100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Hope

100 Unique Hope Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Hope most popular names of 2023 feature Amani as Number one for girls, and Kooper in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Hope are Mia and Estella and Adelyn and for girls, and Ezrah and Demetrius and Tokey and for boys. Here is the list for Hope baby names for boys and girls.

1. Kooper

Meaning: Not Afraid Of Unconventional Dreams; Does What He Loves
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KOOper

2. Ezrah

Meaning: Help 5th Century BC Jewish Priest And Scholar Ezra Wrote Three Biblical Books And Began Compiling And Cataloging The Hebrew Scriptures That Later Formed The Old Testament
Origin: Algerian
Lucky Number: Ezrah Lucky Number Is 4

3. Demetrius

Meaning: Antony AnD Cleopatra'. FrienD To Mark Antony. 'A MiDsummer Night's Dream' In Love With Hermia. 'The TrageDy Of Titus AnDronicus' Son To Tamora.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Demtrius
Lucky Number: Demetrius Lucky Number Is 6

4. Tokey

Meaning: Filled With Hope

5. Prospero

Meaning: According To One' S Wishes
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: Pro-SPE-ro
Lucky Number: Prospero Lucky Number Is 1

6. Kabul

Meaning: Fulfilled Wish; Prayer; Recognition
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Kab-ul, Kabul, Ka-bul

7. Dhrey

Meaning: Aim; Patience; Target
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dhrey

8. Vondell

Meaning: Hope
Origin: Norse
Pronunciation: Von-dell

9. Amaani

Meaning: Hope
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Amaani, Amaa-ni
How to be Write: امانی

10. Tumaenee

Meaning: Hope

11. Arbee

Meaning: Dreamer; Wisedom; Hard Worker
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ar-bee

12. Tushaan

Meaning: Desire; Wish
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Tushaan, Tush-aan, Tus-haan

13. Hallam

Meaning: Dreamer
Origin: Teutonic
Pronunciation: HUt + PLay + LAMp
Lucky Number: Hallam Lucky Number Is 2

14. Eshaan

Meaning: Lord Shiva; Lord Sun Or North-east Direction; Desiring And Wishing (1)
Origin: Telugu
Eshaan Name Meaning By Origin: خواہش اور خواہش رکھتے ہیں
Pronunciation: Es-haan
How to be Write: عشان
Lucky Number: Eshaan Lucky Number Is 3

15. Amaël

Meaning: Hope
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: A-mal
How to be Write: امیل

16. Hayal

Meaning: Dream
Hayal Name Meaning By Origin: ہیل
Lucky Number: Hayal Lucky Number Is 1

17. Aksad

Meaning: One Who Achieves His Aims - Goals
Origin: Algerian

18. Tawafiq

Meaning: Success; To Reach One’ S Aim
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: TUb + WAnt + FEEd + IraQ
How to be Write: توفیق
Lucky Number: 4

19. Thisby

Meaning: A MiDsummer Night's Dream' Flute, A Bellows-menDer, Acts As Thisby In The Play Within The Play.
Lucky Number: Thisby Lucky Number Is 11

20. Omid

Meaning: Hope; Umeed
Origin: Persian
Omid Name Meaning By Origin: رجا، اعتبار، امید
Pronunciation: Aw-MEED
How to be Write: امید
Lucky Number: Omid Lucky Number Is 5

21. Amaali

Meaning: Labour; Hard Work; Pure; Hope
Origin: Finnish

22. Zelamir

Meaning: He Wishes Peace

23. Mannat

Meaning: Wish; Prayer
Origin: Urdu
Mannat Name Meaning By Origin: منّت
Pronunciation: Man-nat
How to be Write: منّت
Lucky Number: Mannat Lucky Number Is 3

24. Myrel

Meaning: Star Of The Sea; Wished-for Child
Origin: English

25. Armaní

Meaning: Wish; Hope
Origin: Persian
Pronunciation: Ar-man

26. Jayvyn

Meaning: This Name Could Mean Son Of Japheth; One Of The Biblical Hero Noahs Sons; Or It Could Be A Modification OfJavon; Which Means Hopeful
Origin: American
Pronunciation: JAY-vin

27. Utteran

Meaning: A Successful Man Who Has Achieved His Aim
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ut-ter-an, Ut-teran
How to be Write: उतरन

28. Hataksh

Meaning: Well Wisher; One With Caring Eyes
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: हतक्षो

