100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Ocean and sea

100 Unique Ocean and sea Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Ocean and sea most popular names of 2023 feature Maryam as Number one for girls, and Dilan in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Ocean and sea are Kailani and Mariam and Kehlani and for girls, and Morgan and Wesson and Erick and for boys. Here is the list for Ocean and sea baby names for boys and girls.

1. Dilan

Meaning: Born Near The Sea
Origin: Irish
Pronunciation: Di-lan, Dil-an, Dilan
Lucky Number: Dilan Lucky Number Is 22

2. Morgan

Meaning: Bright Seadwells Near The Sea
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Morgan
Lucky Number: Morgan Lucky Number Is 5

3. Wesson

Meaning: From A Town West Of The Sea
Origin: English
Pronunciation: WES-ən
Lucky Number: Wesson Lucky Number Is 4

4. Erick

Meaning: Ever Kingly In Scandinavian Legend The Viking Sea Rover Ericson: (son Of Eric The Red) Landed On The Shores Of America 500 Years Before Christopher Columbus
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Erick
Lucky Number: Erick Lucky Number Is 1

5. Caspian

Meaning: Caspian Sea
Origin: English
Pronunciation: KAS-pee-ən
Lucky Number: Caspian Lucky Number Is 8

6. Ocean

Meaning: Sea Titan
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: O-shən
Lucky Number: Ocean Lucky Number Is 2

7. Urv

Meaning: Clouds; Sea
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: उर्वी

8. Seeburt

Meaning: Shining Sea

9. Zael

Meaning: Sea Strength
Origin: Greek
Lucky Number: 7

10. Zale

Meaning: Power Of The Sea
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Zale, Za-le
Lucky Number: Zale Lucky Number Is 8

11. Zurl

Meaning: Child Of The Sea And
Origin: Hebrew

12. Pelagius

Meaning: Of The Sea

13. Bhavjeet

Meaning: One Who Swims Across The DreaDful ' WorlD' WorlD ' Ocean' Ocean
Origin: Sikh
Pronunciation: Bhav-jeet, Bhavjeet, Bha-vjeet
Lucky Number: Bhavjeet Lucky Number Is 1

14. Dev Saagar

Meaning: Divine Power Of Ocean
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: देव सागर

15. Kai Kai

Meaning: From The Sea

16. Vidyasagara

Meaning: Sea Of Knowledge
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Vidyasagara, Vidy-as-agara, Vi-dya-sa-ga-ra

17. Taylen

Meaning: This Unisex Name Combines Spelling Alternatives Of The Occupational Name Tailor With The Popular Ending Lyn Meaninglake; Son Of The Sea And Salvation
Origin: French
Pronunciation: TAY-len

18. Kaiholo

Meaning: Moving Sea
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: Kie-HO-lo
Lucky Number: Kaiholo Lucky Number Is 2

19. Seabrock

Meaning: Brook Near The Sea

20. Cetus

Meaning: Sea Monster Of Poseidon
Origin: Greek
Lucky Number: Cetus Lucky Number Is 5

21. Dev Saagar

Meaning: Divine Power Of Ocean
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Dev-Saa-gar, Dev-Saagar

22. Casey Dylan

Meaning: From A Large Sea

23. Lamaar

Meaning: From The Renowned Land Of The Sea
Origin: English

24. Zurlee

Meaning: Child Of The Sea And

25. Udadhea

Meaning: Ocean

26. Deniz

Meaning: Sea
Origin: Turkish
Pronunciation: Deniz, Den-iz, De-niz
Lucky Number: Deniz Lucky Number Is 4

27. Sagarjit

Meaning: One Who Have Won Over Ocean
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: सागरजीतो

28. Qamis

Meaning: The Sea
Origin: Arabic
Qamis Name Meaning By Origin: سمندر
How to be Write: قمیس
Lucky Number: 3

29. Gau Amber

Meaning: Sea Cow
Origin: Arabic
Gau Amber Name Meaning By Origin: سمندری گائے
How to be Write: گاؤ عنبر
Lucky Number: 7

30. Kokai

Meaning: Sail Across The Sea

31. Youhei

Meaning: Flat Sea

32. Udadhy

Meaning: Ocean

33. Udanvat

Meaning: The Ocean; Rishi
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Udan-vat
How to be Write: उदयनवती

