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Baby Girl names starting with G, baby Girl names starting with G of 2021, Modern baby Girl names starting with G of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With G

1. GraceLynn

Meaning: Grace Has Come To Meet Poise And Beauty; And Originally It Was Tied To The Latin Meaning Gods Goodness -- Or Grace -- As Well As An Appreciation For GodSome Say Gracelyn Means Grace By The Lake Because Lynn Refers To A Lake

2. Grace

Meaning: Elegant And Graceful Woman

3. Guinevere

Meaning: Woman Of White Magic

4. Gwen

Meaning: Blessed Bow

5. Gabriela

Meaning: God' S Bravest Woman

6. Galilea

Meaning: Born In Galilee

7. Genesis

Meaning: The Beginning

8. Georgina

Meaning: Farming Woman

9. Gia

Meaning: God Is Merciful

10. Gianna

Meaning: God Is Merciful

11. Giovanna

Meaning: God Is Merciful

12. Giselle

Meaning: Oath

13. Gwendolyn

Meaning: Blessed Bow

14. Gabrielle

Meaning: God' S Bravest Woman

15. Genevieve

Meaning: Leader Of The Tribe

16. Georgia

Meaning: Farming Woman

17. Gloria

Meaning: Woman Of Glory

18. Greta

Meaning: Pearl

19. Gabriella

Meaning: An Angel

20. Gemma

Meaning: Jewel Or Gem Famous Bearer: Italian Saint Gemma Gaigani; Actress Gemma Craven

21. Giana

Meaning: God Is Gracious

22. Giuliana

Meaning: Young

23. Goldie

Meaning: The Precious Metal Gold Gilded Famous Bearer: American Actress Goldie Hawn

24. Gracie

Meaning: Favor; Blessing The Three Mythological Graces Were Nature Goddesses: Aglaia: (brilliance); Thalia: (flowering); And Euphrosyne:

25. Gracelyn

Meaning: Grace Has Come To Meet Poise And Beauty It Was Derived From The Latin For Gods Goodness -- Or GraceSome Say Gracelyn Means Grace By The Lake Because Lynn Refers To A Lake

26. Ghaabah

Meaning: The Forest

27. Gomitra

Meaning: Friend Of Cow

28. Gesina

Meaning: Rice; Wheat; Ears Of

29. Glorianne

Meaning: Glory

30. Genoa

Meaning: Knee

31. Guddan

Meaning: Wisdom; Faith

32. Giradevi

Meaning: Precious Gold Coin; The Goddess Of Speech

33. Gul Nain

Meaning: Like Bowl Eyed

34. Ghamis

Meaning: Rare Thing

35. Ghazeerah

Meaning: Soft & Delicate

36. Ghatola

Meaning: Tulip

37. Gaury

Meaning: Another Name Of Parvathi Means Yellowish White

38. Giovonna

Meaning: Yahweh Is Merciful Gracious

39. Gunamakal

Meaning: Respected Daughter

40. Ganakshi

Meaning: Desire; Want (1)

41. Ginnie

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Virginia

42. Gunhild

Meaning: Battle In War

43. Geethanjali

Meaning: Collection Of Pomes Ir Song; Tagores Poems Which Got Nobel Prize; An Offering Of Songs

44. Gayantika

Meaning: Singing

45. Gyovan

Meaning: God Is Gracious

46. Gul Bahar

Meaning: Rose Spring

47. Ganjbakhsh

Meaning: Treasurer

48. Ghunghroo

Meaning: Sound Ornament For Leg

49. Gobnet

Meaning: Express

50. Gormflaith

Meaning: Illustrious Princess

51. Ganasree

Meaning: Good Behaviour; Lord Ganesha

52. Ghunyah

Meaning: Indispensible

53. Ghaiba

Meaning: Paddy Swim; Swim Kush

54. Ghana

Meaning: Wealth; Profit; Gain; Music; Song;

55. Ghashmira

Meaning: Generosity; Liberty; Munificence;

56. Gulbasham

Meaning: Flower JESSMINE

57. Ginger

Meaning: Ginger Woman

58. Gunborg

Meaning: Helping In War

59. Gittan

Meaning: Powerful; Strong

60. Giuseppina

Meaning: God Raises

61. Gladys

Meaning: Woman Of The Land

62. Gyda

Meaning: God Is Gorgeous

63. Ghadah

Meaning: Gentle; Soft; Delicate

64. Gerde

Meaning: Guarded

65. Grid

Meaning: A Wife Of Odin

66. Gunna

Meaning: White

67. Gwendolen

Meaning: Of The White Brow

68. Grecia

Meaning: Literally Means; Greece; Full Of Grace

69. Gitaem

Meaning: One Who Works The Wine

70. Gweirful

Meaning: Completely Shy

71. Grisell

Meaning: " Grey Battle"

