100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Brother

100 Unique Brother Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Brother most popular names of 2023 feature Yania as Number one for girls, and Cohen in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Brother are Dahma and Urmil and Ujamaa and for girls, and Wemeten and Filademo and Filadelfo and for boys. Here is the list for Brother baby names for boys and girls.

1. Cohen

Meaning: Copied From The HebrewKohenmeaningpriest ; A Kohen Is Believed A Direct Male Relation To Biblical Aaron Who Is Brother To Moses
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Koe-en

2. Wemeten

Meaning: One Who Is Brotherly

3. Filademo

Meaning: Brotherly Love

4. Filadelfo

Meaning: Brotherly Love
Origin: Austrailian

5. Casandro

Meaning: Hero' S Brother

6. Iphitus

Meaning: Brother Of Iole
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: Iphitus Lucky Number Is 3

7. Bal Bhadra

Meaning: Brother Of Krishna (Brother Of Krishna)
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: बाल भद्र

8. Veikka

Meaning: Brother
Origin: Finnish

9. Ahban

Meaning: Brother Of The Wise; Intelligent
Origin: Biblical

10. Ujama

Meaning: Fellowship; Brotherhood
Origin: African

11. Ticco

Meaning: Little Brother

12. Wemetin

Meaning: One Who Is Brotherly

13. Ramanuja

Meaning: Born After Rama Ie Lakshman (Younger Brother Of Rama)
Origin: Hindi
Ramanuja Name Meaning By Origin: रामानुज
Pronunciation: Ra-manu-ja, Ramanuja, Ra-ma-nu-ja
How to be Write: रामानुजः
Lucky Number: Ramanuja Lucky Number Is 7

14. Vidura

Meaning: (Son Of Vyasa And A Palace Maidservant; Brother To Dhritarstra And Pandu; Counsel To The King Of Hatinapur Vidura Was Said To Be An Expansion Of Yamaraja; The Lord Of Justice)
Origin: Hindi
Vidura Name Meaning By Origin: विदुर
Pronunciation: Vidu-ra, Vidura, Vi-du-ra
How to be Write: विदुर
Lucky Number: Vidura Lucky Number Is 3

15. Diadelfo

Meaning: Brother Of Zeus
Origin: Greek

16. Tomé

Meaning: Identical Twin Brother

17. Balram

Meaning: Krishnas Brother
Origin: Hindi
Balram Name Meaning By Origin: बलराम
How to be Write: बलराम
Lucky Number: Balram Lucky Number Is 2

18. Jermane

Meaning: Brotherly Singer Jermaine Jackson
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Jer-mane, Jer-ma-ne
Lucky Number: Jermane Lucky Number Is 3

19. Beli Mawr

Meaning: Legendary Brother In Law Of The Virgin Mary
Origin: Welsh
Lucky Number: Beli Mawr Lucky Number Is 11

20. Ekodar

Meaning: Brother
Origin: Hindi
Ekodar Name Meaning By Origin: एकोदर
Pronunciation: Eko-dar, Ekodar
How to be Write: एकोदरी
Lucky Number: Ekodar Lucky Number Is 9

21. Budi

Meaning: Friend; Companion; Brother
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Bu-di, Budi

22. Ajiezer

Meaning: My Brother Is Help

23. Anuj

Meaning: Younger Brother
Origin: Hindi
Anuj Name Meaning By Origin: अनुज 
How to be Write: अनुज

24. Pahana

Meaning: Lost White Brother
Origin: American
Lucky Number: Pahana Lucky Number Is 5

25. Akhwaan

Meaning: Brotherhood
Origin: Urdu
Akhwaan Name Meaning By Origin: بھائی چارہ، برادران، اُخوَت
How to be Write: اخوان
Lucky Number: Akhwaan Lucky Number Is 3

26. Lyting

Meaning: Brother Of Thorstein Torfi
Origin: Norse

27. Lodmund

Meaning: Blood Brother Of Bjolf
Origin: Norse

28. Budde

Meaning: Friend; Companion; Brother

29. Ajidan

Meaning: My Brother Judges
Origin: Hebrew

30. Wematyn

Meaning: One Who Is Brotherly

31. Toxeus

Meaning: Brother Of Althaea
Origin: Greek
Lucky Number: Toxeus Lucky Number Is 5

32. Sabastian

Meaning: RevereD. The Twin Brother Of Viola In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. A ThirD-century MartyreD Centurion Who Became St. Sebastian Patron Saint Of SolDiers.
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Sabas-tian, Sa-basti-an, Sa-bas-ti-an
Lucky Number: Sabastian Lucky Number Is 5

33. Rivers

Meaning: King Henry The Sixth, Part III' LorD Rivers, Brother To LaDy Grey. 'King RicharD III' Earl Rivers, Brother To King EDwarD's Queen.
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: Rivers Lucky Number Is 1

