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Baby Girl names starting with P, baby Girl names starting with P of 2021, Modern baby Girl names starting with P of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With P

1. Paula

Meaning: Tiny; Petite

2. Paislee

Meaning: Variant Of Paisley; It Is A Town In Scotland; As Well As A Type Of Teardrop Shaped Pattern

3. Paola

Meaning: Tiny; Petite

4. Princess

Meaning: Princess

5. Penny

Meaning: Weaver

6. Phoebe

Meaning: Brightest Of Women

7. Paloma

Meaning: Beautiful Dove

8. Paulina

Meaning: Tiny; Petite

9. Penelope

Meaning: Weaver

10. Priscilla

Meaning: Old-time; Ancient

11. Persephone

Meaning: Wife Of Hades

12. Poppy

Meaning: Poppy (flower Name)

13. Promise

Meaning: Promise Means Assurance And To Vow

14. Phan

Meaning: One Who Shares With

15. Pyra

Meaning: One Who Is Cherished

16. Phelia

Meaning: Help; Profit; Serpent

17. Pacifika

Meaning: Peaceful

18. Punrvee

Meaning: Reborn

19. Pushpavati

Meaning: Blossoming

20. Pleasance

Meaning: Pleasure

21. Piruza

Meaning: Spring; Fountain

22. Poorani

Meaning: Lot Of Goodness

23. Perlezenn

Meaning: " Pearl"

24. Pravashthi

Meaning: Free Spirit; Visionary; Highly Attractive

25. Pricila

Meaning: Ancient; Venerable

26. Prinsi

Meaning: Princess;

27. Pauleen

Meaning: Small

28. Pranya

Meaning: Has Vedic Origin

29. Parbati

Meaning: Another Name Of Goddess Durga

30. Peramata

Meaning: Very Loving

31. Portia

Meaning: Piglet' S Friend

32. Pankhuri

Meaning: Petals Of Flowers

33. Parang

Meaning: Gleam Of A Sword; Gleam Of A Jewel; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful And Radiant

34. Pradeapta

Meaning: One Who Provides Light

35. Prochoriah

Meaning: One Who Guides Others

36. Pya

Meaning: Pious; Godly; Honorable

37. Porchea

Meaning: " Pig; Hog Or Doorway"

38. Peyton Marie

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

39. Peyton Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

40. Poppy Ava

Meaning: Voice; Call

41. Padhma

Meaning: Lotus

42. Puranjeeta

Meaning: Beautiful

43. Pyaali

Meaning: Cup

44. Panaesha

Meaning: Excellent

45. Paramika

Meaning: Supreme; Highest

46. Paulami

Meaning: Ray Of Sun

47. Pavini

Meaning: Purity

48. Purneetha

Meaning: Complete Girl

49. Prabadevi

Meaning: Brightness; Lustre; Radiance

50. Prajeena

Meaning: Shine Of Gloriness

51. Poran Dokht

Meaning: A Female Character In Shahnemah?

52. Pauletta

Meaning: Tiny; Petite

53. Pocahontas

Meaning: The Frisky One

54. Pramiti

Meaning: Knowledge Of Truth

55. Praneeta

Meaning: LeD ForwarD, ConDucteD, ADvanceD, PromoteD, ' Meaning Having Pure' Pure ' Meaning Having Water' Water

56. Priyavadhana

Meaning: Lovable Face

57. Padidah

Meaning: A Phenomenon

58. Parthenie

Meaning: Chaste

59. Pauleta

Meaning: Small

60. Perke

Meaning: Devoted To God

61. Perzsike

Meaning: Devoted To God

62. Pursa

Meaning: Inquirer; One Who Asks A Question Or Searches For An Answer

63. Pratibtha

Meaning: Ability

64. Pritisha

Meaning: Goddess Of Love; Durga

65. Poppie

Meaning: Refering To The Red Flower Of The Same Name

66. Pabiola

Meaning: A Little Girl

67. Pabiolla

Meaning: A Little Girl

68. Pacouna

Meaning: Deer Bounding While

69. Palomar

Meaning: Dove; Pigeon

70. Parsyn

Meaning: A Member Of The Clergy

71. Penélope

Meaning: Duck; Thread; Web; Voice

72. Peyta

Meaning: Bringer Of Joy

73. Pisceez

Meaning: The Twelfth Sign Of

74. Placidea

Meaning: Calm; Untroubled

75. Pribislavea

Meaning: One Who Is Glorified

76. Pribislavia

Meaning: One Who Is Glorified

77. Pribislawa

Meaning: One Who Is Glorified

78. Prysteina

Meaning: One Who Is Unspoiled

79. Paulena

Meaning: " Small"

