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Baby Boy names starting with Q, baby Boy names starting with Q of 2021, Modern baby Boy names starting with Q of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With Q

1. Quentin

Meaning: Fifth

2. Quincy

Meaning: Fifth

3. Quinton

Meaning: Fifth.' Surname.

4. Qin

Meaning: To Respect; Admire

5. Qurum

Meaning: Chief; Leader; Great

6. Quico

Meaning: Boy

7. Qasim

Meaning: Divider; Distributor; Allotting; Official;

8. Qazalbash

Meaning: Red Leader

9. Qaseet

Meaning: Just; Fair; One Who Deals With People With Justice

10. Qayyam

Meaning: One Who Stands Much; Especially One Who Stands Up Late At Night To Pray

11. Qalam

Meaning: Pen

12. Qenaat

Meaning: Messenger

13. Qasham

Meaning: Clothes

14. Qallaass

Meaning: High

15. Qindil

Meaning: Oil Lamp; Light

16. Qani

Meaning: Content; Satisfied

17. Qawee

Meaning: Powerful; Strong

18. Qadeem

Meaning: Ancient

19. Qaletaqa

Meaning: Guardian Of The People

20. Quique

Meaning: Ruler Of The House

21. Qasidulhaq

Meaning: Courier Of The Truth (Allah)

22. Qadha

Meaning: Bowl

23. Qasaar

Meaning: Name Of A Waliullah

24. Quintiliano

Meaning: Born In The Fifth Month

25. Qamar

Meaning: Chaand; Mahtab

26. Qadim

Meaning: One Who Comes; One Who Goes Forward; One Who Advances

27. Qasif

Meaning: Discover

28. Qaid

Meaning: Leader; Commander

29. Qaiser

Meaning: Caesar

30. Qarib

Meaning: Close; Near

31. Qasir

Meaning: Helpless Poetic Pseudonym

32. Qutbah

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabi Who Took Part In The Battle Of Badr

33. Quthb

Meaning: Earth Pole; Leader

34. Qazim

Meaning: The One Who Imprison His Anger

35. Qassam

Meaning: Handsome; Name Of A Great Mujahid(Izzu Deen Al Qassam)

36. Qasiim

Meaning: Portion; Fate; Luck; Take Part

37. Qabus

Meaning: Handsome

38. Qabbaab

Meaning: Lion

39. Quade

Meaning: From The Scottish Clan Name McQuade

40. Qaraar

Meaning: Rest Firmness

41. Qamrani

Meaning: Moonlit; White Like The Moon

42. Qutbullah

Meaning: Leader In The Service Of God; Chief In The Service Of God; A Leader Who Serves God

43. Qarni

Meaning: Sharp; Sharpness Of A Sword

44. Qubul

Meaning: Accepting Concurrence

45. Quran

Meaning: The Name Of The Muslim Sacred Scripture

46. Qabas

Meaning: Flicker

47. Qahri

Meaning: Angry

48. Quinncy

Meaning: The Fifth- Born Child ; From The Fifth Son

49. Quinto

Meaning: Fifth

50. Qabir

Meaning: Very Good

51. Qimaaz

Meaning: Slave

52. Qajar

Meaning: The Name Of The Ancient Royal Family Of Iran

53. Qassamat

Meaning: Beautiful

54. Qasoorah

Meaning: Lion

55. Qaamoos

Meaning: Deep River

56. Qarmaz

Meaning: Red Colour

57. Qudos

Meaning: Very Holy

58. Qayim Ali

Meaning: Stand Position

59. Qabeel

Meaning: Family; Body

60. Qareeb

Meaning: Near

61. Qaseem

Meaning: Divides

62. Qatadah

Meaning: A Hardwood Tree;

63. Qays Qais

Meaning: Firm

64. Qudamah

Meaning: Courage; Effort;

65. Qader

Meaning: Powerful

66. Qalandar

Meaning: One Who Lives In Solitude

67. Qaleem

Meaning: Likhne Wala

68. Qataadah

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabi Who Took Part In The Battle Of Badr

