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Baby Boy names starting with J, baby Boy names starting with J of 2021, Modern baby Boy names starting with J of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With J

1. James

Meaning: Following After

2. Jamari

Meaning: Handsome Or Beautiful

3. Jagger

Meaning: Strong; Loyal

4. Julio

Meaning: Wearing A Soft Beard

5. Jaziel

Meaning: Variant Of Jahziel; Chosen By God

6. Jones

Meaning: God Is Merciful

7. Jorge

Meaning: Farming Man

8. Judah

Meaning: To Praise

9. Jayden

Meaning: Thankful

10. Joziah

Meaning: Jehovah Has Healed Biblical Josiah Became King Of Judah At Eight After His Father Was Assassinated He Ruled 31 Years

11. Jasiah

Meaning: Variant Of Josiah; The Name Means God Helps

12. Javier

Meaning: Month Of January

13. Jaime

Meaning: Following After

14. Jameson

Meaning: Son Of James

15. Jason

Meaning: A Person Who Heals

16. Jaylen

Meaning: Flute

17. Jefferson

Meaning: Son Of Jeffery

18. Jeremias

Meaning: Lifted Up Or Exalted By God

19. Jericho

Meaning: Fragrant City

20. Jesus

Meaning: God' S Deliverance

21. Jett

Meaning: Gemstone

22. Joel

Meaning: All Powerful God

23. Jon

Meaning: God Gives

24. Jonas

Meaning: Dove

25. Jonathan

Meaning: God Gives

26. Jose

Meaning: God Raises

27. Joseph

Meaning: God Raises

28. Joshua

Meaning: God Is Deliverance

29. Juan

Meaning: God Is Merciful

30. Julian

Meaning: Wearing A Soft Beard

31. Julius

Meaning: Wearing A Soft Beard

32. Justin

Meaning: To Be Fair Or Just

33. Jack

Meaning: God Is Merciful

34. Jackson

Meaning: Son Of Jack; God Is Merciful

35. Jacob

Meaning: Following After

36. Jairo

Meaning: A Person Who Enlightens

37. Jake

Meaning: God Is Merciful

38. Jalen

Meaning: Flute

39. Jasper

Meaning: Treasure

40. Jax

Meaning: God Is Merciful

41. Jay

Meaning: Various

42. Jensen

Meaning: God Is Merciful

43. Jeremiah

Meaning: Lifted Up Or Exalted By God

44. Jeremy

Meaning: Lifted Up Or Exalted By God

45. Jesse

Meaning: God' S Gift

46. Jimmy

Meaning: Following After

47. Joaquin

Meaning: God Will Raise

48. Joe

Meaning: God Raises

49. John

Meaning: God Is Merciful

50. Jonah

Meaning: Dove

51. Josiah

Meaning: Yahweh Supports

52. Josue

Meaning: God Is Deliverance

53. Jude

Meaning: To Praise

54. Junior

Meaning: Younger Or Younger Child

55. Johnny

Meaning: Variant Of John Or Abbreviation Of Jonathan God Has Been Gracious: Has Shown Favor

56. Jaiden

Meaning: Variant Of Jaydev (God Has Heard

57. Jace

Meaning: A Healing

58. Jakob

Meaning: Supplanter

59. Jamison

Meaning: Supplanter

60. Jared

Meaning: Rose (flower)Also Descending A Pre-flood Biblical Name The Character Jared On The Late Sixties TV Western The Big Valley

61. Jase

Meaning: A Healing

62. Jaxon

Meaning: God Has Been Gracious; Has Shown Favor Based On John Or Jacques

63. Jayce

Meaning: A Healing

64. Jayson

Meaning: A Healing

65. Jedidiah

Meaning: Beloved Of The LordFriend Of The LordBeloved Of Jehovah In The Bible The Blessing Name Jedidiah Was Given King Solomon In Infancy

66. Jeffrey

Meaning: DeriveD From One Of Three OlD German Names, Meaning District, Traveler, Or Peaceful PleDge. Famous Bearer: Geoffrey Plantagenet Was Father To King Henry II; Geoffrey Cbaucer Wrote 'The Canterbury Tales'.

