100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Big

100 Unique Big Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Big most popular names of 2023 feature Abby as Number one for girls, and Jared in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Big are Kenia and Adoeta and Vipuja and for girls, and Treyvon and Nuhaid and Nuhayd and for boys. Here is the list for Big baby names for boys and girls.

1. Jared

Meaning: Rose (flower)Also Descending A Pre-flood Biblical Name The Character Jared On The Late Sixties TV Western The Big Valley
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Jared, Jare-ed
Lucky Number: Jared Lucky Number Is 2

2. Treyvon

Meaning: A Spelling Varian To Treyvon And Trevor Meaningfairorbig Town
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: TREY-von

3. Nuhaid

Meaning: Big
Origin: Algerian
Nuhaid Name Meaning By Origin: نہاد
Lucky Number: Nuhaid Lucky Number Is 3

4. Nuhayd

Meaning: Big
Origin: Algerian
Nuhayd Name Meaning By Origin: ناہید
Lucky Number: Nuhayd Lucky Number Is 1

5. Nuhaid Nuhayd

Meaning: Big
Origin: Algerian

6. Digbijoy

Meaning: Biggest Victory
Origin: Assamese

7. Chidaatma

Meaning: Supreme Spirit; Big Soul
Origin: Hindi
Chidaatma Name Meaning By Origin: चीदातमां
Pronunciation: Chi-daat-ma, Chid-aatma
How to be Write: चिदात्मा
Lucky Number: Chidaatma Lucky Number Is 6

8. Daibai

Meaning: Big Plum
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Daibai, Dai-bai

9. Qaaf

Meaning: Big Mountain
Origin: Algerian

10. Wishal

Meaning: Strong; Big
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Wishal

11. KhanZada

Meaning: Very Big Son; Wadere Ka Beta
Origin: Pashtun
KhanZada Name Meaning By Origin: خان زادہ

12. Chidatma

Meaning: Supreme Spirit; Big Soul
Origin: Hindi
Chidatma Name Meaning By Origin: चिदात्मा
Pronunciation: Chi-dat-ma, Chid-atma, Chidat-ma
How to be Write: चिदत्मा
Lucky Number: Chidatma Lucky Number Is 5

13. Darshehwar

Meaning: Big Pearl
Origin: Arabic
Darshehwar Name Meaning By Origin: بڑا موتی
How to be Write: درشہوار
Lucky Number: 5

14. Grosvener

Meaning: Big Hunter
Origin: French

15. Shafwan

Meaning: Big Rock With Smooth Surface; Cleartransparent; Sincere;
Origin: Algerian
Shafwan Name Meaning By Origin: شفوان
Lucky Number: Shafwan Lucky Number Is 8

16. Peng

Meaning: Big
Origin: Chinese
Pronunciation: PENGK
Lucky Number: Peng Lucky Number Is 6

17. Pu Yai Bahn

Meaning: Big Man About Town
Origin: Thai

18. Doddaswamy

Meaning: Biggest Of All
Origin: Kannada

19. Viraj

Meaning: Biggest In Universe; The Sun Or The King; Resplendent; Splendor (Celebrity Names: Celina Jaitly And Peter Haag)
Origin: Hindi
Viraj Name Meaning By Origin: विराज
Pronunciation: Vi-raj, Viraj
How to be Write: विराज
Lucky Number: Viraj Lucky Number Is 6

20. Nuhaid

Meaning: Big
Origin: Algerian

21. Tennessee

Meaning: Big Bend
Origin: American
Pronunciation: TEN-ə-see
Lucky Number: Tennessee Lucky Number Is 4

22. Kiazand

Meaning: Big Srdar
Origin: Urdu
Kiazand Name Meaning By Origin: بڑا سردار٬حاکم، بزرگ، حاکم، بادشاہ
How to be Write: کیازند
Lucky Number: Kiazand Lucky Number Is 2

23. Tahzeem

Meaning: Greatness; Magnanimity; Bigness
Origin: Arabic
Tahzeem Name Meaning By Origin: بڑائی،عزت
How to be Write: تعظیم
Lucky Number: 7

24. Ghous Ul Azam

Meaning: Big Cry
Origin: Urdu
Ghous Ul Azam Name Meaning By Origin: بڑا فریاد، فرياد رس، بڑا مدد گار
How to be Write: غوث الاعظم
Lucky Number: 10

25. BUzurg

Meaning: Big
Origin: Urdu
BUzurg Name Meaning By Origin: بڑا٬دانا، عقلمند، دانشور
How to be Write: بزرگ
Lucky Number: 4

26. Teatonka

Meaning: Big Lodge

27. Jaasim

Meaning: Big; Fat
Origin: Arabic
Jaasim Name Meaning By Origin: جاسم
Pronunciation: Jaasim, Jaa-sim
How to be Write: جاسم
Lucky Number: Jaasim Lucky Number Is 7

