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Baby Boy names starting with R, baby Boy names starting with R of 2021, Modern baby Boy names starting with R of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With R

1. Roberto

Meaning: Brilliant Fame

2. Ray

Meaning: Beam Of Light

3. Ronald

Meaning: Wise Ruler

4. Rene

Meaning: Reborn

5. Raul

Meaning: As Wise As A Wolf

6. Rocky

Meaning: Rock

7. Royal

Meaning: Rye HillRoyal

8. Ronin

Meaning: Joyful Song

9. Rio

Meaning: River

10. Ridge

Meaning: Ridge Or Backbone Of A Mountain

11. Ryder

Meaning: Knight

12. Randy

Meaning: Wolf Shield

13. Ronan

Meaning: Little Seal

14. Rodney

Meaning: Famous Island

15. Ryker

Meaning: Commander Ryker From The TV Show Star Trek: The Next Generation

16. Rhys

Meaning: Fervor

17. Ryleigh

Meaning: Island Meadow

18. Reuben

Meaning: See My Son

19. Ryland

Meaning: From The Rye LanD 'IslanD MeaDow.

20. Roland

Meaning: Famous Land

21. Rhett

Meaning: Advisor

22. Rayden

Meaning: Variant Of Raiden; The Name Means The Japanese God Of Thunder In Mythology

23. Ramon

Meaning: Protected Counsel

24. Remy

Meaning: Cure Or Remedy

25. Raiden

Meaning: God Of Thunder

26. Roselyn

Meaning: Red Haired

27. Romeo

Meaning: Coming To Rome

28. Rayne

Meaning: Strong Counselor From The Ancient Personal Name Ragnar

29. Rowen

Meaning: Red Haired

30. Raymond

Meaning: Protected Counsel

31. Rylee

Meaning: A Popular Alternative Of The English Name Riley; Meaning Rye Field

32. Reed

Meaning: A Person With Red Hair

33. Robert

Meaning: Brilliant Fame

34. Rohan

Meaning: Ascending; Healing; Medicine; Red-haired

35. Raylan

Meaning: Variant Of Ray; The Name Means Hands That Protect And Shelter

36. Rayan

Meaning: Flow Or Sated With Drink (1)

37. Rowyn

Meaning: Red Haired

38. Reid

Meaning: A Person With Red Hair

39. Rex

Meaning: King

40. Ricky

Meaning: Daring Power

41. Ryan

Meaning: Little Ruler

42. Rodrigo

Meaning: Renowned Chief

43. Roy

Meaning: King; Regal

44. Richard

Meaning: Daring Power

45. Rocco

Meaning: Sleep Or Rest

46. Riggs

Meaning: Son Of Rigg

47. Ryatt

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

48. Russell

Meaning: Form Of Rufus: Red-haired

49. Rome

Meaning: Strength, Power'.

50. Roman

Meaning: Coming From Rome

51. Ruben

Meaning: See My Son

52. Reece

Meaning: Fervor

53. Royce

Meaning: Son Of Roy

54. Rudy

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Rudolph

55. Raphael

Meaning: God Heals

56. Rey

Meaning: Coming From A Rye Farm

57. Rafael

Meaning: God Heals

58. Roger

Meaning: Henry VI, Part 2' Roger Bolingbroke, A Conjurer.

59. Remington

Meaning: Raven Town

60. Rhodes

Meaning: Lives Near The Crucifix

61. Ricardo

Meaning: Daring Power

62. Rinacus

Meaning: Artist; Problem Avoider; Charismatic

63. Raddy

Meaning: Knowledge; Leadership; Fairness

64. Rhysand

Meaning: Enthusiasm

65. Rathesh

Meaning: Prince

66. Reshi

Meaning: Goddess Durga

67. Rajaiah

Meaning: Father Of King

68. Ramachandra

Meaning: As Gentle As The Moon

69. Rajendran

Meaning: Raja

70. Rakshovidhwansakaraka

Meaning: Slayer Of Demons

71. Reiji

Meaning: A Well Mannered Baby

72. Rayana

Meaning: Rainbow; Rain

73. Ruhhaan

Meaning: Related To The Spirit Soul

74. Raem

Meaning: Affectionate (mother); Loving (mother) A Mother Who Has Strong Affection For Her Child

