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Baby Boy names starting with M, baby Boy names starting with M of 2021, Modern baby Boy names starting with M of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With M

1. Milan

Meaning: Union

2. Mustafa

Meaning: Chosen; Selected;

3. Matthew

Meaning: God' S Present

4. Mohammad

Meaning: Name Of The Prophet (PBUH); Praise Worthy; Variant Transcription Of MUHAMMAd

5. Maddox

Meaning: Son Of Madoc

6. Mohammed

Meaning: Name Of Final Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) Muhammad Is The Primary Transliteration Of The Arabic Given Name; ????????‎

7. Mccoy

Meaning: Surname

8. Mathew

Meaning: Gift Of The Lord; Gift From God

9. Mohamed

Meaning: Prophet Of Islam; Variant Transcription Of MUHAMMAd

10. Maximus

Meaning: The Great

11. Maximilian

Meaning: The Great

12. Mauricio

Meaning: A Dark Skinned Person

13. Mark

Meaning: Rendered To Mars; Warlike

14. Marcus

Meaning: Rendered To Mars; Warlike

15. Marco

Meaning: Rendered To Mars; Warlike

16. Major

Meaning: Spear Counsel

17. Magnus

Meaning: Greatness

18. Melvin

Meaning: Bad Settlement

19. Marvin

Meaning: Great Marrow

20. Malcolm

Meaning: Follower Of Saint Columba

21. Madden

Meaning: Puppy

22. Muhammad

Meaning: Noble; Admirable And Praiseworthy

23. Mac

Meaning: Meaning Son Of

24. Misael

Meaning: One Who Strives To Be Like God; A Follower Of God

25. Makai

Meaning: Of Scottish Gaelic Origin Meaning Son Of Derived From The Name Mackie

26. Maxton

Meaning: Generous; Loving; And Compassionate

27. Mekhi

Meaning: Mekhi Means He Who Is Like God

28. Malakai

Meaning: As A Alternative Of The Name Malachy; This Name Means Messenger Or Angel This Name Was Also One Of The Minor Prophets That Was Mentioned In The Old Testament

29. Malachi

Meaning: Comes From The Hebrew Origin Meaning Messenger Of God; My Messenger Or My Angel

30. Mara

Meaning: Bitter Or Grace

31. Moses

Meaning: Saved From The Water

32. Morgan

Meaning: Bright Seadwells Near The Sea

33. Milo

Meaning: Destroyer

34. Miguel

Meaning: GoD Like'.

35. Micah

Meaning: Who Is Like God?Gift From God

36. Meredith

Meaning: Guardian Of The SeaGreat ChiefThis Name Can Be Given To Children Of Either Gender; But Is More Common Among Girls

37. Memphis

Meaning: Abode Of The Good

38. Maximo

Meaning: The Greatest

39. Matias

Meaning: Gift Of God

40. Mathias

Meaning: Gift Of God

41. Mateo

Meaning: GoD's Gift.

42. Mylo

Meaning: Army Man; Favored

43. Monroe

Meaning: Bald; Red

44. Moises

Meaning: Drawn Out

45. Maxwell

Meaning: Pool Of Maccus

46. Matthias

Meaning: God' S Present

47. Matteo

Meaning: God' S Present

48. Mason

Meaning: Mason

49. Marlon

Meaning: Unclear

50. Mario

Meaning: Rendered To Mars

51. Marcelo

Meaning: Pledged To Mars

52. Marcel

Meaning: Pledged To Mars

53. Manuel

Meaning: God With Us

54. Myles

Meaning: Army Man; Favored

55. Murphy

Meaning: Seaman Or Mariner

56. Moshe

Meaning: Drawn Out

57. Mitchell

Meaning: Which Man Is Like God?

58. Miller

Meaning: Grain Grinder

59. Miles

Meaning: Army Man; Favored

60. Michael

Meaning: Which Man Is Like God?

