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Baby Girl names starting with R, baby Girl names starting with R of 2021, Modern baby Girl names starting with R of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With R

1. Remi

Meaning: Oarsman

2. Rylie

Meaning: This Unisex Name Is A Alternative Of Riley And Means Courageous

3. Rosalia

Meaning: Beautiful Rose

4. Rosalie

Meaning: Rose

5. Raegan

Meaning: A Popular Girls Name; This Has Its Origins In Celtic And Is A Modification Of The Name Regan Meaning Descendent Of Riag

6. Romina

Meaning: Polished; Cleaned; Brightened

7. Reign

Meaning: To Lord Over; To Take Charge; Keeping People In Line

8. Ryann

Meaning: Ryann Means Royalty It Is The Female Form Of Ryan

9. Raya

Meaning: Thought; [the Act Of] Thinking

10. Raina

Meaning: Queen; Rain

11. Rachel

Meaning: Sheep' S Friend

12. Rayna

Meaning: Queen

13. Regina

Meaning: Queen

14. Renata

Meaning: Reborn

15. Rhea

Meaning: Discharging; Flowing

16. Rosa

Meaning: Rose Blossom

17. Rosalee

Meaning: Rose Blossom

18. Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

19. Ruth

Meaning: Mate; Companion

20. Raelyn

Meaning: Sheep' S Friend

21. Ramona

Meaning: Protective Advice

22. Rebecca

Meaning: One Who Ties And Joins

23. Rivka

Meaning: One Who Ties And Joins

24. Rosalyn

Meaning: Delicate Horse

25. Rosemary

Meaning: Sea Dew

26. Reyna

Meaning: Queen

27. Rosalina

Meaning: Rose

28. Rosie

Meaning: Horse; Fame

29. Rebekah

Meaning: Captivating; Knotted Cord Wife Of Isaac In The Old Testament

30. Reina

Meaning: Queen

31. RaeLynn

Meaning: Variation Of Ray And Rae And Related To Rachel; This Name Can Mean Beautiful Lamb

32. Renjith

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi

33. Rachy

Meaning: Ewe

34. Ralia

Meaning: Complete; Satisfied

35. Ramohna

Meaning: Well-advised Protector

36. Redah

Meaning: Favor

37. Rehana

Meaning: Fragrant; Smell;

38. Rasiyah

Meaning: One Who Fixes And Mends Relationships Between People

39. Roopasri

Meaning: Divinely Beautiful

40. Ruvanthika

Meaning: Satisfaction

41. Rigvedya

Meaning: One Who Blessed With Rigveda

42. Rilla

Meaning: Little Creek

43. Rufina

Meaning: Woman With Red Hair

44. Rozalia

Meaning: Roses; Feminine

45. Rajdipa

Meaning: Kingdom Of Candles Lamps

46. Rukan

Meaning: Steady; Confident

47. Rajia

Meaning: Hopeful; Hoping

48. Roopashri

Meaning: Beautiful

49. Raeefa

Meaning: Compassionate; Kind

50. Rakshu

Meaning: Protection

51. Rafika

Meaning: Female Friend

52. Rituu

Meaning: Season

53. Rajanisree

Meaning: Queen; Night

54. Rafia

Meaning: Raise; Lift Up; Elevated; Exalt;

55. Raaziyah

Meaning: (Raadiyah) Agreed; Willing; Satisfied; Pleased

56. Ribqah

Meaning: The Wife Of Hzrat Ishaaq (Ishacc) Peace Be Upon Him; A Prophet Of Allah Almighty