67. Joey

Meaning: May Jehovah Add Give Increase

68. Johan

Meaning: Gift From GoD'.

69. Johnathan

Meaning: Jehovah Has Given. In The Bible Jonathan Son Of King Saul Was NoteD For Manliness; Generosity AnD Unselfishness. He SaveD DaviD's Life When Saul WoulD Have KilleD Him.

70. Jovanni

Meaning: Form Of Jovan 'Father Of The Sky.

71. Julien

Meaning: Jove's ChilD.

72. Jagger

Meaning: Strong; Loyal; Carter

73. Jay

Meaning: Conqueror; Victory

74. Jesse

Meaning: Glorious Praise; Wealthy

75. John

Meaning: God Has Been Gracious

76. Joshua

Meaning: God Is Salvation; God Rescues

77. Joy

Meaning: Happiness; Pleasure; Jewel Or Delight

78. Jaxson

Meaning: Variant Of Jackson; The Name Means Son Of Jack

79. Jayceon

Meaning: Variant Of Jayson; The Name Means One Who Makes People Feel Better

80. Jaxton

Meaning: Variant Of Jackson; The Name Means Son Of Jack

81. Jadiel

Meaning: Kind And Open-hearted; Able To Extend Compassion To Others

82. Jamir

Meaning: Highly Good Looking; Admired And Adored

83. Jaxx

Meaning: Variant Of Jackson; Fights Through Any Curveball Life Throws At Him

84. Jaxxon

Meaning: Variant Of Jackson; Fights Through Any Curveball Life Throws At Him

85. Judson

Meaning: Thought Highly Of By His Peers; Loved

86. Jakai

Meaning: Possibly A Alternative Of Jackie; Meaning Someone Who Takes Over

87. Jiraiya

Meaning: This Is The Name Of The Hero In A Folk Tale About A Ninja Who Is Able To Use A Toad To Perform Magic

88. JaKari

Meaning: This Name Is A Modification OfJacorey; Which Combines The NamesJacob; Meaning God Will Protect; AndCorey

89. Ji

Meaning: Progression; Sequence

90. Javaris

Meaning: This Powerful Name Means Ready; Or It Is Also A Modification Of The GermanJarvis; Which Means Skilled With A Spear

