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Baby Girl names starting with H, baby Girl names starting with H of 2021, Modern baby Girl names starting with H of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With H

1. Heidi

Meaning: Graceful And Noble

2. Hadleigh

Meaning: Variant Of Hadley; Meaning Heather Meadow It Can Also Be Used As A Boys Name

3. Halo

Meaning: Holy And Loved; Cherished By God

4. Hadassah

Meaning: From The Myrtle Tree

5. Haley

Meaning: Meadow Of Hay

6. Halle

Meaning: Living In A Manor

7. Hazel

Meaning: The Hazel Tree

8. Heaven

Meaning: Sky; Paradise

9. Helen

Meaning: Torch Of Light

10. Hope

Meaning: Woman With Hope

11. Harmony

Meaning: Harmony

12. Hattie

Meaning: Ruler Of The House

13. Hayley

Meaning: Meadow Of Hay

14. Helena

Meaning: Torch Of Light

15. Holly

Meaning: Holly Tree

16. Hanna

Meaning: Compassion; Affectionate; Sympathy; Pity

17. Hailey

Meaning: Field Of Hay Usually A Surname

18. Hallie

Meaning: Strong In War

19. Harlee

Meaning: Harlee Means Rabbit-like Meadow

20. Harmoni

Meaning: Copied From The Vocabulary Meaning Harmony; Peace It Is Chiefly Used In The English Language

21. Hadlee

Meaning: Variant Of Hadley; Meaning Heather Meadow It Can Also Be Used As A Boys Name

22. Hokulani

Meaning: Divine Star

23. Helmine

Meaning: Will; Desire; Helmet

24. Halifa

Meaning: Friend; Peer; Together;

25. Husan Sabeeh

Meaning: Beautiful

26. Hamraa

Meaning: White-skinned; Fair

27. Hania

Meaning: Khush; Masroor; Happy; Joyful

28. Hauled

Meaning: Crown

29. Hausisse

Meaning: Old Woman

30. Hansy

Meaning: Gift Of God; Beauty

31. Hanaé

Meaning: Happiness Or Flower

32. Haboos

Meaning: Name Of A Kind And Benevolent Noble Lady Who Lived In Lebanon

33. Hafthah

Meaning: Preserved; Protected

34. Haniah

Meaning: Of Happiness; Bliss

35. Hayam

Meaning: Deliriously In Love

36. Haziqah

Meaning: Clever; Intelligent; Beautiful

37. Heela

Meaning: Hope

38. Hidayah

Meaning: Guidance

39. Husniyah

Meaning: Beautiful

40. Haiqa

Meaning: Truly; Obedient Of God; Prayer Of Go

41. Helle

Meaning: Divine Woman

42. Hemavati

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi; Possessing Gold; Golden Parvati

43. Humsikha

Meaning: Sarasvati

44. Hadiah

Meaning: Guide To Righteousness

45. Harriette

Meaning: Ruler Of The Home

46. Hespera

Meaning: Daughter Of Cebren

47. Hardi

Meaning: From The Heart

48. Hannah Louise

Meaning: Combination Of Hannah And Louise Meaning Gracious; Loud And Warrior

49. Hanae

Meaning: Flower; Blossom

50. Hanameela

Meaning: A Gift From God

51. Hehewutey

Meaning: The Warrior Mother Spirit

52. Hilah

Meaning: Moon' S Halo; Halo

53. Hudela

Meaning: One Who Is Lovable

54. Harakh

Meaning: Joy

55. Habsha

Meaning: Born To Hanif

56. Hameeda

Meaning: Thankful; Girl Who Thanks Allah Often; Thankful Girl

57. Haniyah

Meaning: Pleasant

58. Hareem

Meaning: Walls Of House Of Kabba; Harm Bait-ul Allah Ki Chardiwari

59. Heyam

Meaning: One Of The Many Levels Or Degrees Of Love

60. Hibat Allah

Meaning: Gift Of God

61. Humra

Meaning: Beautiful; Rose

62. Huriyah Huriyyah Hooriya

Meaning: A Houri; Virgin Of Paradise

63. Hanifah

Meaning: Monotheist (one Who Believes In The Oneness Of God); Devoted Believer

64. Haafizah

Meaning: Having A Good Memory; One Who Knows The Whole Quran By Heart

65. Hadiqah

Meaning: Garden

66. Hasal

Meaning: Fine Particles Of Silver

67. Hinaa

Meaning: The Indian Privet; A Shrub; The Leaves Of Which Are Used For Dyeing The Hands; Feet And Hair