75. Ricela

Meaning: Talent; Care Taker; More Attractive

76. René

Meaning: Born Again

77. Rothanak

Meaning: Precious Stones; Jewels

78. Rooh Ul Haqq

Meaning: The Truthful Spirit

79. Rasem

Meaning: Mirror Image; Running Water

80. Ratanlal

Meaning: A Jewelled

81. Razat

Meaning: Silver

82. Rabaab

Meaning: Musical Instrument

83. Ra

Meaning: God Of The Sun

84. Rhuvawn

Meaning: Legendary Son Of Deorthach

85. Rhegan

Meaning: Queen

86. Roschana

Meaning: Passionate; Quicksilver

87. Renado

Meaning: To Rise Again

88. Rainhard

Meaning: Strong Judgment

89. Rijan

Meaning: Noble; Popularity; Sunshine

90. Rakibul

Meaning: Moon; Star

91. Rennu

Meaning: Rebirth

92. Ridwaan

Meaning: (Rizwaan); Pleasure; Contentment; Approval; Leave; Permission; Assent; Name Of An Overseer Of Jannat; Paradise

93. Rohitah

Meaning: Knowledgeful; Inventive; Elegant

94. Rabar

Meaning: A Loving And Caring Person To All

95. Renatus

Meaning: Reborn

96. Reana

Meaning: Great Queen

97. Raahitya

Meaning: A Person With Full Of Money

98. Runaay

Meaning: Reborn

99. Rineesh

Meaning: Caring; Master Of Their Own Destiny; Charisma

100. Rufino

Meaning: Ruddy; Red-haired

101. Richarde

Meaning: Talent; Care Taker; More Attractive

102. Ratanpreet

Meaning: One Whose Actions Are ' Gem' Gem -like, FrienDly ' Gem' Gem

103. Renna

Meaning: Born Again

104. Rishaf

Meaning: Rose; Superior

105. Racchpal

Meaning: Best; Harmony; More Attractive

106. Ricati

Meaning: Caring; Master Of Their Own Destiny; Charisma

107. Raynaldus

Meaning: Researcher; Freedom Lover; Highly Sensitive

108. Rae’Lynn

Meaning: Beam Of Light; Beautiful Lamb; Princess Of Divine Light

109. Riesh

Meaning: Famous; Bright

110. Ruuhvus

Meaning: Red-haired

111. Rol

Meaning: Famous Throughout The Land

112. Raazi

Meaning: Satisfied; Contended; Well-pleased

113. Rizalino

Meaning: From Jose Rizal

114. Rowney

Meaning: Red Haired

115. Ruveer

Meaning: Daring; Powerful; Confident

116. Rom

Meaning: Curving River; Soul

117. Renald

Meaning: Mankind; Great Lover; Optimistic

118. Ruffeo

Meaning: Redhead

119. Ram Hasit

Meaning: Lord Rama; God; Supreme Spirit

120. Rasheed Rashid

Meaning: Wise Prudent

121. Ramses

Meaning: Son Of Ra; The Sun God

122. Rufeo

Meaning: Red Haired

123. Romie

Meaning: Strength; Power

124. Robat

Meaning: Bright Fame

125. Reace

Meaning: Enthusiasm

126. Rigobert

Meaning: Illustrious Warrior

127. Renauld

Meaning: Strong Decision

128. Ram Baksh

Meaning: Lord Rama; God; Supreme Spirit

129. Ram Charan

Meaning: God

130. Ramrakshit

Meaning: Protected By Lord Ram

131. Rayad

Meaning: Garden

132. Renan

Meaning: Luxuriant; Flourishing

133. Rhen

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

134. Rodgers

Meaning: Famous Warrior

135. Ram Chandra

Meaning: Variant Of Lord Rama

136. Rangvald

Meaning: Ruler' S Advice

137. Rajvir

Meaning: Brave King; The Hero Of The Land; Kingdoms Warrior

138. Reagen

Meaning: This Celtic Name Means Descendant Of Riag

139. Ruaridh

Meaning: This Is A Scottish Name That Means Red King The German Meaning Of The Name Is Famously Powerful

