100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Life

100 Unique Life Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Life most popular names of 2023 feature Zoya as Number one for girls, and Jaxxon in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Life are Evelynn and Cielo and Chaya and for girls, and Omar and Amir and Jaxx and for boys. Here is the list for Life baby names for boys and girls.

1. Jaxxon

Meaning: Variant Of Jackson; Fights Through Any Curveball Life Throws At Him
Origin: English
Pronunciation: JAKsen

2. Omar

Meaning: Life; Long Living
Origin: Arabic
Omar Name Meaning By Origin: لمبی عمر پانے والا، مرتفع، نبی کے پیروکار
Pronunciation: Omar
How to be Write: عمر
Lucky Number: Omar Lucky Number Is 2

3. Amir

Meaning: Imperial; Abundant; Inhabited Prosperous; Full Of Life; Substantial Commander; Ruler; Chief
Origin: Arabic
Amir Name Meaning By Origin: آباد کرنے والا،بھرا ہوا
Pronunciation: Understand + MEEt + PRay
How to be Write: عامر
Lucky Number: Amir Lucky Number Is 5

4. Jaxx

Meaning: Variant Of Jackson; Fights Through Any Curveball Life Throws At Him
Origin: English
Pronunciation: JAKss

5. Johnathan

Meaning: Jehovah Has Given. In The Bible Jonathan Son Of King Saul Was NoteD For Manliness; Generosity AnD Unselfishness. He SaveD DaviD's Life When Saul WoulD Have KilleD Him.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Johnathan, Johnath-an, Johna-than
Lucky Number: Johnathan Lucky Number Is 1

6. Seán

Meaning: Magical Forest Elf With Long Life
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: Seh-n

7. Pranjit

Meaning: Winner Of Life
Origin: Assamese

8. Vitali

Meaning: Vital; Of Life; Life-giving
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Vi-tali, Vit-ali, Vi-ta-li

9. Kert

Meaning: One Who Enjoys The Simple Pleasures Of Life
Origin: Anguillian

10. Uzeemah

Meaning: One Who Is Full Of Life

11. Zoilow

Meaning: Life

12. Taio

Meaning: The Name Taio Is A Spelling Variaiton Of Tao And It Means Peach; Long Life Or Large Waves
Origin: Chinese
Pronunciation: TYE-ow

13. Yellaiah

Meaning: God Who Saves Your Life
Origin: Malayali

14. Vitalia

Meaning: Life; Vitality Of Life
Origin: Latin

15. Satjeevan

Meaning: The One Living The Truthful Life
Origin: Sikh
Pronunciation: Sat-jee-van, Satjeevan

16. Veevan

Meaning: Moon; Full Of Life
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: वीवन

17. Vitalis

Meaning: Vital; Of Life; Life-giving
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Vi-tal-is, Vital-is, Vi-ta-lis

18. Amír

Meaning: Prosperous Long Life
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: A-mr
How to be Write: عامر

19. Vivant

Meaning: Raise Of Sun; Full Of Life
Origin: Kannada

20. Zoii

Meaning: Life
Origin: American

21. Witalis

Meaning: Capable Of Life
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Wi-tal-is, Wital-is, Wi-ta-lis

22. Israel Amir

Meaning: Imperial; Abundant; Inhabited Prosperous; Full Of Life; Substantial Commander; Ruler; Chief

23. Frodo

Meaning: Enlightened By Life' S Experience
Origin: German
Pronunciation: FRO-Do
Lucky Number: Frodo Lucky Number Is 7

24. Jan Daniël

Meaning: Life; Sing

25. Jag Jeevan

Meaning: Life Of The World
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jag-Jee-van, Jag-Jeevan

26. Jan E Alam

Meaning: Life Of The World
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Jan-e-Alam
How to be Write: جان عالم

27. Zoltar

Meaning: Life
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Zoltar, Zol-tar
Lucky Number: Zoltar Lucky Number Is 11

28. Uzeima

Meaning: One Who Is Full Of Life

29. Aat

Meaning: Brave; Heroic; Sacrifice Life For Others
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Aat

30. Abhaijeevan

Meaning: Fearless Life
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ab-hai-jee-van, Abhaijeevan

31. Aaiush

Meaning: Long Life
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: आयुष

32. Vivan

Meaning: Lord Krishna; Full Of Life
Origin: Hindi
Vivan Name Meaning By Origin: विवान 
Pronunciation: Vi-van, Vivan
How to be Write: विवाणु
Lucky Number: Vivan Lucky Number Is 5

