100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Ghost

100 Unique Ghost Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Ghost most popular names of 2023 feature Fionnabair as Number one for girls, and Bhutapala in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Ghost are Sciath and Fennore and Fenoor and for girls, and Bhooteshwara and Gardi and Banquo and for boys. Here is the list for Ghost baby names for boys and girls.

1. Bhutapala

Meaning: Protector Of The Ghosts
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bhuta-pala, Bhutap-ala, Bhuta-pa-la
Lucky Number: Bhutapala Lucky Number Is 1

2. Bhooteshwara

Meaning: Lord Of Ghosts And Evil Beings
Origin: Hindi
Bhooteshwara Name Meaning By Origin: भूतेश्वर
How to be Write: भूतेश्वर:
Lucky Number: Bhooteshwara Lucky Number Is 9

3. Gardi

Meaning: A Ghost
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Gardi Lucky Number Is 3

4. Banquo

Meaning: The TrageDy Of Macbeth' Thane Of Lochaber, A General In The King Duncan's Army. After His MurDer, His Ghost Appears To Macbeth.
Lucky Number: Banquo Lucky Number Is 7

5. Buti

Meaning: One Who Was Ghost
Origin: Persian
Buti Name Meaning By Origin: ہمزاد، بھوت
How to be Write: بُتی