100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Love

100 Unique Love Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Love most popular names of 2023 feature Emberlynn as Number one for girls, and Kooper in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Love are Emberly and ZaNiyah and Clover and for girls, and Conor and Leif and Gia and for boys. Here is the list for Love baby names for boys and girls.

1. Kooper

Meaning: Not Afraid Of Unconventional Dreams; Does What He Loves
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KOOper

2. Conor

Meaning: Strong WilleD Or Wise 'HounD-lover.' Also From The Irish 'Coachuhhar', Meaning High Desire.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Goose
Lucky Number: Conor Lucky Number Is 11

3. Leif

Meaning: This Scandinavian Name Meansdearly Lovedas Well Asdescendant
Origin: Scandinavian
Pronunciation: LIYF

4. Gia

Meaning: Heart; Love
Origin: Hindi
Gia Name Meaning By Origin: गिया
How to be Write: जिया

5. Connor

Meaning: Strong WilleD Or Wise 'HounD-lover.' Also From The Irish 'Coachuhhar', Meaning High Desire. Famous Bearers: In Irish Mythology Connor Was An Early King Of Ulster.; 20th Century Irish Diplomat Conor Cruise O'Brien.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Con-ner
Lucky Number: Connor Lucky Number Is 7

6. Amias

Meaning: Beloved
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: Ah-MEE-yahs
Lucky Number: Amias Lucky Number Is 6

7. Jedidiah

Meaning: Beloved Of The LordFriend Of The LordBeloved Of Jehovah In The Bible The Blessing Name Jedidiah Was Given King Solomon In Infancy
Origin: American
Jedidiah Name Meaning By Origin: رب کے محبوب
Pronunciation: Je-didi-ah, Je-di-diah
How to be Write: جیدیدہ
Lucky Number: Jedidiah Lucky Number Is 5

8. Demetrius

Meaning: Antony AnD Cleopatra'. FrienD To Mark Antony. 'A MiDsummer Night's Dream' In Love With Hermia. 'The TrageDy Of Titus AnDronicus' Son To Tamora.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Demtrius
Lucky Number: Demetrius Lucky Number Is 6

9. Adonis

Meaning: Handsome; A Lord Greek Mythology; A Youth Beloved Of Aphrodite
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Ado-nis, Adonis
Lucky Number: Adonis Lucky Number Is 8

10. Conner

Meaning: Hound LoverFull Of Desire; Much Desire
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Con-ner
Lucky Number: Conner Lucky Number Is 6

11. Cartier

Meaning: Variant Of Carter; Love Traveling; Visiting Far Off Places
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KARter

12. Judson

Meaning: Thought Highly Of By His Peers; Loved
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: JUDson

13. Zane

Meaning: Beloved
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: ZAYN
How to be Write: زین
Lucky Number: Zane Lucky Number Is 1

14. Hashmatullah

Meaning: Beloved Of God
Origin: Afghan
How to be Write: حشمت اللہ

15. Easharpreet

Meaning: Lover Of God
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Easharpreet, Eashar-preet, Eas-har-preet
Lucky Number: Easharpreet Lucky Number Is 8

16. Dayson

Meaning: Surname.'beloveD.
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Dayson, Day-son
Lucky Number: Dayson Lucky Number Is 6

17. Cheenu

Meaning: Small; Lovely; Sweet
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Cheenu, Chii-noo

18. Amman

Meaning: Most Loveable
Origin: Arabic
Amman Name Meaning By Origin: محافظ
Pronunciation: Am-man
How to be Write: عمان
Lucky Number: Amman Lucky Number Is 2

19. Zafeeer

Meaning: Art; Knowledgeul; Freedom Lover
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Zafeeer, Za-fee-er
How to be Write: ظفیر

20. Faragars

Meaning: Successful; Joyful; Freedom Lover
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Fara-gars, Faragars, Fa-ra-gars

21. Amu

Meaning: Beloved; Mother
Origin: Finnish

22. Lennen

Meaning: " Lover"
Origin: Irish

23. Filademo

Meaning: Brotherly Love

24. Filadelfo

Meaning: Brotherly Love
Origin: Austrailian

25. Somali

Meaning: Moons Love
Origin: Hindi
Somali Name Meaning By Origin: सोमाली
How to be Write: सोमाली

26. Jushk

Meaning: Lover
Origin: Hindi
Jushk Name Meaning By Origin: जुष्क
Pronunciation: Jushk, Jus-hk
How to be Write: जुश्को
Lucky Number: Jushk Lucky Number Is 6