91. Jawedaan

Meaning: Eternal; Everlasting

92. Jimeno

Meaning: He Heard

93. Jaikrta

Meaning: Causing Victory

94. Jiyu

Meaning: Compassionate Friend

95. Jamarcus

Meaning: Unclear

96. Joshva

Meaning: Funny

97. Jushk

Meaning: Lover

98. Junu

Meaning: Give Refuge

99. Jamielle

Meaning: Manager; Peace; Shy

100. Jazi

Meaning: To Take Revenge

101. Jahdiel

Meaning: The Unity; Or Sharpness; Or Revenge; Of God

102. Jair

Meaning: My Light; Who Diffuses Light

103. Jose Antonio

Meaning: Copied From Latin; Meaning Priceless

104. Jing Sheng

Meaning: City Born

105. Jagacandra

Meaning: Universal Moon

106. Jenoah

Meaning: Unclear

107. Jonatas

Meaning: God Gives

108. Japneet

Meaning: Absorbed In Adoration

109. Jacentea

Meaning: Hyacinth

110. Jagadeesh B S

Meaning: Rasi

111. Jaco

Meaning: Following After

112. Jakub

Meaning: Following After

113. Jorn

Meaning: Farming Man

114. Jitin

Meaning: One Who Rules The Body Origen

115. Jaaziah

Meaning: Made Bold By God

116. Jamiel

Meaning: Right Hand Of Favor A Biblical Name

117. Jayven

Meaning: Enjoys Spending Time Alone; A Loner

118. Jacen

Meaning: Variant Of Jason; Man Of God

119. Jedediyah

Meaning: Beloved Of Yahweh

120. Jerako

Meaning: City Of Fragrance

121. Jaako

Meaning: Supplanter

122. Jeptha

Meaning: He Will Open

123. Jamadagnya Mahadarpa

Meaning: Destroyer Of Jamadagnis Son Parashurams Price

124. Jamaal Udeen

Meaning: Beauty Of The Faith

125. Javon

Meaning: Greek

126. Jerk

Meaning: King Forever

127. Jitinder

Meaning: Conqueror Of Senses

128. Jakodi

Meaning: Descendent Of The Helpful One

129. Jennings

Meaning: God Is Merciful

130. Jing

Meaning: Pure Or Capital

131. Jitendra

Meaning: Conqueror Of Senses

132. Jnya

Meaning: Means A Lot Of Energy And Is Very Strong

133. Jibriil

Meaning: Name Of An Angel

134. Javiero

Meaning: Born In January

135. Jeberechiah

Meaning: Whom God Blesses

136. Jerijah

Meaning: Taught By God

137. Jerusalem

Meaning: Vision Of Peace

138. Jordell

Meaning: Down Flowing

139. Joris

Meaning: Farmer

140. Juanito

Meaning: Gracious Gift From GoD'.

141. Jagisa

Meaning: Lord Of The Universe

142. Jalaneel

Meaning: Blue Color Of The Sea

143. Jaceon

Meaning: Variant Of Jason; Man Of God

144. Jaquan

Meaning: Takes Pride In His Appearance; Humble And Kind

145. Jacendo

Meaning: Hyacinth

146. Jaladhee

Meaning: Sea

147. Jerall

Meaning: Spear Rule

148. Jerónimo

Meaning: Sacred Name; One Who

149. Jevontaye

Meaning: -

150. Jiraire

Meaning: Strong Hard Working

151. Joobal

Meaning: Ram' S Horn

152. Jor El

Meaning: Father

153. Jozhef

Meaning: Yahweh Will Add (another

154. Jagadbandhu

Meaning: Lord Krishna

155. Joud

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

156. Joo

Meaning: Music; Friendly; Dynamic

157. Jon Carlos

Meaning: Free Man

158. Jamae

Meaning: Prefix Ja Plus Mae

159. Jaenbert

Meaning: Optimistic; Peacemaker; Cheerful

160. Jagadeeshwar

Meaning: Empire Of The World

161. Jainuddin

Meaning: Deen Ki Tarf Ragib Karne Wala

162. Jarkki

Meaning: Exalted By Yahweh

163. Jaramarana Varjita

Meaning: Free From The Cycle Of Births And Deaths

164. Jan Erik

Meaning: Ruler Of The People

165. Jaza

Meaning: Reward; Compensation

166. Jalal Al Din

Meaning: Glory Of The Faith

167. Jamil

Meaning: Both Beauty In Shape And Beauty In Behavior; The Quran Uses It Only To Refer To Beauty In Behavior

168. Jazib

Meaning: Attractive; Alluring; Absorbent; Absorption; Blotting-paper;

169. Jibran

Meaning: Reward; Result; Comparison;

170. Jubair Jubayr

Meaning: Old Arabic Name

171. Jadwal

Meaning: Brook; Rivulet

172. Jasar

Meaning: Brave; Bold; Courageous;

173. Jayal

Meaning: High Views; High Features

174. Jerwan

Meaning: Habitual; Used To; Accustomed To; Addicted To;

