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Baby Boy names starting with I, baby Boy names starting with I of 2021, Modern baby Boy names starting with I of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With I

1. Ivan

Meaning: Gift From God

2. Ibrahim

Meaning: A Prophet' S Name; Father Of Multitude; Hazrat Ibraheem(AS); Bazurgi Wala;

3. Idris

Meaning: To Study; To Instruct; And Some Say It Means Interpreter

4. Imran

Meaning: A Prophet Father' S Name; Hazrat Musa(Moses) Father' S Name Hazrat Imran;

5. Ian

Meaning: God Is Merciful

6. Ignacio

Meaning: Fire

7. Isaac

Meaning: One Who Brings Laughter

8. Isaiah

Meaning: God Delivers

9. Israel

Meaning: A Person Who Struggles With God

10. Ivan

Meaning: God Is Merciful

11. Ishaan

Meaning: Lord Shiva; The Sun

12. Ivaan

Meaning: Gods Gracious And Glorious Gift; Sun; Ruler; Royal

13. Iker

Meaning: Visits

14. Isaias

Meaning: Salvation Of Jehovah

15. Ismael

Meaning: The Biblical Ishmael Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet's Name.

16. Issac

Meaning: Laughter

17. Izaiah

Meaning: Variant Of Isaiah; The Name Means God Is My Savior It Is A Major Biblical Name As Isaiah Is One Of The Major Prophets

18. Ingvar

Meaning: Ing' S Army

19. Inshal

Meaning: Flower; Phool

20. Iles

Meaning: Messengers Of The God

21. Ibadet

Meaning: Obedient

22. Islam

Meaning: Obedience; Peace; Peaceful; Very Safe; Ita' At Karna

23. Ibreez

Meaning: Gold; Ruby; Pearl

24. Ishant

Meaning: Cute Baby; Lord Shiva

25. Ihtisham

Meaning: Modesty; Virtue; Bashfulness

26. Ijli

Meaning: This Was The Name Of The Makes Of Astrolabes

27. Ijtiba

Meaning: Chosen; Approved; Desirable; Elected; Nominated; Selected;

28. IkramulHaq

Meaning: Glory Of The Truth (Allah)

29. Imari

Meaning: Faithful Or Loyal

30. Ichaa

Meaning: Desire

31. Ilavarasan

Meaning: Prince

32. Indivar

Meaning: Blue Lotus

33. Isehum

Meaning: Village On The Ise River In England

34. Iqbal

Meaning: Progress; Prosperity; Wealth; Advancement; Proficiency;

35. Iqraam

Meaning: To Be Of Assistance; Respect

36. Ib

Meaning: Following After

37. Irving

Meaning: Water Of Green

38. Indarmeet

Meaning: Godsfriend

39. Indartej

Meaning: GoDs ' Glory' Glory

40. Indeevar

Meaning: Blue Lotus

41. Inder

Meaning: Ruler Of All That Is Wild And Untamed; Born Of Tooth And Fang

42. Imed

Meaning: Pillar; Column

43. Iphitus

Meaning: Brother Of Iole

44. Ishbibenob

Meaning: His Dwelling Is In Nob

45. Iseabael

Meaning: One Who Is Devoted To God

46. Ijaz

Meaning: Inimitability Of The Quran

47. Isad

Meaning: To Bring Happiness; To Provide Help

48. Ilan

Meaning: Who Is Industrious; Able To Create And Build Things

49. Ilhan

Meaning: Clear; Eloquent; Lucid

50. Ilias

Meaning: A Prophets Name (Elijah)

51. Intizar

Meaning: Wait

52. Iqrit

Meaning: A Man Of Early Islam About Whom Amusing Tales Are Told

53. Iklil

Meaning: Crown; Garland; Wreath

54. Ilahi

Meaning: My Lord (for Allah); Divine

55. Innam

Meaning: Tipping; Gift

56. Intekhab

Meaning: Chunao; Pasand Karna

57. Itsaf

Meaning: Sifat Bayan Karna

58. Izzuddin

Meaning: Honour Of The Religion (Islam)

