning: A Sharp Weapon

370. Faadilah

Meaning: (Faazilah); Accomplished; Virtuous; A Female Scholer

371. Faakirah

Meaning: Elegant; Splendid; Proud

372. Faarihah

Meaning: A Swift She-camel

373. Fabeha

Meaning: ( Khush Qismat ; خوش قسمت )

374. Faghir

Meaning: Champa Ka Phool

375. Fahemah

Meaning: Intelligent; Aqal Mand

376. Fakhira

Meaning: Splendid; Elegant; Bragging; Rare;

377. Farazeen


378. Fari

Meaning: Tall; Towering; Lofty

379. Fasla

Meaning: Knowledge And Wisdom

380. Fauqia

Meaning: Height; Superiority

381. Fazeelah

Meaning: Excellence; Merit; Virtue; Quality

382. Fazila

Meaning: Excellence; Honour; Preference;

383. Ferhana

Meaning: Happy; Cheerful; Leading A Comfortable Life;

384. Feroazia

Meaning: Height

385. Fabiola

Meaning: Lovely Bean

386. Fleur

Meaning: Like A Flower

387. Flick

Meaning: Filled With Happiness

388. Floella

Meaning: Like A Flower

389. Frangag

Meaning: Woman From France

390. Franny

Meaning: Woman From France

391. Freda

Meaning: Counsel Of Elves

392. Fulvia

Meaning: Blonde-haired

393. Fatemah

Meaning: One Who Abstains

394. Fay

Meaning: Little Fairy

395. Febe

Meaning: Brightest Of Women

396. Felicidad

Meaning: Filled With Happiness

397. Filipina

Meaning: Friend Of Horses

398. Fionola

Meaning: One With A Fair Shoulder

399. Floretta

Meaning: Like A Flower

400. Frantiska

Meaning: Woman From France

401. Funda

Meaning: Heather

402. Faloni

Meaning: In Charge

403. Foolwati

Meaning: Delicate As A Flower

404. Foram

Meaning: Fragrance

405. Freny

Meaning: Foreigner

406. Friya

Meaning: Beloved; Goddess Of Love

407. Fullan

Meaning: Flowering; Blooming; Flower

408. Fullara

Meaning: (Wife Of Kalketu)

409. Fattana

Meaning: Extremely Beautiful; Charming; Captivating

410. Fawziyyah

Meaning: Winner; Successful

411. Faza

Meaning: Open And Extensive Area (plane); Bloom; Spring

412. Fazluna

Meaning: A Flower In The Desert

413. Feerouzah

Meaning: Turquoise

414. Fidda

Meaning: Arabic Name Meaning 'silver.'

415. Filza

Meaning: A Rose From Heaven

416. Forouzan

Meaning: Shining; Twinkling

417. Fozia

Meaning: Successful And Victorious

418. Faariha

Meaning: Happy; Glad; Delighted; Cheerful; Joyful Fem Of Farih

419. Fahhaamat

Meaning: Very Understanding; Extremely Sympathetic

420. Faihaa

Meaning: Garden

421. Fairooza

Meaning: A Precious Gem

422. Falaki

Meaning: Celestial; Heavenly

423. Faqiha

Meaning: Jurist; Expert; Scholar In Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence); Fem Of Faqih

424. Fareeda

Meaning: Unique; Alone

425. Farrah

Meaning: Variant Of Arabic Farah, Meaning 'joy.'

