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Baby Boy names starting with K, baby Boy names starting with K of 2021, Modern baby Boy names starting with K of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With K

1. Kabir

Meaning: Great; Powerful; Leader

2. Kaiser

Meaning: Emperor; King

3. Khaza

Meaning: " Treasure"

4. Kaizen

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

5. Kingsley

Meaning: King' S Meadow

6. Kiaan

Meaning: Grace Of God; Ancient Or Distant (Celebrity Name: Karishma Kapoor)

7. Kaysen

Meaning: Someone Who Looks Out For Others; And Actively Tries To Help

8. Kairo

Meaning: This Location Name Is A Spelling Alternative Of Cairo; The Capital Of Egypt It Meanschampionand Is Derived From The Arabic Word For The Planet Mars

9. Kylo

Meaning: Sky

10. Karim

Meaning: Kind; Generous; Benevolent; Noble; Bountiful; Magnificent; Gracious; Merciful; An Epithet Of Allah

11. Kareem

Meaning: Generous; Honorable; Kindhearted; Noble; Excellent

12. Kellen

Meaning: Slender Or Slim

13. Kinsley

Meaning: King' S Meadow

14. Kamden

Meaning: Winding ValleyForm Of Camden

15. Kasen

Meaning: Helmeted

16. Kobe

Meaning: Copied From The Hebrew Yakov (Jacon) Meaning Yahweh (God) May Protect; Koby Is A Pet Form Of The English Name Jacob

17. Kyson

Meaning: Variant Of Tyson; The Name Means Son Of Ty

18. Kase

Meaning: Son Of The Warrior; Features Of The Bird

19. Khai

Meaning: The Chosen One; Royalty Or Nobility

20. Kooper

Meaning: Not Afraid Of Unconventional Dreams; Does What He Loves

21. Kayce

Meaning: Alert; Watchful

22. Khalil

Meaning: True Friend; Inner Self

23. Kaleb

Meaning: Dog; Tenacious; Aggressive

24. Kieran

Meaning: Small Dark One

25. Koa

Meaning: Camel

26. Kensley

Meaning: From A Clearing With A Spring

27. Killian

Meaning: Church Man

28. Kyle

Meaning: Living Near A Narrow Channel

29. Kian

Meaning: The Kings

30. Kane

Meaning: BeautifulPopular As A First Name In Australia

31. Kannon

Meaning: Form Of Kuan-yin Who Was Chinese Buddhist Deity Of Mercy

32. Kayden

Meaning: Copied From Celtic Origin Meaning Son Of Cadan ; Which Is A Version Of The Irish Cathan Meaning Battle

33. Knox

Meaning: Knox Means The Top Round Part Of A Hill

34. Kason

Meaning: Variant Of Carson; The Name Means A Free Man

35. Kash

Meaning: Kash Means Money; Profit; Its Often Spelled Cash

36. Kyree

Meaning: Harsh Ruler; Of Royalty And Nobility

37. Kellan

Meaning: Variant Of Kellen; The Name Means Slim; Lean; And Trim

38. Koen

Meaning: Of Germanic Origin Meaning Bold Counsel It Is A Pet Form Of Koenraad

39. Kenji

Meaning: Literally Meanssecond Son; Enlightened; Smart; Courageous

40. Krew

Meaning: This Modification Of The Wordcrewmeans A Group Of People

41. Khalid

Meaning: Blessed Person; Eternal; Never Ending;