80. Paoli

Meaning: Small; Humble

81. Paule

Meaning: Little; Small; Female Version Of Paul

82. Peyton Naya

Meaning: Soft

83. Piney

Meaning: From The Pine Trees

84. Pirai

Meaning: Crescent; Beautiful

85. Perazhagu

Meaning: Very Beautiful

86. Prajamati

Meaning: Kind Hearted

87. Prachalitha

Meaning: Recent Trend

88. Pauee

Meaning: Cute

89. Plesantia

Meaning: Knowledgeful; Inventive; Elegant

90. Pinale

Meaning: Talent; Care Taker; More Attractive

91. Parakasa

Meaning: Light

92. Presilah

Meaning: Ancient

93. Phulmti

Meaning: Beautiful Like Flower

94. Prodipa

Meaning: Lamp; Light; Full Of Brightness

95. Purah

Meaning: Purity

96. Pleione

Meaning: Goddess With Many Daughters

97. Paavanee

Meaning: Purifying; Sacred

98. Perama

Meaning: Very Loving

99. Piencia

Meaning: Devout

100. Pratheesha

Meaning: Pre Eminence

101. Pam

Meaning: All Sweetness

102. Perla

Meaning: Gemstone

103. Patty

Meaning: Lady Of The House

104. Piritta

Meaning: Powerful; Strong

105. Pratima

Meaning: Mirror Image

106. Paarul

Meaning: Beautiful; Practical; Kind; Name Of A Flower

107. Paheal

Meaning: First

108. Palakshi

Meaning: White

109. Panchami

Meaning: Goddess Parvati

110. Parisha

Meaning: Like Paris; Fairy Or Like A Fairy (1)

111. Praya

Meaning: Place Of Sacrifice; Allahabad (1)

112. Pulkita

Meaning: Embraced

113. Puneeta

Meaning: Love; Pure

114. Parinda

Meaning: Bird

115. Parvina

Meaning: Shining Star

116. Parishay

Meaning: Face Of A Fairy ( Pari Ka Face )

117. Panagiota

Meaning: Holy

118. Patiencia

Meaning: Patient

119. Peony

Meaning: Flower

120. Perpetua

Meaning: Perpetual; Continual

121. Perzsi

Meaning: Devoted To God

122. Petronilla

Meaning: Rock Derived From The Roman Clan Petronius

123. Pareesima

Meaning: Fairy-faced; One Who Has The Appearance Of A Fairy; Thus Meaning Beautiful

124. Pounaa

Meaning: Pennyroyal; A Fragrant Plant Used In European And Middle Eastern Food

125. Padida

Meaning: Phenomenon; Figuratively It Means Marvelous; Fascinating

126. Padmadevi

Meaning: Durga Devi

127. Pankajavalli

Meaning: Skilful

128. Pattamma

Meaning: Mother Of Silk

129. Punati

Meaning: A Flower

130. Pyper

Meaning: Pyper Is A Alternative Of Piper Meaning A Person Who Plays The Pipe It Is Also Used As A Boys Name

131. Priscila

Meaning: This Name; Also SpelledPriscilla; Means An Ancient Being; Or The Wisdom Of The Ages