175. Jacobo

Meaning: Following After

176. Jajuan

Meaning: God Is Merciful

177. Jarl

Meaning: Chieftain Or Nobleman

178. Jeanfrancois

Meaning: God Is Merciful

179. Jedediah

Meaning: God' S Friend

180. Jurgen

Meaning: Farming Man

181. Janusz

Meaning: God Is Merciful

182. Jehoshaphat

Meaning: God Has Judged

183. Jethro

Meaning: Distinction Or Eminence

184. Jiaolong

Meaning: Looks Like A Dragon

185. Joon

Meaning: Talented

186. Jorgen

Meaning: Farming Man

187. Jithin

Meaning: Undefeatable

188. Joshi

Meaning: Lord Vishnu

189. Jyotirdhar

Meaning: One Who Holds The Flame; Sun

190. Jadabendra

Meaning: Jadav+ Indra Means God Krishna & Indra

191. Japman

Meaning: MeDitative ' MinD' MinD

192. Jashlan

Meaning: Great Talent; Sentimental; Elegant

193. Jibreel

Meaning: Archangel Gabriel; Hazrat Jibreel(AS);

194. Jalwan

Meaning: Discoverer Of The Truth

195. Jabraan

Meaning: Penalty Reward

196. Jago

Meaning: CornishHe Grasps The HeelSupplanter

197. Jamall

Meaning: Handsome

198. Jankia

Meaning: Gift From God

199. Jeduthun

Meaning: His Law; Giving Praise

200. Jehucal

Meaning: Able

201. Jer

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Names Beginning WithJer ; Such As Jerad; Jerah; Jerald; Jeralyn; Jeramy; Jeran; And Jeremy

202. Joselito

Meaning: May God Give Increase

203. Junien

Meaning: God Will Uplift

204. Jibillah

Meaning: Nation; Group Of People

205. Jorkoam

Meaning: The People Will Be Poured Forth

206. Jayvyn

Meaning: This Name Could Mean Son Of Japheth; One Of The Biblical Hero Noahs Sons; Or It Could Be A Modification OfJavon; Which Means Hopeful

207. Janiel

Meaning: Form Of Daniel; The Name Means God Judges Me

208. Jencarlos

Meaning: Variant Of Giancarlo; The Name Means God Is Good

209. Josuha

Meaning: A Biblical Name Meaning God Is My Salvation

210. Jathan

Meaning: Copied From The Name Jonathan Meaninga Gift From GodandGod Is Gracious And Merciful