426. Fariya

Meaning: Khush-haal Khatoon

427. Fabiha

Meaning: Gifted

428. Farideh

Meaning: Precious; Unique

429. Farzaneh

Meaning: Wise

430. Ferazia

Meaning: Elevated; Lofty; High; Tall

431. Farina

Meaning: Ameer Khatoon

432. Faatinah

Meaning: Captivating Alluring Enchanting Fascinating Charming

433. Fadheeler

Meaning: Virtue Excellence

434. Faeiqa

Meaning: Superb Excellent

435. Fahmeeb

Meaning: Wise Understanding

436. Fairoza

Meaning: Turquoise Precious Stone

437. Fama

Meaning: Rumor

438. Fanya

Meaning: Free

439. Faoiltiama

Meaning: Wolf Lady

440. Farryn

Meaning: Adventurous

441. Fayre

Meaning: Beautiful

442. Felda

Meaning: From The Field

443. Filipa

Meaning: Loves Horses

444. Firtha

Meaning: Arm Of The Sea

445. Fleda

Meaning: Swift

446. Florencia

Meaning: Flowering Blooming

447. Floss

Meaning: The Mythological Roman GoDDess Of Flowers. Diminutive Of Florence: From 'florentius' Or 'florentia', Meaning Flowering Or Flourishing. Famous Bearer:.

448. Francie

Meaning: Modern Variants Of Frances Meaning From France Or Free One

449. Francina

Meaning: Meaning 'From France' Or 'free One'.

450. Frederika

Meaning: From The Old German Name Frithuric; Meaning Peaceful Ruler

451. Fredrica

Meaning: From The Old German Name Frithuric; Meaning Peaceful Ruler

452. Friedegard

Meaning: Tranquil Leader

453. Fronde

Meaning: Leafy Branch

454. Furina

Meaning: Furies

455. Fahmideh

Meaning: Learned; Knowledgeable; Wise

456. Fawwazaa

Meaning: Successful; Winner

457. Faitahah

Meaning: Right Guidance

458. Furaihat

Meaning: Happy; Joyous

459. Fikriyaa

Meaning: Thoughtful; Perceptive; Intelligent

460. Fuhaidaa

Meaning: Female Cheetah

461. Farhaa

Meaning: Beautiful; Attractive

462. Fazar

Meaning: Female Leopard

463. Farshidah

Meaning: Great Radiance

464. Fearne

Meaning: Copied From The English Plant Fearn; It Became Popular In 19th Century Literature

465. Faeda

Meaning: Usefulness

466. Fagheera

Meaning: Resembling The Jasmine

467. Fagira

Meaning: Resembling The Jasmine

468. Fahamu

Meaning: Intelligence

469. Faim

Meaning: A Renowned Woman Who

470. Falda

Meaning: Folded Wings

471. Falsette

Meaning: A Fanciful Woman

472. Fateem

Meaning: Chaste (one Who Abstains)

473. Fauni

Meaning: One Who Loves Nature

474. Fawlke

Meaning: A Respected Woman

475. Fawnah

Meaning: Fawn

476. Faydra

Meaning: Bright

477. Fea

Meaning: Arising From The Dark

478. Feathyr

Meaning: Feather

479. Feechea

Meaning: A Woman Who Worships

480. Feechee

Meaning: A Woman Who Worships

481. Feena

Meaning: Small Fawn

482. Feina

Meaning: Derived From Spanish Origins

483. Femeese

Meaning: One Who Desires Love

484. Fenel

Meaning: White Shoulder

485. Feodosia

Meaning: Giving To God

486. Ferdinande

Meaning: Peace Through Bravery

487. Ferni

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is English

488. Ferra

Meaning: Pleasant; Lovely One

489. Fewshia

Meaning: Purplish Red

490. Fidanka

Meaning: Sapling

491. Fidelitee

Meaning: Faithful

492. Fifeeah

Meaning: Born On A Friday

493. Flaeme

Meaning: A Passionate And Fiery

494. Flaer

Meaning: Literally; To Give Off A Sense Of Smell; To Be Fragrant

495. Flic

Meaning: Good Luck; Good Fortune

496. Flicka

Meaning: Lucky; Happy; Successful

497. Flieder

Meaning: A Flowering Shrub

498. Fliora

Meaning: Flower; Blossom

499. Flirt

Meaning: A Playfully Romantic

500. Flirtea

Meaning: A Playfully Romantic