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Baby Boy names starting with V, baby Boy names starting with V of 2021, Modern baby Boy names starting with V of 2022.

Top 500 Modern Baby Names Starting With V

1. Valentin

Meaning: Hale And Healthy

2. Vicente

Meaning: The One Who Conquered

3. Valentino

Meaning: Hale And Healthy

4. Van

Meaning: From The Moors

5. Vance

Meaning: From The Moors

6. Victor

Meaning: Man Of Victory

7. Vincent

Meaning: The One Who Conquered

8. Vihaan

Meaning: Morning; Dawn

9. Vincenzo

Meaning: Conquering

10. Viviana

Meaning: In Malory's Mort D'Arthur Vivien Was The LaDy Of The Lake; Also The Enchantress Of Merlin.

11. Vellore

Meaning: It Is Place Name In Tamilnadu

12. Vimochan

Meaning: Lord Shiva

13. Vettri

Meaning: Victory

14. Vandenberg

Meaning: From The Hill

15. Vruddik

Meaning: Development

16. Vincente

Meaning: Victor

17. Vilek

Meaning: Will; Desire; Helmet

18. Viljam

Meaning: Protection

19. Volya

Meaning: Free Will

20. Vonn

Meaning: Little

21. Vilfredo

Meaning: Desiring Peace

22. Vilio

Meaning: The Top Best

23. Vilho

Meaning: Strong Mind And Protection

24. Vanir

Meaning: A Mythical God Of Rain

25. Vicenzio

Meaning: Winning; Conquering

26. Vilfrido

Meaning: Desiring Peace

27. Vlad

Meaning: Vladimir VLADIMIR Prince

28. Visente

Meaning: Conquerer

29. Vaibhu

Meaning: Prosperity; Wealth; Glory

30. Verdie

Meaning: Truth

31. Vitalia

Meaning: Life; Vitality Of Life

32. Vivan

Meaning: Lord Krishna; Full Of Life

33. Van Aken

Meaning: From Aachen

34. Vanderpool

Meaning: From The Pool

35. Vladik

Meaning: Peaceful Or Has Glory

36. Vedh

Meaning: Pious; Faithful

37. Vishall

Meaning: Great

38. Vitéz

Meaning: A Courageous Warrior

39. Vinai

Meaning: Friendly And Moody

40. Vondell

Meaning: Hope

41. Visakan

Meaning: Branched; Divided

42. Vaape

Meaning: A Bean

43. Vruddith

Meaning: Progress

44. Vadim

Meaning: Ruler

45. Valdez

Meaning: Unclear

46. Valentine

Meaning: Hale And Healthy

47. Viktor

Meaning: Man Of Victory

48. Vilmos

Meaning: Strong Mind And Protection

49. Vaivat

Meaning: Controversy;

