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Baby Girl names starting with K, baby Girl names starting with K of 2021, Modern baby Girl names starting with K of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With K

1. Kyra

Meaning: Little Dark Girl

2. Kallie

Meaning: Modernlark

3. Kinslee

Meaning: Kinslee Means Land Of The King The Name Can Also Be Used For Boys

4. Kaitlyn

Meaning: Modern Phonetic Form Of The Irish Name Caitlin From Catherine Meaning Pure

5. Katelyn

Meaning: The Irish Form Of Katherine; Pure

6. Kora

Meaning: Variant Of Cora; Meaning Maiden TheKspelling Is A Modern Take On This Name

7. Khloe

Meaning: Variant Of Chloe; Meaning To Open Up; To Blossom; Reference To The Greek Goddness Of Fertility

8. Karson

Meaning: Variant Of Carson; The Name Means A Free Man The Name Can Also Be Used For Girls

9. Kyra

Meaning: Lord

10. Keilani

Meaning: In Hawaiian; Keilani Translates Toglorious Chief

11. Kaydence

Meaning: This Unisex Name Is Derived From The Musical Term Cadence Which Is The Flow Of Sound In A Song Or Poem

12. Karter

Meaning: Variant Of Carter; The Name Means Someone Who Brings Things From One Place To Another

13. Kamilah

Meaning: Kamilah Is A Quranic Name For Girls That Means Complete; Perfect; And Flawless

14. Kamila

Meaning: Helper To The Priest

15. Kylie

Meaning: Living Near A Narrow Channel

16. Kira

Meaning: The Sun; Dark

17. Katalina

Meaning: Variant Of Catherine; Katalina Means Pure

18. Keily

Meaning: Variant Of Keely; Always Returns; Fair-minded

19. Kori

Meaning: The Name Kori Has Two Different Meanings One Is Little Spear And The Other Is Ravine

20. Karsyn

Meaning: Variant Of Carson; Doesnt Mind Getting His Hands Dirty; Hard Worker

21. Kali

Meaning: Woman Of Gloom

22. Karina

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

23. Kate

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

24. Katelyn

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

25. Katherine

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

26. Kaylee

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

27. Keira

Meaning: Little Dark Girl

28. Kendra

Meaning: Supreme Champion

29. Kiana

Meaning: Royal Queen

30. Kira

Meaning: Little Dark Girl

31. Kaia

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

32. Kaiya

Meaning: Forgiving

33. Kayla

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

34. Kenna

Meaning: Pretty Woman

35. Kimber

Meaning: Royal Fortress

36. Kaliyah

Meaning: Slayer Of Thousand Headed Dragon

37. Karla

Meaning: Durga; Opening Wide; Tearing

38. Kiara

Meaning: Pica; A Desire For Eating Non-nutritious Things; Such As Ice

39. Kailani

Meaning: Sea And Sky

40. Kamryn

Meaning: Modernused For Girls

41. Kara

Meaning: Dear, BeloveD. From The Feminine Form Of Italian 'cara' Or The Latin 'carus'.

42. Kristian

Meaning: Form Of Christian

43. Kyla

Meaning: Feminine Of Kyle

44. Kylee

Meaning: Feminine Of Kyle

45. Kyrie

Meaning: Lady

46. Kendra

Meaning: Protector Of Man

47. Kennedi

Meaning: A Alternative Of Kennedy; It Stands For Strength And Compassion With A Formal Meaning Of Armored Head

48. Kayleigh

Meaning: MeansDescendant Of Caollaidheand Also Refers To The Traditional Gaelic Social Dance Known As A Ceilidh

49. Katie

Meaning: Katie Is A Modification Of The Names Katherine And Kate And Means Pure

50. Kathryn

Meaning: Copied From The Greek Katharus Meaning Pure

51. Khaleesi

Meaning: Khaleesi Is The Made-up Name Of TheGame Of Thronesdragon Mother It Became Increasingly Popular In 2012

52. Kairi

Meaning: Means A Village By The Ocean In Japanese And It Means A Melody In French Its Popularity Is Increasing Because Of The Character In The Game Kingdom Hearts

