100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Pretty

100 Unique Pretty Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Pretty most popular names of 2023 feature Kenna as Number one for girls, and Ghaniyah in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Pretty are Qianru and Zonish and Washma and for girls, and Óli and Teygan and Qabous and for boys. Here is the list for Pretty baby names for boys and girls.

1. Ghaniyah

Meaning: Pretty Beautiful Woman; Beauty
Origin: Arabic
Ghaniyah Name Meaning By Origin: آزاد، کامیاب
Pronunciation: Ghaniyah, Gh-an-iyah, Gha-niyah
How to be Write: غانیہ
Lucky Number: Ghaniyah Lucky Number Is 1

2. Óli

Meaning: Pretty; Powerful
Origin: Chinese
Pronunciation: Lee

3. Teygan

Meaning: Pretty; Fair

4. Qabous

Meaning: Pretty Bird
Origin: Arabic
How to be Write: قابوس

5. Chili

Meaning: Pretty

6. Meili

Meaning: Beautiful; Pretty; The Lovely One
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Me(i)-li

7. Ripudam

Meaning: ' Pretty' Pretty
Lucky Number: Ripudam Lucky Number Is 1

8. Jolyn

Meaning: Pretty; Yahweh Is Gracious
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Jol-yn

9. Joley

Meaning: Pretty Or Beautiful
Origin: French
Pronunciation: J(o)-ley

10. Sundara

Meaning: Pretty
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sun-dara, Sundara

11. Fairfax

Meaning: Pretty Hair
Origin: English
Pronunciation: FAYR-faks
Lucky Number: Fairfax Lucky Number Is 4

12. Mohlab

Meaning: INFINITIVE Pretty
Origin: Urdu
Mohlab Name Meaning By Origin: ازحد خوبصورت، بنو امیہ خاندان کے ایک خلیفہ عندالمک بن مروان کے ایک سپہ سالار کا نام، بے انتہا حسین
How to be Write: مہلب
Lucky Number: 5

13. Yecenia

Meaning: Pretty Flower
Origin: Algerian

14. Siha

Meaning: Pretty
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Si-ha, Siha
How to be Write: سیہا

15. Bonney

Meaning: Fine; Attractive; Pretty
Origin: Scottish
Pronunciation: B(on)-ney

16. Shaauille

Meaning: Handsome; Pretty
Origin: Algerian

17. Faarih

Meaning: Happy; Comely; Pretty
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Faar-ih, Faarih, Faa-rih
How to be Write: فریحہ

18. Qiao

Meaning: Pretty; Handsome
Origin: Chinese
Pronunciation: Chow

19. Dil Bahar

Meaning: Pretty; Good; Nice
Origin: Arabic
Dil Bahar Name Meaning By Origin: خوش نما،اچھا
How to be Write: دل بہار
Lucky Number: 8

20. Piku

Meaning: Sweet; Innocent; Pretty; Lovely
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Piku, Pi-ku

21. Aice

Meaning: Pretty; Wonderful; Kind
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: ऐस

22. Carino

Meaning: Pretty; Cute
Origin: Greek

23. Yune

Meaning: Pretty

24. Manpreet

Meaning: ' Pretty' Pretty , ' Eye' Eye Catching
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Man-preet
How to be Write: मनप्रीत
Lucky Number: Manpreet Lucky Number Is 11

25. Faseela

Meaning: Distance; Shinning Star; Pretty
Origin: Algerian
Faseela Name Meaning By Origin: جانور
How to be Write: فسیلہ

26. Shaguna

Meaning: Pretty
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Sh-a-gu-na, Sha-g-una, Sha-gu-na

27. Bhavee

Meaning: Pretty; Future; Emotions
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: भावी

28. Sabeh

Meaning: Pretty Handsome Beautiful
Origin: Arabic
Sabeh Name Meaning By Origin: حسین ; جمیل ; خوبصورت
Pronunciation: Sabeh, Sa-beh
How to be Write: صبیح
Lucky Number: Sabeh Lucky Number Is 8

29. Shaquile

Meaning: Pretty; Handsome
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Sh(a)-qui-le

30. Lynnie

Meaning: Pretty; A Cascade; Waterfall
Origin: American