69. Qawi

Meaning: Strong; Powerful; Firm

70. Qazafi

Meaning: Wasee O Areezi

71. Qershi

Meaning: Qureshi Sardar

72. Qiwam

Meaning: Support; Prop

73. Qudaamah

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabi Who Took Part In The Battle Of Badr

74. Qudasi

Meaning: Angels

75. Quan

Meaning: Army Man

76. Qayshaun

Meaning: God Is Merciful

77. Quanah

Meaning: Fragrant; Sweet-smelling"

78. Quillan

Meaning: From The Woods

79. Qamrosh

Meaning: Chand Jesa Haseen

80. Quaid

Meaning: Leader; General

81. Qasidul Haq

Meaning: Courier Of The Truth

82. Qahhar

Meaning: The Subduer A Name For Allah

83. Qaddur

Meaning: Capable; Powerful; Able

84. Qaayed

Meaning: Leader

85. Qaanay

Meaning: Satisfied; Contended

86. Qihael

Meaning: The Biblical Cain Is The English Language Equivalent

87. Quartus

Meaning: Fourth

88. Quasshie

Meaning: Born On Sunday

89. Quincey

Meaning: From The Place OwneD By The Fifth Son 'Fifth'; DeriveD From Roman Clan Name.

90. Quintus

Meaning: The TrageDy Of Titus AnDronicus' Son To Titus AnDronicus.

