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Baby Boy names starting with S, baby Boy names starting with S of 2021, Modern baby Boy names starting with S of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With S

1. Skye

Meaning: Refers To The Scottish Isle Of Skye; A Nature Name Referring To The Sky

2. Saint

Meaning: Holy

3. Sloan

Meaning: Fighter; Warrior Surname

4. Sawyer

Meaning: One Who Saws Wood

5. Sergio

Meaning: One Who Serves; Attendant

6. Sam

Meaning: High; Elevated

7. Shepard

Meaning: Shepherd

8. Scottie

Meaning: From Scotland; A Gael

9. Soren

Meaning: Austere; Severe Or Grim

10. Silas

Meaning: A Man From The Woods

11. Sebastian

Meaning: From Sebastos

12. Salem

Meaning: Safe Or Protected

13. Stephen

Meaning: Man With Crown

14. Shepherd

Meaning: Sheep Herder

15. Sariyah

Meaning: Clouds At Night; Name Of A Companion Of The Prophet

16. Shmuel

Meaning: God Has Heard

17. Seven

Meaning: This Unique Name Originates From The Number Seven Its Pop Culture Origin May Be ASeinfeldepisode Where George Says Hell Name His Son Seven

18. Sincere

Meaning: Sincere Means True And Honest

19. Sylas

Meaning: Sylas Means Coming From The Woods Or Forest

20. Steven

Meaning: Crown; Victorious

21. Skyler

Meaning: Phonetic Spelling Of Schuyler

22. Selah

Meaning: The End; A Pause

23. Stone

Meaning: From Near A Prominent Stone

24. Stetson

Meaning: A Dealer In Cattle

25. Sterling

Meaning: From Stevelin

26. Stefan

Meaning: Man With Crown

27. Spencer

Meaning: Man Who Manages The Distribution Of Food

28. Sonny

Meaning: Little Son

29. Solomon

Meaning: Man Of Peace

30. Shawn

Meaning: God Is Merciful

31. Santino

Meaning: Saint

32. Samuel

Meaning: To Be Able To Hear God

33. Samson

Meaning: Sun

34. Salvatore

Meaning: Savior

35. Sutton

Meaning: From A Southern Settlement Or Town

36. Sunny

Meaning: Sunny; Joyful

37. Sullivan

Meaning: Eyes Like A Hawk

38. Stanley

Meaning: A Clearing That Is Stony

39. Simon

Meaning: God Has Heard

40. Shane

Meaning: God Is Merciful

41. Seth

Meaning: Appointed One

42. Scott

Meaning: Speaking Gaelic

43. Saul

Meaning: To Ask For

44. Santos

Meaning: Saint

45. Santiago

Meaning: St James

46. Salvador

Meaning: One Who Saves

47. Samir

Meaning: Fruit; Produce; Outcome; Fruitful; Spring;

48. Samhith

Meaning: A Vedic Composition; Secret Text

49. Saxe

Meaning: From Saxonny

50. Sahadeva

Meaning: The 6th Sensed One

51. Shamoon

Meaning: Hazrat Yousuf (AS) Kay Soutelay Bhai Ka Naam

52. Squire

Meaning: Shieldbearer

53. Siger

Meaning: Form Of Sigar

54. Sproule

Meaning: Active

55. Seeburt

Meaning: Shining Sea

56. Semmal

Meaning: Perfect

57. Spyros

Meaning: Basket

58. Simith

Meaning: Limit

59. Sennet

Meaning: Wise

60. Sarih

Meaning: Successful

61. Sha Ron

Meaning: A Fertile Plain

62. Siraj Al Din

Meaning: Light Of The Faith

63. Sunqur

Meaning: Energy; Helper; Stimulator

64. Somali

Meaning: Moons Love

65. Sherwyn

Meaning: Quick As The Wind

66. Suhaim

Meaning: Little Arrow

67. Semih

Meaning: Man Of Generosity

68. Sajat

Meaning: Good

69. Sky’Lar

Meaning: Scholar

70. Steade

Meaning: Steed

71. Sathana

Meaning: Lord Vishnu

72. Sumate

Meaning: Intelligent Man

73. Singh

Meaning: Lion

74. Samaba Shiv

Meaning: Lord Shiva; Samba - Attended By Amba Or With Amba + Shiv - Auspicious; Propitious; Prosperous; Fortunate; Thriving; Right