53. Kaylani

Meaning: Kaylani Means Majestic; Heavenly; And Spiritual The Name Is Also Spelled Kalani

54. Kenia

Meaning: Kenia Means Biggest Winner In The Welsh Origin It Can Also Be From African Origin; Named After The Country Kenya

55. Keyla

Meaning: The Name Keyla Means Descendant Of Caollaidhe Or Church

56. Kataleya

Meaning: Variant Of Cattleya; Referring To A Type Of Orchids

57. Kamiyah

Meaning: Lover Of Art And Music; Seeks To Understand Different Cultures

58. Kehlani

Meaning: " Sea And Sky"

59. Kavita

Meaning: Poetic

60. KLah

Meaning: Left Handed

61. Kerrynne

Meaning: Pure; Variant Of Katherine; Dark

62. Karolyne

Meaning: Free Man

63. Kabera

Meaning: The Greatness

64. Kaya

Meaning: Body; Elder Sister

65. Kamile

Meaning: Of African-Shona Origin Meaning Spirit There Are 19 Modifications Of This Name

66. Kochai

Meaning: Nomad

67. Kristie

Meaning: Follower Of Christ

68. Kevali

Meaning: One; She Who Has Attained The Absolute

69. Kalara

Meaning: Shines

70. Kai Lee

Meaning: From A Clearing

71. Kanagavathi

Meaning: Communicator; Logical; Energetic

72. Kanaka Priya

Meaning: Lover Of Gold

73. Krishtal

Meaning: Diamond

74. Kukkamaria

Meaning: Mary Flower

75. Kanda

Meaning: Darling

76. Kanakavalli

Meaning: Gold

77. Khola

Meaning: Khayal; Qaabil; Huzoor (SAWW) Ki Khala

78. Kadru

Meaning: Daughter Of Daksha

79. Karen

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Katherine; Pure

80. Kanneeswari

Meaning: Bird

81. Kuvalaya

Meaning: Lotus; World

82. Kiesha

Meaning: Of Aramaic Origin Meaning An Elder; Implying Wise And Worthy Of Respect

83. Keyley

Meaning: A Name That Has Many Spelling Alternatives; Meaning Slender And Fair

84. Karnit

Meaning: Horn

85. Khadeaja

Meaning: Premature Child

86. Kalyna

Meaning: Guelder Rose

87. Kai Ann

Meaning: Time; Occasion; Now; This Moment

88. Kas

Meaning: Glass

89. Kawkab

Meaning: Satellite

90. Khayriyah

Meaning: Charitable; Good

91. Khudrah

Meaning: Greenery

92. Kashud

Meaning: Bloom; Success; Benefit

93. Khaira

Meaning: Khaira Means Good; Better; Best; The Opposite Of Bad And Evil It Is Used In Description Of The Huris Of Paradise In Verse 70 Of Surat Ar-Rahman

94. Khuld

Meaning: Paradise; Heaven; Eternal

95. Koreena

Meaning: Maiden

96. Karen

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

97. Katerina

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

98. Keeva

Meaning: Pretty; Gentle

99. Kekepania

Meaning: Woman With Crown

100. Kwanjai

Meaning: Sweetheart

101. Kaamisha

Meaning: Happy

102. Khazzarah

Meaning: Soft; Green

103. Khaleedah

Meaning: Immortal; Eternal

104. Kulaisim

Meaning: One Who Has Full Healthy Cheeks; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful; Attractive

105. Kaylie

Meaning: From Celtic Origin Meaning Church; Monestry It Is An English Alternative Of Kayley

