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Baby Girl names starting with T, baby Girl names starting with T of 2021, Modern baby Girl names starting with T of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With T

1. Trinity

Meaning: Triad; Trinity

2. Tiana

Meaning: Star

3. Theodora

Meaning: God' S Present

4. Talia

Meaning: Dew Of Heaven;

5. Tessa

Meaning: Summer Harvest

6. Thalia

Meaning: Blooming

7. Thea

Meaning: God' S Present

8. Tiffany

Meaning: Seeing God

9. Treasure

Meaning: Treasure

10. Teresa

Meaning: Name Of Two Popular Saints 'Teresa Of Avila' AnD 'Therese Of Lisieux'.

11. Taytum

Meaning: Old English Last Name Meaning Grateful And Happy

12. Tasmiya

Meaning: Truely; Wisedom; Attractive Speecher

13. Therasa

Meaning: Reaper; Summer Harvest

14. Tazmeen

Meaning: Inner Beauty; Fame

15. Tillana

Meaning: Music

16. Tabra

Meaning: Gazelle

17. Thirak

Meaning: Hindi Term; Ralated To A Classical Dance

18. Tatty

Meaning: From The House Of Tatius

19. Tiziana

Meaning: Honored

20. Thelxiepeia

Meaning: A Siren

21. Thabia

Meaning: Talented; Good Conduct

22. Tunni

Meaning: Smart

23. Tyne

Meaning: River

24. Taleya

Meaning: Dew From Heaven

25. Tacye

Meaning: " Silence"

26. Tisca

Meaning: Perseverance - Victory

27. Tomoni

Meaning: Unity; Togetherness

28. Trijntje

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

29. Taailah

Meaning: Rich

30. Teasag

Meaning: God Is Merciful

31. Tameka

Meaning: Twin (Humzad)

32. Trudia

Meaning: Spear; Strength; Power

33. Tazkiyah

Meaning: Growth; Purification

34. Talitha Cumi

Meaning: Young Woman; Arise

35. Tareeda

Meaning: Find The

36. Tomasa

Meaning: Twin

37. Ty’Anna

Meaning: Follower Of Christ

38. Trinoy

Meaning: Energy; Helper; Stimulator

39. Thasya

Meaning: Resurrection

40. Tel Melah

Meaning: Heap Of Salt [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name]

41. Timnath Heres

Meaning: Image Of The Sun; Numbering Of The Rest [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name]

42. Tiss

Meaning: Honey; Bee

43. Temair

Meaning: Hill

44. Tahera

Meaning: Pure; Chaste

45. Tali

Meaning: Rising; Ascending; Going Up

46. Tamkeen

Meaning: Dignity; Power; Grandeur;

47. Tamazur

Meaning: Brilliant; Whiteness (Shandar; Safaidi)

48. Tabitha

Meaning: Like A Gazelle

49. Torborg

Meaning: Thor' S Help

50. Talar

Meaning: From The Headland In The Field

51. Tempeste

Meaning: Stormy

52. Tilly Mae

Meaning: Tilly Is Of Germanic Origin Meaning Mighty In Battle Whilst May Refers To The Spring Month Of The Same Name

53. Taheeyya

Meaning: Greetings

54. Tinecia

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is English-American

55. Toakasia

Meaning: A Woman Of The Sea

56. Tomasiena

Meaning: Twin

57. Treas

Meaning: Precious Possession

58. Tarni

Meaning: " Wave; Surf"

59. Toihida

Meaning: Obedient

60. Telca

Meaning: Fame Of God

61. Tlachtga

Meaning: Earth Spear

62. Tazkia

Meaning: To Purify; To Clean; To Spiritualize

63. Tahsin

Meaning: Beautification

64. Tahleem

Meaning: Beauty; Decoration; Pomp And Show

65. Tahrat

Meaning: Wind Blowing To The Clouds

66. Tarneem

Meaning: Rhythm; Voice

67. Tishna

Meaning: Thirsts

68. Teresinha

Meaning: Summer Harvest

69. Tove

Meaning: Gorgeous

70. Tordis

Meaning: Goddess Of Thor

71. Toril

Meaning: Fight Of Thor

72. Tiyashini

Meaning: Caring; Master Of Their Own Destiny; Charisma

73. Tahiyyah

Meaning: Greeting; Cheer

74. Twilight

Meaning: Dusk; Dhund Laka; Shakh Inspired By The Book Series By Stephenie Meyer

75. Tallis

Meaning: Woodland

76. Tefnut

Meaning: Atmospheric Moisture

77. Tivona

Meaning: Love's Nature.

