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Baby Girl names starting with N, baby Girl names starting with N of 2021, Modern baby Girl names starting with N of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With N

1. Nyla

Meaning: Winner; Achiever

2. Natasha

Meaning: Allah Ki Ataa

3. Nyra

Meaning: " Light; Or Furrow; Plowed Field"

4. Nylah

Meaning: The Name Nylah Means Attainer; Achiever; Alternatively It May Derive From The Bantu Word For A Type Of Antelope

5. Naya

Meaning: Soft

6. Nova

Meaning: New

7. Novah

Meaning: New

8. Noa

Meaning: A Alternative Of The Hebrew Name Noah Meaning Comfort And Rest Noah Was The Biblical Hero Who Built An Ark To Save His Family As Well As A Male And Female Representative Of Every Living Creature On The Planet So They Could Repopulate The Earth After The Grea

9. Nyomi

Meaning: A Alternative Of The Name Naomi; This Moniker Means Pleasant; Enjoyable To Be Around; And Happy

10. Novalee

Meaning: Combination Of Nova And Lee; Bright And Wide Meadow

11. Nellie

Meaning: Derived From The Greek Helen

12. Nathalia

Meaning: Birthday; Especially The Birthday Of Christ

13. Norah

Meaning: Light

14. Noemi

Meaning: Congeniality

15. Nicole

Meaning: People' S Triumph

16. Nayeli

Meaning: I Love You

17. Naomi

Meaning: Congeniality

18. Nancy

Meaning: Filled With Grace

19. Nala

Meaning: Successful

20. Nola

Meaning: Magnolia Flower

21. Noelle

Meaning: Christmas

22. Nia

Meaning: Purposeful

23. Natalie

Meaning: Birthday Of Christ

24. Nalani

Meaning: Quiet Skies

25. Nora

Meaning: Light

26. Nina

Meaning: Gracious One

27. Nevaeh

Meaning: Nevaeh Has No Meaning Apart FromHeavenspelled Backwards

28. Nadia

Meaning: Caller; Announcer (Pukarnay Wali; Sadaa Dainay Wali)

29. Nyako

Meaning: Girl

30. Nastaran

Meaning: A Flower Much Like A Wild Rose

31. Nivedika

Meaning: Offering To God

32. Nigi

Meaning: Expertise; Good Person; Charming

33. Noorein

Meaning: Glow; Luminous

34. Nishmitha

Meaning: Sensitive; Leadership; Energetic

35. Nyasha

Meaning: Merciful; Kindhearted

36. Nanmalar

Meaning: Admirable Flower; Excellent Flower

37. Nayika

Meaning: Leader; Guide; Noble Lady; Chief

38. Nicolia

Meaning: Victorious People

39. Nabita

Meaning: Fearless

40. Nille

Meaning: " Glorious"

41. Nubi

Meaning: Veiled

42. Negaah

Meaning: Glance

43. Nythika

Meaning: Regular; Incessant

44. Nergis

Meaning: " Daffodil"

45. Nere

Meaning: " Mine"

46. Nis

Meaning: A Remembered Loved One; Friendly; Hunger; Lamb; One

47. Naiara

Meaning: Reference To The Virgin Mary

48. Nifrah

Meaning: Happiness

49. Nefertari

Meaning: Name Of A Queen

50. Nancsi

Meaning: Graceful

51. Noorie

Meaning: Light

52. Naurus

Meaning: Bird In Arabic

53. Nesheka

Meaning: Pure; Night

54. Neebha

Meaning: Resembling; Similar

55. Nabaparna

Meaning: New Wings Leaf

56. Naida Jordanne

Meaning: Hebrew Jordan Down Flowing The River In Palestine Where Jesus Was Baptized Has Been Used As A Given Name Since The Crusades

57. Nadyuska

Meaning: " Hope"

58. Neshia

Meaning: " Headlands; Promontory"