106. Kennadi

Meaning: Variant Of Kennedy; Strong; Safe; Protected

107. Karley

Meaning: Variant Of Carly; Enjoys Traveling; Wandering And Following Her Heart

108. Keshawna

Meaning: Favorite; Cassia; Cinnamon

109. Klove

Meaning: The Green Herb; Normally

110. Kunani

Meaning: Beautiful Appearance

111. Kai Lan

Meaning: Pure

112. KeyAira

Meaning: Flower

113. Kira Ann

Meaning: Time; Occasion; Now; This Moment

114. Kai Ara

Meaning: Opinions; Beautiful Alter

115. Kai Lani

Meaning: Heavenly Woman

116. Kai Leigh

Meaning: From A Clearing

117. Kai Lin

Meaning: From The Woods

118. Kalaa

Meaning: The Fine Arts; Most Beautiful

119. Kay Dee

Meaning: Unclear

120. Kazuko

Meaning: Obedient Child

121. Kalaimalar

Meaning: Artistic

122. Kanagamuni

Meaning: Energy; Helper; Stimulator

123. Komalagita

Meaning: Soft Song

124. Kiman

Meaning: Butterfly

125. Khyrunnisa

Meaning: Epithet Of Khadija; Best Of Women

126. Kamala Sambhava

Meaning: Emanating From The Lotus; Goddess Laxmi

127. Kharqa

Meaning: Strong; Wind

128. Kabeesha

Meaning: This Was The Name Of A Poetess; Daughter Of Al-Waqa (AN)

129. Kainaat

Meaning: Univrese

130. Kakuli

Meaning: Crest; Tuft On The Head Of An Animal Like Comb Of A Cock

131. Kamnah

Meaning: Woman

132. Kashfa

Meaning: To Appear

133. Kasira

Meaning: Bold Woman

134. Khairah

Meaning: Adj Good; Best; Well; Safe; Adv Very Well; Goodness; Welfare; Happiness; Health

135. Khazran

Meaning: Naram Lakri; Khalifa Haroon Rasheed Ki Malika

136. Khuban

Meaning: Beautiful; Shakila

137. Katka

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

138. Katya

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

139. Kitty

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

140. Klasina

Meaning: People' S Triumph

141. Kaija

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

142. Kanta

Meaning: Gorgeous

143. Karissa

Meaning: Gracious; Kind

144. Kelebek

Meaning: Butterfly

145. Kumari

Meaning: Son

146. Kaksi

Meaning: Perfume

147. Kunjika

Meaning: Of The Forest

148. Kanizah

Meaning: Young

149. Khalila

Meaning: Sweetheart; Beloved

150. Khirad

Meaning: Intellect; Samajh; Aqal; Danish; Name Of The Drama Character; Humsafar Drama Character Name; Humsafar Girl Name

151. Khizra

Meaning: Green

152. Khudeeja

Meaning: Variant Of Khadijah: Paradise; Pakeeza; Purity; First Wife Of Prophet Muhammad

153. Koochi

Meaning: Musafir; Safar Karny Wali

154. Kethryn

Meaning: Pure

155. Khristin

Meaning: Christian

156. Krystka

Meaning: Christian

157. Ksena

Meaning: Praise Be To God

158. Kateebah

Meaning: Battalion; Regiment; Which Is A Large Division Of An Army

159. Kahlaa

Meaning: One Who Has Beautiful Black Eyes; One Whose Eyelids Naturally Appear To Have Kohl On Them

160. Khorshid

Meaning: Brilliant; Radiant; Glowing

161. Kaylin

Meaning: From Old Greek Origin Meaning Pure It Is Alternatively Spelt Kailin

162. Karlie

Meaning: Copied From Germanic Origin Meaning Free Man ; A Alternative Of The Name Karl Or Charles

163. Karleigh

Meaning: Karleigh Means Free Man As It Is Also Used As A Boys Name It Can Also Be Spelled Carleigh

164. Kourtney

Meaning: Variant Of Courtney Meaning Short-nosed It Also Sometimes Used As A Boys Name

165. Katalaya

Meaning: Copied From The NameCatalia; This Name Means One Who Is Pure

166. Kadali

Meaning: Banana Tree

167. Kakariki

Meaning: Green

168. Kamah

Meaning: Love

169. Kamaksi

Meaning: Having Voluptuous Eyes

170. Kasci

Meaning: Descendant Of Cathasaigh

171. Kaulanne

Meaning: Famous

172. Keahea

Meaning: Fire

173. Keranz

Meaning: Love

174. Kolandra

Meaning: Lark

175. Koleka

Meaning: Gift Of God

176. Kreni

Meaning: A Capable Woman

177. Kusa

Meaning: The Sacred Kusa Grass

178. Kinda

Meaning: " Part Of A Mountain; Beautiful"

