100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Gem

100 Unique Gem Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Gem most popular names of 2023 feature Gemma as Number one for girls, and Onyx in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Gem are Emerald and Esmeralda and Sapphire and for girls, and Zain and Jett and Ratanpreet and for boys. Here is the list for Gem baby names for boys and girls.

1. Onyx

Meaning: This Gemstone Name Means Shiny Black Stone In Greek It Also Means Fingernail
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Onx

2. Zain

Meaning: Handsome; Gem Of Allah
Origin: Hebrew
Zain Name Meaning By Origin: خوبصورتی، زینت
Pronunciation: Zain
How to be Write: زین
Lucky Number: Zain Lucky Number Is 5

3. Jett

Meaning: Gemstone
Origin: English
Pronunciation: JET
Lucky Number: Jett Lucky Number Is 8

4. Ratanpreet

Meaning: One Whose Actions Are ' Gem' Gem -like, FrienDly ' Gem' Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ratan-preet, Ra-tan-preet
How to be Write: रतनप्रीत
Lucky Number: Ratanpreet Lucky Number Is 1

5. Dinhabah

Meaning: Give Thou Judgement
Origin: Biblical
Lucky Number: Dinhabah Lucky Number Is 11

6. Saorbhreathach

Meaning: Noble Of Judgement
Origin: Irish

7. Afsal

Meaning: Judgement
Origin: Algerian

8. Manickaraj

Meaning: King Of Gem
Origin: Hindi
Manickaraj Name Meaning By Origin: मांनीच्काराज 
Pronunciation: Man-ickaraj, Man-ick-a-r-aj, Ma-nicka-raj
How to be Write: मणिकाराजी
Lucky Number: Manickaraj Lucky Number Is 9

9. Rajratna

Meaning: Prince; Gem Of The Kingdom
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: राजरत्न

10. Jainil

Meaning: Victorious God Swami Narayan; Victory Of Blue; Victory Over Gems
Origin: Hindi
Jainil Name Meaning By Origin: जैनिल
Pronunciation: Jainil, Jain-il, Jai-nil
How to be Write: जैनिली
Lucky Number: Jainil Lucky Number Is 1

11. Nizam

Meaning: Rule; System; Arrangement; Organization
Origin: Arabic
Nizam Name Meaning By Origin: انتظام، بنیاد
Pronunciation: NImble + Zero + MAn + Moon
How to be Write: نظام
Lucky Number: Nizam Lucky Number Is 9

12. Raishad

Meaning: Righteous; Good Judgement
Origin: Algerian

13. Gim

Meaning: As Precious As A Gem
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Gim

14. Deivamani

Meaning: Blessed Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Deiva-mani, Deivamani, Dei-va-ma-ni
How to be Write: देवमणि

15. Jauhar

Meaning: Jewel; Gem; Pearl
Origin: Hindi
Jauhar Name Meaning By Origin: قیمتی پتھر، لعل
Pronunciation: Jauhar, Jau-har
How to be Write: جوہر
Lucky Number: Jauhar Lucky Number Is 4

16. Eelamani

Meaning: Gem Of Eelam
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ee-la-mani, Eelamani, Ee-la-ma-ni

17. Ratnatej

Meaning: One Who Shines Like A Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Rat-natej, Rat-na-tej
How to be Write: रत्नतेजी

18. Livpreet

Meaning: ' Love' Love Of ADoration, AbsorbeD In ' Gem' Gem Of The ' Holy' Holy WorD, ' BeloveD' BeloveD
Origin: Sikh
Pronunciation: Livpreet, Liv-preet
Lucky Number: Livpreet Lucky Number Is 8

19. Barnabas

Meaning: The Son Of Encouragement
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: BAHR-nə-bəs
Lucky Number: Barnabas Lucky Number Is 9

20. Gomeda

Meaning: Gemstone For Rahu
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gome-da, Gomeda, Go-me-da

21. Bairbel

Meaning: Precious Gems; Stones; Qeemti Jawahar; Qeemti Pathar
Origin: Urdu
Bairbel Name Meaning By Origin: قیمتی جواہر٬قیمتی پتھر، گوہر، نایاب
How to be Write: بیربل

22. Hiresh

Meaning: King Of Gems
Origin: Hindi
Hiresh Name Meaning By Origin: हिरेश
Pronunciation: Hiresh, Hi-resh
How to be Write: हिरेशो
Lucky Number: Hiresh Lucky Number Is 4