50. Vikrampal

Meaning: Preserver Of Bravery

51. Vittak

Meaning: Celebrated

52. Victorio

Meaning: Conqueror

53. Vrajlal

Meaning: Lord Krishna

54. Vimalnath

Meaning: Name Of The 13 Th Teerthankar

55. Velimeer

Meaning: Great Peace

56. Vencele

Meaning: Wreath; Garland

57. Victoir

Meaning: Conqueror

58. Vikartana

Meaning: Dividing

59. Vrom

Meaning: Having Great Wisdom

60. Vrat

Meaning: Vow To Do Certain Things

61. Vicarle

Meaning: Investigator; Care Taker; Courage

62. Vilayath

Meaning: Owner

63. Vuolevi

Meaning: Ancestor

64. Vernandos

Meaning: Strong As A Bear

65. Vysakh

Meaning: Name Of A Hindu Month

66. Vangelis

Meaning: Good Tidings

67. Vernon

Meaning: Of The Alder Tree

68. Viggo

Meaning: Battle

69. Vilhelms

Meaning: Strong Mind And Protection

70. Ville

Meaning: Strong Mind And Protection

71. Viscounte

Meaning: A Titled Nobleman

72. Vladimir

Meaning: Ruler Of The World

73. Volodya

Meaning: Ruler Of The World

74. Vova

Meaning: Ruler Of The World

75. Vijender

Meaning: God Of Bravery

76. Vishwaroop

Meaning: Omnipresent

77. Vishwat

Meaning: Universal Soul; Part Of Vishwathmane Namaha:” From Vishnu Sahasranam

78. Visok

Meaning: Sorrow Less; Free Of Sorrow

79. Vinci

Meaning: Conqueror

80. Vingon

Meaning: Son Of Vinn

81. Vageesh

Meaning: Lord Shiva

82. Vagyshe

Meaning: Of Sanskrit Origin

83. Valarico

Meaning: Leader Of The Battle

84. Vanajeet

Meaning: Lord Of The Forest

85. Vashan

Meaning: Origin Is Varied

86. Vashayn

Meaning: Of Various Origins

87. Victa

Meaning: Conqueror

88. Vijaye

Meaning: Conquering

89. Vikasa

Meaning: Radiant

90. Vikenti

Meaning: Winning; Conquering

91. Vitalis

Meaning: Vital; Of Life; Life-giving

92. Vicencio

Meaning: Conquerer

93. Vivant

Meaning: Raise Of Sun; Full Of Life

94. Vanaipaka Verindon

Meaning: Lord Murugan

95. Vajraa

Meaning: Thunderbolt And Mythical Weapon

96. Vullu

Meaning: Blessed

97. Varaprasad

Meaning: Name Of Lord

98. Ventres

Meaning: Guider; Intelligence; Optimistic

99. Vlcagni

Meaning: Loving Change; Master Of Their Own Destiny; High Intelligence

100. Vailathi

Meaning: Individualistic; Emotional; Powerful

101. Vaarush

Meaning: Gifted To Win

102. Varadhu

Meaning: Creativity; Flexible; Studious

103. Vetasini

Meaning: Mankind; Great Lover; Optimistic

104. Virajith

Meaning: Winner

105. Vadamalai

Meaning: Lord Venkateshwara

106. Vector

Meaning: Hero

107. Vaalu

Meaning: Foreign

108. Vaapi

Meaning: A Bean

109. Viik

Meaning: Famous In War

110. Vilhe

Meaning: Desire; Protection; Will

111. Vuoti

Meaning: Ancestor

112. Varsàny

Meaning: Name Of An Ethnic Group

113. Vanaipaka Verindon

Meaning: Lord Murugan

114. Vishwapati

Meaning: Lord Of The World

115. Vruddhit

Meaning: Progress

116. Virxilio

Meaning: Rod Staff Bearer

117. Vasanthkumar

Meaning: Spring

118. Vedh Vijeth

Meaning: One Who Wins The World Knowledge

119. Vidhush

Meaning: Brilliance; Wise

120. Valiant

Meaning: Courageous Or Brave

121. Valour

Meaning: Courageous Or Brave

122. Vanajit

Meaning: Lord Of The Forest

123. Vijayanth

Meaning: Victor; Name Of Indra

124. Vijayaraj

Meaning: Victory

125. Vishal

Meaning: Huge; Broad; Great

126. Van Ness

Meaning: Of The Headland

127. Vaughan

Meaning: Henry IV' Duke Of Clarence. Thomas Wart, Country SolDier. 'Henry VI' Thomas Horner, Armourer. 'Henry VIII' Sir Thomas Lovell. 'Measure For Measure' A Friar. 'King Henry VI, III', 'Henry VIII' Duke Of Norfolk. 'King RicharD III' Sir Thomas Vaughan.

