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Baby Boy names starting with P, baby Boy names starting with P of 2021, Modern baby Boy names starting with P of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With P

1. Porter

Meaning: Gatekeeper

2. Patrick

Meaning: A Nobleman

3. Paul

Meaning: Tiny; Petite

4. Paris

Meaning: Woh Pathar Jis Ko Cho Kar Cheez Sona Ban Jati Hai; And The French Capital

5. Pierce

Meaning: Rock

6. Pablo

Meaning: Tiny; Petite

7. Palmer

Meaning: Pilgrimage Or Religious Expedition

8. Philip

Meaning: Friend Of Horses

9. Preston

Meaning: Priest Town

10. Prince

Meaning: The First To Take

11. Princeton

Meaning: The Town Of A Prince

12. Paxton

Meaning: Pacca' S Settlement

13. Pedro

Meaning: Rock

14. Peter

Meaning: Rock

15. Phillip

Meaning: Fond Of Horses One Of The Biblical 12 Apostles

16. Pader

Meaning: Rock; Stone

17. Pasquel

Meaning: Of Easter

18. Porcio

Meaning: Pig Farmer

19. Paavo

Meaning: Tiny; Petite

20. Prishu

Meaning: God Gifted; Loving

21. Pawelek

Meaning: Little'.

22. Prinz

Meaning: Prince

23. Pranjit

Meaning: Winner Of Life

24. Peer

Meaning: Leader; Old ; A Title

25. Prospero

Meaning: According To One' S Wishes

26. Pragyan

Meaning: Greater Knowledge; Wisdom

27. Pendragon

Meaning: From The Dragon's EncloseD LanD.

28. Prayansh

Meaning: Thoughtful; Expressive; Influential

29. Phineas

Meaning: Oracle Or Soothsayer

30. Paine

Meaning: Rustic

31. Peebo

Meaning: As Solid As A Rock

32. Prab

Meaning: God

33. Purandara

Meaning: The Destroyer Of Cities Or Defenses

34. Priamos

Meaning: Ransomed

35. Peril

Meaning: A Trial; Test

36. Proceso

Meaning: Moves Forward

37. Prabhith

Meaning: Well Being

38. Patang

Meaning: Butterfly; Kite

39. Parzifal

Meaning: Hero Of Several Arthurian Stories

40. Pavlusha

Meaning: Little

41. Polycarp

Meaning: Much Fruit

42. Pelagius

Meaning: Of The Sea

43. Pendar

Meaning: Contemplation; Thought

44. Pitamber

Meaning: Wearing Yellow

45. Prattush

Meaning: Rising Sun; Confident

46. Pielgrzym

Meaning: Pilgrim

47. Polifemo

Meaning: Is Spoken About A Lot

48. Paiman

Meaning: Ehad; Waada; Promise

49. Pasquale

Meaning: Easter-related

50. Phil

Meaning: Friend Of Horses

51. Padraig

Meaning: A Nobleman

52. Pershing

Meaning: One Who Deals With Peaches

53. Preben

Meaning: First In Battle

54. Prometheus

Meaning: Farsightedness

55. Pawanjot

Meaning: Lightof Air

56. Pranil

Meaning: Lord Shiva

57. Pacho

Meaning: Free

58. Pandulph

Meaning: King John' CarDinal PanDulph, The Pope's Legate.