57. Ridwaanah

Meaning: (Rizwaanah); Pleasure; Delighted; Content

58. Rayen

Meaning: Blossom

59. Richardine

Meaning: Daring Power

60. Rabeeha

Meaning: Winner

61. Raakhee

Meaning: A Bond Of Love

62. Rilee

Meaning: Variant Of Riley; Brave And Fearless

63. Rhianna

Meaning: Meaning Derived From The Celtic Nymph; Goddess; Or Maiden

64. Rhena

Meaning: Graceful

65. Rachaitri

Meaning: A Female Maker

66. Rasagna

Meaning: Sweet; Goddess Lalitha Devi

67. Ridaya

Meaning: Heart

68. Rasajna

Meaning: Artistic; Knowledgeable About The Arts

69. Rinti

Meaning: Clever

70. Rafah Rafat

Meaning: Mercy

71. Rishiki

Meaning: Ray Of Light; Kindness

72. Ribica

Meaning: Joined; Tied

73. Raja Lakshmi

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi; Radiant Lakshmi

74. Rikhasa

Meaning: The Queen Of Session

75. Rafidah

Meaning: Support

76. Raghibah

Meaning: Aspiring; Desirous; Seeking

77. Rahiq

Meaning: Nectar

78. Ramsha

Meaning: Phoolon Ka Guldasta

79. Ramzia

Meaning: Sign; Symbol; Gesture

80. Rand

Meaning: Bay Laurel

81. Randa

Meaning: Tree Of Good Scent

82. Rania

Meaning: Queen

83. Ranim Raneem

Meaning: To Recite In A Sing Song Voice

84. Rashidah Rasheeda

Meaning: Wise; Mature

85. Rasmiyah

Meaning: Official; Formal

86. Reshma

Meaning: Silky; Of Silk; Having Silky Skin; Golden Silk; Expensive

87. Reyah

Meaning: Winds; Scents; Strength; Power; Victory; Triumph

88. Riffat

Meaning: High

89. Rima Reema

Meaning: White Antelope

90. Romana

Meaning: Romantic; Fascinating;

91. Romeesa

Meaning: Heavens Beauty

92. Rona

Meaning: Shining Light

93. Rubaba

Meaning: Rose

94. Rubadah

Meaning: Ash Colored

95. Rumana

Meaning: Romantic; Loving

96. Ruhi

Meaning: Spiritual; Of Spirit; Roohaniyat;

97. Rakheelah

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabiyyat(RA)

98. Roziat

Meaning: Beautiful

99. Ruhab

Meaning: Forbearing; Open-minded ; Generous; Spacious

100. Rukhailah

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabi Who Took Part In The Battle Of Badr

101. Ruman

Meaning: Pomegranate

102. Roselle

Meaning: Rose Blossom

103. Rosetta

Meaning: Rose Blossom

104. Rada

Meaning: Filled With Care

105. Renee

Meaning: Reborn

106. Roshni

Meaning: Shining

107. Rudee

Meaning: Pleasure

108. Rena

Meaning: Cute; Gem; Joyous Song

109. Renu

Meaning: Atom

110. Roshika

Meaning: Never Forgotten By People

111. Rupriya

Meaning: Beautiful Pretty

112. Rehanah

Meaning: Khusbu Wali

113. Rubay

Meaning: She Was The Daughter Of Muawwiz And A Companion Of The Prophet PBUH From Her Young Age

114. Ruqaiya

Meaning: Name Of The Prophet

115. Raphaella

Meaning: Healer

116. Reginy

Meaning: Queen

117. Rawfiyyah

Meaning: Tranquility; Serenity

118. Rakidah

Meaning: Calm; Tranquil; Serene

119. Raaka

Meaning: Full Moon

120. Rajmati

Meaning: Fiancee Of Lord Neminath

121. Rajaney

Meaning: Somber

122. Rasareo

Meaning: Rosary

123. Rasario

Meaning: Rosary

124. Ratee

Meaning: Relax

125. René

Meaning: Born Again; Rebirth

126. Rozabela

Meaning: Beautiful Rose

127. Ruphyna

Meaning: Red-haired

128. Rajabala

Meaning: Kings Daughter

129. Rangimarie

Meaning: " Peace"

130. Rasamani

Meaning: Radha

131. Robbe

Meaning: Bright Fame

132. Rishadri

Meaning: Loving Change; Enthusiasm; Reliability

133. Rozadevi

Meaning: Goddess

134. Rasaiya

Meaning: Queen Of The Jungle

135. Raja Lakshmi

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi

136. Raiba

Meaning: Name Of God

137. Rizwna

Meaning: Guardian Of Heaven; Beautiful

138. Rumaissa

Meaning: Bunch Of Flowers

139. Revanti

Meaning: Beautiful; Lord Sun (Surya)

140. Rupalee

Meaning: Beautiful; Made Of Silver; Pretty

141. Radiyah Radhiya

Meaning: Content; Satisfied

142. Rafah

Meaning: Pleasant; Luxurious Life

143. Rafiqah

Meaning: Friend; Companion

144. Raghad Or Raghda

Meaning: Pleasant

145. Rahila

Meaning: Assistant; Auxiliary; Ally; Helper;