59. Ingfred

Meaning: Peace Of Ing

60. Isair

Meaning: God Delivers

61. Isao

Meaning: Laudable Man

62. Iskander

Meaning: Defender Of Man

63. Itsuo

Meaning: Fifth Male

64. Ichiro

Meaning: First Born Child

65. Idhant

Meaning: Luminous

66. Ijkaagar

Meaning: State Of ' Peace' Peace

67. Ikroop

Meaning: Oneness With God

68. Ilamporai

Meaning: Prince

69. Ilavalagan

Meaning: Young And Handsome

70. Indarbir

Meaning: Lord Of Bravery

71. Indus

Meaning: India; Star

72. Izhaar

Meaning: Revelation; Declaration; Display; Disclosure; Zahir Karna; Bayan; Haqeeqat

73. Iffaan

Meaning: Time; Season; Weather;

74. Ihsanul Haq

Meaning: Kindness Of The Truth (Allah)

75. Ingjald

Meaning: Son Of Helga

76. Inuus

Meaning: God Of Fertility

77. Irenbend

Meaning: Iron Bend

78. Isfandiyar

Meaning: Lutf E Khuda; Qudrat E Haqq

79. Inernie

Meaning: The Church' S Steward

80. Iness

Meaning: Isle

81. Indraj

Meaning: Son Of Indra

82. Irenaeus

Meaning: Peace

83. Ishaas

Meaning: Feeling

84. Indrajalin

Meaning: Aware; Sentimental; Noble

85. Irufan

Meaning: Gratefulness; Wisdom; Iron Heart

86. Insaf

Meaning: Justice; Equity

87. Id

Meaning: Feast; Festival

88. Ihtsham

Meaning: Strength

89. Ikrimah

Meaning: A Female Pigeon

90. Imad

Meaning: Pillars

91. Intaj

Meaning: King; Magnificent

92. Irfan

Meaning: Recognition; Identification; Wisdom; Knowledge;

93. Ishtiyaq

Meaning: Longing; Craving

94. Iyaas

Meaning: Compensation

95. Idrak

Meaning: To Comprehend; To Understand; To Perceive; To Mature; To Reach One’s Full Potential

96. Inayatuddin

Meaning: Care Of Religion (Islam)

97. Insar

Meaning: Helper; Supporter

98. Inzamam

Meaning: To Unite; To Get Together

99. Istifa

Meaning: To Choose; To Prefer; To Give Prefer To One Over The Other

100. Izhar

Meaning: Revelation; Declaration; Display; Disclosure; Zahir Karna; Bayan; Haqeeqat

101. Izum

Meaning: Obedient; Sincere

102. Ishmael

Meaning: God Hears

103. Iwan

Meaning: God Is Merciful

104. Inghard

Meaning: Strength Of Ing

105. Ingram

Meaning: Tribe From Englanda In Germany

106. Iokepa

Meaning: God Will Increase

107. Irvine

Meaning: Water Of Green

108. Ismo

Meaning: God Hears

109. Ijjatpal

Meaning: Protectorof Dignity

110. Ikhtiar

Meaning: Master

111. Ikjeet

Meaning: GoDs ' Victory' Victory

112. Ikman

Meaning: One ' MinD' MinD ' Heart' Heart ' MinD' MinD ' Soul' Soul

113. Ikongkar

Meaning: One ' Creator' Creator

114. Ikrut

Meaning: One Season

115. Ikshit

Meaning: Desired; Done With Intention

116. Ilandevan

Meaning: Young Master

117. Impal

Meaning: Strong;