75. Shavar

Meaning: Comet

76. Sharin

Meaning: " A Plain"

77. Sebes

Meaning: One Who Is Swift

78. Samadarshea

Meaning: One Who Is Unbiased

79. Samuel Jacob

Meaning: Samuel Means God Has Heard Or Asked Of God Samuel Was The Name Of A Prophet In The Old Testament Jacob Means Yahweh Will Protect; Heel Or Supplanter

80. Sumaih

Meaning: Lenient; Generous; Forgiving

81. Sobk

Meaning: God Worshipped In Faiyum

82. Scrydan

Meaning: Clothes

83. Scand

Meaning: Disgrace

84. Shehzad

Meaning: Prince; Offspring Of A King; Badshah Ki Aulad

85. Stig

Meaning: Route

86. Sigberth

Meaning: Victory Protection

87. Subut

Meaning: Continuation ; Constancy ; Steadiness ; Validity

88. Silburn

Meaning: Blessed

89. Shasnk

Meaning: Change Lover; Intelligence; Confident

90. Sha Quan

Meaning: Army Man

91. Susmit

Meaning: Beautiful Laugh; Having Good Smile

92. Syrocco

Meaning: Of The Warm Wind

93. Stiana

Meaning: Crowned

94. Staff

Meaning: Ford By A Landing Place

95. Sondo

Meaning: Born On A Sunday

96. Siomonn

Meaning: He Who Hears; God Has

97. Shrenic

Meaning: One Who Is Organized

98. Shonie

Meaning: Changing

99. Senán

Meaning: Little Wise One

100. Samantbhadra

Meaning: A Famous Jain Acharya From Ancient India

101. Sukhnam

Meaning: Bliss From Naam

102. Saroop

Meaning: Beauteous

103. Salahudin

Meaning: The Righteousness Of The Faith

104. Sutherland

Meaning: From A Southern Land

105. Seneca

Meaning: Ancient

106. Sushil Kumar

Meaning: Well-behaved

107. Shradhey

Meaning: Believe; Faith; Trust

108. Shunichi

Meaning: First Son Of Shun

109. Sai Arjun

Meaning: Lord Name

110. Shahaadah

Meaning: To Be Witness; Martyrdom

111. Saban Ali

Meaning: The High Exalted One; The Sublime

112. Shrirajat

Meaning: Free Spirit; Visionary; Highly Attractive

113. Sukaran

Meaning: Pure; Gold

114. Sai Amartya

Meaning: Immortal; Shirdi Sai Baba

115. Saccus

Meaning: Artist; Careful; Influencer

116. Sacchidanand

Meaning: Total Bliss

117. Shibbu

Meaning: Explorer; Great Companion; Trustworthy

118. Senagala

Meaning: Unique; Visionary; Different

119. Sahasranshu

Meaning: Surya

120. Sandu

Meaning: Defender Of Mankind

121. Stephonn

Meaning: Scandinavian

122. Siyan

Meaning: Best; Great

123. Seán

Meaning: Magical Forest Elf With Long Life

124. Sullevan

Meaning: Black-eyed

125. Stieren

Meaning: Wanderer

126. Silous

Meaning: Man Of The Woods

127. Shigeru

Meaning: Luxuriant

128. Shealds

Meaning: A Faithful Protector

129. Sebastiaan

Meaning: Man From Sebasta

130. Schamane

Meaning: Holy Man

131. Sarkysse

Meaning: Born To Royalty

132. Sakarja

Meaning: Yahweh Has Remembered

133. Sakarias

Meaning: Yahweh Has Remembered

134. Saahdya

Meaning: Happiness

135. Senan

Meaning: Derives From The Name Sahen; Meaing Falcon

136. Suparshwa

Meaning: Name Of The 7 Th Teerthankar

137. Shambhu

Meaning: Abode Of Joy; Lord Shiva

138. Sandhatha

Meaning: Lord Vishnu

139. Saatej

Meaning: Possessing Of Brilliance; Intelligence; Soft

140. Suwayhil

Meaning: Gentle; Lenient

141. Seaton

Meaning: From Sai's Estate.