59. Nathaara

Meaning: Fragments Prose Writer

60. Natalka

Meaning: Birthday Of Christ

61. Nandag

Meaning: Gracious; Merciful

62. Nyx

Meaning: Of The Night

63. Neamh

Meaning: Heaven

64. Nayanashree

Meaning: One With Attractive Eyes

65. Nataschenka

Meaning: Born At Christmas

66. Nenakshee

Meaning: One With Beautiful Eyes

67. Nabamita

Meaning: A New Friend

68. Numayrah

Meaning: Beautiful

69. Noum

Meaning: Easy And Luxurious Life

70. Nisbath

Meaning: Proportion; Relationship

71. Nifasha

Meaning: God Blessed

72. Nsera

Meaning: Assister; Friend; Defender Female Of Naser

73. Nadanamani

Meaning: Beautiful Dancer

74. Nyrudya

Meaning: Change Of Wind

75. Nilaksha

Meaning: Blue Eyes

76. Negha

Meaning: Look

77. Nyéa

Meaning: Purpose

78. Ny’Lah

Meaning: Champion; Achiever; Winner

79. Nai

Meaning: Musical Instrument With A SadBeautiful Tune

80. Neeco

Meaning: " People Of Victory"

81. Nyam

Meaning: Bright

82. Namazzi

Meaning: Water

83. Nageeda

Meaning: Wealthy; Ruler

84. Naveah

Meaning: Heavenspelled Backwards

85. Navi

Meaning: New

86. Natanamani

Meaning: A Dancer

87. Nashmeel

Meaning: Pretty And Cute; Adorable

88. Nafahat

Meaning: Good Scent

89. Niliyyah

Meaning: Beautiful; Literally Meaning One Who Is Like A Water Hyacinth; Which Is A Type Of Flowering Plant

90. Nerea

Meaning: Mine

91. Neoma

Meaning: New Moon

92. Neci

Meaning: Fire

93. Neala

Meaning: Ruler

94. Nathalee

Meaning: Birthday; Especially The Birthday Of Christ

95. Narcisa

Meaning: Daffodil

96. Naamit

Meaning: Bird

97. Numra

Meaning: Sharni ( Lion)

98. Nangialai

Meaning: Honorable

99. Nafissa

Meaning: Invaluable

100. Nadya

Meaning: Variant Of Arabic NaDiyya, Meaning 'Delicate, TenDer.'

