100+ Unique boy Name Meaning King

100 Unique King Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. King most popular names of 2023 feature Kinslee as Number one for girls, and Yahir in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of King are Anne and Abby and Aleena and for girls, and Eric and Connor and Johnathan and for boys. Here is the list for King baby names for boys and girls.

1. Yahir

Meaning: Yahir Means Good-looking; Handsome
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: YaHEER

2. Eric

Meaning: King Forever
Origin: OlD Norse
Pronunciation: ER-ik
Lucky Number: Eric Lucky Number Is 8

3. Connor

Meaning: Strong WilleD Or Wise 'HounD-lover.' Also From The Irish 'Coachuhhar', Meaning High Desire. Famous Bearers: In Irish Mythology Connor Was An Early King Of Ulster.; 20th Century Irish Diplomat Conor Cruise O'Brien.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Con-ner
Lucky Number: Connor Lucky Number Is 7

4. Johnathan

Meaning: Jehovah Has Given. In The Bible Jonathan Son Of King Saul Was NoteD For Manliness; Generosity AnD Unselfishness. He SaveD DaviD's Life When Saul WoulD Have KilleD Him.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Johnathan, Johnath-an, Johna-than
Lucky Number: Johnathan Lucky Number Is 1

5. Jedidiah

Meaning: Beloved Of The LordFriend Of The LordBeloved Of Jehovah In The Bible The Blessing Name Jedidiah Was Given King Solomon In Infancy
Origin: American
Jedidiah Name Meaning By Origin: رب کے محبوب
Pronunciation: Je-didi-ah, Je-di-diah
How to be Write: جیدیدہ
Lucky Number: Jedidiah Lucky Number Is 5

6. Jamir

Meaning: Highly Good Looking; Admired And Adored
Origin: African
Pronunciation: Jameer

7. Leroy

Meaning: King
Origin: French
Pronunciation: LEE-roi
Lucky Number: Leroy Lucky Number Is 3

8. Kingsley

Meaning: King' S Meadow
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KINGZ-lee
Lucky Number: Kingsley Lucky Number Is 3

9. Kaiser

Meaning: Emperor; King
Origin: Arabic
Kaiser Name Meaning By Origin: کیسر
Pronunciation: Kais-er, Kaiser, Kai-ser
How to be Write: قیصر
Lucky Number: Kaiser Lucky Number Is 9

10. Christopher

Meaning: King RicharD III' Christopher Urswick, A Priest. 'The Taming Of The Shrew' Christopher Sly, A Tinker.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Christo-pher, Chris-toph-er, Chri-sto-pher
Lucky Number: Christopher Lucky Number Is 4

11. Jeffrey

Meaning: DeriveD From One Of Three OlD German Names, Meaning District, Traveler, Or Peaceful PleDge. Famous Bearer: Geoffrey Plantagenet Was Father To King Henry II; Geoffrey Cbaucer Wrote 'The Canterbury Tales'.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Jeff-ri
Lucky Number: Jeffrey Lucky Number Is 3

12. Erick

Meaning: Ever Kingly In Scandinavian Legend The Viking Sea Rover Ericson: (son Of Eric The Red) Landed On The Shores Of America 500 Years Before Christopher Columbus
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Erick
Lucky Number: Erick Lucky Number Is 1

13. Cyrus

Meaning: First King Of Iran
Origin: Persian
Cyrus Name Meaning By Origin: وہ فارسی سلطنت کے بانی کے نام پر، سورج یا عرش
Pronunciation: SIE-rəs
How to be Write: کیروس
Lucky Number: Cyrus Lucky Number Is 5

14. Ahmir

Meaning: Variant Of Aamir; Looks At The World From A Birds Eye View; Taking In The Whole Picture
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: AhMEEr
How to be Write: احمر

15. Waverly

Meaning: From The Quaking Aspen Tree Meadow
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Waver-ly, Waverly, Wa-ver-ly
Lucky Number: Waverly Lucky Number Is 7

16. Kingston

Meaning: King' S Town
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KINGZ-tən
Lucky Number: Kingston Lucky Number Is 5

17. Kian

Meaning: The Kings
Origin: Persian
Kian Name Meaning By Origin: بادشاہوں کے مختصر نام
Pronunciation: Kian, Ki-an
How to be Write: کاین
Lucky Number: Kian Lucky Number Is 8