128. Vestar

Meaning: Son Of Thorolf

129. Victorino

Meaning: Conqueror Note: This Database Is Copyright 2000; Muse Creations Inc

130. Vafi

Meaning: Complete; Just

131. Viqaas

Meaning: Fighter

132. Vacana

Meaning: Oath

133. Vachele

Meaning: Calf

134. Vadden

Meaning: Man From Bath

135. Valaka

Meaning: Beam

136. Vanaspati

Meaning: Lord Of The Woods

137. Vaseen

Meaning: Ruler; Lord

138. Vayshaun

Meaning: Yahweh Is Gracious

139. Velte

Meaning: Rose Field

140. Venceslao

Meaning: Greater Glory

141. Vetoni

Meaning: Lightning

142. Vidyasagara

Meaning: Sea Of Knowledge

143. Vikent

Meaning: Winning; Conquering

144. Vimarsa

Meaning: Test

145. Vitali

Meaning: Vital; Of Life; Life-giving

146. Vitaliano

Meaning: Young And Strong

147. Vjekoslav

Meaning: Of The Glorious Age

148. Vladamir

Meaning: Rule; Great; Famous

149. Vojin

Meaning: One Who Belongs To The Battle

150. Vyscher

Meaning: Fisher

151. Vicentij

Meaning: Conquerer

152. Vinzens

Meaning: Conquerer

153. Vayden

Meaning: No Meaning As This Is A Modern Name

154. Vedarsh

Meaning: The Creater Of Vedas Lord Brahma

155. Vihansh

Meaning: First Ray Of Light; Broad Minded

156. Valan

Meaning: Ingenious; Resourceful

157. Visa

Meaning: Wood Grain

158. Vrajamohana

Meaning: Fascinator Of Vraja

159. Vazeer

Meaning: Minister

160. Virnin

Meaning: Power; Great Humanity; Stimulator

161. Vyasan

Meaning: Writter Of Mahabharatham

162. Vaagesha

Meaning: Risk Taker; Visionary; Unpretentious

163. Van Raaj

Meaning: Ruler Of The Foreset; The Lion

164. Vaar

Meaning: Times

165. Velayani

Meaning: Master; Educated; Cheerful

166. Virajesh

Meaning: Lord Krishna

167. Vrikshsen

Meaning: Son Of Karna

168. Valeed

Meaning: Young

169. Vighneswar

Meaning: Lord Venkateswara Swamy

170. Viswadeb

Meaning: Lord Of The Universe

171. Vekoslav

Meaning: Eternal Glory

172. Vuno

Meaning: Of The Mountains

173. Valtsu

Meaning: Rule

174. Vesukka

Meaning: Young Plant

175. Voti

Meaning: Victory

176. Vuolikka

Meaning: Ancestor

177. Vanshav

Meaning: Generation Of Father

178. Varisht

Meaning: Best; Elders

179. Ved Vyas

Meaning: Name Of A Saint

180. Veehant

Meaning: Intelligence

181. Vibbodh

Meaning: Wise

182. Vivek Vardhan

Meaning: Increaser Of Knowledge

183. Viyogi

Meaning: Separation; Pathway

184. Vardaraj

Meaning: Another Name Of Lord Vishnu

185. Vedhrsh

Meaning: Lord Brahma; The Creator Of Vedas

186. Vinag

Meaning: Lord Shiva

187. Vishwadeva

Meaning: Lord Of Universe

188. Vedikprakash

Meaning: One Who Has Knowledge Of The Vedas

189. Viswraj

Meaning: Conqueror Of Earth

190. Vilbert

Meaning: Will; Desire; Bright; Famous

191. Valerio

Meaning: Powerful; Strong

192. Vincenc

Meaning: The One Who Conquered

193. Volker

Meaning: Warrior Tribe

194. Vaasavadatta

Meaning: A Name In Sanskrit Classics

195. Vallinath

Meaning: Lord Subrahmanya

196. Vanad

Meaning: Cloud

197. Varchasv

Meaning: Manager; Peace; Shy

198. Vednath

Meaning: Energy; Helper; Stimulator

199. Veekshit

Meaning: Brave

200. Venavir

Meaning: Lord Shivas Son

201. Venimadhav

Meaning: Lord Krishna

202. Vidhesh

Meaning: Foreign Land Or Lord Shiva

203. Vijaymeet

Meaning: FrienDly ' Victory' Victory

204. Vikrant

Meaning: Powerful; Warrior

205. Vishesh

Meaning: Special

206. Vishwamitrapriya

Meaning: Vishwamitras Loved One

207. Viswanath

Meaning: God Of Universe; Worlds Owner Or Rich

208. Viswanatha

Meaning: God Of Universe; Worlds Owner Or Rich (1)

209. Visweseara

Meaning: Boss Of Universe; God Of Universe

210. Vitesh

Meaning: Lord Kubera

211. Vitul

Meaning: Lively

212. Vrajkishore

Meaning: Lord Krishna

213. Vritant

Meaning: Description; Narration Of An Event (1)

214. Valkoinen

Meaning: White

215. Vasileios

Meaning: Regal

216. Vegard

Meaning: Protection

217. Vegeir

Meaning: Meat Sacrificer

218. Venamin

Meaning: Son Of The Right Hand

219. Venedictos

Meaning: Blessed

220. Videl

Meaning: Life Used As Both Surname And Given Name See Also Vito

221. Vincze

Meaning: Victorious'.