28. Bhavyansh

Meaning: Bigger Part
Origin: Hindi
Bhavyansh Name Meaning By Origin: भाव्यंश 
Pronunciation: Bhv-yan
How to be Write: भविष्यांशु
Lucky Number: Bhavyansh Lucky Number Is 1

29. Loveed

Meaning: A Large Stewpot; A Big Pot For Cooking
Origin: Arabic
Loveed Name Meaning By Origin: بڑا پتیلا
How to be Write: لوید
Lucky Number: 5

30. Hreedan

Meaning: Big Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Hreedan, Hree-dan

31. Megakles

Meaning: Big Man

32. Bradshaw

Meaning: A Very Big Thicket
Origin: English
Pronunciation: BRAD-shaw
Lucky Number: Bradshaw Lucky Number Is 3

33. Durab

Meaning: Big Door
Origin: Persian
Durab Name Meaning By Origin: بڑا دروازہ
How to be Write: دراب
Lucky Number: Durab Lucky Number Is 1

34. Gadambar

Meaning: Big Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gadambar, Gadam-bar, Ga-dam-bar

35. Kentaro

Meaning: Sharp; Big Boy
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: Ken-taro

36. Teytonka

Meaning: Big Lodge

37. Teitonka

Meaning: Big Lodge

38. Vishwdeep

Meaning: Big Lighting
Origin: Hindi
Vishwdeep Name Meaning By Origin: विश्वदीप 
Pronunciation: Vish-wdeep, Vis-hw-de-ep
How to be Write: विश्वदीप
Lucky Number: Vishwdeep Lucky Number Is 3

39. Farooq E Azam

Meaning: The Biggest Difference Right And Falsehood
Origin: Urdu
Farooq E Azam Name Meaning By Origin: حق و باطل میں سب سے بڑا فرق، حق و باطل میں فرق کرنے والا، خليفہ دوم حضرت عمر فاروق رضی اللہ عنہ كا خطاب
How to be Write: فاروق اعظم
Lucky Number: 3

40. Monterio

Meaning: Big Boy
Origin: Japanese

41. Huske

Meaning: A Big Man; A Manly Man

42. Tankea

Meaning: A Man Who Is Big And

43. Taro

Meaning: Big Boy
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Taro
Lucky Number: Taro Lucky Number Is 9

44. Eskaminzim

Meaning: Big Mouth
Lucky Number: Eskaminzim Lucky Number Is 3

45. Yasub

Meaning: Big Leader; Queen Bee; Male Bee
Yasub Name Meaning By Origin: یسب
Lucky Number: Yasub Lucky Number Is 5

46. Khan Zada

Meaning: Very Big Son; Wadere Ka Beta
Origin: Pashtun
Khan Zada Name Meaning By Origin: شہزادہ
How to be Write: خان زادہ
Lucky Number: Khan Zada Lucky Number Is 11

47. Hafal

Meaning: Big Group
Origin: Arabic
Hafal Name Meaning By Origin: بہت بڑی جماعت
How to be Write: حفال
Lucky Number: Hafal Lucky Number Is 9

48. Pertteli

Meaning: Bight Strength; Renowned Leader
Origin: Finnish

49. Kong Kea

Meaning: Big Water
Origin: Cambodian

50. Aqbar

Meaning: Greatest; Honourable; Bigger
Origin: Algerian

51. Jandal

Meaning: Big Stone
Origin: Arabic
Jandal Name Meaning By Origin: بڑا پتھر
How to be Write: جندل
Lucky Number: 6

52. Tank

Meaning: A Man Who Is Big And Strong
Origin: American

53. Huskee

Meaning: A Big Man; A Manly Man

54. Taimu

Meaning: Big Dream

55. Eyanosa

Meaning: Big Both Ways
Lucky Number: Eyanosa Lucky Number Is 8

56. Heemakar

Meaning: Big As Mountain; Mountain Ranger;
Origin: Hindi
Heemakar Name Meaning By Origin: हिमाकार 
Pronunciation: Heemakar, Hee-makar, Hee-ma-kar
How to be Write: हेमकारी
Lucky Number: Heemakar Lucky Number Is 8

57. Nuhaid Nuhayd

Meaning: Big
Lucky Number: Nuhaid Nuhayd Lucky Number Is 1

58. Brihan

Meaning: Great; Big
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ब्रायन

59. Bhaviyan

Meaning: Big; Large
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: भवियां

60. Rabilochan

Meaning: One Who With Bight Eyes
Origin: Assamese

61. Qaades

Meaning: Big Boat
Origin: Arabic
Qaades Name Meaning By Origin: بڑی کشتی
How to be Write: قادس
Lucky Number: 3

62. Badda

Meaning: Big Heart
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Bad-da, Badda
How to be Write: بڈا

63. Ozora

Meaning: Big Sky

64. Huskea

Meaning: A Big Man; A Manly Man

65. Ryuutarou

Meaning: Son Of The Big Dragon

66. Ryutaro

Meaning: Son Of The Big Dragon

67. Haail

Meaning: Scary; Big; Great
Origin: Arabic
Haail Name Meaning By Origin: حائل
How to be Write: اولے

