100+ Unique boy Name Meaning Prince

100 Unique Prince Baby Name For Boy With Meaning. Prince most popular names of 2023 feature Alexandra as Number one for girls, and Ameer in top place for boys. Other favorite baby names of Prince are Alayna and Sabrina and Zariah and for girls, and Arjun and Princeton and Rathesh and for boys. Here is the list for Prince baby names for boys and girls.

1. Ameer

Meaning: Commander; Prince; Khalifah
Origin: Arabic
Ameer Name Meaning By Origin: حاکم، سردار
Pronunciation: Amir
How to be Write: امیر
Lucky Number: Ameer Lucky Number Is 1

2. Arjun

Meaning: Fair; Open Minded; Pure; Brilliant; A Pandava Prince; Brilliant; Bright
Origin: Hindi
Arjun Name Meaning By Origin: अर्जुन
Pronunciation: Ar-jun
How to be Write: अर्जुन
Lucky Number: Arjun Lucky Number Is 1

3. Princeton

Meaning: The Town Of A Prince
Origin: English
Pronunciation: PRINS-tən
Lucky Number: Princeton Lucky Number Is 1

4. Rathesh

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Malayali

5. Prinz

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Latin

6. Pip

Meaning: Lover Of Horses. King Philip Of MaceDon Was The Father Of AlexanDer The Great. In The Bible, Philip Was The Name Of One Of Christ's Apostles. Famous Bearer: Prince Philip, HusbanD Of Queen Elizabeth II.
Origin: Australian
Pronunciation: Pip
Lucky Number: Pip Lucky Number Is 5

7. Kela

Meaning: Lady; Princess
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: K(e)-la

8. Aryika

Meaning: Princess
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aryi-ka, Aryika

9. Puteri

Meaning: Princess
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pu-teri, Pu-te-ri

10. Rae’Lynn

Meaning: Beam Of Light; Beautiful Lamb; Princess Of Divine Light
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Ra(e)-ly-nn

11. Vlad

Meaning: Vladimir VLADIMIR Prince
Origin: Slavic
Pronunciation: Vlad

12. Saska

Meaning: Princess
Origin: Finnish

13. Arcángel

Meaning: Prince Of All Angels

14. Aryakumara

Meaning: Noble Prince
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Aryaku-mara, Aryak-u-mara, Arya-ku-ma-ra

15. Ilamporai

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Hindi
Ilamporai Name Meaning By Origin: इलाम्पोरई
Pronunciation: Ilam-po-rai
How to be Write: इलमपोरै
Lucky Number: Ilamporai Lucky Number Is 4

16. Ilavarasan

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Hindi
Ilavarasan Name Meaning By Origin: इलवरसन
Pronunciation: Ilavarasan, Ilav-arasan, Ila-va-ra-san
How to be Write: इलावरसन
Lucky Number: Ilavarasan Lucky Number Is 8

17. Fortinbras

Meaning: Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark' Prince Of Norway.
Lucky Number: Fortinbras Lucky Number Is 5

18. Yuvesh

Meaning: Youthful King; Lord Of Prince
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: युवेशो

19. Brendin

Meaning: Prince; Smelly Hair
Origin: American
Lucky Number: Brendin Lucky Number Is 3

20. Vlad Alexandru

Meaning: Vladimir VLADIMIR Prince

21. Theobald

Meaning: People's Prince.
Origin: Teutonic
Pronunciation: Theobald, Theo-bald
Lucky Number: Theobald Lucky Number Is 4

22. Jasanroop

Meaning: Prince Of Parents
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jasan-roop, Jas-anroop, Ja-s-an-roop

23. Raj Kumar

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Raj Ku-mar

24. Dawid

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Arabic
Dawid Name Meaning By Origin: داود
Pronunciation: Daw-id, Da-wid
How to be Write: داؤد
Lucky Number: Dawid Lucky Number Is 1

25. Raj Kumar

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: राज कुमार

26. Yuvanath

Meaning: Lord; Prince Of Youthfulness (1)
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Yu-vanath, Yuvanath, Yu-va-nath
How to be Write: युवानाथ:
Lucky Number: Yuvanath Lucky Number Is 4