91. Qamarussalam

Meaning: Moon Of Peace; A Person Who Creates Peace

92. Qablan

Meaning: Advancer; Accepter

93. Qulaib

Meaning: Heart; Conscience

94. Qunbar

Meaning: Praiseworthy; Laudable

95. Qaimaq

Meaning: Cream

96. Qabous

Meaning: Pretty Bird

97. Qassim

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

98. Qaher

Meaning: Severe

99. Qayoom

Meaning: Lord Of Universe

100. Qiraan

Meaning: Joined; Unity; Associated; United

101. Quaseem

Meaning: One Who Shares

102. Qur An

Meaning: Peace; Safety; Security

103. Quynh

Meaning: Night Blooming Flower

104. Qarin

Meaning: The Ocean

105. Qita

Meaning: Open-Minded; Leadership; Courage

106. Quraysh

Meaning: Courageous; Logical; Compassion

107. Qush

Meaning: Strong

108. Qabbab

Meaning: Strong Deer

109. Qahaar

Meaning: The Subduer; The Almighty

110. Qabisah

Meaning: Optimistic; Peacemaker; Cheerful

111. Qvenatavci

Meaning: Sacrifice; Innovative; Powerful

112. Qvenvendani

Meaning: Individualistic; Emotional; Powerful

113. Qairatul Ain

Meaning: Honesty; Sacrificer; Admirer

114. Qhadri

Meaning: Inspiring; Master Of Their Own Destiny; Intuitive

115. Qaabez

Meaning: Powerful

116. Qaadam

Meaning: Coming Up

117. Qudoosi

Meaning: Pious

118. Qatmeer

Meaning: Name Of The Dog Of Ashab E Kahaf

119. Qiradul

Meaning: The Hunter

120. Qidaaf

Meaning: Fast

121. Qidwah

Meaning: Leader

122. Qeem

Meaning: Stayed

123. Qamis

Meaning: The Sea

124. Qizaz

Meaning: Silk Seller

125. Qallas

Meaning: Tailor

126. Qseem

Meaning: Distributor

127. Qaan

Meaning: To Justice

128. Qamoos

Meaning: A Collection Of Words

129. Qosi

Meaning: Bow

130. Qaas

Meaning: Astrologist

131. Qatim

Meaning: Desire

132. Qamees

Meaning: Like The Sea

133. Qaifaal

Meaning: Leader

134. Qayem

Meaning: Watcher; Invigilator

135. Qalab

Meaning: Heart (the Organ) Mind; Soul; Conscience; Generosity; Munificence

136. Qawim

Meaning: Strong

137. Qazaab

Meaning: Sharp Sword

138. Qaraab

Meaning: Cover

139. Qareeah

Meaning: Quran Teacher

140. Qasool

Meaning: Pious

141. Qadwa

Meaning: Head; Chief

142. Qaafiz

Meaning: Fast Horse

143. Qarhaan

Meaning: Clean

144. Qairmaan

Meaning: Brave

145. Qaareb

Meaning: The Boat

146. Qaaref

Meaning: Close

147. Qaaney

Meaning: Patience

148. Qulqaan

Meaning: The Shield

149. Qaatay

Meaning: Cutter

150. Qandila

Meaning: High Speed

151. Qazaara

Meaning: Suddenly

152. Qamer

Meaning: Moon

153. Qarbaan

Meaning: Charity

154. Qiam

Meaning: Rising; Insurrection; Revolt

155. Qaem

Meaning: Independent; Upright

156. Qamrun

Meaning: Moon; Being A Pet Form Of Qamar

157. Qassab

Meaning: Earner; Winner

158. Qawwaameen

Meaning: Upright

159. Qayamuddin

Meaning: Faithful; Handsome

160. Qiblah

Meaning: Direction

161. Qadr

Meaning: Fate; Destiny

162. Qadeer

Meaning: Powerful; Mighty ; An Attribute Exclusively Applied To Allah; Able; One Of The Names Of Allah

163. Qadi

Meaning: Judge

164. Qaim

Meaning: Khara Hone Wala; Muzboot

165. Qanit

Meaning: Obedient; Submissive; Humble; God-fearing

166. Quadir

Meaning: Strong

167. Qaaim

Meaning: Standing Person; Steadfast

168. Qadir

Meaning: Capable; Competent; Be Able To; Have Command;

169. Qahar

Meaning: ALLAH Talah Ka Siffati Naam

170. Qamaruddin

Meaning: Moon Of The Faith; A Person Who Is A Brilliant Leader Of The Muslims

171. Qane

Meaning: Saabir; Har Haal May Razi

172. Qasi

Meaning: Seeing An Object End

173. Qatawah

Meaning: A Companion

174. Qateel

Meaning: Become A Sacrifice For Welfare; Assassination; Slaughter; Allah Ki Rah Mein Qurbaan Karna;

175. Qawiyy

Meaning: Strong; Powerful; Firm; An Attribute Of Allah Almighty Name; Abdul Quaawiyy

176. Qayyum

Meaning: Eternal; Everlasting An Epithet Applied To Allah

177. Quds

Meaning: Holiness; Sanctity

178. Qudsi

Meaning: Holy; Sacred

179. Qureshi

Meaning: Good Health; Lucky

180. Qurratulain

Meaning: Joy And Tranquility To The Eye; A Child Who Makes Her Parents Happy And Prevents Them From Becoming Sad; Happiness; Laughter; Joy And Delight

181. Qutaibah

Meaning: Name Of A Great Mujahid (warrior) In The Way Of Allah And Name Of A Sahabi

182. Quest

Meaning: Quest Or Exploration

183. Quill

Meaning: From The Woods

184. Qiang

Meaning: Strong Man

185. Quigley

Meaning: Strong Or Powerful

186. Quyen

Meaning: Powerful

187. Qaswa

Meaning: Name Of The Camel Of The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

188. Quraisy

Meaning: Name Of A Tribe In Arab

189. Qasit

Meaning: Just; Fair

190. Quany

Meaning: Proud

191. Quentrell

Meaning: Fifth.' Surname.

192. Quin

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Joaquin

193. Quintrell

Meaning: Fifth.' Surname.

194. Qaahir

Meaning: Conqueror Victorious

195. Qadhi

Meaning: Magistrate Justice Judge

196. Qamarurrahman

Meaning: Moon Of Ar-Rahman; Which Means Moon Of God Since Ar-Rahman Is One Of The Names Of God

197. Qasimuddin

Meaning: Distributor Of The Faith; Meaning A Person Who Judges Between People; Or Distributes Things Among Them; According To The Laws Of The Religion

198. Qasimi

Meaning: Distributor; Divider

199. Qadoom

Meaning: Brave; Bold

200. Qudair

Meaning: Decree; Reckoning; Judgment

201. Qaswar

Meaning: Strong Young Man

202. Qusait

Meaning: Just; Fair

203. Qobad

Meaning: Beloved King

204. Qarun

Meaning: Soul; Self

205. Qaddam

Meaning: Leader; Prince

206. Qira

Meaning: Orate

207. Quain

Meaning: " Clever; Quick"

