100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Judgment

100 Unique Judgment Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Judgment most popular names of 2023 feature Yashfa as Number one for girls, and Kana in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Judgment are Dinia and Sadadah and Mayzah and for girls, and Rainhard and Qudair and Yehoshafat and for boys. Here is the list for Judgment baby names for boys and girls.

1. Kana

Meaning: Judgment Of God
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: KAH-nah
Lucky Number: Kana Lucky Number Is 8

2. Rainhard

Meaning: Strong Judgment
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Rain-hard
Lucky Number: Rainhard Lucky Number Is 1

3. Qudair

Meaning: Decree; Reckoning; Judgment
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: IraQ + PUt + DAY + PRay
How to be Write: قدیر
Lucky Number: 7

4. Yehoshafat

Meaning: God Has Passed Judgment

5. Yudan

Meaning: Judgment
Origin: Hebrew

6. Gillivray

Meaning: Servant Of Judgment
Origin: Scottish
Lucky Number: Gillivray Lucky Number Is 7

7. Fethee

Meaning: Judgment
Origin: Brazilian

8. En Mishpat

Meaning: Fountain Of Judgment [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name]
Origin: Biblical

9. Macgillivray

Meaning: Son Of The Servant Of Judgment
Origin: Scottish

10. Tamiz

Meaning: Distinction; Distinguishing; Judgment Discrimination
Origin: Arabic
Tamiz Name Meaning By Origin: فرق
Pronunciation: Tamiz, Tam-iz, Ta-miz
How to be Write: تمیز
Lucky Number: Tamiz Lucky Number Is 6

11. Averroes

Meaning: Good Judgment

12. Sudair

Meaning: Sense; Rationality; Soundness Of Judgment
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Sit + PUt + DAY + PRay
How to be Write: سدیر
Lucky Number: 9

13. Enmishpat

Meaning: Fountain Of Judgment
Lucky Number: Enmishpat Lucky Number Is 6

14. Abidan

Meaning: Father Of Judgment
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Abidan Lucky Number Is 22

15. Rushd Roshd

Meaning: Maturity ; Well-guidedness ; Sound Judgment
Origin: Quranic

16. Rainhardt

Meaning: Strong Judgment
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Rain-hardt

17. Basiano

Meaning: Sharp Judgment

18. Renke

Meaning: Strong Judgment
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Renke, Ren-ke
Lucky Number: Renke Lucky Number Is 8

19. Bedan

Meaning: According To Judgment
Lucky Number: Bedan Lucky Number Is 8

20. Vivek

Meaning: Judgment
Origin: Hindi
Vivek Name Meaning By Origin: विवेक
Pronunciation: Vivek, Vi-vek
How to be Write: विवेक
Lucky Number: Vivek Lucky Number Is 6

21. Mashhood

Meaning: Witnessed; Present; Manifest; The Day Of Judgment; The Day Of Arafah
Origin: Arabic
Mashhood Name Meaning By Origin: گواہ
Pronunciation: Mash-hood, Mas-h-hood
How to be Write: مشہود
Lucky Number: Mashhood Lucky Number Is 6

22. Reinhard

Meaning: Mighty And Brave Or Strong Judgment
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Rein-hard
Lucky Number: Reinhard Lucky Number Is 5

23. Merodachbaladan

Meaning: Bitter Contrition; Without Judgment
Lucky Number: Merodachbaladan Lucky Number Is 3

24. Rainart

Meaning: Strong Judgment
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Rainart, Rain-art
Lucky Number: Rainart Lucky Number Is 9

25. Abdon

Meaning: Servant; Cloud Of Judgment
Origin: Biblical
Lucky Number: Abdon Lucky Number Is 9