140. Ridaan

Meaning: Powerful; Dedicator; Noble

141. Rosan

Meaning: Shine

142. Renaldi

Meaning: Well-advised Ruler

143. Ramee

Meaning: Protecting Hands

144. Risap

Meaning: The Seventh Truth

145. Raulfe

Meaning: Friendly; Great Mankind; Charismatic

146. Rayaj

Meaning: Individualistic; Emotional; Powerful

147. Roshank

Meaning: Brilliance; Light

148. Ruhal

Meaning: Mounting; Rise; Grown; Ascended

149. Ram Hasit

Meaning: Lord Rama; God; Supreme Spirit; Charming

150. Ram Gopal

Meaning: Variant Of Rama

151. Ronavjot

Meaning: Lord Shiva

152. Ruhesh

Meaning: Part Of Soul Spirit

153. Ruffino

Meaning: Ruddy; Red-haired

154. Ruvan

Meaning: Early Irish Poet

155. Real

Meaning: Reality

156. Rocati

Meaning: Battle

157. Ridant

Meaning: Achiever

158. Rioghan

Meaning: Great Queen

159. Ratanesh

Meaning: Part Of Diamond; Lord Of Jewels

160. Roosevelt

Meaning: A Field Filled With Roses

161. Rigoberto

Meaning: Think Knight In Shining Armor For This Baby Boys Name Meaningshining Warriororbright Leader

162. Roc

Meaning: Rest

163. Robart

Meaning: Famous

164. Romah

Meaning: Pilgrim To Rome

165. Ra’Ad

Meaning: Thunder

166. Rid

Meaning: Smooth Field; Clearing; Reeds

167. Rameses

Meaning: The Sun God

168. Ray J

Meaning: A Pet Name For James; An English Name Of Hebrew Origin Meaning Yahweh May Protect; Holder Of Heel; Supplanter