118. Inbanathan

Meaning: Happy

119. Indaresh

Meaning: Lord Vishnu

120. Indarpal

Meaning: Preserver Of God

121. Indeevaraksh

Meaning: Lotus Eyed

122. Indeevaras

Meaning: Blue Lotus

123. Indeever

Meaning: Blue Lotus

124. Inderbir

Meaning: Lord Of Bravery

125. Inderdeep

Meaning: Lightof The Lord

126. Inderharjeet

Meaning: ' Victory' Victory Of The LorD

127. Inderveer

Meaning: GoDs ' Warrior' Warrior , Strength Of InDra

128. Indradatt

Meaning: Gift Of Indra

129. Indradyumn

Meaning: Splendor Of Indra

130. Indudar

Meaning: Great Leader; Discipline; Protector

131. Ipil

Meaning: Stars

132. Iqbaljeet

Meaning: Glorious ' Victory' Victory

133. Irana

Meaning: Lord Of Braves

134. Iri

Meaning: Another Name Of Lord Hanuman (; Son Of Wind God)

135. Ishapreet

Meaning: ' Love' Love Of Divinity

136. Isharjeet

Meaning: GoDs ' Victory' Victory

137. Isharjot

Meaning: Godslight

138. Isharmeet

Meaning: Friendof God

139. Isharpreet

Meaning: GoDs ' Love' Love

140. Isyutha

Meaning: Loveable

141. Itish

Meaning: Such A Lord

142. Iyyappan

Meaning: Lord Ayyappan; Youthful

143. Ishtiqal

Meaning: Independence; Sovereignty

144. Ismar

Meaning: Subha Ka Waqt

145. Ikraam

Meaning: Esteem; Respect; Dignity; Reputation; Veneration;

146. Ilyaas

Meaning: A Prophet' S Name; Aik Mashoor Pay' Gammber Ka Naam;

147. Immad

Meaning: Support; Pillar; Confidence;

148. Ishaaq

Meaning: A Prophet' S Name; True Believer; Pious; Lion Of God; The 5th Sign Of The Zodiac;

149. Intakhab

Meaning: Election

150. Inshaf

Meaning: Equity

151. Ilahi Bakhsh

Meaning: Gift Of Allah

152. Ibzan

Meaning: Father Of A Target; Father Of Coldness

153. Idiq

Meaning: The Biblical Isaac Is The English Language Equivalent

154. Ingalls

Meaning: Angel

155. Inghram

Meaning: Ing's Raven.

156. Inglebert

Meaning: Bright As An Angel

157. Ishmachiah

Meaning: Cleaving To The Lord

158. Iqyan

Meaning: Gold

159. Isacc

Meaning: Of Hebrew Origin; A Biblical Name; Derived From The Word Tsachaq Which Means To Laugh; Isacc Was One Of The Sons Of Abraham And Sarah And His Birth Bought Laughter As Sarah Was 99 Years Old When She Gave Birth

160. Iluminados

Meaning: He Who Receives The

161. Ioannes

Meaning: Yahweh Is Gracious

162. Irfin

Meaning: Wisdom

163. Irfyn

Meaning: Wisdom

164. Iser

Meaning: He Who Struggles With

165. Ishboshet

Meaning: Man Of Shame

166. Iskren

Meaning: Sincere Or Sparkling

167. Ibnabbas

Meaning: Son Of Abbas

168. Ilahibakhsh

Meaning: Gift Of Allah

169. Ibrees

Meaning: A Titan; Pure Gold

170. Isvali

Meaning: God Perseveres; Contends

171. Inder Kant

Meaning: Indra Devta

172. Isvaran

Meaning: Lord Of The Universe

173. Ibor

Meaning: Yew Tree

174. Imad Emad

Meaning: Pillars

175. Ijlal

Meaning: Grand; Splendid; Majestic

176. Ikhlas

Meaning: Purity; Devotion; Sincerity; Loyalty; Faithfulness

177. Isa

Meaning: Arabic Name For The Prophet Jesus; God Is Salvation

178. Ihab

Meaning: Leather; Chamra

179. Ihtiram

Meaning: Honour; Hold In Honour

180. Imad Imad

Meaning: Support; Pillar

181. Intikhab

Meaning: Selection; Choice

182. Irfan Irfan

Meaning: Thankfulness

183. Isa Eisa

Meaning: A Prophets Name (Jesus)

184. Ishaq

Meaning: A Prophets Name (Isaac)

185. Iskandar

Meaning: Defender Of The People

186. Ismail

Meaning: A Prophet' S Name; Son Of Prophet Ibraheem(AS); A Meaningful Smile;