208. QuedKoi

Meaning: Robe

209. Quinsy

Meaning: The Fifth

210. Quyn

Meaning: Wise

211. Quynn

Meaning: Wise

212. Qamari

Meaning: Moon Like

213. Qairo

Meaning: One Who Is Victorious

214. Quennell

Meaning: Small Oak

215. Quintynn

Meaning: Queen&#x; S Settlement

216. Quisha

Meaning: Having A Beautiful Mind

217. Qadri

Meaning: Attributed To Sheikh Abdul Qader Jilani (R; A)

218. Qadry

Meaning: Capable

219. Quadeer

Meaning: Intolerant; Adorable; Charming

220. Quashon

Meaning: Yahweh Is Merciful Gracious

221. Quim

Meaning: Established By God

222. Quinley

Meaning: Turban

223. Quirin

Meaning: Spear

224. Qussai

Meaning: Distant

225. Qwentin

Meaning: Creativity; Flexible; Studious

226. Quaize

Meaning: Good

227. Quivier

Meaning: Hypersensitive; Strength; Highly Attractive

228. Quraishi

Meaning: The Member Of The Quraish

229. Qurram

Meaning: Happy

230. Qaabiz

Meaning: Man

231. Qabsat

Meaning: Fish

232. Qurashim

Meaning: Love

233. Qudumah

Meaning: Creative; Educated; Confidence

234. Qadamu Sidq

Meaning: The Leader

235. Qasidul Haq

Meaning: Courier Of The Truth (Allah)

236. Quenataucus

Meaning: Master; Educated; Cheerful

237. Qaabel

Meaning: Able

238. Qaades

Meaning: Big Boat

239. Qosain

Meaning: Two Bows

240. Qartas

Meaning: Paper

241. Qayaam

Meaning: Stay

242. Qaran

Meaning: Horn

243. Qamin

Meaning: High Speed

244. Qayum

Meaning: Permanent; Lasting

245. Qasamat

Meaning: Beautiful

246. Qadaaf

Meaning: Fast Walker

247. Qahif

Meaning: Rain

248. Qaleeb

Meaning: Well

249. Qurah

Meaning: Pure

250. Qazel

Meaning: Red

251. Qazha

Meaning: Green Color

252. Qaryah

Meaning: Excellent

253. Qadoor

Meaning: Default Matter

254. Qatlaq

Meaning: Blessed; Lucky

255. Qatadeh

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabi-e-Rasool (S; A; W; W)

256. Quldar

Meaning: White Figs

257. Qaabis

Meaning: Learned

258. Qaaf

Meaning: Big Mountain

259. Qadiel

Meaning: Powerful; Strength; King

260. Qanitin

Meaning: Devout Pious Ones

261. Qanitun

Meaning: A Person Who Is Devoted To God

262. Qawamun

Meaning: One In Charge; Protector

263. Qizar

Meaning: Emperor; King

264. Quaisar

Meaning: Meteor; Energetic Celestial Object

265. Qutaybah Qutaibah

Meaning: Irritable; Impatient

266. Quwwah

Meaning: Power; Strength

267. Qadriyah

Meaning: To Believe In God S Will

268. Qasid

Meaning: Messenger

269. Qays

Meaning: Firm

270. Qurban

Meaning: Offering; Sacrifice

271. Qusay

Meaning: Old Arabic Name

272. Qutaybah

Meaning: A Narrator Of Hadith

273. Qutuz

Meaning: NULL

274. Qaailah

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabiyyah(RA)

275. Qaani

Meaning: Satisfied; Contented

276. Qaaniah

Meaning: Satisfied; Contented

277. Qaasim

Meaning: One Who Distributes; Name Of The Beloved Son Of Rasoolullah Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam; Also His Attribute

278. Qabad

Meaning: Badshah E Azam

279. Qabil

Meaning: Qabil; Ahl E Ilam

280. Qamber

Meaning: Hazrat Ali Ka Eik Ghullam

281. Qasiem

Meaning: Destiny Maker

282. Qavi

Meaning: Strong; Vigorous; Mighty; Powerful; Able;

