100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Art

100 Unique Art Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Art most popular names of 2023 feature Ila as Number one for girls, and Kareem in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Art are Kairi and Ira and Karter and for girls, and Viviana and Arturo and Adan and for boys. Here is the list for Art baby names for boys and girls.

1. Kareem

Meaning: Generous; Honorable; Kindhearted; Noble; Excellent
Origin: Arabic
Kareem Name Meaning By Origin: بخشنے والا، سخی، نیک دل
Pronunciation: CUp + pRay + SwEEt + Man
How to be Write: کریم
Lucky Number: Kareem Lucky Number Is 3

2. Viviana

Meaning: In Malory's Mort D'Arthur Vivien Was The LaDy Of The Lake; Also The Enchantress Of Merlin.
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vi-viana, Vivi-ana, Vi-via-na
Lucky Number: Viviana Lucky Number Is 6

3. Arturo

Meaning: Variant Of Arthur; The Name Means Stone
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: AhrTUWro

4. Adan

Meaning: Earth; FireMan Of The Red Earth
Origin: Arabic
Adan Name Meaning By Origin: جنت، بہشت، فردوس
Pronunciation: Ultimate + DONE
How to be Write: عدن
Lucky Number: Adan Lucky Number Is 1

5. Jagger

Meaning: Strong; Loyal; Carter
Origin: Hindi
Jagger Name Meaning By Origin: जग्गेर
How to be Write: जैगर

6. Kenji

Meaning: Literally Meanssecond Son; Enlightened; Smart; Courageous
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: KENjee

7. Gia

Meaning: Heart; Love
Origin: Hindi
Gia Name Meaning By Origin: गिया
How to be Write: जिया

8. Alonso

Meaning: Warrior; Battle-ready; Of Noble Heart And Mind
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: AhLONso

9. Elias

Meaning: Clothed; Enveloped In Garments; Or Dressed (in A Particular Way; Mudathir Fi Burdatun Sawdaa’ Un Means Dressed In A Black Garment)
Origin: Hebrew
Elias Name Meaning By Origin: عبرانی میں خدا کا نام
Pronunciation: IsLam + YArn + Sweet
How to be Write: الیاس
Lucky Number: Elias Lucky Number Is 1

10. Jadiel

Meaning: Kind And Open-hearted; Able To Extend Compassion To Others
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Jadeel

11. Cole

Meaning: A Person Of Swarthy Appearance
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KOL
Lucky Number: Cole Lucky Number Is 8

12. Cartier

Meaning: Variant Of Carter; Love Traveling; Visiting Far Off Places
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KARter

13. Arthur

Meaning: Arthur Was A Great King Lives In 6th Century
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Arthur Lucky Number Is 5

14. Carter

Meaning: Cart Driver
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KAHR-tər
Lucky Number: Carter Lucky Number Is 2

15. Knox

Meaning: Knox Means The Top Round Part Of A Hill
Origin: English
Pronunciation: NOKS

16. Roger

Meaning: Henry VI, Part 2' Roger Bolingbroke, A Conjurer.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Roger, Ro-ger
Lucky Number: Roger Lucky Number Is 9

17. Baani

Meaning: Earth; Goddess Saraswati; Maiden
Origin: Hindi
Baani Name Meaning By Origin: بانی، مُوجد
Pronunciation: Baani, Baa-ni
How to be Write: بانی
Lucky Number: Baani Lucky Number Is 9

18. Rinacus

Meaning: Artist; Problem Avoider; Charismatic
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ri-na-cus, Rin-acus, Rinacus

19. Hiyaan

Meaning: Heart; Lord Vishnu
Origin: Assamese
Lucky Number: 5

20. Jiyan

Meaning: Near Heart; Always Happy
Origin: Hindi
Jiyan Name Meaning By Origin: जियान
Pronunciation: Jiyan, Jiy-an
How to be Write: जियान
Lucky Number: Jiyan Lucky Number Is 5

21. Ikman

Meaning: One ' MinD' MinD ' Heart' Heart ' MinD' MinD ' Soul' Soul
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ik-man
Lucky Number: Ikman Lucky Number Is 3