68. Husnaa

Meaning: Most Pious; Most Beautiful; Most Precious

69. Hertha

Meaning: Powerful Woman

70. Henrika

Meaning: Ruler Of The House

71. Hemlta

Meaning: Golden Creeper

72. Henal

Meaning: God Of Beauty And Wealth;

73. Hina

Meaning: Fragrance (Khushboo); Myrtle; Powder Myrtle Leaves; Mehndi

74. Hradini

Meaning: Lightening

75. Hrishika

Meaning: The Village Of Birth

76. Hritika

Meaning: Joy; Of Truth; Generous; A Small Flowing River Or Stream

77. Haleemah

Meaning: Gentle; Forgiving ; Lady Of Patience And Perseverance; Mild Tempered

78. Hamda

Meaning: Praiseworthy

79. Hazeerah

Meaning: Wise

80. Huriyah

Meaning: Angel; A Houri; Virgin Of Paradise

81. Hamdiya

Meaning: Noble; Admirable And Praiseworthy ( Tareef Kerna )

82. Hermoine

Meaning: The Name Hermoine Means Dedicated To Hermes Hermes Was The Messenger Of The Gods In Greek Mythology; And Is Associated With Speed And Athletics

83. Haftha

Meaning: One Who Is Protected

84. Hafwenne

Meaning: Fair Summer

85. Hakika

Meaning: Truth

86. Hatsu

Meaning: First Born

87. Hender

Meaning: One Who Is Embraced

88. Hilan

Meaning: Filled With Happines

89. Hilann

Meaning: Filled With Happines

90. Hokuao

Meaning: Morning Star

91. Hazen

Meaning: Smooth; Beautiful

92. Halõ

Meaning: Home Leader

93. Humaima

Meaning: Creativity; Flexible; Studious

94. Hema Lathi

Meaning: Golden; Beautiful (1)

95. Hema Malini

Meaning: Golden; Beautiful

96. Halah Haala

Meaning: Aureole

97. Humairah Humayrah

Meaning: Of Reddish Complexion; Nickname The Prophet Gave To His Wife Aishah

98. Himaansi

Meaning: Cool Breeze

99. Hababah

Meaning: A Daughter Of Ajlan; She Was A Narrator Of Hadith

100. Hadeeqa

Meaning: Gorgeus

101. Halah Haala

Meaning: Aureole

102. Hamamah

Meaning: Beautiful

103. Hanifa

Meaning: Pure Muslim

104. Haniyyah Haniya

Meaning: Pleased; Happy

105. Hasinah

Meaning: Beautiful; Good-looking

106. Hasnah Hasna Hasna

Meaning: Beautiful

107. Hawwa

Meaning: Eve

108. Hooriya

Meaning: Hoor; Angel; Jannat Ke Aurat

109. Husniya

Meaning: Beautiful

110. Hazem

Meaning: Firm

111. Habasha

Meaning: Eagle; Hawk

112. Hada

Meaning: Myrtle Tree

113. Hajira

Meaning: The Wife Of Prophet Ibrahim AS; Name Of The Mother Of Prophet Ismaeel;

114. Harisah

Meaning: Guardian; Protector

115. Haya

Meaning: Decency; Shyness; Shame; Toba Karnay Wali

116. Haziqa

Meaning: Beautiful; Loved; Like A Princess

117. Hazira

Meaning: Wise; Intelligent

118. Hiam

Meaning: Czar Lover

119. Hege

Meaning: Divine Woman

120. Hildegard

Meaning: Protecting Against Battle

121. Hoa

Meaning: Like A Flower

122. Hemapriya

Meaning: Fine

123. Hemashri

Meaning: One With Golden Body

124. Hemavathy

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi; Possessing Gold; Golden Parvati