34. Lakhn

Meaning: Brother Of Lord Rama
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: लाख

35. Boloram

Meaning: Brother Of Lord Krishna
Origin: Assamese

36. Anoj

Meaning: Younger Brother
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Anoj

37. Huynh

Meaning: Older Brother
Pronunciation: Hwee-in

38. Pahannah

Meaning: A Lost White Brother

39. Bub

Meaning: Boy; Brother
Origin: American

40. Jermain

Meaning: Brotherly Singer Jermaine Jackson
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Jer-main
Lucky Number: Jermain Lucky Number Is 7

41. Geffrey

Meaning: King John' Late Duke Of Britaine, King John's Brother.
Origin: French
Lucky Number: Geffrey Lucky Number Is 9

42. Thorgrim

Meaning: Brother Of Onund Bild
Origin: Norse
Lucky Number: Thorgrim Lucky Number Is 9

43. Wematin

Meaning: Brother
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Wematin Lucky Number Is 4

44. Ahiam

Meaning: Mother's Brother; Brother Of A Nation.
Lucky Number: Ahiam Lucky Number Is 5

45. Chiram

Meaning: Exalted Brother; Noble
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Chiram Lucky Number Is 7

46. Laxman

Meaning: Prosperous, Brother Of ' Rama' Rama , Born To Give (Queen Sumitra's Son AnD Rama's Brother)
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: लक्ष्मण
Lucky Number: Laxman Lucky Number Is 2

47. Veska

Meaning: Brother
Origin: Finnish

48. Akhuwwat

Meaning: Community; Brotherhood
Origin: Arabic
Akhuwwat Name Meaning By Origin: برادری،بھائی چارہ
How to be Write: اخوت
Lucky Number: 8

49. Veikko

Meaning: Brother; Nice Guy
Origin: Finnish

50. Abee

Meaning: Elder Brother; Priest
Origin: Anguillian
Lucky Number: 4

51. Buddee

Meaning: Friend; Companion; Brother

52. Bhamandal

Meaning: Brother Of Seeta
Origin: Jain Dharma

53. Isrod

Meaning: Brother Of Isleif
Origin: Norse
Lucky Number: Isrod Lucky Number Is 11

54. Shilah

Meaning: Brother
Origin: American
Lucky Number: Shilah Lucky Number Is 3

55. Guttorm

Meaning: Brother Of Gudrun
Origin: Norse
Lucky Number: Guttorm Lucky Number Is 6

56. Gratiano

Meaning: The Merchant Of Venice' FrienD To Antonio AnD Bassanio. 'The TrageDy Of Othello' Nobleman Of Venice, Brother Of Brabantio.
Lucky Number: Gratiano Lucky Number Is 4

57. Bjolf

Meaning: Blood Brother Of Lodmund
Origin: Norse
Lucky Number: Bjolf Lucky Number Is 9

58. Veka

Meaning: Brother
Origin: Finnish

59. Bairan

Meaning: Brother
Origin: Arabic
Bairan Name Meaning By Origin: بھائی
How to be Write: بیرن
Lucky Number: 1

60. Bubb

Meaning: Boy; Brother

61. Veiko

Meaning: Brother
Origin: Finnish

62. Teco

Meaning: Little Brother

63. Nandivardhan

Meaning: Brother Of Lord Mahavir
Origin: Jain Dharma

64. Jermayne

Meaning: Brotherly Singer Jermaine Jackson
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Jer-mayne, Jer-may-ne
Lucky Number: Jermayne Lucky Number Is 1

65. Idogbe

Meaning: Brother Of Twins
Lucky Number: Idogbe Lucky Number Is 6

66. Halklel

Meaning: Brother Of Ketilbjorn
Origin: Norse
Lucky Number: Halklel Lucky Number Is 7

67. Ahitub

Meaning: Brother Of Goodness
Origin: Biblical
Lucky Number: Ahitub Lucky Number Is 7

68. Ahinoam

Meaning: Beauty Of The Brother; Brother Of Motion
Origin: French
Lucky Number: Ahinoam Lucky Number Is 7

69. Brodric

Meaning: Brother
Origin: Scottish
Lucky Number: Brodric Lucky Number Is 6

70. Broderic

Meaning: Brother
Origin: Scottish
Pronunciation: Broder-ic, Bro-der-ic, Bro-de-ric
Lucky Number: Broderic Lucky Number Is 11

71. Bratumil

Meaning: Brotherly Love
Lucky Number: Bratumil Lucky Number Is 6

72. Benyamin

Meaning: The Prophet Yusuf (as) Brothers Name
Origin: Afghan
Benyamin Name Meaning By Origin: بنیامین
How to be Write: بنیامین
Lucky Number: Benyamin Lucky Number Is 6

73. Bibhishan

Meaning: Brother Of Lankeshwar Rawan & Kumbhakarna
Origin: Hindi
Bibhishan Name Meaning By Origin: बिभीषण 
How to be Write: विभीषण
Lucky Number: Bibhishan Lucky Number Is 9

