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Baby Girl names starting with M, baby Girl names starting with M of 2021, Modern baby Girl names starting with M of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With M

1. Maryam

Meaning: Star Of The Sea; Pak Daman; Dosheeza

2. Maddison

Meaning: A Popular First Name For Both Sexes ; Derived From The Occupational Surname Meaning Stone Maison

3. Makayla

Meaning: Makayla Is A Spelling Modification Of The Name Michaela; Which Is The Feminine Form Of Michael It Means Who Is Like God?

4. Michelle

Meaning: Which Man Is Like God?

5. Malani

Meaning: Variant Of Melanie Meaning Shadowy; Dark; Black

6. Madisyn

Meaning: Meaning Son Of Maudor Son Of Matilda Meaningstrenght In Battle

7. Mariam

Meaning: Star Of The Sea; Pak Daman; Dosheeza

8. Myla

Meaning: Female Soldier

9. Myra

Meaning: Scent Of Myrrh

10. Molly

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

11. Mikaela

Meaning: Which Man Is Like God?

12. Mia

Meaning: Mine ; Wished-for Child

13. Mercy

Meaning: Compassionate And Forgivable

14. Maisy

Meaning: An Alternative Spelling Of The Name Macey Or Macy ; This Was Originally A French Place Name Meaning Domain Belonging To Maccius Ithe Name Also Means Weapon

15. Maleah

Meaning: Variant Of Mary And Maria And Malia; This Name Has Hebrew And Hawaiian Roots And Means Uncertain As Well As Beloved

16. Madilynn

Meaning: Variation Of Madeline; Meaning Someone From The Coastal Town Magdala Along The Sea Of Galilee

17. Milena

Meaning: People's Love.

18. Mariah

Meaning: The Lord Is My Teacher

19. Makenna

Meaning: Fire Born

20. Miranda

Meaning: Admirable

21. Meilani

Meaning: Dark-skinned Beauty

22. Maria

Meaning: Bitter Or Sea Of Bitterness; Tamanna Aur Chaahat Karnay Wali

23. Maeve

Meaning: Intoxicating Woman

24. MaLiyah

Meaning: Depending On Which Linguistic Origin You Use; This Name Either Derives FromMalaya; Meaning Free; OrMalia; Meaning Thoughtful

25. Marceline

Meaning: Literally Means; Dedicated To Mars; Referring To The Roman God Of War Can Also Evoke A Fascination With The Universe

26. Miley

Meaning: A Modern Name With No Specific Meaning Popularised By The Teen Actress And Singer Miley Cyrus

27. Mylah

Meaning: Mylah Means Merciful The More Common Spelling Is Myla

28. Malayah

Meaning: Variant Of Malaya; The Name Means Free; Not Attached

29. Melany

Meaning: A Form Of Melaney; This Cheerful Sounding Name Is Of Old Greek Origin And Means Black; Dark

30. Milani

Meaning: Milani Means Gentle Touch

31. Marlee

Meaning: Marlee Has The Meaning Of Pleasant Wood The Name Is A Modification Of Marley Which Used To Be Used As A Surname Can Be A Name For Boys Or Girls

32. Miracle

Meaning: This Spiritual Name Expresses How Some Parents Feel About Their Newborn -- Something So Precious It Comes From God

33. Malaysia

Meaning: This Location Name Was One The Most Popular Named After A Country In 2014 In Sanskrit It Means Sandalwood Trees

34. Madilyn

Meaning: A Alternative Of Madeline; From The Hebrew Meaning Of Magdala Orfrom The Tower

35. Makenzie

Meaning: A Spelling Alternative Of The Name Mackenzie; Which Means Son Of Kenneth But Is Mostly Used For Girls

36. Mya

Meaning: This Name Is Derived From Mary And Meansbitterness Or Long Wished For Child

37. Madelyn

Meaning: Variation Of Madeline; Meaning Someone From The Coastal Town Magdala Along The Sea Of Galilee It Also Meanswished For Tower

38. Margo

Meaning: Pearl

39. Maia

Meaning: Daughter D Atlas

40. Magdalena

Meaning: Woman From Magdala The Biblical Mary Magdalene Came From Magdala Area Near The Sea Of Galilee

41. Mae

Meaning: May In Roman Mythology Maia: (source Of The Month May) Was Goddess Of Spring Growth

42. Madelynn

Meaning: Bitter; Woman From Magdala

43. Madeleine

Meaning: Woman Of Magdala Tower

44. Madalyn

Meaning: From The Tower

45. Macie

Meaning: Derived From Medieval Male Form Of Matthew

46. Maci

Meaning: Derived From Medieval Male Form Of Matthew

47. Mila

Meaning: People's Love.

