100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Heaven

100 Unique Heaven Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Heaven most popular names of 2023 feature Araceli as Number one for girls, and Celi in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Heaven are Kaylani and Jenna and JaLiyah and for girls, and Trailokya and Asencion and Aishik and for boys. Here is the list for Heaven baby names for boys and girls.

1. Celi

Meaning: Light; Moon; Heaven; Sky
Origin: Latin

2. Trailokya

Meaning: Three Worlds (Heaven Earth Hell)
Origin: Assamese

3. Asencion

Meaning: Assumption (of The Virgin Mary Into Heaven)
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: As(e)-ncion

4. Aishik

Meaning: Heavenly; Royal; Divine
Origin: Bengali

5. Celestín

Meaning: " Belonging To Heaven"
Origin: Latin

6. Tenchi

Meaning: Of Heaven And Earth
Origin: Japanese

7. Trilok

Meaning: The Three Worlds Heaven; Earth; Hell
Origin: Hindi
Trilok Name Meaning By Origin: त्रीलॉक
Pronunciation: Trilok, Tri-lok
How to be Write: त्रिलोक
Lucky Number: Trilok Lucky Number Is 4

8. Visoth

Meaning: Heavenly; Pure
Origin: Cambodian

9. Nabhas

Meaning: Sky; Ocean; Heavenly
Origin: Hindi
Nabhas Name Meaning By Origin: नाभस
Pronunciation: Nab-has, Nabhas
How to be Write: नभासी
Lucky Number: Nabhas Lucky Number Is 9

10. Maninderpal

Meaning: ' Soul' Soul ' ProtecteD' ProtecteD By GoD Of ' Heaven' Heaven
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Manin-der-pal, Maninder-pal, Man-in-der-pal
How to be Write: मनिंदरपाल
Lucky Number: Maninderpal Lucky Number Is 8

11. Kulani

Meaning: Resembling Heaven
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: Koo-LAH-nee
Lucky Number: Kulani Lucky Number Is 5

12. Falak

Meaning: The Sky; High; Sphere; The Heaven; Asman
Origin: Arabic
Falak Name Meaning By Origin: آسمان
Pronunciation: Falak
How to be Write: فلک
Lucky Number: Falak Lucky Number Is 3

13. Ishwinder

Meaning: GoD AnD GoDDess Of ' Heaven' Heaven
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ish-winder, Is-hwin-der
Lucky Number: Ishwinder Lucky Number Is 1

14. Ikmaan

Meaning: One And Only Best In The Heaven
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ik-maan

15. Chon

Meaning: Heaven
Origin: Korean
Pronunciation: Chon

16. Tenchea

Meaning: Of Heaven And Earth

17. Firdhouse

Meaning: Entrance Of Heaven
Origin: Algerian

18. Kong

Meaning: Sky; Heaven
Origin: Chinese
Pronunciation: KONGK
Lucky Number: Kong Lucky Number Is 2

19. Edden

Meaning: Garden Of Heaven
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ed-den

20. Somadhar

Meaning: The Sky; Heaven
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: So-mad-har, So-madhar

21. Nakadhipa

Meaning: Overlord Of Heaven
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Nakad-hipa, Na-kad-hi-pa

22. Kysuan

Meaning: Heavenly
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ky-suan, Kysu-an, Ky-su-an
How to be Write: کیسوان

23. Ahika

Meaning: Of Heaven And Earth; The Silk Cotton Tree
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ahi-ka

24. Selestine

Meaning: Heavenly; Of Sky
Origin: Cristian

25. Gaganjot

Meaning: Light Of The ' Sky' Sky , Heavens Light
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gagi Jotu
How to be Write: गगनजोटी
Lucky Number: Gaganjot Lucky Number Is 3

26. Sihaan

Meaning: River Of Heaven
Origin: Algerian

27. Paradise

Meaning: Perfection; Heaven
Origin: American

28. Ka’Lani

Meaning: The Heavens; Sky; Royal One
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: K(a)-la-ni

29. A’Maya

Meaning: The End; Mother City; Heavenly Valley
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: A-ma-ya

30. Tenchey

Meaning: Of Heaven And Earth

31. Firdaush

Meaning: Enclosure; Heaven
Origin: Algerian

32. Sehaan

Meaning: River Of Heaven
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Se-haan
How to be Write: سہان

33. Rexy

Meaning: Queen Form The Heaven
Origin: Cristian

34. Opinder

Meaning: One In Proximity Of The Heavenly God
Origin: Sikh
Pronunciation: Opin-der, Opinder
Lucky Number: Opinder Lucky Number Is 9

35. Sarosh

Meaning: Angel; Voice Of Heaven; Voice Of Prophecy;
Origin: Persian
Sarosh Name Meaning By Origin: فرشتہ، آواز
Pronunciation: Sarosh, Sa-rosh
How to be Write: سروش
Lucky Number: Sarosh Lucky Number Is 7