42. Kaden

Meaning: Son Of Cadan

43. Keanu

Meaning: Chill Breeze

44. Keegan

Meaning: Descendant Of Aodhagan

45. Kelvin

Meaning: From The River Kelvin

46. Kenneth

Meaning: Handsome One

47. Kylian

Meaning: Church Man

48. Kade

Meaning: Circular

49. Kayson

Meaning: One Who Heals

50. Keaton

Meaning: From Ketton

51. Keith

Meaning: Forest

52. Kendrick

Meaning: Supreme Champion

53. Kevin

Meaning: Fair And Gentle

54. Khari

Meaning: Like A King

55. King

Meaning: Leader

56. Kingston

Meaning: King' S Town

57. Kye

Meaning: Living Near A Narrow Channel

58. Kyler

Meaning: Living Near A Narrow Channel

59. Kameron

Meaning: Modernused For Girls

60. Kamari

Meaning: The Enemy Of Desire

61. Kaiden

Meaning: MeansSon Of Cadanfrom The Element Cade Meaning Round

62. Kolton

Meaning: Variant Of Colton; The Name Translates To A Town Of Coal

63. Kylan

Meaning: Copied From Celtic; Meaning Narrow Or Slender

64. Korbin

Meaning: Korbin Means A Very Tall And Angled Hill

65. Kohen

Meaning: Takes The High Road; Doesnt Believe In Revenge; Kind

66. Kaison

Meaning: Variant Of Kaysen; Someone Who Looks Out For Others; And Actively Tries To Help

67. Koda

Meaning: Variation Of Dakota; A Friend; Someone To Depend On

68. Kaisen

Meaning: A Spelling Alternative Of Casen And Also Related To Casey; This Irish Name Meansdescendent From The Vigilant One

69. Kashton

Meaning: Enjoys Being Around People; Makes Friends Easily

70. Kenzo

Meaning: Meaning Wise And Three And An Alternative To Its Root Name; Kenzou

71. Kalel

Meaning: From Germanic Origin Meaning Free Man It Is Chiefly Used In Finnish; German And Scandinavian And Is A Alternative Of The Name Charles

72. Kaival

Meaning: Absolute; Aloneness; Lord Krishna

73. Kundhy

Meaning: One Of The Kauravas

74. Kaazhim

Meaning: Withhold Grudge; Quiet

75. Kalu

Meaning: Young Ruler; Black Complexion

76. Kalim

Meaning: Interlocutor; Speaker; One Of The Two Conservators

77. Kirishva

Meaning: Lord Shiva

78. Khairi

Meaning: Charitable; Beneficent; Good

79. Kanack

Meaning: The Golden One

80. Kanagaraj

Meaning: Lord Murugan

81. Kannaa

Meaning: Lord Krishna

82. Khatir

Meaning: Heart; Mind; Idea; Notion

83. Khayyam

Meaning: Tent-maker

84. Khuzaima

Meaning: Gabal Elba Dragon Tree; Name Of A Companion

85. Ksawery

Meaning: New Home

86. Kana'i

Meaning: Conqueror

87. Kushabahu

Meaning: Hypersensitive; Strength; Highly Attractive

88. Kaniela

Meaning: God Is My Judge

89. Khem

Meaning: Welfare

90. Khalfun

Meaning: Successor

91. Kálmán

Meaning: Dove

92. Kavah

Meaning: A Character In Shahnamah; A Great Hero

93. Khudeesh

Meaning: King; Powerful

94. Khemkhaeng

Meaning: Strength

95. Kokai

Meaning: Sail Across The Sea

96. Kiros

Meaning: The King

97. Kan

Meaning: Ruler

98. Kha

Meaning: Beauty; Happiness

99. Kerron

Meaning: Pure; Maiden

100. Khudabakhsh

Meaning: Gift Of Khuda Allah

101. Keyaan

Meaning: Crown; King

102. Kiani

Meaning: Ancient

103. Kahoni

Meaning: The Kiss

104. Kaleo

Meaning: Sound

105. Kulani

Meaning: Resembling Heaven

106. Kumara

Meaning: Son

107. Kalidasa

Meaning: Kali' S Servant

108. Killol

Meaning: Happy

109. Kambiz

Meaning: Fortunate

110. Kardaar

Meaning: Controller; Supervisor

111. Khattar

Meaning: Idea; Heart

112. Khadeer

Meaning: Green Or Green Crop (connoting Freshness And Innocence)