101. Nayasana

Meaning: Freshness

102. Naveena

Meaning: New

103. Nakti

Meaning: Night

104. Nirvana

Meaning: One Who Blows Out

105. Ngaio

Meaning: Of The Mousehole Tree

106. Nasheem

Meaning: Breeze; Morning Air

107. Numa

Meaning: Beautiful And Pleasant; Happiness

108. Noor Nur

Meaning: Light

109. Nisa

Meaning: Women

110. Nija

Meaning: Saved One

111. Nelofar

Meaning: Lotus; Water Lily

112. Nazia

Meaning: Naaz Karnay Wali

113. Naureen

Meaning: Bright Light

114. Nabiha

Meaning: Eminent; Noble; Alert; Intelligent

115. Nousafarin

Meaning: Creator Of Joy

116. Nihanshi

Meaning: Never Ending; Joyful; Beautiful

117. Nitadevi

Meaning: Constantly Bright

118. Nilakanthi

Meaning: Blue-throated; Lord Siva

119. Nilachandra

Meaning: Blue Moon

120. Neeleshni

Meaning: Devotee Of Lord Shiva; Ocean

121. Nayaga

Meaning: One Who Behaves Prudently

122. Namishka

Meaning: Twinkling Of Eye

123. Naga Malleswari

Meaning: Queen For Snakes

124. Nomisha

Meaning: Twinkling Of Eye

125. Neshe

Meaning: Joy

126. Nabarupa

Meaning: Beautiful; Silver

127. Nusaira

Meaning: Victory

128. Nurah Noorah

Meaning: Corolla; Blossom

129. Nooreeza

Meaning: First Sunlight Reaching Earth

130. Noojahan

Meaning: Light From The Earth

131. Neehana

Meaning: Kindness; Beautiful

132. Nasarin

Meaning: Flower

133. Naffessa

Meaning: Love

134. Nabihah Nabeeha

Meaning: Intelligent

135. Nasseem

Meaning: Soft Cold Breeze

136. Nabtah

Meaning: Producer

137. Narmika

Meaning: River Name

138. Nirajakshi

Meaning: Lotus Eyed

139. Nityasha

Meaning: Eternal Hope

140. Nirakari

Meaning: One Without Any Shape Or Form

141. Negasri

Meaning: Pioneer; Helper; Inventiveness

142. Niwarn

Meaning: Dispelled

143. Noorulbasar

Meaning: Great

144. Nondita

Meaning: Favour

145. Nomeda

Meaning: Explorer; Great Companion; Trustworthy

146. Nilaan

Meaning: Blue Jewel

147. Nesamalar

Meaning: Lovely

148. Nayam

Meaning: Good

149. Navadha

Meaning: Nine Types Of Worship In Jainism

150. Nurgul

Meaning: Radiant Rose

151. Nina Marie

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

152. Niera Lynn

Meaning: From The Lake

153. Nevaeh Lee

Meaning: From A Clearing

154. Nazi

Meaning: One Who Does Charm; Cute

155. Nana Aisha

Meaning: Lively Woman Life; Aaram Panay Wali

156. Naderah

Meaning: Rarity; Curiosity; Rare Female Of Nader

157. Naïla

Meaning: Successful

158. Nylah Simone

Meaning: One Who Has Heard

159. Nuraina

Meaning: Luminous

160. Niku

Meaning: People Of Victory; Cute

161. Nai’La

Meaning: Attainer

162. Neona

Meaning: New Moon

163. Neomie

Meaning: Pleasantness

164. Noémi

Meaning: " Pleasantness"

165. Navah

Meaning: " Pretty; Pleasant; Desirable"

166. Neyah

Meaning: Purpose; Bright

167. Noula

Meaning: God Was Gracious; God

168. Nitali

Meaning: God Was Gracious; God

169. Nischelle

Meaning: Who Is Like God?

170. Nimeasha

Meaning: A Princess; Daughter

171. Nieva

Meaning: Snow; New; To Snow

172. Nereata

Meaning: Woman From The Sea

173. Nelleke

Meaning: War Horn

174. Nele

Meaning: War Horn; God Is My

175. Nelane

Meaning: Fulfilled Wish

176. Negeeda

Meaning: Wealthy; Ruler

177. Nefaen

Meaning: A Pious Woman

178. Neeltje

Meaning: War Horn

179. Naveada

Meaning: Bringer Of Good News

180. Nageadah

Meaning: Wealthy; Ruler

181. Nabealah

Meaning: Noble

182. Navaeh

Meaning: Variant Of Nevaeh; Which Is The Word Heavan Spelled Backwards

183. Nel

Meaning: Nel Is A Pet Form Of Various Different Names; For Example: Cornelia; Which Means War Horn Or Helen Which Means Bright One Or Shining One

184. Niraalaa

Meaning: Exceptional

185. Nalita

Meaning: Lotus

186. Nahizah

Meaning: Active; Diligent; Energetic

187. Nailawfir

Meaning: Lily; Which Is A Type Of Flowering Plant

188. Nuraa

Meaning: Light

189. Nasikhah

Meaning: Changer; Editor; Blotter; A Person Who Makes Changes To A Text

190. Nooni

Meaning: Sharp; Like A Sword Blade

191. Noleta

Meaning: Unwilling

192. Nimiane

Meaning: The Lady Of The Lake

193. Nessie

Meaning: Pure; Chaste Nessie Is Also The Nickname Given To The Fabled Loch Ness Monster

194. Natalee

Meaning: Birthday; Especially The Birthday Of Christ

195. Nascio

Meaning: Goddess Of Childbirth

196. Nanelle

Meaning: Grace

197. Naiaria

Meaning: Refers To The Virgin Mary

198. Nour

Meaning: Light Radiance

199. Nayla

Meaning: Brave; Strong And Courageous; Winner; Gracious; Charitable

200. Nadda

Meaning: Shubnum

201. Noorafsha

Meaning: One Who Sprinkles (Spreads) Light

202. Naushin

Meaning: Sweet

203. Najaah

Meaning: Success

204. Nysa

Meaning: New Beginning; Special (Celebrity Name: Kajol)