61. Messiah

Meaning: One Who Is Anointed By God

62. Meir

Meaning: Shining

63. Mckinley

Meaning: Son Of The Learned King

64. Maximiliano

Meaning: The Great

65. Max

Meaning: The Great

66. Maverick

Meaning: Nonconformist; Wild

67. Martin

Meaning: Rendered To Mars

68. Marshall

Meaning: Caretaker Of Horses

69. Marcos

Meaning: Rendered To Mars; Warlike

70. Marcellus

Meaning: Pledged To Mars

71. Mack

Meaning: The Son

72. Musa

Meaning: Saved From The Water

73. Malik

Meaning: Master; King

74. Moorthi

Meaning: An Idol; All Auspicious Lord; Lord Vishnu; Statue

75. Muztar

Meaning: Helpless

76. Metellus

Meaning: The TrageDy Of Julius Caesar' A Conspirator Against Caesar.

77. Mearthel

Meaning: Leader; Visionary; Powerful

78. Mayukh

Meaning: Brilliance; Brilliant; Splendor

79. Micheal

Meaning: Form Of Michael 'Who Is Like GoD?'.

80. Murlidhar

Meaning: Lord Krishna

81. Manojya

Meaning: Capability; Strength; Impressive Personality

82. Mashkur

Meaning: Appreciated; Thanked; A Person Whose Acts Have Gained The Gratefulness Of Others

83. Man Man

Meaning: Assistance

84. Mihael

Meaning: Angel Of Loyalty

85. Manorath

Meaning: Desire

86. Manjeet

Meaning: Conqueror Of The Mind; Conqueror Of Knowledge

87. Manawydan

Meaning: Legendary Son Of LIyr

88. Milford

Meaning: From The Mill's ForD.

89. Madhish

Meaning: Good Hearted

90. Moros

Meaning: Doom

91. Makarioa

Meaning: Blessed

92. Murfey

Meaning: Descendant Of Murchadh

93. Mpenda

Meaning: Fond Lover

94. Magog

Meaning: Land Of Gog

95. Mijbar

Meaning: One Who Mends And Improves Things; Such As A Person Who Mends The Relationships Between People; Or A Person Who Mends A Broken Object

96. Mitchil

Meaning: Origin Is Old French

97. Mawrth

Meaning: God Of War

98. Mehrdaad

Meaning: Gift Of The Sun

99. Murali

Meaning: Flute

100. Maddock

Meaning: Lucky One

101. Muawiyah

Meaning: A Roar Of Lion; The Name Of First Umayyad Khalifah

102. Molaisse

Meaning: Fire; Flame

103. Modomnoc

Meaning: Name Of A Saint

104. Mac An Bhreatannai

Meaning: Son Of The Briton

105. Mac Alasdair

Meaning: Son Of Alasdair

106. Muflihun

Meaning: Successful

107. Martmoor

Meaning: Officer

108. Mehroor

Meaning: Hot

109. Millat

Meaning: Religion

110. Mehabin

Meaning: Love

111. Mar’Quis

Meaning: Nobleman; Lord Of The Borderlands

112. Mala’Khi

Meaning: Messenger; Angel

113. Mi’Lan

Meaning: A Coming Together

114. Milagro

Meaning: Miracle

115. MacPherson

Meaning: The Son Of The Parson

116. Muizzawi

Meaning: Patient; Enduring; Persevering

117. Mahanth

Meaning: Great

118. March

Meaning: Border Or Extremity

119. Meldan

Meaning: Small Pleasant One

120. Mac Asgaill

Meaning: Son Of Asgaill

121. Moralidhar

Meaning: Lord Krishna

122. Mehaboob

Meaning: Beloved

123. Maha Ganapati

Meaning: Omnipotent And Supreme Lord

124. Margarito

Meaning: Pearl

125. Maiyah

Meaning: Rice Valley

126. Matéo

Meaning: Gift Of Yahweh

127. MacDubhgall

Meaning: Son Of The Dark Stranger

128. Maccallum

Meaning: The Son Of Callum

129. MacAdhamh

Meaning: Son Of Adam

130. Marcelino

Meaning: This Boys Name Is An Italian Surname And A Alternative Of Mark And MarcelIt Means War-like And Is Related To Mars; The God Of War