187. Ithaar

Meaning: Selflessness

188. Iyad

Meaning: Reinforcement (something That Strengthens Another Thing); Support; Powerful Person; And Anything That Shields Something

189. Iyas

Meaning: Replacement; Restitution; Something Given In Place Of Something Else And Figuratively It Means Gift From God

190. Ibn

Meaning: Son

191. Idrees

Meaning: Variant Of Idris: A Prophet' S Name; One Who Instruct; One Who Teach;

192. Ihtiraam

Meaning: Honour; Hold In Honour

193. Ikhlaq

Meaning: Achi Aadatein; Khaslatein

194. Ikramullah

Meaning: Glory Of Allah

195. Iksir

Meaning: Elixir

196. Iltifat

Meaning: Friendship; Kindness; Obligation

197. Iltimas

Meaning: Request; Appeal; Entreaty

198. Imaduddin

Meaning: Pillar Of The Faith (Islam)

199. Imdad

Meaning: Madad Karna; Help Karna

200. Inayatullah

Meaning: Care Of Allah

201. Intezar

Meaning: Rah Deikhna; Aasra

202. Iqtedar

Meaning: Strength; Power

203. Irtaza

Meaning: Favourite; Chosen Pleased; Agreeable; Satisfied; Happily;

204. Isbahani

Meaning: From Isbahan

205. Ishtiaq

Meaning: Loving; Affection; Favour; Kindness

206. Israfil

Meaning: Angel Who Will Blow The Trumpet

207. Israr

Meaning: Secret; Mystery

208. Iyali

Meaning: Name Of Abu Jafar; A Jurist And Disciple Of Abu Tawr

209. Izazuddawlah

Meaning: Honour Of The State

210. Ilya

Meaning: To Honored; To Exalt

211. Ioann

Meaning: God Has Favored Me

212. Iokua

Meaning: God Delivers

213. Istvan

Meaning: Man With Crown

214. Izumi

Meaning: Spring

215. Idan

Meaning: A Historic Period Or Age

216. Itsuki

Meaning: Trees For Timber

217. Ivar

Meaning: Fighter With Bow

218. Ibhan

Meaning: Lord Ganesh

219. Ibhanan

Meaning: Elephant Faced

220. Ibhya

Meaning: Possessor Of Many Attendants

221. Iddham

Meaning: Shining

222. Ihit

Meaning: Prize; Honor

223. Ihsaan

Meaning: Kindness; Beneficence; Highest Level Of Iman

224. Ijay

Meaning: Lord Vishnu

225. Ikansh

Meaning: Whole Universe;

226. Ikbal

Meaning: ' Glory' Glory , Destiny

227. Ikshan

Meaning: Sight

228. Ilamurugu

Meaning: Young Lord Murugan

229. Ilanthirayan

Meaning: Young Man Whose Influence Extends Beyond The Seas

230. Ilapataye

Meaning: Lord Of Earth

231. Ilashpasti

Meaning: Lord Of The Earth

232. Ilisa

Meaning: King Of The Earth; Queen Of The Earth

233. Imon

Meaning: Priority

234. Indardeep

Meaning: Lightof The Lord

235. Indarjeeet

Meaning: ' Victory' Victory Of The LorD

236. Indarprem

Meaning: ' Love' Love For GoD

237. Indarsukh

Meaning: ' Peace' Peace With GoD

238. Indirpreet

Meaning: Lover Of God

239. Indradhanush

Meaning: Rainbow

240. Indrajith

Meaning: Conqueror Of Indra; One Who Got Victory Over Indra

241. Indrakanta

Meaning: Lord Indra

242. Indran

Meaning: Lord Indra

243. Indrarjun

Meaning: Bright And Brave Indra

244. Indrasuta

Meaning: (Son Of Indra)

245. Indratan

Meaning: As Strong As Indra

246. Indravathi

Meaning: Excellent; First; God Of The Skies (1)