33. Chiranjib

Meaning: Man With Long-life
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Chi-ran-jib, Chir-anjib, Chi-ranjib
Lucky Number: Chiranjib Lucky Number Is 11

34. Zivan

Meaning: Vigorous And Alive; Source Of Life
Origin: American

35. Zollie

Meaning: Life
Origin: American

36. Abdul Muhyee

Meaning: Slave Of The One Who Gives Life And Sustains It
Origin: Urdu
Abdul Muhyee Name Meaning By Origin: زندہ کرتا ہے اور اسے برقرار والے کے غلام
How to be Write: عبدل مہیی
Lucky Number: Abdul Muhyee Lucky Number Is 1

37. Jee

Meaning: God; Life; Soul
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Sydney

38. Umayr

Meaning: Life And Alive; Long-lived
Origin: Arabic
Umayr Name Meaning By Origin: پرانا عربی نام
Pronunciation: Umayr
How to be Write: عمیر
Lucky Number: Umayr Lucky Number Is 6

39. Sebastia

Meaning: Bright; Life
Origin: Finnish

40. Tsering

Meaning: Long Life
Origin: American

41. Damiano

Meaning: One Who Tames; SubDues.' The Belgian Priest Father Damien Gave His Life Helping The Hawaiian Lepers Of Molokai. 3rD Century St. Damian Is Patron Of Physicians.
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: Dami-ano, Da-mi-a-no
Lucky Number: Damiano Lucky Number Is 3

42. Kruz

Meaning: Often Finds Himself At A Crossroads In Life; Can Usually Be Counted On To Do The Right Thing
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: Krooz

43. Ivani

Meaning: Life; Earth; Gift From God
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: इवानिक

44. Chris Jan

Meaning: Life; Sing

45. Jiansh

Meaning: Part Of Your Heart Life
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जियानशु

46. Ghasef

Meaning: A Happy Life
Origin: Arabic
Ghasef Name Meaning By Origin: خوش و خرم زندگی گزارنے والا
How to be Write: غاسف
Lucky Number: Ghasef Lucky Number Is 1

47. Athan

Meaning: A Alternative Fo The Greek Name Athanasios; Meaning Eternal LifeIt Is Derived From The Worlds A Meaning Un; And Thanatos Meaning Death
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Ah-tha-NAS-ee-os

48. Jiyaansh

Meaning: Part Of Heart Life
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जियांशु

49. Giyansh

Meaning: Life; Live; Part Of Life Heart
Origin: Assamese

50. Cirajusa

Meaning: Favoured With A Long Life
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ci-ra-jusa, Cirajusa, Ci-ra-ju-sa

51. Chati

Meaning: Life
Origin: Thai
Pronunciation: CHAAT
Lucky Number: Chati Lucky Number Is 5

52. Suchart

Meaning: Born Into Comfortable Life
Origin: Thai
Pronunciation: SOO-chat
Lucky Number: Suchart Lucky Number Is 9

53. Chayyim

Meaning: Life
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Chayyim Lucky Number Is 3

54. Wit

Meaning: Life
Origin: Latin
Lucky Number: Wit Lucky Number Is 7

55. Uzimah

Meaning: One Who Is Full Of Life

56. Aisu

Meaning: Long Life
Origin: Bengali

57. Puranjana

Meaning: The Embodiment Of Life
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pu-ran-jana, Pur-an-jana, Pu-ran-ja-na

58. Chaitnya

Meaning: Divine Radiance; Consciousness; Life; Knowledge (1)
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Chait-nya, Chait-n-ya
Lucky Number: Chaitnya Lucky Number Is 9

59. Yamar

Meaning: Life; Alive
Origin: Arabic
How to be Write: یامر
Lucky Number: Yamar Lucky Number Is 1

60. Jan Muhammad

Meaning: Life Of Muhammad
Origin: Urdu
Jan Muhammad Name Meaning By Origin: محمد کی زندگی
How to be Write: جان محمد
Lucky Number: Jan Muhammad Lucky Number Is 8

61. Maryann

Meaning: DeriveD From Mary 'Bitter.' Mary Was The Biblical Mother Of Christ. Names Like Dolores AnD MerceDes Have Been CreateD To Express Aspects Of Mary's Life AnD Worship.
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Maryann, Mary-ann, Ma-ryann
Lucky Number: Maryann Lucky Number Is 5

