100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Mother

100 Unique Mother Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Mother most popular names of 2023 feature Demi as Number one for girls, and Raem in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Mother are Astrid and Amina and Khaleesi and for girls, and Amu and Ummie and Yetunde and for boys. Here is the list for Mother baby names for boys and girls.

1. Raem

Meaning: Affectionate (mother); Loving (mother) A Mother Who Has Strong Affection For Her Child
Origin: Arabic
Raem Name Meaning By Origin: ریم
Pronunciation: RAndom + IMpulse
How to be Write: رام
Lucky Number: Raem Lucky Number Is 1

2. Amu

Meaning: Beloved; Mother
Origin: Finnish

3. Ummie

Meaning: His Mother' S Son

4. Yetunde

Meaning: Mother Comes Again
Pronunciation: Yet(u)-nde

5. Dvaimatura

Meaning: One Who Has Two Mothers
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dvaimatu-ra, Dvaimat-ura, Dvai-ma-tu-ra

6. Maiah

Meaning: Great; Mother
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Maia(h)

7. Dimitri

Meaning: From The Mother Of Land
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Dee-MEE-tree
Lucky Number: Dimitri Lucky Number Is 1

8. Maryann

Meaning: DeriveD From Mary 'Bitter.' Mary Was The Biblical Mother Of Christ. Names Like Dolores AnD MerceDes Have Been CreateD To Express Aspects Of Mary's Life AnD Worship.
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Maryann, Mary-ann, Ma-ryann
Lucky Number: Maryann Lucky Number Is 5

9. Maaksharth

Meaning: It Means; Precious Part Of Mothers Heart
Origin: Hindi
Maaksharth Name Meaning By Origin: माक्षार्थ
Pronunciation: Maak-sharth, Maaks-harth
How to be Write: माक्षार्थो
Lucky Number: Maaksharth Lucky Number Is 1

10. Trishla

Meaning: Desirous; Having Thirst (Mother Of Lord Mahavir 24th Jain Tirthankar)
Origin: Hindi
Trishla Name Meaning By Origin: त्रिशला
Pronunciation: Tr-ish-la, Trishla, Tris-h-la
How to be Write: त्रिशला
Lucky Number: Trishla Lucky Number Is 6

11. Ummey

Meaning: His Mother' S Son

12. Ummee

Meaning: His Mother' S Son

13. Ummea

Meaning: His Mother' S Son

14. Gabrial

Meaning: Of Hebrew Origin Meaning Strong Man Of God The Name Of The Archangel Who Told The Virgin Mary She Would Be The Mother Of Jesus
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: GAY-bree-AL

15. Madiar

Meaning: Mother’ S Helper; Mother’ S Companion; A Son Who Helps His Mother And Stays With Her
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: MAn + Day + YArn + PRay
How to be Write: میڈار

16. Bica

Meaning: Mother In Child Talk
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Bi-ca, Bica

17. A’Maya

Meaning: The End; Mother City; Heavenly Valley
Origin: Spanish
Pronunciation: A-ma-ya

18. Ba

Meaning: Three; Third; Mother
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Ba

19. Trishal

Meaning: Trident (mother Of Lord Mahavir)
Origin: Hindi
Trishal Name Meaning By Origin: त्रिशल 
Pronunciation: Tr-ishal, Trishal
How to be Write: त्रिशाला
Lucky Number: Trishal Lucky Number Is 6

20. Metrophanes

Meaning: Elements From The Mother
Origin: Greek

21. Krsan

Meaning: Mother Of Pearl; Gold; Pearl
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Kr-san, Krsan

22. Mrittik

Meaning: Mother Earth; Made By Soil
Origin: Assamese

23. Ajju

Meaning: Mother
Origin: Algerian
Lucky Number: 9

24. Pruthvij

Meaning: Son Of Mother Earth
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pruthvij, Pruth-vij
How to be Write: पृथ्वीजी

25. Muhajjad

Meaning: Put To Sleep; A Person That Has Been Put To Sleep By Someone Else; Such As A Child Put To Sleep By His Mother
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Man + PUt + HUt + Joy + JUmp + Day
How to be Write: مجاہد
Lucky Number: 3

26. Ahiam

Meaning: Mother's Brother; Brother Of A Nation.
Lucky Number: Ahiam Lucky Number Is 5