247. Indumal

Meaning: Lord Shiva

248. Iniyan

Meaning: Sweetie

249. Isharpal

Meaning: ' ProtecteD' ProtecteD By GoD

250. Ishik

Meaning: Light

251. Ishit

Meaning: One Who Desires To Rule

252. Islet

Meaning: Arrow; Light; Brilliant

253. Itan

Meaning: Britain

254. Ithaya

Meaning: Is Associated To Lord Ayyappa

255. Ibtahaj

Meaning: Joy; Rejoicing; Jubilation; Light; Happiness

256. Ibrat

Meaning: Wisdom To Learn From Experience

257. Iqran

Meaning: Star; Sitara

258. Ifham

Meaning: Intelligent; Wise; Aqal Mand

259. Ithaf

Meaning: Allah Ka Tohfa

260. Iesa

Meaning: A Prophet' S Name

261. Ikhlaaq

Meaning: Moral Virtues; Good Qualities; Affability; Sociability; Achi Aadat Wala;

262. Irshaad

Meaning: Guidance; Direction; Pious Guidance; Order;

263. Issaam

Meaning: In Muslim Meaning Is: Safe Guard; Protect Rights; Interest; Privacy; Hiffazat Karna;

264. Izzat Ul Islam

Meaning: Honour Of Islam

265. Iyaz

Meaning: Shelter; Refuge

266. Issam

Meaning: Protector; Safeguard

267. Issa

Meaning: Variant Transcription Of ISA

268. Ishat

Meaning: Superior

269. Ishaam

Meaning: Holding Rope; Knot; Mascara; Promise

270. Irsyaad

Meaning: Guidance; Support

271. Iqmal

Meaning: It Means White Soul

272. Iniat

Meaning: Blessing

273. Inamul Haq

Meaning: Gift Of Truth (Allah)

274. Imram

Meaning: Arabic Form Of AMRAM

275. Imad Uddin

Meaning: Pillar Of The Faith (Islam)

276. Ijazul

Meaning: Glory Of Allah

277. Iftikharus Sadat

Meaning: Pride Of The Chiefs

278. Ibn Sina

Meaning: Sina Was The Father Of Abu Ali Ib-e-Sina; The Celebrated Physician Avicenna

279. Ibaad

Meaning: A Worshipper ; Servants Of Allah; Slaves Of Allah;

280. Iddawg

Meaning: Legendary Son Of Mynyo

281. Ignatius

Meaning: Fiery Famous Bearers: St Ignatius Of Antioch; Martyred In The 2nd CenturySt Ignatius Of Loyola; Who Founded The Jesuits In The 15th Century

282. Iim

Meaning: Ruins

283. Ijon

Meaning: Look; Eye; Fountain

284. Illyricum

Meaning: The Lyric Band

285. Imaam

Meaning: Leader Chief

286. Imanol

Meaning: God Is With Us

287. Imri

Meaning: Speaking; Exalting; Bitter; A Lamb

288. Ingall

Meaning: Angel

289. Ingemur

Meaning: Famous Son

290. Inys

Meaning: From The River Island

291. Ioakim

Meaning: From Job

292. Ishma

Meaning: Desolate

293. Istu

Meaning: Sugar

294. Ithel

Meaning: Generous Lord

295. Ittahkazin

Meaning: Time Of The Judge

296. Iuwine

Meaning: Friend

297. Ivano

Meaning: Ivanhoe Is The MeDieval Variant Sir Walter Scott UseD For The Saxon Hero Of 'Ivanhoe.

298. Izaak

Meaning: He LaughsLaughterChild Of Laughter

299. Imtiazuddin

Meaning: Prominence Of The Faith; Superiority Of The Faith; Meaning That The Person Named Such Is Cause For Pride And Success Among The Muslims

300. Ishtar

Meaning: The Babylonian Godess Of Love

301. Isac

Meaning: An Abbrievative Version Of The Hebrew Name Isaac (Yitzchak) Which Means Laughter