29. Utkant

Meaning: Dream
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Utkant, Ut-kant

30. Sevaanam

Meaning: Red Morning Sky; Symbol Of Hope
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Se-vaanam, Sevaanam

31. Raja Al Karim

Meaning: Hope Of The Kind
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ra-ja-al-Karim, Raja-al-Kar-im, Ra-ja-al-Ka-rim
How to be Write: راجہ الکریم

32. Mankirat

Meaning: Whos Mind On God; Work Of Heart; Wish
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: Manki-rat, Mankir-at, Man-ki-rat

33. Zayah

Meaning: Honest; Hope - Faith
Origin: Algerian

34. Omaid

Meaning: Hope
Origin: Algerian

35. Zelemyr

Meaning: He Wishes Peace

36. Zelemir

Meaning: He Wishes Peace

37. Zelemeer

Meaning: He Wishes Peace

38. Tumaeny

Meaning: Hope

39. Swapnil

Meaning: Dream Like; Seen In A Dream; Dreamy
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Swap-nil, Swapnil
How to be Write: स्वप्निल

40. Raja Al Karim

Meaning: Hope Of The Kind
Origin: Algerian
Raja Al Karim Name Meaning By Origin: راجہ ال کرم
Lucky Number: Raja Al Karim Lucky Number Is 2

41. Laksh

Meaning: Aim; Target
Origin: Hindi
Laksh Name Meaning By Origin: लक्ष
Pronunciation: Laksh, Lak-sh
How to be Write: लक्ष्य
Lucky Number: Laksh Lucky Number Is 6

42. Raji

Meaning: Hoping; Full Of Hope
Origin: Hindi
Raji Name Meaning By Origin: ایک جو چمکتا ہے
Pronunciation: Ra-ji, Raji
How to be Write: راجی
Lucky Number: Raji Lucky Number Is 2

43. Maolbheannachta

Meaning: Hoper For Blessing
Origin: Irish

44. Ceeven

Meaning: The Name Came To A Guy From Dream
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ceeven, Cee-ven

45. Hitaksh

Meaning: One With Caring Eyes; Well Wisher
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: हितक्षो

46. Rajai

Meaning: Hope; Silver; One Who Shines
Origin: Algerian

47. Ghoshal

Meaning: Proclaimer
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ghoshal

48. Zelameer

Meaning: He Wishes Peace

49. Tumainey

Meaning: Hope

50. Kamiya

Meaning: Wish
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ka-mi-ya
How to be Write: कामिया

51. Tikvath

Meaning: Hope
Origin: Biblical

52. Muammal

Meaning: Hoped For; Wished For; Desired
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Man + PUt + Up + Man + MUst + PLay
How to be Write: مومل
Lucky Number: 2

53. Tikvah

Meaning: Hope
Origin: Biblical
Lucky Number: Tikvah Lucky Number Is 8

54. Flute

Meaning: A MiDsummer Night's Dream' Flute, A Bellows-menDer, Acts As Thisby In The Play Within The Play.
Lucky Number: Flute Lucky Number Is 1

55. Willsn

Meaning: Wishes
Origin: Anglo
Lucky Number: Willsn Lucky Number Is 8

56. Kawish

Meaning: Kawish; Also Spelled Kavish And Kavesh; Is A Persian Name For Boys That Means €œto Search”; €œto Investigate” €œto Ponder”; €œto Think Deeply”
Origin: Persian
Lucky Number: Kawish Lucky Number Is 7

57. Rishap

Meaning: Yellowish Brown Eyed
Origin: Hindi
Rishap Name Meaning By Origin: रीशाप
Pronunciation: Rishap, Ris-hap
How to be Write: ऋषप
Lucky Number: Rishap Lucky Number Is 8

58. Ehsanullah

Meaning: Sunrise; Wishing
Origin: Iranian

59. Euripides

Meaning: Good Throw; Accurate Aim
Origin: Greek

60. Taibur

Meaning: Variant Of Taimur; A Famous King
Origin: Algerian

61. Habaab

Meaning: Aim; Goal
Origin: Algerian

62. Tusuubira

Meaning: We Have Hope
Origin: African

63. Yamaam

Meaning: The Aim
Origin: Arabic
Yamaam Name Meaning By Origin: مقصد
How to be Write: یمام
Lucky Number: 1