169. Reehan

Meaning: Sweet Basil; Scented

170. Rheo

Meaning: Sacred Stream

171. Raja Al Karim

Meaning: Hope Of The Kind

172. Romail

Meaning: Founder King Of Rome

173. Raj Kumar

Meaning: Prince

174. Ruhaib

Meaning: One Who Brings Happiness

175. Raj Mohan

Meaning: Beautiful King

176. Ranajeet

Meaning: Victorious

177. Rudhaditya

Meaning: One Soul From Two Hearts

178. Rabi

Meaning: Spring; Breeze

179. Rami

Meaning: Happy; Joyous; Untroubled

180. Rakhwinder

Meaning: Braveprotector

181. Rufio

Meaning: Red Haired

182. Rondel

Meaning: Good Lance

183. Ranan

Meaning: Rejoice With Song

184. Ray Ray

Meaning: Beam Of Light

185. Rhuten

Meaning: Truth

186. Rocaka

Meaning: Enlightening

187. Rohaank

Meaning: Part Of Soul

188. Rihoithil

Meaning: Mankind; Great Lover; Optimistic

189. Rocelinus

Meaning: Intolerant; Adorable; Charming

190. Roban

Meaning: Bright Famous One; Famously Famous

191. Rateib

Meaning: Arranger

192. Raj Kumar

Meaning: Prince

193. Rehans

Meaning: Part Of Sun; Part Of Lord Vishnu

194. Ridayansh

Meaning: Part Of Heart

195. Rihab

Meaning: Vastness; Expanse

196. Risay

Meaning: The Risk; Black Rose; Lovest One; The One

197. Raihan

Meaning: A Sweet Smelling Plant; Any Flower Besides Rose; Comfort

198. Romolo

Meaning: From Rome

199. Ramanand

Meaning: Joy Of Lakshmi

200. Rajkanwar

Meaning: Prince

201. Ryse

Meaning: Of Various Origins

202. Rossie

Meaning: Headland

203. Roman Patrick

Meaning: Coming From Rome

204. Rhyland

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

205. Rhema

Meaning: The Spoken Word Of God

206. Rise

Meaning: Laughter

207. Ronda

Meaning: Good Lance

208. Raulin

Meaning: Artist; Careful; Influencer

209. Ray Joe

Meaning: God Raises

210. Reaksmey

Meaning: Shining And Sparkling

211. Ruvir

Meaning: Powerful; Brave Soul

212. Radborne

Meaning: From The Red Brook

213. Raufe

Meaning: Counselor; Perfectionist; Compassion

214. Romanch

Meaning: Excitement

215. Rumesh

Meaning: Genius; Wealth; Protector

216. Raseek

Meaning: Connoisseur; A Ray Of Light

217. Rosauro

Meaning: Masculine Form Of Rosario

218. Rodito

Meaning: Famously Powerful

219. Rai Kumar

Meaning: Mighty Protector

220. Ram Baksh

Meaning: Lord Rama; God; Supreme Spirit; Charming

221. Ridang

Meaning: Preference Of Heart

222. Ripunjay

Meaning: Destroyer Of Foes

223. Rasith

Meaning: Gilded

224. Roque

Meaning: Sleep Or Rest

225. Rolan

Meaning: Of Germanic Origin Meaning Famous Landowner It Is An Alternative Spelling To The English; German; French And Welsh Name Roland

226. Rhyder

Meaning: Literally Meansrider; To Become Exceptional At Something

227. Ruscc

Meaning: Twisted Bread

228. Ramsis

Meaning: Sun Born

229. Roneldo

Meaning: Rulers Adviser

230. Rip

Meaning: Ripe; Full-grown

231. Romani

Meaning: Man From Rome

232. Royalé

Meaning: Royal

233. RoyEl

Meaning: Royal

234. Rasan

Meaning: King; King Of Earth

235. Ravdeep

Meaning: Light Of Sun

236. Ray Anthony

Meaning: This Name Means Highly Praiseworthy Or Priceless

237. Reigh

Meaning: Wise Protector

238. Raeann

Meaning: Ewe; Rae Plus Ann

239. Rangaswamy

Meaning: Energy; Intelligent

240. Riken

Meaning: Warm Hearted; Creative

241. Rasdaya

Meaning: Elixir Of Compassion

242. Rhutwik

Meaning: Lord Shiva

243. Roce

Meaning: Free Spirit; Visionary; Highly Attractive

244. Ratheep

Meaning: Feelings

245. Rai Kumar

Meaning: Mighty Protector

246. Raj Mohan

Meaning: Beautiful King

247. Ram Datt

Meaning: Gift Of Rama

248. Richardus

Meaning: Peaceful; Systematic Mind; Mysterious

249. Rasel

Meaning: Most Powerful

250. Raban

Meaning: Raven

251. Ruud

Meaning: Famous Wolf

252. Roneet

Meaning: Bright; Joy; Shining; Strong

253. Rocatus

Meaning: Battle

254. Ranachhod

Meaning: Another Name Of Lord Krishna

255. Rhuday

Meaning: Heart

256. Ridhh

Meaning: Prosperity; Soul; Wealth

257. Roshann

Meaning: Full Of Light

258. Rahmaan

Meaning: Allah’s Attribute Meaning ; Most Merciful; Most Kind ; Suitable Combination Of Names Are; Abdul Rahmaan; AzeezurRahmaan; Ahmadur Rahmaan; Khaleelurrahmaan