113. Kaphiri

Meaning: Hill

114. Kamiya

Meaning: Wish

115. Kashta

Meaning: Hard Work

116. Kendric

Meaning: A Alternative Of A Welsh Surname Meaninggreat Leaderandchampionas Well Asson Of Harry

117. Keran

Meaning: Keran Is A Form Of The Name Kieran And Means Little Dark One Or Dark-haired One

118. Kal El

Meaning: Son

119. Kenaniah

Meaning: Yahweh Brings It To

120. Kinaston

Meaning: From The Peaceful Royal

121. Klemenis

Meaning: Merciful; Gentle

122. Kolbjorne

Meaning: Resembling A Black Bear

123. Koshan

Meaning: Hard Working

124. Kaku

Meaning: Lord Krishna

125. Ka’Nai

Meaning: Contentment

126. Kai Jordan

Meaning: From A Flowing River

127. Kai Joseph

Meaning: God Raises

128. Kai Kun

Meaning: Earth

129. Ka`Mari

Meaning: Moon

130. Karac

Meaning: The Self Respect Man; Honest; Truth

131. Kesem

Meaning: Magic

132. Khafra

Meaning: Name Of A Pharaoh

133. Kristó

Meaning: Follower Of Christ

134. Kuladipa

Meaning: Creativity; Flexible; Studious

135. Kabal

Meaning: Clever Active; Intelligent

136. Khalilur

Meaning: Peaceful; Systematic Mind; Mysterious

137. Kanthamoni

Meaning: Nackles

138. Kabul

Meaning: Fulfilled Wish; Prayer; Recognition

139. Kanahins

Meaning: Free Spirit; Visionary; Highly Attractive

140. Key Ghobad

Meaning: A Character In Shahnameh

141. Khirmast

Meaning: Intoxication

142. Khasisah

Meaning: Habit

143. Kutte

Meaning: Knot

144. Keeshaen

Meaning: Lord Muraga

145. Kirran

Meaning: Beam Of Light

146. Kaapo

Meaning: God' S Bravest Man

147. Kaiholo

Meaning: Moving Sea

148. Kana

Meaning: Judgment Of God

149. Kapula

Meaning: Prayers

150. Karan

Meaning: Ear

151. Keahilani

Meaning: Heaven' S Fire

152. Kean

Meaning: Ancient One

153. Keyon

Meaning: Unclear

154. Kun

Meaning: Earth

155. Kadir

Meaning: Powerful

156. Kahuna

Meaning: A Secret

157. Kanani

Meaning: Beautiful Or Handsome

158. Kaui

Meaning: Youthful Beauty

159. Kealoha

Meaning: The Dear One

160. Keenan

Meaning: Ancient One

161. Kennet

Meaning: Handsome One

162. Kenzou

Meaning: Wise Three

163. Kousuke

Meaning: Clear Bay

164. Karmash

Meaning: One Who Does His Duty

165. Kuzey

Meaning: North

166. Kavoos

Meaning: A Character In Shahnama

167. Khalid Bin Walid

Meaning: General To Whom The Prophet Muhammad Awarded The Title Of Honour; Sword Of Allah (d 642)

168. Keaghan

Meaning: Son Of Egan

169. Kanyon

Meaning: Variant Of Canyon; The Name Means A Walking Path

170. Kaedyn

Meaning: A Spelling Alternative Of The Popular Name Caden; Derived From The Word Cade Meaning Round Or Meaning Son Of Caiden

171. Keiron

Meaning: Keiron Is Both A Celtic And Gaelic Name That Share The Meaning Dark-haired One It Is A Spelling Modification Of Kieran

172. Kenny

Meaning: Originated In Celtic Language; Meaning Fair And Fiery And Greatest Champion Pet Form Of Kendall; Kenneth And Kendrick