222. Vinnie

Meaning: Form Of Vincent 'conquering.

223. Vladislav

Meaning: Has Glory

224. Vladmiri

Meaning: Has Peace

225. Vladya

Meaning: Wreath Of Glory

226. Vogel

Meaning: Bird

227. Voisttitoevetz

Meaning: White Cow

228. Volody

Meaning: Peaceful

229. Vsndyke

Meaning: From The Dike

230. Vyacheslav

Meaning: Has Glory

231. Vaiveahtoish

Meaning: Alights On The Cloud

232. Varadhan

Meaning: Blessing

233. Vayujwal

Meaning: A Rishi

234. Vedeshwar

Meaning: Lord Of The Vedas

235. Vedomohan

Meaning: Lord Krishna

236. Vipratam

Meaning: Wisest

237. Vyapari

Meaning: Bussinesman

238. Vabhav

Meaning: Riches

239. Vachaspatie

Meaning: A Learned Man; The Lord Of Speech

240. Vache

Meaning: Calf

241. Vachell

Meaning: Calf

242. Vadeene

Meaning: Speaker

243. Vandal

Meaning: One Who Destroys

244. Varak

Meaning: Protector And Ruler

245. Varfolomei

Meaning: Son Of Talmai; Son Of The One Who Abounds In Furrows

246. Varil

Meaning: Water

247. Vasuky

Meaning: Derived From Sanskrit Origins

248. Veejay

Meaning: Conquering

249. Venceslav

Meaning: Greater Glory

250. Venceslás

Meaning: Greater Glory

251. Verall

Meaning: Truthful

252. Veselin

Meaning: Merry One

253. Vibodha

Meaning: Awakening

254. Vibol

Meaning: In Abundance

255. Viboll

Meaning: In Abundance

256. Vicker

Meaning: Cleric

257. Vidkun

Meaning: Experienced

258. Vig

Meaning: Fight; War

259. Vilelmo

Meaning: Will; Desire; Helmet

260. Vilém

Meaning: Will; Desire; Helmet

261. Viriato

Meaning: One Who Wears The Ruling

262. Virindra

Meaning: Leader Of Heroes

263. Vitalicio

Meaning: Young And Strong

264. Viviani

Meaning: Alive; Lively

265. Vulckan

Meaning: Vulcano; To Flash

266. Vencent

Meaning: Conquerer

267. Vibhushit

Meaning: Ash

268. Veeransh

Meaning: Best Among Braves; Part Of Bravery

269. Vante

Meaning: Healthy; Strong

270. Varam

Meaning: Gift Of God; Boon

271. Vegh

Meaning: Powerful And Speedy

272. Veral

Meaning: Truthful

273. Verlie

Meaning: Beaver Stream Or Meadow; Faith

274. Vijayraj

Meaning: Victory; Wining King

275. Vimansh

Meaning: Not End

276. Visoth

Meaning: Heavenly; Pure

277. Vrajendra

Meaning: Art; Knowledgeul; Freedom Lover

278. Valiuddin

Meaning: Loving; Electric Creativity; Unpretentious

279. Vinay Krishana


280. Varaj

Meaning: Great

281. Vardak

Meaning: Wish Fulfiller

282. Vendoni

Meaning: Aware; Sentimental; Noble

283. Venutius

Meaning: Adventure; Emotional; Highly Attractive

284. Vinaha

Meaning: Leader; Visionary; Powerful

285. Vopula

Meaning: Grace

286. Ved Aryan

Meaning: Sacred Knowledge

287. Vayasat

Meaning: Successful; Joyful; Freedom Lover

288. Veshana

Meaning: Knowledgeful; Inventive; Elegant

289. Vikadan

Meaning: Joker

290. Veerasami

Meaning: Social Person; Great Companion; Graceful

291. Visikha

Meaning: Arrow; Dart

292. Vonguru

Meaning: Forest Guru