59. Parnach

Meaning: Delicate

60. Paddie

Meaning: Nobleman

61. Panas

Meaning: Immortal

62. Prophet

Meaning: Prophet

63. Peachy

Meaning: Peachy

64. Pipu

Meaning: Loveable

65. Padda

Meaning: Best; Harmony; More Attractive

66. Pasamili

Meaning: Best; Harmony; More Attractive

67. Projjwal

Meaning: Bright; Light

68. Paamit

Meaning: Gained; Winner; Fulfilled

69. Prashit

Meaning: First Ray Of Winter Sun

70. Preehan

Meaning: Swan

71. Per Erik

Meaning: Ruler Of The People

72. Pagah

Meaning: Fooj ; Lashkar

73. Pir

Meaning: Saint; Spiritual Guide; Wise

74. Pepe

Meaning: God Raises

75. Philomenos

Meaning: Good Friend

76. Parthiban

Meaning: Another Name Of King Arjunan

77. Paishan

Meaning: Parion Jaisi Shan

78. Panda

Meaning: Wisdom; Knowladge; Learning

79. Piruz

Meaning: Jeetny Wala

80. Peyman

Meaning: Promise

81. Paywastun

Meaning: Connection Someone Who Connects

82. Pacorro

Meaning: Free

83. Panchito

Meaning: Free

84. Parbar

Meaning: Suburb

85. Pathrusim

Meaning: Mouthful Of Dough; Persuasion Of Ruin

86. PavIpv

Meaning: Little

87. Payatt

Meaning: He Is Coming

88. Perth

Meaning: From The Thorn Bush Or Thicket

89. Pleoh

Meaning: Danger

90. Pontifex

Meaning: Priest

91. Ptah

Meaning: God Worshipped In Memphis

92. Porcius

Meaning: Swinish

93. PavanTeja

Meaning: Lord Hanuman

94. Pakasansa

Meaning: God Of Cow

95. Prabhjyot

Meaning: Light Of God

96. Padarn

Meaning: Fatherly

97. Paddin

Meaning: Bald

98. Palamydes

Meaning: Has Its Origins In The English

99. Pareth

Meaning: An Up-and-coming Man

100. Pelagios

Meaning: Of The Sea

101. Pelagus

Meaning: Of The Sea

102. Pradiv

Meaning: Lamp

103. Prime

Meaning: First

104. Panash

Meaning: Excellent; Best

105. Phe

Meaning: Bright

106. Predrag

Meaning: Precious

107. Pummy

Meaning: Innocent; Beautiful; Intelligent; Sharp

108. Pendleton

Meaning: Overhanging Settlement

109. Person

Meaning: Clergyman

110. Peter John

Meaning: God Is Merciful

111. Pires

Meaning: Son Of The One Who Is Like A Stone

112. Pachaiappan

Meaning: God Of Green

113. Pamposh

Meaning: Lotus Flower

114. Papahara

Meaning: Remover Or Destroyer Of Sins

115. Prathula

Meaning: Researcher; Freedom Lover; Highly Sensitive

116. Pavan Adithya

Meaning: Wind & Sun

117. Pavan Teja

Meaning: Lord Hanuman

118. Preyash

Meaning: Effort

119. Pasak

Meaning: A Sky; Strong; Brave

120. Prabaljit

Meaning: God Victory

121. Puranik

Meaning: An Ancient

122. Pelava

Meaning: Art; Knowledgeul; Freedom Lover

123. Papaharana

Meaning: Remover Or Destroyer Of Sins

124. Peneet

Meaning: The Warrior

125. Prabala

Meaning: Powerful

126. Purnak

Meaning: Youth

127. Powa

Meaning: Wealthy

128. Poumit

Meaning: Collection Of Love

129. Prabash

Meaning: The Sun; Ray Of Light

130. Probaldeep

Meaning: Full Of Brightness

131. Polykarpos

Meaning: Fruitful; Abundant

132. Posidio

Meaning: Devoted To Poseidon

133. Protasio

Meaning: Preferred One

134. Pentta

Meaning: Blessed

135. Pipino

Meaning: Father

136. Partyus

Meaning: Flower

137. Pavan Adithya

Meaning: Wind & The Sun

138. Piyanshu

Meaning: Part Of A Loved One

139. Preay

Meaning: Love

140. Piarais

Meaning: Rock; Stone

141. Parwaaze

Meaning: A Character From Shahnameh

142. Parvez

Meaning: Success Name Of A Persian King

143. Parsa

Meaning: Pure; Chaste; Devout; Holy;