302. Ichtacka

Meaning: Secret

303. Iftekhar

Meaning: Honor

304. Ignacee

Meaning: Fire

305. Ilyn

Meaning: Tree

306. Indradatta

Meaning: Gift Of Indra

307. Ingal

Meaning: A Messenger Of God

308. Ingar

Meaning: Great; Famous; Son' S

309. Iorgos

Meaning: Farmer; Earthworker

310. Iouri

Meaning: Farmer; Earthworker

311. Irfen

Meaning: Wisdom

312. Isacar

Meaning: He Was Given For A Favor

313. Ishack

Meaning: He Laughs; Laughter

314. Ishim

Meaning: Village On The Ise River In England

315. Ishmeil

Meaning: God Will Hear

316. Issae

Meaning: One Who Is Hairy

317. Italeo

Meaning: -

318. Iyapo

Meaning: Many Hard Situations

319. Izmail

Meaning: God Will Hear

320. Idhanta

Meaning: Shine

321. Ikshuda

Meaning: Sweet

322. Ilanko

Meaning: Earth

323. Ilavila

Meaning: Earth

324. Issy

Meaning: Struggling With God

325. Iann

Meaning: God Is Forgiving

326. Ilaan

Meaning: God Gift; Intelligent

327. Isaac Alexander

Meaning: One Who Brings Laughter

328. Isia

Meaning: Salvation Of God

329. Ian Michael

Meaning: Which Man Is Like God?

330. Iollan

Meaning: God; Worship

331. Irenio

Meaning: Peace

332. Irfhan

Meaning: Knowledgeable; Wisdom

333. Israel Amir

Meaning: Imperial; Abundant; Inhabited Prosperous; Full Of Life; Substantial Commander; Ruler; Chief

334. Izzatuddeen

Meaning: Honour Of The Religion (Islam)

335. Isha Kritik

Meaning: Knowledge; Leadership; Fairness

336. Inbashelvan

Meaning: Happy And Wealthy Man

337. Iften

Meaning: Helper; Adaptable; Strengthful

338. Iksaar

Meaning: Free Spirit; Visionary; Highly Attractive

339. Itembe

Meaning: Trust; Confidence

340. Idaan

Meaning: King

341. Ifzan

Meaning: Gift Of God

342. Imrankhan

Meaning: Powerful; Prosperity; Prosperous

343. Izaf

Meaning: Leaf

344. Ihanus

Meaning: God Is Gracious

345. Iiniwa

Meaning: Bison Or Buffalo

346. Iojan

Meaning: God Is Merciful

347. Irappa

Meaning: Eliminating The Enemy

348. Ibtihaj

Meaning: Joy; Pleasure; Happiness;

349. Iftikhar

Meaning: Pride; Glory

350. Ilifat

Meaning: Friendship; Kindness; Obligation

351. Imaad

Meaning: Sahara Dany Wala

352. Isam Isam Issam

Meaning: Safeguard

353. Israail

Meaning: The Chosen One

354. Istakhri

Meaning: A Shafaee Jurist

355. Ieethaar

Meaning: (Isaar); Sacrifice; Selflessness

356. Ifraz

Meaning: Height; Altitude; Elevation

357. Iftikharuddin

Meaning: Pride Of The Religion (Islam)

358. Ikhtiyar

Meaning: Choice; Preference; Selection

359. Ikrima

Meaning: A Female Pigeon Name Of An Illustrious Sahabi

360. Ilyas

Meaning: Name Of A Prophet Of Allah He Was Called Ilyaseen As Well

361. Intisam

Meaning: Muatar Hona; Fragnance

362. Isaad

Meaning: Madad Karnay Wala; Cooperative

363. Isaar

Meaning: Selflessness

364. Iskafi

Meaning: Iskaf Is A Shoe-maker

365. Islah

Meaning: Making Right; Making Good; Improvement; Betterment

366. Itakh

Meaning: The Name Of Abu Mansur; The Turk;

367. Itban

Meaning: Censured; Blamed;

368. Iyaaz

Meaning: Generous; Ibn Himar Mujashit Had This Name And He Was A Companion Of The Prophet PBUH