36. Rayn

Meaning: Name Of A Gate Of The Heaven
Origin: Arabic
Rayn Name Meaning By Origin: رين
Pronunciation: Rayn
How to be Write: رین
Lucky Number: Rayn Lucky Number Is 4

37. Rufat

Meaning: Heavenly
Origin: Iranian

38. Afee

Meaning: Scented River In Heaven
Origin: Algerian

39. Arsa

Meaning: Sky Heaven Celestial
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: अरसा

40. Tenchy

Meaning: Of Heaven And Earth

41. Taroosh

Meaning: Heaven; Small Boat
Origin: Hindi
Taroosh Name Meaning By Origin: तारूश 
Pronunciation: Ta-roosh, Taroosh
How to be Write: तरोशो
Lucky Number: Taroosh Lucky Number Is 6

42. Divaksha

Meaning: Heavenly Eyes
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: दिवाक्ष

43. Muzib

Meaning: Heaven
Origin: Algerian

44. Drapa

Meaning: Matted Hair; Mud; Heaven; Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dra-pa, Drapa

45. Dasadyu

Meaning: Equivalent To Ten Heavens; Very Powerful
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dasadyu, Da-sa-dyu

46. Celestino

Meaning: " Belonging To Heaven"
Origin: Latin

47. Falach

Meaning: Heaven

48. Tenchee

Meaning: Of Heaven And Earth

49. Dusit

Meaning: Fourth Land Of Heaven
Origin: Thai
Pronunciation: DOO-sit
Lucky Number: Dusit Lucky Number Is 1

50. Visothirith

Meaning: Heavenly; Pure
Origin: Cambodian

51. Ruffat

Meaning: Heavenly
Origin: Algerian

52. Hateef

Meaning: A Sound From Heaven
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ha-teef, Hateef
How to be Write: حطیف

53. Ferdaws

Meaning: Heaven; Paradise
Origin: Afghan
How to be Write: فردوس

54. Gandhan

Meaning: Sun; Heavenly Musicians
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gand-han, Gandhan
How to be Write: गंधनी

55. Jabroot

Meaning: Majesty; Magnificence; Omnipotent; Heaven;
Origin: Arabic
Jabroot Name Meaning By Origin: عظمت
How to be Write: جبروت
Lucky Number: Jabroot Lucky Number Is 8

56. Ambarish

Meaning: King Of The Sky; An Angel From The Heavens; The Sky
Origin: Hindi
Ambarish Name Meaning By Origin: अम्बरीश
Pronunciation: Am-bar-ish, Am-ba-rish
How to be Write: अंबरीश
Lucky Number: Ambarish Lucky Number Is 8

57. Thrilookaman

Meaning: Three Words Heaven; Earth; Hell
Origin: Hindi
Thrilookaman Name Meaning By Origin: त्रीलूकामन
Pronunciation: Thrilooka-man, Thri-loo-ka-man
How to be Write: त्रिलुकामन
Lucky Number: Thrilookaman Lucky Number Is 11

58. Keahilani

Meaning: Heaven' S Fire
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: Kay-hee-LAH-nee
Lucky Number: Keahilani Lucky Number Is 6

59. Jafin

Meaning: Paradise; Heaven
Origin: Algerian

60. Ezaj

Meaning: Believer; Flower Of Heaven
Origin: Algerian

61. Tucca

Meaning: Heaven
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Tuc-ca, Tucca

62. Nakanatha

Meaning: The Lord Of Heaven
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Nakanatha, Na-ka-na-tha

63. Dyujaya

Meaning: Conqueror Of Heaven
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dyu-jaya, Dy-u-jaya, Dyu-ja-ya

64. Aihaan

Meaning: Flower Of Heaven
Origin: Iranian
Lucky Number: 5

65. Caelus

Meaning: " Sky; Heavens"
Origin: Latin

66. Utthaan

Meaning: To Raise To The Heights Of Heaven
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ut-thaan, Utt-haan
How to be Write: उत्थान

67. Borak

Meaning: The Lightning Al Borak Was The Legenday Magical Horse That Bore Muhammad From Earth To The Seventh Heaven
Origin: Arabic
Borak Name Meaning By Origin: اسمانی بجلی
Pronunciation: Bo-rak, Borak
How to be Write: بُراک
Lucky Number: Borak Lucky Number Is 2

68. Firdausi

Meaning: Heavenly
Origin: Arabic
Firdausi Name Meaning By Origin: جنت کے رہنے والے
Pronunciation: Fir-dausi, Firdausi, Fird-au-si
How to be Write: فردوسی
Lucky Number: Firdausi Lucky Number Is 6