144. Pawar

Meaning: Hameshgi; Daeemi

145. Payam

Meaning: Message

146. Percival

Meaning: Pierce The Valley

147. Petr

Meaning: Rock

148. Polk

Meaning: Greatness And Glory

149. Pierre

Meaning: Rock

150. Pittman

Meaning: From A Pit Or Hollow Area

151. Prasert

Meaning: Man Of Excellence

152. Preecha

Meaning: Wise

153. Pavanaj

Meaning: Lord Hanuman

154. Pavandeep

Meaning: Firmament ' IlluminateD' IlluminateD , ' Lamp' Lamp Of Heavens

155. Phanindra

Meaning: King Of Gods

156. Pradnesh

Meaning: Lord Of Wisdom

157. Pradosh

Meaning: Dusk

158. Prajith

Meaning: Victorious; Conquering; Defeating

159. Prayas

Meaning: To Try

160. Preetam

Meaning: Lover; Lovable

161. Pritham

Meaning: Lover

162. Pruthuraaj

Meaning: Captain; Good; Graceful

163. Perzo

Meaning: Deserving; Well Wishing

164. Patman

Meaning: Man Of Honor

165. Padon

Meaning: Ransom

166. Padraic

Meaning: Patrician; Noble Form Of Patrick

167. Paganus

Meaning: Villager

168. Paget

Meaning: Attendant

169. Pannoowau

Meaning: He Lies

170. Panthino

Meaning: Two Gentlemen Of Verona' Servant To Antonio.

171. Papandrou

Meaning: Son Of Ander

172. Parmashta

Meaning: Superior

173. Parsifal

Meaning: Hero Of Several Arthurian Stories

174. Patamon

Meaning: Tempest

175. Patmos

Meaning: Mortal

176. Pavlus

Meaning: Small

177. Pentapolis

Meaning: Pericles, Prince Of Tyre' SimoniDes, King Of Pentapolis.

178. Pentecost

Meaning: Fiftieth

179. Pepillo

Meaning: He Shall ADD'.

180. Periphetes

Meaning: Son Of Hephaestus

181. Pero

Meaning: Rock

182. Petros

Meaning: A Rock Form Of Peter

183. Petrov

Meaning: Peterka's Son.

184. Pharaoh

Meaning: That Disperses, That Spoils'.

185. Philemon

Meaning: Pericles, Prince Of Tyre' Servant To Cerimon.

186. Philippe

Meaning: Lover Of Horses

187. Philips

Meaning: Son Of Philip

188. Phlegethon

Meaning: River Of Fire

189. Pieter

Meaning: A Rock Form Of Peter

190. Pip

Meaning: Lover Of Horses. King Philip Of MaceDon Was The Father Of AlexanDer The Great. In The Bible, Philip Was The Name Of One Of Christ's Apostles. Famous Bearer: Prince Philip, HusbanD Of Queen Elizabeth II.

191. Pittheus

Meaning: King Of Trozen

192. Plexippus

Meaning: An Argonaut

193. Polynices

Meaning: Uncle Of Oedipus

194. Primeiro

Meaning: Born First

195. Psamtic

Meaning: Name Of A Pharaoh

196. Punites

Meaning: Beholding; My Face

197. Pyramus

Meaning: Lover Of Thisbe

198. Peetamber

Meaning: Yellow Skill Cloth

199. Prahil

Meaning: Part Of God

200. Prashal

Meaning: Cool; Tranquil

201. Priyaank

Meaning: Very Dear Husband

202. Prabhmeet

Meaning: Friend Of God

203. Perran

Meaning: Copied From The French Name Pierre; Meaningstone Or Rock May Also Be Derived From The Slavic NamePerun; Meaning Thunder