23. Nizamat

Meaning: Organization; Arrangement
Origin: Arabic
Nizamat Name Meaning By Origin: انتظام
How to be Write: نظامت
Lucky Number: Nizamat Lucky Number Is 2

24. Vibek

Meaning: Discretion; Patience; Judgement
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: विबेको

25. Debratan

Meaning: Gem Of The Gods
Origin: Assamese

26. Ulagamuthu

Meaning: Gem Of The World
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ulaga-muthu, Ulagamuthu, Ula-ga-mut-hu

27. Sadratna

Meaning: Pure Gem; True Pearl
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sadrat-na, Sad-rat-na, Sa-drat-na

28. Toshanav

Meaning: Gem; Talented;
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Toshanav, Tos-ha-nav
Lucky Number: Toshanav Lucky Number Is 1

29. Barney

Meaning: The Son Of Encouragement
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: BAHR-nee
Lucky Number: Barney Lucky Number Is 2

30. Maniratnam

Meaning: Precious Gem Diamond
Origin: Kannada

31. Pokhraj

Meaning: A Jewel; Gem
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: पोखराजी

32. Divyaratna

Meaning: Fabulous Heavenly Gem
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दिव्यरत्न

33. Basat

Meaning: Encouragement; Courage
Origin: Arabic
Basat Name Meaning By Origin: حوصلہ،ہمت
How to be Write: بساط
Lucky Number: 9

34. Venmuthu

Meaning: White Pearl; Pure Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: VenMuthu, VenMut-hu

35. Anmolratan

Meaning: Priceless Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: An-mol-ratan, An-molratan, An-mol-ra-tan

36. Leedon

Meaning: Judgement Is Mine

37. Taizean

Meaning: Encouragement

38. Norbu

Meaning: A Precious Gem
Origin: Tibetan

39. Vajaratna

Meaning: Gem Of Rewards; Rich In Treasures
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Va-jarat-na, Va-jar-at-na, Va-ja-rat-na
How to be Write: वजरत्न

40. Vairamuthu

Meaning: Name Of Gemstones; Diamond; Pearl
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vaira-muthu, Vair-a-muthu, Vai-ra-mut-hu
How to be Write: वैरामुत्तु

41. Umamani

Meaning: The Gem Of Fame
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Uma-mani, Umamani, Uma-ma-ni
How to be Write: उमामणि

42. Elishatphat

Meaning: God Of Judgement
Origin: Biblical

43. Pinon

Meaning: Pearl; Gem; That Beholds
Lucky Number: Pinon Lucky Number Is 5

44. Oppilmani

Meaning: Purest Of Gems
Origin: Hindi
Oppilmani Name Meaning By Origin: ओप्पिलमणि 
Pronunciation: Op-pil-mani, Op-pil-ma-ni
How to be Write: ओपिलमनी
Lucky Number: Oppilmani Lucky Number Is 6

45. Methuselah

Meaning: Judgement
Origin: Biblical
Pronunciation: Methuse-lah, Meth-u-se-lah, Methu-se-lah
Lucky Number: Methuselah Lucky Number Is 9

46. Gauhar

Meaning: Gem; Jewel; Noble
Origin: Hindi
Gauhar Name Meaning By Origin:
Pronunciation: Gauhar, Gau-har
Lucky Number: Gauhar Lucky Number Is 1

47. Nezam

Meaning: Order; Arrangement; Discipline; Ruler; System
Origin: Afghan
How to be Write: نظام

48. Tanzim

Meaning: Arrangement
Origin: Arabic
Tanzim Name Meaning By Origin: بندو بست
How to be Write: تنظیم
Lucky Number: 5

49. Joher

Meaning: Gemstone
Origin: Arabic
Joher Name Meaning By Origin: قیمتی پتھر
How to be Write: جوہر
Lucky Number: 7

50. Sharell

Meaning: Cherry Fruit; Green Gemstone
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Sh(a)-re-ll

51. Chandraneel

Meaning: A Precious Blue Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Chan-dra-neel, Chandra-neel

52. Gym

Meaning: As Precious As A Gem

53. Jet

Meaning: Jet Is A Very Dark Brown Or Black Gemstone; As Well As A Very Fast Plane Some Parents Like The Slick; Quick Idea Of Jet
Origin: French
Pronunciation: JHET

