100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Heart

100 Unique Heart Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Heart most popular names of 2023 feature Kairi as Number one for girls, and Kareem in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Heart are Analia and Nyasha and Zameera and for girls, and Gia and Alonso and Jadiel and for boys. Here is the list for Heart baby names for boys and girls.

1. Kareem

Meaning: Generous; Honorable; Kindhearted; Noble; Excellent
Origin: Arabic
Kareem Name Meaning By Origin: بخشنے والا، سخی، نیک دل
Pronunciation: CUp + pRay + SwEEt + Man
How to be Write: کریم
Lucky Number: Kareem Lucky Number Is 3

2. Gia

Meaning: Heart; Love
Origin: Hindi
Gia Name Meaning By Origin: गिया
How to be Write: जिया

3. Alonso

Meaning: Warrior; Battle-ready; Of Noble Heart And Mind
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: AhLONso

4. Jadiel

Meaning: Kind And Open-hearted; Able To Extend Compassion To Others
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Jadeel

5. Hiyaan

Meaning: Heart; Lord Vishnu
Origin: Assamese
Lucky Number: 5

6. Jiyan

Meaning: Near Heart; Always Happy
Origin: Hindi
Jiyan Name Meaning By Origin: जियान
Pronunciation: Jiyan, Jiy-an
How to be Write: जियान
Lucky Number: Jiyan Lucky Number Is 5

7. Ziyyan

Meaning: Piece Part Of Heart; Reborn
Origin: Malayali

8. Ghamr

Origin: Urdu
Ghamr Name Meaning By Origin: فراخ دل، کشادہ دل، وسیع دل، ہمدرد
How to be Write: غمر
Lucky Number: Ghamr Lucky Number Is 2

9. Ikman

Meaning: One ' MinD' MinD ' Heart' Heart ' MinD' MinD ' Soul' Soul
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ik-man
Lucky Number: Ikman Lucky Number Is 3

10. Irufan

Meaning: Gratefulness; Wisdom; Iron Heart
Origin: Algerian

11. Udari

Meaning: Kindhearted Person
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Udari, Uda-ri
How to be Write: उदारी

12. Dil

Meaning: Heart; Mind
Origin: Hindi
Dil Name Meaning By Origin: پیارا،دماغ ،روح، ضمیر، سخاوت، خوبی، مرضی، خواہش، ہمت، بہادری
Pronunciation: Dil
How to be Write: دل
Lucky Number: Dil Lucky Number Is 7

13. Ubaldus

Meaning: Heart; Mind; Spirit

14. Dil Nawaz

Meaning: Mind; Soothing Heart
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Dil-Nawaz, Dil-Na-waz
How to be Write: دل نواز

15. Riken

Meaning: Warm Hearted; Creative
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Riken, Ri-ken

16. Zameer

Meaning: Conscience; Innermost Self; Heart; Mind
Origin: Arabic
Zameer Name Meaning By Origin: دل، خیال، بھید
Pronunciation: Zameer, Za-meer
How to be Write: ضمیر
Lucky Number: Zameer Lucky Number Is 9

17. Leannain

Meaning: Sweat Heart; Lover
Origin: Irish

18. Yuvein

Meaning: Young At Heart Lord Shivas Name
Lucky Number: 6

19. Hanan

Meaning: Kind; Compassionate And Tenderhearted
Origin: Arabic
Hanan Name Meaning By Origin: رحم کرنا ; رحمت
Pronunciation: Hanan
How to be Write: حنان
Lucky Number: Hanan Lucky Number Is 5

20. Madhish

Meaning: Good Hearted
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: मधिशो

21. Qalab

Meaning: Heart (the Organ) Mind; Soul; Conscience; Generosity; Munificence
Origin: Arabic
Qalab Name Meaning By Origin: دل
How to be Write: قلب
Lucky Number: 6

22. Dil Shouq

Meaning: Heart Love
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Dil-Shouq
How to be Write: دل شوق

23. Cetas

Meaning: Intelligece; Soul; Heart; Mind
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ce-tas, Cetas

24. Caralipo

Meaning: Saddened Heart

25. Khatir

Meaning: Heart; Mind; Idea; Notion
Origin: Arabic
Khatir Name Meaning By Origin: خدمت
Pronunciation: KHartoum + MAn + TIp + PRay
How to be Write: خاطر
Lucky Number: Khatir Lucky Number Is 4