131. Marutpati

Meaning: Royal

132. Mispereth

Meaning: Numbering; Showing; Increase Of Tribute

133. Myron

Meaning: Myrrh; An Embalming Spice

134. Maurizio

Meaning: A Dark Skinned Person

135. Madhava

Meaning: Born Is Springtime

136. Maolcolm

Meaning: Servant Of Columba

137. Mac Ghille Bhuidhe

Meaning: Son Of The One Who Serves The Blond One

138. Moiez

Meaning: Protected

139. Meskin

Meaning: Poor; Beggar

140. Maidhy

Meaning: Brilliant

141. Meyappan

Meaning: Truth

142. Maha Dhyuta

Meaning: Most Radiant

143. Matali

Meaning: Charioteer Of Lord Indra

144. Maisil

Meaning: Sweet

145. Meghayati

Meaning: Master; Educated; Cheerful

146. Mcdonald

Meaning: Son Of Donald

147. Massimiliano

Meaning: Greatest

148. Milán

Meaning: Kind

149. Mama

Meaning: Girl Born On Saturday

150. Monahen

Meaning: Monk

151. Mirumbie

Meaning: Born During A Period

152. Migdall

Meaning: Tower

153. Merelowe

Meaning: From The Hill Near The Lake

154. Manchestar

Meaning: From The City In England

155. Mamdu

Meaning: Praised

156. MahKi

Meaning: A Alternative Of The Hebrew Name Michael Meaningwho Is Like God?

157. Mariano

Meaning: Tough; Rugged; Stereotypicallymale

158. Meherwan

Meaning: Cloud

159. Mughamir

Meaning: Adventurous; Daring

160. Murthuile

Meaning: Sea Tide

161. Mordred

Meaning: Son Nephew Of Arthur

162. Montae

Meaning: Mountain Abbreviation Of Montague And Montgomery

163. Moketavato

Meaning: Black Kettle

164. Masruq

Meaning: Great Leader; Discipline; Protector

165. Misid

Meaning: Variant Of MUSAd Related: MUSAd

166. Manikant

Meaning: The Blue Jewel; Shining Brightly

167. Manava

Meaning: Same As Manav; Gold

168. Markel

Meaning: Rendered To Mars; Warlike

169. Mulayl

Meaning: A Companion Was So Named

170. Miftah

Meaning: Key

171. Mubin

Meaning: Clear; Obvious

172. Mallolwch

Meaning: Legendary King Of Ireland

173. Maddockson

Meaning: Son Of Maddock

174. Muhsin Mohsen

Meaning: Doer Of Good Deeds

175. Maolra

Meaning: Devotee Of Mary

176. Menyhért

Meaning: Royal Light

177. Mac Artuir

Meaning: Son Of Arthur

178. Maximinus

Meaning: Great

179. Monuj

Meaning: Energy Of Mind; Son Of Manu; Human

180. Mahadeb

Meaning: Lord Shiva

181. Musaddhiq

Meaning: Acknowledger Of Truth

182. Muradden

Meaning: Desirous; Seeker; Plural Of Murid

183. Moinudeen

Meaning: Assister Of The Faith

184. Mohabbat

Meaning: Affection; Love

185. Masaabeeh

Meaning: Lamp

186. Mahaasin

Meaning: Beauty; Attraction; Virtue

187. Mansoob

Meaning: Straight

188. Misbah Ud Din

Meaning: The Light Of Religion

189. Muddsar

Meaning: Shawl

190. Mucca

Meaning: Communicator; Logical; Energetic

191. Mal Marugan

Meaning: Lord Murugan

192. Madan Gopal

Meaning: Lord Krishna

193. Majd Udeen

Meaning: The Glory Of The Faith

194. Mubasshar

Meaning: Good News Bringer

195. Mubdee

Meaning: Originator

196. Mokkaiyah

Meaning: Imaginative; Wealth; Adventurer

197. Mikaïl

Meaning: Who Resembles God?

198. Mikaél

Meaning: Who Resembles God?

199. Mikaèl

Meaning: Who Resembles God?