132. Pabeolla

Meaning: A Little Girl

133. Padgeant

Meaning: Pageant

134. Palah

Meaning: Water

135. Palakeeka

Meaning: One Who Is Dearly Loved

136. Pamona

Meaning: Fruit Orchard

137. Panama

Meaning: From Panama; Canal

138. Paralee

Meaning: Has Its Origins In The English-American

139. Pare

Meaning: Derived From Old Greek Origins

140. Pascuas

Meaning: Sacrificed For The Good Of The Village

141. Peachey

Meaning: Juicy Fruit

142. Peakalika

Meaning: Filled With Happiness

143. Perah

Meaning: Flower

144. Percha

Meaning: Blossom

145. Perchiya

Meaning: Blossom

146. Pheakklee

Meaning: Devotion

147. Pleasence

Meaning: Agreeableness; Niceness

148. Plena

Meaning: Complete

149. Plesance

Meaning: Agreeableness; Niceness

150. Pompi

Meaning: An Arrogant Woman

151. Poodle

Meaning: Resembling The Dog

152. Popee

Meaning: Poppy

153. Potenciana

Meaning: Powerful

154. Pounam

Meaning: Merit

155. Praese

Meaning: Praise

156. Pribislava

Meaning: One Who Is Glorified

157. Pribka

Meaning: One Who Is Glorified

158. Prochorea

Meaning: One Who Guides Others

159. Prudensa

Meaning: Prudence

160. Pusina

Meaning: Child

161. Paydon

Meaning: " Fighting Man&#x; S Estate"

162. Perle

Meaning: " Pearl"

163. Piera

Meaning: " Rock; Stone"

164. Patrisia

Meaning: " Noble; Patrician"

165. Payge

Meaning: Assistant

166. Preciosa

Meaning: Precious

167. Paulana

Meaning: " Small"

168. Payada

Meaning: Cloud

169. Peggie

Meaning: Pearl

170. Piuta

Meaning: Poetry

171. Precia

Meaning: Precious

172. Prescila

Meaning: Ancient; Venerable

173. Paluma

Meaning: Dove; Gentle

174. Panacea

Meaning: " A Cure For All Ills"

175. Petah

Meaning: " Rock; Stone"

176. Peach

Meaning: Fruit; Sin; Son Of Pies

177. Praahi

Meaning: Morning; Wellness

178. Prisilla

Meaning: Ancient; Venerable

179. Pyari

Meaning: Lovely

180. Peyton Skyye

Meaning: From The Isle Of Skye

181. Porche

Meaning: Offering

182. Porchia

Meaning: Offering

183. Prianca

Meaning: Loved One; Beloved

184. Privinya

Meaning: Beautiful Angel

185. Pindurika

Meaning: Problem Solver; Supreme; Charismatic

186. Prabalika

Meaning: Successful; Joyful; Freedom Lover

187. Puneswari

Meaning: Friendly; Great Mankind; Charismatic

188. Panchhi

Meaning: A Bird

189. Puramalini

Meaning: Garlanded With Castles

190. Parveena

Meaning: Loving; Charming And Lucky

191. Pathmasani

Meaning: Goddess Amman

192. Plesancia

Meaning: Master; Educated; Cheerful

193. Ponmalar

Meaning: Golden Flower

194. Pavani Sri

Meaning: Hanuman Lakshmi

195. Priyati

Meaning: Lovable; Sweet Person

196. Panbu

Meaning: Character

197. Pooran Dokht

Meaning: A Female Character In Shahnama

198. Parm

Meaning: High

199. Pujaar

Meaning: Mountain

200. Padan Aram

Meaning: Cultivated Field Or Table-land [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name]

201. Phally

Meaning: Prosperity

202. Petra Petronella

Meaning: Rock

203. Payeez

Meaning: Autumn

204. Parmilla

Meaning: Wisdom; New; Expert

205. Parvya

Meaning: Lord Shiva

206. Piusa

Meaning: Drink That Makes Immortal

207. Prabhi

Meaning: Glow; Radiance; Ray; Goddess Durga

208. Pudenciana

Meaning: Cautious; Discreet

209. Pen Chan

Meaning: Full Moon

210. Pakeezah

Meaning: Pure

211. Parigul

Meaning: Pholoon Ki Qattar

212. Pansy

Meaning: Pansy Flower

213. Parvaneh

Meaning: Butterfly

214. Patricia

Meaning: Noble Woman; Aristocrat

215. Patrycja

Meaning: Noble Woman; Aristocrat

216. Pauline

Meaning: Tiny; Petite

217. Pavla

Meaning: Tiny; Petite

218. Posy

Meaning: God Raises

219. Prissy

Meaning: Old-time; Ancient

220. Pushpa

Meaning: Blossom

221. Pallavi

Meaning: New Leaf

222. Pamela

Meaning: All Sweetness

223. Pembe

Meaning: Pink

224. Petrina

Meaning: Rocky

225. Philana

Meaning: Humanity Lover

226. Pina

Meaning: God Raises

227. Padmagriha

Meaning: Who Resides In A Lotus

228. Pareeksha

Meaning: Test; Exam

229. Parishna

Meaning: Lovely; Love To Life;