48. Mikayla

Meaning: Feminine Of Michael: Gift From God

49. Michaela

Meaning: Who Is Like God? Gift From God In The Bible; St Michael Was The Conqueror Of Satan And Patron Saint Of Soldiers

50. Marlowe

Meaning: From The Hill By The Lake

51. Marleigh

Meaning: Marshy MeaDow. Also'Woman From MagDala.

52. Marianna

Meaning: Rebellious

53. Maggie

Meaning: Pearl

54. Mira

Meaning: Lord Krishnas Devotee

55. Milana

Meaning: Union

56. Malaya

Meaning: A Creeper; Sandalwood

57. Monica

Meaning: Woman Of Solitude

58. Meadow

Meaning: From The Field Of Grass

59. Maya

Meaning: Water

60. Mavis

Meaning: Song Thrush

61. Matilda

Meaning: Powerful And Mighty In Battle

62. Mary

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

63. Marina

Meaning: From The Shore

64. Marilyn

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

65. Marie

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

66. Margot

Meaning: Pearl

67. Margaret

Meaning: Pearl

68. Maren

Meaning: From The Shore

69. Maisie

Meaning: Pearl

70. Maddie

Meaning: Woman From Magdala

71. Macy

Meaning: Armed

72. Mabel

Meaning: Muhabbat

73. Miriam

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

74. Millie

Meaning: Strong Worker

75. Melody

Meaning: Song; Music

76. Melissa

Meaning: Honey-bee

77. Melina

Meaning: Honey

78. Melanie

Meaning: Woman Of Gloom

79. Megan

Meaning: Pearl

80. Maxine

Meaning: The Greatest

81. Martha

Meaning: Lady Of The House

82. Marisol

Meaning: Sun And Sea

83. Marigold

Meaning: Marigold Flower

84. Mariana

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

85. Mallory

Meaning: Unlucky

86. Malia

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

87. Magnolia

Meaning: Magnolia Flower

88. Madeline

Meaning: Woman From Magdala

89. Mina

Meaning: Enamel; Blue Glass

90. Mietta

Meaning: Small And Sweet

91. Maoiliosa

Meaning: Servant Of Jesus

92. Morag

Meaning: Great; Sun

93. Mileta

Meaning: Generous

94. Meemansha

Meaning: Analyses

95. Marylyn

Meaning: Blend Of Marie Or Mary And Lyn

96. Miep

Meaning: Sea Of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished-for Child; To Swell; Beloved Of Amun; Pregnant Mother; Sta

97. Mahbubee

Meaning: Beloved Sweetheart

98. Masifa

Meaning: Clear; Righteous Ways

99. Mufliha

Meaning: Successful; Prosperous

100. Miita

Meaning: Liberated

101. Mirtaa

Meaning: Conquest

102. Mckenzi

Meaning: Mackenzie MACKENZIEson Of A Wise Ruler; Born Of Fire

103. Marian Mariana

Meaning: Sea Of Bitterness

104. Misari

Meaning: Sweet

105. Mansimran

Meaning: In Remembrance Of Mind

106. María Jose

Meaning: God Raises

107. Mara Lee

Meaning: From A Clearing

108. Marína

Meaning: From The Sea

109. Muranda

Meaning: Adorable

110. Mitaly

Meaning: Friendship

111. Meshullemeth

Meaning: Allied; Friend

112. Madre

Meaning: Mother

113. Morella

Meaning: Great

114. Mercia

Meaning: Compassion; Forbearance

115. Meher Mah

Meaning: Chand; Mahtab

116. Muhsina

Meaning: Feminine Form Of Arabic Muhsin, Meaning 'beneficent.'