27. Mpenda

Meaning: Fond Lover
Origin: African

28. Talakya

Meaning: Successful; Joyful; Freedom Lover
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Talakya, Talak-ya

29. Renald

Meaning: Mankind; Great Lover; Optimistic
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Re-nald, Ren-ald, Renald

30. Mehaboob

Meaning: Beloved
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Me-ha-boob, Me-haboob

31. Ceiro

Meaning: Love

32. Dadmehr

Meaning: Lover Of Justice; Lover Of Fairness
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Day + MAn + Day + MEt + Hot + PRay
How to be Write: داد مہر

33. Pip

Meaning: Lover Of Horses. King Philip Of MaceDon Was The Father Of AlexanDer The Great. In The Bible, Philip Was The Name Of One Of Christ's Apostles. Famous Bearer: Prince Philip, HusbanD Of Queen Elizabeth II.
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Pip
Lucky Number: Pip Lucky Number Is 5

34. Raynaldus

Meaning: Researcher; Freedom Lover; Highly Sensitive
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Ray-nal-dus, Raynal-dus

35. Mehabin

Meaning: Love
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Me-habin, Me-ha-bin
How to be Write: مہابین

36. Haradika

Meaning: King And Soul Of Love
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Haradi-ka, Haradika, Ha-ra-di-ka

37. Amadée

Meaning: Love Of God

38. Unas

Meaning: Love; Pyar; Muhabbat; Ulfat
Origin: Arabic
Unas Name Meaning By Origin: محبت، پیار
How to be Write: انس
Lucky Number: Unas Lucky Number Is 1

39. Utkhala

Meaning: Cooperative; Travel Lover; Fairness
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Utkha-la, Utkhala

40. Talore

Meaning: Successful; Joyful; Freedom Lover
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Talore, Ta-lo-re

41. Pipu

Meaning: Loveable
Origin: Filipino
Pronunciation: Pipu, Pi-Pu+

42. Umais

Meaning: Love
Origin: Arabic
Umais Name Meaning By Origin: پیار، محبت
How to be Write: اومیس

43. Doga

Meaning: It Means ' Nature' ; They Are In Love With Nature And God
Origin: Turkish

44. Amedeus

Meaning: Love Of God

45. Imrat

Meaning: ' Love' Love
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Im-rat
Lucky Number: Imrat Lucky Number Is 7

46. Wahidpreet

Meaning: ' Unique' Unique ' Love' Love
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Wahid-preet, Wa-hid-preet
Lucky Number: Wahidpreet Lucky Number Is 1

47. Amadieu

Meaning: Loved By God
Origin: Latin

48. Ugagria

Meaning: Influencer; Freedom Lover; Charisma
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Uga-gria, Ugag-ria

49. Zukari

Meaning: Lovely
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Zukari, Zu-ka-ri

50. Abhaipreet

Meaning: Fearless Love
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ab-haipreet, Abhaipreet, Ab-hai-preet

51. Vetasini

Meaning: Mankind; Great Lover; Optimistic
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ve-tasi-ni, Vetas-ini, Ve-ta-si-ni

52. Safeeullah

Meaning: Mankind; Great Lover; Optimistic
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Safeeul-lah, Sa-feeul-lah
How to be Write: صفی اللہ

53. Zaid Jamal

Meaning: Beautiful; Grace; Elegance; Loveliness;

54. Duddu

Meaning: Milk; Love Of Sun
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dud-du, Duddu

55. Atilla

Meaning: Beloved Father
Origin: Hungarian
Pronunciation: Atil-la, Atilla

56. Daibhi

Meaning: Beloved; Darling Friend; Favourite
Origin: Irish

57. Daibheid

Meaning: Dearly Loved
Origin: Hebrew

58. Teymour

Meaning: Helper; Freedom Lover; Super Star
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Tey-mour
How to be Write: تیمور

59. Glein

Meaning: Hesitate; Travel Lover; Good Understanding
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Glein

60. Carah

Meaning: Beloved Or Friend
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: C(a)-rah

61. AMicah

Meaning: Loved Friend
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: A-mi-cah

62. Carísimo

Meaning: Loved

63. Yedidiah

Meaning: Beloved By God
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Yedidiah Lucky Number Is 11

64. Ishapreet

Meaning: ' Love' Love Of Divinity
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ishapreet, Is-ha-preet
Lucky Number: Ishapreet Lucky Number Is 11