179. Kaiyah

Meaning: Forgiveness

180. Kaylia

Meaning: " Laurel; Crown"

181. Kilina

Meaning: Eagle

182. Kaida

Meaning: Little Dragon

183. Karamia

Meaning: Karamia Means Beloved Peace

184. Kyrstin

Meaning: Follower Of Christ

185. Kira Lyn

Meaning: Dwells By The Torrent

186. Ksheeraja

Meaning: Goddess Of Milk

187. Kai Lei

Meaning: Thunderous

188. Kay Lee

Meaning: From A Clearing

189. Kay Leigh

Meaning: From A Clearing

190. Keeisha

Meaning: Of He Spice Ree

191. Keet

Meaning: Shed Town; Urbane

192. Khumkumari

Meaning: Helpful; Knowledgeul; Shy

193. Khadgini

Meaning: Goddess Durga

194. Kyivreeti

Meaning: Intelligence; Patience; Beauty

195. Kanaiyazhi

Meaning: Ring

196. Khel Priya

Meaning: One Who Loves Sports

197. Kuranpreet

Meaning: Creativity; Flexible; Studious

198. Kamala Sambhava

Meaning: Lotus; Goddess Laxmi (1)

199. Kanak Priya

Meaning: Lover Of Gold

200. Kusala

Meaning: Safe

201. Kushalini

Meaning: Having Skillfulness Or Happiness

202. Kanaika

Meaning: Beautiful

203. Karbaano

Meaning: Wife

204. Karaasah

Meaning: Book

205. Khashaar

Meaning: Decorated

206. Khairandash

Meaning: Well Wisher

207. Katayon

Meaning: A Female Character In Shahnamah

208. Koshar

Meaning: Proper; Lawful

209. Kurat Ul Ain

Meaning: Coolness Of Eyes

210. Karna Priya

Meaning: Something That Is Sweet To Our Ears

211. Kafiya

Meaning: Poem

212. Kamaakshi

Meaning: One With Loving Eyes

213. Kabirah

Meaning: Elder; Big

214. Kadshah

Meaning: She Was A Companion Of Prophet(saw)

