100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Light

100 Unique Light Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Light most popular names of 2023 feature Alora as Number one for girls, and Kenji in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Light are Laney and Nyra and Ayla and for girls, and Aron and Ray and Uriel and for boys. Here is the list for Light baby names for boys and girls.

1. Kenji

Meaning: Literally Meanssecond Son; Enlightened; Smart; Courageous
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: KENjee

2. Aron

Meaning: Copied From Hebrew Origin Meaning Enlightened; Mountain Of Strength A Alternative Of Aaron
Origin: Hebrew
Aron Name Meaning By Origin: قفقاز میں ایک سابق فارسی صوبہ
Pronunciation: AH-rawn
How to be Write: ارون

3. Ray

Meaning: Beam Of Light
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ray
Lucky Number: Ray Lucky Number Is 8

4. Uriel

Meaning: God' S Light
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: YUWR-ee-əl
Lucky Number: Uriel Lucky Number Is 2

5. Luciano

Meaning: Light Of The Day
Origin: Portuguese
Pronunciation: Loo-CHAH-no
Lucky Number: Luciano Lucky Number Is 3

6. Joy

Meaning: Happiness; Pleasure; Jewel Or Delight
Origin: Hindi
Joy Name Meaning By Origin: जोय 
How to be Write: हर्ष

7. Lucian

Meaning: Light Of The Day
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: LOO-shən
Lucky Number: Lucian Lucky Number Is 6

8. Jairo

Meaning: A Person Who Enlightens
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: HIE-ro
Lucky Number: Jairo Lucky Number Is 8

9. Noor

Meaning: Light And Radiance
Origin: Arabic
Noor Name Meaning By Origin: روشنی، چمک
Pronunciation: Noor
How to be Write: نور
Lucky Number: Noor Lucky Number Is 2

10. Uriah

Meaning: God' S Light
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: Yoo-RIE-ə
Lucky Number: Uriah Lucky Number Is 3

11. Finn

Meaning: Fair Or Light
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: FIN
Lucky Number: Finn Lucky Number Is 2

12. Neriah

Meaning: Light; Lamp Of The Lord
Origin: American
Lucky Number: Neriah Lucky Number Is 1

13. Lucien

Meaning: Light Of The Day
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Loo-SYAN
Lucky Number: Lucien Lucky Number Is 1

14. Celi

Meaning: Light; Moon; Heaven; Sky
Origin: Latin

15. Vibhansh

Meaning: Sunshine; Radiant; Moon; Light
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: विभांशु

16. Atmajyothi

Meaning: Light Of Soul
Origin: Hindi
Atmajyothi Name Meaning By Origin: आत्मज्योति
Pronunciation: At-ma-jyothi, At-ma-jyo-thi
How to be Write: आत्मज्योति
Lucky Number: Atmajyothi Lucky Number Is 5

17. Zainudheen

Meaning: Lord Of Good Light
Origin: Malayali

18. Ujith

Meaning: Light; Illuminated
Origin: Malayali

19. Bamdad

Meaning: Dawn (early Morning); Morning Twilight; Which Is The Time At The End Of The Night; But Before Sunrise; When The Sky Starts To Lighten Up
Origin: Persian
Bamdad Name Meaning By Origin: سَويرے، صبح
Pronunciation: BAnd + Moon + Day + MAn + Day
How to be Write: بامداد
Lucky Number: Bamdad Lucky Number Is 2

20. Argider

Meaning: " Beautiful Light"
Origin: Basque

21. Usakirana

Meaning: First Light Of Dawn
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Usaki-rana, Usakir-ana, Usa-ki-ra-na

22. Siraj Al Din

Meaning: Light Of The Faith
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Si-raj-al-Din, Siraj-al-Din
How to be Write: سراج الدین

23. Kiranchandra

Meaning: Beam Light Of Moon; Divine
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ki-ran-chan-dra, Kir-an-chandra, Ki-ran-chandra

24. Zyah

Meaning: Splendour; Glow; Light
Origin: Algerian

25. Edenson

Meaning: Paradise; Delight
Origin: Hebrew

26. Abhish

Meaning: Sky; A Ray Of Light
Origin: Bengali

27. Bahadurjot

Meaning: Light Of The Brave
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ba-hadur-jot, Ba-ha-dur-jot

28. Rae’Lynn

Meaning: Beam Of Light; Beautiful Lamb; Princess Of Divine Light
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Ra(e)-ly-nn