211. Jarius

Meaning: Jarius Means To Stand Out And Shine

212. Jabarey

Meaning: Brave

213. Jacentee

Meaning: Hyacinth

214. Jacentey

Meaning: Hyacinth

215. Jacenti

Meaning: Hyacinth

216. Jahar

Meaning: Jewel

217. Jaichande

Meaning: Victory Of The Moon

218. Japeth

Meaning: May He Expand; Chanting

219. Jaravis

Meaning: Spear

220. Jefersun

Meaning: Son Of Jeffrey

221. Jeramey

Meaning: Exalted By Yahweh; Appointed By Yahweh

222. Jezdimir

Meaning: To Cruise; Stroll

223. Jibrey

Meaning: Archangel Of Allah

224. Jimbo

Meaning: Yahweh May Protect

225. Jimelle

Meaning: Beautiful

226. Joacheim

Meaning: Yahweh Will Establish

227. Jamarie

Meaning: Warrior

228. Jimar

Meaning: Handsome

229. Japendru

Meaning: Lord Shiva

230. Jecht

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

231. Jo’Siah

Meaning: Jehovah Helps

232. Jiyaansh

Meaning: Part Of Heart Life

233. Jiyah

Meaning: Heart

234. Joa

Meaning: Name Of God

235. Jordan Lee

Meaning: From A Clearing

236. Julian Thomas

Meaning: Twin

237. Ja’Bari

Meaning: Valiant

238. Jan Erik

Meaning: Ruler Of The People

239. Jimel

Meaning: Winner; Adorable; Strong

240. Jasamita

Meaning: Immense Fame

241. Jawaheer

Meaning: Successful; Joyful; Freedom Lover

242. Jinadath

Meaning: Curious

243. Jasavanta

Meaning: Famous

244. Jamaaldin

Meaning: Beauty Of The Faith

245. Jiao Long

Meaning: Looks Like A Dragon; A Scaled Dragon

246. Jindrik

Meaning: Ruler Of An Enclosure

247. Jeremiah Jeremy

Meaning: God Will Uplift

248. Jokko

Meaning: Sup-planter; Representative

249. Juili

Meaning: God Is Gracious

250. Jagadheesh

Meaning: The Sun Light Of The World

251. Jad

Meaning: Curly; Frizzled

252. Jariyah

Meaning: Name Of A Ashb-as-Suffa

253. Jawdan

Meaning: Goodness

254. Jawhar

Meaning: Precious Stone

255. Jeelan

Meaning: It Is A City In Iran

256. Junayd

Meaning: Fighter; Warrior

257. Jagam

Meaning: Precious Hidden Worm

258. Jahuz

Meaning: Ghazali Eyed

259. Jaleb

Meaning: Attainer

260. Jammaz

Meaning: Name Of Muhammad Ibn Amar

261. Jazim

Meaning: Determination; Firmness; Resolve; Kifayat Shear;

262. Jehfil

Meaning: Strong

263. Jacques

Meaning: Following After

264. Jarred

Meaning: Descendant

265. Jary

Meaning: A Warrior With A Helmet

266. Jeanbaptiste

Meaning: John The Baptist

267. Jin

Meaning: Gold

268. Jordao

Meaning: From A Flowing River

269. Julek

Meaning: Wearing A Soft Beard

270. Jussi

Meaning: God Is Merciful

271. Justinian

Meaning: To Be Fair Or Just

272. Juwaun

Meaning: God Is Merciful

273. Jamon

Meaning: Handsome Or Beautiful

274. Janos

Meaning: God Is Merciful

275. Jarle

Meaning: Nobleman

276. Jaron

Meaning: To Cry Out Or To Sing

277. Jecori

Meaning: Unclear

278. Jedrzej

Meaning: Virile; Manly

279. Jelani

Meaning: Full Of Strength

280. Jerker

Meaning: King Forever

281. Jerrik

Meaning: King Forever

282. Joab

Meaning: Praise God

283. Joseluis

Meaning: God Will Increase; War Famous

284. Jowan

Meaning: God Is Merciful

285. Jozsua

Meaning: God Is Deliverance

286. Jatwant

Meaning: Chaste

287. Jayneet

Meaning: Achiever; Peacemaker; More Attractive

288. Jignesh

Meaning: Curiosity To Research

289. Jiyaan

Meaning: Near Heart; Always Happy

290. Jyotiprakash

Meaning: Splendor Of The Flame

291. Jagannath

Meaning: Lord Of The World; Pricing The Lord

292. Jagatkishor

Meaning: World Child

293. Jagmeet

Meaning: FrienD Of The ' WorlD' WorlD

294. Jaisankar

Meaning: Victory Of Lord Shiva

295. Jaisukh

Meaning: Joy Of Winning

296. Jammas

Meaning: Sprightly; Naughty; Saucy; Bold; Wanton; Pert;

297. Jamsheed

Meaning: Name Of A King

298. Joonair

Meaning: Dost

299. Juzar

Meaning: Competent

300. Joozher

Meaning: Competent

301. Jan Muhammad

Meaning: Life Of Muhammad

302. Jaleel

Meaning: Great; Glorious; Dignified; Attribute Of Allah; Revered

303. Jacobe

Meaning: Supplanter

304. Jakan

Meaning: He That Troubleth

305. Jalon

Meaning: Tarrying; Murmuring

306. Jambres

Meaning: Foamy Healer

307. Janah

Meaning: In Roman Mythology; Jana Was The Wife Of Janus

308. Jancsi

Meaning: Gift From God

309. Janneth

Meaning: From The French Jeanette

310. Japhia

Meaning: Enlightening; Appearing

311. Jaques

Meaning: As You Like It' LorD AttenDing On The BanisheD Duke. 'As You Like It' Son Of Sir RowlanD De Boys. OrlanDo.