27. Anirvin

Meaning: Mother; God-like
Origin: Hindi
Anirvin Name Meaning By Origin: अनीर्वीन
Pronunciation: Anirvin, Anir-vin
How to be Write: अनिरविन
Lucky Number: Anirvin Lucky Number Is 6

28. Savinesh

Meaning: Love Of Mother Father
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सविनेश

29. Bhoum

Meaning: Mother Land; Earth
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bhoum

30. Anjanii

Meaning: Mother Of Lord Hanumaan
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: An-janii, An-ja-nii

31. Mitu

Meaning: Mothers Love; Worthy; Trust; Diamond
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Mi-tu, Mitu

32. Dimitar

Meaning: Earth Mother
Lucky Number: 8

33. Zedef

Meaning: Mother Of Pearl

34. Tzedef

Meaning: Mother Of Pearl

35. Shaddan

Meaning: Grown Antelope; An Antelope (a Type Of Animal That Looks Like A Deer Or Gazelle) That Is Old Enough To No Longer Need The Care Of Its Mother
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: SHUn + Day + Day + MAN
How to be Write: شدان
Lucky Number: 1

36. Marylu

Meaning: DeriveD From Mary 'Bitter.' Mary Was The Biblical Mother Of Christ. Names Like Dolores AnD MerceDes Have Been CreateD To Express Aspects Of Mary's Life AnD Worship.
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Mary-lu, Marylu, Ma-ry-lu
Lucky Number: Marylu Lucky Number Is 9

37. Marybell

Meaning: DeriveD From Mary 'Bitter.' Mary Was The Biblical Mother Of Christ. Names Like Dolores AnD MerceDes Have Been CreateD To Express Aspects Of Mary's Life AnD Worship.
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Mary-bell, Ma-ry-bell
Lucky Number: Marybell Lucky Number Is 7

38. Heramba

Meaning: Mothers Beloved Son; Boastful; Name Of Ganapati
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Her-am-ba, Heramba, Heram-ba
Lucky Number: Heramba Lucky Number Is 3

39. Mathrudev

Meaning: One Who Worships His Mother; For One Whom Mother Is The Deity
Origin: Hindi
Mathrudev Name Meaning By Origin: माथ्रुदेव 
Pronunciation: Mathrudev, Math-rudev, Ma-thru-dev
How to be Write: मातृभूमि
Lucky Number: Mathrudev Lucky Number Is 4

40. Mritik

Meaning: Made By Soil; Mother Earth
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: मृतिको

41. Mayuv

Meaning: Mother And Baby
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: मयूव

42. Baizid

Meaning: Devotion Of Mother
Origin: Algerian

43. Mitrofan

Meaning: Mother And Appear

44. Purnayan

Meaning: Who Has Born With Full Of His Mother And Father
Origin: Hindi
Purnayan Name Meaning By Origin: पुर्नायण 
Pronunciation: Pur-nayan, Purnay-an, Pur-na-y-an
How to be Write: पूर्णायण
Lucky Number: Purnayan Lucky Number Is 11

45. Matru

Meaning: Native; Motherly
Origin: Hindi
Matru Name Meaning By Origin: मात्रु
Pronunciation: Ma-tru, Matru, Mat-ru
How to be Write: मातृ
Lucky Number: Matru Lucky Number Is 1

46. Thayanban

Meaning: Devoted To Ones Mother
Origin: Hindi
Thayanban Name Meaning By Origin: तयान्बन
Pronunciation: Thayan-ban, Thay-an-ban, Tha-yan-ban
How to be Write: थायनबन
Lucky Number: Thayanban Lucky Number Is 5

47. Leis

Meaning: Mother Of Althepus
Origin: Arabic
Leis Name Meaning By Origin: شیر
How to be Write: لیث
Lucky Number: Leis Lucky Number Is 9

48. Vatsalya

Meaning: Love That A Mother Feels For A Child
Origin: Hindi
Vatsalya Name Meaning By Origin: वात्सल्य 
Pronunciation: Vat-salya, Vat-sa-l-ya
How to be Write: वात्सल्य
Lucky Number: Vatsalya Lucky Number Is 2

49. Ummy

Meaning: His Mother' S Son