72. Grace Ann

Meaning: Time; Occasion; Now; This Moment

73. Grace Anastasia

Meaning: Resurrection

74. Godeleva

Meaning: Captain; Good; Graceful

75. Gunadevi

Meaning: Goddess Of Art

76. Gamanvitha

Meaning: Beautiful

77. Gamana

Meaning: Mover

78. Gobnata

Meaning: Variant Of Gobnait

79. Ghareebah

Meaning: Strange; Foreign

80. Ghaziyah

Meaning: Female Warrior

81. Ghizlan

Meaning: Gazelles

82. Ghufayrah

Meaning: This Was The Name Of A Very Pious Woman Who Kept Vigil In The Night

83. Ghazara

Meaning: Gift

84. Ghaziya

Meaning: Female Warrior

85. Ghibtah

Meaning: She Was The Daughter Of Amer Al-Mujashaiyah; She Was A Narrator Of Hadith

86. Guljan

Meaning: Flowers Life (Phool Si Jan; Phool Ki Hayat)

87. Gulrez

Meaning: Garden; Shedding Flowers;

88. Gizi

Meaning: Oath

89. Gamila

Meaning: Gorgeous Woman

90. Gertrude

Meaning: The Strongest Spear

91. Gilah

Meaning: Joyful; Delighted

92. Guadalupe

Meaning: From Wolf' S River

93. Gopikashri

Meaning: Cowherd; Cowherd Woman (1)

94. Galila

Meaning: Variant Of Arabic Jalila, Meaning 'greatness.'

95. Ghassana

Meaning: Youthful And Pretty Girl

96. Guita

Meaning: World; Universe; A Kind Of A Song;

97. Galenia

Meaning: Small Intelligent One

98. Gianina

Meaning: God Is Gracious

99. Giuditta

Meaning: Praised

100. Gorawen

Meaning: Joy

101. Gracia

Meaning: Grace

102. Golsheed

Meaning: Sun-like Flower; Sunflower; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful And Radiant

