100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Famous

100 Unique Famous Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Famous most popular names of 2023 feature Louisa as Number one for girls, and Winston in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Famous are Lara and Clementine and Juliette and for girls, and Connor and Roland and Rodney and for boys. Here is the list for Famous baby names for boys and girls.

1. Winston

Meaning: From Wine's Town; From A FrienD's Town. Famous Bearer: Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), WorlD War II British Statesman.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Win-ston
Lucky Number: Winston Lucky Number Is 6

2. Connor

Meaning: Strong WilleD Or Wise 'HounD-lover.' Also From The Irish 'Coachuhhar', Meaning High Desire. Famous Bearers: In Irish Mythology Connor Was An Early King Of Ulster.; 20th Century Irish Diplomat Conor Cruise O'Brien.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Con-ner
Lucky Number: Connor Lucky Number Is 7

3. Roland

Meaning: Famous Land
Origin: German
Pronunciation: RO-lənD
Lucky Number: Roland Lucky Number Is 1

4. Rodney

Meaning: Famous Island
Origin: English
Pronunciation: RAHD-nee
Lucky Number: Rodney Lucky Number Is 9

5. Jeffrey

Meaning: DeriveD From One Of Three OlD German Names, Meaning District, Traveler, Or Peaceful PleDge. Famous Bearer: Geoffrey Plantagenet Was Father To King Henry II; Geoffrey Cbaucer Wrote 'The Canterbury Tales'.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Jeff-ri
Lucky Number: Jeffrey Lucky Number Is 3

6. Declan

Meaning: Famous Bearer: 6th Century Irish St Declan
Origin: American
Pronunciation: De-clan
Lucky Number: Declan Lucky Number Is 3

7. Dominick

Meaning: From Dominkus, Meaning 'of The LorD'. Famous Bearer: St Dominic FounDeD The Dominican OrDer Of Preaching Friars.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Do-minick, Dominick, Do-mi-nick
Lucky Number: Dominick Lucky Number Is 6

8. Danny

Meaning: A Hebrew Daniel, Meaning GoD Has JuDgeD, Or GoD Is JuDge, Frequently UseD As An InDepenDent Name. 'Danny Boy' Is A Famous Scottish Folk Song.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Dan-ny, Danny
Lucky Number: Danny Lucky Number Is 22

9. Clark

Meaning: Derived From A Surname Meaning Cleric Or Clerk Famous People: American Actor Clark Gable; Fictional Character Clark Kent; Alias Superman
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Clark
Lucky Number: Clark Lucky Number Is 9

10. Nolan

Meaning: Famous
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: NO-lan
Lucky Number: Nolan Lucky Number Is 6

11. Orlando

Meaning: Famous Land
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Awr-LAHN-Do
Lucky Number: Orlando Lucky Number Is 1

12. Riesh

Meaning: Famous; Bright
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: Riesh

13. Vladamir

Meaning: Rule; Great; Famous

14. Borys

Meaning: WarriorFamous Bearers:monster Movie Actor Boris Karloff And Russian President Boris Yeltsin
Origin: Slavic
Pronunciation: Bo-rys, Borys
Lucky Number: Borys Lucky Number Is 7

15. Rol

Meaning: Famous Throughout The Land
Origin: French

16. AbouAli

Meaning: Name Of A Famous Iranian Scientist
Origin: Persian

17. Pip

Meaning: Lover Of Horses. King Philip Of MaceDon Was The Father Of AlexanDer The Great. In The Bible, Philip Was The Name Of One Of Christ's Apostles. Famous Bearer: Prince Philip, HusbanD Of Queen Elizabeth II.
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Pip
Lucky Number: Pip Lucky Number Is 5

18. Briano

Meaning: Brave; VirtuousFamous Bearers:Canadian Singer Brian Adams And British Singer Bryan Ferry
Lucky Number: Briano Lucky Number Is 5

19. Olbrecht

Meaning: Famous; Noble; Bright
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Ol-brecht

20. Rodgers

Meaning: Famous Warrior
Origin: German
Pronunciation: R(o)-dge-rs

21. Holbert

Meaning: Famous For His Loyalty

22. Borris

Meaning: WarriorFamous Bearers:monster Movie Actor Boris Karloff And Russian President Boris Yeltsin
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Bor-ris
Lucky Number: Borris Lucky Number Is 9

23. Ruaridh

Meaning: This Is A Scottish Name That Means Red King The German Meaning Of The Name Is Famously Powerful
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: RAOR-iy

24. Vilbert

Meaning: Will; Desire; Bright; Famous
Origin: Swedish

25. Xiomarre

Meaning: One Who Is Famous In

26. Alistir

Meaning: Variant Of Alexander: Defender; Protector Of Mankind Famous Bearer: Alexander The Great
Origin: Greek

27. Jusbir

Meaning: Famous And Brave
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jus-bir