146. Rahimah

Meaning: Merciful; Compassionate

147. Raiqah

Meaning: Clear; Pure; Undisturbed

148. Rashida

Meaning: Intelligent; Sober

149. Razaanah

Meaning: One Who Is Calm

150. Rida

Meaning: Allah Ki Himayat Yaafta

151. Rifaat

Meaning: Altitude; Height; High

152. Roshini

Meaning: Light; Noor

153. Rubi

Meaning: Red Gem

154. Rubina

Meaning: The RedGemstone; Acquainted With; Ability To Read Someone' S Face;

155. Ruhina

Meaning: Sweet Fragrence

156. Rukhsar

Meaning: Cheek

157. Ruqayyah

Meaning: Gentle; Name Of The Daughter Of The Prophet (SAW)

158. Rawdah

Meaning: Garden Meadow; Paradise

159. Raafiah

Meaning: High; Exalted; Wealthy

160. Raani

Meaning: (Urdu) A Queen

161. Rabeeah

Meaning: A Bounding In Green Foliage

162. Rabih

Meaning: Earner; Acquirer; Winner; One Who Makes A Profit

163. Raeesa

Meaning: Sardar Ki Begum; Dolatmand Orat

164. Rameesah

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabiyyah (RA)

165. Rameethah

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabiyyah (RA)

166. Raqeebah

Meaning: Guardian

167. Rasia

Meaning: Rose

168. Rasmin

Meaning: Beam Of Moon Sun

169. Raudah

Meaning: (Rauzah); Paradise

170. Rawaha

Meaning: Name Of A Person

171. Rozina

Meaning: Rose

172. Rummanah

Meaning: A Pomegranate

173. Rae

Meaning: Sheep' S Friend

174. Rebekka

Meaning: One Who Ties And Joins

175. Rhona

Meaning: From A Rugged Isle

176. Rosalind

Meaning: Delicate Horse

177. Reatha

Meaning: Pearl

178. Ressie

Meaning: Summer Harvest

179. Romona

Meaning: Protective Advice

180. Romy

Meaning: Sea Dew

181. Roza

Meaning: Radiant; Beautiful

182. Ruta

Meaning: Mate; Companion

183. Rajini

Meaning: Night

184. Ranjika

Meaning: Exciting

185. Resham

Meaning: Silk; Hareer

186. Ripa

Meaning: Master Of The Mountains

187. Raahima

Meaning: A Woman Who Acts Kindly Towards Others

188. Rashaqa

Meaning: Graceful; Stature; Grace; Elegance

189. Reeham

Meaning: Little; Light Rain

190. Riha

Meaning: Free

191. Rushdiya

Meaning: Rightly Guided; On The Right Way; Following The Right Path; Fem Of Rushdi

192. Rabeel

Meaning: Shairni

193. Reyhaneh

Meaning: Flower

194. Rosemah

Meaning: One Who Is As Beautiful As A Rose

195. Roldana

Meaning: Famous

196. Ronia

Meaning: My Joy

197. Rosalinda

Meaning: CompounD Of 'horse' AnD 'snake'.

198. Rosita

Meaning: Noted Protector Also AHorse; Fame

199. Rachele

Meaning: Ewe

200. Rafeea

Meaning: High; Raised; Exalted; Sublime; Noble

201. Richenda

Meaning: Hard Ruler

202. Rikka

Meaning: Tranquil Leader

203. Raghdiyyah

Meaning: Soft And Delicate; One Who Lives In Ease And Luxury

204. Ruqayyat

Meaning: Elevated; High In Rank And Status

205. Rawashed

Meaning: Rightly Guided; On The Right Path

206. Ruaydah

Meaning: Gentle; Forbearing; Unhurrying

207. Rajihah

Meaning: Superior; Predominant; Preferred

208. Rufqa

Meaning: To Benefit (Faida Dainay Wali)