173. Kanon

Meaning: This Alternative Of The NameCanonmeans An Official Of The Church

174. Kajínek

Meaning: To Rejoice; Victorious

175. Kaplony

Meaning: Resembling A Tiger

176. Kende

Meaning: One Who Is Honored

177. Kerecsen

Meaning: Resembling A Falcon

178. Kert

Meaning: One Who Enjoys The Simple Pleasures Of Life

179. Khnurn

Meaning: Rising Sun

180. Kiry

Meaning: Mountain Summit

181. Kistur

Meaning: A Rider

182. Kudjo

Meaning: Boy Born On Monday

183. Kha’Lil

Meaning: Friend

184. Kriansh

Meaning: Part Of Lord Krishna

185. Kayvon

Meaning: Saturn; A Star

186. Kakashi

Meaning: Scarecrow

187. Kenly

Meaning: The King&#x; S Meadow

188. Kai Anthony

Meaning: This Name Means Highly Praiseworthy Or Priceless

189. Kai Kai

Meaning: From The Sea

190. Ka’Ili

Meaning: Beautiful

191. Kelsy

Meaning: Victorious Ship

192. Kovalan

Meaning: Hero Of Silappathikaram

193. Kum

Meaning: Godfather

194. Kulavira

Meaning: Brave Person Of The Family

195. Kushaada

Meaning: Talent; Care Taker; More Attractive

196. Kalvimani

Meaning: Learned

197. Kamal Ahmad

Meaning: Peaceful; Systematic Mind; Mysterious

198. Kakila

Meaning: Worn Around Neck

199. Kanalan

Meaning: Shining

200. Karaimidarran

Meaning: One Man Army

201. Kaushlendra

Meaning: Rama

202. Kevansh

Meaning: Part Of Lotus

203. Kindami

Meaning: God Of Love; Handsome Love

204. Kuselar

Meaning: Counselor; Perfectionist; Compassion

205. Kadappan

Meaning: Ambitious; Playful; Different

206. Kayarohanam

Meaning: Nature Smile

207. Kevaansh

Meaning: Part Of Lotus

208. Khaksh

Meaning: Laborer

209. Kolinkar

Meaning: Born To The Conquering People

210. Kusmi

Meaning: Beauty; Order; Universe

211. Kube

Meaning: Yahweh May Protect; Holder Of Heel

212. Kanahya

Meaning: Lord Krishna

213. Kelash

Meaning: Lord Shiva; Variant Of Kailash

214. Kheman

Meaning: Name Of Power

215. Krossbyr

Meaning: Dwells At The Shrine Of The Cross

216. Kausar

Meaning: In Pashtun Meaning Is : Lake Of Paradise

217. Kehkashan

Meaning: Galaxy; Milky Way; Sittaroon Ka Jhurmatt;

218. Khalid Khaled

Meaning: Eternal

219. Khubayb

Meaning: A Fast Walker; (name Of Companion)

220. Khursheed

Meaning: The Sun; The Brightness Of Sun;

221. Khuzaimah Khuzaymah

Meaning: Old Arabic Name

222. Kafalat

Meaning: To Help

223. Kaifi

Meaning: Lushy; Tipsy; Jolly; Bum; Intoxicated; Lusty

224. Kaisan

Meaning: Wise; A Companion Of The Prophet PBUH Was Known By This Name He Was Ibn-Jareer Al-Awami RA

225. Kaneef

Meaning: To Hide

226. Karamullah

Meaning: God’ S Generosity; God’ S Honoring Of Humans; Figuratively Meaning Gift Form God