68. Periyathambi

Meaning: Big Brother
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Periy-atham-bi, Per-iyath-ambi, Pe-riya-tham-bi
How to be Write: पेरियाथाम्बी

69. Adityesha

Meaning: Very High Or Big Desires
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Adi-tye-sha, Aditye-sha, Adi-ty-es-ha
How to be Write: आदित्य

70. Vargovie

Meaning: Has Big Lips
Lucky Number: Vargovie Lucky Number Is 9

71. Virat

Meaning: Massive; Very Big; Giant Proportioned
Origin: Hindi
Virat Name Meaning By Origin: विराट
Pronunciation: Vi-rat, Vir-at
How to be Write: विराट
Lucky Number: Virat Lucky Number Is 7

72. Maharudra

Meaning: It Means The Biggest (Maha) Rudra Shiva; Name Of Lord Shiva
Origin: Hindi
Maharudra Name Meaning By Origin: महारुद्र
Pronunciation: Mahadev
How to be Write: महारुद्र:
Lucky Number: Maharudra Lucky Number Is 4

73. Aarnavi

Meaning: Heart As Big As Ocean
Origin: Hindi
Aarnavi Name Meaning By Origin: आर्नावी
Pronunciation: Aar-navi, Aarnavi, Aar-na-vi
How to be Write: अर्नविक
Lucky Number: Aarnavi Lucky Number Is 3

74. Bhagirth

Meaning: On Big Scale; Great
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: भागीरथी

75. Babiya

Meaning: Big Brother
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Babiya, Ba-bi-ya

76. Vehaan

Meaning: Big
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: वाहन:
Lucky Number: 5

77. Tankie

Meaning: A Man Who Is Big And

78. Vaishal

Meaning: Big
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vaishal
How to be Write: वैशाली

79. Tremain

Meaning: From The Big Town
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: Tre-main
Lucky Number: Tremain Lucky Number Is 8

80. Abbey

Meaning: Father Rejoiced; Or Father' S Joy Gives Joy The Intelligent; Beautiful Abigail Was Old Testament
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Abbey, Ab-bey
Lucky Number: Abbey Lucky Number Is 5

81. Mahamati

Meaning: One With Big Brain (Ganesh)
Origin: Hindi
Mahamati Name Meaning By Origin: महामति
How to be Write: महामती
Lucky Number: Mahamati Lucky Number Is 3

82. Qudas

Meaning: Big Culinary
Origin: Arabic
Qudas Name Meaning By Origin: بڑا پاک
How to be Write: قدس
Lucky Number: Qudas Lucky Number Is 8

83. Jahiz

Meaning: Bigeye
Origin: Arabic
Jahiz Name Meaning By Origin: جہیز
Pronunciation: Jahiz, Jah-iz, Ja-hiz
How to be Write: جہیز
Lucky Number: Jahiz Lucky Number Is 9

84. Vishallan

Meaning: Huge; Big; Immense; Great; Massive
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: विशालना

85. Dakhbash

Meaning: Man Who Have Big Belly
Origin: Arabic
Dakhbash Name Meaning By Origin: بڑے پیٹ والا
How to be Write: دخبش
Lucky Number: 6

86. Vehhaan

Meaning: Big Boy
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ve-hhaan, Ve-h-haan, Veh-haan

87. Dardura

Meaning: Big; Terrible; With Caves
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dar-du-ra, Dar-dura

88. Husky

Meaning: A Big Man; A Manly Man
Origin: English

89. Husk

Meaning: A Big Man; A Manly Man

90. Tanki

Meaning: A Man Who Is Big And

91. Montaro

Meaning: Big Boy
Lucky Number: Montaro Lucky Number Is 6

92. Naag

Meaning: A Big Serpent
Origin: Hindi
Naag Name Meaning By Origin: नाग
Pronunciation: Naag
How to be Write: नाग
Lucky Number: Naag Lucky Number Is 5

93. Veerat

Meaning: Giant; Huge; Massive; Very Big
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: वीरता

94. Nillesh

Meaning: Big; Ocean; Person Who Sacrifices
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: नीलेश

95. Rawasi

Meaning: Big Head
Origin: Arabic
Rawasi Name Meaning By Origin: بڑا سر
How to be Write: رواسی
Lucky Number: 7

96. Taho

Meaning: Big Water

97. Jarum

Meaning: Pure In Color; Big-bodied; Collector Of Dates (or Other Fruits)
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: JUmp + pRay + SOOn + Man
How to be Write: جارم
Lucky Number: 9

98. Tramaine

Meaning: From The Big Town
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: Tra-maine, Tra-mai-ne
Lucky Number: Tramaine Lucky Number Is 9

99. Rahan

Meaning: Big
Origin: Hindi
Rahan Name Meaning By Origin: रहन
Pronunciation: Ra-han, Rahan
How to be Write: रहाणो
Lucky Number: Rahan Lucky Number Is 6

100. Digbijaya

Meaning: Biggest Victory; Conqueror
Origin: Assamese