103. Gunashree

Meaning: Good Look

104. Gasha

Meaning: Kind; Good

105. Gemelle

Meaning: Twin

106. Genalyn

Meaning: Lady Of The People

107. Geraldeen

Meaning: Spear Rule

108. Ghisele

Meaning: Pledge; Hostage

109. Gimbeyah

Meaning: Princess

110. Gitah

Meaning: Song

111. Glynice

Meaning: Holy; Fair One

112. Golana

Meaning: Refuge

113. Goldarina

Meaning: Golden-haired; Fair-haired

114. Greekria

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is Varied

115. Greekriana

Meaning: Of Various Origins

116. Gregorya

Meaning: Vigilant

117. Guillerma

Meaning: Will; Desire; Helmet

118. Geradine

Meaning: Of Geraldine; Spear Brave

119. Gina Marie

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

120. Given

Meaning: Hill Or Heights

121. Gokce

Meaning: Sky Goddess; Ruler Of The Sky; Celestial

122. Grace Elizabeth

Meaning: God Is My Oath

123. Greenwood

Meaning: Green Wood

124. Gabinka

Meaning: God Is My Strength

125. Gul Izar

Meaning: Rosy-cheeked

126. Ghomti

Meaning: Name Of A River

127. Ghudan

Meaning: Early Morning

128. Ghaaliba

Meaning: Victor

129. Geemy

Meaning: Independent; Enthusiasm; Admirer

130. Ghunsa

Meaning: Bud

131. Gul Chehrah

Meaning: Rose - Cheeked

132. Gul Bahar

Meaning: Rose Spring

133. Gazaid

Meaning: Happiness

134. Guiliaine

Meaning: Pleasant Oath

135. Ganashri

Meaning: One With Great Knowledge

136. Gurdevi

Meaning: Goddess Of God

137. Ghalibah

Meaning: Dominant

138. Ghaydaa

Meaning: Young And Delicate

139. Ghitbah

Meaning: She Was A Narrator Of Hadith

140. Ghusun Ghusoon

Meaning: Branches Of A Tree

141. Gulab

Meaning: Pyara Phool; Rose; Flower

142. Gauher

Meaning: Pearls

143. Getiara

Meaning: The World Grooms

144. Ghadia

Meaning: Morning Cloud; Subh Kay Baadal Jesi

145. Ghais

Meaning: Rain

146. Ghaleem

Meaning: Has Arrived Puberty

147. Ghaliba

Meaning: Victor; A Person Who Wins A Fight Or Competition

148. Ghamza

Meaning: Gestures

149. Ghasna

Meaning: Bud; Blossom

150. Ghuncha

Meaning: Bunch Of Flowers

151. Ghusn

Meaning: Branch; Twig; Sing Of Ghusoon

152. Gulala

Meaning: Gorgeous

153. Guleen

Meaning: One With Beautiful Smile

154. Gulgona

Meaning: RED STUFF

155. Gulrang

Meaning: Rose-coloured

156. Gulsana

Meaning: Unbelievable Flower

157. Galia

Meaning: Born In Waves

158. Gerd

Meaning: Enclosed

159. Gessica

Meaning: One Who Can Foresee

160. Gyorgyi

Meaning: Farming Woman

161. Gizella

Meaning: Oath

162. Griet

Meaning: Pearl

163. Gaangi

Meaning: Sacred; Pure; Comparable To The Ganges; Another Name For Durga; ***; Another Name For Durga

164. Ganamurthi

Meaning: Name Of A Raga

165. Gandhalika

Meaning: Fragrant; Sweet Smelling; Another Name For Paarvati

166. Gandharika

Meaning: Preparing Perfume

167. Garinder

Meaning: Lord

168. Garvi

Meaning: Pride

169. Garvita

Meaning: Pride

170. Gayathry

Meaning: Gayathry Mantra; Mother Of The Vedas Or Goddess Saraswati

171. Genelia

Meaning: Charming;

172. Geya

Meaning: Song

173. Girisa

Meaning: One Belonging To The Mountains; Another Name For Paarvati; * * *

174. Gomti

Meaning: Name Of A River

175. Gomya

Meaning: Nice And Graceful;

176. Gopashree

Meaning: Imaginative; Wealth; Adventurer

177. Gopika

Meaning: A Cowherd; Cowherd Woman

178. Gurhimmat

Meaning: ' Meaning Having Courage' Courage From Gurus GuiDance

179. Gurmail

Meaning: Gurus ' Meaning Having FrienD' FrienD

180. Gursheel

Meaning: Modesty Given By Guru

181. Gabina

Meaning: Honey

182. Gathbiyya

Meaning: Variant Of Arabic Jathibiyya, Meaning 'attractive AnD Charming.'

183. Ghunwah

Meaning: Indispensable ; Song

184. Gulali

Meaning: Gorgeous

185. Gul Nihal

Meaning: Romantic; Joyful

186. Galatea

Meaning: White As Milk In Mythology Pygmalion Fell In Love With The Statue Galatia And Aphrodite Brought Her To Life For Him

187. GeNude

Meaning: Strong With A Spear

188. Genowefa

Meaning: White Wave

189. Gilala

Meaning: Eternal Joy

190. Gilana

Meaning: Eternal Joy

191. Ginessa

Meaning: White As Foam

192. Glynnis

Meaning: Fair; Good

193. Goewin

Meaning: Legendary Daughter Of Pebin

194. Goneril

Meaning: TrageDy Of King Lear' Daughter To King Lear.

195. Griseldis

Meaning: Gray Haired Heroine

196. Gwanwyn

Meaning: Spring

197. Gwendolin

Meaning: Of The White Brow

198. Gwenhwyfar

Meaning: Fair And Yielding

199. Ghareer

Meaning: Good Manners And Easy And Luxurious Life

200. Ghuraisah

Meaning: Newly Planted Tree; Newly Planted Seed; Young Tree

201. Goharnaz

Meaning: Beautiful; Charming

202. Golezar

Meaning: Flower-faced; Flower-like; Thus Meaning Beautiful

203. Goltala

Meaning: Gold Flower; A Girl Who Is Precious Like Gold And Beautiful Like A Flower

204. Golzad

Meaning: One Who Belongs To The Race Of Flowers; I

205. Golchehr

Meaning: Flower-faced; Flower-complexioned; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful

206. Goljahan

Meaning: Flower Of The World; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful

207. Golbahar

Meaning: Spring Flower; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful

208. Golafshan

Meaning: Spreader Of Flowers; Distributor Of Flowers; Figuratively Means One Who Brings Good Things; One Who Causes Good Things To Happen

209. GulMehtab

Meaning: Chaand Jesa Phool

210. Gitihika

Meaning: A Small Song

211. Gnanamani

Meaning: Intelligent Gem

212. Gola

Meaning: A River

213. Gurpraveen

Meaning: Goddess Of The Stars

214. Gyanda

Meaning: Knowledgeable

215. Gracey

Meaning: Gracie A Pet Form Of Grace ; Derived From The Biblical Name Meaning Charm

216. Georga

Meaning: Georga Is A Spelling Modification Of The Name Georgia It Is An English Name With Greek Origins And Means Farmer Or Earthworker

217. Gracie May

Meaning: Gracie A Pet Form Of Grace ; Derived From The Biblical Name Meaning Charm May Derived From The (English) Name Of The Month

218. Gambo

Meaning: Child Born Before Twins

219. Gebale

Meaning: Of The Natural Boundary

220. Geegee

Meaning: Farmer; Earthworker

221. Gehazie

Meaning: From The Valley Of Visions

222. Genae

Meaning: Lady Of The People

223. Geraldeane

Meaning: Spear Rule

224. Gete

Meaning: Song

225. Gethsemany

Meaning: Worker Of The Oil Press

226. Ghazalia

Meaning: Gazelle

227. Ghipe

Meaning: Sprout

228. Gitane

Meaning: Gypsy

229. Gitannah

Meaning: Gypsy

230. Gizane

Meaning: Reference To The Incarnation

231. Gladdea

Meaning: Ruler; Princess; Country

232. Gladdys

Meaning: Ruler; Princess; Country

233. Goldarine

Meaning: Golden-haired; Fair-haired

234. Gotild

Meaning: Having Great Strength

235. Graça

Meaning: Charm; Grace

236. Gueniver

Meaning: White; Fair; Blessed

237. Guiseppa

Meaning: Yahweh Will Add (another

238. Gurley

Meaning: Willow

239. Gurutze

Meaning: Cross

240. Guthrunn

Meaning: Wily In Battle

241. Guthrunne

Meaning: Wily In Battle

242. Gwenhyvar

Meaning: White; Fair; Blessed

243. Gylboa

Meaning: From The Boiling Springs

244. Gylboah

Meaning: From The Boiling Springs

245. Gyorci

Meaning: Farmer; Earthworker

246. Gen

Meaning: " Spring"

247. Gena

Meaning: " Wellborn"

248. Glyniss

Meaning: " Glen"