117. Mahzala

Meaning: Brightness Of Moon

118. Muskan

Meaning: Smile; Happy

119. Modhusmita

Meaning: Sweet Beautiful Smile

120. Malsha

Meaning: Soft; Smoothness

121. Mariot

Meaning: Creative; Educated; Confidence

122. Mahruma

Meaning: Creativity; Flexible; Studious

123. Moraiah

Meaning: Seen By Yahweh; Bitterness

124. Mas'ouda

Meaning: One Who Is Fortunate

125. Macenzie

Meaning: Copied From The Surname Meaning Son Of Coinneach Or Son Of Kenneth (handsome)

126. Maylin

Meaning: Form Of Mei Lin; Lovely Gem; Precious; Powerful

127. Mythreyi

Meaning: Dimple

128. Morika

Meaning: Pea Hen

129. Maddelena

Meaning: Woman From Magdala

130. Meht Urt

Meaning: Represented By A Cow

131. Mavie

Meaning: Songbud

132. Maheera

Meaning: Highly Skilled; Expert

133. Mahalika

Meaning: Woman; Attendant

134. Marieke

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

135. Mufiah

Meaning: Obedient; Compliant

136. Mahasin

Meaning: Beauties

137. Meenati

Meaning: Prayer

138. Miidu

Meaning: Liberated

139. Mushirah Musheera

Meaning: Giving Counsel; Advising

140. Masaba

Meaning: Place Of Resort; Refuge

141. Mohsena

Meaning: Benevolent; Beneficent Female Of Mohsen

142. Morgandy

Meaning: Little One From The Edge Of The Sea

143. Momoko

Meaning: Child Of Momo

144. Mara Ioana

Meaning: Ioana Is A Female Alternative Of The Name John It Means Yahweh Is Gracious Or Yahweh Is Merciful

145. Milanì

Meaning: A Coming Together

146. Menorah

Meaning: Candlestick

147. Maguy

Meaning: " Pearl"

148. Mar

Meaning: " Sea"

149. Moraikah

Meaning: A Heavenly Messenger

150. Milène

Meaning: Favor; Grace; People

151. Michèle

Meaning: Who Is Like God?

152. Menakia

Meaning: Born Of The Mind

153. Menaheme

Meaning: One Who Comforts Others

154. Masae

Meaning: Blessed With Elegance

155. Maarathe

Meaning: From The Desolate Land

156. Masie

Meaning: Copied For Old Greek Language; Meaning Pearl May Also Be A Alternative Of The Name Macy; Originally A Surname And Place Name Meaning Domain Belonging To Maccius

157. McKinlee

Meaning: Lovely Stranger; Out-of-towner; Fair

158. Murzaqah

Meaning: Blessed; Fortunate

159. Muammeerah

Meaning: Long-lived

160. Maibe

Meaning: Grave

161. Mavelle

Meaning: Songbud

162. Marilis

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Amaryllis - The Flower Amaryllis; Poetic Reference To A Simple Shepherdess Or Country Girl

163. Museel

Meaning: Resemblance; Hum-shakal

164. Muneeza

Meaning: Naqaa' Es Say Pak; Aib Say Mubarra

165. Musheera

Meaning: Giving Counsel; Advising

166. Munifa

Meaning: Eminent; Exalted; Superior; High; Lofty; Fem Of Munif

167. Mahsheed

Meaning: Moonlight

168. Mahfooza

Meaning: Safeguarded; Well-protected; Fem Of Mahfooz

169. Magda

Meaning: Glorious

170. Mridvika

Meaning: Gentleness; A Vine

171. Margi

Meaning: Traveler

172. Mahasri

Meaning: Goddess Laxmi

173. Mahakali

Meaning: Goddess Durga

174. Mao

Meaning: Dancing Core

175. Malati

Meaning: Jasmine Flower

176. Moselle

Meaning: From A French River

177. Mimi

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

178. Merche

Meaning: Merciful; Mercies

179. Maisara

Meaning: Ease; Comfort

180. Manfoosah

Meaning: She Was The Daughter Of Abu Yazid Bin Abu Al-Firwaris; A Very Pious Woman; She Wept Often For Fear Of Allah