227. Kasib

Meaning: Winner; Provider

228. Khajir

Meaning: The Beauty

229. Khanakhanan

Meaning: Sardar Of Warlords

230. Kadri

Meaning: Valuable

231. Kainalu

Meaning: Ocean That Billows

232. Kazumi

Meaning: Beautiful Peace

233. Kees

Meaning: Horn

234. Keld

Meaning: Large Pot

235. Kettil

Meaning: Large Pot

236. Koji

Meaning: Little One

237. Koppel

Meaning: Following After

238. Kronos

Meaning: Time

239. Kuo

Meaning: Capacious Or Limitless

240. Kaiko

Meaning: Strong Current In The Sea

241. Kealamauloa

Meaning: Eternal Path

242. Kealohilani

Meaning: Bright Heaven

243. Keir

Meaning: Dark Skinned Person

244. Keiran

Meaning: Small Dark One

245. Kelan

Meaning: Thin

246. Kosuke

Meaning: Rising Sun

247. Kwan

Meaning: Powerful

248. Kameswar

Meaning: Cupid; Lord Of Love

249. Kaviarasan

Meaning: King Of Poet; King Of Poetry

250. Kesavalu

Meaning: Open-Minded; Leadership; Courage

251. Khounish

Meaning: Counselor; Perfectionist; Compassion

252. Kulish

Meaning: Belonging To A Good; Noble Family

253. Kupat

Meaning: Excellent

254. Kamyar

Meaning: Successful

255. Kawish

Meaning: Kawish; Also Spelled Kavish And Kavesh; Is A Persian Name For Boys That Means €œto Search”; €œto Investigate” €œto Ponder”; €œto Think Deeply”

256. Khairy

Meaning: Charitable; Beneficent

257. Khinzeer

Meaning: Harmless Creature Of God

258. Khaista

Meaning: Beautiful

259. Katharyn

Meaning: Pure

260. Kauthar

Meaning: Ample Abundant

261. Keagan

Meaning: A Thinker; Fiery Form Of Hugh

262. Kamilan

Meaning: Whole; Complete; Without Flaws

263. Khoulad

Meaning: Immortal; Eternal

264. Kedia

Meaning: Title

265. Kaylem

Meaning: Probably Derived From The Name Kylan; Meaning Narrow Or Slender

266. Kristupas

Meaning: A Modification Of The English Christopher From Old Greek Origin Meaning Bearing Christ