18. Kinsley

Meaning: King' S Meadow
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KINZ-lee
Lucky Number: Kinsley Lucky Number Is 5

19. Colt

Meaning: Taking Care Of Horses
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KOHLT
Lucky Number: Colt Lucky Number Is 5

20. Khari

Meaning: Like A King
Origin: African
Pronunciation: KHAH-ree
Lucky Number: Khari Lucky Number Is 2

21. Bellamy

Meaning: Good-looking Companion
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Bel-lamy, Bel-la-my
Lucky Number: Bellamy Lucky Number Is 7

22. Arthur

Meaning: Arthur Was A Great King Lives In 6th Century
Origin: English
Lucky Number: Arthur Lucky Number Is 5

23. Rex

Meaning: King
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: REKS
Lucky Number: Rex Lucky Number Is 2

24. Malik

Meaning: Master; King
Origin: Hindi
Malik Name Meaning By Origin: آقا
Pronunciation: Ma-lik
How to be Write: مالک
Lucky Number: Malik Lucky Number Is 1

25. Alessandro

Meaning: A Alternative On The Name Alexander; Meaning Defender Of Men; In Spanish Speaking Countries This Name Is Often Shortened To Sandro
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: AaLeyZAANDRow

26. Joziah

Meaning: Jehovah Has Healed Biblical Josiah Became King Of Judah At Eight After His Father Was Assassinated He Ruled 31 Years
Origin: Cristian
Lucky Number: Joziah Lucky Number Is 6

27. Scott

Meaning: Speaking Gaelic
Origin: English
Pronunciation: SKAHT
Lucky Number: Scott Lucky Number Is 3

28. Mckinley

Meaning: Son Of The Learned King
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: Mə-KIN-lee
Lucky Number: Mckinley Lucky Number Is 2

29. Roy

Meaning: King; Regal
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Roy
Lucky Number: Roy Lucky Number Is 22

30. Rajaiah

Meaning: Father Of King
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ra-ja-iah, Ra-jai-ah, Ra-jaiah

31. Yengee

Meaning: A Hardworking Man

32. Yuvaraju

Meaning: A Young King
Origin: Kannada

33. Nagendra

Meaning: Seshnag; King Of The Serpents
Origin: Hindi
Nagendra Name Meaning By Origin: नागेन्द्र
Pronunciation: Na-gaen-dra, Na-gendra
How to be Write: नागेन्द्र
Lucky Number: Nagendra Lucky Number Is 1

34. Yogeswaran

Meaning: King Of Meditation; Lord Shiva
Origin: Kannada

35. Eirik

Meaning: King Forever
Origin: Norwegian, OlD Norse
Pronunciation: AY-rik
Lucky Number: Eirik Lucky Number Is 7

36. Zevy

Meaning: Honesty; Hardworking
Origin: American

37. Ilisa

Meaning: King Of The Earth; Queen Of The Earth
Origin: Hindi
Ilisa Name Meaning By Origin: इलिसा
Pronunciation: Ilisa, Il-isa, Ili-sa
How to be Write: इलिसा
Lucky Number: Ilisa Lucky Number Is 5

38. Zedekaih

Meaning: King Of Babilon
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Zedekaih, Ze-de-kaih

39. Jerk

Meaning: King Forever
Origin: Swedish
Pronunciation: YEHRK
Lucky Number: Jerk Lucky Number Is 8

40. Zil E Sultan

Meaning: Shadow Or Copy Of The King
Origin: Iranian

41. Pip

Meaning: Lover Of Horses. King Philip Of MaceDon Was The Father Of AlexanDer The Great. In The Bible, Philip Was The Name Of One Of Christ's Apostles. Famous Bearer: Prince Philip, HusbanD Of Queen Elizabeth II.
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Pip
Lucky Number: Pip Lucky Number Is 5

42. Haradika

Meaning: King And Soul Of Love
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Haradi-ka, Haradika, Ha-ra-di-ka

43. Abhairaaj

Meaning: Fearless Kingdom
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ab-hairaaj, Abhair-aaj, Ab-hai-raaj

44. Yardann

Meaning: King

45. Xayden

Meaning: Variant Of Aden; The Name Means Good-looking
Origin: English
Pronunciation: X-ayden