54. Manibhushan

Meaning: Supreme Gem
Origin: Hindi
Manibhushan Name Meaning By Origin: मनिभूषण 
Pronunciation: Manib-hushan, Man-ib-hush-an, Ma-nib-hushan
How to be Write: मणिभूषण
Lucky Number: Manibhushan Lucky Number Is 11

55. Arivumani

Meaning: Intelligent Gem
Origin: Hindi
Arivumani Name Meaning By Origin: अरिवुमानी
Pronunciation: Arivu-mani, Ari-vu-ma-ni
How to be Write: अरिवुमणि
Lucky Number: Arivumani Lucky Number Is 9

56. Uppas

Meaning: Gem
Origin: Hindi
Uppas Name Meaning By Origin: उप्पास
Pronunciation: Up-pas
How to be Write: उप्पस
Lucky Number: Uppas Lucky Number Is 1

57. Ragnvald

Meaning: Powerful Judgement
Origin: Finnish

58. Shabadratan

Meaning: Having The Gem Of The Holy Word
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Shabadratan, Shabad-ratan, Sha-ba-dra-tan

59. Venmaniyan

Meaning: Pure Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: VenManiyan, VenMan-iy-an, VenMa-niy-an

60. Tazean

Meaning: Encouragement

61. Tapij

Meaning: A Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Tapij, Tap-ij, Ta-pij
How to be Write: तापिजो

62. Rateesh

Meaning: Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ra-teesh, Rateesh
How to be Write: रेटेश

63. Ponmani

Meaning: Precious Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pon-mani, Pon-ma-ni
How to be Write: पोनमानी

64. Manivel

Meaning: Gem Spear; Gem Sword
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Maniv-el, Ma-ni-vel
How to be Write: मनिवेल

65. Kalaimani

Meaning: Gem Of Arts
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Kalaimani, Kalai-ma-ni
How to be Write: कलाईमणि

66. Harimani

Meaning: Gem Of Vishnu; Sapphire
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ha-ri-mani, Har-im-ani, Ha-ri-ma-ni
How to be Write: हरिमणि

67. Taizeen

Meaning: Encouragement
Origin: Hindi
Taizeen Name Meaning By Origin: تزئین
Pronunciation: Taizeen, Ta-izeen, Tai-zeen
Lucky Number: Taizeen Lucky Number Is 3

68. Raushanjeet

Meaning: ' Flame' Flame Of A ' Gem' Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Raushan-jeet, Raush-an-jeet, Raus-han-jeet
Lucky Number: Raushanjeet Lucky Number Is 5

69. Raushandeep

Meaning: ' Lamp' Lamp Of A ' Gem' Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Raushan-deep, Raush-andeep, Raus-han-de-ep
Lucky Number: Raushandeep Lucky Number Is 4

70. Ratanvant

Meaning: Light Of ' Gem' Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ratan-vant, Ra-tan-vant
Lucky Number: Ratanvant Lucky Number Is 3

71. Ratangeet

Meaning: Remembering The ' Gem' Gem Of ' Soul' Soul
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ratangeet, Ratan-geet, Ra-tan-ge-et
How to be Write: रतनगीत
Lucky Number: Ratangeet Lucky Number Is 1

72. Ratandeep

Meaning: The ' Priceless' Priceless Brave One, ' Gem' Gem Of Awareness
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रतनदीप
Lucky Number: Ratandeep Lucky Number Is 3

73. Rajsukh

Meaning: ' KingDom' KingDom Of Gems
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ra-j-sukh, Rajsukh
Lucky Number: Rajsukh Lucky Number Is 7

74. Marutatmaj

Meaning: Most Beloved Like Gems
Origin: Hindi
Marutatmaj Name Meaning By Origin: मांरुतात्मज 
Pronunciation: Maru-tat-maj, Marutat-maj, Ma-rutat-maj
How to be Write: मरुतात्माजी
Lucky Number: Marutatmaj Lucky Number Is 1

75. Manik

Meaning: Ruby; Valued; Honoured; Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Manik, Ma-nik
Lucky Number: Manik Lucky Number Is 3

76. Kulratan

Meaning: ' Gem' Gem Of Family
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Kul-ratan, Kulratan, Kul-ra-tan
Lucky Number: Kulratan Lucky Number Is 8

77. Kaustuv

Meaning: A Gem In Lord Vishnus Breast
Origin: Hindi
Kaustuv Name Meaning By Origin: कौस्तुव 
Pronunciation: Kaus-tuv, Kau-stuv
How to be Write: कौस्तुवी
Lucky Number: Kaustuv Lucky Number Is 7