205. Nivasini

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

206. Nirja

Meaning: Lotus Flower; Zarnu; Pure; Another Name For Lakshmi

207. Niketa

Meaning: A House; A Habitation; A Place To Stay

208. Nichika

Meaning: Entire; Perfect; Excellent

209. Neelima

Meaning: A Beauty By Its Blue Reflection

210. Neelanjana

Meaning: Blue; One With Blue Eyes

211. Nyarai

Meaning: Humble Woman

212. Nuo

Meaning: Gracious

213. Nuan

Meaning: Affectionate

214. Nishi

Meaning: From The West

215. Neta

Meaning: Little Seed

216. Nalini

Meaning: Lotus Flower

217. Nadine

Meaning: Umeed

218. Nyree

Meaning: Fair-haired

219. Noya

Meaning: Godlike Beauty

220. Noortje

Meaning: Sympathy; Compassion

221. Nenet

Meaning: Goddess Of The Depth

222. Nemesis

Meaning: To Give What Should Be Given

223. Nela

Meaning: Unclear

224. Nara

Meaning: Cheerful

225. Naoko

Meaning: Sincere Child

226. Nadezhda

Meaning: Filled With Hope

227. Nazpari

Meaning: A Queen Of Ancient Persia

228. Nareena

Meaning: Contented

229. Nadaa

Meaning: Dew; Generosity; Liberality; Magnanimity

230. Nabaha

Meaning: Fame; Nobility; Intelligence; Brightness; Brilliance

231. Nisrin

Meaning: Kind Of Aromatic Plant

232. Nighat

Meaning: Vision; Sight

233. Nasimah

Meaning: Gentle Breeze; Zephyr

234. Nasihah

Meaning: Giver Of Advice; Giver Of Good Guidance

235. Nasifah

Meaning: Just; Equitable

236. Naseemah

Meaning: Soft Breeze

237. Nong Yao

Meaning: Young Lady

238. Ninet

Meaning: Graceful

239. Nidhara

Meaning: Treasure

240. Numina

Meaning: Divine Will

241. Nabani

Meaning: Youthful Woman; New

242. Nayoko

Meaning: Child Of Nayo

243. Nivansha

Meaning: Religious; Pure; Holy

244. Nitaa

Meaning: Gracious; Moral; With In Rules

245. Nishall

Meaning: Beauty; Night; Perfect; No End

246. Nisadini

Meaning: Awesome; Midnight; One Raga

247. Nareshvari

Meaning: Name Of Goddess

248. Namey

Meaning: Respect; Salutation; Most Cuteness

249. Namashvi

Meaning: Respect; Pray

250. Namahaswi

Meaning: Devoted Towards Respect

251. Nedaviah

Meaning: Generosity

252. Naidiva

Meaning: Generous Woman

253. Nastassiya

Meaning: Resurrection

254. Nynne

Meaning: Blossom; Friendly

255. Nyria

Meaning: Gorgeous; Passionate; Charming

256. Nisana

Meaning: Target; Aim

257. Nujba

Meaning: Beautiful

258. Nuba

Meaning: Intellect; Storm

259. Nowreen

Meaning: Light

260. Nishada

Meaning: Poetry

261. Nimah Naeema

Meaning: Blessing; Loan

262. Niga

Meaning: Sight; Vision

263. Neiza

Meaning: Lovely

264. Nazibah

Meaning: Excellent

265. Nayifa

Meaning: Grace; Highness

266. Navisa

Meaning: Original

267. Nausen

Meaning: New

268. Nassema

Meaning: Gentle Breeze; Fresh Air; Zephyr

269. Najimi

Meaning: Abounding In Joy; Star

270. Najara

Meaning: Sight; Vision

271. Nafsia

Meaning: Profitable

272. Noshafarin

Meaning: Creator Of Joy

273. Nabulungi

Meaning: Beautiful One

274. Neha Sree

Meaning: Love; Rain (1)