181. Madihah Madeeha

Meaning: Praiseworthy; Commendable

182. Mandis

Meaning: One Who Must Be Loved

183. Majlen

Meaning: Pearl

184. Mrudali

Meaning: Soft; Sweet Voice

185. Mohithaa

Meaning: Attractive One

186. Manushritha

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi

187. Miira

Meaning: Wonderful; Peace

188. Mataleen

Meaning: Of Magdala

189. Margareeta

Meaning: Pearl

190. Munmi

Meaning: Beautiful; Ocean

191. Muzaifa

Meaning: Peaceful

192. Mufaza

Meaning: Winner; Success

193. Miziya

Meaning: Virtue; Excellence

194. Mehaka

Meaning: Fragrance

195. Manaahil

Meaning: Heavenly

196. Maisah Maisa

Meaning: Walking With A Proud; Swinging Gait

197. Mah Rukh

Meaning: Face As Bright As The Moon

198. Mah Noor

Meaning: Moonlight

199. Mashauva

Meaning: Chubby Cheeks

200. Muirin

Meaning: Sea Child; Born Of The Sea

201. Minaj

Meaning: King

202. Mathila

Meaning: Leader; Visionary; Powerful

203. Malaiarasi

Meaning: Optimistic; Inventive; Influencer

204. Marjut

Meaning: Obstinacy; Beloved

205. Mahbobah

Meaning: Smart; Enormous; Good Understanding

206. Mageswari

Meaning: Brilliant

207. Miracle Lee

Meaning: From A Clearing

208. Malvie

Meaning: Smooth Brow

209. Maya Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

210. Mara Jade

Meaning: Gemstone

211. Moraia

Meaning: " The Lord Is My Teacher"

212. Marzhan

Meaning: Coral

213. Micaelah

Meaning: Who Is Like God

214. Moraima

Meaning: She Who Is Beautiful

215. Moraekah

Meaning: A Heavenly Messenger

216. Moraeka

Meaning: A Heavenly Messenger

217. Mirana

Meaning: Wonderful; Adorable

218. Miládka

Meaning: Favor; Grace; People

219. Menahemai

Meaning: One Who Comforts Others

220. Matangie

Meaning: Elephant

221. Matangey

Meaning: Elephant

222. Maruca

Meaning: Sea Of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished-for Child; To Swell; Beloved Of Amun; Pregnant Mother; Sta

223. Marrilin

Meaning: Sea Of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished-for Child; To Swell; Beloved Of Amun; Pregnant Mother; Sta

224. María

Meaning: Sea Of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished-for Child; To Swell; Beloved Of Amun; Pregnant Mother; Sta

225. Mara Lyn

Meaning: Sea Of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished-for Child; To Swell; Beloved Of Amun; Pregnant Mother; Sta

226. Mamaky

Meaning: Darling Little Mother

227. Majalewah

Meaning: Filled With God' S Grace

228. Maica

Meaning: Used Mostly In The Spanish Language And

229. Madainia

Meaning: One Who Heals Others

230. Madailéin

Meaning: Of Magdala

231. Machiko

Meaning: Knowledgeable Child

232. Maicy

Meaning: Of Old Greek Origin Meaning Pearl It Is Primarily Used In Scottish And English

233. Malea

Meaning: Depending On Which Linguistic Origin You Use; This Name Either Derives FromMalaya; Meaning Free; OrMalia; Meaning Thoughtful

234. Meliah

Meaning: This Name Means A Dedicated Person

235. Marli

Meaning: A Form OfMarlene; This Name Means A Tall Tower; High-minded; Attractive; Or One Who Is Adorned

236. Makiyah

Meaning: Female Of Michael; Follower Of God

237. Miah

Meaning: Of Sanskrit Origin Meaning Illusion; Dreams; A Popular Indian Name

238. Mustabshira

Meaning: Khushian Mananay Wali

239. Mahisa

Meaning: Moon-like; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful

240. Mahsumah

Meaning: Decided; Determined; Resolved; Settled

241. Munadiyah

Meaning: Caller; One Who Calls Someone By Name

242. Marelda

Meaning: Elfin Mary

243. Marcine

Meaning: Of Mars Feminine Of Marcus Mars Was Mythological Roman God Of Fertility Also Identified With The Greek War God Ares

244. Maddalena

Meaning: Magnificent

245. Morgaine

Meaning: Bright Sea

246. Mistique

Meaning: Air Of Mystery

247. Mirella

Meaning: Femininefrom The Hebrew Male Name Amariah Meaning 'Jehovah Has SaiD.