29. Nur Firdaus

Meaning: Light Of The Highest Paradise
Origin: Algerian
Nur Firdaus Name Meaning By Origin: نور فردوس
Lucky Number: Nur Firdaus Lucky Number Is 2

30. Abdul Noor

Meaning: Slave Of The One Who Is Light
Origin: Urdu
Abdul Noor Name Meaning By Origin: نور کا بندہ
How to be Write: عبدالنور
Lucky Number: Abdul Noor Lucky Number Is 6

31. Ziri

Meaning: " Moonlight"
Origin: Tamazight And Berber

32. Prabash

Meaning: The Sun; Ray Of Light
Origin: Assamese

33. Dibakor

Meaning: Ray Of Light
Origin: Assamese

34. Xandria

Meaning: Metal And Light Element
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Xan-dria

35. Vihansh

Meaning: First Ray Of Light; Broad Minded
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: विहंशु

36. Deepdas

Meaning: Servant Of Light
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Deep-das
How to be Write: दीपदास

37. Urijah

Meaning: The Lord Is My Light Or Fire
Origin: American
Lucky Number: Urijah Lucky Number Is 4

38. Agradeep

Meaning: The Sun; First Ray Of Sunlight
Origin: Bengali

39. Uria

Meaning: God Is Light
Origin: Hebrew

40. Frodo

Meaning: Enlightened By Life' S Experience
Origin: German
Pronunciation: FRO-Do
Lucky Number: Frodo Lucky Number Is 7

41. Tane

Meaning: Light God
Origin: Maori
Pronunciation: TAYN
Lucky Number: Tane Lucky Number Is 4

42. Dibandu

Meaning: Light Of Moon
Origin: Assamese

43. Dibakara

Meaning: Ray Of Light; The Sun
Origin: Assamese

44. Karajala

Meaning: A Stream Of Light
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Kara-jala, Ka-ra-jala, Ka-ra-ja-la

45. Wahyu

Meaning: Enlightenment
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Wahyu

46. Ray Ray

Meaning: Beam Of Light

47. Cahya

Meaning: One Who Is The Light In Darkness
Origin: Bhutani

48. Ahron

Meaning: " High Mountain; Exalted; Enlightened"
Origin: Hebrew

49. Uriell

Meaning: God Is Light

50. Aaran

Meaning: Of Hebrew Origin Meaning Enlightened; Mountain Of Strength
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: A-ran

51. Badir

Meaning: Moon; MoonLight
Origin: Arabic
Badir Name Meaning By Origin: چمکتا ہُوا، روشَن، بہت عُمدہ
Pronunciation: Badir, Ba-dir
How to be Write: بادیر
Lucky Number: Badir Lucky Number Is 5

52. Jagadheesh

Meaning: The Sun Light Of The World
Origin: Kannada

53. Vetrioli

Meaning: Light Of Success
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: VetriOli, Vet-riOli, Ve-triO-li

54. Mulazum

Meaning: Clever Light Of Earth
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Mu-lazum, Mula-zum, Mu-la-zum
How to be Write: ملازوم

55. Dyuksa

Meaning: Light; Brilliant
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dyuk-sa, Dy-uksa

56. Aarão

Meaning: " High Mountain; Exalted; Enlightened"
Origin: Hebrew

57. Uryell

Meaning: God Is Light

58. Pawanjot

Meaning: Lightof Air
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pawan-jot, Pa-wan-jot
Lucky Number: Pawanjot Lucky Number Is 1

59. Yashdeep

Meaning: Success; The Light Of Glory
Origin: Hindi
Yashdeep Name Meaning By Origin: यश्दीप 
Pronunciation: Yashdeep, Yash-deep, Yas-h-de-ep
How to be Write: यशदीप
Lucky Number: Yashdeep Lucky Number Is 11

60. Abhinandana

Meaning: To Rejoice; To Celebrate; To Praise; To Bless; Delight; Congratulation; Welcoming; Felicitous
Origin: Hindi
Abhinandana Name Meaning By Origin: अभिनंदना
Pronunciation: Ab-hi-nan-dana, Ab-h-in-andana, Ab-hin-an-da-na
How to be Write: अभिनंदन
Lucky Number: Abhinandana Lucky Number Is 6