293. Vyomesa

Meaning: Lord Of The Heavens

294. Vanaveer

Meaning: Jungle Courageous

295. Vadalon

Meaning: Unique; Visionary; Different

296. Vetrioli

Meaning: Light Of Success

297. Vijanand

Meaning: Happiness Of Victory

298. Vimalbir

Meaning: Pure And Brave

299. Viragi

Meaning: The Dispassionate

300. Vares

Meaning: Heir

301. Villamor

Meaning: From A Town Or Village

302. Vibanshu

Meaning: Radiant; Moon

303. Visna

Meaning: Destiny; Fate

304. Valprit

Meaning: Strong Peace

305. Veikka

Meaning: Brother

306. Venneri

Meaning: Army Defender Warrior

307. Vennu

Meaning: Flute; Name Of Lord Krishna

308. Vasilius

Meaning: Royal; Kingly

309. Vadant

Meaning: The One Blessed By All Vedas

310. Valabh

Meaning: Beloved; Lord Krishna; Lord Datta

311. Vismit

Meaning: Amazed; Surprised; Wondered

312. Vivak

Meaning: Name Of Lord Ganesha

313. Vrukshit

Meaning: Spreads Like Tree

314. Vrun

Meaning: Lord Of The Waters

315. Vrushi

Meaning: One Who Give Happiness

316. Vanadeva

Meaning: Forest God

317. Venkateshwar

Meaning: Lord Venkatesha

318. Venkatsha

Meaning: Lord Venkateshwara

319. Vishrat

Meaning: Famous

320. Varughese

Meaning: Of The Land; Farmer

321. Viswnathan

Meaning: Ruler Of Universe

322. Valence

Meaning: Strength; Power

323. Valerian

Meaning: Powerful; Strong

324. Verlin

Meaning: Blossoming

325. Vidar

Meaning: Fighter In The Woods

326. Valmont

Meaning: Mount Of The Vale

327. Vick

Meaning: Man Of Victory

328. Vien

Meaning: Complete

329. Vilfred

Meaning: Longing For Peace

330. Vitale

Meaning: Vital

331. Vachanpreet

Meaning: One Who ' Love' Love Promise

332. Vadivelu

Meaning: Name Of Lord Shanmukha;

333. Vakratund

Meaning: An Epithet Of Ganesh; Lord Ganesh

334. Vallmanalan

Meaning: Lord Murugan

335. Vamshi

Meaning: Flute Of Lord Krishna

336. Varadh

Meaning: God Of Fire; Ganapati

337. Varsheet

Meaning: Rain

338. Vatradhara

Meaning: Practicing Penance; Lord Rama

339. Vedant

Meaning: The Scriptures; Vedic Method Of Self Realization; Knower Of The Vedas; One Who Knows All; Hindu Philosophy Or Ultimate Wisdom; King Of All

340. Vedish

Meaning: Lord Of Vedas A Hindu Mythologys Detail Knowledge

341. Vendan

Meaning: King

342. Vibhu

Meaning: All Pervading

343. Vidur

Meaning: Wise

344. Vidura

Meaning: (Son Of Vyasa And A Palace Maidservant; Brother To Dhritarstra And Pandu; Counsel To The King Of Hatinapur Vidura Was Said To Be An Expansion Of Yamaraja; The Lord Of Justice)

345. Vikramaditya

Meaning: A Famous King

346. Vishalaksha

Meaning: Wide-eyed Lord

347. Vishok

Meaning: Sorrow Less; Free Of Sorrow

348. Vishuddh

Meaning: Pure

349. Vishwanth

Meaning: The Lord; King Of The Universe

350. Vishwarupa

Meaning: One Who Displays The Universal Form

351. Vishwesh

Meaning: The Lord Almighty

352. Vismad

Meaning: Wondrous

353. Visvayu

Meaning: (Brother Of Amavasuand Satayu)