125. Hetini

Meaning: Sunset

126. Himavarshni

Meaning: Manchu

127. Himavathi

Meaning: Snow

128. Hanvika

Meaning: Optimistic; Peacemaker; Cheerful

129. Hatisha

Meaning: With No Desire

130. Hemala

Meaning: Golden

131. Haadiya

Meaning: Guide To Righteousness (Naiki Aur Rast Bazi)

132. Habeeba

Meaning: Beloved; Sweetheart; A Comrade; A Friend; Darling; A Wife Of The Prophet

133. Haemah

Meaning: Crazy In Love

134. Haniyya

Meaning: Happy; Delighted

135. Hooriyah

Meaning: Beautiful And Radiant; Splendid Companion Of Paradise; Lovely Eyed; With Modest Gaze

136. Harmeen Zehra

Meaning: Paak; Pakeeza ( Good; Holy )

137. Hesther

Meaning: Star

138. Hajnal

Meaning: Dawn

139. Hakidonmuya

Meaning: Time Of Waiting

140. Halfrid

Meaning: Half Beautiful

141. Haylie

Meaning: Field Of Hay Usually A Surname

142. Hehe

Meaning: Goddess Of Youthful Beauty

143. Hester

Meaning: Star Myrtle Leaf A Latinized Form Of Esther Esther Was A Young Hebrew Woman In The Bible Who Married The Persian Ruler Xerxes And Risked Her Life To Save Her People

144. Hasnaat

Meaning: Beautiful

145. Hurvash

Meaning: Beautiful

146. Hanifiyyah

Meaning: Monotheism (belief In The Oneness Of God); Pure Religion

147. Haibah

Meaning: Greatness; Majesty; Gravity; Solemnity

148. Hardika

Meaning: Wonderful; Similar To Hardik; Full Of Love

149. Ha'upu

Meaning: Recall

150. Hadasa

Meaning: Myrtle; Myrtle Tree

151. Hafgan

Meaning: Summer Song

152. Halldysse

Meaning: With Purpose

153. Hanameal

Meaning: A Gift From God

154. Hantaywee

Meaning: Cedar Maid

155. Haseana

Meaning: Good

156. Haseina

Meaning: Good

157. Hawkie

Meaning: Resembling The Bird

158. Hehewutie

Meaning: The Warrior Mother Spirit

159. Hesperee

Meaning: Evening Star

160. Hetalia

Meaning: Warm Hearted

161. Hilane

Meaning: Filled With Happines

162. Hilani

Meaning: Carried In The Arms

163. Hilari

Meaning: Cheerful

164. Hilarie

Meaning: Cheerful

165. Hokulanea

Meaning: Star

166. Honbree

Meaning: Honey

167. Hasanthika

Meaning: Smiling

168. Hirune

Meaning: " Trinity"