249. Ganana

Meaning: Count

250. Gavivi

Meaning: Money Is Sweet

251. Gi’Anni

Meaning: God Is Gracious

252. Gursehaj

Meaning: Gurus Peace

253. Gia Marie

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

254. Glennys

Meaning: Holy

255. Guli

Meaning: Rose-coloured; Rosy

256. Ghuzaila

Meaning: Unpredictable; Adorable; Confident

257. Girishma

Meaning: Season; Summer

258. Gathibiyyah

Meaning: Analytical Mind; Peace; Attractive Speecher

259. Gelleia

Meaning: Helpful; Sentimental; Respectability

260. Godit

Meaning: Pioneer; Sacrificer; Respectability

261. Golderon

Meaning: Kind; Enormous; Dynamic

262. Gufrina

Meaning: Innocent

263. Gurli

Meaning: White; Blue

264. Gop

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi

265. Givya

Meaning: To Be Pure In Everything You Do

266. Greema

Meaning: Sweet

267. Genvisha

Meaning: Truthful Princess

268. Gurdisha

Meaning: The Way To The Guru

269. Gunalekha

Meaning: Good Letter

270. Girijabala

Meaning: Goddess Uma

271. Gul Ru

Meaning: Rosy-faced

272. Gamani

Meaning: Golden; Diamond

273. Gemette

Meaning: Talent; Care Taker; More Attractive

274. Genilles

Meaning: Sensitive; Leadership; Energetic

275. Gul Sanobar

Meaning: As Cypress Flowers

276. Gulro

Meaning: Like Flower

277. Ghamzah Akhter

Meaning: Light Of Sitar

278. Gheirat

Meaning: Honor

279. Ghameez

Meaning: Green Grass

280. Ghashmirah

Meaning: Generous

281. Gharbaan

Meaning: Hungry

282. Ghaidah

Meaning: Beautiful

283. Gulshen

Meaning: The Garden

284. Ghoozah

Meaning: Cheeks

285. Gulriz

Meaning: Rose-sprinkler

286. Gulnessa

Meaning: Look As A Flower

287. Ghezaal

Meaning: Deer

288. Gul Izar

Meaning: Rosy-cheeked

289. Geenu

Meaning: Silvery

290. Gaie

Meaning: My Father Rejoices

291. Giynna

Meaning: Of The Glen

292. Gauraan

Meaning: Wife Of Lord Shiva

293. Gauranvi

Meaning: One Who Makes Proud

294. Gayathiri

Meaning: An Precious Angel; Good Character

295. Gunasagari

Meaning: Ocean Of Virtues Excellence

296. Guramma

Meaning: Goddess Parvati

297. Gava

Meaning: Gift

298. Gurdia

Meaning: A Female Character From Shahnameh?

299. Gustaviana

Meaning: Royal Staff; Staff Of The Gods

300. Ghaaliya

Meaning: Dear; Beloved; Fragrant; Expensive

301. Ghayda

Meaning: Young And Delicate

302. Ghusoon

Meaning: Branches Of A Tree

303. Ghusun

Meaning: Branches Of Tree

304. Ganjeenbegum

Meaning: Treasury Boss Lady

305. Ghashia

Meaning: Guidance

306. Ghatiya

Meaning: Dynamic; Moving

307. Ghazala

Meaning: Gazelle

308. Ghina

Meaning: Singing; Song

309. Ghora

Meaning: Teresh Grapes

310. Ghsiqa

Meaning: Like Moon Night

311. Guldin

Meaning: Out Of Flowers

312. Guljana

Meaning: Flower Like Life

313. Gala

Meaning: Woman Of Serenity

314. Georgette

Meaning: Farming Woman

315. Geraldine

Meaning: Ruler With Spear

316. Germaine

Meaning: Sister

317. Gertie

Meaning: The Strongest Spear

318. Giulia

Meaning: Soft-haired

319. Glenna

Meaning: Living In The Valley

320. Greet

Meaning: Pearl

321. Griselda

Meaning: Fighting In Darkness

322. Gwyneth

Meaning: Happy Woman

323. Genette

Meaning: God Is Merciful

324. Giacinta

Meaning: Hyacinth Flower

325. Gigi

Meaning: Virgin Woman

326. Gilda

Meaning: Woman Of Sacrifice

327. Ginny

Meaning: Virgin Woman

328. Golda

Meaning: Golden Woman

329. Grete

Meaning: Pearl

330. Gulbahar

Meaning: Like A Rose In Spring

331. Gusta

Meaning: Exalted

332. Gagana

Meaning: The Sky

333. Gandha

Meaning: Fragrant

334. Gandhari

Meaning: From Gandhara (Wife Of Dhritarastra; She Blindfold Herself After The Marriage)

335. Ganesa

Meaning: Good Luck

336. Gangi

Meaning: Sacred; Pure; Comparable To The Ganges; Another Name For Durga; ***; Another Name For Durga

337. Gayatri

Meaning: A Vedic Mantra Praising The Sun; A Sacred Verse; A Goddess; Mother Of The Vedas

338. Geashna

Meaning: Victory

339. Geena

Meaning: Silvery

340. Geetha

Meaning: Holy Book Of The Hindus; Song

341. Geethanvitha

Meaning: Lord Krishna

342. Geethika

Meaning: A Little Song; A Small Song

343. Geetu

Meaning: Variant Of Sanskrit Word Geet Meaning Song

344. Ghanavi

Meaning: Singer; Melody

345. Ghaneswari

Meaning: Sacrifice; Innovative; Powerful

346. Ghata

Meaning: Changing Weather

347. Ghosha

Meaning: Resounding; A Proclamation; Noise; Fame; Fame

348. Giaanpreet

Meaning: One Who Loves The ' Meaning Having Divine' Divine ' Meaning Having KnowleDge' KnowleDge

349. Girija

Meaning: Born Of A Mountain; Goddess Parvati; Daughter Of Himalaya

350. Gita

Meaning: Holy Book Of The Hindus; Song

351. Gitali

Meaning: Lover Of Song

352. Gitashri

Meaning: The Bhagwat Gita

353. Gobikaa

Meaning: Woman Of Gokulam Roaming Around Krishna;

