100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Loyalty

100 Unique Loyalty Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Loyalty most popular names of 2023 feature Waffah as Number one for girls, and Mihael in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Loyalty are Fidelity and Walaa and Wala Walaa and for girls, and Holbert and Bond and Ikhlas and for boys. Here is the list for Loyalty baby names for boys and girls.

1. Mihael

Meaning: Angel Of Loyalty
Origin: Austrailian

2. Holbert

Meaning: Famous For His Loyalty

3. Bond

Meaning: Bound By Loyalty
Origin: English
Pronunciation: BOHND
Lucky Number: Bond Lucky Number Is 8

4. Ikhlas

Meaning: Purity; Devotion; Sincerity; Loyalty; Faithfulness
Origin: Arabic
Ikhlas Name Meaning By Origin: سچی دوستی، خلوص
Pronunciation: Ikhlas, Ikh-las, Ik-h-las
How to be Write: اخلاص
Lucky Number: Ikhlas Lucky Number Is 6

5. Ghayoor

Meaning: Fiercely Protective; Intolerant Of Disloyalty; Fiery; Fervent
Origin: Arabic
Ghayoor Name Meaning By Origin: بہت غیر والا
Pronunciation: BaGHdad + RUn + YOU + PRay
How to be Write: غیور
Lucky Number: Ghayoor Lucky Number Is 2

6. Wafai

Meaning: Associated With Faithfulness; Fidelity; Loyalty; Faith
Origin: Arabic
Wafai Name Meaning By Origin: وفائی
Pronunciation: Wafai, Wa-fai
How to be Write: وفائی
Lucky Number: Wafai Lucky Number Is 3

7. Tyger

Meaning: Courage; Loyalty; Honesty; And Strength
Origin: Cristian
Lucky Number: 6

8. Hulbird

Meaning: Famous For His Loyalty

9. Cayleb

Meaning: Variant OfCaleb; Which Is Derived From The Hebrew Kelev Meaning Dog The Name Was Given To One Of Moses Devoted Companions On The Journey To The Promised Land; Therefore It Is Associated With Loyalty And Devotion To God
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: CAY-lehb

10. Calub

Meaning: A Alternative Spelling Of The Name Caleb From The Hebrew Kelev - Meaning Dog; Refering To A Dog Like Devotion To God And Symbolizing Loyalty
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: KEYLahB

11. Hulberd

Meaning: Famous For His Loyalty

12. Hulburd

Meaning: Famous For His Loyalty

13. Vafa

Meaning: Loyalty; Faithfulness
Origin: Persian
Vafa Name Meaning By Origin: وفاداری ; مخلص پن
Pronunciation: Vafa
How to be Write: وفا
Lucky Number: Vafa Lucky Number Is 2

14. Absalom

Meaning: Father Of Peace In The Bible Absalom Son Of King David Was Renowned For Handsome Appearance And Ability To Win Loyalty And Allegiance
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ab-sa-lom
How to be Write: अबशालोम
Lucky Number: Absalom Lucky Number Is 9

15. Hulbirt

Meaning: Famous For His Loyalty

16. Rafaqat

Meaning: Companion; Comradeship; Friendship; Association; Loyalty;
Origin: Arabic
Rafaqat Name Meaning By Origin: ہمراہی دوستی
Pronunciation: Rafaqat, Ra-faqat
How to be Write: رفاقت
Lucky Number: Rafaqat Lucky Number Is 8

17. Hulburt

Meaning: Famous For His Loyalty

18. Tasafi

Meaning: Sincerity; Loyalty; Fealty
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: TUb + Sum + MAn + FEEd
How to be Write: تاسفی۔
Lucky Number: 1

19. Salah

Meaning: Faithfulness; Loyalty; Piety; Purity; Goodness; Benefit
Origin: Biblical
Salah Name Meaning By Origin: دوستی، صلح کرنا
Pronunciation: SUm + LAnd + Hot
How to be Write: صلاح
Lucky Number: Salah Lucky Number Is 4

20. Abul Wafa

Meaning: Father Of Loyalty
Origin: Arabic
Abul Wafa Name Meaning By Origin: وفاداری کا باپ
How to be Write: ابُل وفا
Lucky Number: 3

21. Abulwafa

Meaning: Father Of Loyalty
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: AbulWafa
How to be Write: ابوالوفاء

22. Hulbyrt

Meaning: Famous For His Loyalty

23. Hulbyrd

Meaning: Famous For His Loyalty

24. Trung

Meaning: Loyalty