209. Rajina

Meaning: Sun

210. Rasamanjari

Meaning: An Auspiou Sign Drawn In Front Of Hindu Home

211. Rathinadevi

Meaning: Connoisseur

212. Rishbha

Meaning: Innocent

213. Ritkriti

Meaning: Creation Of God Sun

214. Ritvika

Meaning: Beautiful

215. Roopmati

Meaning: Heartfelt

216. Rattan

Meaning: Gem

217. Rebeca

Meaning: Rebeca Is A Spanish Or Portugese Version Of The Name Rebecca It Means Cattle Stall Or To Tie

218. Rayanne

Meaning: The Name Rayanna Has Come From The Combination Of The Two Names Ray And Anna Ray Means Ewe And Is A Short Form Of Rachel Anna Means God Was Gracious Or God Has Shown Favour

219. Renae

Meaning: From The Latin Origin Meaning Born Again This Is An English Version Of The Popular French Name Ren

220. Roby

Meaning: Of Germanic Origin Meaning Bright; Famous One A Alternative Of The Name Robert

221. Ruby Mae

Meaning: Copied From English; Meaning Red And The Month Of May

222. Rachaele

Meaning: Ewe

223. Radegunde

Meaning: Counsel; Advice; Fight

224. Rajanie

Meaning: Somber

225. Ralfina

Meaning: Wise And Strong

226. Ranée

Meaning: Born Again; Rebirth

227. Rasaria

Meaning: Rosary

228. Rashke

Meaning: Ewe

229. Ratannah

Meaning: Crystal

230. Reinhild

Meaning: Counsel; Advice; Battle

231. Rhiah

Meaning: To Flow; River; Stream

232. Rhody

Meaning: Rose; Woman From Rhodes

233. Ribla

Meaning: A Fruitful Woman; Giver

234. Ricadona

Meaning: Has Its Origins In The Italian Language

235. Richel

Meaning: Powerful Ruler; Who

236. Risah

Meaning: Laughter; Beloved Of

237. Rivah

Meaning: Shore; Riverbank; Cattle

238. Rogaciana

Meaning: Forgiving Woman

239. Romala

Meaning: Of Latin Origin

240. Romula

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is Latin

241. Roshny

Meaning: Bright; Dawn; Light

242. Rozabele

Meaning: Beautiful Rose

243. Rozabell

Meaning: Beautiful Rose

244. Rozabelle

Meaning: Beautiful Rose

245. Rutha

Meaning: Friend; Companion; Neighbor

246. Rebeka

Meaning: " To Tie; Bind"

247. Rebbeca

Meaning: Captivating

248. Roz

Meaning: Rosalind ROSALIND Pretty Rose

249. Rayko

Meaning: " Next Child"

250. Rifke

Meaning: " To Tie; Bind"

