100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Leopard

100 Unique Leopard Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Leopard most popular names of 2023 feature Fahdah as Number one for girls, and Fuhaid in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Leopard are Fahada and Nimra and Fahdah Fahada and for girls, and Nimrim and Namer and Fahd Fahad and for boys. Here is the list for Leopard baby names for boys and girls.

1. Fuhaid

Meaning: Little Leopard
Origin: Arabic
Fuhaid Name Meaning By Origin: فہید
Pronunciation: Fit + PUt + HAY + Day
How to be Write: فہید

2. Nimrim

Meaning: Leopard; Bitterness; Rebellion
Origin: Biblical
Lucky Number: Nimrim Lucky Number Is 4

3. Namer

Meaning: " Leopard"
Origin: Hebrew

4. Fahd Fahad

Meaning: Leopard; Lynx
Lucky Number: Fahd Fahad Lucky Number Is 1

5. Babar

Meaning: Leopard
Origin: Hindi
Babar Name Meaning By Origin: بہادر،دلیر
Pronunciation: BAnd + BUt + PRay
How to be Write: بابر
Lucky Number: Babar Lucky Number Is 3

6. Sunain

Meaning: Leopard
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Sit + PUt + New + PAY + New
How to be Write: سنین
Lucky Number: 1

7. Namran

Meaning: Like A Leopard; Thus Means Strong; Good Fighter; Brave
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: NUMber + pRay + MAN
How to be Write: نمراں

8. Agu

Meaning: Leopard
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Agu

9. Palank

Meaning: Panther; Leopard
Origin: Algerian

10. Fahdi

Meaning: One Who Is Like A Leopard; Thus Meaning Brave; Strong ( Zaberdast; Umda; Bahadur )
Origin: Arabic
Fahdi Name Meaning By Origin: فادی
Pronunciation: FUn + Hot + DEEd
How to be Write: فہدی

11. Fahduddin

Meaning: Leopard Of The Faith; Meaning A Brave Person Who Supports The Muslims
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: FUn + Hot + Day + PUt + Day + Day + SEE + New
How to be Write: فہد الدین
Lucky Number: 9

12. Namir

Meaning: Leopard
Origin: Arabic
Namir Name Meaning By Origin: پاکباز شخص
Pronunciation: NUt + MIst + PRay
How to be Write: نمیر
Lucky Number: Namir Lucky Number Is 1

13. Bethnimrah

Meaning: House Of The Leopard
Origin: Biblical
Lucky Number: Bethnimrah Lucky Number Is 8

14. Asaber

Meaning: Leopard
Origin: Arabic
Asaber Name Meaning By Origin: چیتا
How to be Write: عسابر
Lucky Number: 9

15. Fahad

Meaning: Panther; Leopard
Origin: Persian
Fahad Name Meaning By Origin: چیتا
Pronunciation: Fa-had
How to be Write: فاہد
Lucky Number: Fahad Lucky Number Is 1

16. Abdulaziz

Meaning: " Panther; Leopard"
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ab-du-laz-iz, Ab-dulaziz, Ab-du-la-ziz
How to be Write: عبدالعزیز

17. Namear

Meaning: Leopard

18. Sinan

Meaning: Leopard
Origin: Arabic
Sinan Name Meaning By Origin: وار کرنے والا شخص
Pronunciation: SIt + NAp + New
How to be Write: سینان
Lucky Number: Sinan Lucky Number Is 7

19. Namyr

Meaning: Leopard

20. Nameir

Meaning: Leopard
Origin: Algerian

21. Namier

Meaning: Leopard