78. Tzzipporah

Meaning: Bird

79. Teigan

Meaning: Teigan Is A Welsh Name That Has Several Meanings Including Fair; Blessed; Holy And Pretty It Is A Modification In Spelling Of Tegan

80. Triniti

Meaning: Variant Of Trinity; Meaning Having Three This Often Refers To The Holy Trinity Consisting Of The Father; Son & Holy Spirit

81. Taniyah

Meaning: Taniyah Means One Who Should Be Praised It Has Other Forms Including Tania & Tanya

82. Tabatha

Meaning: A Biblical Name Taken From The Aramaic Word Meanin Gazelle It Also Means Grace And Beauty

83. Tawaret

Meaning: She Who Is Great

84. Telin

Meaning: Resembling A Harp

85. Tephanie

Meaning: Manifestation Of God

86. Tephnutte

Meaning: Language Of Origin Is Egyptian

87. Teraneaka

Meaning: Victory Of The Earth

88. Tiff

Meaning: Manifestation Of God

89. Tigerlili

Meaning: An Orange Flower With

90. Tomoe

Meaning: Friend And Blessing

91. Treania

Meaning: Piercing

92. Trica

Meaning: Hunter; Harvest; Guardian

93. Trinda

Meaning: Piercing

94. Tryamonna

Meaning: -

95. Tulliya

Meaning: Has Its Origins In The Latin Language

96. Tuulea

Meaning: Wind

97. Tuuli

Meaning: Wind

98. Tracie

Meaning: " Of Thracia"

99. Tygon

Meaning: Beautiful; Creative

100. Tae

Meaning: Many Love

101. Triana

Meaning: Humanitarian; Healer; Intelligence

102. Tyanna

Meaning: Follower Of Christ

103. Theary

Meaning: Helper; Aide

104. Treesa

Meaning: Theresa; Harvest

105. Tufaha

Meaning: Apple

106. Tund

Meaning: Cold; Thanda

107. Tammara

Meaning: Palm Tree

108. Tomazin

Meaning: Master; Educated; Cheerful

109. Tizaviya

Meaning: Beautiful; Strong

110. Taskina

Meaning: Tranquillity; Peace

111. Tubal Cain

Meaning: Worldly Possession; Possessed Of Confusion

112. Tuua

Meaning: Wind

113. Tirlokee

Meaning: Name Of Lord Shiva

114. Thulsi

Meaning: Basil Plant; The Sacred Basil

115. Tukata

Meaning: Doll

116. Talibah

Meaning: Seeker; Pursuer; As In Seeker Of Knowledge

117. Taghia

Meaning: High Pilous 

118. Taina

Meaning: Mystery; Secret

119. Talaba

Meaning: To Wish

120. Tayat

Meaning: Chaste Good

121. Tayyiba

Meaning: Good; Good-natured; Sweet; Agreeable; Generous; Good-tempered; Fem Of Tayyib

122. Tehsheem

Meaning: Proud

123. Tuleqa

Meaning: Stay Happy

124. Takisha

Meaning: Healthy And Alive

125. Tereza

Meaning: Summer Harvest

126. Tia

Meaning: Aunt

127. Treva

Meaning: From A Large Hamlet

128. Trista

Meaning: Filled With Sadness

129. Turid

Meaning: Good-looking

130. Ting

Meaning: Enduring

131. Takshii

Meaning: Eyes Like A Pigeon

132. Trinetra

Meaning: Goddess Durga

133. Tayyeba

Meaning: Nice; Holy; Excellent; Pure; The Old Name Of Madina;

134. Tosha

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Natasha - The Russian Form Of The English Natalie: Born At Christmas

135. Tziyona

Meaning: Of Zion

136. Tia May

Meaning: Derives From The Name Tiana Which Is A Pet Name For Christina Meaning Christian Woman; And May Refering To The Spring Month