26. Ridang

Meaning: Preference Of Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: Ridang

27. Rudhaditya

Meaning: One Soul From Two Hearts
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रुधादित्य:

28. Ridayansh

Meaning: Part Of Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: Ridayansh

29. Chethas

Meaning: Heart; Soul; Mind
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: चेतस

30. Zaamer

Meaning: Conscience; Mind; Heart; Idea
Origin: Arabic
Zaamer Name Meaning By Origin: نازک اندام
How to be Write: ضمیر
Lucky Number: 6

31. Gunaalan

Meaning: Good Heart; Man Of Virtues
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gu-naalan, Gun-aalan, Gu-n-aalan

32. Giyansh

Meaning: Life; Live; Part Of Life Heart
Origin: Assamese

33. Tada

Meaning: Heart
Origin: Aramaic
Pronunciation: T(a)-da

34. Lafai

Meaning: A Lighthearted Man

35. Dikhlat

Meaning: Heart; Soul
Origin: Arabic
Dikhlat Name Meaning By Origin: قلب، رُوح
Pronunciation: Dikhlat, Dikh-lat, Dik-hlat
How to be Write: دخلات

36. Zakher

Meaning: Hearty
Origin: Urdu
Zakher Name Meaning By Origin: تنومند،فربی،،موٹا
How to be Write: زاخیر
Lucky Number: Zakher Lucky Number Is 6

37. Raheem

Meaning: Merciful; Kind; Compassionate; Tenderhearted
Origin: Arabic
Raheem Name Meaning By Origin: مہربانی کرنے والا، خدا کا صفاتی نام
Pronunciation: RUn + HEEd + Muslim
How to be Write: رحیم
Lucky Number: Raheem Lucky Number Is 9

38. Ridaiya

Meaning: Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: Ridaiya

39. Rhuday

Meaning: Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: गुरुवार

40. Da Shin

Meaning: Peaceful Heart
Origin: Bhutani

41. Dil Shouq

Meaning: Heart Love
Origin: Algerian

42. Asfakur

Meaning: Kind Hearten; Compassion
Origin: Algerian

43. Jiyaansh

Meaning: Part Of Heart Life
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जियांशु

44. Aavik

Meaning: Warm Hearted; Kind
Origin: Bengali

45. Hridit

Meaning: One With Pure Heart; Very Kind; Loving
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Hrid-it, Hri-dit

46. Syncere

Meaning: A Alternative Of The Word Sincere Meaning Genuine Or Heartfelt
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: SINsear

47. Rudayesh

Meaning: Belongs To The Heart
Origin: Assamese

48. Hrudhan

Meaning: Heart
Origin: Assamese

49. Asfhak

Meaning: Compassion; Kind Hearten
Origin: Algerian

50. Sher Dil

Meaning: Lion Heart
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Sher-Dil, Sh-er-Dil
How to be Write: شیر دل

51. Jiansh

Meaning: Part Of Your Heart Life
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जियानशु

52. Kala`e

Meaning: Slim And Fair; Beloved; Sweetheart
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: K(a)-lae

53. Mankirat

Meaning: Whos Mind On God; Work Of Heart; Wish
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: Manki-rat, Mankir-at, Man-ki-rat

54. Kayleb

Meaning: One With A Large Heart; Eager To Love; Animal Lover
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: KAYleb

55. Dil Nawaz

Meaning: Soothing Heart; Mind
Origin: Algerian
Dil Nawaz Name Meaning By Origin: دل نواز
Lucky Number: Dil Nawaz Lucky Number Is 8

56. Maaksharth

Meaning: It Means; Precious Part Of Mothers Heart
Origin: Hindi
Maaksharth Name Meaning By Origin: माक्षार्थ
Pronunciation: Maak-sharth, Maaks-harth
How to be Write: माक्षार्थो
Lucky Number: Maaksharth Lucky Number Is 1

57. Cemil

Meaning: Kind-hearted
Origin: Turkish
Pronunciation: JEM-il
Lucky Number: Cemil Lucky Number Is 6

58. Jiyanshu

Meaning: Part Of Heart; Near Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जियांशु