142. Sceadu

Meaning: Shade

143. Suja

Meaning: Calmness; Quitness

144. Shahzar

Meaning: King Of Gold; Sonay Ka Badshah

145. Siyamak

Meaning: Solitary

146. Schuyler

Meaning: Savant; Runaway

147. Svyatopolk

Meaning: Celebrating People

148. Sibtain

Meaning: Hazrat Imam Hassan (RA) And Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA)

149. Saamir

Meaning: Phall; Fruit

150. Shaheem

Meaning: Intelligent

151. Srirag

Meaning: One Who Keep Prosperity

152. Saanvith

Meaning: Friendliness

153. Shraddhanand

Meaning: Believe; Devotion

154. Sada Shiv

Meaning: Pure; Eternally Pure

155. Saorbhreathach

Meaning: Noble Of Judgement

156. Szervác

Meaning: Freed

157. Slaibhin

Meaning: Mountain

158. Sippo

Meaning: Peace Of Victory

159. Sakarj

Meaning: God Remembers

160. Supratick

Meaning: Beautiful Symbol

161. Suparno

Meaning: Leafy; With Beautiful Wings

162. Sibasankar

Meaning: Lord Shiva

163. Shmit

Meaning: Ever Smiling

164. Shaafin

Meaning: One Who Cures

165. Shaabb

Meaning: Young Man

166. Sahabaz

Meaning: One Who Can Fly In The Sky

167. Safik

Meaning: Intelligent

168. Safaan

Meaning: Pure; Bright; Brave

169. Salaahudin

Meaning: Interest Of The Religion

170. Somachandra

Meaning: The Tranquil Moon

171. Satapa

Meaning: Thanks

172. Satanam

Meaning: The Name Of Truth

173. Sukam

Meaning: Much Desired

174. Samaba Shiv

Meaning: Lord Shiva

175. Sai Sahas

Meaning: Sai Baba

176. Sai Chandra

Meaning: Sai Baba

177. Sai Anand

Meaning: Flower

178. Sabariesh

Meaning: Warrior; Innovative; Handsome

179. Sabari Gireesh

Meaning: Lord Of Sabari Hill; Lord Ayyappa

180. Sladefield

Meaning: Adventure; Emotional; Highly Attractive

181. Scytta

Meaning: Knowledge; Leadership; Fairness

182. Sad Al Din

Meaning: Good Of The Faith

183. Sartaaz

Meaning: Crown Of Head

184. Silida

Meaning: Change Lover; Intelligence; Confident

185. Sanag

Meaning: A Beautiful Mountain

186. Sembiyan

Meaning: Chola King; Best Warrior

187. Shib

Meaning: Lord Shib

188. Shyam Ganesh

Meaning: Lord Krishna Ganesha

189. Sarabdhiaan

Meaning: Contemplation Of All

190. Sunanat

Meaning: Attentive

191. Sri Charan

Meaning: Wealth

192. Smiritivan

Meaning: Unforgettable

193. Sabarideva

Meaning: Lord Ayyappan

194. Swadesh

Meaning: Love Own Country; Ones Own Country

195. Sujaldeep

Meaning: Affectionate; Pure Water

196. Sanaj

Meaning: Ancient

197. Sudangan

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star

198. Sopath

Meaning: Soft; Gentle

199. Sinchan

Meaning: Nourish

200. Shyaan

Meaning: Intelligent; Wise

201. Sheron

Meaning: A Fertile Plain

202. Sa’Mir

Meaning: Wind; Gentle Breeze

203. Stefen

Meaning: Wreath; Crowned

204. Soufian

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

205. Somto

Meaning: God Is Faithful

206. Svenn

Meaning: Boy

207. Szemere

Meaning: A Man Of Small Stature

208. Swiftea

Meaning: One Who Is Fast

209. Surendra

Meaning: Chief Of The Gods

210. Stiggur

Meaning: Gate

211. Steadmann

Meaning: Man With An Estate

212. Staffie

Meaning: Ford By A Landing Place

213. Staffi

Meaning: Ford By A Landing Place

214. Staffard

Meaning: Ford By A Landing Place

215. Smidt

Meaning: Craftsman

216. Sladkie

Meaning: A Glorious Man

217. Siméon

Meaning: He Who Hears; God Has

218. Sikke

Meaning: Victory; Guardian; Defender

219. Shridhara

Meaning: Bearing Or Possessing

220. Shealing

Meaning: From The Summer Pasture

221. Sheahan

Meaning: Little; Peaceful One

222. Serdar

Meaning: Commander

223. Seocan

Meaning: Yahweh Is Gracious

224. Seneka

Meaning: Tribal Name

225. Seifert

Meaning: Victory; Peace; Protection

226. Sebastián

Meaning: Man From Sebasta

227. Sakea

Meaning: One Who Is Cloaked

228. Sajann

Meaning: Cherished

229. Saadiyo

Meaning: Happiness

230. Semaj

Meaning: Followers Gods Word; Obeying All Rules

231. Shreyansnath

Meaning: Name Of The 11 Th Teerthankar

232. Sukhveer

Meaning: Warrior Of Peace

233. Sukhram

Meaning: The One In Whom Peace Pervades

234. Subhashith

Meaning: Good Counsel

235. Siddhidhata

Meaning: Bestowed Of Success & Accomplishments

236. Siddhantha

Meaning: Principle; Lord Krishna

237. Sadish

Meaning: With Direction

238. Stearn

Meaning: Austere

239. Skelly

Meaning: Storyteller

240. Shimron

Meaning: Thorn; Dregs

241. Seorus

Meaning: Farmer

242. Scur

Meaning: Storm

243. Sarlic

Meaning: Pain

244. Sparlay

Meaning: Spring Season

245. Sumeet

Meaning: Good Assessment

246. Suk

Meaning: Like A Rock

247. Silvano

Meaning: A Man From The Woods

248. Shimon

Meaning: God Has Heard

249. Svend

Meaning: Boy

250. Subaru

Meaning: Pleiades Or The Seven Sisters

251. Streiter

Meaning: Warrior Or Fighter

252. Serhat

Meaning: Border

253. Seok

Meaning: Like A Rock

254. Shabeeh

Meaning: Resembling

255. Samih

Meaning: Forgiving; Generous

256. Salamat

Meaning: Safety

257. Sadid

Meaning: Strong; Powerful

258. Siamu

Meaning: A Character From Shahnameh

259. Sidr

Meaning: A Type Of Tree In Palestine

260. Sravankumar

Meaning: Devoted Son; Brilliant

261. Sonak

Meaning: Full Of Gold; Son Of Sun; Golden

262. Siva Kumaran

Meaning: Son Of Lord Shiva (Son Of Lord Shiva)