267. Kajícek

Meaning: To Rejoice; Victorious

268. Kajík

Meaning: To Rejoice; Victorious

269. Kanac

Meaning: The Golden One

270. Kanakanui

Meaning: Powerful Man

271. Kapiladeva

Meaning: Tawny God

272. Kardos

Meaning: One Who Wields A Sword

273. Kavanagh

Meaning: Handsome

274. Kazea

Meaning: A Hardworking Man

275. Keabo

Meaning: From The Highest Moutain

276. Keeffe

Meaning: Descendent Of Caomh

277. Kelbee

Meaning: Farm By The Spring

278. Kellman

Meaning: Merciful

279. Kenaaz

Meaning: Bright

280. Kerbasee

Meaning: Warrior

281. Keshet

Meaning: Rainbow

282. Keycalf

Meaning: One Who Is Inventive

283. Klaas

Meaning: Victor Of The People

284. Komaki

Meaning: Twin

285. Kourash

Meaning: Ancient King

286. Kurea

Meaning: Resembling A Chestnut

287. Karlo

Meaning: Free

288. Kevan

Meaning: Handsome At Birth

289. Kadan

Meaning: Companion

290. Kadarius

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

291. Kaelem

Meaning: Honest

292. K’Hari

Meaning: Kingly

293. Ky’El

Meaning: Narrows; Channel; Strait

294. Kabali

Meaning: Lord Shiva; Short Form Of Kabaleeshwar

295. Kam’Ryn

Meaning: Crooked Nose

296. Ky’Ron

Meaning: Little Dark-haired One

297. Kai Den

Meaning: Companion; Warrior

298. Kai El

Meaning: Sun Ray

299. Ka’Lani

Meaning: The Heavens; Sky; Royal One

300. Kea

Meaning: White

301. Kehinde

Meaning: Second Born Of Twins

302. Kenaan

Meaning: Possession Kenaz - Bright

303. Ken’Trell

Meaning: Edge

304. Kjell

Meaning: Large Pot

305. Kla

Meaning: Brave

306. Kolbein

Meaning: Son Of Sigmund Of Vestfold

307. Kwane

Meaning: Strong

308. Ky Ron

Meaning: Little Dark-haired One

309. Kulapati

Meaning: Head Of Family

310. Kuraim

Meaning: Courageous; Logical; Compassion

311. Kuranga

Meaning: Deer

312. Kurapati

Meaning: King

313. Kheteswer

Meaning: Lord Shiva

314. Khudsi

Meaning: Teacher; Friendly; Confidence

315. Koge

Meaning: Fragrant Flower

316. Kolappan

Meaning: Lord Shiva

317. Kotari

Meaning: Unclothed

318. Khuda Bakhsh

Meaning: Gift Of Allah

319. Khaliqus Subhan

Meaning: Worthy Of The Glory

320. Kadampan

Meaning: Explorer; Joyful; Expert

321. Karakasa

Meaning: Harsh; A Sword

322. Kshir

Meaning: Milk

323. Kovendan

Meaning: King; King Of Kings Or Emperor

324. Khurs

Meaning: Moon

325. Kaaib

Meaning: Close

326. Khaiam

Meaning: Tent-maker

327. Khaarijah

Meaning: Outstanding

328. Khaashieen

Meaning: One Who Fear God

329. Khemi

Meaning: One Born

330. Karambir

Meaning: The Name Means Brave With The Gods Grace

331. Khnemu

Meaning: To Model

332. Kalewa

Meaning: Smith

333. Kambaujiya

Meaning: Handsome King

334. Keykhosrow

Meaning: A Character In Shahnameh

335. Karamana

Meaning: A Place In Trivandrum

336. Kaneez

Meaning: Slave Girl; Servant; Baandi

337. Khairi Khairy Khayri

Meaning: Charitable; Beneficent

338. Khalifah

Meaning: Caliph

339. Kharijah

Meaning: Outside; External

340. Khateeb

Meaning: Speaker; One Who Gives A Speech; One Who Represents A Group Of People

341. Khayri

Meaning: Charitable

342. Khidr

Meaning: Green; Greenness

343. Khulayd

Meaning: Abiding; (name Of Companion)

344. Khulus

Meaning: Clearness; Purity

345. Khushtar

Meaning: Sarrounded By Happiness

346. Kaiqad

Meaning: Insaf Krny Wala

347. Kalimuddin

Meaning: Spokesman Of Religion

348. Kalimullah

Meaning: One Who Conversed With Allah An Epithet Of Prophet Moses

349. Kaniz

Meaning: Maid Servant; Female Servant; Virgin

350. Karamat

Meaning: Miracle; Nobility; Anokhi Cheez

351. Karoobi

Meaning: Angel

352. Keykhusru

Meaning: Exalted

353. Khairat

Meaning: Pl Of Khaira; Blessing; Good Work

354. Khairulbashar

Meaning: Best Of Mankind

355. Khalifa

Meaning: Successor; Viceroy; Caliph; Vice-regent

356. Khalilullah

Meaning: Friend Of Allah; An Epithet Of Prophet Ibrahim

357. Khasif

Meaning: Sword

358. Khatam

Meaning: To Finish

359. Khawer

Meaning: The East; A Place Of Sun Rise;

360. Khawwas

Meaning: To Be Filled With Food Name Of A Sahabi Who Participated In The Battle Of Badr

361. Khizar

Meaning: Name Of A Prophet; Rahnuma

362. Kiazand

Meaning: Big Srdar

363. Kibria

Meaning: Glory; Grandeur; Attributive Name Of Allah(SWT)