200. Meranda

Meaning: Worthy Of Admiration

201. Mcallister

Meaning: Son Of Alistair

202. María

Meaning: Bitter

203. Mar’Kel

Meaning: Dedicated To Mars

204. Manoé

Meaning: Shark

205. Moinuddeen

Meaning: Assister Of The Faith

206. Mouad

Meaning: One Of Allahs Name

207. Mik

Meaning: Counselor; Perfectionist; Compassion

208. Muralea

Meaning: Flute

209. Muracko

Meaning: White Moon

210. Mujaheid

Meaning: Warrior

211. Muhtadey

Meaning: Rightly Guided

212. Muhaned

Meaning: Sword

213. Moszek

Meaning: Born Of; Child

214. Moodee

Meaning: Arrogant Or Haughty

215. Monahan

Meaning: Monk

216. Meadferd

Meaning: From The Meadow Near

217. McAlpine

Meaning: The Son Of Alpine

218. Mårten

Meaning: War-like; Dedicated

219. Mayele

Meaning: One Who Is Well-spoken

220. Matías

Meaning: Gift Of Yahweh

221. Manchestor

Meaning: From The City In England

222. Manabu

Meaning: Study

223. Makabea

Meaning: Hammer

224. Maide

Meaning: Illustrious; Glorious

225. Matusz

Meaning: A Alternative Spelling Of The Czech Name Matous; Derived From The Biblical Name Matthew; Meaning Gift Of God

226. Mikey

Meaning: A Short Form Of The Name Michael The Meaning Iswho Is Like God

227. Macauley

Meaning: Copied From Scottish Gaelic Origin; The Name Means Son Of Olaf Or An Ancestral Relic And Is A Fairly Unusual Name

228. Makhi

Meaning: Variant Of Makai; Excited And Fun; Joyful

229. Manavottam

Meaning: The God

230. Malayamarut

Meaning: Breeze From Mountains

231. Maasib

Meaning: Masters; Chiefs

232. Muluk

Meaning: Kings

233. Muammal

Meaning: Hoped For; Wished For; Desired

234. Mawoud

Meaning: Appointed; Determined; Promised; Promisee

235. Muireadhach

Meaning: Lord Of The Sea

236. Mordwywr

Meaning: Sailor

237. Montay

Meaning: Mountain Abbreviation Of Montague And Montgomery

238. Montaine

Meaning: Mountain

239. Maxime

Meaning: The Greatest

240. Mattathias

Meaning: Gift Of God

241. Marton

Meaning: Warrior Of Mars

242. Maymuun

Meaning: Blessed; Thriving; Prosperous

243. Monali

Meaning: Special Smile; Sweet Little Attitude;

244. Matous

Meaning: God' S Present

245. Mike

Meaning: Which Man Is Like God?

246. Michelangelo

Meaning: Michael; The Angel

247. Michal

Meaning: Which Man Is Like God?

248. Mert

Meaning: Courageous

249. Mckay

Meaning: Son Of Kay

250. Manos

Meaning: God With Us

251. Mutwassat

Meaning: Apostle Title

252. Mustazi

Meaning: One Who Seeks Light Or Advice Or Guidance

253. Mulk

Meaning: Kingdom; Sovereignty; Supreme Power Or Authority

254. Muhibb

Meaning: Loving

255. Mufallah

Meaning: One Who Prospers

256. Mubassir

Meaning: Observer

257. Makolm

Meaning: Follower Of Saint Columba

258. Maniratnam

Meaning: Precious Gem Diamond

259. Majunatha

Meaning: Lord Shiva

260. Maheswaran

Meaning: Lord Shiva

261. Mahabhatt

Meaning: Lord Rama

262. Molaise

Meaning: Fire; Flame

263. Maolcholuim

Meaning: Servant Of Saint Colmcille

264. Maolanaithe

Meaning: Devotee Of The Storm

265. Molay

Meaning: Quite

266. Mikulaj

Meaning: Victory Of The People

267. Mungan

Meaning: Gaelic Form Of Mungo

268. Macartuir

Meaning: Son Of Arthur

269. Macaladair

Meaning: Son Of Alasdair

270. Mac Ailean

Meaning: Son Of The Handsome Man

271. Mikaeeli

Meaning: One Who Is Like God

272. Mikel Mitch

Meaning: Who Is Like God?

273. Michael Michel

Meaning: Who Is Like God?