263. Shobhanand

Meaning: Handsome; Attractive

264. Sajak

Meaning: Alert; Decorated

265. Sai Anand

Meaning: Flower

266. Sagarjit

Meaning: One Who Have Won Over Ocean

267. Sada Sivam

Meaning: Always Silent

268. Stibhin

Meaning: Crown; Garland

269. Szevér

Meaning: Serious; Strict

270. Surány

Meaning: Name Of An Honor

271. Sait

Meaning: Happy; Lucky

272. Svenkka

Meaning: Lad; Boy

273. Simana

Meaning: God Has Listen

274. Sakariias

Meaning: God Remembers

275. Sros

Meaning: Charmingly Beautiful

276. Sotha

Meaning: Pure

277. Sukanto

Meaning: One With A Sweet Voice

278. Subrota

Meaning: Devoted To What Is Right

279. Subhasis

Meaning: Good Wishes; Blessings

280. Subandu

Meaning: A Good Friend

281. Sita Ram

Meaning: Lord Rama; Beloved Of Rama

282. Shibashis

Meaning: Blessing Of Lord Shiva

283. Shibansu

Meaning: Part Of Lord Shiva

284. Sohair

Meaning: Light

285. Sakeb

Meaning: Name Of God

286. Sahaan

Meaning: Enduring; Falcon; Helpful

287. Safeeth

Meaning: White

288. Safat

Meaning: Wish

289. Saeed Said

Meaning: Happy

290. Sadab

Meaning: Happy; Greenery; Daily; Morning

291. Sabas

Meaning: Conversion

292. Saaliheen

Meaning: Pious One

293. Saaimeen

Meaning: Fasting One

294. Sebghatuallah

Meaning: Color Of God

295. Subhanallah

Meaning: Praise Of God

296. Sri Aansh

Meaning: Achiever; Peacemaker; More Attractive

297. Sebald

Meaning: Se-bald (Sea Bald) Nickname For Balding Mermen

298. Samme

Meaning: Elevated; Sublime; Supreme

299. Sravanth

Meaning: Smart; Flow

300. Srajan

Meaning: Passionate; Extremely Sensitive; Intelligence

301. Sprow

Meaning: Pioneer; Helper; Inventiveness

302. Samadar

Meaning: Great Respect; Veneration

303. Sajaad

Meaning: Worshipper Of Allah

304. Somaditya

Meaning: The Sun And The Moon Conjoined

305. Smitesh

Meaning: Smiling;