275. Nukshitha

Meaning: Good Person

276. Nemasha

Meaning: Passionate; Beautiful; Curious; Adventurous

277. Nogge

Meaning: Optimistic; Peacemaker; Cheerful

278. Nishla

Meaning: Faithful

279. Nisanthi

Meaning: Peaceful Light

280. Niman

Meaning: Sunshine

281. Narasamma

Meaning: Guider; Discipline; Adventurer

282. Najani

Meaning: Dreamer; Wisedom; Hard Worker

283. Naitro

Meaning: Sweet

284. Noris

Meaning: Variant Of Norris

285. Noria

Meaning: Light; Lustre Female Of Noor

286. Nora Kate

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

287. Nora Ann

Meaning: Time; Occasion; Now; This Moment

288. Noleen

Meaning: Descendant Of Nuallain

289. Nina Symone

Meaning: Variant Of Simone; Listener; Confidante; Someone To Be Trusted

290. Nina Mari

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

291. Nina Leigh

Meaning: From A Clearing

292. Nikeisha

Meaning: Cinnamon Tree; Favorite

293. Nigama

Meaning: Phrase Of Music

294. Niesa

Meaning: Beauty; Pure; Night; Women

295. NiEma

Meaning: Happy

296. Nevaeh Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

297. Nevaeh Leigh

Meaning: From A Clearing

298. Neimat

Meaning: Blessing

299. Neida

Meaning: Grace; Favour; Without Guile; Leader

300. Negaar

Meaning: Beloved; Painting

301. Needhi

Meaning: Principle; Treasure; Wealth; Money

302. Navani

Meaning: New; Youthful Woman

303. Natrina

Meaning: Love

304. Nas Zaira

Meaning: Visitor; Guest

305. Naraja

Meaning: Upset

306. Nanor

Meaning: Grace

307. Namagiri

Meaning: Large As Mountain

308. Nahdiya

Meaning: Announcer; Caller

309. Nadae

Meaning: Dew; Generous

310. Neyda

Meaning: Favour; Grace; Without Guile

311. Ny’Omi

Meaning: My Delight; Pleasantness

312. Nya Lee

Meaning: From A Clearing

313. Nitanshi

Meaning: Endless; Morning Sun Rays

314. Nané

Meaning: Grace

315. Nai’a

Meaning: Water Nymph

316. Naïa

Meaning: Pleasant And Nice

317. Neyla

Meaning: Fulfilled Wish

318. Natanielle

Meaning: " Gift Of God"

319. Niquie

Meaning: Victorious People

320. Netasha

Meaning: The Lords Birthday

321. Nerisa

Meaning: " From The Sea"

322. Neomy

Meaning: Pleasantness

323. Natalea

Meaning: The Lords Birthday

324. Natalah

Meaning: The Lords Birthday

325. Najwa Nagwa

Meaning: Intimate Conversation

326. Narah

Meaning: " Happy"

327. Noami

Meaning: " Pleasantness"

328. Netanya

Meaning: Gods Gift

329. Nadiah

Meaning: Hope

330. Nasiya

Meaning: " God&#x; S Miracle"

331. Nivea

Meaning: " Snow White"

332. Nor

Meaning: " Light; Born During The Day"

333. Nyshele

Meaning: Who Is Like God?