230. Parnal

Meaning: Leafy

231. Parnashri

Meaning: Leafy Beauty

232. Parvinder

Meaning: God Of Gods

233. Pavitha

Meaning: Pure And Dignified

234. Pernita

Meaning: Answered Prayer

235. Piyushi

Meaning: Holy Water;

236. Prabavathi

Meaning: (Wife Of Sun)

237. Prabhsimran

Meaning: Admiration Of God

238. Pragathi

Meaning: Progress

239. Prakatitha

Meaning: Has Appeared

240. Praneetha

Meaning: Led Forward; Conducted; Advanced; Promoted; Pure Water

241. Prasuti

Meaning: Daughter Of Manu And Wife Of Daksha Prajapathi

242. Prathana

Meaning: Wealth

243. Prathav

Meaning: Always First;

244. Prayaathi

Meaning: Goes

245. Prinaka

Meaning: Girl Who Brings Heaven To Earth

246. Prithi

Meaning: Love; Satisfaction

247. Priyajanani

Meaning: Mother With Love

248. Priyatha

Meaning: Affection

249. Punarnava

Meaning: A Star

250. Purandeswari

Meaning: Loving Change; Enthusiasm; Reliability

251. Purvika

Meaning: Orient; Formerly

252. Pushana

Meaning: Provider; Protector

253. Palwasha

Meaning: Light Ray Of Moon; Moonlite

254. Pariza

Meaning: Light; Fairy; Flower

255. Parto

Meaning: Ray Of Light

256. Parihan

Meaning: A Fairy

257. Parcia

Meaning: Named For The Furies

258. Perahta

Meaning: Glorious

259. Perdita

Meaning: The Winter's Tale' Daughter To Leontes AnD Hermione.

260. Peronel

Meaning: Rock Derived From The Roman Clan Petronius

261. Pertunda

Meaning: Juno's Surname.

262. Petrine

Meaning: Feminine Of Pedar

263. Philina

Meaning: Loving

264. Philomel

Meaning: Nightingale

265. Pareedokht

Meaning: Fairy Girl; Thus Meaning Extremely Beautiful

266. Paryan

Meaning: Fairy-like; Thus Meaning Extremely Beautiful

267. Parnia

Meaning: Canvas; Especially One Made Of Silk

268. Purnush

Meaning: Sweet; Beautiful; Adorable

269. Parastu

Meaning: Swallow; Which Is A Type Of Bird

270. Parzheen

Meaning: Fence; Hedge Of Flowers

271. Pappamma

Meaning: Sentence

272. Praniti

Meaning: Conduct; Leading; Guidance

273. Premanayaki

Meaning: Dear One

274. Pratishta

Meaning: Status; Establishment

275. Paityn

Meaning: Paityn Is A More Feminine Spelling Of The Unisex Name Peyton It Is Derived From The English Surname Peyton And Means Rustic

276. Paisleigh

Meaning: Variant Of Paisley; Giving Glory To God; Active In The Church

277. Paizley

Meaning: Paizley Refers To A Fabric Pattern That Most Popular In Scotland Another Spelling Is Paisley

278. Pola

Meaning: A Polish Alternative Of The Name Paula; Meaning Little And Humble

279. Paetyn

Meaning: Variant Of Payton; Home Of The Fighter; Unrelenting

280. Poppy Mae

Meaning: Poppy Is From The Latin Word Papavar For The Plant Poppy; Mea Is A Varient Of The Name May; A Name Of Latin Origin Meaning Month Of May