169. Haze

Meaning: Of Hazel; Light Brown

170. Heza

Meaning: Beautiful; Precious; Charming

171. Hubertine

Meaning: Brilliant Mind

172. Hughlene

Meaning: Of Hugh; Soul; Mind; Intellect

173. Haidah

Meaning: Who Repents

174. Hulah

Meaning: Enchanting Woman

175. Hetakshi

Meaning: Lovely Eyes

176. Hima Priya

Meaning: Liked By Siva; Parvathi

177. Hehilde

Meaning: Caring; Master Of Their Own Destiny; Charisma

178. Heiritha

Meaning: Honesty; Sacrificer; Admirer

179. Hodovai

Meaning: Powerful; Electric Creativity; Mysterious

180. Homaira

Meaning: One Who Strives To Achieve Her Utmost Best

181. Hana Hanaa

Meaning: Happiness

182. Hezreen

Meaning: A Flower

183. Humairra

Meaning: Reddish

184. Hridunanda

Meaning: Happiness Of The Heart

185. Hendrica

Meaning: Home Ruler

186. Haajar

Meaning: Hard As A Rock

187. Habibah Habeeba

Meaning: Beloved; Sweetheart; Darling; A Wife Of The Prophet

188. Hadil

Meaning: Is The Voice Of A Dove

189. Hafsah

Meaning: A Wife Of The Prophet SAW

190. Haifa Hayfa

Meaning: Slender; Of Beautiful Body

191. Hajrah

Meaning: The Wife Of Prophet Ibrahim AS

192. Hala

Meaning: Chand K Gird Bikhri Roshni

193. Halimah

Meaning: Gentle; Patient; Mild-tempered

194. Hamidah

Meaning: Praising Allah; Appreciative

195. Hanfa

Meaning: Name Of The Wife Of Sayyidina Ismail (AS)

196. Hasna

Meaning: Pretty

197. Hayah

Meaning: Life

198. Hayrah

Meaning: She Was A Narrator Of Hadith

199. Hazirah

Meaning: Clean

200. Heba

Meaning: Gift; Especially A Gift And Blessing From Allah

201. Hena

Meaning: Troubling

202. Hikmah Hikmat

Meaning: Wisdom

203. Hiyam

Meaning: Love

204. Hooria

Meaning: Women Of Paradise Withwide Lovely Eyes

205. Horia

Meaning: Angel

206. Huda Hooda

Meaning: Right Guidance

207. Hulyah

Meaning: Jewelry; Ornament; Finery

208. Hunaydah

Meaning: Diminutive Of Hind

209. Hutun

Meaning: Clouds With Rain

210. Hurrah

Meaning: Liberal; Free

211. Haadiyah

Meaning: A Director; A Leader; A Guide

212. Habab

Meaning: Fine; Amity; Friendship; Intimacy; Attachment;

213. Hakeemah

Meaning: A Sage; Philosopher; A Physician; A Doctor

214. Hameedah

Meaning: Praise Worthy

215. Hanfaa

Meaning: The Wife Of Hazrat Ismail (Ishmael); (peace Be Upon Him)

216. Haroona

Meaning: Mountain

217. Haseenah

Meaning: Pretty Girl

218. Hasnaa

Meaning: Very Beautiful

219. Hawwaa

Meaning: One Who Rejects Falsehood And Follows The Truth; The Wife Of Hazrat Aadam (Peace Be Upon Him)

220. Hujaimah

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabiah Known As Umm Darda’(RA)

221. Harriet

Meaning: Ruler Of The House

222. Hedwig

Meaning: Fighting A Battle

223. Helka

Meaning: Divine Woman

224. Hettie

Meaning: Star-like

225. Hue

Meaning: Lily Flower

226. Hande

Meaning: Smiling

227. Hillevi

Meaning: Happy In War

228. Honey

Meaning: Honey

229. Hemanthi

Meaning: Winter; Early Winter

230. Hemashree

Meaning: One With Golden Body

231. Hemisha

Meaning: Always;

232. Hemkanta

Meaning: Golden Girl

233. Hemlata

Meaning: Golden Creeper

234. Hensi

Meaning: Cuteness;

235. Hethanshri

Meaning: A Part Of Love

236. Himavarshika

Meaning: Social Person; Great Companion; Graceful

237. Hirsha

Meaning: Is Associated To Lord Vishnu

238. Hoyala

Meaning: Holy;

239. Hreemkari

Meaning: Goddess Durga

240. Hanita

Meaning: Happy; Joyous

241. Harijatha

Meaning: Fair Haired

242. Hasana

Meaning: Good Deed

243. Hasifa

Meaning: Judicious; Wise; Prudent

244. Hedaya

Meaning: Give

245. Hirah

Meaning: Darkness ; The Mountain And Cave Or Grotto Where Muhammad (PBUH)began To Receive The Qur' An

246. Hooda

Meaning: Variant Of Arabic HuDa, Meaning 'right GuiDance.'