69. Tavish

Meaning: Heaven
Origin: Hindi
Tavish Name Meaning By Origin: तविश
Pronunciation: Tav-ish, Ta-vish
How to be Write: तविशो
Lucky Number: Tavish Lucky Number Is 7

70. Hatif

Meaning: Heavenly Voice; Praise; Admiration; Commendation;
Origin: Arabic
Hatif Name Meaning By Origin: تعریف کرنے والا، فرشتہ غیب کی آواز
Pronunciation: Hatif, Ha-tif
How to be Write: ہاتف
Lucky Number: Hatif Lucky Number Is 8

71. Taivas

Meaning: Heaven; Sky
Origin: Finnish

72. Vyomesa

Meaning: Lord Of The Heavens
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vy-ome-sa, Vyomesa, Vyo-me-sa

73. Eishal

Meaning: Flower In Heaven
Origin: Algerian

74. Celestina

Meaning: This French Name Is BaseD On The Latin Caelestis Meaning 'heavenly'. UseD As Both A Masculine AnD Feminine Name In France.
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Ce-lesti-na, Ce-lestina, Ce-les-ti-na
Lucky Number: Celestina Lucky Number Is 7

75. Kealohilani

Meaning: Bright Heaven
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: Kay-law-hi-LAH-nee
Lucky Number: Kealohilani Lucky Number Is 3

76. Rayyan

Meaning: Door Of Heaven €œbeautifier”; (one Who Makes Things Beautiful Or Improves Things)
Origin: Arabic
Rayyan Name Meaning By Origin: لَبريز، خوبصورت
Pronunciation: Rayyan, Rayy-an
How to be Write: ریان
Lucky Number: Rayyan Lucky Number Is 4

77. Saurik

Meaning: Heavenly; Paradise
Origin: Assamese

78. Hikialani

Meaning: Looking At Heaven
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: Hikialani, Hiki-alani, Hi-ki-al-a-ni

79. Reyash

Meaning: Heaven
Origin: Algerian

80. Eram

Meaning: Garden In Heaven
Origin: Algerian

81. Tenchie

Meaning: Of Heaven And Earth

82. Ghaibi

Meaning: Heavenly Ghaibi Concealed; Heavenly
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ghaibi, Ghai-bi
How to be Write: घैबी

83. Aarvinder

Meaning: Of The God Of Heavens
Lucky Number: Aarvinder Lucky Number Is 11

84. Noelani

Meaning: Dew From Heaven
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: Noh-eh-LAH-nee
Lucky Number: Noelani Lucky Number Is 2

85. Vaikunth Nath

Meaning: Master Of Heavens
Origin: Assamese

86. Tasin

Meaning: Spring Of Heaven
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Tasin, Tas-in, Ta-sin
How to be Write: تاسین

87. Alykhan

Meaning: Spirit From Heaven; Lovely
Origin: Algerian

88. Lagi

Meaning: Heaven

89. Tusita

Meaning: One Who As Heaven-sent

90. Ridhwan

Meaning: Acceptance; Good Will; Name Of The Keeper Of The Gates Of Heaven
Origin: Hindi
Ridhwan Name Meaning By Origin: آسمان کے دروازے کے نگران کا نام، قبولیت
Pronunciation: Rid-hwan, Rid-h-wan
How to be Write: ردھوان
Lucky Number: Ridhwan Lucky Number Is 5

91. Pavandeep

Meaning: Firmament ' IlluminateD' IlluminateD , ' Lamp' Lamp Of Heavens
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pa-van-deep, Pavandeep, Pa-van-de-ep
Lucky Number: Pavandeep Lucky Number Is 3

92. Arvinder

Meaning: Of The God Of Heavens
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: अरविंदर
Lucky Number: Arvinder Lucky Number Is 1

93. Leolani

Meaning: Heavenly Woman
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: Leh-oh-LAH-nee
Lucky Number: Leolani Lucky Number Is 2

94. Ridwan

Meaning: Acceptance; Satisfaction; Name Of The Keeper Of The Gates Of Heaven
Origin: Hindi
Ridwan Name Meaning By Origin: رضوان
Pronunciation: Rid-wan
Lucky Number: Ridwan Lucky Number Is 6

95. Rayyn

Meaning: Night; Gate Of Heaven
Origin: Algerian

96. Rezowan

Meaning: Angel Of Heaven; Receptionist Of Heaven
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Re-zowan, Rezow-an, Re-zo-wan
How to be Write: رضوان

97. Dibyayan

Meaning: Light Of Heaven
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dibyayan, Dibyay-an, Di-by-a-y-an

98. Aswat

Meaning: Stone Of Heaven
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Aswat, As-wat
How to be Write: اسوات

99. Celistine

Meaning: Heavenly
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: Celistine Lucky Number Is 6

100. Fojinder

Meaning: Army Troop Of The GoD Of ' Heaven' Heaven
Lucky Number: Fojinder Lucky Number Is 9