369. Ichabod

Meaning: Glory Gone

370. Ike

Meaning: One Who Brings Laughter

371. Imamu

Meaning: Spiritual Leader

372. Icarus

Meaning: Follower

373. Igor

Meaning: Ing' S Army

374. Ikaika

Meaning: Man Of Strength

375. Ikki

Meaning: Single Horseman

376. Irwin

Meaning: Friend Like A Boar

377. Isadore

Meaning: Present From Isis

378. Isandro

Meaning: One Who Frees Or Releases Men

379. Izzet

Meaning: Glorious

380. Idaspati

Meaning: God Of Rain (Vishnu)

381. Idhayan

Meaning: Joy Of Heart

382. Idum

Meaning: Red

383. Iham

Meaning: Expected

384. Ikpreet

Meaning: GoDs ' Love' Love

385. Ilaiyavan

Meaning: Youthful

386. Ilakkuvan

Meaning: It Is The Tamil Form Of The Name Lakshman; It Also Mean Ambitious Person; The One Who Has Goal; Desire

387. Ilancheliyan

Meaning: Full Of Youthful Potential

388. Imrat

Meaning: ' Love' Love

389. Inakanta

Meaning: Beloved Of Sun

390. Indarjot

Meaning: Godslight

391. Inderjeet

Meaning: Victorious GoD Of ' Heaven' Heaven , ' Triumph' Triumph Of The LorD, ' Conqueror' Conqueror Of InDra , GoDs ' Triumph' Triumph

392. Inderjot

Meaning: Godslight

393. Indirvir

Meaning: GoD Of Heavens ' Warrior' Warrior

394. Indra

Meaning: Excellent; First; God Of The Sky

395. Indradhanu

Meaning: Rainbow

396. Indraneel

Meaning: Emerald

397. Indrasen

Meaning: Eldest Of The Pandavas

398. Indravadan

Meaning: Lord Indras Name

399. Indresh

Meaning: God Indra

400. Induhasan

Meaning: Like A Moon

401. Indukant

Meaning: The Moon; Like A Moon; Moon Loved

402. Indukanta

Meaning: The Moon; Like A Moon; Moon Loved

403. Indukanth

Meaning: The Moon; Like A Moon; Moon Loved

404. Indumat

Meaning: Respected By Moon

405. Indushekhar

Meaning: Like A Moon

406. Inesh

Meaning: A Strong King

407. Iniyavan

Meaning: Pleasant Natured

408. Inkit

Meaning: To Keep In Mind To Point At Something

409. Iravat

Meaning: Rain Clouds

410. Irin

Meaning: King Of Warriors

411. Isaivalan

Meaning: Skilled Musician

412. Ishartek

Meaning: Gods Support

413. Ishayu

Meaning: Full Of Strength

414. Ishir

Meaning: Another Name Of Agni; Inspirational; Strong

415. Ishmet

Meaning: Within God

416. Ishna

Meaning: Lord Krishna

417. Ishpal

Meaning: Support Of The Goddess

418. Ishtwarjot

Meaning: Godslight

419. Ishtwarmeet

Meaning: Friendof God

420. Ishwinder

Meaning: GoD AnD GoDDess Of ' Heaven' Heaven

421. Iti

Meaning: A New Beginning

422. Izija

Meaning: Independent; Enthusiasm; Admirer

423. Ibad

Meaning: Servants Of God

424. Ishman

Meaning: Logic; Self Sufficient; Active; Leadership; Initiative; Assertive; Ambitious

425. Iyaan

Meaning: Time; Era; Epoch

426. Iyan

Meaning: Time; Era; Epoch

427. Ishraaq

Meaning: Sunrise; Daybreak; Vividness

428. Immtiaz

Meaning: Great King; Out Standing Ability; Grand; High Rank; Status;

429. Ihtishaam

Meaning: Magnificence; Splendid; Impressive; Remarkable La-jawwab; Shaandaar;