34. Murthuile

Meaning: Sea Tide
Origin: Gaelic
Lucky Number: Murthuile Lucky Number Is 1

35. Nabhas

Meaning: Sky; Ocean; Heavenly
Origin: Hindi
Nabhas Name Meaning By Origin: नाभस
Pronunciation: Nab-has, Nabhas
How to be Write: नभासी
Lucky Number: Nabhas Lucky Number Is 9

36. Kaiko

Meaning: Strong Current In The Sea
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: Kah-EE-koh
Lucky Number: Kaiko Lucky Number Is 9

37. Yousuke

Meaning: Meditate Like The Ocean
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: YOO-soo-keh
Lucky Number: Yousuke Lucky Number Is 6

38. Bandar

Meaning: Port; Port City’ ; City By The Sea
Origin: Arabic
Bandar Name Meaning By Origin: بندر
Pronunciation: BUt + New + DUst + PRay
How to be Write: بندر
Lucky Number: Bandar Lucky Number Is 3

39. Qamees

Meaning: Like The Sea
Origin: Arabic
Qamees Name Meaning By Origin: سمندر جیسا
How to be Write: قمیس
Lucky Number: 3

40. Qarin

Meaning: The Ocean
Origin: Hindi
Qarin Name Meaning By Origin: دوست
Pronunciation: Qarin, Qar-in, Qa-rin
How to be Write: قرین

41. Gitamrita Mahodadhi

Meaning: An Ocean Containing Nectar Of Gita
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Gi-ta-m-ri-ta Ma-ho-dad-hi, Git-am-rita Mahodadhi, Git-am-ri-ta Ma-ho-dad-hi

42. Paio

Meaning: Belonging To The Sea
Origin: Latin

43. Jaladhee

Meaning: Sea

44. Dimario

Meaning: Mars; Male; Manly; Virile; Sea; War-like; Dedicated To Mars; Gleaming

45. Warayn

Meaning: One Who Belongs To The Sea

46. Udadhie

Meaning: Ocean

47. Seabrok

Meaning: Brook Near The Sea

48. Bahr

Meaning: Sea; Ocean; River
Origin: Arabic
Bahr Name Meaning By Origin: سمندر، بحر
Pronunciation: Bahr
How to be Write: بحر
Lucky Number: Bahr Lucky Number Is 5

49. Barun

Meaning: Lord Of The Sea
Origin: Hindi
Barun Name Meaning By Origin: बरुन
Pronunciation: Barun, Bar-un, Ba-run
How to be Write: वरुण
Lucky Number: Barun Lucky Number Is 2

50. Katsumi

Meaning: Win Over The Sea
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: KAH-tsu-mi
Lucky Number: Katsumi Lucky Number Is 4

51. Naseem

Meaning: Gentle Breeze; Cool Fresh Air That Blows From The Sea
Origin: Hindi
Naseem Name Meaning By Origin: نرم ٹھنڈی
Pronunciation: NUt + SEEM
How to be Write: نسیم
Lucky Number: Naseem Lucky Number Is 7

52. Ratna Nidhi

Meaning: Lord Vishnu; Ratna - Jewel + Nidhi - A Treasure; Store; The Ocean; A Man Endowed With Many Good Qualities; An Epithet Of Vishnu And Shiva; A Divine Treasure Belonging To Kuber
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: रत्न निधि

53. Nereo

Meaning: The Captain At Sea
Origin: Austrailian

54. Ornob

Meaning: Sea; Ocean
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ornob, Or-nob

55. Myrel

Meaning: Star Of The Sea; Wished-for Child
Origin: English

56. Waraine

Meaning: One Who Belongs To The Sea

57. Tyhan

Meaning: A Modern Name Combining The Celtic Ty Meaning Son Of With The Vietnamese Name Han Meaning Ocean Part Of A Trend In The USA Of Creating Cross Cultural Sounding Names
Origin: Celtic
Pronunciation: TIYHHAN

58. Jalaneel

Meaning: Blue Color Of The Sea
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jala-neel, Jalaneel
How to be Write: जलानेली