137. Tace

Meaning: Quiet; Silent; Mute

138. Tarachanda

Meaning: Silver Star

139. Tefnutte

Meaning: Of Egyptian Origin

140. Telefassa

Meaning: Of Latin Origin

141. Tesira

Meaning: Founder

142. Thaddine

Meaning: Wise; Valiant

143. Thomasiena

Meaning: Twin

144. Thursa

Meaning: Delight

145. Tiaesha

Meaning: Tiara; Joy; Happiness

146. Tif

Meaning: Manifestation Of God

147. Tiina

Meaning: God Is Perfection; God Is My Oath; Blessed

148. Timandre

Meaning: Honored By Man

149. Tiomby

Meaning: One Who Is Shy

150. Tirranna

Meaning: Stream Of Water

151. Tise

Meaning: Ninth-born

152. Titiana

Meaning: Honored

153. Tonja

Meaning: Priceless; Inestimable

154. Toshe

Meaning: Year

155. Tracilee

Meaning: Place Of Thracius

156. Trudea

Meaning: Spear; Strength; Power

157. Trycia

Meaning: Thirst

158. Tuleah

Meaning: -

159. Tulliah

Meaning: Derived From Latin Origins

160. Tuyenna

Meaning: Angel

161. Twilah

Meaning: Woven With A Double

162. Tzefaniya

Meaning: Protected By God

163. Tzivea

Meaning: Resembling A Doe

164. Tegen

Meaning: " Pretty; Ornament"

165. Tyas

Meaning: " Heart Of Hearts"

166. Trudhilde

Meaning: Power; Fight

167. Tabbie

Meaning: " Gazelle"

168. Typhaine

Meaning: " Epiphany"

169. Ta’Mari

Meaning: Palm Tree; Date Palm

170. Taína

Meaning: Fire; Star Goddess

171. Tiaa

Meaning: An Aunt Daughter Born To Royalty

172. Tiona

Meaning: Follower Of Christ

173. Tona

Meaning: Priceless

174. Tarsha

Meaning: Great Leader; Extremely Sensitive; Friendly

175. Teaira

Meaning: A Form Of Crown

176. Tejasi

Meaning: Sharpness; Brightness; Brilliance; Lustre

177. Tonie

Meaning: Beyond Price; Invaluable

178. Tulay

Meaning: New Moon

179. Twesha

Meaning: Broad-Minded; Domestic; Mysterious

180. TyEsha

Meaning: Bright; Duplicitous

181. Tayebba

Meaning: Affectionate; Inventive; Trustworthy

182. Tredha

Meaning: Earth

183. Tahajeeb

Meaning: Culture

184. Thaabita

Meaning: Firm

185. Tuisha

Meaning: First Ray Of Moon Falling On Water

186. Tabasim

Meaning: Smiling

187. Toyakshi

Meaning: Goddess

188. Timaria

Meaning: Best; Harmony; More Attractive

189. Tosif

Meaning: Praise

190. Taheraortahira

Meaning: Pure; Chaste;

191. Treeshna

Meaning: Thirst

192. Trisani

Meaning: Thirst

193. Thermuthis

Meaning: Another Form Of Renenet

194. Tepa

Meaning: Bunch; Cluster

195. Tiilia

Meaning: Praise

196. Tiitu

Meaning: Powerful Battle

197. Tuuni

Meaning: Twin; Priceless; Intetimable

198. Tyyni

Meaning: Calm

199. Twessa

Meaning: Glittering; Brilliant

200. Tis See Woo Na Tis

Meaning: She Who Bathes With Her Knees

201. Tahiyah

Meaning: Greeting

202. Tahseenah

Meaning: Acclaim

203. Taibah

Meaning: Wholesome; Good; Pure

204. Takiyah

Meaning: Pious; Righteous

205. Tasheen

Meaning: Ever Ambitious

206. Tawbah

Meaning: Repentence

207. Tazim

Meaning: Respect

208. Thara

Meaning: Wealth

209. Thashin

Meaning: Acclaim

210. Tisha

Meaning: One Who Is Active; Lively (not Verified Name)

211. Taban

Meaning: Shining (the State Of Something That Shines; Such As When We Say The Sun Is Shining); Giving Off Strong Light