334. Nyobe

Meaning: Rejuvenator

335. Nurea

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is Catalan

336. Nurai

Meaning: Born Under The Bright

337. Nowla

Meaning: Descendant Of Nuallá In

338. Nominanda

Meaning: She Who Will Be Elected

339. Nolena

Meaning: Descendant Of Nuallá In

340. Noelanee

Meaning: Heavenly Mist

341. Nizhony

Meaning: A Beautiful Woman

342. Nitarrah

Meaning: Deeply Rooted

343. Nitarah

Meaning: Deeply Rooted

344. Nitah

Meaning: God Was Gracious; God

345. Nirell

Meaning: God' S Light; Planted

346. Ninfodora

Meaning: Gift Of The Nymphs

347. Nigese

Meaning: Daughter Of The Harvest

348. Neylann

Meaning: Fulfilled Wish

349. Nereeta

Meaning: Woman From The Sea

350. Nereah

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is Basque

351. Neomisia

Meaning: Beginning Of The Month

352. Negeene

Meaning: As Precious As A Gem

353. Negeane

Meaning: As Precious As A Gem

354. Nedaa

Meaning: Prosperous Guardian

355. Nayrobee

Meaning: Woman From The Capital

356. Naroa

Meaning: Peaceful

357. Nandiny

Meaning: Joyful; Daughter

358. Nanala

Meaning: Sunflower

359. Naheah

Meaning: One Who Is Greatly Desired

360. Nageanah

Meaning: As Precious As A Pearl

361. Nadalia

Meaning: Born On Christmas

362. Nabeala

Meaning: Noble

363. Neave

Meaning: A Alternative Of The Name Neva; Meaning To Snow; Symbolic Of Purity

364. Niryuha

Meaning: Prominence; Chaplet; Crest

365. Nireeksha

Meaning: Hope; Expectation

366. Nerona

Meaning: Beautiful

367. Neekisha

Meaning: Fresh Air

368. Naqsheen

Meaning: Decorated; Adorned

369. Noushafarin

Meaning: Blessed; Fortunate

370. Najdat

Meaning: Rescue

371. Nuaimaat

Meaning: Soft; Delicate

372. Nicia

Meaning: People's Victory.

373. Neola

Meaning: Youthful

374. Nellis

Meaning: Light

375. Neiva

Meaning: Snow Feminine Of The Spanish Word Nieve

376. Neely

Meaning: Feminine Of Neil: Champion

377. Neelie

Meaning: Feminine Of Neil: Champion

378. Nazareth

Meaning: Separated; Crowned; Sanctified

379. Natividad

Meaning: Reference To The Nativity

380. Nanon

Meaning: Grace Favor

381. Naadiya

Meaning: Caller Announcer

382. Nigarish

Meaning: Quwat-e-Khayal

383. Nargess

Meaning: A Flower

384. Naseeha

Meaning: Preacher; Advisor

385. Nageena

Meaning: Gem; Pearl; Diamond;

386. Nadeeda

Meaning: Equal (to Another Person); Rival

387. Niya

Meaning: A Desire For Something; Purpose; Bright; Lord Hanuman (Son Of Anjani)

388. Nayna

Meaning: Name Of A Goddess; Beautiful Eyed

389. Navnita

Meaning: Fresh Butter; Gentle; Soft; Always New

390. Navaranjani

Meaning: Responsible; Discipline; Shyness

391. Nabhya

Meaning: Central

392. Nydia

Meaning: Born In The Nest

393. Nilima

Meaning: Bluish

394. Nigella

Meaning: Champion

395. Niesha

Meaning: Full Of Life

396. Nicoline

Meaning: People' S Triumph

397. Neves

Meaning: Born When It Snows

398. Neske

Meaning: Sacred; Chaste

399. Nekane

Meaning: Suffering

400. Naak

Meaning: Golden

401. Nurten

Meaning: Of Bright Skin

402. Nguyet

Meaning: From The Moon

403. Neda

Meaning: Sunday

404. Nastasya

Meaning: Resurrection

405. Nandini

Meaning: Delightful; Pleasing

406. Nakato

Meaning: The Second Twin

407. Noshin

Meaning: Sweet; Pleasant; (ie Dream)

408. Nazheerah

Meaning: (Nazeerah) Example; Instance; Precedent

409. Nazeeran

Meaning: Example

410. Nasiqa

Meaning: One Who Forgives; Forgiver

411. Narwah

Meaning: Prosperous

412. Nilofer

Meaning: Water-lilly

413. Neeshad

Meaning: Cheerful

414. Nazuk

Meaning: Delicate

415. Nazmin

Meaning: Light

416. Nasreen

Meaning: Wild Rose

417. Nasmah

Meaning: Breeze

418. Nasirah

Meaning: Helper; Supporter

419. Najah Najaah

Meaning: Success

420. Naifah

Meaning: Elevated; High; Towering

421. Nadiyah

Meaning: Caller (someone One Calls Another Person By Their Name)