62. Jagaday

Meaning: Life Of The Universe
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ja-ga-day, Jagaday
How to be Write: जगदाय

63. Zhivago

Meaning: " Life"
Origin: Russian

64. Noshab

Origin: Arabic
Noshab Name Meaning By Origin: آب حیات
How to be Write: نوشاب
Lucky Number: Noshab Lucky Number Is 5

65. Chaitanya

Meaning: Life; Knowledge; Sage
Origin: Hindi
Chaitanya Name Meaning By Origin: चैतन्य
Pronunciation: Chai-tanya, Chait-an-ya, Chai-ta-n-ya
How to be Write: चैतन्य
Lucky Number: Chaitanya Lucky Number Is 1

66. Videl

Meaning: Life Used As Both Surname And Given Name See Also Vito
Origin: French
Pronunciation: Videl, Vi-del
Lucky Number: Videl Lucky Number Is 7

67. Umi

Meaning: Life
Origin: African
Lucky Number: Umi Lucky Number Is 7

68. Uzeama

Meaning: One Who Is Full Of Life

69. Uzima

Meaning: One Who Is Full Of Life

70. Zenobios

Meaning: Life Of Zeus; Of Zeus

71. Jiben

Meaning: Life
Origin: English

72. Zoi

Meaning: Life
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Zoi

73. Hymen

Meaning: Life Or Man
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: HIE-mən
Lucky Number: Hymen Lucky Number Is 2

74. Beathan

Meaning: Life
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: BEETH-ən
Lucky Number: Beathan Lucky Number Is 5

75. Jevan

Meaning: Life; Soul
Origin: Hindi
Jevan Name Meaning By Origin: जेवान 
Pronunciation: Je-van, Jevan
How to be Write: जेवानो
Lucky Number: Jevan Lucky Number Is 7

76. Baljiwan

Meaning: Lifewith Strength
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Balji-wan, Bal-ji-wan
Lucky Number: Baljiwan Lucky Number Is 9

77. Chai

Meaning: Life
Origin: Assamese
Pronunciation: Chai
Lucky Number: Chai Lucky Number Is 3

78. Nusaim

Meaning: Breath (of Life); Soft Breeze
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Nut + PUt + SAME
How to be Write: نسیم

79. Braedyn

Meaning: Variant Of Braden; Youthful; Joyous; Full Of Life
Origin: English
Pronunciation: BRAYdin

80. Tayden

Meaning: Combination Of Taylor And Aiden; Sees Family As The Most Important Thing In Life
Origin: American
Pronunciation: TAYdin

81. Vitas

Meaning: Vital; Of Life; Life-giving
Origin: Austrailian

82. Yukiyo

Meaning: A Lifetime Of Happiness

83. Ommah

Meaning: Giver Of Life

84. Soo

Meaning: Excellence; Long Life
Origin: Korean

85. Hiyan

Meaning: Lord Vishnu; Life; Heart
Origin: Assamese
Lucky Number: 4

86. Gul Jan

Meaning: Gul - Flowers; Jan - Life
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Gul-Jan
How to be Write: گل جان

87. Himadhri

Meaning: Infinity Life
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Hi-madhri, Himadhri

88. Fahan

Meaning: Life; Wind
Origin: Algerian

89. Vevian

Meaning: Gods Love; Full Of Life
Origin: Cristian

90. Aush

Meaning: Age; Life
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: आहा

91. Hayat

Meaning: Life
Origin: Hindi
Hayat Name Meaning By Origin: زندگی، عمر
Pronunciation: Hay-at, Ha-yat
How to be Write: حیات
Lucky Number: Hayat Lucky Number Is 9

92. Chayim

Meaning: Life
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Chay-im, Chayim
Lucky Number: Chayim Lucky Number Is 5

93. Hayym

Meaning: Life
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Hayym Lucky Number Is 9

94. Arjaan

Meaning: Golden Life
Origin: Algerian

95. Epicuros

Meaning: One Who Enjoys The Pleasures Of Life

96. Leben

Meaning: Life
Origin: German

97. Evah

Meaning: Life; Animal
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: E-vah

98. Dumen

Meaning: Life Of Being
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Du-men

99. Dharamsukh

Meaning: Peace From A Righteous Way Of Life
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dharam-sukh, Dha-ram-sukh

100. Aayash

Meaning: Gold; Long Life
Origin: Algerian