281. Pabiolah

Meaning: A Little Girl

282. Pabiollah

Meaning: A Little Girl

283. Pabyola

Meaning: A Little Girl

284. Pabyolla

Meaning: A Little Girl

285. Pacarde

Meaning: From The Brook; A Peddler' S

286. Padgent

Meaning: Pageant

287. Pakah

Meaning: Pussycat

288. Palaciada

Meaning: Mansion

289. Palaciata

Meaning: Mansion

290. Palesa

Meaning: Resembling A Flower

291. Papatuanuku

Meaning: Earth Mother

292. Papeena

Meaning: A Vine Growing On An

293. Paradyce

Meaning: Heaven; Perfection

294. Parmidah

Meaning: Daughter Born To Royalty

295. Pascaleh

Meaning: Of Easter

296. Pascalia

Meaning: Of Easter

297. Pascalle

Meaning: Of Easter

298. Paterekia

Meaning: An Upper-class Woman

299. Patrocinio

Meaning: Sponsorship

300. Paulinique

Meaning: Little; Humble

301. Pawla

Meaning: Little; Humble

302. Payse

Meaning: A Charismatic Young

303. Peachi

Meaning: Juicy Fruit

304. Peachie

Meaning: Juicy Fruit

305. Pelaga

Meaning: Of The Sea

306. Pembah

Meaning: The Force Of Present

307. Pendante

Meaning: A Decorated Woman

308. Perach

Meaning: Blossom

309. Perseveranda

Meaning: She Who Perseveres

310. Petel

Meaning: A Part Of A Flower' S

311. Pethia

Meaning: Prophet

312. Phaelin

Meaning: Sapphire

313. Phiera

Meaning: One Who Loves Music

314. Phueng

Meaning: Bee

315. Pien

Meaning: Yahweh Will Add (another

316. Piscees

Meaning: The Twelfth Sign Of

317. Pisces

Meaning: The Twelfth Sign Of

318. Piscez

Meaning: The Twelfth Sign Of

319. Piscina

Meaning: Water

320. Placeada

Meaning: Calm; Untroubled

321. Placeda

Meaning: Calm; Untroubled

322. Placeeda

Meaning: Calm; Untroubled

323. Placeyda

Meaning: Calm; Untroubled

324. Placidah

Meaning: Calm; Untroubled

325. Placide

Meaning: Calm; Untroubled

326. Polete

Meaning: A Kind Young Woman

327. Pompa

Meaning: An Arrogant Woman

328. Ponee

Meaning: Second-born Child

329. Poney

Meaning: Second-born Child

330. Popea

Meaning: Poppy

331. Poppea

Meaning: Poppy

332. Potamiena

Meaning: She Who Lives On The

333. Poteana

Meaning: Origin Is Latin

334. Poteina

Meaning: -

335. Poudle

Meaning: Resembling The Dog

336. Preciah

Meaning: An Important Lady

337. Presilla

Meaning: Ancient; Old

338. Primina

Meaning: First-born Child Or

339. Priminia

Meaning: First-born Child Or

340. Prinscelle

Meaning: Princess

341. Prochora

Meaning: One Who Guides Others

342. Prochoria

Meaning: One Who Guides Others

343. Prudens

Meaning: Prudence

344. Puni

Meaning: Heavenly Flower

345. Pyirra

Meaning: Formidable Woman

346. Pyrah

Meaning: One Who Is Cherished

347. Pana

Meaning: " Grace; Emerald"

348. Putri

Meaning: " Princess; Daughter"

349. Paisly

Meaning: " Church; Cemetery"

350. Peytin

Meaning: Noble

351. Padget

Meaning: Assistant

352. Paolina

Meaning: " Small"

353. Paccia

Meaning: " Peace"

354. Pasquelina

Meaning: " Passover"

355. Pessa

Meaning: " Pearl"

356. Piaf

Meaning: " Sparrow"

357. Praskovia

Meaning: " Passover"

358. Pleasant

Meaning: Of Plaisance; Pleasant

359. Payal Rahul

Meaning: Son Of Buddha; Conqueror Of All Miseries (Son Of Lord Buddha)

