100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Half

100 Unique Half Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Half most popular names of 2023 feature Yashfa as Number one for girls, and Halvdan in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Half are De’Mi and Demeah and Auden and for girls, and Somanshie and Somanshea and Somanshi and for boys. Here is the list for Half baby names for boys and girls.

1. Halvdan

Meaning: Half Danish Person
Origin: Norwegian, OlD Norse
Pronunciation: HALV-Dan
Lucky Number: Halvdan Lucky Number Is 7

2. Somanshie

Meaning: Born Beneath The Half

3. Somanshea

Meaning: Born Beneath The Half

4. Somanshi

Meaning: Born Beneath The Half

5. Somanshy

Meaning: Born Beneath The Half

6. Somanshee

Meaning: Born Beneath The Half

7. Somanshey

Meaning: Born Beneath The Half

8. Somanshe

Meaning: Born Beneath The Half

9. Lawrance

Meaning: Meaning Laurel Or Bay Refering To The Half Crown Of Laural Leaves Given To Champions
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: LAORahNS

10. Halden

Meaning: Half Dane
Origin: German
Pronunciation: HAL-Dən
Lucky Number: Halden Lucky Number Is 8

11. Mawfoud

Meaning: Delegate; Agent; Deputy; A Person Who Has Been Sent Somewhere To Act On Behalf Of Someone Else
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: MUst + Win + FOOD
How to be Write: معفود
Lucky Number: 2

12. Keeley

Meaning: WoodSurname And Place Name That Has Only Been Used As A First Name (either Gender) In The Latter Half Of The 20th Century
Origin: Scottish
Pronunciation: Kee-ley
Lucky Number: Keeley Lucky Number Is 9

13. Centaurus

Meaning: Half Man Half Horse
Lucky Number: Centaurus Lucky Number Is 5

14. Banazîr

Meaning: Half-wise

15. Bekah

Meaning: Half A Shekel
Origin: American
Lucky Number: Bekah Lucky Number Is 9

16. Basic

Meaning: Royal Kingly St Basil The Great Was Bishop Of Caesarea In The Latter Half Of The 4th Century This Name Was Introduced Into Western Europe By The Crusaders Derived From The Same Greek Word As The Plant Name Basil
Lucky Number: Basic Lucky Number Is 7

17. Ardhendu

Meaning: Half Moon
Origin: Hindi
Ardhendu Name Meaning By Origin: अरधेंदु
Pronunciation: Ard-hen-du, Ard-hendu
How to be Write: अद्र्धेंदु
Lucky Number: Ardhendu Lucky Number Is 3

18. Chandrardh

Meaning: Half-moon; Crescent
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: चंद्रार्धी

19. Shakiem

Meaning: Half Of A Twin
Origin: English

20. Swaransh

Meaning: Half; Quarter Of A Tone In Music (1)
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Swaransh, Swaran-sh, Swa-ransh

21. Halfdanr

Meaning: Half Dane

22. Halfdan

Meaning: Half A Dane
Origin: Swedish

23. Haldyn

Meaning: Half A Dane

24. Haldayn

Meaning: Half A Dane

25. Harihareshwar

Meaning: Half Shiva And Half Vishnu
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Har-i-haresh-war, Hari-haresh-war, Ha-ri-ha-res-hwar
How to be Write: हरिहरेश्वर:

26. Nashiif

Meaning: Half Part; Head Cover
Nashiif Name Meaning By Origin: نشیف
Lucky Number: Nashiif Lucky Number Is 3

27. Harkaranjit

Meaning: ' Victory' Victory On Behalf Of GoD
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Harkaran-jit, Harkaranjit, Har-ka-ranjit
Lucky Number: Harkaranjit Lucky Number Is 3

28. Bankimcandra

Meaning: Half Moon; Charming But Shrewd
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bankim-can-dra, Bankim-candra, Ban-kim-can-dra

29. Healfdene

Meaning: Half Dane
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Healf-dene, He-alf-de-ne

30. Haldon

Meaning: Half A Dane

31. Nimay

Meaning: Half
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ni-may, Nimay
How to be Write: निमायू

32. Somansh

Meaning: Half Moon
Origin: Hindi
Somansh Name Meaning By Origin: सोमांश 
Pronunciation: So-mansh, So-man-sh
How to be Write: सोमांशु

33. Kalamuddin

Meaning: Speech Of The Faith; Which Means A Person Who Is Endowed With Knowledge Of The Faith And Speaks On Behalf Of It
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: CUt + LAnd + Man + PUt + Day + DEEd + New
How to be Write: کلام الدین
Lucky Number: 4

34. Haldan

Meaning: Half Dane
Lucky Number: Haldan Lucky Number Is 22

35. Pakshaj

Meaning: The Moon; Produced In A Fortnighthalf A Month
Origin: Hindi
Pakshaj Name Meaning By Origin: पक्षाज
Pronunciation: Pak-shaj, Paks-haj
How to be Write: पक्षाजी
Lucky Number: Pakshaj Lucky Number Is 3

36. Tanseef

Meaning: Half
Origin: Arabic
Tanseef Name Meaning By Origin: آدھا
How to be Write: تنصیف
Lucky Number: 9

37. Balchandr

Meaning: Half Moon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Balchan-dr, Bal-chandr

38. Ardhendru

Meaning: Half Moon
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ard-hen-dru, Ard-hendru

39. Halvden

Meaning: Half A Dane

40. Halfden

Meaning: Half A Dane

41. Halfdane

Meaning: Half A Dane

42. Haldin

Meaning: Half A Dane

43. Haldaen

Meaning: Half A Dane

44. Kalf

Meaning: Half Son Of Asgeir
Lucky Number: Kalf Lucky Number Is 3