251. Rayanna

Meaning: Clever; Brilliant

252. Ranai

Meaning: Courageous Man; Protector

253. Ray’Lynn

Meaning: Wise Guardian

254. Rosa Lee

Meaning: Beautiful Rose

255. Rosè

Meaning: Gentle Horse

256. Ríona

Meaning: Rough Island

257. Ried

Meaning: Form Of Reed

258. Roëna

Meaning: Rough Island

259. Róise

Meaning: Laughter

260. Rae Anna

Meaning: Gracious; Merciful

261. Rae Lee

Meaning: From A Clearing

262. Rae Leigh

Meaning: From A Clearing

263. Rae Lyn

Meaning: Dwells By The Torrent

264. Rae Rae

Meaning: Sheep' S Friend

265. Rawand

Meaning: Sweet Smelling Plant

266. Riki Lynn

Meaning: From The Lake

267. Ris

Meaning: Powerful; Perfectionist; Capable

268. Ritah

Meaning: Precious Pearl

269. Ronee

Meaning: Strong Counsel; Image

270. Rukaiyah

Meaning: Best Of The Best

271. Rutanshi

Meaning: Truth

272. Rochanaa

Meaning: Brightness; Bright Sky

273. Rudrangshi

Meaning: Part Of Lord Rudra

274. Raj Kumari

Meaning: Princess

275. Ravalli

Meaning: Sound

276. Rama Devi

Meaning: Lakshmi Devi

277. Rebati

Meaning: Wife Of Balaram

278. Rejah

Meaning: Wish

279. Rudali

Meaning: Rain

280. Rubanya

Meaning: Bright; The Sun

281. Rimel

Meaning: Sand

282. Ragamaya

Meaning: Full Of Passion; Music; Colour

283. Rikaaz

Meaning: Gold Mine

284. Rinataa

Meaning: Friend

285. Rozeeta

Meaning: Beautiful

286. Ravani

Meaning: Spirit; Soul

287. Rihla

Meaning: Journey

288. Rokhshana

Meaning: Shining; Bright

289. Rebbeka

Meaning: Joined; To Bind; Form Of Rebecca

290. Rachael Rachel

Meaning: Ewe

291. Raikka

Meaning: Ewe

292. Ravdna

Meaning: Goddess

293. Riita

Meaning: Exalted One

294. Roossa

Meaning: Pinkish Colour

295. Robab

Meaning: A Musical Instrument

296. Raj Kumari

Meaning: Princess

297. Ramakshi

Meaning: The Redness Of Sun-rays

298. Rathy

Meaning: Beautiful

299. Rawani

Meaning: Soul; Spirit

300. Rijaya

Meaning: Variant Of Vijaya

301. Rudan

Meaning: Being Virtuous; Emotional

302. Ruddhi

Meaning: Growth

303. Rukamani

Meaning: Wife Of Lord Krishna

304. Rupaa

Meaning: Beauty; Silver; Beautiful

305. Rupanshi

Meaning: Beautiful

306. Rusani

Meaning: Bright; Lighting

307. Ragamma

Meaning: Beautiful

308. Raameen

Meaning: Obedient

309. Rabab

Meaning: White Clouds

310. Rabeea

Meaning: Springtime; Garden

311. Rabia

Meaning: Fourth

312. Radeyah

Meaning: Content; Satisfied

313. Radwa Radhwaa

Meaning: A Mountain In Medina

314. Rafah Rafat

Meaning: Mercy

315. Rafiah

Meaning: Sublime; Exquisite

316. Rafif

Meaning: To Gleam; Shimmer

317. Raghad

Meaning: Pleasant

318. Rahma

Meaning: Mercy; Grace; Compassion

319. Rahmaa

Meaning: To Have Mercy Upon

320. Rahmah

Meaning: Mercy

321. Raifah

Meaning: Merciful

322. Raima

Meaning: A Woman Who Has Strong Love And Affection For Her Baby

323. Rajiyah

Meaning: Hoping; Full Of Hope

324. Raniyah Raniya

Meaning: Gazing

325. Rawhah

Meaning: Good; Fresh Scent; Fresh Breeze

326. Rayya

Meaning: Light

327. Razan Razaan

Meaning: Sensibility And Respect

328. Reham

Meaning: Little Rain; Rain Drops

329. Reja

Meaning: Good News

330. Rizqin

Meaning: Good Fortune

331. Rizwana

Meaning: Beautiful; Guardian Of Heaven

332. Rua

Meaning: Dreams; Visions

333. Rufaidah Rufaydah

Meaning: Support

334. Rukhsana

Meaning: Khoob Soorat Gaalon Wali

335. Ruksha

Meaning: Beautiful

336. Rumaisa

Meaning: Jannat Ki Khoobsoorti; Wind That Scatters Dust And Hides Tracks And Footprints

337. Ruqayyah Ruqayya

Meaning: Gentle; Name Of The Daughter Of The Prophet

338. Raashidah

Meaning: Pious; Follower Of The Right Path

339. Radiyyah

Meaning: (Raziyyah); Pleased; Delighted; Contented

340. Raheela

Meaning: Departure Exodus

341. Ranaa

Meaning: Moving Gracefully; Lovely; Beautiful; Graceful; Delicate; Tender

342. Raodah

Meaning: (Raozah) Park

343. Rawza

Meaning: GArden; Meadow; Paradise

344. Rukhsaanah

Meaning: (Persian) Name Of A Girl

345. Rahel

Meaning: Sheep' S Friend

346. Raziya

Meaning: Nice; Pleasant

347. Reva

Meaning: To Tie

348. Ricarda

Meaning: Daring Power

349. Rodina

Meaning: Renowned Chief

350. Roshanak

Meaning: Small Light

351. Ragnhild

Meaning: Advising In Battle

352. Rei

Meaning: Friendly

353. Rhoda

Meaning: Rose

354. Runa

Meaning: Secret Tradition

355. Ruperta

Meaning: Of Shining Fame

356. Rachana

Meaning: Creation; Construction; Arrangement

357. Rachika

Meaning: Creator; Mirage Or Ray

358. Rachiyata

Meaning: Creator

359. Radhani

Meaning: Worship

360. Ragavarshini

Meaning: One Who Showers Ragas

361. Rajanandini

Meaning: Princess

362. Rajanigandha

Meaning: A Flower

363. Rajatha

Meaning: Silver

364. Rajnikant

Meaning: The Moon

365. Rajwant

Meaning: Monarch; King;