312. Jaryl

Meaning: Blend Of Jar And Darell See Also Jerrell

313. Jattir

Meaning: Height

314. Jedadiah

Meaning: Beloved Of Jehovah

315. Jeezer

Meaning: Father Of Help

316. Jehoichin

Meaning: Jehovah Has Established

317. Jehud

Meaning: Praised

318. Jen

Meaning: Fair One; White And Smooth; Soft

319. Jerard

Meaning: Rules By The Spear.' English Surname.

320. Joiarib

Meaning: God Will Contend

321. Jolon

Meaning: Valley Of The Dead Oaks

322. Joren

Meaning: Farmer

323. Joseba

Meaning: God Will Multiply

324. Jozachar

Meaning: Whom God Remembers

325. Juliano

Meaning: Jove's ChilD.

326. Jaram

Meaning: Date (the Fruit); It Also Means Seed; Kernel

327. Jekameam

Meaning: Let The People Rise

328. Jeshurun

Meaning: The Dear Upright People

329. Jaxsyn

Meaning: A Spelling Alternative Of Jackson; An English Surname Which Meansson Of Jack

330. Jeremih

Meaning: A Alternative Of The Hebrew Name Jeremiah; Which Is Also Related To Jeremy; MeaningGod Has Raised

331. Jerimiah

Meaning: Variant Of Jeremiah; Has Great Faith In God

332. Joesph

Meaning: Joesph Means Will Add Another Son It Is A Variaition In Spelling Of Joseph

333. Jermiah

Meaning: Variant Of Jeremiah; Has Great Faith In God

334. Jeramiah

Meaning: Variant Of Jeremiah; Has Great Faith In God

335. Jaidan

Meaning: One Of The Many Possible Spellings For This Hebrew Name Meaning Thankful

336. Jak

Meaning: Jak A Spelling Alternative Of The Name Jack; Derived From The Hebrew Yakov; Or Jacob; Meaning Yahweh Is Gracious

337. Joshua Thomas

Meaning: Joshua Has A Meaning Of Yahweh Is Salvation Thomas Is A Bibilical Name Derived From The Word Teoma Which Means Twin