215. Kaleemah

Meaning: Speaker

216. Kaltham

Meaning: Name Of Al-Qarshiyah Who Transmitted Hadith From Sayyidah Ayshah

217. Khadijah

Meaning: A Daughter Who Is Born Before She Is Due

218. Khalidah

Meaning: Immortal; Eternal

219. Khansa

Meaning: Old Arabic Name

220. Koila

Meaning: Charcoal

221. Kuhaylah

Meaning: Name Of A Pious Woman Who Was A Good Speaker

222. Kunza

Meaning: Hidden Treasure

223. Kuwaysah

Meaning: Pretty

224. Khush Bakht

Meaning: Fortunate; Of Good Fortune

225. Kaheel

Meaning: Khobsorat Aankhain

226. Karbano

Meaning: House' S Wife

227. Karima

Meaning: Kind; Generous; Benevolent; Open-handed; Bountiful; Noble; Fem Of Karim

228. Khairiya

Meaning: Charity; Benevolence; Beneficence; Good

229. Khakshan

Meaning: (Persian) The Milky Way; Galaxy

230. Khalwat

Meaning: Solitude

231. Khashifa

Meaning: Disclosing; Divulging; Izhar; Inkishaf

232. Khasiba

Meaning: Fruitful; Fertile; Prolific; Prodigal; Productive; Fem Of Khasib

233. Khatira

Meaning: Wish; Desire

234. Khawra

Meaning: East Or West

235. Khundan

Meaning: Happy Mood

236. Khuwailah

Meaning: A Little Or Young Female Gazelle; Name Of A Women

237. Karola

Meaning: Free Woman

238. Kasi

Meaning: Radiant

239. Katalin

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

240. Kelila

Meaning: Tiara Of Laurel

241. Kenina

Meaning: Pretty Woman

242. Kinsey

Meaning: Victory Of The King

243. Kamaria

Meaning: The Moon

244. Kamini

Meaning: Worthy

245. Kanya

Meaning: Woman With Youth

246. Katelijne

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

247. Kathleen

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

248. Katrina

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

249. Kiraz

Meaning: Cherry Tree

250. Kanupriya

Meaning: Radha

251. Karuka

Meaning: Heavenly Piece Of Art

252. Kashni

Meaning: Flower; Special Girl; Goddess Lakshmi

253. Kiruba

Meaning: Grace Of God

254. Kishori

Meaning: Young Damsel; A Young Girl

255. Kshama

Meaning: Forgiveness

256. Kuruvilla

Meaning: Unconquerable; Invincible

257. Kadira

Meaning: Strong

258. Kadriya

Meaning: Kader; Destiny

259. Kahlilia

Meaning: From Khalil

260. Kimiya

Meaning: Alchemy

261. Kaelah

Meaning: Meaning: Keeper Of The Keys; Pure. Famous Bearer: Kayla Is A Character On Daytime TV Series 'Days Of Our Lives. '.

262. Kailin

Meaning: And Kayla; Meaning: Keeper Of The Keys; Pure

263. Kalanit

Meaning: Flower

264. Kalina

Meaning: A Flower Name And Place Name

265. Kallan

Meaning: Flowing Water

266. Kameko

Meaning: Child Of The Tortoise

267. Kamren

Meaning: Modernused For Girls

268. Kerrie

Meaning: DescenDents Of Ciar'. The Name Of A County Of IrelanD. UseD For Both GenDers.

269. Kimbra

Meaning: From The Royal Fortress Meadow

270. Klari

Meaning: Clear

271. Klarysa

Meaning: Clear

272. Kolby

Meaning: Dark; Dark-haired

273. Krasna

Meaning: Beautiful

274. Kriszta

Meaning: Christian

275. Kubrea

Meaning: Great Senior

276. Kyria

Meaning: Lady

277. Khiraa

Meaning: To Select; To Choose From; To Purify

278. Keenda

Meaning: Part Of A Mountain

279. Khuzarah

Meaning: Sea; Ocean; From The KH-DHAD-R (greenness) Root Due To The Fact That The Ocean Appears Green

280. Khazrat

Meaning: Green (the Color); Softness

281. Khuta

Meaning: Steps

282. Khafifah

Meaning: Nimble; Agile; Cute; Lovable

283. Khilfah

Meaning: Successor; That Which Replaces Something Else

284. Khimrah

Meaning: Veil; Covering

285. Kaatyaayanee

Meaning: Moon Light

286. Kheyali

Meaning: Imaginative

287. Kilimozhiyal

Meaning: Flower

288. Krishnamala

Meaning: Draupadi

289. Kailynn

Meaning: Variant Of Kalin; Kailynn Means Pure And Wholesome Another Popular Spelling Is Kaylen

290. Kayleen

Meaning: Variant Of Kaylee; A Guardian Or Protector

291. Karoline

Meaning: Variant Of Caroline; Free Spirited And Open

292. Kellie

Meaning: An Alternative Spelling Of The Popular Name Kelly; Meaning Church Or Monastery

293. Kamdyn

Meaning: Variant Of Camden; Free-spirited; Refused To Make Plans; Goes With The Flow

294. Kayle

Meaning: From The Yiddish Name Kelila Meaning Crown Of Laurels Refering To The Brides Headress Also Means Lightness

295. Katheryn

Meaning: A Typical Alternative Of The Name Katherine; This Name Is Not As Widely Used But Shares The Same Meaning: Pure

296. Kelzie

Meaning: A Alternative Spelling Of The Name Kelsy; Meaning Ship Or Victory This Name Can Be Used For Both Sexes

297. Katlyn

Meaning: A Greek Name Meaning Pure It Is Also A Modification Of The English Name Catherine And The Irish Name Caitlin

298. Kelsie Marie

Meaning: Combining The Name Kelsie; Meaning Wished For And Marie; Meaning Star Of Star