65. Leannain

Meaning: Sweat Heart; Lover
Origin: Irish

66. Daibhid

Meaning: Beloved; Variant Of Daibhidh
Origin: Irish

67. Dil Shouq

Meaning: Heart Love
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Dil-Shouq
How to be Write: دل شوق

68. Ambarpreet

Meaning: Love For Sky
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Am-barpreet, Am-bar-preet

69. Fileas

Meaning: He Who Loves Deeply
Origin: Greek

70. Aleandro

Meaning: Lover Of Risk

71. Lokpreet

Meaning: One Who Loves People
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Lokpreet, Lok-preet
Lucky Number: Lokpreet Lucky Number Is 3

72. Uchitprem

Meaning: ' Love' Love For The Right
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Uchit-prem, Uchit-pr-em
Lucky Number: Uchitprem Lucky Number Is 5

73. Gencio

Meaning: Loves His Family
Origin: Brazilian

74. Yareed

Meaning: Love; Fondness
Origin: Arabic
Yareed Name Meaning By Origin: چاہت،خلوص
How to be Write: یرید
Lucky Number: 8

75. Gronw

Meaning: Intelligence; Great Lover; Strong
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Gronw

76. Cenberet

Meaning: Mankind; Great Lover; Optimistic
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Cen-beret, Cen-ber-et, Cen-be-ret

77. Ke’Von

Meaning: Handsome Beloved
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: K(e)-von

78. Caractacus

Meaning: Beloved

79. Anbu Kalam

Meaning: Love
Origin: Kannada

80. Cheb

Meaning: Love
Origin: French

81. Ticcea

Meaning: Intelligence; Great Lover; Strong
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Tic-cea

82. Scrobb

Meaning: Intelligence; Great Lover; Strong
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Scrobb

83. Yosoph

Meaning: Successful; Joyful; Freedom Lover
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Yosoph, Yo-soph
How to be Write: یوسف

84. Vrajendra

Meaning: Art; Knowledgeul; Freedom Lover
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vra-jen-dra, Vra-jendra

85. Lovenpreet

Meaning: Pure Love
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Loven-preet, Lo-ven-preet

86. Lipp

Meaning: Legend; Lover Of Horses
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Lipp

87. Dilanesh

Meaning: Mankind; Great Lover; Optimistic
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Di-lanesh, Dil-anesh, Dila-nesh

88. Corbalengus

Meaning: Mankind; Great Lover; Optimistic
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Cor-balen-gus, Corbalen-gus, Cor-ba-len-gus

89. Corbaleng

Meaning: Freedom Lover; Joyful; Hard Worker
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Cor-baleng, Corbaleng, Cor-ba-leng

90. Ahmad Zulkifli

Meaning: Researcher; Freedom Lover; Highly Sensitive
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Ah-madZulk-i-fli, Ah-madZulkifli, Ah-ma-dZul-ki-f-li
How to be Write: احمد ذوالکفلی

91. Atmaya

Meaning: Loved One
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: At-maya, At-ma-ya

92. Pria

Meaning: Beloved One; Loved One
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: प्रिया

93. Froilan

Meaning: Rich And Beloved Young Master
Origin: German

94. Jedediyah

Meaning: Beloved Of Yahweh

95. Caradec

Meaning: Beloved

96. Yakir

Meaning: Beloved; Expensive
Origin: English

97. Aizen

Meaning: From Japanese Origins; Aizen Is The Name Of A Buddhist Deity Considered The God Of Love
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: Eye-ZEN

98. Vaughan

Meaning: Henry IV' Duke Of Clarence. Thomas Wart, Country SolDier. 'Henry VI' Thomas Horner, Armourer. 'Henry VIII' Sir Thomas Lovell. 'Measure For Measure' A Friar. 'King Henry VI, III', 'Henry VIII' Duke Of Norfolk. 'King RicharD III' Sir Thomas Vaughan.
Origin: Shakespearean
Pronunciation: Vaugh-an, Vaughan
Lucky Number: Vaughan Lucky Number Is 11

99. Dodanim

Meaning: Beloved
Origin: Biblical
Lucky Number: Dodanim Lucky Number Is 6

100. Arjomand

Meaning: Beloved; Dear; Noble; Honourable
Origin: Persian
Arjomand Name Meaning By Origin: عظیم الشان، پیارا، محبُوب
Pronunciation: Up + PRay + Jump + PUt + MUst + New + Day
How to be Write: ارجُمند
Lucky Number: Arjomand Lucky Number Is 5