248. Maurita

Meaning: Dark

249. Marvelle

Meaning: Miracle

250. Marquesa

Meaning: Royalty Italian Royalty Title

251. Marise

Meaning: Infinite; Endless

252. Marilda

Meaning: Famous Battle Maiden

253. Mulaikah

Meaning: Saheefa (A Scripture Composed By Allah)

254. Mariyam

Meaning: Pure; Maiden; Virgin; Star Of The Sea

255. Mah Jabeen

Meaning: Chand Jesi Peshani Wali

256. Morvarid

Meaning: Pearl

257. Mahedora

Meaning: Old Arabic Name; Arbi Ka Purana Naam

258. Meema

Meaning: Beautiful

259. Mutahhara

Meaning: Purified; Chaste

260. Musawat

Meaning: Equality

261. Musaddas

Meaning: A Poem Of Six Verses

262. Muqbala

Meaning: This Was The Name Of A Narrator Of Hadith; Daughter Of Ali Al-Bazzaz

263. Muqadas

Meaning: Holy

264. Mouhsina

Meaning: Beneficent

265. Midha

Meaning: Feminine Form Of Arabic MiDhat, Meaning 'eulogy, Praise.'

266. Mawhooba

Meaning: Gifted; Talented; Favoured; Fem Of Mawhoob

267. Mansoora

Meaning: Assisted; Victorious

268. Mahmooda

Meaning: Praised; Praiseworthy; Elegant; Lauded

269. Mahboobah

Meaning: Mistress; Sweetheart

270. Mrinmayi

Meaning: Deers Eye; Of The Earth

271. Mishti

Meaning: Sweet Person; Sweet; Surgery

272. Malashree

Meaning: An Early Evening Melody

273. Mahishasuramardini

Meaning: Slayer Of The Bull-demon Mahishaasura

274. Mahinga

Meaning: ' Meaning Having Dear' Dear , Expensive

275. Mahati

Meaning: Name Of Naradudu Veena; Great

276. Mahaswetha

Meaning: Goddess Saraswati

277. Mahanandi

Meaning: Name Of A Raga

278. Maghna

Meaning: River Gangas

279. Magana

Meaning: Engrossed

280. Madhumati

Meaning: Delight Moon; Full Of Honey

281. Mathilde

Meaning: Powerful And Mighty In Battle

282. Mardelle

Meaning: Coming From The Valley

283. Manon

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

284. Malina

Meaning: Follower Of Saint Columba

285. Mahulena

Meaning: Woman From Magdala

286. Mildred

Meaning: Soft Strength

287. Marfa

Meaning: Lady Of The House

288. Marcy

Meaning: Rendered To Mars; Warlike

289. Mubeena

Meaning: Distinct; Evident; Clear

290. Mata

Meaning: Lady; Mistress Of The House

291. Masuoodah

Meaning: Present; Manifest

292. Muntaha

Meaning: Goal; Aspiration; Target; End; Finale; Final Destination

293. Mehrish

Meaning: Wonderfull Smell(mehak)