247. Hura

Meaning: Free Woman

248. Hoorain Zehra

Meaning: Khoshada Ankhain ( Lovely Eyes )

249. Hamia

Meaning: Sense Of Honor; Help;

250. Haduwig

Meaning: Strife

251. Haidee

Meaning: MoDest, Well-behaveD, Or CaresseD. Famous Bearer: HaiDee Was A Character In Byron's Don Juan.

252. Halona

Meaning: Of Happy Fortune

253. Harimanne

Meaning: Warrior Maiden

254. Harmonia

Meaning: Concord

255. Hecuba

Meaning: Wife Of Priam

256. Hehewuti

Meaning: Warrior Mother Spirit

257. Hemera

Meaning: Day

258. Hildagarde

Meaning: Battle Glorious; Warfare In Scandinavian Mythology Hildegard Was A Valkyrie Sent By Odin To Escort Battle Heroes To Valhalla

259. Hippolyta

Meaning: A MiDsummer Night's Dream' Queen Of The Amazons, BethrotheD To Theseus.

260. Honora

Meaning: Honour

261. Hasanaa

Meaning: Beautiful

262. Hasnaw

Meaning: Beautiful

263. Hannufah

Meaning: One Who Belongs To The Hanafi School Of Jurisprudence; Which Is One Of The Four Major Schools Of Sunni Islam

264. Haley Noor

Meaning: Noor Ka Haala

265. Hansvi

Meaning: God Gift; Swan

266. Hailee

Meaning: Variant Of Hayley Meaning Hay Meadow Or Hay Field

267. Honesty

Meaning: Honesty Means Truthfullness & Integrity

268. Harriot

Meaning: From The Germanic Meaning Lord Of The Manor; Harriot Is A Spelling Alternative Of The English Harriet

269. Ha'aheo

Meaning: To Strut

270. Haamida

Meaning: One Who Praises Allah

271. Hachi

Meaning: Wise Leaf

272. Hadarit

Meaning: Splendor

273. Hafwin

Meaning: Fair Summer

274. Haidea

Meaning: To Caress; Modest; Reverent; Noble; Honorable; Ornament; Brightness

275. Hakeke

Meaning: Mountain Holly

276. Hat

Meaning: House Owner; Lord Of

277. Hatchepsut

Meaning: First Among Noble Women

278. Hateya

Meaning: Literally To Press With The Foot

279. Hawah

Meaning: Desire

280. Hawkee

Meaning: Resembling The Bird

281. Hawkuns

Meaning: Someone Who Looks Like

282. Hayastan

Meaning: Armenian

283. Hayba

Meaning: Charming

284. Heanee

Meaning: Yahweh Is Gracious

285. Hedassaa

Meaning: Resembling A Star

286. Heebe

Meaning: Young

287. Heeny

Meaning: Yahweh Is Gracious

288. Hehewutea

Meaning: The Warrior Mother Spirit

289. Hehewutee

Meaning: The Warrior Mother Spirit

290. Hemantie

Meaning: Born During The Early

291. Herah

Meaning: Hero; Fighter

292. Hetala

Meaning: Warm Hearted

293. Hetale

Meaning: Warm Hearted

294. Hetalea

Meaning: Warm Hearted

295. Hiks

Meaning: A Saucy Woman

296. Hiltruda

Meaning: Strong Warrior

297. Hitomea

Meaning: Beautiful Virtue

298. Hoaka

Meaning: Glitter

299. Hodell

Meaning: From The Flowering Myrtle Tree

300. Hokioi

Meaning: New Zealand Eagle

301. Hokuaonani

Meaning: Beautiful Morning Star

302. Hokulaney

Meaning: Star

303. Holeigh

Meaning: Holly

304. Holsi

Meaning: An Easygoing Woman

305. Hone

Meaning: To Tease

306. Honesta

Meaning: Honest

307. Hoong

Meaning: Pink

308. Hopo

Meaning: Great White Albatross

309. Humaera

Meaning: A Generous Woman

310. Humah

Meaning: Bird

311. Hybernia

Meaning: Comes From Ireland

312. Harissa

Meaning: " Hot Sauce; Paste"