354. Visveshwaran

Meaning: Lord Shiva

355. Vitasta

Meaning: River Jhelum In Sanskrit

356. Vitthal

Meaning: Lord Vishnu; Fortune Giver

357. Vivang

Meaning: Inspiring; Confidence; Gentle

358. Vrath

Meaning: Austerities

359. Vrushket

Meaning: (Son Of Karna)

360. Vandrad

Meaning: Son Of Osvin

361. Varian

Meaning: Fidde

362. Vasek

Meaning: Wreath Of Glory

363. Velvel

Meaning: Wolf

364. Vencel

Meaning: Victorious

365. Ventidius

Meaning: Antony AnD Cleopatra'. FrienD To Mark Antony. 'The Life Of Timon Of Athens' A Flattering LorD, AnD One Of Timon's False FrienDs.

366. Verdell

Meaning: Green; Flourishing

367. Verrill

Meaning: True

368. Veryl

Meaning: True

369. Victoro

Meaning: Victor

370. Vin

Meaning: Conquering

371. Vincenzio

Meaning: Victor

372. Vinsone

Meaning: Son Of Vinn

373. Vipponah

Meaning: Slim Face

374. Virgilio

Meaning: Profiting'.

375. Voistitoevitz

Meaning: White Cow

376. Vokivocummast

Meaning: White Antelope

377. Vrba

Meaning: Willow

378. Vromme

Meaning: Wise

379. Vruyk

Meaning: From The Fortress

380. Vaishvanar

Meaning: Omnipresent; Worshipped Everywhere

381. Varadaraja

Meaning: Lord Of Boons

382. Vardhman

Meaning: Stable

383. Variman

Meaning: Best; Excellent

384. Vedacharya

Meaning: Teacher Of The Vedas

385. Vedasar

Meaning: Essence Of The Vedas

386. Visvakarman

Meaning: Architect

387. Vitahavya

Meaning: Lord Krishna

388. VanRaj

Meaning: Ruler Of Forest; Lion

389. Vasupujya

Meaning: Name Of The 12 Th Teerthankar

390. Vachaspatey

Meaning: A Learned Man; The Lord Of Speech

391. Vachaspaty

Meaning: A Learned Man; The Lord Of Speech

392. Vadar

Meaning: A Fatherly Man

393. Vadem

Meaning: Has Its Origins In The Old Norse Language

394. Vagard

Meaning: Fence; Enclosure; Protection

395. Vagishe

Meaning: Of Sanskrit Origin

396. Vai

Meaning: A Mighty Ruler

397. Vain

Meaning: Cart Maker; Carter

398. Valab

Meaning: Beloved

399. Valle

Meaning: From The Glen

400. Vanajyt

Meaning: Lord Of The Forest

401. Vand

Meaning: From The

402. Vandee

Meaning: One Who Travels; A Wanderer

403. Varryck

Meaning: Protector And Ruler

404. Vaschel

Meaning: From The Small Ash Tree

405. Vaybhav

Meaning: Riches

406. Vayshon

Meaning: Yahweh Is Gracious

407. Veiko

Meaning: Brother

408. Velek

Meaning: Great Fame

409. Velichko

Meaning: Great

410. Veliko

Meaning: Great

411. Verbrugge

Meaning: From The Bridge

412. Vercingetorix

Meaning: The King Of Warriors

413. Verdiana

Meaning: Green

414. Viau

Meaning: Alive; Lively

415. Vicenç

Meaning: Winning; Conquering

416. Victorius

Meaning: Conqueror

417. Vid

Meaning: Wide; Wood; Forest

418. Vidhata

Meaning: Supporter

419. Vigberto

Meaning: One Who Shines In Battle

420. Vihtori

Meaning: Conqueror

421. Vijun

Meaning: Conquering

422. Viko

Meaning: Conqueror

423. Vikyng

Meaning: Viking

424. Viljalmr

Meaning: Will; Desire; Great

425. Vilmer

Meaning: Will; Desire; Great

426. Vinsent

Meaning: Winning; Conquering

427. Virakta

Meaning: Discolored

428. Virginius

Meaning: Virgin

