100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Beautiful

100 Unique Beautiful Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Beautiful most popular names of 2023 feature Rosalia as Number one for girls, and Jamari in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Beautiful are Cali and Alani and Zhuri and for girls, and Beau and Kane and Ghaniyah and for boys. Here is the list for Beautiful baby names for boys and girls.

1. Jamari

Meaning: Handsome Or Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Jah-MAH-ree
How to be Write: جماری
Lucky Number: Jamari Lucky Number Is 6

2. Beau

Meaning: Beautiful Person
Origin: French
Pronunciation: BO
Lucky Number: Beau Lucky Number Is 2

3. Kane

Meaning: BeautifulPopular As A First Name In Australia
Origin: American
Lucky Number: Kane Lucky Number Is 4

4. Ghaniyah

Meaning: Pretty Beautiful Woman; Beauty
Origin: Arabic
Ghaniyah Name Meaning By Origin: آزاد، کامیاب
Pronunciation: Ghaniyah, Gh-an-iyah, Gha-niyah
How to be Write: غانیہ
Lucky Number: Ghaniyah Lucky Number Is 1

5. Suparno

Meaning: Leafy; With Beautiful Wings
Origin: Assamese

6. Asfahan

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: As-fa-han, As-fahan
How to be Write: اصفہان

7. Ella Mae

Meaning: Beautiful Fairy
Origin: British
Pronunciation: E-lla-mae

8. Pummy

Meaning: Innocent; Beautiful; Intelligent; Sharp
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pum-my, Pummy

9. Elizeus

Meaning: Truely; Inventive; Beautiful
Origin: Hungarian
Pronunciation: El-izeus, Eli-zeus

10. Kesava

Meaning: Name Of Lord Krishna; Lord Venkateswara; Lord Vishnu; He Who Has Beautiful Locks Of Hair; Slayer Of Keshi Demon
Origin: Hindi
Kesava Name Meaning By Origin: केसवा 
Pronunciation: Ke-sa-va, Kesava, Kes-ava
How to be Write: केशव
Lucky Number: Kesava Lucky Number Is 5

11. Rae’Lynn

Meaning: Beam Of Light; Beautiful Lamb; Princess Of Divine Light
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Ra(e)-ly-nn

12. Chaaruchandra

Meaning: Beautiful Moon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Chaaruchan-dra, Chaaruchandra, Chaa-ruchandra

13. Sros

Meaning: Charmingly Beautiful
Origin: Cambodian

14. Yalid

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Algerian

15. Sanag

Meaning: A Beautiful Mountain
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sanag, Sa-nag

16. Chaaruhaas

Meaning: With Beautiful Smile
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Chaaruhaas, Chaa-ru-haas

17. Farajallah

Meaning: Philosopher; Careful; Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Fara-jal-lah, Fa-ra-jal-lah
How to be Write: فرج اللہ

18. Argider

Meaning: " Beautiful Light"
Origin: Basque

19. Calínico

Meaning: He Who Secures A Beautiful

20. Asmik

Meaning: Beautiful Soul
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: अस्मिको

21. Adien

Meaning: This Attractive Name Means Beautiful
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: Ah-DEEN

22. Ahmari

Meaning: Variant Of Amari; The Name Means Forever Beautiful
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: A-ma-ri

23. Jimelle

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Jimelle, Ji-mel-le
How to be Write: جمیل

24. Farrugh

Meaning: Beautiful; Blessed
Origin: Persian
Farrugh Name Meaning By Origin: خوبصورت، مبارک
How to be Write: فرخ
Lucky Number: Farrugh Lucky Number Is 7

25. Priamus

Meaning: Philosopher; Careful; Beautiful
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Pri-a-mus, Pri-amus, Pria-mus

26. Cavin

Meaning: Beautiful At Birth
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Cavin, Cav-in, Ca-vin

27. Husni

Meaning: Beautiful; Radiant; Handsome; Good
Origin: Arabic
Husni Name Meaning By Origin: نیکی، فضلیت، مہربانی
Pronunciation: Hot + PUt + Sweet + NEEd
How to be Write: حُسنی
Lucky Number: Husni Lucky Number Is 8