46. Xenophanes

Meaning: Looking Foreign Or Strange
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Zə-NAHF-ə-neez
Lucky Number: Xenophanes Lucky Number Is 3

47. Nagraju

Meaning: King Of Snakes
Origin: Kannada

48. Conaing

Meaning: A King
Origin: Irish

49. Abdul Malek

Meaning: Servant Of The Sovereign King (God)
Origin: Afghan
How to be Write: عبدالملک

50. Aryak

Meaning: A Serpent King
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aryak

51. Yardin

Meaning: King

52. Waseime

Meaning: Distinguished Looking

53. Genno

Meaning: Respond To The Mystery; Esoteric Dharma; Glorious King
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gen-no, Genno
How to be Write: गेनो

54. Wasfi

Meaning: Worthy Of Praise; Worthy Of Speaking About
Origin: Arabic
Wasfi Name Meaning By Origin: وصفی
Pronunciation: WOnder + Sweet + FEEling
How to be Write: واصفی۔
Lucky Number: Wasfi Lucky Number Is 2

55. Rajvir

Meaning: Brave King; The Hero Of The Land; Kingdoms Warrior
Origin: Hindi
Rajvir Name Meaning By Origin: राजवीर  ,राजवीर  
Pronunciation: Ra-jvir
How to be Write: राजवीर
Lucky Number: Rajvir Lucky Number Is 6

56. Yochita

Meaning: Thinking
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yo-chi-ta, Yochita

57. Kourash

Meaning: Ancient King
Origin: Tajikistani

58. Vercingetorix

Meaning: The King Of Warriors

59. Zilani

Meaning: King
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Zi-lani, Zil-ani, Zila-ni

60. Yuvesh

Meaning: Youthful King; Lord Of Prince
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: युवेशो

61. Koshan

Meaning: Hard Working
Origin: Tajikistani

62. Ruaridh

Meaning: This Is A Scottish Name That Means Red King The German Meaning Of The Name Is Famously Powerful
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: RAOR-iy

63. Abhaykumar

Meaning: Son Of King Shrenik
Origin: Jain Dharma

64. Sembiyan

Meaning: Chola King; Best Warrior
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sem-biyan, Sem-biy-an

65. Vijayraj

Meaning: Victory; Wining King
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: विजयराजी

66. Pierre Alexandre

Meaning: Nephew Of King Mark

67. Zsoltan

Meaning: Sultan; King

68. Yadu

Meaning: An Ancient King
Origin: Hindi
Yadu Name Meaning By Origin: यदु
Pronunciation: Yadu, Ya-du
How to be Write: यदु
Lucky Number: Yadu Lucky Number Is 6

69. Zoltan

Meaning: King Or Ruler
Origin: Turkish
Zoltan Name Meaning By Origin: سلطان ; حکمران
Pronunciation: ZOHL-tahn
How to be Write: زُلطان
Lucky Number: Zoltan Lucky Number Is 7

70. Honus

Meaning: Confident; Courageous; Hardworking
Origin: American

71. Zosar

Meaning: King
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Zosar, Zo-sar
How to be Write: زوسر

72. Durairaj

Meaning: King Of Royal
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Du-rairaj, Durair-aj, Du-rai-raj

73. Tamryn

Meaning: Palm Tree Biblical Tamara Was Daughter Of King David And Sister To Absalom
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Tam-ryn, Tamryn
Lucky Number: Tamryn Lucky Number Is 1

74. Shehzad

Meaning: Prince; Offspring Of A King; Badshah Ki Aulad
Origin: Persian
Shehzad Name Meaning By Origin: شہزاد
Pronunciation: She-hzad, Shehz-ad, Shehzad
Lucky Number: Shehzad Lucky Number Is 2

75. Raae

Meaning: King
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रायबरेली

76. Dibyaraj

Meaning: Pure; Divine Kingdom
Origin: Assamese

77. Paamannan

Meaning: King Of Poetry
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Paa-man-nan, Paaman-nan

78. Taj Bakhsh

Meaning: King Maker
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Taj-Bakhsh, Taj-Bakh-sh, Taj-Bak-hsh
How to be Write: تاج بخش

79. Cirakari

Meaning: Making Slow Progress
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ci-rakari, Cirakari, Ci-ra-ka-ri