299. Kaiaka

Meaning: Shadowed Sea

300. Kalliyan

Meaning: Of Superior Quality

301. Kamballa

Meaning: Young Woman

302. Kanja

Meaning: Virgin

303. Kefeara

Meaning: Resembling A Young Lioness

304. Kehynde

Meaning: The Person Who Falls

305. Keke

Meaning: Pure

306. Kekona

Meaning: Second-born Child

307. Kemell

Meaning: One Who Is Self-assured

308. Ker

Meaning: Descendants Of Ciar

309. Keshea

Meaning: Favorite

310. Kesse

Meaning: Chubby One

311. Khakie

Meaning: Full Of Personality

312. Khepree

Meaning: Emerging Sun

313. Kheprie

Meaning: Emerging Sun

314. Khepry

Meaning: Emerging Sun

315. Kindale

Meaning: Valley Of The River

316. Kisah

Meaning: Kitty; Pussycat

317. Kitters

Meaning: Pure; Torture

318. Kolab

Meaning: Rose

319. Krimhilde

Meaning: Battle Mask

320. Klare

Meaning: " Bright; Clear"

321. Kiaria

Meaning: " Fortunate"

322. Kisakye

Meaning: " Grace"

323. Kasee

Meaning: Vigilant

324. Kyall

Meaning: " Narrow Spit Of Land"

325. Koi

Meaning: Carp

326. Kalah

Meaning: Slim And Fair; Beloved; Sweetheart

327. Ka’Loni

Meaning: The Heavens; Sky; Royal One

328. Kamisha

Meaning: Achiever; Peacemaker; More Attractive

329. Khadeja

Meaning: Loyal And Trustworthy

330. Ketrina

Meaning: Pure

331. Kevonni

Meaning: Derived From Kevin

332. Kira Lee

Meaning: From A Clearing

333. Kira May

Meaning: Old Arabic Name

334. Kyira

Meaning: Beautiful And Intelligent

335. Kyra Lynn

Meaning: From The Lake

336. Kara Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

337. Karmal

Meaning: Orchard; Garden

338. Kay Ann

Meaning: Time; Occasion; Now; This Moment

339. Kay Kay

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

340. Kay Lyn

Meaning: Dwells By The Torrent

341. Kinatra

Meaning: Princess

342. Koundini

Meaning: Expertise; Perfect; Serious

343. Kesavalli

Meaning: Style Of Beautiful Hair

344. Kshirabdi

Meaning: Goddess Laxmi

345. Kapardinee

Meaning: Having Matted Locks

346. Kathambari

Meaning: Pure; Clean; Happy

347. Kavanpreet

Meaning: Freedom Lover; Joyful; Hard Worker

348. Karaleah

Meaning: Genius; Wealth; Protector

349. Kenadona

Meaning: Peaceful; Systematic Mind; Mysterious

350. Keerthiga

Meaning: Beautiful

351. Kshamika

Meaning: Symbol; Sign

352. Kshaya

Meaning: Less Energetic And Calm

353. Kurbani

Meaning: Sacrifice

354. Kifsa

Meaning: Young Lioness

355. Kaashifah

Meaning: Appear

356. Karrarah

Meaning: Attacker

357. Khanda Roo

Meaning: Smile

358. Khusro Anjum

Meaning: King Of Stars

359. Kinjia

Meaning: The Path; The Way

360. Kevilla

Meaning: Lovely

361. Kheer

Meaning: Virtue; Honour; Generosity

362. Kolthida

Meaning: Noble-born Woman

363. Kravann

Meaning: Tiny Golden Brown Flower

364. Kun Thea

Meaning: Sweet Smelling; Good Deed

365. Karmit

Meaning: Song

366. Karrolin

Meaning: Tiny And Feminine

367. Kamaksha

Meaning: Goddess Durga

368. Ketal

Meaning: At The Top

369. Kiaasha

Meaning: Long Awaited

370. Kojika

Meaning: Fawn

371. Kundanna

Meaning: Beautiful; Pure

372. Kawsar Kausar

Meaning: Abundance ; And Possibly The Name Of A Fountain In Paradise

373. Kickan

Meaning: Pure; Holy

374. Khiew Wan

Meaning: Green Sweet

375. Kohsoom

Meaning: Lotus

376. Kalila

Meaning: Sweetheart; Beloved

377. Kanval

Meaning: Flower

378. Kathirah

Meaning: Plenty

379. Kawakib

Meaning: Satellites

380. Khatoon

Meaning: Lady

381. Khitam

Meaning: Ending; Final; Finale

382. Kyda

Meaning: Preserved; Strong

383. Kamala

Meaning: Lotus

384. Kamni

Meaning: Delicate

385. Kansa

Meaning: Vessel Of Bell-metal;