22. Vishwat

Meaning: Universal Soul; Part Of Vishwathmane Namaha:” From Vishnu Sahasranam
Origin: Hindi
Vishwat Name Meaning By Origin: विश्वत 
Pronunciation: Vish-wat, Vis-hwat
How to be Write: विश्वती
Lucky Number: Vishwat Lucky Number Is 3

23. Ziyyan

Meaning: Piece Part Of Heart; Reborn
Origin: Malayali

24. Yoyi

Meaning: Farmer; Earthworker
Origin: Hebrew

25. Bahuleya

Meaning: Lord Kartikeya
Origin: Hindi
Bahuleya Name Meaning By Origin: बाहुलेया
Pronunciation: Bahu-leya, Ba-hu-le-ya
How to be Write: बहुलेया
Lucky Number: Bahuleya Lucky Number Is 3

26. Trailokya

Meaning: Three Worlds (Heaven Earth Hell)
Origin: Assamese

27. Trilok

Meaning: The Three Worlds Heaven; Earth; Hell
Origin: Hindi
Trilok Name Meaning By Origin: त्रीलॉक
Pronunciation: Trilok, Tri-lok
How to be Write: त्रिलोक
Lucky Number: Trilok Lucky Number Is 4

28. Zafeeer

Meaning: Art; Knowledgeul; Freedom Lover
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Zafeeer, Za-fee-er
How to be Write: ظفیر

29. Ziryan

Meaning: Earthquake
Origin: Swedish

30. Uddyam

Meaning: Start; Effort
Origin: Hindi
Uddyam Name Meaning By Origin: उद्यम 
Pronunciation: Ud-dyam, Uddyam
How to be Write: उदयम
Lucky Number: Uddyam Lucky Number Is 5

31. Ilisa

Meaning: King Of The Earth; Queen Of The Earth
Origin: Hindi
Ilisa Name Meaning By Origin: इलिसा
Pronunciation: Ilisa, Il-isa, Ili-sa
How to be Write: इलिसा
Lucky Number: Ilisa Lucky Number Is 5

32. Bamdad

Meaning: Dawn (early Morning); Morning Twilight; Which Is The Time At The End Of The Night; But Before Sunrise; When The Sky Starts To Lighten Up
Origin: Persian
Bamdad Name Meaning By Origin: سَويرے، صبح
Pronunciation: BAnd + Moon + Day + MAn + Day
How to be Write: بامداد
Lucky Number: Bamdad Lucky Number Is 2

33. Tenchi

Meaning: Of Heaven And Earth
Origin: Japanese

34. Muragesh

Meaning: Lord Karthikeya
Origin: Kannada

35. Irufan

Meaning: Gratefulness; Wisdom; Iron Heart
Origin: Algerian

36. K’Ai

Meaning: Keeper Of The Keys; Earth
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: Kai

37. Mulazum

Meaning: Clever Light Of Earth
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Mu-lazum, Mula-zum, Mu-la-zum
How to be Write: ملازوم

38. Shiva Kumar

Meaning: Son Of Lord Shiva (Lord Ganesh; Lord Karthikeya)
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: शिव कुमार

39. Ghamr

Origin: Urdu
Ghamr Name Meaning By Origin: فراخ دل، کشادہ دل، وسیع دل، ہمدرد
How to be Write: غمر
Lucky Number: Ghamr Lucky Number Is 2

40. Abul Yusr

Meaning: A Great Sahabi Who Participa
Origin: Urdu
Abul Yusr Name Meaning By Origin: ایک عظیم صحابی
How to be Write: ابل یاسر
Lucky Number: Abul Yusr Lucky Number Is 8

41. Syan

Meaning: Smart
Origin: Arabic
Syan Name Meaning By Origin: ہوشیار
How to be Write: سیان

42. Yorgos

Meaning: Farmer; Earthworker
Origin: Greek

43. Ziyadatallah

Meaning: Artist; Careful; Influencer
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ziya-datal-lah, Ziy-adatal-l-ah, Ziya-da-tal-lah
How to be Write: زیاداللہ