64. Sevaanan

Meaning: Symbol Of Hope
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Se-vaanan, Sevaanan

65. Wishu

Meaning: Symbol Of Love; Wish
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Wishu, Wis-hu

66. Jazaib

Meaning: Dreamer; Wisedom; Hard Worker
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Jaza-ib, Jazaib, Ja-zaib
How to be Write: جازیب

67. Deepam

Meaning: Light Of Hope
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Deep-am, Deepam, Dee-pam

68. Ghoshil

Meaning: Proclaimed; Proclaimer

69. Tumaenie

Meaning: Hope

70. Sapann

Meaning: A Dream Or Vision

71. Cristopher

Meaning: Variant Of Christopher; One Who Follows And Proclaims Gods Word
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: KRIStofer

72. Evayavan

Meaning: Swift; Granting Wishes
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Evaya-van, Evayavan, Eva-ya-van
How to be Write: इवायावन

73. Siddharth

Meaning: One Who Has Accomplished Goal; Successful; Achieved All Wishes
Origin: Hindi
Siddharth Name Meaning By Origin: सिद्धार्थ
Pronunciation: Sidd-harth
How to be Write: सिद्धार्थ

74. Philostrate

Meaning: A MiDsummer Night's Dream' Master Of The Revels To Theseus.
Lucky Number: Philostrate Lucky Number Is 8

75. Subhasis

Meaning: Good Wishes; Blessings
Origin: Assamese

76. Safat

Meaning: Wish
Origin: Algerian

77. Charaba

Meaning: Upper; Wish; Desire; Longing
Origin: Arabic
Charaba Name Meaning By Origin: بالائی،آرزو
How to be Write: چرابہ
Lucky Number: 4

78. Vardak

Meaning: Wish Fulfiller
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Var-dak, Vardak

79. Razah

Meaning: Filled With Hope
Origin: Algerian

80. Arshnoor

Meaning: Wish
Origin: Pakistan
Pronunciation: Ar-sh-noor, Ars-hnoor

81. Aaziah

Meaning: Hope; The Rising Sun
Origin: Cristian

82. Haree

Meaning: Yellowish-brown; Tawny

83. Tokea

Meaning: Filled With Hope

84. Ummeed

Meaning: Hope
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Um-meed
How to be Write: उम्मेद

85. Shapon

Meaning: Dream
Origin: Hindi
Shapon Name Meaning By Origin: शापोन
Pronunciation: Shapon, Sha-pon
How to be Write: शापोन

86. Tumaini

Meaning: Hope
Origin: African
Lucky Number: Tumaini Lucky Number Is 6

87. Moth

Meaning: Love's Labours Lost' Page To ArmaDo. 'A MiDsummer Night's Dream' A Fairy.
Lucky Number: Moth Lucky Number Is 2

88. Efran

Meaning: Doubly Fruitful Form Of Hebrew Ephraim
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Efran Lucky Number Is 8

89. Quince

Meaning: A MiDsummer Night's Dream' Quince, A Carpenter, Acts As Prologue In The Play Within The Play.
Lucky Number: Quince Lucky Number Is 6

90. Perzo

Meaning: Deserving; Well Wishing
Origin: Arabic
Perzo Name Meaning By Origin: پرزو
Pronunciation: Per-zo, Perzo
How to be Write: پرزو
Lucky Number: Perzo Lucky Number Is 8

91. Demarion

Meaning: Wished For A Child
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Də-MAR-i-ən
Lucky Number: Demarion Lucky Number Is 7

92. Hitomu

Meaning: Single Dream
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: HI-toh-moo
Lucky Number: Hitomu Lucky Number Is 5

93. Emberto

Meaning: Of Great Acclaim
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Ehm-BER-toh
Lucky Number: Emberto Lucky Number Is 1

94. Swapneswar

Meaning: Lord Of Dream
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: स्वप्नेश्वर

95. Lakshya Raj

Meaning: Aim Winner
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: लक्ष्य राज

96. Hitarsh

Meaning: Well Wisher
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: हितर्षो

97. Eepsit

Meaning: Wished; Desired
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ईप्सिट

98. Swaponil

Meaning: Seen In A Dream; Dreamy
Origin: Assamese

99. Binad

Meaning: Hope
Origin: Algerian

100. Pazhman

Meaning: Dejected; Desire; Wish
Origin: Afghan
How to be Write: پزمان