366. Rakavi

Meaning: Queen Of Music And Songs

367. Rakshina

Meaning: Cute

368. Ramalakshmi

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi

369. Ramana

Meaning: Enchanting

370. Rathanya

Meaning: Explorer; Great Companion; Trustworthy

371. Rohati

Meaning: To Grow

372. Radhia

Meaning: Pleasant; Satisfied

373. Rahima

Meaning: Compassionate; Kind; Merciful

374. Rakhas

Meaning: Soft And Delicate; Supple

375. Rasmiya

Meaning: Ceremonial; Ceremonious; Formal; Fem Of Rasmi

376. Rawiyah

Meaning: Transmitter Of Ancient Arabic Poetry

377. Rayia

Meaning: The One Who Love; Pyar Kerny Wali

378. Ridwana

Meaning: Feminine Form Of Arabic RiDwan, Meaning 'satisfaction.'

379. Rominah

Meaning: Pomegranate

380. Rubab

Meaning: White Cloud; A Name Of A Musical Instrument;

381. Ramineh

Meaning: Quiet; Peaceful

382. Roxane

Meaning: Dawn; Bright

383. Ranait

Meaning: Wealthy Or Charming

384. Ranice

Meaning: Lovely Tune

385. Rillette

Meaning: Stream

386. Risliyyah

Meaning: Gentle; Lenient; Kind

387. Rashidaa

Meaning: Rightly Guided; On The Right Path

388. Rosha

Meaning: Happy; Cheerful

389. Rohina

Meaning: Bejeweled Steel; An Item; Such As A Sword; That’ S Made Of Steel And Is Adorned With Jewels ( Talwar Ki Aik Qisam Jo Steel Sy Banae Jati Ha )

390. Raseena

Meaning: Vast Landscape; Open Expanse Of Land; Scenic Vista

391. Rajiffer

Meaning: Princess

392. Ranjula

Meaning: Charming; Pleasing

393. Rathi

Meaning: A Ray Of Light

394. Ridansha

Meaning: Given To Me

395. Rytasha

Meaning: Queen Of Night

396. Rayleigh

Meaning: Variant Of Riley; Lithe Like A Deer; Quick And Agile

397. Raylynn

Meaning: Variant Of Rae; Peacekeeper And Defender; Informed

398. Rylynn

Meaning: Rylnn Is Royalty At Its Best; Meaning Beautiful Little Queen It Is Also Spelled Rylnn

399. Rosalynn

Meaning: Rosalynn Means Gentle Horse It Is Also Known To Mean Beautiful Rose

400. Rhiannan

Meaning: Copied From The Celtic Rigantona Meaning Goddess

401. Rhian

Meaning: A Short Form Of The Name Rhiannon; Meaning Maiden Orgoddess

402. Ruby Lea

Meaning: Combining The Meanings Red Andmeadow

403. Raba

Meaning: The Fourth-born Child

404. Radclyffe

Meaning: Red Cliff

405. Raihanah

Meaning: Sweet Basil

406. Rajaah

Meaning: Hope

407. Ralfeene

Meaning: Wise And Strong

408. Ramearah

Meaning: Judicious

409. Rameera

Meaning: Judicious

410. Rata

Meaning: Flower

411. Ratea

Meaning: Relax

412. Razelle

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is English-American And It Is