364. Kacper

Meaning: King Of The Treasure

365. Kahikina

Meaning: The Arrival

366. Kahl

Meaning: Bald Or Without Hair

367. Kahn

Meaning: Priest

368. Kang

Meaning: Hale And Healthy

369. Kanuha

Meaning: One Who Sulks

370. Kanye

Meaning: Freedom

371. Keion

Meaning: Follower Of Zeus

372. Kenley

Meaning: Imperial Meadow

373. Keoki

Meaning: A Farmer

374. Keung

Meaning: Cosmos

375. Kincaid

Meaning: From Kincaid

376. Knowles

Meaning: From A Hill Top

377. Kobus

Meaning: Following After

378. Kouichi

Meaning: One Happiness

379. Krzysiek

Meaning: Bearing Christ

380. Kwang

Meaning: Wild

381. Kaholo

Meaning: Nimble Or Light Footed

382. Kahua

Meaning: Base Or Foundation

383. Kapuni

Meaning: Favorite

384. Katsumi

Meaning: Win Over The Sea

385. Kazimierz

Meaning: Destroyer Of Peace

386. Keahi

Meaning: Flame

387. Kenyon

Meaning: From Kenyon

388. Kong

Meaning: Sky; Heaven

389. Kukane

Meaning: Man Like

390. Kailasnath

Meaning: Master Of Mount Kailash; Lord Shiva

391. Kalbir

Meaning: Braveof The Family

392. Kaliya

Meaning: A Huge Serpent

393. Kamat

Meaning: Free; Unrestrained

394. Krishdeep

Meaning: Light Of Lord Krishna

395. Krishma

Meaning: Short Form Of Lord Krishna

396. Kruthik

Meaning: It Is An Indian Star Name Krithika Nakshatra God Subramaniam Born In This Nakshatra

397. Kumudesh

Meaning: The Moon

398. Kundanlal

Meaning: Golden

399. Kianoosh

Meaning: A Character In Shahnama

400. Khairaat

Meaning: It Means A Woman Who Has An Abundance Of Beauty And Good Characteristics

401. Kabeer

Meaning: Barra Buzurg

402. Kishwa

Meaning: A Country; Region

403. Khayree

Meaning: Charitable; Beneficent

404. Karukar

Meaning: Another Name For God; Workers

405. Kalb

Meaning: Dog; BraveIn The Old Testament; Caleb Was A Companion Of Moses During His Time In The Wilderness

406. Kazemde

Meaning: Ambassador

407. Keallach

Meaning: War; Strife

408. Ken

Meaning: Ken; Short Form Of Kenneth; Meaning Trim; Healthy; And Good-looking Think Of Ken; Barbies Boyfriend

409. Kadamba

Meaning: Orange Flower

410. Kanaiela

Meaning: God Is My Judge; God

411. Kapalaoa

Meaning: Ivory

412. Kapar

Meaning: One Who Is Capricious

413. Kapardin

Meaning: Having Matted Locks

414. Karsa

Meaning: Resembling A Falcon

415. Kavanaugh

Meaning: Handsome

416. Kave

Meaning: Poet

417. Kedam

Meaning: Ancient; Old; From The East

418. Keddrik

Meaning: Pattern Of Generosity

419. Keife

Meaning: Descendent Of Caomh

420. Kelagh

Meaning: One Who Suffers Strife

421. Kelbea

Meaning: Farm By The Spring

422. Kelbey

Meaning: Farm By The Spring

423. Keral

Meaning: Young Man

424. Kiedrick

Meaning: Pattern Of Generosity

425. Kirabow

Meaning: A Gift From God

426. Kosea

Meaning: Lion

427. Kosee

Meaning: Lion

428. Koshall

Meaning: One Who Is Skilled

429. Kouhei

Meaning: Wide And Flat

430. Koukai

Meaning: Sail Across The Sea

431. Kramorris

Meaning: A Merchant

432. Kwaho

Meaning: Resembling An Eagle

433. Kwakoe

Meaning: Born On Wednesday

434. Kyldaire

Meaning: From County Of Kildare

435. Kasch

Meaning: Like A Blackbird

436. Keye

Meaning: " Rejoice"

