100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Leaf

100 Unique Leaf Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Leaf most popular names of 2023 feature Aambarpali as Number one for girls, and Waraqah in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Leaf are Wakaba and Nabaparna and Hester and for girls, and Waposhah and Waposha and Suparno and for boys. Here is the list for Leaf baby names for boys and girls.

1. Waraqah

Meaning: Leaf
Origin: Arabic
Waraqah Name Meaning By Origin: ورقہ
Pronunciation: Waraqah, Wa-raqah
How to be Write: کاغذات
Lucky Number: Waraqah Lucky Number Is 4

2. Waposhah

Meaning: Resembling The Red Leaf

3. Waposha

Meaning: Resembling The Red Leaf

4. Suparno

Meaning: Leafy; With Beautiful Wings
Origin: Assamese

5. Wapashah

Meaning: Resembling The Red Leaf

6. Patalika

Meaning: Made From Leaf
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pata-li-ka, Pata-lika, Pa-ta-li-ka

7. Wapasha

Meaning: Crimson Leaf
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Wah-PAH-shah
Lucky Number: Wapasha Lucky Number Is 4

8. Tael

Meaning: Delicate Leaf
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Tael

9. Dala

Meaning: Leaf
Origin: Tagalog
Pronunciation: Dala, Da-la

10. Polash

Meaning: Ocean; Name Of A King; Leaf
Origin: Algerian

11. Kacapa

Meaning: Cloud Drinker; Leaf
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ka-ca-pa, Ka-capa

12. Liko

Meaning: " Leaf Bud"
Origin: Hawaiian

13. Izaf

Meaning: Leaf
Origin: Algerian

14. Yashem

Meaning: Sabaz Rang Ka Patta; Green Leaf
Origin: Persian
Yashem Name Meaning By Origin: سبز رنگ کا پتہ
How to be Write: یاشم
Lucky Number: Yashem Lucky Number Is 8

15. Kishalay

Meaning: New Leaf
Origin: Assamese

16. Khrisalaya

Meaning: New Leaf
Origin: Assamese

17. Kaede

Meaning: Maple Leaf
Origin: Japanese

18. Patram

Meaning: Leaf
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: पत्रम

19. Patta

Meaning: Leaf
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Pat-ta, Patta

20. Patin

Meaning: A Leaf; Bald

21. Parnabha

Meaning: New Leaf;
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Parn-ab-ha, Parn-abha, Par-nab-ha
Lucky Number: Parnabha Lucky Number Is 7

22. Patra

Meaning: A Leaf
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pa-tra, Patra
How to be Write: पत्र

23. Pallab

Meaning: New Leaf
Origin: Hindi
Pallab Name Meaning By Origin: पल्लब
Pronunciation: Pah-LAHB
How to be Write: पल्लब
Lucky Number: Pallab Lucky Number Is 4

24. Pallav

Meaning: New Leaf
Origin: Hindi
Pallav Name Meaning By Origin: पल्लव
Pronunciation: Pah-LAHV
How to be Write: पल्लव
Lucky Number: Pallav Lucky Number Is 6

25. Alei

Meaning: Lofty; Leaf; Nobly; Sublime; High
Origin: Algerian
Lucky Number: 1

26. Chaine

Meaning: Weaving Leaf; Oak Wood

27. Bilvaa

Meaning: Sacred Leaf
Origin: Hindi

28. Kekowa

Meaning: The Fine-leafed Koa

29. Cheyn

Meaning: Weaving Leaf; Oak Wood

30. Chaene

Meaning: Weaving Leaf; Oak Wood

31. Parnand

Meaning: Leaf; Enjoy; Son Of Aspiciuos Apsara To Spread Joy
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Par-nand, Parnand
How to be Write: परनन्दो

32. Bilva

Meaning: A Sacred Leaf
Origin: Hindi
Bilva Name Meaning By Origin: बिल्वा
Pronunciation: Bil-va, Bilva
How to be Write: बिल्व
Lucky Number: Bilva Lucky Number Is 1

33. Legolas

Meaning: Leaf
Origin: Literary
Pronunciation: LEG-ə-laws
Lucky Number: Legolas Lucky Number Is 5

34. Sreeparno

Meaning: Nice Leaf
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sreeparno, Sreep-arno, Sree-par-no

35. Ansuka

Meaning: Leaf; Ray; Bright; Tender; Enlighten
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: An-su-ka, An-suka

36. Chaen

Meaning: Weaving Leaf; Oak Wood

37. Rasyad

Meaning: A Type Of Plant With Small Leaf And Spicy; Getting Guidance; Realize
Rasyad Name Meaning By Origin: رسید
Lucky Number: Rasyad Lucky Number Is 4

38. Tushir

Meaning: New Small Leaf
Origin: Hindi
Tushir Name Meaning By Origin: तुशीर 
Pronunciation: Tushir, Tus-hir
How to be Write: तुशीरो
Lucky Number: Tushir Lucky Number Is 5

39. Krislay

Meaning: Baby Leaf
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: क्रिसले

40. Chayn

Meaning: Weaving Leaf; Oak Wood