259. Rukham

Meaning: White Stone; Marble

260. Rudolph

Meaning: Legendary Wolf

261. Runav

Meaning: Successful; Problem Avoider; Noble

262. Ramavatar

Meaning: Reincarnation Of Lord Rama

263. Ramsunder

Meaning: God Is Beautiful

264. Rishav

Meaning: Sweet Caring

265. Ronen

Meaning: Little Seal

266. Rodni

Meaning: Fame

267. Royle

Meaning: Rye Hill

268. Ruhen

Meaning: Ascending

269. Rosendo

Meaning: Famed Path

270. Rathanak

Meaning: Precious Stones; Jewels

271. Radan

Meaning: Advises

272. Rananth

Meaning: God

273. Robard

Meaning: Creative; Educated; Confidence

274. Rooh Ul Qist

Meaning: The Equitable Spirit

275. Raebourn

Meaning: From The Roe-deer Brook

276. Rhuhawt

Meaning: Guider; Discipline; Adventurer

277. Ranajita

Meaning: Victorious

278. Rasaatam

Meaning: One Who Enjoys The Elixir Of Bliss

279. Raj Kiran

Meaning: King Of Sun Rays

280. Reiding

Meaning: Son Of The Red-haired

281. Rupanshu

Meaning: Part Of Beauty

282. Raaee

Meaning: Guardian; Custodian

283. Razaul

Meaning: Pleased; Joy

284. Ruune

Meaning: Of The Dark Hair; Brown

285. Raae

Meaning: King

286. Reamann

Meaning: Wise Protector

287. Rocats

Meaning: Battle

288. Rooghan

Meaning: Reddish Land; Red Haired

289. Ruadan

Meaning: Red Haired

290. Rhutvij

Meaning: Straight

291. Rathees

Meaning: God; Lord Shiva

292. Rafal

Meaning: To Trail A Garment

293. Reda Rida Ridha

Meaning: (In Gods) Favor; Contentment; Satisfaction

294. Rehan

Meaning: Favored By God; Sweet Basil; A Fragrant Plant;

295. Romaan

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabiyyat(RA)

296. Renato

Meaning: Reborn

297. Rajshekhar

Meaning: Helpful; Knowledgeul; Shy

298. Ranpreet

Meaning: Thelightof The Battlefield

299. Rasanjot

Meaning: Enjoying The Elixir Of Bliss

300. Ryan James

Meaning: Ryan Comes From Celtic Meaning Descendant Of Rian And James Of Hebrew Origin Meaning Supplanter Or Follower James Is The English Form Of Jacob

301. Rude

Meaning: Famous Wolf

302. Rugbea

Meaning: Rock Fortress

303. Rulon

Meaning: Famous Landowner

304. Rumfurd

Meaning: Wide River Crossing

305. Runakko

Meaning: Handsome

306. Rauly

Meaning: Wise Wolf; Wolf Shield

307. Romani James

Meaning: Man From Rome

308. Royale

Meaning: Regal

309. Rhemy

Meaning: From Rheims

310. Rosalio

Meaning: Rose

311. Reach

Meaning: Beautiful

312. Reia

Meaning: Queen

313. Rhu

Meaning: Soul

314. Rhydon Louis

Meaning: Well-known Fighter

315. Raeanne

Meaning: Graceful Lamb

316. Rae Vaun

Meaning: Yahweh Is Gracious

317. Raadi

Meaning: Satisfied

318. Ruhini

Meaning: Explorer; Joyful; Expert

319. Radbod

Meaning: Master; Educated; Cheerful

320. Radborn

Meaning: From The Red Brook

321. Ridasiraj

Meaning: Best; Harmony; More Attractive

322. Robbert

Meaning: Bright Famous One

323. Rauff

Meaning: Philosopher; Careful; Beautiful

324. Rhutvik

Meaning: Lord Shiva

325. Rioidyl

Meaning: Energy; Helper; Stimulator

326. Rouhi

Meaning: Soul

327. Ranadip

Meaning: Champion

328. Rhenish

Meaning: Perennial River

329. Rooh Ul Qist

Meaning: The Equitable Spirit

330. Roydon

Meaning: From The Hill Of Rye

331. Rigbarddan

Meaning: Royal Poet

332. Rheashi

Meaning: Saint; Variant Of Rushi

333. Ridaiya

Meaning: Heart

334. Rohansai

Meaning: Ascending

335. Ruhansh

Meaning: Spiritual

336. Renuka Aradhya

Meaning: Prayer

337. Rathee

Meaning: Owner Of A Chariot

338. Rafi

Meaning: Comforter; Ooncha; Shareef; Buland Martaba

339. Raafi

Meaning: Comforter; High; Sublime; Exalted; Elevated;