313. Hityshini

Meaning: Well Wisher

314. Hjördis

Meaning: " Sword Goddess"

315. Hokona

Meaning: " Harmony; Flower"

316. Har’Leigh

Meaning: Hare Meadow

317. Heewon

Meaning: Blessing

318. Hercilia

Meaning: Delicate; Kind

319. Haf

Meaning: Summer

320. Haliah

Meaning: Aware; Knowing

321. Hajeera

Meaning: Joy Love Beauty

322. Humaina

Meaning: Able To Determine

323. Hassu

Meaning: Strong; Happy; Smile; Laugh

324. Hianu

Meaning: Love

325. Hastini

Meaning: Elephant

326. Hriddha

Meaning: Heart Touching

327. Haasvini

Meaning: Always Smilling

328. Heshvini

Meaning: Lovely Eyes

329. Hemambika

Meaning: Possesser Of Gold Necklace

330. Hatakamaya

Meaning: One With Smiling Face

331. Hema Bindu

Meaning: Gold Drop

332. Hima Bindhu

Meaning: Ice

333. Harmandeep Kaur

Meaning: Beloved

334. Hadal

Meaning: Peaceful;

335. Hamaama

Meaning: Emotional; Systematic Mind; Serious

336. Hameeza

Meaning: Wise

337. Hokhmah

Meaning: Warrior; Innovative; Handsome

338. Helaes

Meaning: Free Spirit; Visionary; Highly Attractive

339. Hieder

Meaning: Guider; Intelligence; Optimistic

340. Husewyua

Meaning: Kind; Entertainer; Handsome

341. Heahthryth

Meaning: Innovative; Domestic; Intelligence

342. Hezmin

Meaning: Creativity; Flexible; Studious

343. Hêlîn

Meaning: Friendly; Soft;

344. Hayanika

Meaning: Explorer; Joyful; Expert

345. Haafidhaat

Meaning: Protectors

346. Hafeera

Meaning: Beautiful

347. Haleemath

Meaning: Calm; Patient

348. Hayah Hayat

Meaning: Life

349. Hidayath

Meaning: Guidance; Instruction

350. Hinadi

Meaning: Leader

351. Hunafaa

Meaning: One Who Devoted To God

352. Hridhee

Meaning: To Increase; To Succeed

353. Hippa

Meaning: One Who Loves Horses

354. Hultu

Meaning: Hidden; Obscure; Secret

355. Hanele

Meaning: Compassionate

356. Heemu

Meaning: Gold; Goddess Parvati

357. Hema Sri

Meaning: One With Golden Body

358. Hima Bindu

Meaning: Snow Drop; Dew Drop

359. Hritesi

Meaning: Well Wisher; Friend

360. Hafeedha

Meaning: Protect; Preserver

361. Habibah

Meaning: Beloved

362. Hadeel

Meaning: To Coo (like A Dove)

363. Hadiyah

Meaning: Guide To Righteousness (Naiki Aur Rast Bazi)

364. Hadiyah Haadiya

Meaning: Guide To Righteousness; Calm

365. Hadiyyah

Meaning: A Gift; Present

366. Haifa

Meaning: Attractive; Charming; Alluring; Fascination;

367. Hajar

Meaning: Name Of The Wife Of The Prophet Ibrahim

368. Hakimah

Meaning: Wise; Judicious

369. Halima

Meaning: Gentle; Kind; Soft Spoken; Patient; Mild;