274. Max Maximilian Maximus

Meaning: Greatest

275. Marousek

Meaning: Warlike

276. Mendo

Meaning: Offers Sacrifices To God

277. Mynogan

Meaning: Mythical Father Of Beli

278. Miomir

Meaning: Scent

279. Methodios

Meaning: Method

280. Mongal

Meaning: Well Being; Fortunate; Auspicious

281. Mantu

Meaning: Advisor Manager Ruler

282. Muzib

Meaning: Heaven

283. Mutaqun

Meaning: Righteous One; One Who Fear God

284. Muta Ali

Meaning: The Most Exalted A Name For Allah

285. Mufaiz

Meaning: To Profit Someone

286. Mehaq

Meaning: Sweet Smell; Fragrance

287. Mehabub

Meaning: Beloved

288. Mashreq

Meaning: East

289. Manoochehr

Meaning: A Character In Shahnamah

290. Musadeq

Meaning: One Who Confirms Or Certifies

291. Moudeep

Meaning: Knowledge; Leadership; Fairness

292. Maraala

Meaning: Deep Person

293. Movesh

Meaning: Transferant

294. Manglesh

Meaning: Flower

295. Maslorius

Meaning: Independent; Enthusiasm; Admirer

296. Mescagni

Meaning: Spiritual; Domestic; Gentle

297. Maiales

Meaning: Sacrifice; Innovative; Powerful

298. Muinul Islam

Meaning: Supporter Of Islam

299. Moinuddawlah

Meaning: Defender Of The State

300. Mazharul Haq

Meaning: Manifestation Of The Truth (Allah)

301. Muqtafeen

Meaning: Trustworthy

302. Mulazum

Meaning: Clever Light Of Earth

303. Mubahil

Meaning: A Challenger

304. Marhaus

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star

305. Mujaab

Meaning: Whose Prayer Is Answered

306. Madanlal

Meaning: Mankind; Friendly; Energetic

307. Mohaiemen

Meaning: Hypersensitive; Strength; Highly Attractive

308. Milek

Meaning: Victorious People

309. Mila Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

310. Mikaël

Meaning: Who Resembles God?

311. Mika’Il

Meaning: Of Michael; Who Is Like God?

312. Micah Ray

Meaning: Beam Of Light

313. Meya

Meaning: Beloved

314. Mesut

Meaning: Enjoying Or Markerd By Joy Or Pleasure

315. Mehad

Meaning: The Guided One

316. Mcneil

Meaning: Son Of Neil

317. Matther

Meaning: Powerful Army

318. Masao

Meaning: Holy; Righteous

319. Martese

Meaning: Martial; Warlike

320. Manad

Meaning: Lord Vishnu

321. Malachi Isaiah

Meaning: God Delivers

322. Makaia

Meaning: Gift From God

323. Maka

Meaning: Earth

324. Moo

Meaning: God

325. Mou

Meaning: Honey; Sweet

326. Moi

Meaning: Pioneer; Sacrificer; Respectability

327. Mieszko

Meaning: Who Is Like God

328. Marsean

Meaning: Dedicated To Mars Or God Is Gracious

329. Mankirat

Meaning: Whos Mind On God; Work Of Heart; Wish

330. Makael

Meaning: One Who Is Like God

331. Mihai

Meaning: Who Is Like God?

332. Mic

Meaning: Who Is Like Yahweh

333. Marik

Meaning: Warlike

334. Mal’Akhi

Meaning: Messenger; Angel

335. Meriadoc

Meaning: " Sea Brow"

336. Miroslav

Meaning: Beautiful Slave

337. Mcewan

Meaning: " Son Of Ewan"

338. Mirko

Meaning: Great; Famous

339. Mcarthur

Meaning: " Son Of Arthur"

340. Miro

Meaning: " Peace; World"

341. Myren

Meaning: Myrrh

342. Mus'ad

Meaning: Lucky; To Be Lucky

343. Murdie

Meaning: Seaman; Mariner

344. Murako

Meaning: White Moon

345. Mundee

Meaning: From Reamonn

346. Mundan

Meaning: Garden

347. Munachyso

Meaning: God Is With Me

348. Mun Hee

Meaning: Literate

349. Muktie

Meaning: One Who Is Born Free

350. Mubashshir

Meaning: He Who Brings Good News

351. Muawia

Meaning: One Who Generates A

352. Motaega

Meaning: New Arrow

353. Moodey

Meaning: Arrogant Or Haughty

354. Moleemo

Meaning: Bear Going Under Shady

355. Mohajeet

Meaning: Attractive

356. Modupe

Meaning: I Give Thanks To God

357. Modigg

Meaning: A Courageous Man

358. Mitar

Meaning: Follower Of Demeter

359. Mioshe

Meaning: Born Of; Child

360. Miodrag

Meaning: Dear And Cherished

361. Mikailea

Meaning: Who Is Like God?

362. Mikaere

Meaning: Who Is Like God?