80. Jirayr

Meaning: Strong Hard Working

81. Raajyashree

Meaning: Propriety Of A King
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Raa-jyashree, Raa-jy-ashree
How to be Write: राज्यश्री

82. Oxford

Meaning: King Henry The Sixth, Part III' Earl Of OxforD. 'King RicharD III' Earl Of OxforD.
Origin: Shakespearean
Pronunciation: Ox-ford
Lucky Number: Oxford Lucky Number Is 1

83. Vaughan

Meaning: Henry IV' Duke Of Clarence. Thomas Wart, Country SolDier. 'Henry VI' Thomas Horner, Armourer. 'Henry VIII' Sir Thomas Lovell. 'Measure For Measure' A Friar. 'King Henry VI, III', 'Henry VIII' Duke Of Norfolk. 'King RicharD III' Sir Thomas Vaughan.
Origin: Shakespearean
Pronunciation: Vaugh-an, Vaughan
Lucky Number: Vaughan Lucky Number Is 11

84. Brandan

Meaning: Prince, Or Brave. Some Scholars Believe BrenDan Means 'stinking Hair'.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Bran-dan, Brandan
Lucky Number: Brandan Lucky Number Is 9

85. Shahzar

Meaning: King Of Gold; Sonay Ka Badshah
Origin: Pashtun
Shahzar Name Meaning By Origin: شہزار
Pronunciation: Shahzar, Shahz-ar, Shah-zar
Lucky Number: Shahzar Lucky Number Is 1

86. Gunakar

Meaning: An Ancient King
Origin: Hindi
Gunakar Name Meaning By Origin: गुनाकर
Pronunciation: Gu-nakar, Gun-akar, Gu-n-a-kar
How to be Write: गुनाकरी
Lucky Number: Gunakar Lucky Number Is 1

87. Balaraj

Meaning: Strong; King
Origin: Hindi
Balaraj Name Meaning By Origin: बालाराज
Pronunciation: Balaraj, Bala-raj
How to be Write: बलराजी
Lucky Number: Balaraj Lucky Number Is 9

88. Udhayan

Meaning: Rising; Name Of King Of Avanti
Origin: Hindi
Udhayan Name Meaning By Origin: उद्यान
Pronunciation: Ud-hayan, Ud-hay-an, Ud-ha-y-an
How to be Write: उदयन:
Lucky Number: Udhayan Lucky Number Is 11

89. Raj Mohan

Meaning: Beautiful King
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: राज मोहन

90. Lithin

Meaning: King; Emperor
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Lithin, Lith-in, Li-thin

91. A’Donis

Meaning: Extremely Good Looking; Handsome
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: A-do-nis

92. Jiraer

Meaning: Strong Hard Working

93. Ken

Meaning: Ken; Short Form Of Kenneth; Meaning Trim; Healthy; And Good-looking Think Of Ken; Barbies Boyfriend
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ken

94. Donalbain

Meaning: The TrageDy Of Macbeth' Younger Son Of King Duncan.
Lucky Number: Donalbain Lucky Number Is 9

95. Banquo

Meaning: The TrageDy Of Macbeth' Thane Of Lochaber, A General In The King Duncan's Army. After His MurDer, His Ghost Appears To Macbeth.
Lucky Number: Banquo Lucky Number Is 7

96. Avanindra

Meaning: Angel Of God On Earth; King Of The Earth
Origin: Hindi
Avanindra Name Meaning By Origin: अवनिन्द्र
Pronunciation: Avanin-dra, Avanindra, Avan-in-dra
How to be Write: अवनींद्र
Lucky Number: Avanindra Lucky Number Is 3

97. Casper

Meaning: King Of The Treasure
Origin: Persian
Casper Name Meaning By Origin: خزانچی، خازن
Pronunciation: KAHS-pər
How to be Write: کاسپر
Lucky Number: Casper Lucky Number Is 8

98. Gaspar

Meaning: King Of The Treasure
Origin: Persian
Gaspar Name Meaning By Origin: خزانہ کا نگہبان
Pronunciation: Gah-SPAHR
How to be Write: گسپر
Lucky Number: Gaspar Lucky Number Is 7

99. Mallolwch

Meaning: Legendary King Of Ireland
Origin: Welsh

100. Jagadeesan

Meaning: King Of The Universe
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जगदीशन