340. Ruwwad

Meaning: Pioneers; Explorers; Guides; Leaders; Models; Pl Of Raid

341. Roffe

Meaning: Legendary Wolf

342. Ramanjit

Meaning: Victory Of Beloved

343. Ranjit

Meaning: Victor In Wars; Victorious

344. Rayhaan

Meaning: Sweet Smelling Plant; Any Flower Except Rose; Comfort

345. Rakan

Meaning: Noble

346. Raajyashree

Meaning: Propriety Of A King

347. Ronil

Meaning: Blue Sky

348. Ruchya

Meaning: Radiant; Beautiful; Pleasing

349. Ruda

Meaning: Famous Wolf

350. Rumferd

Meaning: Wide River Crossing

351. Rumferde

Meaning: Wide River Crossing

352. Rodnee

Meaning: Fame

353. Raibat

Meaning: Lord Shiva

354. Rondo

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

355. Roo

Meaning: Companion; Friend; Neighbour

356. Rem

Meaning: First

357. Reshard

Meaning: Righteous

358. Robben

Meaning: Bright Fame

359. Rola

Meaning: Brave; Strong; Generous

360. Ranadhir

Meaning: Leader; Visionary; Powerful

361. Ray Shawn

Meaning: God Is Gracious Or Protecting Hands

362. Reane

Meaning: Great Queen

363. Reka

Meaning: River

364. Renada

Meaning: Reborn

365. Renea

Meaning: Born Again

366. Rexy

Meaning: Queen Form The Heaven

367. Raa Id

Meaning: Feast; Festival

368. Rai Shaun

Meaning: God Is Merciful

369. Radbourn

Meaning: From The Red Brook

370. Ravanan

Meaning: Powerful; Victorious

371. Raeborn

Meaning: From The Roe-deer Brook

372. Raeborne

Meaning: From The Roe-deer Brook

373. Reeding

Meaning: Highly Competitive; Confidence; Studious

374. Ragaveswar

Meaning: Name Of God

375. Rheem

Meaning: Name From Divine Mantra

376. Ranako

Meaning: Handsome

377. Roki

Meaning: Rock-like; From The Rock

378. Raadhee

Meaning: Agreed; Contended

379. Rabbanee

Meaning: Of The Divine

380. Raseeth

Meaning: Gilded

381. Razaak

Meaning: Protector; Devotee

382. Rohel

Meaning: Joyful; Carry-on

383. Roofah

Meaning: Tender Hearted

384. Rosta

Meaning: Seizer Of Glory

385. Roderich

Meaning: Famous Ruler; Variant Of Roderick

386. Rydder

Meaning: Knight

387. Ruven

Meaning: A Son; Behold

388. Ronain

Meaning: Little Seal

389. Rihance

Meaning: Part Of Soul

390. Remedio

Meaning: Medicine

391. Raashid

Meaning: Righteous; Mature ; Guided; Intelligent

392. Raees

Meaning: President; Boss; Leader; Master; The Best Man Among A Group Of Men

393. Razeen

Meaning: Sedate; Slemn; Grave; Sober-Minded

394. Riaz

Meaning: Land With Beautiful Grass And Flowers; Beautiful Gardens

395. Rafa

Meaning: Happiness; Prosperity

396. Rushad

Meaning: Guidance

397. Ruwaifi

Meaning: Name Of Distinguished Sahabi (RA)

398. Reino

Meaning: Wise Ruler

399. Rock

Meaning: Rock Or Stone

400. Reynaud

Meaning: Wise Ruler

401. Ramanuja

Meaning: Born After Rama Ie Lakshman (Younger Brother Of Rama)

402. Raihaan

Meaning: Sweet Basil

403. Rioghbhardan

Meaning: Royal Bard

404. Rupina

Meaning: Having A Beautiful Appearance

405. Raulf

Meaning: Wise Wolf; Wolf Shield

406. Robbee

Meaning: Famous

407. Roddyrke

Meaning: Famed Power

408. Rolendo

Meaning: Renowned Land

409. Rumer

Meaning: Gypsy

410. Radd

Meaning: " Advisor"