370. Halimah Haleema

Meaning: Gentle; Patient; Mild Tempered; Name Of The Prophets Nursing Mother

371. Hamidah Hameeda

Meaning: Praiseworthy

372. Hanifah Hanifa Haneefa

Meaning: True Believer

373. Hawa Hawwa

Meaning: Eve

374. Hawra

Meaning: Having Eyes With A Marked Contrast Of Black And White

375. Hayah Hayat

Meaning: Life

376. Hayam Hayaam

Meaning: Deliriously In Love

377. Hayud

Meaning: A Mountain

378. Hazimah

Meaning: A Women Companion Of The Prophet SAW

379. Henna

Meaning: Blessed

380. Hessa

Meaning: Destiny

381. Hidiyah

Meaning: As One

382. Hifza

Meaning: Protective Angel

383. Hijab

Meaning: Daughter Of A Scholar From Baghdad

384. Hoor

Meaning: Nymph; Haseen; Nafees

385. Hudun

Meaning: To Become Quiet

386. Hujayrah

Meaning: She Was A Narrator Of Hadith

387. Hukaymah

Meaning: She Was The Daughter Of Umaymah Daughter Of Ruqayqah RA A Companion

388. Humaira

Meaning: Little Red Thing; It Is A Loving Nickname For A Child Who Has Rosy Cheeks

389. Humera

Meaning: The Imaginary Bird Who Soars The Highest

390. Hunaidah Hunaydah

Meaning: Diminutive Of Hind

391. Husna

Meaning: Pious; Extraordinary Beautiful;

392. Huwaidah Huwaydah

Meaning: Gentle

393. Hafs

Meaning: Lion; Young Of Lion

394. Haalah

Meaning: Halo; The Circle Of Radiance That Surrounds The Moon On Some Nights Of The Year

395. Haamidah

Meaning: One Who Praises

396. Haarithah

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabi Who Participated In The Battle Of Badr

397. Hadiqa

Meaning: Garden; Walled;

398. Hafsa

Meaning: Wife Of Prophet (SAW); Cub; Young; Lioness

399. Haiela

Meaning: SCARER

400. Hajila

Meaning: Travel Amateur

401. Hamata

Meaning: Like The Fig Tree

402. Hanam

Meaning: Woman

403. Haola

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabiah; She Was Also A Jurist And Scholar Of Islamic Law

404. Hariba

Meaning: Taiz; Hoshiar

405. Harisa

Meaning: Cultivator; Lioness

406. Hasanat

Meaning: Elegant; Fair; Virtuous; Piety; Neiki Karney Wala;

407. Hashima

Meaning: Break

408. Hoorulain

Meaning: The Most Beautiful Hur With Beautiful Eyes

409. Haunani

Meaning: Snow Beauty

410. Helga

Meaning: Divine Woman

411. Helma

Meaning: Stout Protector

412. Hermine

Meaning: Army Woman

413. Huberta

Meaning: Woman With Clever Mind

414. Huldah

Meaning: Quick As A Weasel

415. Huong

Meaning: Pink Rose

416. Hava

Meaning: Living And Breathing

417. Hazan

Meaning: Fall

418. Hedy

Meaning: Fighting A Battle

419. Hermione

Meaning: Good Messenger

420. Hemanya

Meaning: Golden Bodied

421. Hemaprabha

Meaning: Golden Light

422. Hemasri

Meaning: One With Golden Body

423. Hemavani

Meaning: Golden Words

424. Hemavathi

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi; Possessing Gold; Golden Parvati

425. Heni

Meaning: Crown

426. Heral

Meaning: Wealthy

427. Hesha

Meaning: Complete

428. Hetarthi

Meaning: Love; Good Thinking

429. Hetvi

Meaning: Love

430. Hili

Meaning: Dancer

431. Hilla

Meaning: Timid

432. Himali

Meaning: Ice; Cold Like Ice; Golden Skinned

433. Himanshi

Meaning: Ice

434. Himarashmi

Meaning: Cold Rayed Moon

435. Hindhavi

Meaning: Inspiring; Master Of Their Own Destiny; Intuitive

436. Hir

Meaning: Powerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness

437. Hiranma

Meaning: Made Of Gold; Golden (1)

438. Hiranmayee

Meaning: Golden Girl; Deer-like; Golden (1)