204. Padden

Meaning: Bald

205. Pagiele

Meaning: God Allows

206. Painter

Meaning: Artist; Painter

207. Pajakok

Meaning: Resembling Thunder

208. Paladius

Meaning: A Follower Of The Goddess

209. Panajotis

Meaning: All Holy

210. Parashara

Meaning: Destroyer

211. Paraskevas

Meaning: Preparation

212. Paschalis

Meaning: Of Easter

213. Patamyn

Meaning: Raging

214. Paurushey

Meaning: A Courageous Man

215. Pawnee

Meaning: A Tribal Name

216. Peek

Meaning: From The Mountain' S

217. Peidearan

Meaning: Rock; Stone

218. Pelagio

Meaning: Sailor

219. Pelagiusz

Meaning: From The Sea

220. Pabo

Meaning: Small; Humble

221. Pie

Meaning: Rock

222. Piercy

Meaning: Rock

223. Plennie

Meaning: Full; Complete

224. Pheonix

Meaning: Phoenix

225. Pranish

Meaning: Love Of Lord

226. Petar

Meaning: Rock

227. Prayaan

Meaning: March

228. Phelix

Meaning: Fortunate; Happy

229. Paice

Meaning: Passover

230. Palace

Meaning: Wisdom

231. Paradise

Meaning: Perfection; Heaven

232. Peater

Meaning: Rock; Strong; Stone

233. Pera

Meaning: Outcome Or Result

234. Peter Joe

Meaning: God Raises

235. Pierre Alexandre

Meaning: Nephew Of King Mark

236. Pierre Antoine

Meaning: Worthy Of Admiration Or Praise

237. Piña

Meaning: Pious Or Reverent

238. Padamjit

Meaning: Victory Of The Lotus

239. Palaksha

Meaning: Lord Shiva

240. Palamides

Meaning: Master; Educated; Cheerful

241. Pujman

Meaning: Wish; Desire

242. Preed

Meaning: Inspiring; Confidence; Gentle

243. Paghunan

Meaning: Good Character

244. Paradeep

Meaning: King

245. Percard

Meaning: Energy; Helper; Stimulator

246. Patalika

Meaning: Made From Leaf

247. Plenorius

Meaning: Creativity; Flexible; Studious

248. Pan It

Meaning: Admired

249. Preethik

Meaning: Love Affection

250. Pruthvik

Meaning: Successful; Joyful; Freedom Lover

251. Pascen

Meaning: Broad-Minded; Domestic; Mysterious

252. Padamadev

Meaning: Lord Of Lotus; Name Of Lord Vishnu

253. Prodyut

Meaning: First Ray Of Sun

254. Piyarul

Meaning: Artist; Careful; Influencer

255. Piramaraj

Meaning: Winner

256. Pitavasas

Meaning: Golden Dressed

257. Puranjana

Meaning: The Embodiment Of Life

258. Probhakor

Meaning: Sun

259. Peterey

Meaning: Innovative; Domestic; Intelligence

260. Pindara

Meaning: Religious Mendicant

261. Palakshayya

Meaning: Forehead Eyes Shiva

262. Possel

Meaning: Free Spirit; Visionary; Highly Attractive

263. Powle

Meaning: Achiever; Peacemaker; More Attractive

264. Piranaw

Meaning: Leader; Visionary; Powerful

265. Pirizzi

Meaning: Power; Great Humanity; Stimulator

266. Perwez

Meaning: Victorious

267. Piyash

Meaning: Thirst

268. Poresh

Meaning: Supreme Spirit

269. Pushya Raag

Meaning: Topaz

270. Pascal Pascual

Meaning: Easter

271. Philip Phillip

Meaning: Lover Of Horses

272. Patrikki

Meaning: A Patrician; A Noble Mane

273. Paukku

Meaning: Little; Small

274. Penhartti

Meaning: Brave Like A Bear

275. Pias

Meaning: Fun; Thirsty

276. Pry

Meaning: Head Of The Monastery

277. Policeto

Meaning: Is Very Desired

278. Poncio

Meaning: Come From The Sea

279. Pongor