78. Tatratan

Meaning: ' Gem' Gem Of ' Truth' Truth
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ta-tratan, Tat-ratan, Ta-tra-tan
Lucky Number: Tatratan Lucky Number Is 5

79. Aaslunan

Meaning: Gem
Origin: Hindi
Aaslunan Name Meaning By Origin: आस्लुंनन
Pronunciation: Aaslu-nan, Aaslun-an, Aas-lu-n-an
How to be Write: असलुनन
Lucky Number: Aaslunan Lucky Number Is 2

80. Mahsher

Meaning: Judgement Day
Origin: Arabic
Mahsher Name Meaning By Origin: روز آخرت،قیامت
How to be Write: محشر
Lucky Number: 8

81. Rathinasundar

Meaning: Nice; Beautiful As Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Rathi-na-sun-dar, Rath-inasundar, Ra-thina-sun-dar

82. Sherill

Meaning: Cherry Fruit; Green Gemstone
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Sh(e)-ri-ll

83. Kaew

Meaning: Gem
Origin: Thai

84. Sherrell

Meaning: Cherry Fruit; Green Gemstone
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Sh(e)-rre-ll

85. Mony

Meaning: Precious Stone; Gem
Origin: Cambodian
Lucky Number: 8

86. Gymm

Meaning: As Precious As A Gem

87. Maniraj

Meaning: A Precious Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Mani-raj, Maniraj, Ma-ni-raj
How to be Write: मणिराजी

88. Manikyam

Meaning: A Gem; Ruby
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Manikyam, Ma-ni-kyam
How to be Write: मानिक्यम

89. Haracudamani

Meaning: The Crest Gem Of Siva
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Haracu-d-amani, Haracudam-ani, Ha-ra-cu-da-ma-ni
How to be Write: हरकुदामनी

90. Japheth

Meaning: May He ExpandEnlargementMay He Grant Ample RoomJapheth Was The Eldest Son Of Noah In The Old Testament
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Japheth, Japh-eth, Ja-phe-th
Lucky Number: Japheth Lucky Number Is 5

91. Ratnakundala

Meaning: Deeptimate Wearing Gem-studded Earrings
Origin: Hindi
Ratnakundala Name Meaning By Origin: रत्नकुंडल
Pronunciation: Rat-nakun-dala, Rat-nak-undala, Rat-na-kun-da-la
How to be Write: रत्नाकुंडला
Lucky Number: Ratnakundala Lucky Number Is 1

92. Ratnadeep

Meaning: Gem Of Gems
Origin: Hindi
Ratnadeep Name Meaning By Origin: रत्नदीप 
Pronunciation: Rat-nadeep, Rat-na-de-ep
How to be Write: रत्नदीप
Lucky Number: Ratnadeep Lucky Number Is 3

93. Kaustav

Meaning: A Legendary Gem; A Gem Worn By Lord Vishnu
Origin: Hindi
Kaustav Name Meaning By Origin: कौस्तव 
Pronunciation: Kaus-tav, Kaustav
How to be Write: कौस्तवी
Lucky Number: Kaustav Lucky Number Is 5

94. Thirumani

Meaning: Precious Gem
Origin: Hindi
Thirumani Name Meaning By Origin: तिरुमानि 
Pronunciation: Thiru-mani, Thiru-ma-ni
How to be Write: थिरुमणि
Lucky Number: Thirumani Lucky Number Is 5

95. Feridun

Meaning: Precious Gem; Three Times Strong
Origin: German

96. Usmad

Meaning: Gemstone
Origin: Arabic
Usmad Name Meaning By Origin: سرمے کا پتھر
How to be Write: اثمد
Lucky Number: 5

97. Mouood

Meaning: Acceptance; Acknowledgement
Origin: Arabic
Mouood Name Meaning By Origin: اقرار،اعتراف
How to be Write: موعود
Lucky Number: 9

98. Mahshar

Meaning: Day Of Judgement
Origin: Arabic
Mahshar Name Meaning By Origin: قیامت
How to be Write: محشر
Lucky Number: 8

99. Tirumani

Meaning: Precious Gem; Treasurable Gem
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Tiru-mani, Tiru-ma-ni

100. Hosh

Meaning: Senses; Judgement; Understanding; Mind; Direction; Soul
Origin: Arabic
Hosh Name Meaning By Origin: دانش،عقل،حواس
How to be Write: ہوش