363. Mesqeet

Meaning: A Spicy Man

364. Meshulam

Meaning: Paid

365. McEgen

Meaning: The Son Of Egan

366. McDuff

Meaning: The Son Of The Black-skinned

367. McDowell

Meaning: Son Of The Dark Stranger

368. McArtan

Meaning: The Son Of Artan

369. Mawali

Meaning: A Lively Man; One Who

370. Maunu

Meaning: Great

371. Mateos

Meaning: Offered Up To God

372. Masashi

Meaning: Elegant Director

373. Manneville

Meaning: One Who Comes From The Great State

374. Malachiasz

Meaning: My Messenger

375. Maideyi

Meaning: What Did You Want?

376. Magady

Meaning: The Last-born Child

377. Magadey

Meaning: The Last-born Child

378. Maefeld

Meaning: From The Strong One' S

379. MacLachlan

Meaning: The Son Of Lachlan

380. Mikah

Meaning: Variant Of Micah; Virtuous; Strives To Be Like God

381. Massiah

Meaning: Variant Of Messiah; The Name Means The Promised One; The Anointed One This Name Has Deep Biblical Roots

382. Markell

Meaning: A Alternative Of Mark; This German Name Refers To Mars; The God Of War; And Means War-like

383. Matheo

Meaning: This Is A Version Of The NameMatthew; Which Means Gift Of God

384. Muralee

Meaning: The Flute

385. Maji

Meaning: Boat Men; Navik

386. MahadevadiPujita

Meaning: Worshipped By Lore Shiva

387. MuthuKrishnan

Meaning: Made Of Pearls

388. Mugharbal

Meaning: Chosen; Select; Pure

389. Mashrafi

Meaning: Refers To A Type Of Sword Famed For Its Craftsmanship And Superiority

390. Mehrak

Meaning: A Character In Shahnameh

391. Mujeedan

Meaning: Doer Of Good Deeds; Doer Of Praiseworthy Acts

392. Musfir

Meaning: Bright; Glowing

393. Maghazi

Meaning: Essence; ‘ Intent; Content; Significance; Gist

394. Mutailib

Meaning: Desired; Sought; Demanded

395. Muzahhi

Meaning: One Who Slaughters Sacrificial Animals During Eid Al-Adha

396. Mawhab

Meaning: Given ; Gifted; Bestowed; Something Given Freely

397. Moore

Meaning: Dark Skinned

398. Moor

Meaning: Dark Skinned

399. Montez

Meaning: Mountain Abbreviation Of Montague And Montgomery

400. Moladah

Meaning: Birth

401. Moinuddin

Meaning: Assister Of The Faith

402. Mikhalis

Meaning: Gift From God

403. Mijamin

Meaning: Right Hand

404. Merrick

Meaning: Dark-skinned; A Moor Form Of Maurice

405. Melker

Meaning: King

406. Matoskah

Meaning: White Bear

407. Masselin

Meaning: Little Thomas

408. Maskini

Meaning: Poor

409. Martinez

Meaning: Warring

410. Mutashim

Meaning: Conserved ; Decent; Honest And Modest

411. Mahwash

Meaning: Having A Face As Beautiful As The Moon

412. Massoud

Meaning: Fortunate; Happy

413. Mehmet

Meaning: Praiseworthy

414. Manickaraj

Meaning: King Of Gem

415. Mangaljeet

Meaning: ' Auspicious' Auspicious ' Victory' Victory

416. Mandit

Meaning: Decorated

417. Manavpreet

Meaning: ' Love' Love Of Humanity

418. Mahaveer

Meaning: Most Courageous Among Men; Most Courageous Among Men

419. Mahanprem

Meaning: ' True' True ' Love' Love Of GoD

420. Mukesh

Meaning: One Who Killed The Muka Demon

421. Manish

Meaning: The Lord Of The Mind

422. Malach

Meaning: Angel Or Messenger

423. Maccabee

Meaning: Hammer

424. Murdoch

Meaning: Seaman Or Mariner

425. Montague

Meaning: From A Pointed Mountain

426. Mitul

Meaning: Being Measured

427. Marino

Meaning: Rendered To Mars

428. Mannis

Meaning: Greatness

429. Makoa

Meaning: Bold Man

430. Madhukar

Meaning: Making Honey

431. Mutamad

Meaning: Trustworthy; Reliable; Dependable

432. Mustanser

Meaning: Justice; Equity; Division Into Halves;