354. Gopa

Meaning: Gautamas Wife

355. Gori

Meaning: Watchful; Vigilant (1)

356. Greshy

Meaning: Loves God; Graceful;

357. Guneetpreet

Meaning: Lovefor Excellence

358. Guninder

Meaning: Lord Of Virtues

359. Gunmeet

Meaning: A ' Meaning Having FrienD' FrienD Of Qualities

360. Gurkiran

Meaning: ' Meaning Having Light' Light From The ' Meaning Having Guru' Guru

361. Gurleen

Meaning: In Serve Of ' Meaning Having Teacher' Teacher

362. Gurneet

Meaning: Gurus Moral

363. Gursukh

Meaning: One Who Is Blissful Through ' Meaning Having Guru' Guru

364. Galai

Meaning: Hail

365. Geela

Meaning: Joyful

366. Ghaliya

Meaning: Precious; Valuable In Arabic

367. Ghaydaa

Meaning: Young And Delicate

368. Ghazaala

Meaning: A Young Deer (fawn; Gazelle); Beloved; Delicate Young Person

369. Grana

Meaning: Dear;

370. Gul Bano

Meaning: Rose

371. Gul Barg

Meaning: Rose Petal

372. Gulchin

Meaning: Name Of Flower

373. Gulrukh

Meaning: Rose Face

374. Guzeena

Meaning: Selecting; Adopting

375. Galenka

Meaning: God Has Redeemed

376. Gali

Meaning: Fountain

377. Galiene

Meaning: A Lady

378. Galine

Meaning: God Has Redeemed

379. Galit

Meaning: Fountain

380. Galla

Meaning: From Gaul

381. Geirbjorg

Meaning: Sister Of Bersi The Godless

382. Genaya

Meaning: White Wave

383. Generosa

Meaning: Generous

384. Gertraud

Meaning: Warrior

385. Gertruda

Meaning: From The Protected Farm

386. Giannina

Meaning: God Is Gracious

387. Giordana

Meaning: Feminine Of Jordan The Jordan River

388. Girelda

Meaning: Capable With A Spear

389. Gisel

Meaning: Oath

390. Gizike

Meaning: Oath

391. Gliona

Meaning: From The Greek Cleone; Daughter Of A River God

392. Glynnes

Meaning: From The Glen Valley

393. Gobnat

Meaning: Brings Joy

394. Goleuddydd

Meaning: Bright Day

395. Gordania

Meaning: Heroic

396. Gredel

Meaning: Pearl

397. Gretal

Meaning: Pearl

398. Grisella

Meaning: Gray; Gray-haired

399. Gudruna

Meaning: Divine Knowledge

400. Guennola

Meaning: White

401. Guilia

Meaning: Young

402. Gwynedd

Meaning: White; Happiness; Blessed Also A North Wales County Name

403. Gytha

Meaning: Warring

404. Golnoush

Meaning: Everlasting Flower; Figuratively Meaning One Who Is Always Beautiful; One Whose Beauty Does Not Fade

405. Golseema

Meaning: Flower-faced; Flower-complexioned’ ; Thus Meaning Young And Beautiful

406. Golrokh

Meaning: Flower-faced; Flower-complexioned; I

407. Golchaman

Meaning: Flower-faced; Flower-complexioned; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful

408. Golbouta

Meaning: Beautiful And Lovable

409. Golbar

Meaning: Rose-like; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful

410. Ghilara

Meaning: Pupil (the Hole In Iris Of The Eye Through Which Light Enters The Eye)

411. GulNoor

Meaning: The Light Of Flower; Light And Radiance

412. GuleRana

Meaning: Sweet-smelling Rose; Beautiful Delicate Scented Rose

413. Goda

Meaning: Goddess

414. Govarthini

Meaning: Goddess Parvati

415. Gunalakshmi

Meaning: Rose; Lakshmi The Virtuous

416. Gracyn

Meaning: Short For Graceanne; Kind; Eager To Help Others

417. Gizelle

Meaning: Variant Of Giselle; A Promise Keeper; Someone To Confide In

418. Grace Elizabeth

Meaning: Combination Of The Names Elizabeth And Grace; Meaning Charm And God Is Perfection And Ised More Commonly Since The Rise Of The Double Barrelled Name