283. Qismat

Meaning: Fate; Destiny

284. Quddoos

Meaning: Holy; Most; Pure; Free From Any Defects

285. Qudrat

Meaning: Love; Nature; Faculty; Power; Strength

286. Qudratullah

Meaning: Arranger; Organizer

287. Qurbaan

Meaning: Sacrifice; An Offering

288. Qusta

Meaning: He Was Ibn Luqa He Translated Works Of Philosophy; Astronomy And Geometry Into Arabic For The Baytal Hikmah Of Al-Mamun

289. Qutaiba

Meaning: Irritable; Impatient

290. Qutbuddin

Meaning: Leader Of The Faith; Chief Of The Faith; A Leader Among The Muslims

291. Qeshaun

Meaning: God Is Merciful

292. Qing

Meaning: To Be Clear

293. Qishen

Meaning: Deity ' Krishna' Krishna

294. Quarbani

Meaning: Sacrifice

295. Qandeel

Meaning: Candle; Chandelier; Lamp Shade; Faanoos

296. Qabis

Meaning: Intelligent; Educated

297. Qushayyi

Meaning: Thinks Forward

298. Qurtulain

Meaning: GoD's Mercy

299. Qashid

Meaning: Heading Somewhere; Crossing Somewhere; Close

300. Qahtan

Meaning: Name Of A Tribe

301. Qabid

Meaning: The ConstrictorA Name For Allah

302. Qeehael

Meaning: The Biblical Cain Is The English Language Equivalent

303. Qochata

Meaning: White Man

304. Quarrie

Meaning: Proud

305. Quennel

Meaning: From The Little Oak Tree

306. Quent

Meaning: Fifth.' Surname.

307. Queran

Meaning: Dark

308. Quilinus

Meaning: A Lesser War God

309. Quimby

Meaning: From The Woman's Estate.

310. Quinby

Meaning: From The Woman's Estate.

311. Quince

Meaning: A MiDsummer Night's Dream' Quince, A Carpenter, Acts As Prologue In The Play Within The Play.