Meaning: All Might

280. Paraam

Meaning: Being Supreme; The Best

281. Partheep

Meaning: Shantanus Father

282. Piyus

Meaning: Drink That Makes One Immortal

283. Pream

Meaning: Love; Variant Of Prem

284. Parameshvara

Meaning: The Supreme God

285. Parinai

Meaning: Soft Breeze

286. Probo

Meaning: Having Moral Conduct

287. Praansu

Meaning: Lord Vishnu

288. Per Ake

Meaning: Forebear

289. Paboos

Meaning: Qadmon Main Jhuknay Wala

290. Pamir

Meaning: Helper; Constant Perfect

291. Parishan

Meaning: A Fairy-Like Splendor

292. Pasban

Meaning: Muhafiz

293. Parry

Meaning: Harry' S Son

294. Pelle

Meaning: Rock

295. Peng

Meaning: Big

296. Perseus

Meaning: One Who Destroys

297. Philo

Meaning: Good Friend

298. Pista

Meaning: Man With Crown

299. Pyotr

Meaning: Rock

300. Parson

Meaning: Employed By A Minister Of The Church

301. Patryk

Meaning: A Nobleman

302. Paulinus

Meaning: Tiny; Petite

303. Pavel

Meaning: Small And Humble

304. Pentti

Meaning: The Blessed One

305. Ping

Meaning: Peaceful

306. Placido

Meaning: Calm Or Placid

307. Padamdeep

Meaning: ThousanD Billions, Of Regions, Of ' Lotus' Lotus PetaleD Lamps

308. Padmanabha

Meaning: One With Lotus In His Navel; Lord Vishnu

309. Palanichamy

Meaning: Gods Name

310. Paramthakar

Meaning: ' Supreme' Supreme LorD

311. Pardeep

Meaning: Good

312. Parvatinandan

Meaning: Lord Ganesh

313. Peetavasane

Meaning: Wearing Yellow Attire Signifying Purity And Wisdom

314. Phaalgun

Meaning: Name Of A Month In Spring Season

315. Piyush

Meaning: Milk; Nectar

316. Pradhyot

Meaning: Ray Of Light; Luster

317. Pragnesh

Meaning: Intelligent

318. Pragun

Meaning: Straight; Honest

319. Prakasha

Meaning: Light; Bright

320. Pramod

Meaning: Delight; Lord Of All Abodes

321. Pranjal

Meaning: Honest; Self-respecting; Sincere; Simple

322. Prasarm

Meaning: Pure; Clear; Brilliant; Peaceful

323. Prasuk

Meaning: Very Pure

324. Pratap

Meaning: Dignity; Majesty

325. Prathith

Meaning: Manifested; Confident

326. Pratyakash

Meaning: In Front

327. Praveer

Meaning: An Excellent Warrior; King; Chief; Brave

328. Pravis

Meaning: To Enter

329. Prempal

Meaning: GoD, The ' Loving' Loving Caretaker

330. Prithiv

Meaning: The Sun

331. Prottoy

Meaning: Social Person; Great Companion; Graceful

332. Pundarikaksh

Meaning: Lotus Eyed

333. Purajith

Meaning: Lord Shiva

334. Pyag

Meaning: High Capable; Intelligence; Highly Attractive

335. Parwaiz

Meaning: Commendable; Success; Victory; Triumphant;

336. Pahana

Meaning: Lost White Brother

337. Paki

Meaning: Witness

338. Palben

Meaning: Blond

339. Pallaton

Meaning: Warrior

340. Palti

Meaning: Deliverance; Flight

341. Panagiotis

Meaning: All Or Holy

342. Pani

Meaning: Pagan

343. PatIyk

Meaning: Regal

344. Pathros

Meaning: Mouthful Of Dough; Persuasion Of Ruin

345. Patrido

Meaning: Noble

346. Patten

Meaning: From The Warrior's Town.

347. Paulin

Meaning: Small

348. Paulsen

Meaning: Little Son Of Paul Surname

349. Paulus

Meaning: Small; Little

350. Pavlushshenka

Meaning: Little

351. Pawl

Meaning: Little'.