422. Nada

Meaning: Generousity; Dew

423. Nabilah

Meaning: Noble; Magnanimous

424. Niccy

Meaning: Victory

425. Nyanika

Meaning: One Having Beautiful Eyes

426. Nowrin

Meaning: Inspirational; Gift From Allah

427. Nijisha

Meaning: Beautiful

428. Nigisha

Meaning: Beautiful

429. Niramal

Meaning: Pure; Clean

430. Nilakamala

Meaning: Blue Lotus; Water Lily

431. Nelaveni

Meaning: One With Long Hair

432. Navajyothi

Meaning: New Flame Light

433. Nutani

Meaning: New; Fresh; Modern

434. Niyami

Meaning: Rules; Restraint Of Mind

435. Niyaankita

Meaning: One Having Beautiful Eyes

436. Nitakshi

Meaning: Moral; With In Rules; Gracious

437. Nisvika

Meaning: God Gift; Good Future

438. Nilama

Meaning: Dark Blue

439. Niddhi

Meaning: Money; Cash; Goddess Laxmi

440. Nayanaa

Meaning: Most Beautiful Eyes

441. Navalika

Meaning: Goddess Durga; Name Of Goddess

442. Nartaki

Meaning: Dancer

443. Naitya

Meaning: Regular

444. Niswat

Meaning: Observer

445. Nyusha

Meaning: Pure

446. Neossa

Meaning: New

447. Nemea

Meaning: Forested Place

448. Nylea

Meaning: Graceful

449. Niasa

Meaning: Beauty Of Heart; Peaceful

450. Nietta

Meaning: Chaste; Pure; Sacred

451. Nora Norina

Meaning: Honor

452. Nicole Nicolette

Meaning: Victory Of The People

453. Nuon

Meaning: Soft And Tender

454. Nutana

Meaning: Fresh; New; Young; Modern

455. Nilantika

Meaning: One Who Belongs To The Sky

456. Nigah

Meaning: Eye; View; Look

457. Nabami

Meaning: Goddess; Ninth

458. Nudar Nudhar

Meaning: Gold

459. Noor Afsha

Meaning: One Who Sprinkles (Spreads) Light

460. Noor Nur

Meaning: Light

461. Nofee

Meaning: Princess

462. Nisharaah

Meaning: Golden; Perfect

463. Nirha

Meaning: Courage; To Rise Out; Ascend

464. Nihada

Meaning: Gratified

465. Nifra

Meaning: Happiness; Queen; Whitening

466. Nidhana

Meaning: Wealth; Treasure

467. Nelofer

Meaning: Name Of Flower In Heaven; Lotus

468. Nelema

Meaning: Beauty

469. Nebisa

Meaning: The Heavens

470. Nazriya Nazim

Meaning: Cute

471. Nazmun

Meaning: Star Light

472. Nazana

Meaning: Proud; Love; Gift Of God

473. Nazahah Nazaaha

Meaning: Purity; Righteousness; Honesty

474. Najah Najaah

Meaning: Success

475. Naimah Naima

Meaning: Comfort; Amenity; Tranquility; Peace; Living A Soft; Enjoyable Life

476. Nadah

Meaning: Dewy; Generosity; Generous

477. Naafia

Meaning: Useful; Advantagious; Beneficial

478. Naz Afarin

Meaning: Producing Coquetry

479. Ngabile

Meaning: I Have It

480. Nashreh

Meaning: Fragrance

481. Nilmin

Meaning: Blue

482. Noflah

Meaning: Giver

483. Nizhah

Meaning: Pure

484. Nigaresh

Meaning: Writing

485. Nzeer

Meaning: Similar; Comparable

486. Nooraani

Meaning: Bright

487. Nazakaat

Meaning: Thin; Slim; Slender; Gracile; Elegant; Gentle

488. Nawaras

Meaning: Style

489. Nasiraa

Meaning: Scatter

490. Namaskha

Meaning: Plans

491. Naazz

Meaning: Proud; Love

492. Nastah

Meaning: Cool

493. Nizrah

Meaning: Gold

494. Naamin

Meaning: Famous

495. Nudret


496. Nazaliya

Meaning: Gift Of God

497. Nolicia

Meaning: Helpful; Knowledgeul; Shy

498. Nynyue

Meaning: Smart; Enormous; Good Understanding

499. Nog

Meaning: Mankind; Great Lover; Optimistic

500. Nirjharinee

Meaning: Fountain; Victory Of Death