294. Mehriban

Meaning: Kind; Gentle

295. Mahwish

Meaning: Beautiful Like The Moon

296. Mahveen

Meaning: Light Of The Sun

297. Muan Nang

Meaning: Ladylike

298. Maybrith

Meaning: Pearl

299. Muzghan

Meaning: Eyelashes

300. Mubashirat

Meaning: Bringers Of Good News

301. Maramma

Meaning: God Name

302. Maimi

Meaning: Smiling With Truth

303. Muktagauri

Meaning: Fair Women With Pearl; Liberated

304. Minaxidevi

Meaning: Fish Eyes; Goddess Parvati

305. Mahdieh

Meaning: Helpful; Beautiful

306. Meghaswi

Meaning: Goddess Saraswati

307. Maha Laxmi

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi

308. Maha Durga

Meaning: The Goddess Durga Who Is Sleeping

309. Mechaylah

Meaning: Variant Of Michaela

310. Miinu

Meaning: Love; A Light

311. Meelik

Meaning: Kind

312. Mataleena

Meaning: Of Magdala

313. Mina Minda Mindy

Meaning: Combo Of Mel And Linda

314. Metilda

Meaning: Mighty In Battle

315. Merilina

Meaning: Star Of The Sea

316. Momita

Meaning: Honey Bee; Sweet Friend

317. Maadhurya

Meaning: Sweetness

318. Musafira

Meaning: Traveller

319. Muntasha

Meaning: Precious; Pleasure Of Mind

320. Mukarama

Meaning: One Who Is Honoured And Respected

321. Muhfuza

Meaning: Safe; Protected

322. Meethaq

Meaning: Covenant

323. Maysoor

Meaning: Easy; Without Obstacles - Hardship

324. Maqsooraat

Meaning: Pure - Modest Ones; Reserved Ones

325. Mah Liqa

Meaning: Moon-like (face)

326. Malalay

Meaning: Friendly

327. Muzhgan

Meaning: Eyelash

328. Mshauri

Meaning: Good Advisor

329. Mataanat

Meaning: Strong

330. Makhtubah

Meaning: Young

331. Mishra

Meaning: Soft As Butter

332. Merrilees

Meaning: Intelligence; Great Lover; Strong

333. Mawde

Meaning: Pioneer; Sacrificer; Respectability

334. Majalisa

Meaning: Meaningful Ceremony

335. Markanda

Meaning: Pure Like White Colour; Honest; Worthy

336. Mariota

Meaning: Smart; Enormous; Good Understanding

337. Manjarika

Meaning: Small Cluster Of Blossoms

338. Momena

Meaning: Believer

339. Miraclin

Meaning: A Miracle

340. Miracle Grace

Meaning: Elegant And Graceful Woman

341. Miraa

Meaning: Devotee Of Lord Krishna

342. Mina Giavanna

Meaning: Variant Of Giovanna Meaning God Is Kind

343. Mehregan

Meaning: Achiever; Peacemaker; More Attractive

344. May Lin

Meaning: From The Woods

345. Maseera

Meaning: Heaven Tree

346. Mai Lyn

Meaning: Dwells By The Torrent

347. Madai

Meaning: Middle

348. Miné

Meaning: Quick; Clever

349. May Lee

Meaning: From A Clearing

350. Malaina

Meaning: Dark Or Black

351. Mufidha

Meaning: Beneficial; Helpful

352. Melía

Meaning: Black; Dark

353. Mariet

Meaning: " Pearl; Drop Of The Sea; Bitter; Or Beloved"

354. Makaleh

Meaning: " Myrtle; "

355. Mirable

Meaning: " Wonderful"

356. Märta

Meaning: Pearl

357. Mukulika

Meaning: Bud

358. Moirah

Meaning: " Bitter; Beloved; Drop Of The Sea"

359. Misae

Meaning: White Hot Sun

360. Milaana

Meaning: Modern Name; From Italian City Of Milan

361. Meradith

Meaning: Great Ruler

362. Marcheline

Meaning: " Warrior"

363. Malgosia

Meaning: " A Pearl"

364. Majda Magda

Meaning: Glorious

365. Maebh

Meaning: " She Who Intoxicates"

366. Mylei

Meaning: Hard Working

367. Marth

Meaning: " Lady"

368. Musedora

Meaning: Beautiful Muse

369. Munaya

Meaning: The Rainmaker

370. Mukkarama

Meaning: One Who Is Honored And Respected

371. Mukaramma

Meaning: One Who Is Honored And Respected

372. Muhsanna

Meaning: One Who Is Well-protected

373. Moraika

Meaning: A Heavenly Messenger

374. Monesa

Meaning: Protection

375. Moledina

Meaning: Creek

376. Moir

Meaning: Little Mary; Sea Of

377. Misai

Meaning: Beautiful Sand Painting

378. Minalle

Meaning: Fruit

379. Mersie

Meaning: Mercy

380. Menahema

Meaning: One Who Comforts Others

381. Menacka

Meaning: Born Of The Mind

382. Melaida

Meaning: Bee; Honey

383. Melaena

Meaning: Black; Dark

384. Mehadey

Meaning: Flower

385. Meechelle

Meaning: Who Is Like God?