212. Taba

Meaning: Clean

213. Tabian

Meaning: Expose

214. Tadeeb

Meaning: Literature Teach

215. Tadia

Meaning: To Pay

216. Tahfeez

Meaning: To Praise; To Describe

217. Tahiya

Meaning: Greeting; Salutation; Cheer; Welcome

218. Taira

Meaning: Flying

219. Talalah

Meaning: Sunniness

220. Taliba

Meaning: Student; Seeker; Pursuer; Fem Of Talib

221. Tamar

Meaning: Date Palm

222. Tareen

Meaning: More

223. Tawaddud

Meaning: Endearment; Showing Love Or Affection To; Gaining The Love Of Another

224. Tazeen

Meaning: Decoration; Ornament; Make-up;

225. Thubaitah

Meaning: Name Of A Sahabiyyah (RA)

226. Thuwabah

Meaning: (Thuwaybah)Name Of A Sahabiyyah (RA); Name Of The Lady; Who Had Breast-fed The Holy Prophet; Muhammad (peace Be Upon Him)

227. Trana

Meaning: Melody; Song

228. Talitha

Meaning: Small Girl

229. Tangela

Meaning: God' S Messenger

230. Tatiana

Meaning: Unclear

231. Theresa

Meaning: Summer Harvest

232. Thuy

Meaning: Gentle Woman

233. Tierra

Meaning: Land; Soil; Earth

234. Timothea

Meaning: Respecting God

235. Tine

Meaning: Christian Woman

236. Tirzah

Meaning: She Is My Joy

237. Trina

Meaning: Chaste; Pure

238. Tammy

Meaning: Palm Tree

239. Tennie

Meaning: Unclear

240. Terezia

Meaning: Summer Harvest

241. Tanishia

Meaning: Of Tanisha; Benevolent Ruler

242. Tapamita

Meaning: Never Do Bad;

243. Tejomaya

Meaning: Full Of Effulgence

244. Tawheeda

Meaning: One Who Say La Ilaha Illa Allah

245. Thuraiya

Meaning: Star; Constellation Pleiades

246. Tasbeeh

Meaning: Remembrance Of Allah And Glorification Of Him

247. Tahna

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Tatiana Which Is Feminine Of The Roman Family Clan Name Tatius

248. Tahzib

Meaning: Culture Education

249. Tallulah

Meaning: Running Water Famous Bearer: Tallulah Bankhead (1903 - 1968)

250. Telma

Meaning: Will; Wilful

251. Teme

Meaning: Without Flaw

252. Terri

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Teresa; Meaning Harvester

253. Tesia

Meaning: Farmer

254. Theone

Meaning: GoD's Name.

255. Thetis

Meaning: Mother Of Achilles

256. Tiffeny

Meaning: Gods Incarnate

257. Tommie

Meaning: Meaning Twin

258. Treasa

Meaning: Strong

259. Tayilah

Meaning: Great; High Of Rank And Status; Power; Generous

260. TayyibatunNisa

Meaning: Good-nature (one) Of The Woman

261. Taelyn

Meaning: Taelyn Means A Sharp Claw Traditionally It Was Only Used For Boys But Its Now Getting Popular Among Girls

262. Tiegan

Meaning: Copied From Welsh; Meaning Fair Or Pretty

263. Tahiry

Meaning: Nostalgic And Grateful For Her Past; Close To Family

264. Tiannah

Meaning: Copied From Latin Origins Meaning Joy; Happiness; This Name Also Has Origins In Indoreuropean And Is A Alternative Form Of The English Tia

265. Tinaye

Meaning: A Unisex Name Meaning Gift Or Blessing

266. Tiarni

Meaning: Copied From The Sanskrit Name Treana Meaning Piercing It Is Chiefly Used In English