59. Kainalu

Meaning: Ocean That Billows
Origin: Hawaiian
Pronunciation: Kah-YEE-nah-loo
Lucky Number: Kainalu Lucky Number Is 5

60. Muhit

Meaning: Encompassing; Ocean
Origin: Arabic
Muhit Name Meaning By Origin: چنا ہوا
How to be Write: محیط
Lucky Number: Muhit Lucky Number Is 8

61. Muru

Meaning: Sea Battler
Origin: Irish

62. Jalada

Meaning: Giving Water; Rain Cloud; Ocean
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jal-a-da, Jalada, Jala-da

63. Ómar

Meaning: Sea
Origin: Portuguese
Pronunciation: Mar

64. See

Meaning: From By The Sea
Origin: British
Pronunciation: See

65. Dy’Lan

Meaning: Son Of The Sea
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: D(y)-lan

66. Miraç

Meaning: Admirable; Peace; Female Ruler; Ocean
Origin: Latin
Pronunciation: M(i)-ra

67. Yam

Meaning: Sea
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Yam
How to be Write: شکرقندی

68. Pelagus

Meaning: Of The Sea

69. Pelagiusz

Meaning: From The Sea

70. Mufidee

Meaning: A Man Of The Sea

71. Dinmore

Meaning: Sea Fortress

72. Zurleigh

Meaning: Child Of The Sea And

73. Zayl

Meaning: Sea Strength

74. Lochlain

Meaning: Derives From The Gaelic Name Loch Meaining Lake Or Arm Of The Sea
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: LOK-lain

75. Masd

Meaning: Highland; Plateau; A Cold Area Of Land That Is High Above Sea Level
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: MUSt + Day
How to be Write: مسد

76. Nun

Meaning: God Of The Ocean
Origin: Egyptian
Lucky Number: Nun Lucky Number Is 4

77. Murrough

Meaning: Fighter Of The Sea
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Murrough Lucky Number Is 4

78. Murchadh

Meaning: Fighter Of The Sea
Origin: Irish
Lucky Number: Murchadh Lucky Number Is 4

79. Muireadhach

Meaning: Lord Of The Sea
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Muireadhach Lucky Number Is 1

80. Bahri

Meaning: Sea; Ocean; River
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: BUt + Hot + pRay + SEE
How to be Write: بحری۔
Lucky Number: Bahri Lucky Number Is 5

81. Mirees

Meaning: Sea Choice; Seaman
Origin: Irish

82. Connemara

Meaning: Hound Of The Sea
Origin: Irish

83. Poncio

Meaning: Come From The Sea
Origin: Greek

84. Ahto

Meaning: Water; Sea God
Origin: Finnish

85. Ekai Jinko

Meaning: Ocean Of Wisdom; Wide Virtue
Origin: Bhutani

86. Bihaar

Meaning: Sea
Origin: Algerian

87. Sebald

Meaning: Se-bald (Sea Bald) Nickname For Balding Mermen
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Se-bald

88. Kadal

Meaning: Sea; India; Rear; Ocean
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Kadal, Ka-dal

89. Mer

Meaning: Sea-bright; Sea Of Bitterness
Origin: English

90. Myrddin

Meaning: Welsh Form Of Merlin: Hawk From The Sea Fortress
Origin: Welsh
Pronunciation: Myr(d)-din

91. Pelayo

Meaning: Sailor; Of The Sea
Origin: Greek

92. Pelagios

Meaning: Of The Sea

93. Nerino

Meaning: Black; Dark; Sea Nymph

94. Koukai

Meaning: Sail Across The Sea

95. Jeladie

Meaning: Sea

96. Waraene

Meaning: One Who Belongs To The Sea

97. Waraen

Meaning: One Who Belongs To The Sea

98. Firth

Meaning: Arm Of The Sea
Origin: Scottish
Pronunciation: Firth
Lucky Number: Firth Lucky Number Is 7

99. Murdock

Meaning: Protector Of The Sea
Origin: Scottish
Lucky Number: Murdock Lucky Number Is 4

100. Mort

Meaning: Dead Sea (a Stagnant Lake)
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Mort
Lucky Number: Mort Lucky Number Is 3