386. Mealea

Meaning: Flower Garland

387. Meaghen

Meaning: Great And Mighty

388. Meag

Meaning: Great And Mighty

389. Matangee

Meaning: Elephant

390. Masako

Meaning: Proper Child; Truthful

391. Masada

Meaning: Strong Foundation

392. Marlyne

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is Germanic And It Is Used

393. Marijo

Meaning: Sea Of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished-for Child; To Swell; Beloved Of Amun; Pregnant Mother; Sta

394. Maolee

Meaning: A Handmaiden

395. Malaek

Meaning: Angel; Work; Imitating

396. Magina

Meaning: Magician

397. Magalie

Meaning: An English And French Name Of

398. Madoka

Meaning: Circle

399. Macaela

Meaning: Who Is Like God?

400. Mabelline

Meaning: Lovely; To Love

401. Maacha

Meaning: To Squeeze

402. Murron

Meaning: A Scottish Name Derived From The Irish Muireann Meaningsea Or White; Fair

403. Maise

Meaning: Probabaly A Alternative Spelling Of The Name Macy ; Meaning From The Domain Of Maccius Alternatively May Be Derived From The Name Maisie; From The Latin Margarita ; Meaning Pearl

404. Menna

Meaning: Menna Is An Arabic Name That Means Gift Of God

405. Masey

Meaning: An English Name Of The Old French Origin; A Modification Of Its Old English Root; Macy It Means Weapon

406. Mayte

Meaning: Lover Of The Earth And Nature; Brings Life From The Earth

407. Makaila

Meaning: This Name Is A Form OfMichaela; Which Means Who Is Like God It Also Means A Myrtle Tree In Hawaii

408. Martyna

Meaning: Copied From The Latin Meaning War-like; Dedicated To Mars; It Is Used Mainly In The Polish Language

409. Makynzie

Meaning: Variant Of Mackenzie; Wise And Dedicated To Education

410. Makaylah

Meaning: Form Of Michael; Close To God

411. Mileena

Meaning: Variant Of Milena; Meaning The Favorite One

412. Madyson

Meaning: From English Origin Meaning Son Of Maud It Is A Alternative Spelling Of The English Name Madison

413. Mulashanti

Meaning: Garland Of Pearls

414. Minnalkodi

Meaning: A Precious Stones

415. Menagai

Meaning: Dancer

416. Manjuvidhya

Meaning: A Box

417. Manjubhasha

Meaning: Goddess Of Mind; Desire

418. Manimalar

Meaning: A Woman Whose Hair Is Like Gems

419. Maansa

Meaning: Intention; Spiritual

420. Manya

Meaning: The Quiet One; Worthy Of Honor

421. Mehravah

Meaning: Beautiful; Radiant

422. Mehrjan

Meaning: Autumn

423. Mehrshid

Meaning: The Sun

424. Mahsa

Meaning: Moon-like; Thus Meaning Beautiful

425. Mahasta

Meaning: Greatest; Most Noble; Most Elite

426. Mushaa

Meaning: One Who Walks Or Travels At A Gentle Pace

427. Muhajira

Meaning: One Who Avoids Leaves

428. Mueena

Meaning: Helper; Supporter; Caretaker; Provider Of Refuge

429. Mahabbat

Meaning: Love; Affection

430. Marhaa

Meaning: Lively; Joyous; Exuberant

431. Moujabah

Meaning: Amazed; Impressed; Pleased

432. Mumtazah

Meaning: Excellent; Exceptional; Splendid

433. Muniah

Meaning: Wish; Hope

434. Margerie

Meaning: French Margerie

435. Marged

Meaning: Pearl

436. Marci

Meaning: Hammer

437. Marcellina

Meaning: Of Mars Mars Was Mythological Roman God Of Fertility For Whom The Month March Was Named; Mythologically Identified With The Greek War God Ares

438. Maolmin

Meaning: Polished Chief

439. Mandisa

Meaning: Sweetness Sweet (South African)

440. Mafuane

Meaning: Soil

441. Macduff

Meaning: The TrageDy Of Macbeth' MacDuff, Thane Of Fife, A Nobleman Of ScotlanD Who Finally Kills Macbeth.