306. Siva Karthikeyan

Meaning: Genius; Good; Good Judger

307. Svetesh

Meaning: Highly Competitive; Confidence; Studious

308. Sugavanan

Meaning: Pioneer; Helper; Inventiveness

309. Safeeullah

Meaning: Mankind; Great Lover; Optimistic

310. Sadoon

Meaning: Communicator; Logical; Energetic

311. Sashak

Meaning: Rural Of The Country

312. Sai Arjun

Meaning: Lord Name

313. Sada Sivam

Meaning: Always Silent

314. Sada Shiv

Meaning: Pure; Eternally Pure

315. Sacchidananda Vigraha

Meaning: Eternal Happiness And Bliss

316. Saebald

Meaning: Master; Educated; Cheerful

317. Shirvan

Meaning: Independent; Enthusiasm; Admirer

318. Salah Udeen

Meaning: Righteousness Of The Faith

319. Sahabudeen

Meaning: Spiritual; Domestic; Gentle

320. Simanchal

Meaning: Achiever; Peacemaker; More Attractive

321. Somadhar

Meaning: The Sky; Heaven

322. Sarabdayal

Meaning: Mercy For All

323. Satat

Meaning: Constant

324. Shasswin

Meaning: Unique Person

325. Stiabhna

Meaning: Crown

326. Sivabharathi

Meaning: Moon

327. Sewal

Meaning: Honesty; Sacrificer; Admirer

328. Sai Babu

Meaning: Flower

329. Sarabmehar

Meaning: Kindness For All

330. Stea

Meaning: A Son Of Athena

331. Swabhiman

Meaning: Self Respect Of Nation Culture

332. Sanabhr

Meaning: Passionate; Extremely Sensitive; Intelligence

333. Swaksh

Meaning: Lord Vishnu; Name Of Lord Vishnu

334. Sangameswar

Meaning: Name Of Lord Shiva

335. Sakalendu

Meaning: Full Moon

336. Seifaldin

Meaning: Sword Of The Faith

337. Suvachan

Meaning: Noble Words

338. Sailik

Meaning: Knowledge; Leadership; Fairness

339. Sanand

Meaning: Happy; Joyful; Glad

340. Staci

Meaning: Resurrection

341. Sonan

Meaning: Gold; Golden

342. Shyra

Meaning: Brightness

343. Shyaam

Meaning: Lord Krishna

344. Shea Anthony

Meaning: This Name Means Highly Praiseworthy Or Priceless

345. Sevag

Meaning: Black Eye

346. Semere

Meaning: Farmer

347. Sebastia

Meaning: Bright; Life

348. Sulay

Meaning: Happiness; God Of The Praised

349. Shano

Meaning: Glory; Pride; Peak Sun

350. Sajed

Meaning: Bowing To God

351. Smiley

Meaning: Laughing; Happy

352. Sig

Meaning: Victory Protection

353. Sirus

Meaning: Friend Of God

354. Sebastain

Meaning: Man From Sebasta

355. Stevens

Meaning: Son Of Stephen

356. Soufyan

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

357. Solomom

Meaning: Peaceful

358. Schaun

Meaning: God Is Gracious

359. Syamac

Meaning: Black-haired Man

360. Swiftey

Meaning: One Who Is Fast

361. Swietoslaw

Meaning: Mighty And Glory

362. Sweeni

Meaning: Small Hero

363. Sugden

Meaning: Valle Of Sows

364. Straforde

Meaning: Bridge Over The River

365. Stobbart

Meaning: Strong Stump

366. Stieryn

Meaning: Wanderer

367. Stieran

Meaning: Wanderer

368. Steafán

Meaning: Crowned

369. Stamos

Meaning: Crowned

370. Springer

Meaning: Lively; Traveling Entertainer

371. Spiridon

Meaning: Spirit

372. Speedy

Meaning: Quick

373. Spankey

Meaning: One Who Is Outspoken

374. Sono

Meaning: Elephant

375. Somanshie

Meaning: Born Beneath The Half

376. Somanshi

Meaning: Born Beneath The Half

377. Somanshea