74. Visvayu

Meaning: (Brother Of Amavasuand Satayu)
Origin: Hindi
Visvayu Name Meaning By Origin: विस्वायु
Pronunciation: Vis-vayu
How to be Write: विश्वयु
Lucky Number: Visvayu Lucky Number Is 11

75. Lakshman

Meaning: Prosperous; Brother Of Rama; Born To Give (Brother Of Rama)
Origin: Hindi
Lakshman Name Meaning By Origin: लक्ष्मण
Pronunciation: Lak-sh-man, Laks-h-man
How to be Write: लक्ष्मण
Lucky Number: Lakshman Lucky Number Is 7

76. Kuttura

Meaning: Myth Name Brother Of Gudrun
Origin: Finnish

77. Hi

Meaning: My Brother Is Exalted
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Hi

78. Emrah

Meaning: Older Brother; Loving Friend
Origin: Algerian

79. Didimo

Meaning: Twin Brother

80. Wematen

Meaning: One Who Is Brotherly

81. Tec

Meaning: Little Brother

82. Arron

Meaning: Deriving From The NameAaronit MeansEnlightened; Exalted; Mountain Of StrengthAaron Was The Name Of The Older Brother Of Moses In The Bible
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Ar-an

83. BalBhadra

Meaning: Brother Of Krishna
Origin: Hindi
BalBhadra Name Meaning By Origin: बलभद्र
Pronunciation: Balb-hadra, Balbhadra, Balb-ha-dra
How to be Write: बाल भद्र

84. Pollux

Meaning: Brother Of Helen
Lucky Number: Pollux Lucky Number Is 1

85. Thyestes

Meaning: Brother Of Atreus
Origin: Greek
Lucky Number: Thyestes Lucky Number Is 4

86. Isleif

Meaning: Brother Of Isrod
Origin: Norse
Lucky Number: Isleif Lucky Number Is 6

87. Honir

Meaning: Brother Of Odin
Origin: Norse
Lucky Number: Honir Lucky Number Is 1

88. Hoenir

Meaning: Brother Of Odin
Origin: Norse
Lucky Number: Hoenir Lucky Number Is 6

89. Henwas

Meaning: Mythical Brother Of Henbeddestr
Origin: Celtic
Lucky Number: Henwas Lucky Number Is 7

90. Esarhaddon

Meaning: Ashur Has Given A Brother
Origin: Biblical
Lucky Number: Esarhaddon Lucky Number Is 8

91. Sennacherib

Meaning: The Moon God Sends Many Brothers
Origin: Biblical
Lucky Number: Sennacherib Lucky Number Is 8

92. Menelaus

Meaning: The History Of Troilus AnD CressiDa' Brother To The Greek General.
Origin: Shakespearean
Pronunciation: Menelaus, Me-ne-laus
Lucky Number: Menelaus Lucky Number Is 9

93. Ahilud

Meaning: A Brother Born; Or Begotten
Origin: Biblical
Lucky Number: Ahilud Lucky Number Is 1

94. Ahihud

Meaning: Brother Of Vanity; Or Of Darkness; Or Of Joy; Or Of Praise; Witty Brother
Origin: Biblical
Lucky Number: Ahihud Lucky Number Is 6

95. Ahian

Meaning: Brotherly
Origin: Biblical
Lucky Number: Ahian Lucky Number Is 6

96. Bratislav

Meaning: Glorious Brother
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Bratislav, Brat-is-lav, Bra-tis-lav
Lucky Number: Bratislav Lucky Number Is 5

97. Iqwaan

Meaning: Brothers
Iqwaan Name Meaning By Origin: اقوان
Lucky Number: Iqwaan Lucky Number Is 1

98. Ramanuj

Meaning: Born After Rama Ie Lakshman (Younger Brother Of Rama)
Origin: Hindi
Ramanuj Name Meaning By Origin: रामानुज
Pronunciation: Ra-manuj, Ramanuj, Ra-ma-nuj
How to be Write: रामानुज
Lucky Number: Ramanuj Lucky Number Is 6

99. Rakhi

Meaning: Thread Of Brother Sister Bonding
Origin: Hindi
Rakhi Name Meaning By Origin: خوشگوار
Pronunciation: Rakhi, Rak-hi
How to be Write: راخی
Lucky Number: Rakhi Lucky Number Is 11

100. Pandu

Meaning: (Younger Brother Of Dhritarastra; HusbanD Of Kunti; Father Of The PanDava's Born To Vichitravirya's WiDow Queen Ambalika (by Vyasa).)
Origin: Hindi
Pandu Name Meaning By Origin: पांडू
Pronunciation: Pan-du, Pandu
How to be Write: पांडु
Lucky Number: Pandu Lucky Number Is 2