28. Arlando

Meaning: A Pledge; Famous Landowner
Origin: Hebrew

29. Tolly

Meaning: Ploughman Son Of Talmai (Talmai Is A; Meaning Abounding In Furrows) Famous Bearer: St Bartholomew Was An Apostle Of Jesus Christ
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Tol-ly, Tolly
Lucky Number: Tolly Lucky Number Is 3

30. Chlodwig

Meaning: Famous Warrior
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Chlod-wig
Lucky Number: Chlodwig Lucky Number Is 9

31. Namvar

Meaning: Famous
Origin: Persian
Namvar Name Meaning By Origin: نامی، مشہور، نامدار
Pronunciation: Nam-var
How to be Write: نامور
Lucky Number: Namvar Lucky Number Is 5

32. Viik

Meaning: Famous In War
Origin: Finnish

33. Robart

Meaning: Famous
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Ro-bart, Robart

34. Norberthe

Meaning: Famous Northman

35. Vladimiro

Meaning: Rule; Great; Famous
Origin: French

36. CaMari

Meaning: This Modification Of The NameCameron; Means Crooked Nose And Was Originally A Surname Borne By A Famous Scottish Clan Thought To Have A Common Ancestor Who Had A Crooked Nose
Origin: Scottish
Pronunciation: Kah-MAH-ree

37. Geraint

Meaning: ALatin Gerontius, From The Greek 'geron' Meaning OlD. Famous Bearer: Welsh Opera Singer Sir Geraint Evans.
Origin: Arthurian LegenD
Pronunciation: Geraint
Lucky Number: Geraint Lucky Number Is 11

38. Waldemarr

Meaning: Famous Ruler
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Walde-marr, Wal-de-marr
Lucky Number: Waldemarr Lucky Number Is 5

39. Clemente

Meaning: Gentle. Famous Bearer: Clement Moore, Writer Of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas'.
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Clemente Lucky Number Is 5

40. Abu Huzaifah

Meaning: A Famous Sahabi Of Rasoolullah (SAW)
Origin: Urdu
Abu Huzaifah Name Meaning By Origin: ایک مشہور صحابی رسول اللہ
How to be Write: ابو حذیفہ
Lucky Number: Abu Huzaifah Lucky Number Is 1

41. Urfi

Meaning: Famous
Origin: Arabic
Urfi Name Meaning By Origin: مشہور
How to be Write: عرفی
Lucky Number: 9

42. Rolan

Meaning: Of Germanic Origin Meaning Famous Landowner It Is An Alternative Spelling To The English; German; French And Welsh Name Roland
Origin: German
Pronunciation: ROW-lan

43. Edrigu

Meaning: Famous Leader
Origin: Teutonic
Lucky Number: Edrigu Lucky Number Is 1

44. Dorrah

Meaning: Precious Stone (name Of The Famous Child Shaheed Muhammad Al Dorra); Pearl
Dorrah Name Meaning By Origin: دوره
Lucky Number: Dorrah Lucky Number Is 1

45. Himan

Meaning: Himan Was The Name Of One Of The Famous Slaves That Had A Hand In Building The Tomb Of Queen Venika
Origin: Hindi
Himan Name Meaning By Origin: हिमान
Pronunciation: Hi-man
How to be Write: नमस्कार दोस्त
Lucky Number: Himan Lucky Number Is 9

46. Yasavanth

Meaning: Famous
Origin: Kannada

47. Rodito

Meaning: Famously Powerful
Origin: German

48. Bhaarathy

Meaning: Famous
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bhaarathy, Bhaar-a-thy

49. Clarabelle

Meaning: Bright; Famous
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Clarab(el)-le

50. Rolin

Meaning: Famous Landowner
Pronunciation: R(o)-lin

51. Ulfmar

Meaning: Famous Wolf

52. Celio

Meaning: Blind (from The Roman Clan Name Caecilius)Famous Bearers: The African State Of Rhodesia Is Named After British Statesman Cecil Rhodes; American Film Producer Director Cecil B De Mille
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ce-lio, Celio
Lucky Number: Celio Lucky Number Is 8

53. Vishrat

Meaning: Famous
Origin: Kannada

54. Clyandra

Meaning: Famous Man
Origin: Greek

55. Cleonike

Meaning: Famous Victory
Origin: Greek

56. Yasic

Meaning: Glorious; Famous
Origin: Assamese

57. Yuzin

Meaning: Famous - Wealthy
Origin: Algerian

58. Sorab

Meaning: Famous Persian Prince; Illustrious
Origin: American

59. Roban

Meaning: Bright Famous One; Famously Famous
Origin: American

60. Robbert

Meaning: Bright Famous One
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Rob-bert