360. Perilla

Meaning: An Ornamental Plant

361. Peyton Rae

Meaning: Sheep' S Friend

362. Prathira

Meaning: Leader; Visionary; Powerful

363. Pristina

Meaning: One Who Is Unspoiled

364. Pruda

Meaning: Responsible; Systematic Mind; Unpretentious

365. Purba

Meaning: East

366. Poniksha

Meaning: Golden Lucky

367. Poobavan

Meaning: Love

368. Poojanya

Meaning: Worship Prayer

369. Purambhi

Meaning: Philosopher; Careful; Beautiful

370. Palakdeep

Meaning: A Child Of God

371. Punkuzali

Meaning: Beautiful

372. Puradhana

Meaning: Talent; Care Taker; More Attractive

373. Poshayitri

Meaning: Skill; Researcher; Mysterious

374. Panaisha

Meaning: Best

375. Panjali

Meaning: Queen

376. Paramesvary

Meaning: The Supreme

377. Pareeya

Meaning: Fairy; Beauty

378. Parhi

Meaning: Knowledge; Leadership; Fairness

379. Pathare

Meaning: Mighty Stone

380. Pauki

Meaning: Successful; Problem Avoider; Noble

381. Pavandip

Meaning: Wind; Light

382. Payel

Meaning: Ornament

383. Pacchild

Meaning: Sensitive; Leadership; Energetic

384. Penarwen

Meaning: Loving; Dedicator; Respectability

385. Popelina

Meaning: Explorer; Joyful; Expert

386. Prabhavanti

Meaning: Effect; Goddess Of Wealth Courage

387. Papair

Meaning: Truely; Wisedom; Attractive Speecher

388. Perzee

Meaning: Talent; Care Taker; More Attractive

389. Prudeciana

Meaning: Crazy; Psycotic; Psyco

390. Pyar

Meaning: Love

391. Priancy

Meaning: Love

392. Panasree

Meaning: Beauty And Goodness Of The Moon

393. Peralagi

Meaning: Girl Of Great Beauty; Gorgeous Girl

394. Pashtoon Gul

Meaning: Flower Of Pashtoon

395. Pashtoon

Meaning: Pashtoon; Afghan

396. Parwana

Meaning: Butterfly

397. Paiwand

Meaning: Graft; Scion; Grafting; Union (by Marriage); Relationship; Joint

398. Phulmati

Meaning: Beautiful Like Flower

399. Peou

Meaning: Youngest One

400. Pam Pamela

Meaning: All Honey

401. Pama

Meaning: Earned; All Sweetness; All Black

402. Phaedora

Meaning: Shining Gift

403. Presentacion

Meaning: Presentation

404. Parida

Meaning: Angel

405. Paami

Meaning: Fulfilled; Gained; Satisfied

406. Paavanti

Meaning: Pure; Sacred; Fire; Pious

407. Parsmani

Meaning: Touchstone

408. Pavani Sri

Meaning: Lord Hanuman; Goddess Lakshmi

409. Pianka

Meaning: Beautiful

410. Prabhasini

Meaning: Part Of Sun Light

411. Prearna

Meaning: Inspiration; Beautiful

412. Pushkarni

Meaning: River

413. Padhmavathi

Meaning: Bearer Of Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi

414. Punaravika

Meaning: Repeat Again

415. Parirow

Meaning: Beautiful; Having A Face Like Pari (fairy)

416. Phaibun

Meaning: To Prosper

417. Parveen

Meaning: Surayya; Chandd Sitaron Ka Naam

418. Pervaiz

Meaning: Breeze

419. Palin

Meaning: Guarding; Protecting

420. Parasa

Meaning: Devout; Pious

421. Parween

Meaning: (Persian) Cluster Of Small Stars; Brilliant Group Of Persons Or Things

422. Permaz

Meaning: Umeed; Intezar

423. Persis

Meaning: Coming From Persia

424. Pinar

Meaning: Spring; Fountain

425. Pipaluk

Meaning: The Little One

426. Pirjo

Meaning: Powerful; Strong

427. Polly

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

428. Panthea

Meaning: Of All Gods

429. Patience

Meaning: Endure

430. Piti

Meaning: Joyful

431. Padmavasa

Meaning: One Who Resided In Lotus

432. Pahel

Meaning: To Start

433. Paramaa

Meaning: The Goddess Who Is The Greatest

434. Paramleen

Meaning: Absorbed In The Highest; God

435. Parashree

Meaning: Ganga

436. Pari

Meaning: Fairy; Exquisitely Beautiful; Graceful Lady

437. Pariha

Meaning: Land Of The Fairies;