44. Gwydre

Meaning: Legendary Son Of Arthur
Origin: Welsh
Lucky Number: Gwydre Lucky Number Is 1

45. Demetri

Meaning: Of Demeter Demeter Is The Mythological Greek Goddess Of Corn And Harvest She Withdraws For The Part Of The Year Her Daughter Persephone Must Spend With The God Of The Underworld - The Reason For Winter
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Demetri, De-metri, De-me-tri
Lucky Number: Demetri Lucky Number Is 11

46. Aryadeva

Meaning: Smart; Enormous; Good Understanding
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aryade-va, Ary-adeva, Arya-de-va

47. Dil

Meaning: Heart; Mind
Origin: Hindi
Dil Name Meaning By Origin: پیارا،دماغ ،روح، ضمیر، سخاوت، خوبی، مرضی، خواہش، ہمت، بہادری
Pronunciation: Dil
How to be Write: دل
Lucky Number: Dil Lucky Number Is 7

48. Haani

Meaning: Pleasant; Name Of A Sahabi Who Participated In The Battle Of Badr
Origin: Hindi
Haani Name Meaning By Origin: خوش
Pronunciation: Haani, Haa-ni
How to be Write: حانی
Lucky Number: Haani Lucky Number Is 5

49. Xurxo

Meaning: Farmer; Earthworker

50. Caralipo

Meaning: Saddened Heart

51. Sukandhiya

Meaning: Acceptable Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sukand-hiya, Sukandhiya, Su-kand-hi-ya

52. Zahhaak

Meaning: A Person Who Laughs Most Name Of A Sahabi Who Participated In The Battle Of Badr
Origin: Arabic
Zahhaak Name Meaning By Origin: زھاک
Pronunciation: Zah-haak
How to be Write: زاہاک
Lucky Number: Zahhaak Lucky Number Is 1

53. Udari

Meaning: Kindhearted Person
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Udari, Uda-ri
How to be Write: उदारी

54. Ubaldus

Meaning: Heart; Mind; Spirit

55. Ziyaul

Meaning: Artist; Problem Avoider; Charismatic
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ziyaul
How to be Write: ضیاءال

56. Xitij

Meaning: The Earth And The Sky Meets
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Xi-tij, Xitij
How to be Write: ज़िटिजो

57. Kriansh

Meaning: Part Of Lord Krishna
Origin: Nepali
Pronunciation: Kri-ansh, Kri-an-sh, Kriansh

58. Dil Shouq

Meaning: Heart Love
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Dil-Shouq
How to be Write: دل شوق

59. Yuvan Surya

Meaning: Smart; Enormous; Good Understanding
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yu-van Surya, Yuvan Surya, Yu-van Su-r-ya

60. Qalab

Meaning: Heart (the Organ) Mind; Soul; Conscience; Generosity; Munificence
Origin: Arabic
Qalab Name Meaning By Origin: دل
How to be Write: قلب
Lucky Number: 6

61. Hanan

Meaning: Kind; Compassionate And Tenderhearted
Origin: Arabic
Hanan Name Meaning By Origin: رحم کرنا ; رحمت
Pronunciation: Hanan
How to be Write: حنان
Lucky Number: Hanan Lucky Number Is 5

62. Kala`e

Meaning: Slim And Fair; Beloved; Sweetheart
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: K(a)-lae

63. Artatama

Meaning: Artist; Careful; Influencer
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ar-tata-ma, Artatama, Ar-ta-ta-ma

64. Dil Nawaz

Meaning: Mind; Soothing Heart
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Dil-Nawaz, Dil-Na-waz
How to be Write: دل نواز

65. Salagame

Meaning: Smart; Enormous; Good Understanding
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Salagame, Sala-ga-me

66. Shibansu

Meaning: Part Of Lord Shiva
Origin: Assamese

67. Yogaansh

Meaning: Part Of Lord Shiva
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: योगांशु

68. Zameer

Meaning: Conscience; Innermost Self; Heart; Mind
Origin: Arabic
Zameer Name Meaning By Origin: دل، خیال، بھید
Pronunciation: Zameer, Za-meer
How to be Write: ضمیر
Lucky Number: Zameer Lucky Number Is 9