61. Lotar

Meaning: Famous Army
Origin: German

62. Rolend

Meaning: Famous Land
Origin: German

63. Ordando

Meaning: Famous Landowner

64. Bobbea

Meaning: Bright Famous One; Famously Famous

65. Ayllmer

Meaning: Nobly Famous
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ayllmer, Ayll-mer

66. Vladi

Meaning: Rule; Great; Famous

67. Ulfmaerr

Meaning: Famous Wolf
Origin: Norse
Lucky Number: Ulfmaerr Lucky Number Is 4

68. Farquhar

Meaning: From The Gaelic Fearchar, Meaning 'frienDly Man' Or 'very Dear One'. Famous Bearer: An Early King Of ScotlanD.
Origin: Scottish
Pronunciation: Far-quhar
Lucky Number: Farquhar Lucky Number Is 9

69. Donalt

Meaning: Great Cheif; World Mighty From The Gaelic Domhnall The Name Donald Has Been Borne By A Number Of Early Scottish KingsFamous Bearers:Billionaire Donald Trump; Actor Donald Sutherland
Origin: Scottish
Lucky Number: Donalt Lucky Number Is 3

70. Clemento

Meaning: Gentle. Famous Bearer: Clement Moore, Writer Of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas'.
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Cle-men-to, Cle-mento
Lucky Number: Clemento Lucky Number Is 6

71. Fulbright

Meaning: Extremely Famous
Origin: German
Pronunciation: FUL-briet
Lucky Number: Fulbright Lucky Number Is 4

72. Taibur

Meaning: Variant Of Taimur; A Famous King
Origin: Algerian

73. Jasavanta

Meaning: Famous
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jasa-van-ta, Jasav-anta, Ja-sa-van-ta

74. Jasavira

Meaning: Famous Warrior
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jasavi-ra, Jasavira, Ja-sa-vi-ra

75. Roddie

Meaning: Famous Power
Origin: German
Pronunciation: R(od)-die

76. Orlo

Meaning: Famous Landowner

77. Loránd

Meaning: Famous Landowner

78. Unarr

Meaning: Famous

79. Rurich

Meaning: Famously Powerful

80. Rulon

Meaning: Famous Landowner
Origin: American

81. Geomar

Meaning: Famous In Battle
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: Geo-mar
Lucky Number: Geomar Lucky Number Is 5

82. Rule

Meaning: Famous Wolf
Origin: French
Pronunciation: Rule, Ru-le
Lucky Number: Rule Lucky Number Is 2

83. Fabek

Meaning: Bean Farmer. Famous Bearer: 50's Singer Fabian.
Origin: Algerian
Lucky Number: Fabek Lucky Number Is 7

84. Alahhaois

Meaning: Famous Soldier
Origin: Irish
Lucky Number: Alahhaois Lucky Number Is 11

85. Ardeshir

Meaning: Famous Sassanid King
Origin: Persian
Ardeshir Name Meaning By Origin: ساسیئن سلطنت کے بانی کا نام
Pronunciation: Up + PRay + DUst + SHEEp + PRay
How to be Write: اردیشر
Lucky Number: Ardeshir Lucky Number Is 1

86. Ujagardeep

Meaning: ' Famous' Famous ' Lamp' Lamp
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Uja-gardeep, Ujagardeep, Uja-gar-de-ep
Lucky Number: Ujagardeep Lucky Number Is 7

87. Thirupati

Meaning: Sri Venkateswara; Mahavirat The Famous Name And Fame In World Suitable To Boys
Origin: Hindi
Thirupati Name Meaning By Origin: तिरुपति
Pronunciation: Thiru-pati, Thirupati, Thiru-pa-ti
How to be Write: तिरुपति
Lucky Number: Thirupati Lucky Number Is 5

88. Mihyar

Meaning: Name Of A Famous Poet
Origin: Arabic
Mihyar Name Meaning By Origin: محیر
Pronunciation: Mi-h-yar, Mi-hyar, Mihyar
How to be Write: میہیار
Lucky Number: Mihyar Lucky Number Is 2

89. Widit

Meaning: Famous; Knowledge; Lord Indra
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: Widt

90. Bikhyat

Meaning: Renowned; Famous
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: बिख्याति

91. Ruud

Meaning: Famous Wolf
Origin: German

92. Ruupetti

Meaning: Bright Famous
Origin: Finnish

93. Lamper

Meaning: Famous Landowner
Origin: Finnish

94. Robbee

Meaning: Famous
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Robbee, Rob-bee

95. Orlandito

Meaning: Famous Landowner

96. Norb

Meaning: Famous Northman

97. Claero

Meaning: Clear; Bright; Famous

98. Wlodzimierz

Meaning: Rule; Great; Famous
Origin: Polish
Pronunciation: Wlodz-imierz, Wlodz-i-mierz, Wlod-zi-mierz

99. Siegbert

Meaning: Victory; Bright; Famous
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Sieg-bert, Siegbert

100. Ruland

Meaning: Famous Landowner
Origin: German