352. Payat

Meaning: He Is Coming

353. Payne

Meaning: Rustic

354. Pegasus

Meaning: Winged Horse

355. Pelias

Meaning: Son Of Poseidon

356. Penrith

Meaning: From Penrith

357. Pentateuch

Meaning: The Five Books Of Moses

358. Pepik

Meaning: God Will Add

359. Percyvelle

Meaning: Hero Of Several Arthurian Stories

360. Perez

Meaning: Divided

361. Perida

Meaning: Separation; Division

362. Perye

Meaning: From The Pear Tree

363. Phaethon

Meaning: Son Of Helios

364. Phanuel

Meaning: Face Of God

365. Philihert

Meaning: Sharp - Willed

366. Phinees

Meaning: Mouth Of Brass

367. Pierpont

Meaning: Dwells By The Stone Bridge

368. Pierro

Meaning: Rock

369. Pietrek

Meaning: Rock'.

370. Pinochos

Meaning: Dark Skinned

371. Piran

Meaning: St Piran Is The Cornish Patron Saint Of Miners

372. Pirithous

Meaning: Friend Of Theseus

373. Pitar

Meaning: Father

374. Pithom

Meaning: Their Mouthful; A Dilatation Of The Mouth

375. Pitri

Meaning: Father

376. Placyd

Meaning: Tranquil

377. Plato

Meaning: Broad

378. Platon

Meaning: Broad Shouldered

379. Pommelraie

Meaning: Lives Near The Apple Orchard

380. Potipherah

Meaning: That Scatters Abroad; Or Demolishes; The Fat

381. Powwaw

Meaning: Priest

382. Procrustes

Meaning: Stretcher

383. Prophyrios

Meaning: Rock

384. Pryderi

Meaning: Legendary Son Of Pwyll

385. Pueblo

Meaning: From The City

386. Puteoli

Meaning: Sulphureous Wells

387. Pelet

Meaning: Deliverance

388. Phaseah

Meaning: Lame; Limping

389. Phut

Meaning: A Bow

390. Parakh

Meaning: Satisfying; Pleasing

391. Parvatha

Meaning: Prince Of Earth

392. Poornayu

Meaning: Full Life

393. Pravat

Meaning: History

394. Padmaprabhu

Meaning: Name Of The 6 Th Teerthankar

395. Pryce

Meaning: Variant Of Price; The Name Means Winners Gift

396. Pabel

Meaning: Little; Humble

397. Pachu'a

Meaning: Resembling A Water Snake

398. Paio

Meaning: Belonging To The Sea

399. Pajackock

Meaning: Resembling Thunder

400. Pajackok

Meaning: Resembling Thunder

401. Paladio

Meaning: A Follower Of The Goddess

402. Paladios

Meaning: A Follower Of The Goddess

403. Pananjae

Meaning: Resembling A Cloud

404. Par

Meaning: Conference; Rock; Stone

405. Pascall

Meaning: Of Easter

406. Pascalo

Meaning: Of Easter

407. Pascoal

Meaning: Of Easter

408. Patakyn

Meaning: One Who Holds The Banner

409. Patamen

Meaning: Raging

410. Patamin

Meaning: Raging

411. Patek

Meaning: Nobleman

412. Paurushi

Meaning: A Courageous Man

413. Pátraic

Meaning: Nobleman

414. Peabodie

Meaning: Peacock

415. Pedias

Meaning: Loved By God

416. Peerce

Meaning: Rock; Stone

417. Peibo

Meaning: As Solid As A Rock

418. Peirre

Meaning: Rock; Stone

419. Pelagos

Meaning: Of The Sea

420. Pelam

Meaning: Peola' S Home

421. Paxten

Meaning: Clarks Town

422. Pacific

Meaning: " Tranquil"