411. Ruhaan

Meaning: Kind Hearted

412. Rah

Meaning: Path; Wait

413. Rishard

Meaning: Powerful Ruler

414. Ritch

Meaning: Old

415. Roddie

Meaning: Famous Power

416. Runar

Meaning: Beloved Man

417. Ratha

Meaning: King

418. Reyana

Meaning: Night; Queen; Pure

419. Riain

Meaning: Little King

420. Ra’Heem

Meaning: Compassionate

421. Ritaparna

Meaning: Truth Winged

422. Ruzaini

Meaning: Achiever; Intelligence; Protector

423. Raibhya

Meaning: Leader; Visionary; Powerful

424. Radburne

Meaning: From The Red Brook

425. Rhyhawd

Meaning: Caring; Master Of Their Own Destiny; Charisma

426. Rabasesh

Meaning: Warrior; Innovative; Handsome

427. Roley

Meaning: Renowned Land

428. Ruddrash

Meaning: Lord Shiva

429. Rukmapura

Meaning: Lord Hanuman

430. Ruffin

Meaning: Emotional; Entertainer; Strong

431. Rihaz

Meaning: Rival

432. Raschid

Meaning: Mature; Of True Faith

433. Rizil

Meaning: Righteous

434. Robartach

Meaning: Rushing; Impetuous

435. Raj Kiran

Meaning: King Of Sunrays

436. Rajratna

Meaning: Prince; Gem Of The Kingdom

437. Runam

Meaning: I You Owe Me

438. Raheesh

Meaning: Leader; Chief; Rich

439. Rashid

Meaning: Righteous; Mature; Hidhayat;

440. Raheem

Meaning: Merciful; Kind; Compassionate; Tenderhearted

441. Ramish

Meaning: Rest; Cheerfulness; Melody; Music; Festivity;

442. Raqeeb

Meaning: Observer; Guard

443. Reynaldo

Meaning: Wise Ruler

444. Rockwell

Meaning: Crow Spring

445. Reggie

Meaning: Wise Ruler

446. Roldao

Meaning: Famous Land

447. Rayhurn

Meaning: From The Deer's Stream.

448. Roswell

Meaning: Horse Mighty

449. Rust

Meaning: Red Haired

450. Ruairí

Meaning: Red King

451. Ruffaro

Meaning: Filled With Happiness

452. Rusc

Meaning: Twisted Bread

453. Rydpath

Meaning: One Who Lives Near The Red Path

454. Rohen

Meaning: Ascending

455. Reede

Meaning: Red

456. Rollando

Meaning: Renowned Land

457. Riot

Meaning: Debate; Dispute

458. Ra’Mel

Meaning: Branch

459. Riggin

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

460. Rahaan

Meaning: Favoured By God

461. Razvan

Meaning: Individualistic; Emotional; Powerful

462. Reihan

Meaning: Sweet Basil

463. Remedy

Meaning: Cure; Remedy

464. Rag

Meaning: Piece Of Music

465. Rai Kyo

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

466. Rakha

Meaning: Ashes

467. Raddhi

Meaning: Soft

468. Raseela

Meaning: Entertaining; Soft-spoken

469. Rocatos

Meaning: Battle

470. Rohandeep

Meaning: Lovely

471. Razal

Meaning: Royal

472. Roochir

Meaning: Tasty

473. Rakhala

Meaning: Guard Protection

474. Rabaah

Meaning: Gainer; Winner; Profit

475. Razain

Meaning: Calm; Composed

476. Rijin

Meaning: Kindness; Happy

477. Rasmikanta

Meaning: Sun Rays; Radiant

478. Rudayesh

Meaning: Belongs To The Heart

479. Ruuben

Meaning: Behold A Son

480. Roysten

Meaning: Son Of Royce; Settlement Of Royce

481. Ratna Nidhi

Meaning: Lord Vishnu; Ratna - Jewel + Nidhi - A Treasure; Store; The Ocean; A Man Endowed With Many Good Qualities; An Epithet Of Vishnu And Shiva; A Divine Treasure Belonging To Kuber

482. Reedham

Meaning: Prosperity; Goddess Laxmi

483. Rijay

Meaning: Variant Of Vijay

484. Rohesh

Meaning: Lord Vishnu

485. Ruddra

Meaning: Lord Shiva

486. Rakhshan

Meaning: Flashing

487. Rayn

Meaning: Name Of A Gate Of The Heaven

488. Rabigh

Meaning: Khush Haal; Qane

489. Rahmatullah

Meaning: God’ S Mercy

490. Ranjha

Meaning: Aashiq

491. Rangvaldr

Meaning: Ruler' S Advice

492. Rogerio

Meaning: Renowned Spear

493. Ronaldo

Meaning: Wise Ruler

494. Rishap

Meaning: Yellowish Brown Eyed

495. Roozbeh

Meaning: Fortunate

496. Raziel

Meaning: Raziel Means God Is My Secret

497. Rug

Meaning: Rock Fortress

498. Rugbie

Meaning: Rock Fortress

499. Rumforde

Meaning: Wide River Crossing

500. Runacco

Meaning: Handsome