267. Tabann

Meaning: A Genius; One Of Immeasurable

268. Tacincala

Meaning: Resembling A Deer

269. Taffany

Meaning: Manifestation Of God

270. Taici

Meaning: Quiet; Silent; Mute

271. Talassa

Meaning: Sea

272. Tamica

Meaning: Sweet

273. Tanja

Meaning: From The House Of Tatius

274. Tapaswini

Meaning: Ascetic

275. Tavah

Meaning: Staff Of The Gods; Staff Of The Goths

276. Tazannah

Meaning: A Princess; Born Into

277. Tazanne

Meaning: A Princess; Born Into

278. Tedda

Meaning: Gift Of God

279. Teddee

Meaning: Gift Of God

280. Teffany

Meaning: Manifestation Of God

281. Tege

Meaning: Poet

282. Tenagne

Meaning: Gold

283. Teraneeka

Meaning: Victory Of The Earth

284. Terania

Meaning: Lord

285. Terenia

Meaning: Hunter; Harvest; Guardian

286. Thabitha

Meaning: Gazelle; Doe; Roe

287. Thaddeah

Meaning: Wise; Valiant

288. Thurian

Meaning: Durian

289. Ticiana

Meaning: Honored

290. Tifaine

Meaning: Manifestation Of God

291. Tigriss

Meaning: Tiger

292. Timbar

Meaning: Wood

293. Timberlea

Meaning: A Tall Ruling Woman

294. Tiombea

Meaning: One Who Is Shy

295. Tivah

Meaning: One Who Loves To Dance

296. Tivonia

Meaning: Lover Of Nature

297. Tivonna

Meaning: Lover Of Nature

298. Tiza

Meaning: Ninth-born

299. Toinon

Meaning: Priceless; Inestimable

300. Tokyo

Meaning: Time Of Opportunity

301. Tomeka

Meaning: Sweet

302. Tomina

Meaning: Twin

303. Tonatzin

Meaning: Mother Earth

304. Tonneli

Meaning: Origin Is Varied

305. Tonnya

Meaning: From The House Of Tatius

306. Torcuata

Meaning: Adorned

307. Toscka

Meaning: Derived From Latin Origins

308. Toshala

Meaning: One Who Pleases

309. Totsee

Meaning: Moccasins

310. Totsie

Meaning: Moccasins

311. Tracia

Meaning: Place Of Thracius

312. Tracina

Meaning: Place Of Thracius

313. Trava

Meaning: Grass

314. Treasha

Meaning: Thirst

315. Trecia

Meaning: Noblewoman

316. Trice

Meaning: Hunter; Harvest; Guardian

317. Trudeliese

Meaning: Origin Is Germanic; And Its Use; German

318. Trudey

Meaning: Spear; Strength; Power

319. Tryamonn

Meaning: -

320. Tulinagwe

Meaning: The Lord Is With Us

321. Tuyeta

Meaning: Snow

322. Tymbar

Meaning: Wood

323. Tyronycka

Meaning: Goddess Of Battle

324. Tzahala

Meaning: Joy

325. Tisa

Meaning: " Ninth Born"

326. Tiziri

Meaning: " Moonlight"

327. Tylia

Meaning: Dew From Heaven

328. Tamako

Meaning: " Jewel Child"

329. Tavora

Meaning: " Break; Fracture"