442. Mabbina

Meaning: Happiness

443. Morgayne

Meaning: Morcan; Meaning Bright Sea

444. Morgane

Meaning: Dweller Of The Sea

445. Modesta

Meaning: Modest

446. Milborough

Meaning: Mild Borough Or Fortress

447. Milada

Meaning: My Love

448. Messina

Meaning: Middle Child

449. Mazel

Meaning: Luck

450. Mayah

Meaning: Close To God

451. Marlenne

Meaning: Feminine Of Marlon Also AWoman From Magdala

452. Marjon

Meaning: Bitter

453. Marjo

Meaning: French Margerie

454. Mariza

Meaning: Of The Seaand Mary

455. Marira

Meaning: Bitter

456. Marinelle

Meaning: Of The Sea

457. Mawiza

Meaning: Guidance; Admonition; Word Of Encouragement

458. Mahina

Meaning: Moon; Moon Glow

459. Maroosha

Meaning: Bitterness (Talkhi) ( Karhwaa )

460. Muniza

Meaning: Naqaa' Es Say Pak; Aib Say Mubarra

461. Mutia

Meaning: Obedient; Pious; Devoted; Faithful; Fem Of Muti

462. Muneza

Meaning: Clean; Pure

463. Munazza

Meaning: Devoid Of Faults; Pure

464. Muhariba

Meaning: Fighter; One Who Entangles

465. Meshia

Meaning: Butter MaDe Of Sheep's Milk

466. Melek

Meaning: Another Spelling ForMalak

467. Mamoona

Meaning: Safe; Hifazat May Aayi Huwi; Fortunate; Auspicious; Prosperous; Trustworthy

468. Maleeha

Meaning: Beautiful And Charming

469. Mahta

Meaning: Moon Like

470. Mahroz

Meaning: One Who Has A Face Like Moon

471. Mahala

Meaning: Brave; Powerful

472. Madia

Meaning: Praiseworthy

473. Miraya

Meaning: Lord Krishnas Devotee (Celebrity Name: Priyanka Gandhi)

474. Manasvi

Meaning: Intelligent

475. Malarvili

Meaning: Beautiful Eyes Like A Flower

476. Mahasweta

Meaning: Goddess Saraswati

477. Mahalakshmi

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi

478. Melba

Meaning: From Melbourne

479. Meike

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

480. Marissa

Meaning: Of The Sea

481. Malee

Meaning: Flower

482. Madhavi

Meaning: Born In Springtime

483. Micaela

Meaning: Which Man Is Like God?

484. Martuska

Meaning: Lady Of The House

485. Marquita

Meaning: From The Border

486. Marlene

Meaning: Rebellious Woman From Magdala

487. Muqbalah

Meaning: Name Of A Narrator Of Hadith

488. Minnah

Meaning: Kindness; Grace; Blessing

489. Mersiha

Meaning: The Most Beautiful

490. Mehjabeen

Meaning: Beautiful As The Moon; Beloved Person

491. Mayeda

Meaning: The Fruits Of Heaven;

492. Mastura

Meaning: Protected

493. Masabeeh

Meaning: Lamps; Lights

494. Marzuqah

Meaning: Blessed By God; One Who Is Given Provision

495. Marwa

Meaning: Onchai; Bulandi

496. Mansurah

Meaning: One Who Is Backed; One Who Is Supported Against Her Enemy

497. Majli

Meaning: Gentle Breeze

498. Molutti

Meaning: Moonlight; Small Fragrant Flower

499. Midhuja

Meaning: Made Of Honey; Sweetness

500. Mutasadiqat

Meaning: Givers Of Charity