61. Roshann

Meaning: Full Of Light
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रोशन

62. Ziaul Haq

Meaning: Light Of The Truth; Ie Allah
Origin: Algerian

63. Roshank

Meaning: Brilliance; Light
Origin: Algerian

64. Metab

Meaning: Light Of Moon
Origin: Algerian

65. Gnanadeep

Meaning: Light Knowledge
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gnanadeep, Gn-anadeep, Gna-na-de-ep

66. Micah Ray

Meaning: Beam Of Light

67. Fionnan

Meaning: Fair; Bright White; Light-hued
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Fion-nan

68. Lafai

Meaning: A Lighthearted Man

69. Zewse

Meaning: Light; Deity

70. Vetoni

Meaning: Lightning

71. Jair

Meaning: My Light; Who Diffuses Light
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Ja-ir
Lucky Number: Jair Lucky Number Is 2

72. Islet

Meaning: Arrow; Light; Brilliant
Origin: Hindi
Islet Name Meaning By Origin: इस्लेत
Pronunciation: Islet, Is-let
How to be Write: छोटा सा टाप
Lucky Number: Islet Lucky Number Is 2

73. Nandanjot

Meaning: Light Of The ' Son' Son
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Nan-dan-jot, Nandan-jot
Lucky Number: Nandanjot Lucky Number Is 3

74. Atmadeep

Meaning: Light Of Soul
Origin: Hindi
Atmadeep Name Meaning By Origin: आत्मदीप
Pronunciation: At-madeep, At-ma-de-ep
How to be Write: आत्मदीप
Lucky Number: Atmadeep Lucky Number Is 11

75. Frode

Meaning: Enlightened Or Wise
Origin: OlD Norse
Pronunciation: FRAW-Deh
Lucky Number: Frode Lucky Number Is 3

76. Menyhért

Meaning: Royal Light
Origin: Hungarian

77. Dhrishni

Meaning: A Ray Of Light
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: Dhrishni

78. Ziaurrahman

Meaning: Light Of The Most Gracious (Allah)
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Zi-au-rRah-man, Zi-aurRah-man
How to be Write: ضیاء الرحمن

79. Urie

Meaning: God Is Light; Form Of Uriel
Origin: Hebrew

80. Zahar

Meaning: Light
Origin: Hebrew
Zahar Name Meaning By Origin: راستہ
How to be Write: ظہر

81. Zoose

Meaning: Light; Deity

82. Uryel

Meaning: God Is Light

83. Urjasz

Meaning: God Is Light

84. Arnie

Meaning: Can Be A Pet Form Of The Name Arnold; Meaning Eagle Ruler; Or A Pet Form Of The Biblical Name Aaron; Meaning Enlightened Or Exhalted
Origin: German
Pronunciation: AARNiy

85. Ulhas

Meaning: Joy; Delight
Origin: Hindi
Ulhas Name Meaning By Origin: उल्हास
Pronunciation: Ul-has
How to be Write: उल्हासी
Lucky Number: Ulhas Lucky Number Is 7

86. Taine

Meaning: Light God
Origin: Maori
Pronunciation: TAYN
Lucky Number: Taine Lucky Number Is 4

87. Prabaker

Meaning: The Sun; One Who Gives Light
Origin: Kannada

88. Takiyo

Meaning: Great Light
Origin: Japanese

89. Jai Bhagwan

Meaning: I Honor The Light Within
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: जय भगवान

90. Dibyojyoti

Meaning: A Divine Light
Origin: Assamese

91. Fuzain

Meaning: Bright Lights Stars
Origin: Algerian

92. Supam

Meaning: Bird; Ray Of Light
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Su-pam, Supam

93. Rocaka

Meaning: Enlightening
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ro-ca-ka, Ro-caka

94. Zahurhusen

Meaning: Light
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Zahurhusen, Za-hur-hu-sen
How to be Write: ظہورحسین

95. Armandeepsingh

Meaning: Desire Light
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ar-man-deep-Singh, Ar-mandeep-Singh, Ar-man-de-epSingh

96. Alyona

Meaning: Bright; Shining Light
Origin: Russian
Pronunciation: Al-ee-oh-nuh

97. Alo

Meaning: Light
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Alo

98. Nur Al Din

Meaning: Light Of The Faith
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Nur-al-Din
How to be Write: نورالدین

99. Aarón

Meaning: Enlightened; Mountain

100. Sarabdeep

Meaning: The Lamp That Gives Light To All
Origin: Sikh
Pronunciation: Sarab-deep, Sar-ab-deep, Sa-rab-de-ep