100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Killer

100 Unique Killer Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Killer most popular names of 2023 feature Saffah as Number one for girls, and Akkar in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Killer are Magpiash and Zeroob and Vigdis and for girls, and Styr and Zirab and Daityahan and for boys. Here is the list for Killer baby names for boys and girls.

1. Akkar

Meaning: Killer
Origin: Arabic
Akkar Name Meaning By Origin: مارنے والا
How to be Write: عکار
Lucky Number: 1

2. Styr

Meaning: A Supporter Of Sumarlidi Son Of Killer Hrapp
Origin: Norse
Lucky Number: Styr Lucky Number Is 1

3. Zirab

Meaning: Killer
Origin: Arabic
Zirab Name Meaning By Origin: مارنے والا
How to be Write: ضراب
Lucky Number: 4

4. Daityahan

Meaning: Killer Of Demons; Another Name For Shiva
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Daitya-han, Daityahan, Dai-tyahan
How to be Write: दैत्यहां

5. Demophoon

Meaning: Killer Of Men
Origin: Greek

6. Eleuterio

Meaning: The Killer Of Wolves
Origin: Latin

7. Madhughne

Meaning: Killer Of Demon Madhu
Origin: Hindi
Madhughne Name Meaning By Origin: मांधुघने
Pronunciation: Mad-hughne, Madhughne, Mad-hugh-ne
How to be Write: मधुघने
Lucky Number: Madhughne Lucky Number Is 9

8. Maccha

Meaning: Killer
Origin: Hindi
Maccha Name Meaning By Origin: मच्चा 
Pronunciation: Mac-cha
How to be Write: मैकचा
Lucky Number: Maccha Lucky Number Is 2

9. Sarvagraha

Meaning: Nivashinay Killer Of All Evil Effects Of Planets
Origin: Hindi
Sarvagraha Name Meaning By Origin: सर्वग्रहा
Pronunciation: Sar-va-gra-ha, Sar-vag-raha
How to be Write: सर्वाग्रह:

10. Arisudan

Meaning: Killer Of Enemies
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Arisu-dan, Arisudan, Ari-su-dan

11. Osorio

Meaning: Killer Of Wolves

12. Kisni

Meaning: Killer Of Enemies
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Kis-ni, Kisni
How to be Write: किसनी

13. Ripudaman

Meaning: Killer Of Enemies
Origin: Hindi
Ripudaman Name Meaning By Origin: रीपुदमान 
Pronunciation: Ripu-daman, Ripuda-m-an, Ri-pu-da-man
How to be Write: रिपुदमन
Lucky Number: Ripudaman Lucky Number Is 7