423. Paxy

Meaning: Peace

424. Preenz

Meaning: Prince

425. Paa

Meaning: Flower

426. Piseth

Meaning: Rare In Power Or Quality

427. Pookie

Meaning: A Cute Little Boy

428. Prahaan

Meaning: Warrior; Kind; Generous

429. Prithvin

Meaning: Lord Of Earth

430. Prian

Meaning: Loved One; Beloved

431. Peacock

Meaning: Vain Person

432. Pi’Erre

Meaning: Stone; Rock

433. Pahir

Meaning: Sunshine

434. Paraic

Meaning: Nobleman

435. Peteris

Meaning: Stone; Rock

436. Pharell

Meaning: Descendant Of A Valorous Man

437. Phelipe

Meaning: Lover Of Horses

438. Pich

Meaning: Diamond

439. Pipi

Meaning: Phoebe

440. Pryncetyn Jakob

Meaning: Supplanter

441. Pasang

Meaning: Born On A Friday

442. Paytton

Meaning: From The Village Of Warriors

443. Pendo

Meaning: Love

444. Peter Jay

Meaning: Various

445. Philimon

Meaning: Beloved

446. Pinchos

Meaning: Mouth Of Brass

447. Pom

Meaning: Apple

448. Pompeyo

Meaning: Five

449. Poshith

Meaning: One Who Serves; Lord Vishnu

450. Powel

Meaning: Son Of The Servant Of St Paul

451. Prak

Meaning: Silver

452. Pria

Meaning: Beloved One; Loved One

453. Priaansh

Meaning: Most Lovable

454. Puteri

Meaning: Princess

455. Putra

Meaning: Son; Word; Prince; Son Of His Father

456. Pyry

Meaning: Snowstrom; Blizzard; Snowstorm

457. Paen

Meaning: The Love Of The Lord Is With You

458. Paga

Meaning: Analytical Mind; Peace; Attractive Speecher

459. Porosh

Meaning: Ambitious; Playful; Different

460. Preeran

Meaning: Free Spirit; Visionary; Highly Attractive

461. Pagan

Meaning: A Follower Of A Polytheistic Religion

462. Plesa

Meaning: Knife Handle

463. Prashun

Meaning: Lord Vishnu

464. Phaindra

Meaning: King Of Gods

465. Phanshul

Meaning: Lord Shiva

466. Plegmund

Meaning: Hypersensitive; Strength; Highly Attractive

467. Peohtgils

Meaning: Expressive; Harmony; Cheerful

468. Pertolepe

Meaning: Music; Friendly; Dynamic

469. Pushp Mitra

Meaning: An Ancient Ruler

470. Priamus

Meaning: Philosopher; Careful; Beautiful

471. Purajana

Meaning: Pioneer; Helper; Inventiveness

472. Probert

Meaning: Problem Solver; Wisedom; Shy

473. Profulla

Meaning: Sensitive; Leadership; Energetic

474. Promod

Meaning: Joyful; Happy

475. Prem Chand

Meaning: Pioneer; Sacrificer; Respectability

476. Pavan Kumar

Meaning: Bheem; Hanuman Son Of The Wind

477. Pavan Tej

Meaning: Hanuman

478. Peralagan

Meaning: Very Handsome

479. Perarasan

Meaning: King Of Kings

480. Praacheth

Meaning: Name Of Valmiki

481. Pushka

Meaning: Successful; Problem Avoider; Noble

482. Prikshant

Meaning: Highly Competitive; Confidence; Studious

483. Puransant

Meaning: Perfect Saint

484. Pyara

Meaning: Loved One

485. Pyppa

Meaning: Sensitive; Leadership; Energetic

486. Paradhaman

Meaning: Supreme Adobe

487. Paraikshit

Meaning: Son Of Abhimannyu In Mahabharata

488. Piar

Meaning: Love; Affection

489. Pillan

Meaning: Supreme Essence

490. Pinchu

Meaning: Small

491. Pinel

Meaning: Hesitate; Travel Lover; Good Understanding

492. Polidore

Meaning: Imaginative; Wealth; Adventurer

493. Porca

Meaning: God

494. Possa

Meaning: Knowledgeful; Inventive; Elegant

495. Paradev

Meaning: Creative; Educated; Confidence

496. Patalin

Meaning: Leader; Visionary; Powerful

497. Pathani

Meaning: Loving; Wisedom; Inventiveness

498. Pivane

Meaning: Weasel

499. Parbej

Meaning: Success; Name Of A Persian King

500. Pazhwaak

Meaning: Voice