28. Raj Mohan

Meaning: Beautiful King
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: राज मोहन

29. Dudda

Meaning: Philosopher; Careful; Beautiful
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Dud-da, Dudda

30. Nikalus

Meaning: Beautiful Loving Son Of God
Origin: Austrailian

31. Wainani

Meaning: Beautiful Water

32. Asmic

Meaning: Beautiful Soul
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: अस्मिक

33. Farzhan

Meaning: Beautiful Soul
Origin: Algerian

34. Laxmi Srinivas

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Lax-mi Srini-vas, Laxmi Srinivas, La-x-mi Sri-ni-vas

35. Zaid Jamal

Meaning: Beautiful; Grace; Elegance; Loveliness;

36. Susam

Meaning: Very Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Susam, Su-sam

37. Mallalai

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Pashtun
Lucky Number: Mallalai Lucky Number Is 2

38. Tarunjay

Meaning: Beautiful Young Victory
Origin: Assamese

39. Supadma

Meaning: As Beautiful As A Lotus
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Su-pad-ma, Supadma

40. Jaray

Meaning: Handsome Or Beautiful
Origin: American
Pronunciation: J(a)-ray

41. Beachem

Meaning: From The Beautiful Field

42. Gul E Ranaa

Meaning: A Beautiful Flower
Origin: Algerian

43. Raj Mohan

Meaning: Beautiful King
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Raj Mo-han, Raj Mohan

44. Mustan

Meaning: Philosopher; Careful; Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Mus-tan
How to be Write: مستان

45. Citraketu

Meaning: Owner Of A Beautiful Banner
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ci-trake-tu, Citraketu, Citra-ke-tu

46. Alca

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Al-ca, Alca

47. Ta

Meaning: Beautiful
Lucky Number: 5

48. Gharan

Meaning: Modesty; Sense Of Honour; Beautiful;
Origin: Arabic
Gharan Name Meaning By Origin: غیرت والا
Pronunciation: Gha-ran, Ghar-an
How to be Write: غیران
Lucky Number: Gharan Lucky Number Is 3

49. Qassamat

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Qassamat Name Meaning By Origin: خوبصورت
How to be Write: قسامت
Lucky Number: 7

50. Suparvan

Meaning: Beautiful; A Deity
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Su-par-van

51. Azmaan

Meaning: Beautiful Jewel
Origin: Algerian

52. Mee

Meaning: Beautiful; Beauty
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Mee

53. Uzain

Meaning: Beautiful Gift Of God
Origin: Algerian

54. Boo

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: French
Pronunciation: Boo

55. Ramsunder

Meaning: God Is Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
Ramsunder Name Meaning By Origin: रामसुंदर
Pronunciation: Ram-sun-der
How to be Write: रामसुंदर
Lucky Number: Ramsunder Lucky Number Is 5

56. Kanani

Meaning: Beautiful Or Handsome
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: Kah-NAH-nee
Lucky Number: Kanani Lucky Number Is 8

57. Tomomi

Meaning: Beautiful Wisdom
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: TOH-moh-mi
Lucky Number: Tomomi Lucky Number Is 3

58. Rauff

Meaning: Philosopher; Careful; Beautiful
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Rauff

59. Elamurugu

Meaning: Young And Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ela-mu-rugu, El-amur-ugu, Ela-mu-ru-gu

60. Reach

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Cambodian

61. Kai Li

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Chinese
Pronunciation: Ky-lee

62. Akku

Meaning: Sweet And Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Akku, Ak-ku

63. Zuriah

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Algerian

64. Belarmino

Meaning: The One With The Beautiful

65. Golan

Meaning: Flower-like; Flowers; Figuratively Meaning Beautiful
Origin: Biblical
Pronunciation: Go + PUt + LAmp + New
Lucky Number: Golan Lucky Number Is 4

66. Noes

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Noes

67. Sheina

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Yiddish
Pronunciation: She(i)-na

68. Susmit

Meaning: Beautiful Laugh; Having Good Smile
Origin: Bengali
Pronunciation: Sus-mit