330. Timber

Meaning: Wood

331. Tui

Meaning: Parson Bird

332. Tamaira

Meaning: Palm Tree

333. Tayber

Meaning: Encampment

334. Tyana

Meaning: Follower Of Christ

335. Ty’La

Meaning: A Worker In Roof Tiles

336. Teia

Meaning: Deity; Happiness; Light; Joy

337. Ta’Lor

Meaning: Morning Dew

338. Tija

Meaning: Gift Of God

339. Tapanga

Meaning: Sweet; Unpredictable

340. Tavan

Meaning: Firm

341. Teigra

Meaning: Tiger

342. Thressa

Meaning: Variant Of Therese

343. Tia Grace

Meaning: Elegant And Graceful Woman

344. Tia Louise

Meaning: Well-known Fighter

345. Tia Marie

Meaning: Rebellious Woman

346. Tia Rose

Meaning: Rose Blossom

347. Tizal

Meaning: Intelligent; Precious; Peaceful

348. Toni Lee

Meaning: From A Clearing

349. Treza

Meaning: Theresa; Harvest

350. Thaamira

Meaning: Successful; Joyful; Freedom Lover

351. Thuhayba

Meaning: Feeling; Adaptable; Noble

352. Typhanee

Meaning: Problem Solver; Wisedom; Shy

353. Tunnok

Meaning: Power; Great Humanity; Stimulator

354. Touillda

Meaning: Guider; Intelligence; Optimistic

355. Tabbasum

Meaning: Smile

356. Traati

Meaning: Clever

357. Tabashmi

Meaning: Flowers; Fragrance

358. Tananiya

Meaning: Leader; Independent; Original; Creative

359. Tesharni

Meaning: Innovative; Domestic; Intelligence

360. Tamatha

Meaning: Dear One

361. Tiece

Meaning: Caring; Master Of Their Own Destiny; Charisma

362. Thaalamboo

Meaning: Name Of A Fragrant Flower

363. Thaanyasri

Meaning: Love; Sincereaffection

364. Timeeka

Meaning: People

365. Toulin

Meaning: Powerful; Perfectionist; Capable

366. Taytmeem

Meaning: Complete

367. Taajdaar

Meaning: King

368. Tazmikh

Meaning: Fragrance

369. Tabsirah

Meaning: Enlightenment

370. Tathbeet

Meaning: Reinforcement; Stabilisation

371. Terri Terry

Meaning: Diminutive Form Of Theresa

372. Trish Trisha

Meaning: Noble

373. Tapikka

Meaning: Goddess Of Forest

374. Tihta

Meaning: Praise

375. Toniajavae

Meaning: Worthy Of Praise; Beauty

376. Tuala

Meaning: Princess Of The People

377. Tribi

Meaning: Type Of Hat

378. Twisa

Meaning: Glittering; Brilliant

379. Turna

Meaning: Right Path In Life

380. Tamaika

Meaning: Child Of The People; Palm Tree

381. Tirrtha

Meaning: Sacred Holy Place

382. Toshnika

Meaning: Knowledgeable; Inventive; Elegant

383. Tribhuvani

Meaning: Goddess Of The Three Worlds

384. Tosika

Meaning: Goddess

385. Tulu Tulou Tolou

Meaning: To Rise ; To Shine(as Insunrise )

386. Thabu

Meaning: Army Body; Excellent

387. Thorny

Meaning: New

388. Tahira

Meaning: Virginal; Pure; Pakeeza;

389. Tahirah Taahira

Meaning: Pure; Chaste

390. Tamara

Meaning: Date Tree

391. Tameemah

Meaning: Name Of A Poetess

392. Tara

Meaning: The Most Brilliant Star; It Is Also A Word That Refers To Any Type Of Visible Celestial Object; Such As A Star Or Planet

393. Thabitah

Meaning: Firm

394. Thana

Meaning: Thankfulness; Praise

395. Thoraya

Meaning: Star

396. Taasees

Meaning: Inception; Foundation

397. Taheerah

Meaning: Pure; Without Blemish Or Fault; Figuratively It Means Innocent; Virtuous; Chaste

398. Taiba

Meaning: A Woman Who Loves To Repent To Allah For All Sins; Minor Or Major; And Always Prays To God For Forgiveness

399. Talsa

Meaning: Mild Cloud

400. Tarawat

Meaning: Softnes; Coolness

401. Tareera

Meaning: STYLISH

402. Taroob

Meaning: Exciting; Mirth; Merry; Joy; Hilarity; Cheerful And Lively;

403. Tasawar

Meaning: Take Care

404. Tirana

Meaning: Song; Anthem

405. Tuhoor

Meaning: Extremely Clean

406. Turneem

Meaning: Sound Happy

407. Tan

Meaning: Chaste

408. Tarja

Meaning: Owner Of Goodness

409. Teri

Meaning: Summer Harvest

410. Tham

Meaning: Gracious

411. Terese

Meaning: Summer Harvest

412. Theola

Meaning: God' S Friend

413. Thora

Meaning: Like A Thunder

414. Tone

Meaning: New Thor

415. Torny

Meaning: New Thor

416. Tushika

Meaning: Snowfall

417. Tanishi

Meaning: Goddess Durga

418. Tannishtha

Meaning: Loyal; Sincere & Dedicated; Devoted

419. Teshinee

Meaning: Innovative; Domestic; Intelligence

420. Tripuri

Meaning: Goddess Parvati

421. Trishalana

Meaning: A River In Heaven

422. Taaiba

Meaning: Repentant

423. Tubaa

Meaning: Blessedness; Beatitude

424. Tuqaa

Meaning: Heedfulness Of God

425. Talwasa

Meaning: As In May You Always Live

426. Talayeh

Meaning: Golden Ray Of Sun; Advance Guard

427. Tamjid

Meaning: Praise; Glorification; Extolment

428. Tacey

Meaning: Silent; Hushed

429. Tahki

Meaning: Cold

430. Tahnee

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Tatiana Which Is Feminine Of The Roman Family Clan Name Tatius

431. Talora

Meaning: Morning's Dew.

432. Tamma

Meaning: Without Flaw

433. Tassie

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Natasha - The Russian Form Of The English Natalie 'Born At Christmas.