386. Kasturi

Meaning: Musk; A Song Bird

387. Kaureen

Meaning: Beautiful Girl; Pretty Girl

388. Kazima

Meaning: One Who Controls Or Suppresses Her Anger; Fem Of Kazim

389. Khalisa

Meaning: Pure; True; Clear; Real; Fem Of Khalis

390. Khashar

Meaning: Decorated; Ornamented

391. Khibrat

Meaning: Wisdom; Wise

392. Khitfa

Meaning: Erroneus; Forgetful

393. Kholah

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabiyyah(RA)

394. Khurmi

Meaning: Happiness; Leisure

395. Korina

Meaning: Exalted; Sublime; Nice

396. Kuaybah

Meaning: A Distinguished Woman Of Her Times Was So Named She Was The Daughter Of Saad Al-Aslamiyah And She Offered Allegiance (bayah) To The Prophet PBUH

397. Kalea

Meaning: Filled With Joy

398. Katariina

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

399. Kato

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

400. Keisha

Meaning: Cassia Tree

401. Keitha

Meaning: Forest

402. Khajee

Meaning: Green

403. Kirtida

Meaning: Giving Fame

404. Kunti

Meaning: Spear

405. Kakalina

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

406. Kasandra

Meaning: Shine Upon Mankind

407. Keanna

Meaning: Gracious; Merciful

408. Kaikai

Meaning: Lord Ram Mother

409. Kajri

Meaning: Cloud Like

410. Kalaivani

Meaning: Goddess Of Saraswati

411. Kama

Meaning: Desired; Cherished; The Golden One Or Love

412. Kaneshka

Meaning: Small

413. Kanjri

Meaning: Bird

414. Kaviya

Meaning: Poem

415. Kehani

Meaning: Beautiful Girl;

416. Kena

Meaning: Greatest Champion

417. Khushika

Meaning: Happiness

418. Kimi

Meaning: Noble; Secret; Righteous (1)

419. Kinnari

Meaning: Shore; Musical Instrument; Goddess Of Wealth

420. Kiransukh

Meaning: ' Meaning Having Happy' Happy Rays

421. Koesha

Meaning: Origin; Name Of River

422. Komilla

Meaning: Soft; Beautiful;

423. Kratika

Meaning: Creation Of Star; A Singer;

424. Krima

Meaning: Knowledge; Leadership; Fairness

425. Kuhu

Meaning: Cuckoo Bird Sings Kuhu

426. Kunshita

Meaning: Reference To The Immaculate Conception

427. Kushagri

Meaning: Intelligent

428. Kusumanjali

Meaning: Flower Offering

429. Kuvin

Meaning: Freedom Lover; Joyful; Hard Worker

430. Kontara

Meaning: Dove In An Alternate Dialect Kowtara

431. Kaasheen

Meaning: A Place North Of Ilam In Iran

432. Khayyira

Meaning: Noble; Admirable ; Praiseworthy

433. Kacia

Meaning: A Phonetic Form Of The Initials K C Also Aalert; Vigorous

434. Kaelee

Meaning: And Kayla; Meaning: Keeper Of The Keys; Pure

435. Kailee

Meaning: And Kayla; Meaning: Keeper Of The Keys; Pure

436. Kaitlan

Meaning: Modern Phonetic Form Of The Irish Name Caitlin From Catherine Meaning Pure

437. Kakra

Meaning: A Twin

438. Kaleela

Meaning: Sweetheart Beloved

439. Kaleen

Meaning: A Flower Name And Place Name

440. Kalyca

Meaning: Rosebud

441. Kalynn

Meaning: And Kayla; Meaning: Keeper Of The Keys; Pure

442. Kandis

Meaning: Modern- Ancient Hereditary Title Used By Ethiopian Queens

443. Kaprisha

Meaning: Caprice

444. Kerri

Meaning: DescenDents Of Ciar'. The Name Of A County Of IrelanD. UseD For Both GenDers.