438. Parimalam

Meaning: Pleasant Smell

439. Parinita

Meaning: Expert

440. Parsha

Meaning: Pious; Pure Or Chaste Or Devout Or Holy Or Persian (1)

441. Pavana

Meaning: Holy; Sacred; Freshness; Purity

442. Pavanika

Meaning: Social Person; Great Companion; Graceful

443. Pavithra

Meaning: Pure

444. Pavni

Meaning: Honey; Lord Hanuman; True; Holy

445. Pawali

Meaning: Achiever; Peacemaker; More Attractive

446. Pia

Meaning: Beloved

447. Pinkur

Meaning: Pink Means Color And Kur Means Heart Meaning Pink Hearted

448. Pornima

Meaning: Full Moon; Bright;

449. Prabhavathy

Meaning: (Wife Of Sun)

450. Prabhgeet

Meaning: Songs Of God

451. Pradeepa

Meaning: Light

452. Prajina

Meaning: Amar

453. Pranada

Meaning: Goddess Durga

454. Prangi

Meaning: Sensitive; Leadership; Energetic

455. Pranjita

Meaning: Winner Of Life

456. Pranoti

Meaning: Welcome

457. Pranusha

Meaning: Prathama Usha - First Rays Of The Morning Sun

458. Prarthan

Meaning: Prayer

459. Prashvita

Meaning: Parvati; Lord Shivas Wife

460. Prasidhi

Meaning: Famous

461. Prathibha

Meaning: Light; Keen Intellect

462. Prathiksha

Meaning: Hope; Waiting For Something

463. Pratyaya

Meaning: Perception; Thought; Intention

464. Preshti

Meaning: Ray Of Light

465. Prima

Meaning: Love; Affection (1)

466. Prisha

Meaning: Talent Given By God; Beloved; Loving; Gods Gift

467. Prithee

Meaning: Love; Satisfaction

468. Priyasmita

Meaning: Best Friend

469. Pushpanjali

Meaning: Flower Offering

470. Peninah

Meaning: Pearl Or Coral

471. Pareerou

Meaning: Having A Face Like A Fairy (beautiful)

472. Pareesa

Meaning: Girl Like A Fairy

473. Parghunda

Meaning: Cotton

474. Pazia

Meaning: Golden

475. Pegah

Meaning: Dawn (Very Early Morning)

476. Purwa

Meaning: East Wind As Foreboding Rain; Easterly; Breeze;

477. Paili

Meaning: Bitter

478. Paliki

Meaning: Little

479. Palmyra

Meaning: Palm Tree

480. Paulette

Meaning: Little; Small

481. Pazice

Meaning: Golden

482. Phillipa

Meaning: Lover Of Horses

483. Phylis

Meaning: Green Bough

484. Pules

Meaning: Pigeon

485. Pyrene

Meaning: Ardent

486. Puyah

Meaning: Goal; Aim; It Can Also Mean To Move Walk Neither Slowly Nor Fast

487. Parinaz

Meaning: Sweet Fairy; Queen Of Fairies

488. Parigol

Meaning: Fairy-like Flower; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful

489. Parishad

Meaning: Happy Fairy; Happy Angel

490. Pareesan

Meaning: Fairy-like; Thus Meaning Extremely Beautiful

491. Parvar

Meaning: Nurture; Upbringing

492. Parvana

Meaning: Butterfly

493. Porgul

Meaning: Full Of Flowers; Adorned With Flowers

494. Pardees

Meaning: Paradise

495. Parmeen

Meaning: Crystal

496. Parla

Meaning: Radiant; Glowing

497. Padmasri

Meaning: Divine Lotus

498. Pandiamma

Meaning: A Doll

499. Paramitha

Meaning: Wisdom

500. Pratheepa

Meaning: Calm; Peace