312. Quinnell

Meaning: Counsel

313. Qarar

Meaning: Rest Firmness

314. Qaree

Meaning: Reader Reciter

315. Qamarullah

Meaning: Moon Of God; Meaning Someone Who Is Extremely Good-looking

316. Qadimi

Meaning: Advancer; One Who Goes Forward; One Who Comes

317. Qateef

Meaning: Fruit Picker; A Person Who Picks Ripe Fruit From Trees

318. Qaddar

Meaning: Arranger; Organizer

319. Qadiman

Meaning: Ancient; Age-old; Time-honored

320. Qirni

Meaning: Capable; Able

321. Qasmun

Meaning: Good-looking; Handsome

322. Qaswari

Meaning: Brave; Valiant; Like A Lion

323. Qasheeb

Meaning: Fresh; Clean

324. Qadarat

Meaning: Nature

325. Quamar

Meaning: The Moon

326. Quasar

Meaning: Meteor

327. Quzam

Meaning: Violent And Quick

328. Quinten

Meaning: Variant Of Quinton; Literally Means; Fifth; Learns To Be Resourceful

329. Qasean

Meaning: Forgiving

330. Qased

Meaning: Purposeful

331. Qualetaga

Meaning: Angel

332. Quelatikan

Meaning: Horn

333. Quiana

Meaning: Soft; Synthetic Material

334. Qasem

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

335. Quillon

Meaning: Sword

336. Quirino

Meaning: Spear

337. Qa

Meaning: Happy

338. QaEed

Meaning: Friend

339. Quintan

Meaning: Queen&#x; S Settlement

340. Quito

Meaning: Fifth

341. Quorra

Meaning: Heart

342. QurAn Jahmel

Meaning: Broad-Minded; Domestic; Mysterious

343. Qurat

Meaning: Cool

344. Qaraja

Meaning: Name Of A Rag

345. Quak

Meaning: Sound Of Duck

346. Qutubuddin

Meaning: Creator

347. Qidam

Meaning: Highly Competitive; Confidence; Studious

348. Quarbaan

Meaning: To Sacrifice

349. Qatn

Meaning: Knowledge; Leadership; Fairness

350. Qtatdah

Meaning: Best; Harmony; More Attractive

351. Qalander

Meaning: Sufi Spiritualist

352. Quaigon

Meaning: Inspiring; Confidence; Gentle

353. Qazal Abbas

Meaning: Courageous; Logical; Compassion

354. Qayinaat

Meaning: Explorer; Joyful; Expert

355. Qhairul

Meaning: Communicator; Logical; Energetic

356. Qanat

Meaning: Worship

357. Qirmiz

Meaning: Red Color

358. Qalib

Meaning: The Well

359. Qirwah

Meaning: Cold Water

360. Qaroon

Meaning: Miser

361. Qaba

Meaning: Friend

362. Qadam

Meaning: Virtuous

363. Qaasif

Meaning: Hard

364. Qaasid

Meaning: Messenger

365. Quresh

Meaning: A Tribe Name

366. Qaseer

Meaning: Small Height

367. Qazeeb

Meaning: Sharp Sword

368. Quwat

Meaning: Power; Force; Energy

369. Qaraam

Meaning: Lightweight

370. Qaasi

Meaning: Final

371. Qalzum

Meaning: Deep River

372. Qaalib

Meaning: Body

373. Qashim

Meaning: Generous

374. Qatif

Meaning: Flower

375. Qajif

Meaning: Storm

376. Qadah

Meaning: Measure; Standard; Yardstick; Plane Scale

377. Qantar

Meaning: High

378. Qalub

Meaning: Heart

379. Qaahi

Meaning: Happy

380. Qunbel

Meaning: Happy

381. Qarbas

Meaning: Boat

382. Qadaam

Meaning: Leader

383. Qashqa

Meaning: Sindhoor

384. Qayafah

Meaning: Gift

385. Qanber

Meaning: Crown

386. Qaeim

Meaning: Strong; Powerful

387. Qashlaq

Meaning: Cold Place

388. Qasees

Meaning: Knower

389. Qadaar

Meaning: Last Limit

390. Qanur

Meaning: Bad Morality

391. Qaafat

Meaning: Quite

392. Qaafay

Meaning: Humble

393. Qachaar

Meaning: The Name Of The Ancient Royal Family Of Iran

394. Qamrin

Meaning: Moon & Sun

395. Quladz

Meaning: Leader

396. Qaatin

Meaning: Servant

397. Qaatan

Meaning: Judge

398. Qamqaam

Meaning: Leader

399. Qanbaat

Meaning: Messenger

400. Qabaad

Meaning: King

401. Qurbaani

Meaning: Charity

402. Qadrin

Meaning: Powerful

403. Qairuddin

Meaning: Boon Of Religion (Islam)

404. Qataawah

Meaning: Companion

405. Qaweei

Meaning: Strong

406. Qays Qais

Meaning: Firm

407. Qirath

Meaning: Beautiful Recitation

408. Quaiser

Meaning: Title Of Emperor; King

409. Quwa

Meaning: Power; Strength

410. Quentin Quintin

Meaning: Fifth

411. Quinto Quito

Meaning: Fifth

412. Quindlen

Meaning: Strong; Fit; Shapely

413. Quinian

Meaning: Strong; Fit; Shapely

414. Qais

Meaning: Lover; Desperately In Love; Mad In Love; Insane; Majnoon;

415. Qutaybah Qutaibah

Meaning: Irritable; Impatient

416. Qaabeel

Meaning: Famous Son Of Adam(AS)

417. Qaadir

Meaning: Powerful; Mighty; An Attribute Applied To Allah Almighty Name; Abdul Qaadir

418. Qaanit

Meaning: Obedient To God; Devout; Silent

419. Qabos

Meaning: Safeed Rang Wala

420. Qahir

Meaning: Conqueror; Victorious

421. Qaisar

Meaning: Emperor; Caesar; King;

422. Qayyoom

Meaning: He Who Exists By Himself; As An Attributive Name Of Allah(SWT);