338. Jabaar

Meaning: Brave; Powerful; Mighty

339. Jaball

Meaning: An Attractive Man

340. Jabulani

Meaning: Comes To Bring Happiness

341. Jafaar

Meaning: A Little Stream; Stream

342. Jafaree

Meaning: A Little Stream; Stream

343. Jakard

Meaning: Origin Is French

344. Jaladee

Meaning: Sea

345. Jaladhie

Meaning: Sea

346. Janco

Meaning: Yahweh Is Gracious

347. Japana

Meaning: To Mutter A Prayer

348. Jaquavius

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is Varied

349. Jaquawn

Meaning: Of English-American Origin And It Is

350. Jaskarn

Meaning: Singer Of The Lord' S

351. Jateen

Meaning: He Who Has Matted Locks

352. Jawarah

Meaning: Loves Peace

353. Jay Jay

Meaning: The Letter J; Jay Bird

354. Jecho

Meaning: Yahweh Is Salvation

355. Jededia

Meaning: Beloved Of Yahweh

356. Jehue

Meaning: God Lives

357. Jeladie

Meaning: Sea

358. Jelah

Meaning: Father Suffered During

359. Jemond

Meaning: Worldly

360. Jenit

Meaning: God Is Gracious

361. Jerami

Meaning: Exalted By Yahweh; Appointed By Yahweh

362. Jessimiel

Meaning: The Lord Establishes

363. Jetan

Meaning: Life

364. Jevontai

Meaning: Derived From English Origins

365. Jimahl

Meaning: Beauty

366. Jirayr

Meaning: Strong Hard Working

367. Jomoe

Meaning: Flaming Spear

368. Jonasco

Meaning: Dove

369. Jonaton

Meaning: Yahweh Has Given; Gift

370. Joo Chan

Meaning: One Who Praises The

371. Jooball

Meaning: Ram' S Horn

372. Joonas

Meaning: Dove

373. Jordaene

Meaning: Flowing Down

374. Jordano

Meaning: Flowing Down

375. Joschka

Meaning: Yahweh Will Add (another

376. Joubal

Meaning: Ram' S Horn

377. Jouball

Meaning: Ram' S Horn

378. Joza

Meaning: Yahweh Will Add (another

379. Jozeff

Meaning: Yahweh Will Add (another

380. Jozek

Meaning: Yahweh Will Add (another

381. Jozhe

Meaning: Yahweh Will Add (another

382. Jucundo

Meaning: Joyous One

383. Julián

Meaning: Of Latin Origin And It Is Used Mainly In

384. Jaccob

Meaning: Supplanter

385. Jinaprasad

Meaning: Jina

386. Joakima

Meaning: The Lord Will Judge

387. Jireh

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

388. Jaja

Meaning: God&#x; S Gift

389. Jama

Meaning: He Who Supplants

390. Jamaari

Meaning: A Hand- Some Man

391. Jimin

Meaning: My Wisdom Will Be Higher Than The Sky

392. Johari

Meaning: Jewel

393. Jisselle

Meaning: Pledge; Hostage

394. Jon Anthony

Meaning: This Name Means Highly Praiseworthy Or Priceless

395. Jon Carl

Meaning: Free Man

396. Jon Carlo

Meaning: Free Man

397. Jon Christopher

Meaning: God Gives

398. Joonatan

Meaning: Dove

399. Jo’Vanni

Meaning: God Is Gracious

400. Jovy

Meaning: Yahweh Is Gracious

401. Jozef

Meaning: Jehovah Increases

402. Julian Michael

Meaning: Which Man Is Like God?

403. Júan

Meaning: God Is Gracious

404. Jadd

Meaning: One Who Is Serious

405. Jarrid

Meaning: Descending

406. Jeckson

Meaning: God Is Gracious Merciful

407. Jeffrin

Meaning: Blessing Of God; The Best

408. Jefrin

Meaning: Blessing Of God

409. Jetha

Meaning: Elder

410. Jevin

Meaning: Joyful

411. Jiansh

Meaning: Part Of Your Heart Life

412. Jimell

Meaning: Researcher; Freedom Lover; Highly Sensitive

413. Jin Ping

Meaning: Peaceful

414. Jishan

Meaning: Prince

415. Jethalal

Meaning: Sacrifice; Innovative; Powerful

416. Jibesh

Meaning: Opener

417. Jnateya

Meaning: Dancer

418. Jai Darsh

Meaning: Victory

419. Jnata

Meaning: Known; Understood

420. Jalak

Meaning: Sparkle

421. Jawalant

Meaning: Accurate

422. Jevishnu

Meaning: Loving

423. Jonaraja

Meaning: Expertise; Perfect; Serious

424. Joohinth

Meaning: Powerful Man

425. Jishyanth

Meaning: God Shiva

426. Jovelin

Meaning: Helpful; Sentimental; Respectability

427. Jatashanker

Meaning: Uncombed Hair Of Lord Shiva

428. Jnanamurthy

Meaning: Knowledge

429. Jenik

Meaning: Name Of Jain

430. Jinand

Meaning: Name Of Jain God

431. Jeyretan

Meaning: Charming; Intelligent; Serene

432. Jackub

Meaning: Holder Of Heel; Supplanter

433. Jarda

Meaning: Glory Of Spring

434. Jamu

Meaning: Beautiful

435. Jusu

Meaning: God Is Merciful

436. Jagadees

Meaning: Lord Of The World Creation

437. Jagadeesan

Meaning: King Of The Universe

438. Joydip

Meaning: Light Of Happiness

439. Jayakumara

Meaning: Victory Will Be His Side

440. Jothish

Meaning: Astrologer; Provider Of Light

441. Jabbar Jabr

Meaning: Mighty; Brave

442. Jahdari

Meaning: An Authority Of Quran Had This Name

443. Jalees

Meaning: Companion; Associate; Comrade; Friend;