27. Shehzad

Meaning: Prince; Offspring Of A King; Badshah Ki Aulad
Origin: Persian
Shehzad Name Meaning By Origin: شہزاد
Pronunciation: She-hzad, Shehz-ad, Shehzad
Lucky Number: Shehzad Lucky Number Is 2

28. Shahpur

Meaning: Prince (son Of A King)
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: SHArp + Hot + Pay + SOOn + PRay
How to be Write: شاہ پور

29. Rajkanwar

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Sikh

30. Adaar

Meaning: Ruler; Prince

31. Breandán

Meaning: Prince

32. Breannain

Meaning: Name Of A Saint; Prince
Origin: Irish

33. Shapur

Meaning: Prince; Son Of The King
Origin: Persian
Shapur Name Meaning By Origin: بادشاہ کا بیٹا
Pronunciation: SHArp + Pay + SOOn + PRay
How to be Write: شاپور
Lucky Number: Shapur Lucky Number Is 2

34. Brandan

Meaning: Prince, Or Brave. Some Scholars Believe BrenDan Means 'stinking Hair'.
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Bran-dan, Brandan
Lucky Number: Brandan Lucky Number Is 9

35. Toshihiko

Meaning: Superior Prince

36. Muhammadali

Meaning: The Princess
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Muham-madali, Muhammadali, Mu-hamma-da-li
How to be Write: محمدالی

37. Emeer

Meaning: Prince Or Treetop
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: E-meer

38. Khusro

Meaning: Handsome; King; Prince; Royal; Imperial;
Origin: Persian
Khusro Name Meaning By Origin: خوبصورت خوبرو
Pronunciation: Khus-ro, Khusro
How to be Write: خسرو
Lucky Number: Khusro Lucky Number Is 2

39. Pentapolis

Meaning: Pericles, Prince Of Tyre' SimoniDes, King Of Pentapolis.
Origin: Shakespearean
Lucky Number: Pentapolis Lucky Number Is 1

40. Sinbad

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Sin-bad
How to be Write: سنباد

41. Qaddam

Meaning: Leader; Prince
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Qad-dam

42. E’Mir

Meaning: Prince; Ruler
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: E-mir
How to be Write: ای میر

43. Khanh

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Turkish
Khanh Name Meaning By Origin: حکمران
Pronunciation: Kha-nh
How to be Write: خانہ

44. Elk

Meaning: Prince; Angelic; Angel; Sly Attractive
Origin: Tamil
Pronunciation: Elk

45. Jisan

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Arabic
Pronunciation: Jisan, Jis-an, Ji-san
How to be Write: جسان

46. Ahail

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Algerian

47. Sorab

Meaning: Famous Persian Prince; Illustrious
Origin: American

48. Boldisar

Meaning: Prince Of Splendor
Origin: Hebrew

49. Tigernmaglus

Meaning: Lordly Prince
Origin: Irish

50. Baldemar

Meaning: Princely
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Balde-mar, Bal-de-mar
Lucky Number: Baldemar Lucky Number Is 11

51. Brennen

Meaning: Prince
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Bren-nen, Brennen
Lucky Number: Brennen Lucky Number Is 9

52. Parvatha

Meaning: Prince Of Earth
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Par-vatha, Par-va-tha
How to be Write: पर्वत:

53. Prins

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Latin

54. Gruff

Meaning: Lord; Prince
Origin: Welsh

55. Kumana

Meaning: Name Of A Prince
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ku-mana, Ku-ma-na

56. Afshin

Meaning: Afshin Is A Persian And Turkish Given Name; Derived From The Princely Title Of The Rulers Of Osrusana At The Time Of The Muslim Conquest
Origin: Persian
Afshin Name Meaning By Origin: ایرانی جنرل کا نام
How to be Write: افشین
Lucky Number: Afshin Lucky Number Is 3

57. Brendyn

Meaning: Variant Of Brendan; The Name Means Prince
Origin: Gaelic
Pronunciation: BRENden

58. Harry James

Meaning: Coming From Germanic Roots; Harry Was The English Equivalent Of The FrenchHenriMeaningto Rule; Lord Of The ManorThe Name Is Given To The English Member Of The Royal Family; Prince Harry James Derives From The HebrewJacobmeaningholder Of T
Origin: German
Pronunciation: Har-eeJaymz