423. Qazi

Meaning: Judge; Justice

424. Qiwamuddin

Meaning: Support Of The Religion (Islam)

425. Qudas

Meaning: Big Culinary

426. Qutab

Meaning: Aged; Venerable; Great; Noble; Old Man; Pivot; Pole;

427. Quantay

Meaning: Unclear

428. Qasam

Meaning: Oath

429. Qazzafi

Meaning: Wide; Spacious; Extensive; Magnanimous; Extensive Power;

430. Qutub

Meaning: Tall

431. Qudoos

Meaning: Most Holy

432. Quasim

Meaning: Judge

433. Qabiz

Meaning: One Of The Ninety

434. Qaari

Meaning: Reciter (of The Holy Quran)

435. Qeb

Meaning: Father Of The Earth

436. Qssim

Meaning: Divides

437. Quesnel

Meaning: From The Little Oak Tree

438. Quintin

Meaning: Fifth

439. Qaaid

Meaning: Leader; Chief

440. Qaabil

Meaning: Acceptor Next Able

441. Qaadhee

Meaning: Magistrate Justice Judge

442. Qari

Meaning: Reciter; Reader; Especially A Person Who Recites The Quran

443. Qirtas

Meaning: Heart; Conscience

444. Quarto

Meaning: Fourth

445. Quraish

Meaning: Gain; Earn

446. Quenten

Meaning: Fifth

447. Quintyn

Meaning: Queen&#x; S Settlement

448. Qaishan

Meaning: Wish; King Of Love

449. Qiao

Meaning: Pretty; Handsome

450. Quang Le

Meaning: Meadow

451. Quddus

Meaning: Most Holy

452. Quinnten

Meaning: Queen&#x; S Settlement

453. Quinntin

Meaning: Queen&#x; S Settlement

454. Qayim

Meaning: Stand Position

455. Qaiyoum

Meaning: Self Sustaining

456. Qarezni

Meaning: Trust Worthy; Patient; Kind

457. Qaisar Naveed Ashraf

Meaning: Investigator; Care Taker; Courage

458. Qulzam

Meaning: The Depth

459. Qashm


460. Qachar

Meaning: Ruler

461. Qisqas

Meaning: Leader

462. Qadirin

Meaning: Powerful

463. Qatalaq

Meaning: Blessed

464. Qalb

Meaning: Heart

465. Quwwat

Meaning: Power

466. Qidoom

Meaning: Brave

467. Qarshi

Meaning: Qureshi Chief

468. Qishun

Meaning: Army Group

469. Qaseeb

Meaning: Name Of A Waliullah

470. Qaaz

Meaning: Water Bird

471. Qatan

Meaning: Cotton

472. Qayaas

Meaning: The Idea

473. Qosum

Meaning: Giver

474. Qurb

Meaning: Near; Close

475. Qaren

Meaning: Ruler; Governor; One Who Has Authority Or Power

476. Qamraosh

Meaning: Beautiful Like Moon

477. Qaazib

Meaning: Sharp Sword

478. Qasaam

Meaning: Distributor

479. Qaseel

Meaning: Group

480. Qaleech

Meaning: Sword

481. Qalich

Meaning: Sword

482. Qaanat

Meaning: Obedient

483. Qashlaaq

Meaning: Hot Place

484. Qabaas

Meaning: Sun

485. Qudret

Meaning: Power

486. Qanoo

Meaning: Patience

487. Qazaque

Meaning: Robber

488. Qaasab

Meaning: Flute Player

489. Qashoon

Meaning: Army Group

490. Qaarat

Meaning: Better

491. Qutbudin

Meaning: Pole Of Religion

492. Qubad

Meaning: Character From Shahnameh

493. Qaadireen

Meaning: Able One

494. Qaaniteen

Meaning: Devout Pious One

495. Qaanitoon

Meaning: A Person Who Is Devoted To God

496. Qadamu Sidq

Meaning: The Leader

497. Qadirun

Meaning: Able One

498. Qurshid

Meaning: Shining Sun; The Sun; Cheerful

499. Qutb

Meaning: Chief; Leader

500. Qaazi

Meaning: (Qaadi) Judge; Justice