Meaning: Born Beneath The Half

378. Solt

Meaning: One Who Is Honored

379. Smithe

Meaning: Craftsman

380. Sladky

Meaning: A Glorious Man

381. Sladki

Meaning: A Glorious Man

382. Sladkee

Meaning: A Glorious Man

383. Siyamack

Meaning: A Man Who Has Dark Eyes

384. Siwile

Meaning: Long Fox' S Tail

385. Sileno

Meaning: A Spanish Name Of Old Greek Origin

386. Sigbjorn

Meaning: The Victorious Bear

387. Shysheer

Meaning: Born During The Winter

388. Shuhab

Meaning: Meteor

389. Shrenyk

Meaning: One Who Is Organized

390. Shrenyck

Meaning: One Who Is Organized

391. Shinichi

Meaning: First-born Son To Help

392. Sherrill

Meaning: Shire On A Hill

393. Shawnte

Meaning: Place Of Stones

394. Séaghdha

Meaning: Hawk-like; Fine; Admirable

395. Severaino

Meaning: Used Predominantly In The Italian

396. Serfatey

Meaning: A Man From France

397. Serfatee

Meaning: A Man From France

398. Senecca

Meaning: Tribal Name

399. Seminole

Meaning: A Tribal Name

400. Semer

Meaning: Farmer; Earthworker

401. Sedgewyc

Meaning: Sword Grass

402. Seabrok

Meaning: Brook Near The Sea

403. Seabrock

Meaning: Brook Near The Sea

404. Scribner

Meaning: Keeper Of Accounts

405. Scottee

Meaning: Scotsman; Scottish

406. Schay

Meaning: One Who Is Cautious

407. Scadwyel

Meaning: From The Shed Near The Spring

408. Sasacus

Meaning: A Wild Man

409. Sardah

Meaning: One Who Is In A Hurry

410. Sardae

Meaning: A Sociable Man

411. Saraph

Meaning: To Burn

412. Sanburne

Meaning: Sandy Brook

413. Samadarshy

Meaning: One Who Is Unbiased

414. Samadarshee

Meaning: One Who Is Unbiased

415. Salah Al Din

Meaning: Righteousness Of The

416. Salado

Meaning: A Humorous Man

417. Saladiyo

Meaning: A Humorous Man

418. Saladio

Meaning: A Humorous Man

419. Sakngea

Meaning: State Official

420. Sakeima

Meaning: King

421. Sajead

Meaning: Worshiper

422. Sahadyv

Meaning: The Son Of A King

423. Saedy

Meaning: One Who Helps-others

424. Sabala

Meaning: Powerful

425. Stanislaw

Meaning: From Slavonic Origin Meaning Firmness; Fame; Predominantly Used In German And Polish

426. Suliman

Meaning: A Version Of The Biblical Name Solomon; Meaning Man Of Peace

427. Samuel James

Meaning: Samuel Is Derived From An 11th Century BC Judge Whom Gave His Name To The Old Testiment The Name Literally MeansGod Has HeardJames Again From Hebrew Origin MeansYahweh May Protectand Is A Alternative Of The Latin Jacomus

428. Shamar

Meaning: Highly Sought After; Desired; Wanted; Loved

429. Sheetalnath

Meaning: Name Of The 10 Th Teerthankar

430. Sivasubramaniam

Meaning: Lord Shiva

431. Shashankh

Meaning: Rabbit

432. ShasunNahar

Meaning: Sun Of The Day

433. Saaigh

Meaning: Jewelry Maker

434. Safiyyaddin

Meaning: The Finest Of The Believers; The Best Among The Believers

435. Sabbar

Meaning: Extremely Patient; Extremely Enduring

436. Swinton

Meaning: From The Swine Farm

437. Struan

Meaning: Stream

438. Salbatore

Meaning: Savior

439. Stille

Meaning: Silent

440. Stanislaus

Meaning: Glorious Camp

441. Speed

Meaning: Two Gentlemen Of Verona' A Clownish Servant To Valentine.