433. Murtaa

Meaning: (Murtaaz); Disciplined; One Who Endeavours In Worshipping Almighty Allah And In Suppressing The Desires Of The Nufs Or Self

434. Munqiz

Meaning: Saviour; Rescuer; Deliverer

435. Muhit

Meaning: Encompassing; Ocean

436. Muaqqar

Meaning: Honorable; PLACID

437. Marzooq

Meaning: Allah Ka Inam

438. Mannan

Meaning: A Name Of Allah(SWT); Favour; Kindness

439. Mahmood

Meaning: Tareef Kiye Gaye; Khas Sifaat Kay Malik

440. Mabrok

Meaning: Mubarak; Saad

441. Muzhir

Meaning: Blooming; A Plant Whose Flowers Are Opening Or Have Opened

442. Mujeeb

Meaning: One Who Responds; One Who Grants; One Who Grants Prayers;

443. Mirsab

Meaning: Lenient; Forbearing

444. Miraj

Meaning: Ascent; Route Of Ascent; Place Of Ascent; Ladder; Stairs

445. Maelwys

Meaning: Legendary Son Of Baeddan

446. Maddocson

Meaning: Son Of Maddock

447. Maklolm

Meaning: Form Of Makolm

448. Movish

Meaning: Lord Shiva

449. Mayook

Meaning: Ray Of Light

450. Manikuttan

Meaning: God Shiva

451. Muhammad Mohamed

Meaning: Praiseworthy

452. Mudakir

Meaning: One Who Remembers God ; Cannot Be Written As Muzakir

453. Muragesh

Meaning: Lord Karthikeya

454. Maheish

Meaning: A Great Ruler; Lord Shiva

455. Muru

Meaning: Sea Battler

456. Muiredach

Meaning: Master; Lord

457. Muicheachtach

Meaning: Master; Lord

458. Mokevog

Meaning: Pet Form Of Caemgen Caeman

459. Melanaha

Meaning: Devotee Of The Storm

460. Maolbheannachta

Meaning: Hoper For Blessing

461. Maoileachlainn

Meaning: Servant Of Saint Seachnall

462. Maodhog

Meaning: Goodly; Beneficent

463. Maeliosa

Meaning: Servant Of Jesus

464. Mitash

Meaning: One With Limited Desire

465. Muhitur

Meaning: Unique; Thinker

466. Mahabal

Meaning: Very Strong

467. Medárd

Meaning: Great; Strong

468. Macian

Meaning: Gift Of God

469. Maoltuile

Meaning: Quiet

470. Mac Bheathain

Meaning: Son Of The Man Who Lives By The Clear Stream

471. Maukka

Meaning: Great

472. Markose

Meaning: Form Of Mark

473. Makais

Meaning: One Who Is Like God

474. Menasseh

Meaning: Cause To Forget

475. Mekonnen

Meaning: Respected; Elite

476. Mondip

Meaning: Light Of Mind

477. Mahabeer

Meaning: Most Courageous Among Men

478. Madhvendra

Meaning: Another Name Of Lord Krishna

479. Madhumoy

Meaning: Consisting Of Honey

480. Muzammill

Meaning: Sun

481. Muzaif

Meaning: Peaceful

482. Muzaid

Meaning: Warrior

483. Muzaffir

Meaning: Victory

484. Mustaqirr

Meaning: Stable; Strong; Firmly Established

485. Musa Moosa

Meaning: A Prophets Name (Moses)

486. Muraat

Meaning: Name Of God

487. Mukhbiteen

Meaning: Humble One

488. Mukeeb

Meaning: Last Of The Prophets

489. Mujahidh

Meaning: A Warrior

490. Mujahideen

Meaning: A Warrior

491. Muhair Muhayr

Meaning: Skilled

492. Muhaib

Meaning: Another Name Of God

493. Muddakir

Meaning: One Who Remembers God

494. Mosaraf

Meaning: Brave

495. Mosah

Meaning: Graceful; Prophet

496. Mohaimin

Meaning: Protector; Forgiving

497. Mizanoor

Meaning: Balance Of The Most Merciful

498. Misbahul

Meaning: Lighting

499. Misa Ab

Meaning: Example

500. Mijanur

Meaning: Thoughtfulness