69. Ka’Ili

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Chinese
Pronunciation: Ky-lee

70. Ruchya

Meaning: Radiant; Beautiful; Pleasing
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ruchya, Ruch-ya
How to be Write: रुचि

71. Basan

Meaning: Beautiful; Khoobsurat
Origin: Arabic
Basan Name Meaning By Origin: طرح
Pronunciation: Basan, Bas-an, Ba-san
How to be Write: بسان
Lucky Number: Basan Lucky Number Is 6

72. Jamu

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Finnish

73. Savali

Meaning: Dark; Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सावली

74. Anqi

Meaning: Most Purest One Beautiful Woman
Origin: American

75. Rupina

Meaning: Having A Beautiful Appearance
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Rupina, Ru-pi-na

76. Mutahhar

Meaning: Pure; Clean; Purified; Very Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Mutahhar Name Meaning By Origin: مطهر
Pronunciation: Mu-tah-har, Mutahhar
How to be Write: مطہر
Lucky Number: Mutahhar Lucky Number Is 9

77. Hadbar

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Hadbar Name Meaning By Origin: خوبصورت، حسین، خوبرو
Pronunciation: Had-bar
How to be Write: حدبر
Lucky Number: Hadbar Lucky Number Is 6

78. Riaz

Meaning: Land With Beautiful Grass And Flowers; Beautiful Gardens
Origin: Hindi
Riaz Name Meaning By Origin: بہت سے باغ، روضہ کی جمع
Pronunciation: RIg + YArn + Zero
How to be Write: ریاض
Lucky Number: Riaz Lucky Number Is 9

79. Ahud

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Iranian

80. Supratick

Meaning: Beautiful Symbol
Origin: Assamese

81. Esak

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Esak
How to be Write: ایسک

82. Deem

Meaning: Beautiful Rainbow After The Rain
Origin: Arabic
Deem Name Meaning By Origin: چمک
Pronunciation: Deem
How to be Write: دیم

83. Meili

Meaning: Beautiful; Pretty; The Lovely One
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Me(i)-li

84. Vibeesh

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Malayali

85. Nahan

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Na-han, Nahan
How to be Write: نہان

86. Anabela

Meaning: Graceful And Beautiful; Easy To Love
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: An-abela, Ana-bela, Ana-be-la

87. Lohan

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Lo-han, Lohan

88. Chiraksh

Meaning: Beautiful Eyed
Origin: Hindi
Chiraksh Name Meaning By Origin: चीराक्ष
Pronunciation: Chi-raksh, Chirak-sh
How to be Write: चिराक्षो
Lucky Number: Chiraksh Lucky Number Is 5

89. Bhadrang

Meaning: Beautiful Body
Origin: Hindi
Bhadrang Name Meaning By Origin: भद्रंग
Pronunciation: Bhad-rang, Bha-drang
How to be Write: भद्रांगी
Lucky Number: Bhadrang Lucky Number Is 1

90. Suaksh

Meaning: Beautiful Eye
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सुक्षो

91. Rupankar

Meaning: Having A Beautiful Body
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रूपांकर

92. Netran

Meaning: Leader; Beautiful Eyes
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: नेट्रान

93. Netrananda

Meaning: One With Pleasing Beautiful Eyes
Origin: Assamese

94. Shobharam

Meaning: Beautiful Lord Rama
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Shob-haram, Shobharam, Shob-ha-ram

95. Haajeeth

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Haa-jeeth
How to be Write: حاجی

96. Zahrina

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Algerian

97. Bitty

Meaning: The Most Beautiful
Origin: American

98. Miroslav

Meaning: Beautiful Slave
Origin: Slavic
Pronunciation: Miroslav, Mi-ros-lav

99. Yamil

Meaning: This Modification Of The Girls NameYamilameans Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: YAH-mill
How to be Write: یامل

100. Abdul Jameel

Meaning: Servant Of The Beautiful One
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Up + B + Day + PUt + PLay + JUmp + MEEt + PLay
How to be Write: عبدالجمیل
Lucky Number: 5