429. Virilius

Meaning: Man

430. Vitas

Meaning: Vital; Of Life; Life-giving

431. Vjeko

Meaning: Of The Glorious Age

432. Vladimiro

Meaning: Rule; Great; Famous

433. Vladja

Meaning: Rule With Glory; Great

434. Vogell

Meaning: Bird

435. Vojtek

Meaning: Soldier' S Consolation

436. Vojtík

Meaning: Soldier' S Consolation

437. Volga

Meaning: From The River

438. Volkhard

Meaning: People; Tribe; Brave

439. Vonney

Meaning: -

440. Vonny

Meaning: -

441. Vortigern

Meaning: The Supreme King

442. Vrome

Meaning: Having Great Wisdom

443. Vromm

Meaning: Having Great Wisdom

444. Vyorel

Meaning: Resembling The Bluebell

445. Vysscher

Meaning: Fisher

446. Venkatachal

Meaning: Tirumala

447. Vyajayant

Meaning: Indra

448. Vivansh

Meaning: First Rays Of Sun

449. Venancio

Meaning: Fan Of Hunting

450. Viana

Meaning: Alive

451. Volodymyr

Meaning: Ruler Of Peace

452. Vuong

Meaning: Prosperous; Developed

453. Vadan

Meaning: Speech; Eloquent

454. Vaid

Meaning: Helper; Doctor; Medicine

455. Valens

Meaning: Pioneer; Sacrificer; Respectability

456. Vedhik

Meaning: Full Of Knowledge

457. Veikko

Meaning: Brother; Nice Guy

458. Vibeesh

Meaning: Beautiful

459. Vicari

Meaning: Inquirer

460. Vicen

Meaning: Vicente

461. Vinal

Meaning: Vine Hall

462. Vinee

Meaning: Victor; Noble Friend

463. Visak

Meaning: Branched

464. Visar

Meaning: Forget

465. Viyat

Meaning: Sky; Brightest

466. Van Raj

Meaning: Ruler Of The Forest; The Lion

467. Veerapandi

Meaning: Brave; Confident

468. Ved Vyas

Meaning: Name Of A Saint

469. Viyo

Meaning: Spiritual; Helper; Intuitive

470. Van Zualenburg

Meaning: Peaceful; Systematic Mind; Mysterious

471. Vethanth

Meaning: Spiritual; Helper; Intuitive

472. Vinarp

Meaning: Highly Competitive; Confidence; Studious

473. Vamsi Krishna

Meaning: Passionate; Extremely Sensitive; Intelligence

474. Vadamalaiyan

Meaning: Lord Hanuman

475. Valaiyapathi

Meaning: A Tamil Epic; Strong Man; Man Of Justice

476. Vrej

Meaning: Vengeance

477. Vatish

Meaning: Fire

478. Veshpa

Meaning: Speed

479. Veil

Meaning: Valley; Stream

480. Vendvbari

Meaning: Investigator; Care Taker; Courage

481. Vellocatus

Meaning: Innovative; Domestic; Intelligence

482. Vorteporix

Meaning: Kind; Enormous; Dynamic

483. Vazir

Meaning: Minister

484. Vedagiri

Meaning: Holy Mountain

485. Vetaben

Meaning: Loving; Dedicator; Respectability

486. Vighnav

Meaning: Sensitive; Leadership; Energetic

487. Vijayam

Meaning: Victory

488. Vemana

Meaning: Yogi

489. Vaanavan

Meaning: From The Sky; Godly

490. Vagishan

Meaning: Name Of Lord Shiva

491. Vagor

Meaning: Helpful; Researcher; Comfortable

492. Vikirida

Meaning: Sensitive; Leadership; Energetic

493. Vitaardh

Meaning: Powerful; Dedicator; Noble

494. Vitakama

Meaning: Kind; Entertainer; Handsome

495. Vyoneesh

Meaning: Lord Of Sky (Vyon)

496. Vellasami

Meaning: Creative; Educated; Confidence

497. Vibhakhar

Meaning: Sun

498. Vipesh

Meaning: Shist

499. Vipina

Meaning: Jungle; Forest

500. Vivasvata

Meaning: Brilliant; Shining