434. Taura

Meaning: Many Lakes; Many Rivers

435. Tecla

Meaning: Renowned Fame

436. Tehya

Meaning: Predous

437. Teleri

Meaning: Legendary Daughter Of Peul

438. Terrah

Meaning: The Planet Earth Famous Bearer: Mythological Terra; The Roman Earth Goddess Equivalent To The Greek Gaia

439. Terrwyn

Meaning: Brave

440. Thaddia

Meaning: Brave

441. Thadina

Meaning: Given Praise

442. Theophanie

Meaning: Gods Incarnate

443. Tiahna

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Tatiana

444. Tira

Meaning: Land

445. Tisiphone

Meaning: A Fury

446. Tonia

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Antonia And Antoinette

447. Tonisha

Meaning: Abbreviation Of Antonia And Antoinette

448. Tora

Meaning: Victor

449. Toriana

Meaning: Derived From Victoria: Triumphant

450. Treise

Meaning: Strong

451. Tressam

Meaning: Reaper

452. Trudel

Meaning: Strong

453. Tullia

Meaning: Peaceful

454. Thayeba

Meaning: One Who Returns To God; One Who Repents

455. Tenzing

Meaning: Protector Of Dharma

456. Toyaja

Meaning: Lotus

457. Taliyah

Meaning: From The Hebrew Word Tal Meaning Dew; The Name Means Gods Dew

458. Tamia

Meaning: Copied From The Hebrew Tamar Meaning Date Palm; Palm Tree

459. Trinitee

Meaning: This Modification On The NameTrinitymeans A Triad Or Group Of Three; And May Refer To The Christian Religious Idea Of The Father; Son; And Holy Spirit

460. Tayla

Meaning: A Alternative Of The Name Tailor OrTaylor; Originally An Occupational Surname; Meaning Tailor

461. Teaghan

Meaning: A Modification Of The Name Tegan Which Means Pretty; Fair; Blessed Or Holy

462. Toyah

Meaning: Copied From English (Hispanic) Origin It Is A Alternative Of Toya And Victoria

463. Tian

Meaning: Copied From The Name Tina; Meaning Dignified Or Holy

464. Taylar

Meaning: Taylar Is A French Name Taken From The Word Taillour Which Means Tailor Or To Cut

465. Taafe

Meaning: Taffy

466. Tabanna

Meaning: A Genius; One Of Immeasurable

467. Taceta

Meaning: Quiet; Silent; Mute

468. Tacia

Meaning: Quiet; Silent; Mute

469. Tadeata

Meaning: To The Wind!; A Runner

470. Tadetta

Meaning: To The Wind!; A Runner

471. Taegen

Meaning: Pretty; Fair; Pretty

472. Taeko

Meaning: Child Of Many Blessings

473. Taheeya

Meaning: Greetings

474. Tahiara

Meaning: Pure; Chaste; Virtuous

475. Taicea

Meaning: Quiet; Silent; Mute

476. Takeko

Meaning: Bamboo Child

477. Talaithe

Meaning: One Who Wears A Royal

478. Talajara

Meaning: A Crown

479. Tamaka

Meaning: Jewel Scent

480. Tamalia

Meaning: Thunderbolt

481. Tarachandia

Meaning: Silver Star

482. Tarachandiya

Meaning: Silver Star

483. Tasanea

Meaning: Beautiful View

484. Tasaney

Meaning: Beautiful View

485. Tatia

Meaning: From The House Of Tatius

486. Tauné

Meaning: Tawny; Tanned

487. Tauni

Meaning: Tawny; Tanned

488. Taunisha

Meaning: Tawny; Tanned

489. Taunya

Meaning: From The House Of Tatius

490. Tawanna

Meaning: Wends; Vandals

491. Tawea

Meaning: Born After Twins

492. Tazana

Meaning: A Princess; Born Into

493. Tazanah

Meaning: A Princess; Born Into

494. Tazann

Meaning: A Princess; Born Into

495. Teffan

Meaning: Manifestation Of God

496. Teina

Meaning: Healthy; Strong; God

497. Tejana

Meaning: Texan

498. Temara

Meaning: Date Palm; Palm Tree

499. Tendaa

Meaning: Thankful To God

500. Teodóra

Meaning: Gift Of God