413. Remedee

Meaning: Remedy; Help; Cure

414. Renée

Meaning: Born Again; Rebirth

415. Res

Meaning: Red-head

416. Resedah

Meaning: The Fragrant Mignonette

417. Reserl

Meaning: Hunter; Harvest; Guardian

418. Revekah

Meaning: Cattle Stall; To Tie

419. Rhi

Meaning: Great Queen

420. Rhianaye

Meaning: Born Again; Rebirth

421. Ridhwanna

Meaning: A Pleasant Woman

422. Rieka

Meaning: Used Predominantly In The German

423. Rigga

Meaning: Woman From The Ridge

424. Rigge

Meaning: Woman From The Ridge

425. Riggee

Meaning: Woman From The Ridge

426. Riggie

Meaning: Woman From The Ridge

427. Ritzpa

Meaning: Hot Coal

428. Robbyetta

Meaning: Bright Famous One; Famously Famous

429. Rochale

Meaning: To Roar; Battle Cry

430. Rochell

Meaning: To Roar; Battle Cry

431. Rodanthe

Meaning: From The Rosebush

432. Ronaldiya

Meaning: Well-advised Ruler

433. Rubain

Meaning: A Bright Woman

434. Rufah

Meaning: Red-haired

435. Rufeena

Meaning: Red-haired

436. Rusalk

Meaning: Wood Nymph

437. Rusalkia

Meaning: Wood Nymph

438. Ruscelle

Meaning: To Roar; Battle Cry

439. Rutah

Meaning: Rue Herb

440. Ruthana

Meaning: Friend; Companion; Neighbor

441. Ruzenka

Meaning: Rose

442. Ruzha

Meaning: Rose

443. Ryal

Meaning: Royal

444. Rin

Meaning: " Dignified; Severe"

445. Ree

Meaning: " To Tie; Bind"

446. Raia

Meaning: " Friend"

447. Ranae

Meaning: " Reborn"

448. Rafaelita

Meaning: " God Has Healed"

449. Ragaragini

Meaning: Melody

450. Rajadulari

Meaning: Beloved Princess

451. Rickee

Meaning: " Eternal Ruler"

452. Rivage

Meaning: " Shore"

453. Revel

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

454. Ry’Leigh

Meaning: Rye Clearing

455. Ruqaiyah

Meaning: Maker Of Dresses

456. Raa

Meaning: Beautiful

457. Ray’Anna

Meaning: Clever; Brilliant

458. Rileen

Meaning: Change Lover; Intelligence; Confident

459. Rinisha

Meaning: Perfectionist

460. Risana

Meaning: Satisfaction; Good Human Being

461. Rumaisha

Meaning: Bunch Of Flowers

462. Rae Lynn

Meaning: Beam Of Light; Beautiful Lamb; Princess Of Divine Light

463. Rawaan

Meaning: Pure Water; Heaven Gates

464. Rou

Meaning: Gentle; Mild

465. Rushvi

Meaning: Female Saint

466. Rüya

Meaning: To Flow; A Stream; Dream; Vision

467. Rabaani

Meaning: Divine

468. Rae Marie

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

469. Ranaija

Meaning: Teacher; Friendly; Confidence

470. Ray Ann

Meaning: Time; Occasion; Now; This Moment

471. Ray Lynn

Meaning: From The Lake

472. Razeena

Meaning: Sober Minded; Sedate

473. Rebbecca

Meaning: Bound

474. Rehaab

Meaning: Garden

475. Rei Ann

Meaning: Time; Occasion; Now; This Moment

476. Renah

Meaning: Refused; Despised; Disregarded

477. Rey Lynn

Meaning: From The Lake

478. Rifhan

Meaning: Graceful; Good Looking

479. Riia

Meaning: Bitter; Abbreviation Of Maria

480. Riley Paige

Meaning: Young Servant

481. Rizul

Meaning: Light

482. Robbins

Meaning: Bright Fame

483. Roca

Meaning: Radiant

484. Rodaina

Meaning: Old Arabic Name; Sword

485. Ruh

Meaning: Soul

486. Rutaja

Meaning: Beautiful

487. Ragasree

Meaning: Raga Name In Carnatic Music

488. Ragasudha

Meaning: Melody With Healing Touch

489. Ragenhild

Meaning: Honesty; Sacrificer; Admirer

490. Roobal

Meaning: Pretty

491. Ruthrapriya

Meaning: Season

492. Rechemay

Meaning: Loving; Dedicator; Respectability

493. Rinaad

Meaning: Happiness

494. Rupsa

Meaning: Beautiful

495. Rama Satya

Meaning: A Lofty Place

496. Regani

Meaning: Ruling The World

497. Rasagnae

Meaning: Tongue; Sweet

498. Reeshma

Meaning: Like Silk

499. Rodaba

Meaning: A Female Character Of Shahnama

500. Reginaa

Meaning: Queen