430. Ibdar

Meaning: Light Of The Full Moon

431. Izzudeen

Meaning: Might Of The Faith

432. Izzat Udden

Meaning: Honour Of Islam; Honour Of The Religion

433. Izaz Ud Dawlah

Meaning: Honour Of The State

434. Ittifaq

Meaning: Harmony; Unity; Friendship

435. Irfaan

Meaning: Knowledge; Wisdom

436. Iqwaan

Meaning: Brothers

437. Inayat Ur Rahman

Meaning: Care Of The Most Gracious

438. Imaad Udeen

Meaning: The Pillar Of The Faith

439. Ilaahi

Meaning: A Term Used For The Era Instituted By The Akbar

440. Ikram Ul Haq

Meaning: Glory Of The Truth (Allah)

441. Ibrar

Meaning: Helpfull Peacfull

442. Iago

Meaning: Supplanter. Can Be Either Aor Jacob. AssociateD With The WickeD Iago In Shakespeare's 'Othello'.

443. Iaokim

Meaning: God Will Estahlish

444. Iasion

Meaning: Father Of Plutus

445. Iason

Meaning: Healer

446. Ibraaheem

Meaning: The Biblical Abraham Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet's Name.

447. Ibycus

Meaning: A Bard

448. Icelos

Meaning: Son Of Hypnos

449. Idal

Meaning: From The Yew Tree Valley

450. Iddig

Meaning: Legendary Son Of Anarawd

451. Idogbe

Meaning: Brother Of Twins

452. Idomeneus

Meaning: King Of Crete

453. Idumea

Meaning: Red; Earthy; Bloody

454. Ighneachan

Meaning: Strong Man

455. Ignado

Meaning: Fire

456. Igoryok

Meaning: Farmer

457. Illyria

Meaning: Twelfth Night', Also CalleD 'What You Will' Orsino, Duke Of Illyria.

458. Im

Meaning: A Mythical Giant

459. Incendio

Meaning: Fire

460. Inerney

Meaning: Steward Of Church Lands

461. Isak

Meaning: Laughs

462. Ishod

Meaning: A Comely Man

463. Isidoror

Meaning: Strong Gift

464. Isidrro

Meaning: Strong Gift

465. Isrod

Meaning: Brother Of Isleif

466. Ivon

Meaning: Archer's Bow.

467. Ixaka

Meaning: Child Of Laughter

468. Ixion

Meaning: Father Of The Centaurs

469. Izreal

Meaning: Ruling With The Lord

470. Iraq

Meaning: Shore; River Bank

471. Israeel

Meaning: Raat Ko Aanay Wala

472. Ichan

Meaning: Desire

473. Ilayaperumal

Meaning: Lord Of The Earth

474. Iyam

Meaning: This

475. Isael

Meaning: The Portuguese Spelling Of The NameIsrael; Which Means One Who Has Wrestled With God

476. Ieuan

Meaning: Copied From Hebrew; Meaning Yahweh Is Merciful; A Welsh Version Of The Name John

477. Iestyn

Meaning: From Welsh Origin A Pet Form Of Justin

478. Ibraham

Meaning: From Hebrew Origin Meaning Father Of A Multitude; Refering To Abraham Of The Old Testament Whose Decendents Made Up The People Of Israel

479. Iakobos

Meaning: Yahweh May Protect

480. Iakona

Meaning: To Heal

481. Iakov

Meaning: Yahweh May Protect

482. Iancu

Meaning: Yahweh Is Gracious

483. Iazeel

Meaning: Contributions Of God

484. Ibero

Meaning: Native Of Iberia

485. Ibou

Meaning: One Who Is Creative

486. Ichavod

Meaning: No Glory

487. Ichireo

Meaning: First Son

488. Ichirio

Meaning: First Son

489. Ichiroh

Meaning: First Son

490. Ichtaka

Meaning: Secret

491. Idail

Meaning: From The Yew-tree Valley

492. Idrissa

Meaning: Immortal; Fiery Leader

493. Ifticar

Meaning: Self Respect

494. Iftichar

Meaning: Self Respect

495. Ignaas

Meaning: Fire

496. Ignaci

Meaning: Fire

497. Ignác

Meaning: Fire

498. Ignácek

Meaning: Fire

499. Igon

Meaning: Rise

500. Ihaka

Meaning: He Laughs; Laughter