439. Hiranya

Meaning: Gold; Golden; Wealth

440. Hirudhaya

Meaning: Spiritual Heart

441. Hisha

Meaning: Yea

442. Hisheta

Meaning: Investigator; Care Taker; Courage

443. Hithika

Meaning: Meaning

444. Hiti

Meaning: Love And Care

445. Hitika

Meaning: Lord Shiva

446. Hitiksha

Meaning: Well Wisher; Golden Flower;

447. Hitishini

Meaning: Well-wisher

448. Homa

Meaning: A Bird From Fables

449. Hoojoe

Meaning: Guard

450. Hradha

Meaning: Lake

451. Hrisha

Meaning: Lord Vishnu

452. Hrithvi

Meaning: Right Guidance; Happy; Scholar; Lady Indian Priest Who Full Fill Particularly Completing The Vedic Haven

453. Hriti

Meaning: Happiness

454. Hrudai

Meaning: Heart

455. Hrutvi

Meaning: Name Of An Angel Meaning Season; Love And Saint; Speech

456. Hyndhavi

Meaning: Goddess Durga

457. Haanvika

Meaning: Lopper; Honey;

458. Haimavati

Meaning: Parvati; Lord Shivas Wife

459. Hamreet

Meaning: ' Meaning Having BeloveD' BeloveD Of GoD, ' Meaning Having FrienD' FrienD Of GoD

460. Hamsanandini

Meaning: Name Of A Raga

461. Hamsika

Meaning: Goddess Saraswati

462. Hanit

Meaning: ' Meaning Having Happiness' Happiness , SpaDe

463. Harithi

Meaning: Green; Name Of A Goddess

464. Harsukh

Meaning: ' Meaning Having Peaceful' Peaceful Through Dwelling On GoD

465. Hemadrika

Meaning: Knowledgeful; Inventive; Elegant

466. Hafeeza

Meaning: Guardian; Protector; Fem

467. Hakima

Meaning: Ruler; Queen; Just

468. Halia

Meaning: Aware; Knowing

469. Hamama

Meaning: Pigeon

470. Haseena

Meaning: Beautiful; Good

471. Hassana

Meaning: Most Beautiful Woman; Most Sweetheart

472. Hayet

Meaning: Life

473. Huboor

Meaning: Happiness

474. Hukayman

Meaning: She Was The Daughter Of Umaymah Daughter Of Ruqayqah RA A Companion

475. Humairah

Meaning: Of Reddish Complexion; Little Red Thing

476. Hurriya

Meaning: Freedom; Liberty

477. Hooram

Meaning: Meri Hoor; Blooming; Fresh; Green; Merry; Pleasant; Happy

478. Hadria

Meaning: Dark

479. Hannalee

Meaning: Favor; Grace Biblical Mother Of The Prophet Samuel

480. Hatshepsut

Meaning: Name Of A Queen

481. Hausis

Meaning: Old Woman

482. Haydee

Meaning: Well-behaved

483. Helene

Meaning: In Mythology The AbDuction Of Zeus's Mortal Daughter Helen SparkeD The Trojan War.

484. Helsa

Meaning: Devoted To God

485. Henriqua

Meaning: Rules The Home

486. Henuita

Meaning: Ruler Of The Home

487. Hepsiba

Meaning: She Is My Delight

488. Hepzibeth

Meaning: She Is My Delight

489. Hermia

Meaning: A MiDsummer Night's Dream' Daughter To Egeus, In Love With LysanDer.

490. Herminia

Meaning: Feminine Of Herman

491. Hetty

Meaning: Star Myrtle Leaf

492. Hibiscus

Meaning: Flower Name

493. Honoratas

Meaning: Honor

494. Honore

Meaning: Honor Good Name And Integrity

495. Hulda

Meaning: Muffled Or Covered

496. Hurit

Meaning: Beautiful

497. Hylda

Meaning: Battle Glorious; Warfare In Scandinavian Mythology Hildegard Was A Valkyrie Sent By Odin To Escort Battle Heroes To Valhalla

498. Husniyyah

Meaning: Beautiful

499. Hamdanah

Meaning: One Who Praises; One Who Praises God

500. Hamyaa

Meaning: Protector; Defender