69. Damek

Meaning: Of The Earth
Origin: Czechoslovakian
Lucky Number: Damek Lucky Number Is 7

70. Martese

Meaning: Martial; Warlike
Origin: Brazilian

71. Kala Priya

Meaning: Lover Of Art
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Kala Priya, Ka-la Pri-ya

72. Alfaan

Meaning: Unique; The Art; Attraction
Origin: Algerian

73. Shibansh

Meaning: Part Of Lord Shiva
Origin: Assamese

74. Ruhesh

Meaning: Part Of Soul Spirit
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रुहेशो

75. Udyam

Meaning: Start; Effort
Origin: Hindi
Udyam Name Meaning By Origin: उद्यम 
Pronunciation: Udyam
How to be Write: उद्यम
Lucky Number: Udyam Lucky Number Is 1

76. Vishwath

Meaning: Universal Soul; Part Of Vishwathmane Namaha:” From Vishnu Sahasranam
Origin: Hindi
Vishwath Name Meaning By Origin: विश्वथ 
Pronunciation: Vish-wath, Vis-hwath
How to be Write: विश्वती
Lucky Number: Vishwath Lucky Number Is 11

77. Arther

Meaning: Copied From The Celtic For Stone; Bear; A Alternative Spelling Of Arthur
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: AR-ther

78. Adão

Meaning: " Son Of The Red Earth"
Origin: Hebrew

79. Aadan

Meaning: Of The Earth
Pronunciation: Aadan, Aa-dan

80. Kai Kun

Meaning: Earth

81. Maka

Meaning: Earth
Origin: Tongan
Pronunciation: M(a)-ka

82. Cetas

Meaning: Intelligece; Soul; Heart; Mind
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ce-tas, Cetas

83. Ratanesh

Meaning: Part Of Diamond; Lord Of Jewels
Origin: Kannada

84. Albin

Meaning: From The Latin Albinus, Meaning White. From Albanus Meaning 'of Alba', The Ancient Latin City Alba Longa, Whose Name Derives From Albus Meaning White. St Alban Was Britain's First Martyr.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Al-bin
Lucky Number: Albin Lucky Number Is 2

85. Waen

Meaning: Cart Maker; Carter

86. Daveer

Meaning: Brave; Smart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दवीर

87. Kalae

Meaning: Slim And Fair; Beloved; Sweetheart
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: K(a)-lae

88. Rehans

Meaning: Part Of Sun; Part Of Lord Vishnu
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रेहान्स

89. Rudhaditya

Meaning: One Soul From Two Hearts
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रुधादित्य:

90. Dikhlat

Meaning: Heart; Soul
Origin: Arabic
Dikhlat Name Meaning By Origin: قلب، رُوح
Pronunciation: Dikhlat, Dikh-lat, Dik-hlat
How to be Write: دخلات

91. Syncere

Meaning: A Alternative Of The Word Sincere Meaning Genuine Or Heartfelt
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: SINsear

92. Aleksandar

Meaning: This Is A Greek Spelling OfAlexander; Which Means Defender Of Mankind--particularly In The Greek Spelling; It Calls To Mind The Conqueror Alexander The Great
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Ah-leck-ZAN-dehr

93. Painter

Meaning: Artist; Painter
Origin: Latin

94. Yuvein

Meaning: Young At Heart Lord Shivas Name
Lucky Number: 6

95. Adé

Meaning: Earth; Son Of Adam; God Is Just; Noble Or Majestic Wolf
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Ad

96. Raulin

Meaning: Artist; Careful; Influencer
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Raulin, Raul-in, Rau-lin

97. Vrajendra

Meaning: Art; Knowledgeul; Freedom Lover
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vra-jen-dra, Vra-jendra

98. Rohaank

Meaning: Part Of Soul
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ro-haank

99. Savad

Meaning: Sweet Heart
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Savad, Sa-vad
How to be Write: سواد

100. Pordal

Meaning: Art; Knowledgeul; Freedom Lover
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Pordal, Por-dal
How to be Write: پورڈل