437. Kusti

Meaning: " Staff Of The Goths"

438. Kaliph

Meaning: The Caliphs Of Arabia

439. Kharlton

Meaning: Settlement

440. Kaïs

Meaning: Pure; Treasurer

441. Kaiyo

Meaning: Forgiveness

442. Kalion

Meaning: Excellent Beauty

443. Kana’i

Meaning: Contentment

444. Khanh

Meaning: Prince

445. Kaa

Meaning: Joy

446. Kahal

Meaning: One Who Has Dark Eyelids

447. Kai Li

Meaning: Beautiful

448. Kala`e

Meaning: Slim And Fair; Beloved; Sweetheart

449. Karaline

Meaning: Free Man

450. Kela

Meaning: Lady; Princess

451. Ke’Oni

Meaning: God Is Gracious

452. Khaalis

Meaning: Pure; True; Clear

453. Kord

Meaning: Bold Advisor; Cord Maker

454. Ksatriya

Meaning: The Fighter

455. Kysuan

Meaning: Heavenly

456. Ksaya

Meaning: Dwelling; Dominion

457. Ksaman

Meaning: Adventure; Emotional; Highly Attractive

458. Ksantu

Meaning: Patient; Enduring

459. Kiranchandra

Meaning: Beam Light Of Moon; Divine

460. Krishna Kumar

Meaning: Lord Krishna

461. Kathaka

Meaning: Reciting; Narrating

462. Kotara

Meaning: Genius; Good; Good Judger

463. Kamaaluddeen

Meaning: Excellence; Completion; Utmost Level; Lotus

464. Kamakodi

Meaning: Lord Rama

465. Kenadone

Meaning: Unique; Visionary; Different

466. Karambha

Meaning: Mixture; Gruel

467. Kehul

Meaning: Prince

468. Keharbir

Meaning: Brave As Lion

469. Key Khosrow

Meaning: A Character In Shahnameh

470. Khadem

Meaning: Servant

471. Kawnain

Meaning: The Two Beings Existences

472. Khaalideen

Meaning: Immortal One

473. Khaashi

Meaning: Pious; Devout

474. Kadema

Meaning: Forward

475. Kauko

Meaning: Far Away

476. Kapaneus

Meaning: Arrogant Of One

477. Kapees

Meaning: Lord Hanuman

478. Keval Kumar

Meaning: Absolute

479. Kevang

Meaning: Admirer; Honesty; Sacrificer

480. Kripaank

Meaning: Blessings; Grace Of God

481. Kaaseb

Meaning: Earner

482. Keharn

Meaning: Long Lived; Lasting

483. Krishnanand

Meaning: Pleasing God Krishna

484. Kunchan

Meaning: Gold

485. Kiryl

Meaning: Noble

486. Khashyar

Meaning: Name Of An Ancient King

487. Khuda Dad

Meaning: God Given

488. Khalis

Meaning: Pure

489. Khasib

Meaning: Fertile; Productive; Profuse

490. Kurayb

Meaning: Ibn Abi Muslim Al-Hashami Had This Name

491. Kaif

Meaning: Exhilaration; Pleasure; High; Spirit;

492. KaleemUllah

Meaning: Who Converses With Allah

493. Kashfi

Meaning: To Reveal

494. Khalif

Meaning: Successor

495. Khariq

Meaning: Display Miracle

496. Khateer

Meaning: Noble; Honorable; Important; Dangerous

497. Khatif

Meaning: The Thunder Of Lightning

498. Khawwat

Meaning: Name Of A Companion; Bin Jubayr RA Who Was One Of Those Whom Them Prophet PBUH Sent To Verify Reports Of Treachery Of Banu Quraysh

499. Khedeem

Meaning: Employee; Servant

500. Khidash

Meaning: A Companion Of The Prophet PBUH Had This Name; He Was Ibn Satamah RA