445. Khrustina

Meaning: Christian

446. Khrystina

Meaning: Christian

447. Kianni

Meaning: Ancient

448. Kineta

Meaning: Active

449. Kinnette

Meaning: Harp

450. Klarisza

Meaning: Clear

451. Kokyangwuti

Meaning: Spider Woman At Middle Age

452. Kore

Meaning: Pure

453. Kristin

Meaning: The Anointed

454. Krysta

Meaning: Christian

455. Krystiana

Meaning: Christian

456. Krystianna

Meaning: Christian

457. Kyndall

Meaning: Royal Valley; Referring To Kent In England

458. Khaliyah

Meaning: Empty

459. Khilfat

Meaning: Successor; That Which Replaces Something Else

460. Kimia

Meaning: Elixir; A Mythical Material That Was Believed To Turn Copper And Silver Into Gold

461. Kunti

Meaning: Wife Of Pandu; Mother Of Pandavas

462. Kedarnatha

Meaning: Lord Shiva

463. Kokilarani

Meaning: Cuckoo; Nightingale

464. Koteeswari

Meaning: Very Rich

465. Kimora

Meaning: Kimora Has Been Popularized In The US By Model Kimora Lee Simons It Is A Japanese Surname And Also A Alternative Of Kim Meaning Brave And Noble

466. Kaylynn

Meaning: This Comination Name Uses Kay And Lynn And Means Pure Lake

467. Karis

Meaning: This Name Karis Is Of Greek Origin And Means Grace Or Kindness

468. Kiley

Meaning: Want To Go Irish? Kiley Means Graceful And Neaby The Church It Is Also Related To Kyle; Meaningnarrow Or Slender

469. Karly

Meaning: Karly Has Many Alternatives In Spellings The Name Means Little Winner

470. Keila

Meaning: God-like; Noble; Pure

471. Kendal

Meaning: Of Old English Origin Meaning Valley Of The River Kent It Is A Popular Name In Welsh And English

472. Kaleah

Meaning: Kaleah Means One Is Adored And Deeply Loved It Also Means Wreath Of Flowers

473. Kenslee

Meaning: Variant Of Kenzley; Combinatin Of Kinzey And Kinley; Makes Friends Easily

474. Kristal

Meaning: Copied From The Vocabulary ; Meaning Crystal; Refering To The Clearglass Of The Same Name

475. Kree

Meaning: Kree Comes From The Name Of A Tribe In Canada

476. Kambrie

Meaning: Variant Of Cambria; Meaning A Group The Name Can Also Be Spelled Cambree

477. Kinga

Meaning: From The Germanic Meaning Brave; Tribe; Clan; Fight; Kinga Is A Pet Form Of The German Kunigunde

478. Katie Jane

Meaning: Katie Is Derived From Old Greek Meaning Pure; Torture Whilst Jane Is Of Hebrew Origin Meaning God Is Gracious

479. Keira Leigh

Meaning: Meaninglittle Dark One And Meadow

480. Kasie

Meaning: Originally A Surname Meaning Descendant Of Cathasaigh Or Of The Vigilant One

481. Kaydie

Meaning: One Of The Many Modifications On The Name Kady Meaning First

482. Kaandi

Meaning: Candy; Pure; Incandescent

483. Kacheenah

Meaning: Sacred Dancer

484. Kadea

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is Varied

485. Kaeda

Meaning: Resembling A Small Dragon

486. Kaenda

Meaning: Daughter Of The Hunter

487. Kagamy

Meaning: Mirror

488. Kahaulani

Meaning: Dew From Heaven

489. Kalaheo

Meaning: Proud Day

490. Kalamah

Meaning: The Flaming Torch

491. Kamalea

Meaning: Spirit; Beloved Child

492. Kapukey

Meaning: First-born Daughter

493. Kar

Meaning: Pure; Action; Dear

494. Kasandria

Meaning: Shining Upon Man; Protrude

495. Kasaundra

Meaning: Shining Upon Man; Protrude

496. Kasenda

Meaning: The Earth That Blocks

497. Kaska

Meaning: Pure; Torture

498. Kasumy

Meaning: From The Mist

499. Katakin

Meaning: Pure; Torture

500. Katsina

Meaning: Sacred Dancer