444. Jarood

Meaning: Saaf Go; Haq Go

445. Jasmir

Meaning: Strong

446. Jaul

Meaning: Choice

447. Jul

Meaning: Resolution; Firm Will

448. Juwain Juwayn

Meaning: Sibling

449. Jaah

Meaning: Dignity; Splendid; Grandeur; Magnificence; Status; Rank;

450. Jabbaar

Meaning: (Arabic) Mighty; One Who Had The Ascendancy; King; One Who Commiserates The Bereaved; An Attribute Of Allah; Name Abdul Jabbaar

451. Jafri

Meaning: Yellow Flower

452. Jaish

Meaning: Nice; Fine; Excellent Grand; Class; Posh;

453. Jaleelah

Meaning: Great; Glorious; Illustrious; Dignified

454. Jamaluddin

Meaning: Beauty Of The Religion (Islam)

455. Jareh

Meaning: Wounding Cutter

456. Jarrar

Meaning: Huge; Very Large; Mostly Used In Army; A Famous Prophet Of Allah(SWT);

457. Jarullah

Meaning: Neighbour Of Allah

458. Javed

Meaning: Hamesha Rehnay Wala

459. Jayala

Meaning: Strong Muscular Body

460. Jazam

Meaning: Encourager; Instigator

461. Jazel

Meaning: Good Manner Attitude

462. Jazool

Meaning: Happy

463. Jiyaad

Meaning: (pl Of Jayyid) Very Good; Name Of A Mountain In Makkah Mukarramah

464. Jager

Meaning: To Chase Or To Hunt

465. Jamis

Meaning: Son Of James

466. Jareth

Meaning: Descendant

467. Jarrett

Meaning: Ruler With Spear

468. Jawaughn

Meaning: Unclear

469. Jerome

Meaning: Holy Name

470. Jockie

Meaning: God Is Merciful

471. Juhani

Meaning: God Is Merciful

472. Jaheem

Meaning: Dignified

473. Jaiman

Meaning: Win Or Success

474. Janne

Meaning: God Is Merciful

475. Jarrell

Meaning: Gerard' S Son

476. Javawnte

Meaning: Unclear

477. Javonte

Meaning: Unclear

478. Jeroen

Meaning: Holy Name

479. Johnson

Meaning: Son Of John

480. Jorg

Meaning: Farming Man

481. Jory

Meaning: Farming Man

482. Julong

Meaning: As Powerful As A Dragon

483. Juris

Meaning: Farming Man

484. Jaydev

Meaning: God Of Victory

485. Jeinan

Meaning: Victorious

486. Jethwik

Meaning: Self Confidence;

487. Jeyasilan

Meaning: Sacrifice; Innovative; Powerful

488. Jhumar

Meaning: Childs Plaything

489. Jitain

Meaning: Change Lover; Intelligence; Confident

490. Jitender

Meaning: One Who Has ConquereD The Five Evils, One Who Can Conquer InDra Or LorD Of ' Conqueror' Conqueror

491. Jnyandeep

Meaning: Light Of Knowledge

492. Joshila

Meaning: Filled With Enthusiasm

493. Jugaad

Meaning: One Who Is There Since Ages

494. Jujhar

Meaning: One Who Struggles

495. Jusal

Meaning: Pari Fairy

496. Jyothiswaroop

Meaning: Loving Change; Enthusiasm; Reliability

497. Jaagrav

Meaning: Alert

498. Jagajeet

Meaning: Conqueror Of The World

499. Jaikruth

Meaning: Great Leader; Discipline; Protector

500. Jainil

Meaning: Victorious God Swami Narayan; Victory Of Blue; Victory Over Gems