419. Gaballa

Meaning: Origin Is Varied

420. Gaeg

Meaning: Promise

421. Gailine

Meaning: My Father Rejoices

422. Gamada

Meaning: One Who Is Pleased

423. Gamadia

Meaning: One Who Is Pleased

424. Gamadiya

Meaning: One Who Is Pleased

425. Gamala

Meaning: Elder

426. Garbeah

Meaning: One Who Is Pure; Clean

427. Gat

Meaning: Wine Press

428. Gath Rimmon

Meaning: Refers To The Pomegranate

429. Gayelle

Meaning: My Father Rejoices

430. Gazellah

Meaning: As Graceful As A Gazelle

431. Gemeena

Meaning: Twin

432. Gemineye

Meaning: Twin

433. Geoconda

Meaning: Jovial; Happy

434. Gethsemana

Meaning: Worker Of The Oil Press

435. Gethsemanea

Meaning: Worker Of The Oil Press

436. Gethsemaney

Meaning: Worker Of The Oil Press

437. Gethsemanie

Meaning: Worker Of The Oil Press

438. Geviera

Meaning: Lady

439. Gezania

Meaning: Reference To The Incarnation

440. Ghadda

Meaning: Graceful Lady

441. Ghaleyah

Meaning: High-priced

442. Ghisella

Meaning: Pledge; Hostage

443. Ghusoone

Meaning: Branches Of A Tree

444. Ghusune

Meaning: Branches Of A Tree

445. Giacobba

Meaning: Supplanter

446. Gibbethonea

Meaning: From The High House

447. Gieda

Meaning: One Who Acts As A Guide

448. Ginah

Meaning: Lady Of The People

449. Ginett

Meaning: Lady Of The People

450. Giovanne

Meaning: Yahweh Is Gracious

451. Giralda

Meaning: Spear Rule

452. Giselda

Meaning: Pledge; Hostage

453. Gitaim

Meaning: One Who Works The Wine

454. Gitanna

Meaning: Gypsy

455. Gitele

Meaning: Good

456. Gittaima

Meaning: One Who Works The Wine

457. Giuseppa

Meaning: Yahweh Will Add (another

458. Gizah

Meaning: Hewn Stone

459. Gladdi

Meaning: Ruler; Princess; Country

460. Gladia

Meaning: Ruler; Princess; Country

461. Glo

Meaning: Glory

462. Glorey

Meaning: Glory

463. Goldee

Meaning: Golden-haired; Fair-haired

464. Goldey

Meaning: Golden-haired; Fair-haired

465. Gonda

Meaning: Noble; Honorable; Fight

466. Goraene

Meaning: Holy Cross

467. Gregorijana

Meaning: Vigilant

468. Gretchin

Meaning: Pearl

469. Grozdana

Meaning: Cluster

470. Guadalupana

Meaning: Wolf River

471. Guadulupe

Meaning: Wolf River

472. Gudneah

Meaning: One Who Is Unspoiled

473. Gudnee

Meaning: One Who Is Unspoiled

474. Guener

Meaning: White; Fair; Blessed

475. Guenever

Meaning: White; Fair; Blessed

476. Gulshana

Meaning: From The Gardens

477. Gunde

Meaning: Fight

478. Gusti

Meaning: August; Dignified; Holy

479. Gwena

Meaning: White Circle; Moon

480. Gwyladyss

Meaning: Ruler; Princess; Country

481. Gwylan

Meaning: Seagull

482. Gwynaeth

Meaning: Happiness; Luck

483. Gyonna

Meaning: Resembling The Bird

484. Gyonnah

Meaning: Resembling The Bird

485. Gema

Meaning: " Precious Stone"

486. Geonna

Meaning: God Is Gracious

487. Geralde

Meaning: Spear And To Rule

488. Girikarnika

Meaning: Earth

489. Gitte

Meaning: Strong

490. Gelsey

Meaning: Jasmine

491. Genniver

Meaning: Fair; Soft

492. Galanthus

Meaning: " Milk Flower"

493. Gearóidín

Meaning: " Spear Ruler"

494. Giyanna

Meaning: Life

495. Gal·La

Meaning: Merrymaking; Festivity; Gaul

496. Gitty

Meaning: Pearl

497. Gerarda

Meaning: Spear Brave

498. Giaa

Meaning: Sweet Heart; Life

499. Gopali

Meaning: Herder Of Cows

500. Guia

Meaning: Guide