59. Urfan

Meaning: Iron Heart
Origin: Algerian

60. Roofah

Meaning: Tender Hearted
Origin: Algerian

61. Dheerodhata Gunothara

Meaning: Kind Hearted Valiant
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dheerod-ha-ta Gunothara, Dheerod-hata Gun-othara, Dhee-rod-ha-ta Gu-no-tha-ra

62. Kalae

Meaning: Slim And Fair; Beloved; Sweetheart
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: K(a)-lae

63. Hiyan

Meaning: Lord Vishnu; Life; Heart
Origin: Assamese
Lucky Number: 4

64. Ruhaan

Meaning: Kind Hearted
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ruhaan, Ru-haan

65. Hughi

Meaning: Heart; Mind; Spirit

66. Hughee

Meaning: Heart; Mind; Spirit

67. Hughe

Meaning: Heart; Mind; Spirit
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Hughe

68. Deklan

Meaning: Variant Of Declan; Pure; Charming; Full Of Heart
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: DECKlan

69. Anjul

Meaning: The One Who Stays In The Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: An-jul
How to be Write: अंजुली

70. Euston

Meaning: Heart
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Euston Lucky Number Is 22

71. Jiyaan

Meaning: Near Heart; Always Happy
Origin: Hindi
Jiyaan Name Meaning By Origin: जियान 
Pronunciation: Jiyaan, Jiy-aan
How to be Write: जियानी
Lucky Number: Jiyaan Lucky Number Is 6

72. Hrudayaraj

Meaning: King Of Heart
Origin: Kannada

73. Hridam

Meaning: Prosperous; Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: हिरदाम

74. Hradaykant

Meaning: Lord Of Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: हृदयकांति

75. Dilsad

Meaning: Joyous; Happy Heart; Cheerful
Origin: Algerian

76. Dilsaan

Meaning: Pride Of Heart
Origin: Algerian

77. Savad

Meaning: Sweet Heart
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Savad, Sa-vad
How to be Write: سواد

78. Sukandhiya

Meaning: Acceptable Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sukand-hiya, Sukandhiya, Su-kand-hi-ya

79. Looshan

Meaning: Bright Hearted Light
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Looshan
How to be Write: لوشان

80. Irudayarasan

Meaning: King Of Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Iru-da-yarasan, Iruda-yarasan, Iru-da-ya-ra-san

81. Dilkan

Meaning: Small Part Of Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dilkan, Dil-kan

82. Jiyah

Meaning: Heart
Origin: Algerian

83. Hridai

Meaning: Of The Heart And Mind
Origin: Assamese

84. Shuggie

Meaning: Heart; Mind; Spirit

85. Cheyne

Meaning: Oak-hearted
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Cheyne, Chey-ne
Lucky Number: Cheyne Lucky Number Is 6

86. Khattar

Meaning: Idea; Heart
Origin: Arabic
Khattar Name Meaning By Origin: تاثر، دل
Pronunciation: Khat-tar
How to be Write: خاطر
Lucky Number: Khattar Lucky Number Is 4

87. Rithik

Meaning: From The Heart; Stream
Origin: Hindi
Rithik Name Meaning By Origin: रितिक
Pronunciation: Rithik, Rith-ik, Ri-thik
How to be Write: रितिक
Lucky Number: Rithik Lucky Number Is 3

88. Hridhin

Meaning: Great Heart; Prosperity
Origin: Malayali

89. Diljith

Meaning: Win Heart
Origin: Malayali

90. Ritansh

Meaning: Part Of Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ऋतांशु

91. Hrudam

Meaning: Heart
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: हृदम

92. Raham Dil

Meaning: Merciful Heart
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ra-ham-Dil
How to be Write: رحم دل

93. Srunith

Meaning: Great Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Srunith, Sru-nith

94. Jiaansh

Meaning: Part Of Heart
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ji-aansh, Ji-aan-sh, Jiaansh

95. Dainan

Meaning: Kind Hearted
Origin: Austrailian

96. Sayaan

Meaning: Kind Hearted; Precious Friend
Origin: Algerian
Lucky Number: 3

97. Dushan

Meaning: " Heartfelt; Sincere"
Origin: Czech

98. Huwe

Meaning: Heart; Mind; Spirit

99. Yentel

Meaning: A Kindhearted Man

100. Ulyc

Meaning: Playful Heart; Spirit