442. Spangler

Meaning: Tinsmith

443. Soterios

Meaning: Savior

444. Solly

Meaning: Peace

445. Smid

Meaning: Smith

446. Sill

Meaning: Of The Forest

447. Shulamite

Meaning: Peaceable; Perfect; That Recompenses

448. Shaine

Meaning: From John

449. Serafim

Meaning: An Angel Like Being Of A Lower Order

450. Sativola

Meaning: Name Of A Saint

451. Syaraahiil

Meaning: Name Of A Tribe

452. Shaya

Meaning: Worthy

453. Sven

Meaning: Boy

454. Stian

Meaning: One Who Wanders

455. Stanislav

Meaning: Becoming Famous

456. Sigurd

Meaning: Guiding The Victory

457. Shen

Meaning: Extremely Spiritual

458. Serhan

Meaning: The Top Leader

459. Seiichi

Meaning: One Who Is Sincere

460. Saburo

Meaning: Third Male Child

461. Szymon

Meaning: God Has Heard

462. Sveinn

Meaning: Boy

463. Sunan

Meaning: Word Of Goodness

464. Suchart

Meaning: Born Into Comfortable Life

465. Steffen

Meaning: Man With Crown

466. Somporn

Meaning: Blessing Of Worth

467. Shusuke

Meaning: Learning To Meditate

468. Shunsuke

Meaning: Judicious Aid

469. Shafer

Meaning: Good

470. Severino

Meaning: Austere Or Grim

471. Sinaan

Meaning: Blade Of A Spear Name Of A Sahabi (RA)

472. Sifaat

Meaning: Accumulation Of Adjective Definition

473. Shuaib

Meaning: Bring On The Right Path; To Reform The Society; Name Of A Prophet;

474. Sharjil

Meaning: A Comanion Of Prophet Muhammad PBUH; Hazrat Abu Bakar RA Chose Him To Kill A Person Who Falsely Declared Himself A Prophet

475. Shaida

Meaning: Lover; Madly In Love

476. Sakhan

Meaning: Obedient

477. Sajeel

Meaning: Beautiful; Graceful; Elegant; Handsome;

478. Saabiq

Meaning: The First In A Race; Name Of A Sahabi (RA) Who Was The Servant Of The Holy Prophet (peace Be Upon Him)

479. Saif Al Din

Meaning: Sword Of The Faith

480. Stenulf

Meaning: Stone

481. Shijo

Meaning: Beautiful

482. Sclymgeour

Meaning: Fighter

483. Sujen

Meaning: Wise; Learned; Living Well

484. Sridharan

Meaning: Another Name Of Lord Vishnu

485. Siddappa

Meaning: Name Of God

486. Sheakar

Meaning: Peak; Lord Shiva

487. Sharanappa

Meaning: Lord Shiva

488. Subaramaniyam

Meaning: Son Of Lord Shiva

489. Suaksh

Meaning: Beautiful Eye

490. Srutakarma

Meaning: Son Of Draupadi

491. Shwah

Meaning: Word From Sloka

492. Shobhesh

Meaning: Radiance; Grace; Glory; Splendour

493. Shiva Kumar

Meaning: Son Of Lord Shiva (Lord Ganesh; Lord Karthikeya)

494. Sewak Ram

Meaning: Servant Of Lord

495. Satanika

Meaning: Son Of Draupadi

496. Sin’ichi

Meaning: Faithful First-born Son

497. Shin’ichi

Meaning: Faithful First (son)

498. Shigekazu

Meaning: First Son Of Shige

499. Sadao

Meaning: Decisive Man

500. Sai Amartya

Meaning: Immortal; Shirdi Sai Baba