59. Nagead

Meaning: Ruler; Prince

60. Nageed

Meaning: Ruler; Prince

61. Jishan

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Jis-han, Jishan

62. Sahad

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Algerian

63. Sahzad

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Algerian

64. Tovisacos

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Irish

65. Florizel

Meaning: The Winter's Tale' Prince Of Bohemia AnD Son To Florizel, King Of Bohemia.
Lucky Number: Florizel Lucky Number Is 4

66. Tywysog

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Irish
Lucky Number: Tywysog Lucky Number Is 8

67. Adjovi

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ad-jovi, Ad-jo-vi
How to be Write: एडजोविक

68. Synbad

Meaning: Prince

69. Syndbah

Meaning: Prince

70. Eelavarasan

Meaning: Prince; King Of Eelam
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Eelavarasan, Eelav-arasan, Ee-la-va-ra-san

71. Faahil

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Algerian

72. Rajratna

Meaning: Prince; Gem Of The Kingdom
Origin: Hindi
How to be Write: राजरत्न

73. Elavarasan

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Hindi
Elavarasan Name Meaning By Origin: एलावारासन
Pronunciation: Elavarasan, Elav-arasan, Ela-va-ra-san
How to be Write: इलावरसन
Lucky Number: Elavarasan Lucky Number Is 4

74. Galahalt

Meaning: Name Of A Prince
Lucky Number: Galahalt Lucky Number Is 8

75. Philemon

Meaning: Pericles, Prince Of Tyre' Servant To Cerimon.
Origin: Greek
Pronunciation: Phile-mon, Philem-on, Phi-le-mon
Lucky Number: Philemon Lucky Number Is 11

76. Eleyaraja

Meaning: Young Prince
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ele-yara-ja, Ele-ya-raja, Eleya-ra-ja
How to be Write: एलेराजा

77. Gryffyth

Meaning: Prince
Origin: English
Pronunciation: Gryffyth, Gry-ffyth

78. Kehul

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Ke-hul

79. Aafil

Meaning: Honest; Prince
Origin: Algerian

80. Aaladin

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Algerian

81. Brenden

Meaning: Prince; Smelly Hair
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Bren-den, Brenden
Lucky Number: Brenden Lucky Number Is 8

82. Brendon

Meaning: Prince; Smelly Hair
Origin: American
Pronunciation: Bren-don
Lucky Number: Brendon Lucky Number Is 9

83. Guildford

Meaning: King Henry IV, 1 & 2' King. Also Hal, King's Son AnD Prince Of Wales, Who Becomes Henry V. 'King Henry VI, III' King Henry VI. Also Henry, Earl Of RichmonD, A Youth. 'King Henry VIII' King Henry. Also Sir Henry GuilDforD.
Lucky Number: Guildford Lucky Number Is 6

84. Sharai

Meaning: My Lord; My Prince; My Song
Origin: Hebrew
Lucky Number: Sharai Lucky Number Is 11

85. Armel

Meaning: Prince; Chief; Bear; Disciple
Origin: French

86. A’Mer

Meaning: Prince Or Treetop
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: A-mer

87. Ahill

Meaning: Ruler; Head; Prince; Commander
Origin: Algerian

88. Tovisaci

Meaning: Prince; Leader
Origin: Irish

89. Putra

Meaning: Son; Word; Prince; Son Of His Father
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Pu-tra, Putra

90. Favas

Meaning: Successful; Winner; Prince
Origin: Algerian

91. Uvaraja

Meaning: Crown Prince; Son Of The King
Origin: Kannada

92. Adjatay

Meaning: Prince

93. Aristarchus

Meaning: The Best Prince
Origin: Biblical

94. Torna

Meaning: Puffed Up; Prince; Noble
Origin: Irish

95. Sethos

Meaning: Name Of A Prince
Origin: Egyptian
Lucky Number: Sethos Lucky Number Is 5

96. Adjatai

Meaning: Prince

97. Bladimir

Meaning: " Renowned Prince"
Origin: Slavic

98. Bappaka

Meaning: Good Cook; A Prince
Origin: Hindi
Pronunciation: Bap-pa-ka, Bap-paka

99. Brendanus

Meaning: Prince
Origin: Irish

100. Princy

Meaning: Prince Like
Origin: Hindi
Princy Name Meaning By Origin: प्रीन्सी
Pronunciation: Dianne
How to be Write: राजकुमार
Lucky Number: Princy Lucky Number Is 4